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1, Report #1151601
Jun 02 2014
05:13 PM
Home Depot The Home Depot Bait & Switch sales Internet
Really, really, really hate bait/switch sales!!!! Ordered washer/dryer set last weekend during Memorial Day sale. CC charged for washer but dryer on backorder until 6/1/14. Ok, no problem. Got call to deliver tomorrow 6/2/14 (btwn 3-7). Checked online account & only showed washer!!! Called Home Depot & was told dryer now on backorder until 6/18/14. Of course, I could pay another $100 for an available dryer...NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! Told laughing Jack @ Home Depot customer service to cancel order. He asked me to hold so he could cancel delivery.....after 28 minutes, I hung up. Got better customer service on Craigslist.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1089316
Oct 03 2013
06:10 PM
Home Depot Home Depot employees lie Dallas Texas
In July of this year, a Home Depot employee told us that Home Depot would match or beat the contractor's price who I had been using to furnish and install granite countertops in our kitchen.  We went through several months of dealing with them, being promised the whole time, repeatedly, that we would be able to match or beat the price, and finance the amount with Home Depot financing.   After months of running around all over the city, spending hours at their request to find the stone, and after taking the sink to the fabricators 45 minutes away, and going back again and again to find stone there, and then again when one was agreed upon to have the stone laid out with cutouts, they tell us that they will not honor the promise.  I had not only wasted a lot of time and money, but also ruined the relationship with the builder/contractor that I had been using because not only was I not going to use her for that, but it held up everything else.   They did not care at all that these lies that were told to us caused these problems.  We are so busy that taking this time out of work was a problem, leading to lost revenues, etc.  Home Depot does not care that their reputation is on the line, that they represent falsity.  The managers apparently were fully aware that their employee was doing this with us, and are not willing to stand up to their promise.   In addition, their customer service has dropped to the bottom of what is acceptable.  I had been fed up with that prior to this happening, and thought this employee just might have saved Home Depot's image.  Ha, and wow, he only helped to show that they are really much worse than just a store with pathetic customer service. I now understand why the public doesn't think much of Home Depot, I will make sure that I tell everyone that I know not to go to their stores, to shop every other competitor they have out there.  I know I am just one person, but I know many people, and am not shy, especially about talking about injustices.  Their executives should realize that they need to have employees keep their word, and that even if they took a small loss (which you KNOW they weren't going to do) on this deal, that they would have a happy customer.  A happy customer is worth a lot of money to them, and an unhappy customer will cost them more than it would have ever cost them in a small kitchen granite deal.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
3, Report #1082663
Sep 08 2013
07:53 AM
Home Depot Home Depot Extended Warranty Scam Atlanta Georgia
This letter will detail what I can best describe as a scam. I say this only after what I experienced and then further learned through perusing the internet only to find similar instances related by many, many people. One web site in particular was Consumer Affairs.In Sept. of 2010 I purchased a water heater from the Statesville Home Depot store, which was also installed by them. I paid for a lifetime warranty ($99.53) which includes parts and labor.                        At the time of purchase and in the store itself, a manager named Dwayne took the time to register my purchase using the store’s computer. He assured me that I would never have to worry about retaining and showing a receipt, since the registration was permanently archived. I was never provided with any kind of document showing terms of warranty. At the time, I was told it was not necessary and I did not question it further. If I ever needed service all I would ever need to do would be to call the number which he gave me.  I watched while he did so and have no doubt that he did so. Well, in the very recent past I had service issues with other appliances unrelated to this issue and so I thought it would be wise to stop in the store and ask for some kind of official document. For the record, I do not have any service problem with the heater. All I wanted was an official document just in case something arises in the future. My expectation was that this would take a matter of minutes and I would be on my way. This is the beginning of the problem.On Monday August 12th 2013 I stopped into the Home Depot store in Statesville, N.C. to ask for some kind of print out that would show the terms of the warranty. I gave store personnel all of the personal information they asked for. After a protracted computer search which was undertaken by several store personnel, I was told that there is no record to show that I ever purchased a water heater and therefore there was no purchase of an extended warranty. Furthermore, they claimed that Home Depot could not have installed it since there is no record of that either. They informed me that there was nothing that they could do unless I could produce a receipt. I left the store to return home to search for the original sales receipt. I located the receipt and returned to the store within 1 hour. Upon showing the receipt to store personnel they agreed that it irrefutably showed that I did indeed buy the water heater with a lifetime warranty and also that they had installed it. They could not offer any plausible explanation as to why they had no record of same.They proceeded to try to figure out who was responsible for the warranty coverage and made some phone calls while I looked on. They then located someone at the warranty provider who asked them to photo copy and fax over the