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26, Report #1044263
Apr 18 2013
09:38 AM
Home Depot Home Depot Online no delivery of kitchen ranger for over a month Internet
I ordered a gas range for a rental house from Home Depot online. The third party shipper lost the stove. After being told several times that the stove would be delivered, scheduling times, etc with no delivery, and waiting for over a month and losing a month of rent on the house, I gave up and canceled the order. I wasted probably three hours of time dealing with this and asked Home Depot for a store credit to make up for the inconvenience and for holding onto my money for over a month. The most they were willing to offer was a 10% discount on my next online purchase. Even though I called Home Depot to let them know I had not received the order, they did nothing, just gave me the phone number of the third party shipper and made me try to deal with them myself.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #1059861
Jun 17 2013
06:49 PM
Home Depot Home Depot does not stand by lifetime Warranty Atlanta Georgia
In 2008, we contracted with Home Depot to install new windows in our home. Upon finishing the installation, many of the windows would not close properly or they were out of alignment. At that time, the field inspector recommended reordering the windows and redoing the installation. Obviously we weren't happy, but we agreed. About ten (10) months ago, the first floor front windows began to leak and, in a downstairs bathroom, we detected mold growing inside the wall. For the past ten months we have been trying to get the problems resolved, without much success. Many representatives from Home Depot have been out to the house, tearing off our siding, and examining the windows. The results, according to Home Depot, is that there is structural damage to many of the sills, the surrounding house structures,  as well as wet and moldy insulation and mold growing on the interior drywall as a result of a faulty installation. Apparently many of the weep holes were caulked shut not allowing water to drain out, therefore water drained into the house structure, and the windows were just simply installed improperly. These windows are backed by a transferable lifetime guarantee on product AND installation.We have been contacted by Home Depot’s insurance carrier who promised that repairs will be completed, (to date, no repairs have been initiated) and that everything will be taken care of.  We are trying to be fair and avoid litigation but the unease we have for having mold throughout our home, as well as the seen and unseen damage caused by Home Depot, has us extremely concerned. Visiting our home to rip off the existing siding and pointing out the problems are not a satisfactory solution. We insisted that an outside contractor conduct the repairs, for which we provided three reasonable quotes. We also agreed that the lowest bid would be satisfactory. We were led to believe that using a bonded outside contractor was acceptable to Home Depot, as we accommodated additional inspections by their representative and insurance adjusters along with the contractor present. We were pretty confident that we would be receiving a check to start the process, but everything has come to a complete halt with the excuse that because Home Depot is such a large company it takes time. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
28, Report #1411548
Nov 12 2017
08:09 PM
Home Depot Home Depot Exteriors Siding Installation Seattle Washington
This is a brief summary of my experience with Home Depot.I hired Home Depot to replace my sidning in May of 2017, for work to begin in July 2017.  The work included tear down of old siding, replacing rotten plywood underneath, and installing new siding.• Home Depot reschedules for August and drops off all material on August 1st.  They then reschedule the day before.  They continue to keep reschedule the day before work is to begin and then just cut off all communication.  I try calling, emailing, filing complaints, texting, anything to get a hold of someone.  They only say they cannot help and someone will get back to me.  Lots of material sits on lawn for several months.• After calling and filing a complaint almost every day to no avail, they show up unannounced on Sept. 19 and begin siding.• What was supposed to be a team removing my old siding, rotten plywood, and residing my house for a week turns to be one guy saying he will do it in 3 days. He begins to rush the job.• I catch him siding over old rotten plywood and call in a complaint and a stoppage of work.• Home Depot says they are sorry and we will have discussions about compensation for how they have treated me. Work continues, they side all but a portion of my house that will require some extra work, this is on 9/25. They say they will be back to finish job.• I have contractor come out performing some work, he has to tear off portions of my house and finds that the siders have covered up more rotten wood with siding that they were supposed to replace. He has also stated that with all his years as a contractor he has never seen such poor workmanship on siding. (If anyone wants I have the letter of faults he found with the siding that I can share)• I call in a complaint to Home Depot and they say they will investigate and discuss this issue with me, nothing happens.• Home Depot claims they will have the rest of siding complete by end of October.  I ask if I can have another contractor finish the work and they claim it will void their warranty if I do that.• On 10/18 it rains hard and I find out the front of my house is leaking like crazy. Home Depot claims it is not their fault but it did not leak anywhere near this degree before their siding install.  They calim it is due to leakage past a window but many factors don't add up.• I have a window specialist come out and he can not see any signs of leakage.It is now November, my siding is incomplete, there is a bunch of rotten wood beneath the siding, a bunch of material still siting in my yard since Aug, my house leaks, and Home Depot will still not have discussions with me or answer any of my complaints.  It is also raining heavily and I do not know what to do.  I have wanted to get the siding finished as to avoid any further damage due to rains but am afraid of losing warranty, if it's any good.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