documents that I provided. It was agreed to give them a day to sort through this and that I would return to the store the next day which I did.On Tuesday August 13th I returned to the store and met with Shane who elected to take care of me from the outset. He called the provider while I was there and put me on the phone with them. Inexplicably, the girl on the phone asked me to tell her what store I had purchased the water heater from and which store register was used. I say inexplicable because this information was already made available to them on the faxed over documents which they had received previously. Nonetheless, I read the information back to her. That person told Home Depot that they would have the necessary computer work and documentation internally authorized by them and completed by Wednesday August 14th.I went back to the store on Wednesday fully confident that all would be fine. I was wrong. On this day, Shane of Home Depot called the provider again, in front of me, and they told him that they needed one more day to do what was necessary. OK, I said I would return on Thursday.I returned to the store on Thursday, and Home Depot again called the provider and they said to expect the warranty documents to be completed on Friday.I returned to the store on Friday, not having a whole lot of confidence and Shane of Home Depot called the provider yet again. Their response to him was “We don’t know what is going on” which they shared with me.  I returned to the store again on Tuesday August 20th for the last time. I met with Trudy who is the Home Depot store manager as well as DJ and Shane. They admitted that there was little they could do about the issue, but that they would continue to investigate.I have concluded that both Home Depot and the service provider failed to provide me with what I asked for and paid for simply because they don’t want to and there is no resolve on anyone’s part to do so.It is now Wednesday August 28th and nothing has changed. At first I had hoped that what had happened could be explained as something which had just fallen through the cracks, the result of human error. I have since researched the internet to find similar instances of complaints by so many people regarding Home Depot and extended warranties. It is now clear that these goings on are deliberate and by design as a means to generate huge cash flow while at the same time attempting to evade in part or in whole any financial liability. My contention is that Home Depot is participating in a scam. The only question that I have is whether they are wittingly or unwittingly doing so. I tried to communicate with an executive at Home Depot Corporation but was barred from doing so by a low level employee named Patricia Oalden. I hope you have better luck. The Home Depot buying public needs your help.Update Sept 4 - I was notified that a new registration number has been issued. They still have not provided any certification of the terms of the warranty, which is what I asked for. This is now going on for almost 1 month.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
4, Report #1237010
Jun 21 2015
10:45 AM
Home Depot Home Depot lied on web site Nationwide
 Our son and daughter in law are new parents. They needed a new washer when the one they owned broke down for good! They couldn't afford to go out and buy one so my husband and I told them to search the web for a good deal. We told them to look at warranty and if they haul the one one away. They found a deal at Home Depot with a good warranty and free haul away of old washer and dryer. They have the same at Lowes. It has free haul away of appliances over $298.00. When I ordered the washer and dryer the lady on the phone from home Depo said they recently changed thief policy and now they charge you to haul off the old washer and dryers. I asked her why do you still advertise free haul away with purchase of $298.00 and above? She said I can't over ride this but send a copy of the advertise free haul away to Homedepo@Homedepo.com and request a refund of the charges. I did and I still have not heard back from them. It should be illegal for a company to compete for business and say something is free and the. Charge you for it. They should stand by thier advised deals. If it wasn't for the baby needed a washer I would have not ordered from them. It's just not right. They don't e even care about their customers. I never got a response from them at all.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #10820
Jan 06 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: TAYLOR, Michigan
6, Report #170219
Jan 03 2006
09:31 AM
HOME DEPOT ripoff ALANTA Georgia
To all, I have been an employee for the HD for 8 years now. I will say this. It is not the same company that it used to be. ALL of you are right about not being able to help all the customers at the same time. It gets even more so frustrating for the associate. Just imagine you being the only one in the department for three departments not just one. How many people can we help at the same time. ONLY ONE. I understand that you need help, and we or should I say some want to help as many as we can. But when you have 10 people wanting help at the same time how can we help themm all. WE CAN't We know that there is a problem we talked about it everyday about needing more people on the sales floor. The associates are aware of the problem but we can't change it. Its hard for us because we are just the little people, the real people up in the high offices we can't even contact and we are the ones paying there 150K and higher salaries. We paid our CEO a lot of money in the millions to come over to our company and he had to stay for five years. Ever since he has come on board we have gone down Hill BOB Nardley. He is not a nice man at all. He says that he cares but he really doesn't. He is about the bottom dollar. I understand that the bottom dollar counts, but what we have to understand is that the bottom dollar would matter if we don't have the customer based to support that bottom dollar. The bottom dollar is YOU PEOPLE, not the executives. We are associates can not even speak to are upper exectives, We did when the orginal owners had the company. I just want all of you to know that I as an 8 year associate understand your concerns and that is why I am writing you this letter. We the little people understand. We get just as mad as you do when we can 't help you the way that we want to. Thanks for listening and I encourgae you to responde to me. Robb sherman, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: ALANTA, Georgia
7, Report #1198771
Jan 01 2015
01:10 PM
Entity: Lisbon , Connecticut
8, Report #1241222
Jul 11 2015
11:57 AM
The Home Depot property damage Nationwide
The Home Depot delivered the appliance and damaged my newly installed laminate floor (also purchased at The Home Depot).The Home Depot requested to deal with their subcontractors through their claim center, also the third party, by phone.I have requested The Home Depot to submit the contact information of their third party claim center and the delivery company other than just a phone number but they won't give me the information.  Also I have requested that the refusal of my claim to be sent to me in writing. They told me that I need to call the caim center and that's the only way to process my claim.My claim for the property damage is less than normal home insurane deductible, only $200.I have send the receipt of my flooring from The Home Depot and asked the refund of the portion of it.They reufsed my claim that the claim center has to have their estimate after the property inspection.The property inspection still has to cover the material cost and I have exact amount of the material cost from The Home Depot, so I don't understand the necesity of the property inspection. They have photos of the damage I e-mailed them. Also, the delivery guy took the picture of the damage.The Home Depot is just looking for a way to get away from their liability by making the claim process as difficult as possible so the consumer finally give up.I won't recommend anyone to order appliance delivery online. Just go to a store and deal with a real people.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1405300
Oct 10 2017
07:25 AM
Home Depot Extended warranty saga Nationwide
 Purchased Home Depot washer 3 years ago with an extended warranty for peace of mind. Washer went bad after 3 years of use thankfully had the extended warranty. It has been 7 weeks and I continue to get the run around for why my product is not fixed. I continue to be told few more days. 7 weeks to fix a product is completely insane as I have always purchased my appliance products from sears and if I ever had a problem they would fix it within 7-10 days. Do not purchase there extended warranty or any appliance from Home Depot. This has been an extreme burden on my family to continue to deal with and I still after 7 weeks have no resolution. The company is a complete scam when it comes to taking care of the customers. I do not recommend you to purchase anything from them.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #374169
Sep 18 2008
02:56 PM
Home Depot Home heating and air services Nationwide
Warning: Do not use Home depot heating and AC installation services. They are merely representing the Trane product line and passing leads to Trane installers. If you have a problem, they cannot do anything to solve it. Case in point I had an installer not only drop the furnance out of my attic, but had their installer injured while doing it. On top of that they were unresponsive to fixing damages caused by their people. I called Home depot and asked them to take over the warranty (10 years parts/labor) and was told that they could not because my contract was with the installer and not home depot. If you look at their website THD paints a much different picture of how they stand behind the installation and the installers. This is not the case. You are on your own and THD is merely a marketing company passing leads. THD will not be there to help you out, they provide no value and you are directly dealing with the installer before and after the service. Ge orangevale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #74859
Dec 12 2003
12:12 PM
Home Depot ripoff - dishonest billing Newark Delaware
I had a Home Depot Credit card for a little over 2 years and just recently paid off and closed the account because of their dishonest billing practices and poor customer service personnel. In May of 2002 I was shopping in my local store where they were having one of their 'spend over $300 and get no interest/no payments until January 2003' deals. The items that I was planning on purchasing that day totaled $280...so I ended up buying a few more items to take advantage of the offer. A few weeks later I exchanged one of the items that I had purchased upon my initial visit and also bought one more item on my card. I asked the woman at the returns desk if it still counted towards the 'no interest/no payment' offer and after checking with her manager she told me that it would. The next month (June 2002) I received a statement with my balance and zero payment, and zero interest on it and thought nothing more of it. The following month (July 2002) I received another bill which I tossed aside to open later. I didn't think that I had to make a payment yet and therefore did not think anything of it. At the end of July I left to spend 2 weeks in Italy and upon returning I received a call on my cell from Home Depot stating that I was past due on my payment and that I would have to remit payment immediately. I explained to the gentleman that I did not yet have payments due and he then explained to me that I was given the wrong information by the lady at the store. He said that since I was a good customer and had always made payments on time that he could remove the 30-day late payment from my account. I thanked him and I then paid off the balance for the item that I had charged on my second visit when I returned the merchandise. After that I began receiving monthly statements on my initial balance (the one that was supposed to have zero payments/zero interest) and called to report this error (which was also never fixed and so I ended up paying off the balance so that I would not have to deal with this issue anymore). While on the phone I also inquired about the 'late payment' ordeal and make sure that it had been removed. It had not. I then had to explain to the girl what had