29, Report #131911
Feb 18 2005
07:10 PM
Home Depot rebate scam Hemet California
They got me twice, first I bought a ton of installation and was getting a 50 dollar gift card in return. There was a slight water smudge on the reciept but it was clear I met the critera for the rebate, and then some. Secondly I was to receive a 10 dollar gift card as a rebate for a ceiling fan. There was a little sign next to the ceiling fans clearly stating how much the gift card was for every fan. My particular fan was a 10 dollar gift card, the sign said nothing about the price that needed to be paid (which didn't make sense anyway because after tax I paid 68 dollars for the fan). A few months later they send me some bogus letter stating the criteria wasn't met for the installation and the total price paid for the ceiling fan did not amount to 50 dollars or some crap. Then they added that I had 15 days to get them the right info on the installation or it was void, then had the audacity to end both letters with From your friends at Home Depot I shall boycott them for life, and refer everyone I know to elsewhere. Jerry hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hemet, California
30, Report #120621
Feb 10 2013
02:35 PM
Home Depot laminate flooring installation rip-off! Redding California
My wife and I went to Home Depot in Redding, Ca and purchased/ordered some laminate flooring and underlayment for a new home we'd just purchased. Several weeks later Home Depot called to notify us our materials had arrived. We went to Home Depot to pick up the laminate flooring and underlayment. I loaded each of the cases of laminate into my car with the help of Greg from flooring, and another employee.I noticed that each of the cases were wet/damp. Greg said not worry about it. He said to stack the cases no more than four high, and they'd dry out, and the laminate wouldn't be affected. We also found out the wrong underlayment had been ordered. We had to reorder the correct underlayment, at an additional cost of $600.00 +/-We went to check on the underlayment we had ordered. We were told by an employee that he didn't know if it would be in before the install date, and he offered no assistance in the matter, except to say keep checking back. We spoke to the store manager, who said he'd ensure the underlayment was available by the installation date.2/7/2003 We were at home when the installers arrived. Dave arrived with his son, and his son's friend (he said they were college students) to complete the installation.No floor prep was done, as provided for in the contract. No attempt to check the sub-floor for proper level was made. Each of the guys took one bedroom, and immediately began installing the laminate.As they were over half way done with the bedrooms, Dave mentioned that there was going to be a raised lip between the kitchen floor and the living room (essentially right down the middle of the two rooms, and very visible). I told him that wasn't what we'd wanted, and he said I needed to take that up with Home Depot, and that eliminating the raised flooring in the kitchen would be an additional cost. Dave said the raised kitchen floor would have been readily apparent to the person originally measuring for the flooring, and should have been addressed.2/7/2003 We went to Home Depot to discuss the raised flooring problem. I told them this should have been identified during the measuring for the flooring, and that my disabled mother, who uses a walker, was staying with us, and the lip could cause difficulties for her.We spoke to several employees/assistant managers who told us it would cost an additional $450.00 to correct the problem. I told them this was unacceptable. It was their mistake, and we shouldn't have to pay to correct their error.I asked to speak to a manager. Tim Braun came out, and unknowingly began discussing the problem with the other employees in front of us. He initially said well if they don't like it, we'll take our materials, leave their carpet or whatever on the front lawn, refund them their money, and they can pay to have their old flooring put back in.Tim Braun finally agreed to take care of the problem, at Home Depot's expense.2/7/2003 We returned to the house, and spoke to Dave. They were essentially done with the bedrooms, and had begun installing the glue down laminate at the north end of the hallway.When we walked into the bedrooms, we noticed a crackling like sound as we walked across the laminate. Initially I thought the situation would resolve itself once the entire installation was completed.2/8/2003 The installation continued with the rest of the glue down laminate being installed in the remainder of the hallway, living room, kitchen, and dinning room.At about 4:00 P.M. we received a telephone call from Kelly, who was the lead installer(?). He said they'd discovered some of the cases of laminate had been exposed to moisture. He said the flooring was no good, and more would have to be ordered.When we asked to be able to see the problem, my wife was told that they would only be at the house for 10 more minutes, and wouldn't wait beyond that (the drive alone would take at least 20 minutes).We also received a call from Home Depot. We were told 5 cases of laminate were damaged due to moisture, and would have to be replaced at our expense. The five cases were going to cost us an additional $450.00 +/-.We went to Home Depot and spoke to Greg and an assistant manager. I explained that the moisture was present when we picked the laminate up, and Greg said it would be fine. Greg agreed, and Home Depot said they'd pay for the new laminate.It should be noted that we were told 5 cases of laminate would be needed, and were given an estimate of what we needed to pay based on that number. However, in fact only 2 were needed, and 2 were all that Home Depot ordered. No one could tell me how the figure of 5 cases was arrived at initially. The installers blamed Home Depot, and Home Depot blamed the installers for the mistake.During our inspection of the flooring, we again noted a crackling like sound as we walked across the laminate in the bedrooms. There were also noises heard as we walked down the hallway.The installers didn't leave behind any of the excess laminate flooring from the bedrooms, or any of the excess underlayment, and Dave had 2 cases of the glue down laminate in his van with him we were told, when we tried to account for the reason for 5 cases being needed to complete the job, when there were only 3 cases left at our house.Our job was left incomplete, with a section of the kitchen floor (near where the refrigerator was supposed to be, and along the cabinets in front of the sink) not installed. The underlayment was left exposed, and we couldn't put our refrigerator in the house, because of the lack of sufficient flooring in that area.No one could provide us with an estimate on how long we could expect to wait for the replacement laminate. We were told that was completely up to the manufacturer.When the replacement laminate arrived, and was installed by Kelly and another worker, Kelly told us the wrong moldings and transitions had been ordered. The floor was completed, but we had to wait for the moldings and transitions to come in for the job to be completed.I brought the crackling floors in the bedrooms, and the creaking floor in the hallway to Kelly's attention. He said to give it 30 days, and if the sounds don't go away by then, they'd take a look at it.Kelly and the other employee returned to put the moldings down. He also had to nail down several of the transitions in the bedrooms to get them to stay down.I again talked to Kelly about the noises. When I showed him how the flooring moved and crackled in the bedrooms, especially in the bedroom located in the north west corner of the house Kelly said oh yeah, Dave told me there was an uneven floor joist in that room. I asked Kelly why something wasn't said to us about this before the installation was started. Kelly said oh, I thought Dave said he'd spoke to you guys about it. I told Kelly this was the first we'd heard about an uneven floor joist, and asked why they would install the floor over an uneven sub-floor. Kelly said if the problem continued they'd take care of it.Kelly used pieces of cardboard from boxes in my garage to make homemade shims to place under the wall in a small section of the hallway to try to reduce the creaking noises present there.We complained to Home Depot about the problems we were experiencing with the laminate flooring. We were told that they'd have an inspector come out to see if there were any problems.4/16/2003 Jim A. Betts from Betts Flooring Service arrived to conduct an inspection of the laminate flooring installed in our home. Mr. Betts was a representative for Pergo, which is the manufacturer of the laminate flooring installed in our home.5/2/2003 We called Home Depot to inquire about the status of the inspection previously conducted, and we spoke to Matt Bashaw. He told us in no uncertain terms that the report Home Depot received from Betts Flooring Service indicated no problem with the laminate flooring installed in our home, and he said nothing further would be done in the matter.I asked if we could obtain a copy of the report submitted by Betts Flooring Service, and after some discussion with his supervisor(s), Matt Bashaw said we could obtain one.5/5/2003 We went to Home Depot to obtain a copy of the report submitted by Betts Flooring Service. We obtained a copy from an employee named Gavin.After briefly scanning the report, I told Gavin that it was my opinion that the report didn't indicate there wasn't a problem with the laminate flooring installed in our home. The report clearly reflected that there were no manufacturer defects with the Pergo laminate flooring. However, it stated the problem was caused by an uneven sub-floor, and the fact that some of the planks were incorrectly staggered.I told Gavin that we paid Home Depot for a professional installation. I told him it appeared the problem was installation related.Gavin said he'd have to talk to his supervisor(s) about the report. He asked me to return a day or two later.5/12/2003 We returned to Home Depot and spoke to Gavin. He said the matter was referred to Tim Braun. After waiting to speak to Tim Braun, Gavin returned and said he wasn't available.Gavin said that Tim Braun had authorized an additional inspection be completed by a company of their choosing. Gavin then said Tim Braun was offering us $600.00 to take care of the problem. Gavin said if we refused the $600.00, and then the inspection found there to be no problems, then we wouldn't get anything.We refused the $600.00 offer, telling Gavin the problems with the laminate flooring installed in our home would cost more than $600.00 to fix. Gavin said an inspection would be ordered.5/19/2003 We had Pam Truscott come out to do an inspection, due to the inactivity of Home Depot.Pam Truscott verbally told us that the flooring problem was Home Depot's responsibility. However, she was very busy and wouldn't be able to complete a written report for several weeks or more. She said she could complete a written report for us later if it became necessary.5/21/2003 - We called Home Depot to inquire about the status of the inspection. We were told by John that they were still trying to get an inspection scheduled.6/2/2003 Ed Gamble of Ed Gamble Carpet and Laminate Flooring Inspections arrived to complete an inspection for Home Depot of the laminate flooring installed by them in our home.7/7/2003 - We called