happened and she said that she would make sure that this was removed. Several months later, when checking my credit report, I found the 30-day late payment on that account. When I called back to Home Depot to report this and go through the story again the customer service representative was rude and told me that there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her manager and was told that 'she was busy right now'. I was then asked to call back later and when I refused to do so (mainly because I did not want to have to go through the story again) the girl became visibly irritated and told me that there was nothing that they could do at this point. I then asked her if this incident was worth losing a customer over and her remark was 'well, if that is how you feel'. I then closed my account and have never been back to the store. I own two homes, one rental property and the house that I live in, and between the both of them I usually spend over $1500/year in Home Depot. I just cannot believe that a store would make it that difficult to have one thing removed from your file. I have since disputed the 30-day late payment with the credit bureau, but have not had much luck in having it removed. Elizabeth Mableton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Newark, Delaware
12, Report #128730
Jan 24 2005
06:32 PM
Home Depot ripoff Atlanta Georgia
We got a home improvement loan from Home Depot. They initially billed us at our former address. We got our payments straightened out and even paid ahead, but they continue to put derogatory information on our credit report. We don't speak Spanish, or whatever their customer service people spoke, but after multiple long hold times, their hang ups, and I don't know what to do from customer service about their billing problems, we still have problems from that company. Their financing company left messages at our former residence about 20 times in a row on our answering machine to call them, so maybe we could help them figure out what they did with our payments, but it is nearly useless to respond. They can't find payments, and our bank also declined to continue to verify online payments with their financing company. Our bank offered to mail us proof so we could invest more of our time monthly with their billing department, and basically told us to deal with them ourselves. If you want to improve or repair a defectively built home (largely built from Home Depot building materials purchased by our nationally respected builders of shoddy housing) save yourself some headaches; I recommend you finance elsewhere. Great place for cheap materials, if you have to use disposable housing fixtures, or need a quick patch on a tight budget. They have good stuff too that I was glad to be able to buy at great prices, however big name contractors buy a lot of the cheap crap they have out for new homes, materials the DO NOT last reasonably expected times in some cases for a new home. Check how many $9.95 or bottom of the line fixtues are in your 400k home before you buy it. Will make you want to be a builder too, when you see how much they are taking you for. Home Depot is right there with the hammers to put in the screws, when it comes to their consumer credit department. Suggestion- go elsewhere for financing. Our bank reply about uncredited payments that caused constant harrasing calls from Home depot creditors: Please contact Home Depot Consumer Credit directly for a transfer of the above payment. The payment was issued as requested towards the account ending in -****. We show that you have two recurring payment models (two accounts) set up for the payee, one to process on the 1st of the month and the 2nd to process on the 6th of the month. Also, the next pending payments for the accounts are on December 31st and January 6th. You are entitled to receive a copy of any document that we relied upon during our investigation. To request documents, you can e-mail us anytime. Please provide the Case ID number in your request to ensure that we send you the appropriate documents by U.S. mail. Ronald Glen Allen, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
13, Report #53286
Apr 17 2003
07:09 AM
Home Depot ripoff Southfield Michigan
we bought carpet from home depot 2 years ago...and it has been a nightmare ever since...it is a series of tales but the latest one is that our carpet split down the seam..i called the store 4 times and they said that they would have to send out an independentcompany to look and decide..a man came out and in his report he said that it was the vacuum that did the damage and that home depot was not responsible...no appeal...nothing..in other words we cant vacuum our carpet..i will not go anywhere near a home depot again..thank goodness a loews has opened up near us and that we have a local hardware store Mark oak park, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
14, Report #12522
Jan 26 2002
12:00 AM
On Dec,03 2001 my home was broken into, they broke the glass sliding door in the back to get in. So the next day my wife & I went to Home Depot to purchase some french doors. We first ordered the door on Dec, 12 2001 and paid $2357.70 including the installation. Our original order had impact glass for hurricane protection, a feature they offerd. About a week later I get a call from the store that the glass they said they could provide was not available, so we reordered the door on Dec, 22 2001. In the meantime 2,3,4 weeks go by and no doors. I have a giant piece of plywood substituting my doors and all they can say is TM, the mfr of the doors, have not finished them and there is nothing they can do. As of Jan, 26 2002 45 days after our original purchase, you guessed it no doors. Now they tell me that on Monday Jan, 28 2002 they will personally call TM and make sure my doors are on the truck WHOOP-DE-DO. Eight weeks to mfr a door. This is the most incompetent store I have ever shopped in. And to top it off they have 72 hrs to set up a date to install my doors. My friends kitchen took 3 months to finish after she hired the buffoons to install it. She warned me but I did not listen. I thought, that was a kitchen all I have is a door, they can't be that stupid, incompetent, moronic and irresponsible. I guess i was wrong.