Home Depot about the status of the inspection completed by Ed Gamble. We spoke to Rick, and were told the report was completed, and had been received by Home Depot. I asked if we could obtain a copy of the report, and after some discussion with his supervisor(s), Rick said we could obtain a copy.The report completed by Ed Gamble stated that the installation of the laminate flooring was defective, and this was the cause of the problems we'd experienced.7/8/2003 We contacted Home Depot to see what their response to the report completed by Ed Gamble was. We were told we'd have to discuss the matter with Tim Braun. However, he wasn't available.I asked why we seemed to be getting the run around in this matter. I said they knew the report had been received, yet no one called to let us know. They know the results of the inspection report, yet no one was ready or willing to discuss the remedy Home Depot proposes to correct the problem.7/28/2003 We called Home Depot to try to speak with Tim Braun. Diana said he was currently on vacation.8/13/2003 - We called Home Depot to try to speak with Tim Braun. Tim Braun asked what it would take to make us happy, and resolve this matter. I told him that due to the way this matter has been handled thus far, I have no confidence in Home Depot, or the installers who completed the installation of the laminate flooring in our home. I told him I'd like to receive a full refund, and said they could come and get their product.Tim Braun offered to have the installers come out and remove the flooring, and once we had the sub-floor repaired they'd reinstall the snap together laminate originally used in the bedroom, and put new glue down laminate in the rest of the house.I told Tim Braun that I didn't trust that the installers were capable of doing a competent job, based upon all of the identified problems to date. He told me he presently didn't have any other installers available to complete the job.Tim Braun said he had signed affidavits from Kelly and Dave that they had notified us prior to installing the floor that the sub-floor was uneven, and that installing it without first repairing the problem would result in problems with the laminate flooring.I told Tim Braun that Home Depot's ability to appropriately respond to any problems encountered has been less than adequate thus far. I told him that based on our dealings with Home Depot in this matter, I didn't believe that any potential future problem(s) could or would be resolved in an acceptable manner. I told him that I didn't have any confidence in Home Depot, or its ability to competently take care of any problems.Tim Braun said he'd check with the District Manager to see what could be done. He said he'd call me back on or about 8/20/2003.8/20/2003 No contact from Tim Braun9/22/2003 - I called Home Depot and spoke to Tim Braun. Still no definitive answer as to my request for a refund. Tim Braun said he was traveling to Sacramento, Ca on 9/23/2003 and would speak to the District Manager about the problem.9/29/2003 Spoke to Cathriana at Home Depot to see what if anything Tim Braun had heard. Tim Braun was unavailable.10/2/2003 Tim Braun called and left a message saying we needed to contact 800)553-3199 and speak to them to continue working on resolving the problem.I spoke to Phyllis D. who didn't know why I was told to contact a Customer Service Representative, but she filed a complaint for me Complaint #724629. I was told a Customer Service Rep would contact me within a couple of days.10/16/2003 We called Customer Service to see what if anything was being done. I was told that Linda Bowden was working on it, and was supposed to be contacting Tim Braun today.10/21/2003 Called Cust. Serv. Message left for Linda Bowden10/22/2003 Called Customer Service. Left a message to speak to Linda Bowden and her supervisor. Melissa said Kay was Linda's supervisor but she was unavailable. But Kay would have Linda call me.10/23/2003 Called Customer Service. Linda tried to call three times within an hour's time, but I was on the internet and didn't receive the calls.10/24/2003 Linda Bowden called.I explained the situation to her. I told her I didn't think it was fair that I had to pay extra money, which I presently don't have, to repair the sub-floor, when if the installers had identified the problem before installing the flooring, I could have stopped the installation, and obtained a refund.Linda said she'd check on it, and would keep me informed, even if nothing was occurring.10/28/2003 +/- - Linda left a message saying she still didn't have any additional information as of yet.11/6/2003 Tried to contact Linda at 9:30 A.M. and then again at 1:11 P.M. to find out what if anything has been done.11/10/2003 Tried to contact Linda or Kay at 11:00 A.M. Messages left for both.11/11/2003 Tried to speak to Kay or Linda. Kay said she has no control over the situation. I asked Kay to have Linda provide me with a written explanation of what, if anything Home Depot was offering to do to correct the problem. I also asked for the contractors licenses for Kelly, Dave, both of their full legal names, and any contractors licenses being used by the Home Depot.11/12/2003 Linda called and said she'd mail Home Depot's final offer for the resolution of this matter, and would obtain the requested information.11/26/2003 Received letter from Linda with written proposal from Home Depot. No contractor's licenses were included. She referred me to Tim Braun for any other questions etcTo date Home Depot has refused to correct the problems caused by their improper installation of the laminate flooring in our home, despite two separate reports from inspectors they'd hired, which showed the installation was defective.Les Anderson, CaliforniaU.S.A.Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Home Depot
Entity: Redding, California
31, Report #148897
Jul 07 2005
06:10 PM
Home Depot substandard installation Dallas Texas
1. Failure of Home depot personnel to add plumbing costs to the contract 2. Failure to contact me in a timely manner about these omitted costs 3. Store personnel saying they could not contact me by phone however, the flooring installers, the plumbers and Home Depot customer service all reached me on the same phone. 4. Extorting money from the person I had at the job site . Telling this person if he did not pay these costs now an additional $200 would be required to reschedule the installation team 5. After finding out about the problem on the work site about the plumbing I called Customer care team realized the over sight on the plumbing costs and said it was clearly their responsibility, and Home depot would take care of it. Store personnel overrode this decision and continued to charge for the plumbing costs. 6. The house was left without toilets for almost a week and your internal ordering of the plumbing companyon both occasions was on an emergency basis. 7. The charge was finally removedhowever the amount was slightly less than was charged. 8. The contract was overbidmaterials wise, as I have much more molding and carpeting than was required for the job 9. Failure of Home Depot's contractor to re-install the laundry doors, which needed no adjustments or alterations to be installed. 10. Failure to clean up after the carpet installation as the vacuum was in the shop 11. The home Depot contractor broke a window blind during installation of the carpet. 12. The installation of vinyl was done in a substandard manner---substandard meaning they left debris under the vinylin some cases to the point where the debris is poking through the vinyl. 13. Nowhere on the contract does it specify the type of vinyl, the manufacturer, etc. Therefore I have no information should there be a warranty issue. 14. The plumber left the toilet in my whirlpool bathtub, now there is some type of stain or substance on the interior of the tub that I have not been able to scrub away. 15. General lack of clean up, including some type of adhesive or patching compound left on my kitchen cabinet. I've had several people from Home Depot come to inspect the problems. After the first inspection I waited 30 days and when I called the store. I was told that I had been compensated for the problems. They told me that I had received a $50 gift card. Well, sorry but $50 doesn't cut it when vinyl is installed in a bathroom and they cut the vinyl short in the corner... next to the bathtub... where if water spilled over the side, could compromise the entire floor. Secondly, where is the paperwork they say I signed.... saying the work was done competently??? I signed nothing of the sort, neither did the person on the job site. A new manager came to my house, reviewed the problems Then set up a meeting for inspection by the installer... we both waited an hour at my house... his contractor / installer did not show. Now, they are claiming I didn't called them within the warranty period... yet my complaints started from the day I arrived at the house, 2 weeks after installation. I filed both a verbal complaint and a complaint on their website. Since this experience with Home Depot, I've meet several other people who have had similar experiences and were disgusted with Home Depot Home services. C Desoto, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
32, Report #43828
Feb 02 2003
09:18 AM
Home Depot spits in the face of customers Concord California
My Home Depot experience is similar to experiences of customers in almost all the Home Depots across the country. I am not alone. Home Depot hires local contractors who were unsuccessful, for one reason or another, in their own businesses. So what do you expect from them? These people have very little to offer in terms of customer relations skills and simply don't care about helping customers. I have written a letter to their corporate HQ about this matter, and although they responded to me, the situation at the store remains the same. Problems such as: employees walking right past you without asking if you need help, employees keeping their eyes to the floor in fear of making eye contact with you, groups of employees standing around chatting while customers are eagerly seeking help, employees telling you that they'll be with you in a minute and they never return to help you, items frequently out of stock, discontinued items being displayed as stocked items, hazardous placement of inventory (my daughter nearly had her eye poked out by some wire that was sticking out), etc. If you want my suggestion, go to Lowes. My experience at Lowes is substantially different. Lowes has employees that are eager to help and the shelves are always well stocked and organized. Sure they might have a problem every once and a while but they are far superior to Home Depot in making sure that your shopping experience is an excellent one. Home Depot won't learn until people stop patronizing them. My suggestion is: Boycott Home Depot!! John Concord, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, California
33, Report #213966
Oct 03 2006
10:51 AM
Home Depot rebate ripoff scam Phoenix Arizona
I bought an appliance at Home Depot which came with a rebate of something like $50. This was in April 2006. I sent the rebate with the full receipt and all required information (which is several pages) in May of 2006. It normally takes 8-10 weeks for the rebate to process, which would be July 2006. I didn't get anything from Home Depot until 9/25/06, and the letter said the product purchased did not qualify. Clearly something was wrong. I called into the center and spoke with someone named Alex today, 10/03/06. He asked me to read off the sku's and then told me that the sku's in the system and the sku's I gave him were the same and were showing up as not qualifying. I asked him to repeat the sku's to me, and he repeated them incorrectly. I told him the numbers he had were wrong and repeated my sku's again and he said that I CHANGED WHAT I WAS SAYING. In fact, they had entered all the sku's in incorrectly and unjustly denied me my rebate. If I had let it go, I would be out $50, which is just what they are hoping. He finally agreed to resubmit the rebate but said they don't have an expedite service and now I will have to wait another 6-8 weeks for my rebate, after they dragged the whole process out for 6 months!! That is 10 months to receive a rebate that should only take 2 months to receive. What a scam! Mai Sugar land, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