15, Report #938060
Sep 07 2012
12:53 PM
Home Depot 11 Home Windows - ALL BAD! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Purchased 11 replacement windows for my home - ALL TOO SMALL, made to fit with wood trim and caulk: framed windows made to fit inside existing frames! In the front living room, we upgraded to better windows (2) for extra noise insulation, but with extra wide frames on these windows (sales guy didn't mention this) and the windows being measured too small, we ended up losing 5 inches in glass width - and these were narrow windows to begin with - they look like CHURCH WINDOWS - IT LOOKS RIDICULOUS!!! Plus they're off-center, both vertically and horizontally (the left window is higher than the right). Took pictures to show inspector that almost no insulation was used, resulting in little noise block, although we spent EXTRA to get better windows for this very reason. After reviewing the pictures, the inspector AGREED there was too little insulation used, and said they would remove the capping on these windows and inspect them when replacement screens arrived (all the screens fit poorly, and some were installed with puncture holes, and all had to be replaced). When the screens came, the inspector wasn't there, but one of the original installers was, and testified that enough insulation was used; in fact, he said only two windows were installed with NO insulation. They DID NOT REMOVE CAPPING TO INSPECT THE INSULLATION AS WAS PROMISED TO ME BY THE INSPECTOR. The top sash of more than half of the windows falls when the bottom sash is opened. I asked the installer to correct this and in 20-30 minutes of messing with one of the windows, he only managed to fix it by making it almost impossible to open the bottom sash - and cover the frame and part of the wall with black, greasy finger prints and smudges. I got him to finally get it back to the way it was - so I'm left with the top sash falling when I open my windows. At times, the top sash will fall so far, that I can lock the window without the lock assembly being engaged, therefore, not locking the window at all - and this is serious because I live in an urban area of a large city with lots of crime. I do not believe the screens we have installed are the same screens that were sold to us in the sales demonstration. The sales person poked a hole in the screen with a pen to show us how strong it was. The screens we have are very delicate and brittle; the threads shred when touched even lightly. Some of the caulking has dried up, leaving gaps between the vinyl window frame and the existing wooden window frame, as it seems likely these gaps exceeded the maximum size for caulking. Before writing this review I gave Home Depot a chance, and contacted customer service (in Atlanta). The person was nice at first, said she would have the local office contact me within 24 hours. I STRESSED that I should talk to someone new, and not the original people I had been talking to (I ran everything past my job coordinator in the local office already, but felt I was getting the run around). The next day she called and left a message asking if I had been contacted. I had not. In fact a week went by without a call. I called a few times to let the customer service rep. know and asked her to call me back to tell me what was going on, but she did not return my calls. I called for more than two weeks without my calls being returned. Three weeks later, I called again and left a message, stressing how important it was that she return my call. Later that day I got a call from the local office - the EXACT SAME PERSON I talked to in the beginning, and they said they were waiting for the new screens and would schedule the installation once they were in, and during the screen installation, they planned to remove capping to check the insulation. A few minutes after the call from the local office, the customer service rep called to confirm I had been contacted. Three weeks of frustration to get NOWHERE; to talk to the same person as in the beginning, and to get the same information. This matter is unresolved. I'd call customer service again today but it is clear, as it has been proven, that this will get me nowhere. What I know for sure is that the product, installation, customer service and the entire Home Depot experience was terrible. Do not get replacement windows from Home Depot.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16, Report #177945
Feb 24 2006
05:35 PM
Home Depot rebate ripoff Plano Texas
We mailed in a rebate for a free Wagner Paint power roller and have never received it or any information about it. Chris Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
17, Report #194037
May 31 2006
07:43 AM
Home Depot Internet Store Fraud? ripoff Internet
Home Depot -- Fraud? I bought a window a/c online from these people. I had trouble with it (it made a horrible racket and vibrated the whole house, practically). I talked with customer service and said I needed to return the item and wanted to try my luck with a different unit they had for sale on the website. The trouble was it was on back order, and there was a 30-day limit on returns. The girl I talked to checked with her supervisor and got me a 90-day window for the return. So far so good. But you better plan to wait on hold for 45 minutes to an hour each time you talk to C/S. I am DEAD serious. They say they are working to correct the problem. (Who knows?) I had to commit additional funds to purchase the new unit when it became available, then contact C/S again to arrange for a return of the old unit after the new unit shipped. I got the feeling the gal who took care of me would not have given me my return authorization number if I hadn't asked for it. She sounded like she was going to terminate the call without giving me my authorization. Fortunately on a return the UPS driver gives you a ticket with the tracking number when she (or he) picks up the package and puts a label on it for you, so I was able to see when it was received by Home Depot and who had signed for it. Now more waiting. A few days went by and there was no credit to my account so I called C/S again. Good thing I have a speaker phone, right? Otherwise I would have had gangrene in my ear by now. The gentleman was helpful. He did something that he said would force them at the warehouse to deal with this particular item post haste. Just don't look for anything to happen til early next week, he said. Ok, well it is the middle of next week and it finally showed up back on my account. So, you can get good service from these people if you try hard enough and wait your turn. The Fraud remark above involves how they edited out the negatives from my product review, and in one case refused to publish it entirely. If fraud isn't the correct term, perhaps crooked is. Misleading business practices? You decide. I will publish the review of mine they published, then what I gave them in its entirety, and also the one they refused to print on their website. This is so you can take any product reviews customers write with lots of salt. Chances are they were heavily redacted to remove any serious negatives about product or service. A Good Unit!, May 23, 2006 By Arthur from Wylie, Texas I got this as a replacement for a defective unit (5200 BTU; see review titled Dubious Purchase) and it is working nicely. It is quiet, for a window unit, and looks nice. It has one-degree accuracy settings. One small engineering point is that while it can operate in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, the engineers apparently didn't know that one degree C, isn't one real degree in F. but rather 1.8 degrees American. You forfeit some comfort if you display in Celsius. Other than that, if this is in stock it will be a good buy. If it is on back order that may be another matter. Here's what I really wrote in that second paragraph: Other than that, if this is in stock it will be a good buy. If it is on back order that may be another matter. Just hope you never have to deal with customer service. A wait of 45 to 60 min. is normal. Emails take a week to get an answer. They promise they are trying to correct the matter. I hope that is true. Here is the review they suppressed: Dubious Purchase... I bought this unit (or its equivalent) under the Maytag name. Home Depot has since pulled the unit and replaced it with this one. It's all the same company though, Fedders, Maytag, Airtemp. I thought I was being a smart and informed consumer by measuring the bedroom, selecting the size carefully so as to not overdo it, and go for the Energy-Star rating like a good little inhabitant of the planet. Well, the unit made a horrible racket, and vibrated so much you could hear it two bedrooms away down the hall even with the doors closed. So I exchanged it for the Fedders model A6X06F2A (6000 btu). I didn't dare roll the dice on another one of these. I did a careful measurement of the room again. I had right at 144 sq. ft. -- the maximum for the 5200 btu unit is 150 sq. ft. I reasoned that a little extra wouldn't hurt, and am I glad I did. The 800 btu difference in the next size up plus the lack of Energy Star rating meant only $8 per year in expected running cost. And let's face it. You only save real energy when the compressor isn't running. Err too much on the side of bigness, however, and you don't get enough dehumidification because the air doesn't move across the coils long enough to remove the moisture from the room. Forget about the energy-saving feature being able to bring in cool outside air when possible, by the way. With units this size you forfeit your window when this is installed. There is no air exchanger. If you have only one window in the room as I do, you have no more contact with outside air. Period. Your window is sealed. You would have to go into a Fedders 8000 btu to have an air exchanger on it. But then, Home Depot doesn't even carry that model. The Fedders unit I now have is soooo much quieter than the last one, though it can make weird noises once in a while when the compressor is running. Maybe it is the gas entering the coil that makes the noise. Like a low-frequency gurgling sound. But all in all, I'd say go for the greater cooling of the 6000 btu's and pass on the energy saving. Two fan speeds seem to be quite enough as well. A third speed is probably just Energy-Star window dressing. Arthur Wylie, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Home Depot
Entity: ..., Internet
18, Report #211708
Sep 19 2006
06:32 AM
Home Depot ripoff Warrington Pennsylvania
ON August 3, 2006, I went to the Warrington home depot in Pa. and purchased a refrigerator. I was given the following form. (I took an extra copy because I have yet to receive rebates when applied for from home deport, and quite frankly I think it is a scam that should be reported to the attorney general.) I was told that the refrigerator I purchased would qualify for a $100 gift card. (and $55 rebate on shipping/delivery charge). I am then informed when I check on the internet that it was before the qualifying period, which is your excuse every time.( I have done several kitchen renovations for friends and they have yet (over 1 year) to recieve their $400 gift cards. All paperwork was signed and returned the day after the purchases. ) Copy of receipt and rebate form are attached that your sales associate gave me. The home depot has repsonded after faxing all the copies of the paperwork that it did not qualify becuase the date was a day after the rebate, but the from clearly said Aug 3 rd to Aug 26th. I purchased this on the 3rd. I WILL NEVER GO TO HOME DEPOT AGAIN. WHY DOES THE CEO MAKE SO MUCH MONEY! $$$$ A Pipersville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Warrington, Pennsylvania
19, Report #166355
Nov 30 2005
10:17 AM
Home Depot Rebate Service Center ripoff Wixom Michigan
I mailed in 2 rebates for $150.00 each for appliances that I purchased on 10/04/05 and they mailed me a postcard back saying that the postmark date was after the rebate allows. I watched the postmaster stamp the letter myself, which was not after the date they allow. They also included a web address on the postcard which was bogus. There is no web site matching what they gave me to discuss this problem. Lorie Thomaston, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Wixom, Michigan
20, Report #177809
Feb 24 2006
04:34 AM
Home Depot ripoff, fraud Portland Maine