34, Report #421012
Feb 06 2009
11:08 AM
Home Depot Credit Limit Decrease Nationwide
Home Depot decided to decrease my credit limit from $3,500 to $500. What can you buy at Home Depot for $500? The standard reasons given in the letter which I got after being in line at Home Depot with my purchases which were over the credit limit. Of course, I have never missed a payment or been late with one either. This decrease was determined by studying a credit report and determining that I may not someday make my payment I have had this card for several years but Lowes has the same merchandise. I guess business in down at Home Depot, wonder why? Jam spartanburg, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #442793
Apr 11 2009
07:26 AM
Home Depot Hire poor quailty installers Oroville California
Purchased Trane heater & air conditioner system from Home Depot in Oroville, CA. in 08/10/2007. We have had 5 major failures of system & numerous repair people here trying to fix the system. All failures due to poor workmanship by SECO heating, air conditioner & refridgeration in Rocklin, CA. hired by Home Depot to do installatin. Home Depot hires very poor installers that do not have the knowledge or know-how to do a good job. We asked Home Depot to help but they don't help. the consumer is on his/her own in dealing with incompetent installers. No building permit was taken out for install even though Home Depot requires it from it's installers. SECO was forced to get a permit a year after install. Permit is dated 08/04/2008. Along with system we purchased a 10yr parts & labor warranty on 8/10/07. Warranty was not issued until 11/09/08 due to SECO not taking care of it. Warranty lists serial number for coil that does not match coil in unit. Home Depot will not help us with this problem. 06/15/09 system shorted out and ruined our refridgerator & microwave. We learned that SECO wired A/C into breaker that also carried fridge/micro. It's required that A/C have it's own dedicated line. SECO did provide the correct wiring in 06/08. Home Depot refused to conmpensate us for the loss of our appliances. We tried to sue but don't have the up front money to take on a company like Home Depot. It's difficult for hard working people like us to get help, once Home Depot gets your money you are on your own. When you call them they talk nice but there is no satisfaction in their actions. Pj Oroville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Oroville, California
36, Report #419768
Feb 03 2009
03:48 PM
Home Depot Glidden Rebate Not Processed Eagan Minnesota
Bought Glidden Paint in Oct '08 with rebate from Home Depot. I've been told on several occasions that I would receive my rebate of $30, after being on hold for 30 minutes to an hour each time. After several months and several calls I have still yet to receive the money. I spend $1,500+ a year with HD...but we have Menards and Lowes a bit further up the road...making me wonder about my purchasing loyalty. I submitted all of my material Accurately, On Time, and Completely in accordance with the rebate forms. HD says they have recently switched rebate companies, but when I do a search online, it appears they did the same thing at the end of '07. Is this their way of getting out of rebates or boosting their cash flow??? Not paying rebates for months or waiting for people to give up trying to get the money they are owed??? Whose2know Eagan, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Eagan, Minnesota
37, Report #666923
Dec 01 2010
06:48 AM
Home Depot Deceptive sales practices MURFREESBORO, Tennessee
This Home Depot store is where I went to purchase a kitchen appliance package.  Before 'Black Friday', I was told that there was an issue with ordering, but it would be cleared up.  Throughout the weekend, the system would not let me order the appliances.  On Tuesday, when the sale was over, the system all of a sudden had items available.This practice is unethical and inappropriate.  I was a dedicated Home Depot shopper until now.
Entity: MURFREESBORO, Tennessee
38, Report #665446
Nov 25 2010
03:59 PM
Home Depot deceptive advertising- bait and switch Spanaway, Washington
Home Depot advertised LG appliances on sale. We are doing a kitchen remodel so we purchased a range,dishwasher,refrigerator, and over the stove microwave. The store checks inventory then allows you to pick a delivery date that is convenient, and is susposed to call the day before to confirm. They do call the day before, but to tell us that the microwave is on backorder so they are going to hold the whole order until it comes in- estimated to be 3 weeks. I call customers service to see if they can still deliver the other 3 appliances (as we dont have any) and was told that now the entire order is on backorder with an estimated delivery of 6 to 8 weeks. I go to the store to talk to the associate who assisted us with the sale to ask what is up. She was very helpful when she said well you got such a good deal what do you expect, you will just have to wait I contact the store manager  to ask what our options are, he says we can resellect a different brand and pay the difference- sounds to me like a bait and switch- advertise something you dont even have to get you in the store then try to sell you up. A few days later the manager sends an e-mail telling us how sorry he is, and that he has arranged for them to deliver the 3 appliances right away. He tells us to expect a call to confirm delivery the next day. It has been  a week and we are still waiting for that promised call.