I purchased copper flashing from Home Depot and was assured there would be 50' in the roll. Who would have thought I should have them unroll the whole 50' to confirm this fact. Anyway, when it came time to begin the project, I discovered there was only 11'. I immediately contacted HD, including the regional office, to make them aware of this issue. They assured me they would make up the difference in copper. That was almost one month ago. I finally contacted them the other day and they told me they thought the issued was solved. If they didn't solve it, how did they expect it to be solved? I am taking them to court to get the product I was led to believe I purchased. D Portland, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Maine
21, Report #927642
Aug 15 2012
11:00 AM
Home Depot Sub-contracted garden shed disaster Internet
We had just purchased our home and needed a shed to keep our lawn mower and other gardening tools in.  We decided to purchase a shed from our local Home Depot because they offered the service of putting up the shed for us (my husband was unable to do this kind of work due to a serious back injury.)  We were told the men who would be putting up our shed would arrive first thing Thursday morning-the Thursday before Labor day and that the job shouldn't take more than a day.  These guys didn't show up till almost noon and barely got the footings in place--which they did incorrectly, not even checking for level.  I looked out at 2:00 P.M. and saw that they were loading up their truck to leave.  My husband was furious and asked them where they were going. Evidently the three men were brothers and their niece had a birthday party that afternoon. Same thing on Friday--showed up at noon after we called repeatedly to find out where they were and when they were going to show up.  This day, their tools broke down after working for an hour and they were about to load up and leave when my husband went out and offered to loan them his tools. Oh, and did I mention they littered our yard with cigarette butts and drank on the job--empty beer cans every where! Saturday it got to be 12:30 and my husband finally tracked them down. The lead guy said that they figured they'd take the day off and go fishing. My husband ordered them to get to our house and finish the job--they had nothing but the roof to put on. Sunday same excuse.  It was the middle of the day Labor day by the time they finished---finally! Now this was not a huge shed. Tuesday, we went to our local Home Depot to complain.  We went to the customer service desk and asked to speak to the store manager.  We were told he wasn't in yet, but the assistant manager was there.  We asked to speak with her.  After she listened to what we had to say, she said she was sorry but the men that were sent out to assemble our shed were sub-contractors, not actual employees of Home Depot and Home Depot hires hundreds of sub-contractors. We were told that she couldn't possibly hunt these guys down even after we supplied her with the work order. The assistant manager refused to do anything for us and we vowed never to shop there again. Needless to say its been less than five years and the shed is completely unlevel and is actually splitting in half.  We have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the States Attorney and we will not rest until they come out and fix or replace our shed.  They don't stand behind their product or the workers they sub-contract to do their installations.  They have lost us as customers forever along with all of our family members.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1158788
Jul 01 2014
12:38 PM
Home Depot Warranty means nothing Decatur Alabama
 We purchased flooring and installation not knowing that Home Depot used outside contractors for installation. The outside contractors they use are Romanoff Renovations. The first set of installers they sent out did a horrible job. They scratched the flooring and got adhesive all over the new flooring, walls, doors, ruined our carpeting, and scratched our kitchen cabinets. After dealing with the local Home Depot and getting nowhere, we contacted corporate. They made us pay for additional flooring and sign an agreement before the installation was done leaving us with no recourse if anything went wrong. The second set of installers they sent out were professional and knew what they were doing. They told us all the things that the first installers did incorrectly. They tried their best to repair all the problems the original installers caused, but could not repair the carpeting or the kitchen cabinets. We contacted corporate again and were told that the carpet and cabinets were not part of the installation. I do not understand how someone who was employeed by Home Depot can do damage to your property and Home Depot does not take ownership and fix the damage. We are left with butchered carpeting and scratched kitchen cabinets. We are out over $4,000, nearly 2 weeks of vacation time, and having our house torn up for over 3 months. This is totally unacceptable and I want to warn everyone to not purchase hardwood flooring from Home Depot, especially if they use Romanoff Renovations or any of their aliases to do the installation. The warranty from Home Depot states that your flooring will be repaired or replaced at no cost for any reason. This is not the truth. Home Depot will accuse you or your family or your pets for the damage their installers do so you will have to pay additional money to them. Romanoff Renovations does not answer email, return phone calls and basically denies any ownership. They will make you go through Home Depot for any problem resolution. I could not find a valid license for Romanoff or any of their aliases using a state search. Alabama state law does not protect any consumer if the purchase is under $10,000. Please beware and do not use Home Depot if you live in northern Alabama or in any area that uses Romanoff or one of their aliases to do the installation. In fact, I would suggest going to Lowe's or to a reputable flooring company and save yourself money, time, and being treated like a criminal. I have never in my life spent so much money to be treated so poorly by anyone, corporate or otherwise.  