Entity: Spanaway, Washington
39, Report #936112
Sep 02 2012
03:09 PM
Home Depot Unethical practices Yucca Valley, California
We recently requested a roofing quote from Home Depot. At the time we had a quote from a local contractor and an estimate from our insurance appraiser. Home Depots quote was nearly double the cost figures from the others. We felt that our preference would be to do business with the larger company in case warranty issues arose years down the road. When we asked the representative from Home Depot why there was so much difference in the amount of shingles required for the same roof we were told the measurement he had were obtained from a satellite AP they are now using. This eliminates the necessity for someone to actually climb up on the roof to take the measurements. After seeing the information we had on measurements from two different people he decided he would take actual measurements himself. His measurements were the same as the other two. After agreeing the satellite measurements were off by quite a bit he re-wrote the quote to a price that was still over the appraisers estimate as well as the other contractor but we still agreed to go with them. He wrote up the contract I signed it and gave him a check for 25% of the full cost. The day before I was expecting the roofers to begin work I got a phone call from the representative from Home Depot telling us they would not do the job with anything but the satellite measurements even though they had been proven to be wrong. It would cost us about 30% more for them to do the job.What would they have done with the extra shingles if we had agreed to have them do the job? My guess is they would be returned to the store to be resold.  California law states that a deposit of 10% or no more than $1000 can be collected unless or until the product has been delivered to the work site. When asked, Home Depot claimed to have something worked out with the state so it does not apply to them. It is really upsetting to learn of Home Depots unethical and possible illegal practices. Since they were going to do this to us they will do it to you. Do not let them get away with it.
Entity: Yucca Valley, California
40, Report #945893
Sep 24 2012
12:51 PM
Home Depot Warranty Problems Terrell, Texas
I bought a Toro mower from these people and it was in the shop the first year and every year after, it's a piece of crap. This year it's been in the shop 4 times, and they keep it for 2 weeks or more each time. I called and complained about his mower, they just don't care how much trouble it is - they won't replace it. This will be the 2nd crankshaft on a 4 year old mower.
Entity: Terrell, Texas
41, Report #194718
Jun 04 2006
11:52 AM
Home Depot ripoff dishwasher rebate Melbourne Florida
Home Depot in Melbourne, Fl advertised a $20 gift card for the dishwasher I purchased in 2005. When I bought the dishwasher I ask for my gift card and was handed a form to send for a rebate. I carefully filled out the form in accordance with directions. Some weeks later I received an email stating I did not qualify for the following reasons all of which were not readable. I wrote the store manager and never received a reply. I will never shop at Home Depot again. Frederick zirconia, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
42, Report #172788
Jan 22 2006
02:20 PM
Home Depot #1013 1151 W Lugonia Ave Redlands, CA 92374 Rec#10130001887991 To whom it may concern: Racism Exits in 2006 On January 19, 2005 at 4:30 pm I purchased several items from the Home Depot located at 1151 W Lugonia Ave Redlands, CA 92374 and was accused of stealing and there was no logical reason for the harrassment. However, it is my duty to forward my complaint to Home Depot Corporate Office, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, US Attorney General and Human Relations until recieves a written explination. Therefore, not only as a Home Depot (Commercial Account)customer I feel that the Home Depot located in Redlands California violated my civil rights because I am Afro-American. There was a (Prejudice)misunderstanding, but overall I should have not been accused of stealing anything unless Home Depot has concreate edvidence or me on video tape and not just a Black Man with braids on camera. Home Depot in Redlands California is the racist Home Improvement store in America because I was treated as if I am a criminal and I will make it my duty to mail 3 letters a week until I feel this issue is resolve. There is more to this story. Relands, CAlifornia Police were called Thank you, Chayo APPLE VALLEY, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: REDLANDS, California
43, Report #1102018
Nov 25 2013
10:52 AM
Home Depot Return Excange or Refund Canton Georgia
 This is to inform all shoppers of the return policy at the Home Depot located at 2200 Riverstone Blvd Canton Georgia.I just purchased a 99.00 Dollar Home Lite Weed Trimmer that would not run properly so I tried to return it for a exchange so I could finish my Yard work. I thought this would be a easy thing to but to my disbelief this has turned out to be very difficult task. The return specialist look at me when I walked into the store like here we go again she was rude and short and to the point she said sorry no returns or exchanges on Gas Powered Equioment, I then spoke to the also rude and unfriendly Manager on duty his name was Matt he to told me the same thing. I then contacted Customer Relations to get this issue resolved but to my disbelief they to would not help. The person named Vincent said he would send me a 20.00 Dollar Gift Card and I could rent a Weed Trimmer from the Rental Department yes that is what he said. I am in total shock that Home Depot allows such poor Customer Service at their Store.  Home Depot will not Honor the produsts they sell.I have been a customer of Home Depot for many years but for a 99.00 weed trimmer that has all changeBe aware of the Customer Service at this Home Depot and if you are returing something that operates on Gasoline be careful because you will be stuck like myself with a useless Weedeater thanks. 