Entity: Decatur, Alabama
23, Report #1270300
Nov 25 2015
12:39 PM
home depot fake warranties nationwide Nationwide
 Home Depot sells warranties for generators and will tell you if you have ANY problem bring it back and they will repair or replace as needed. When you have a problem they then proceed to tell you all that isn't covered. The list is extensive. it includes all moving and non moving engine parts. Then all electrical parts all hoses, wiring and any item that could be considered a wear item, including the start rope. I asked what is covered then, the case? I was told if that was damaged it would be abuse and not covered. An employee asked if I want the truth. I said yes. He said NOTHING is covered. I paid $160.00 for a piece of paper. Many employees think this is funny. Some empathetic employees feel sorry and then tell you never buy their warranties they are a rip off!
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #391964
Nov 17 2008
11:23 AM
Home Depot, THD At-Home Services, Inc Home Depot-Roofing Install Fiasco Tempe Arizona
I signed a Contract on March 21, 2008 for a Roof Install. Start date was aprox. May 6, 2008. Completion date May 19, 2008. HD Credit Terms were contracted as 12 Months No Interest No Payment. I receive the first HD Statement on April 25, 2008 Before the work even started and they indicate that it is; 6 Months No Interest No Payment. After many follow-up calls I made, the Credit Terms were finally corrected on my July 28, 2008 Statement. During the Roof Install, the Installers cut a copper water pipe on the roof and created a water leak in the garage area. After the Install, I had Three seperate Water leaks, during Three seperate rains. Home Depot set up appointments with me to fix the water damaged drywall and the Repair people did not show up. In October, HD was to have their Insurance Provider set an appointment with me for an adjuster to view the damage. Today is November 17, 2008 - I made additional contact with the Insurance Provider and they stated we dropped the ball Friday, October 31, 2008 I mail a Certified Letter to Francis Blake Home Depot CEO The letter was signed for on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 and I am yet to receive a response from the CEO's office. Today- Monday, November 17, 2008 I am sending a letter to Kenneth G. Langone Board of Directors I will be looking forward to a timely response. I have detailed notes with specific contacts, dates & times, but this is the simple facts. Rich Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
25, Report #874638
Apr 27 2012
07:21 AM
Home Depot Botched Install of Allure Flooring By Home Depot & Their Installers! Rochester, New Hampshire
Home depot was hired to install their flooring Allure Vinyl by Trafficmaster, Made by Halstead. We did our whole brand new home in this floor 1400 sq ft, It is a total disaster. They Botched it, All Over the place there are Gaps in the seams.. They did not follow the proper grout lines, you have fat & skinny ones, The product was not rolled properly & they did not alline the tiles to the walls by measuring, We even had the manufacturer send out a private inspector , whom says it was a totally botched job.... It's UGLY, Home Depot of Rochester New Hamshire Hired ACS services to install our floor, They in turn Hired Ricks Carpet Scarborough Maine to Install.. They Did not get the seems tight & blame the floor mfg (allure) but Allure Blames the Installers, All in All We got Shafted for sure..., We should not have to pay for the flooring or the install as now, it would all have to be replaced.. I have been appealling to Home depot for a proper remedy, and months later we still are not there.. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME & PRODUCT & MONEY..If only they would have cared & took their time to do it right... WOW so disappointed !!! Look for my videos on you tube.. Key words Search for Allure Flooring Job BOTCHED By Home Depot or MrKasprr Home Depot & American Carpet Services & Ricks Carpet Should all be ASHAMED !!!! 0
Entity: Rochester, New Hampshire

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