Entity: Canton, Georgia
44, Report #1200428
Jan 09 2015
06:19 AM
Home Depot Sells junk GE dishwashers Lake Mary Nationwide
I bought a GE dishwasher from Home Depot last November. it has not worked correctly from the beginning. It leaks water on the floor, the door is very hard to close , you have to slam it 3 or more times to get it to close. Dishes come out dirty. So we called Home Depote for service and they gave us a number for GE so I called GE AND requested service . They came out and said it was fine. He checked the water connection adjusted the door and said I needed to turn up water heater. I asked if it could be replaced since it was new and he said no. Well it still leaks and now the top pannel is comming off. You have to hold it down to try and close the door. So I called GE again after calling 3 times and putting in my information on dishwasher each time I get disconnected. Very frustrated I called the store where I bought it and asked for help. Was put on hold while they called, then they tried to transfer me and again disconnected after he said he would stay on the line till I got some help. You think they would help you handle this since they are selling this junk. How can I get this replaced? Is there some kind of lemmon law to protect the consumer?  We have to leave a towel in the floor when it runs to catch water on the floor so no one slips and falls. Also this is a brand new kitchen I dont want my cabinets ruined. Please help    
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
45, Report #1039773
Apr 01 2013
01:53 PM
Home Depot Worthless Tool (Husky) Warranty Wichita, Kansas
Unlike Sears, Snap-on or other tool companies that will trade out a broken or defective tool by presenting the broken item Home Depot requires that you hold a receipt. Purchased a Black Chrome socket set about 8 years ago, and recently the ratchet developed a problem.  Took it back for replacement, store person didn't have authority to exchange (on a Sunday) they had to call Husky on Monday, and then would only exchange with a receipt. This is not the industry accepted procedure. If you depend on your tools I wouldn't waist my time with with Home Depot or Husky.  I suggest you go else where to purchase real tools. FPD
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
46, Report #1060002
Jun 18 2013
10:08 AM
Home Depot and bad sex Davie Florida
Hurricane protection (accordian shutterss) and impact glass doors (two jobs) were ordered from Home Depot on April 23 with assurances on four separate occasions all would be completed by Hurricane Season (June 1) to the middle of June.  it is now mid June and HD hasn't even applied for the two permits yet.  The ETA is now July 12...Three months for an installation when all other professional companies that know what they are doing say four weeks.  AND HD is now saying they can't install the shutters until the impact doors are up.  One has nothing to do with the other and are on two different sides of the house.  HD has given me the run around, blamed everyone they can think of.  They intentionally put my property at risk and took my money on false pretenses.  I wouldn't have HD install a kitty litter pan.  If you want really bad sex, have HD install something for you...you'll get screwed every time.       
Entity: Davie, Florida
47, Report #1253907
Sep 09 2015
08:18 PM
Home Depot / Ridgid Lifetime battery replacement atlanta Nationwide
I purchased a ridgid 12 volt drill in 2001 ( I still have the original receipt, that's the type of person I am)  and had good service out of it untill the switch went bad. I took it to Home Depot and they had me take it  to a service shop and they fixed it. They also gave me 2 new batteries. I was pleased with the repairs and having new batteries but they gave me no paperwork and at the same time did not inform me that I had to register the new batteries. Well that brings it up to today when I started to have battery problems and I took it to the store and was told that they could not do anything because the drill and  battery serial numbers did not match. To bad..  As I said before, that I'm one who keeps All paperwork so I know that I didn't get any or it would have been in my file. I also was not informed that the new batteries had to be registered because I  got no paperwork.. I heard that if you yell loud and long enough Home Depot will take something back that they didn't even sell in their stores but they can't even honor their own warranties. So now I have a pretty good drill with no batteries.. I guess I can hang it on the wall like a dead trophy.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1331871
Oct 06 2016
07:51 AM
Home Depot Hiding Behind Insurance Company Matamoras, PA Internet
We hired HD to replace roof.  Roof leaked badly in one section.  The HD head of the operation worked to get it repaired. The problem was getting interior damage repaired.  HD reps said it would be taken care of to my satisfaction. Then the problem began. Matter was turned over to insurance company.  It had appraiser look at ceiling damage. Inspector gave estimate to patch damage and paint ceiling.  Contractors I was able to locate who did popcorn ceilings agreed this would look patched. As requeted by insurnace company I got additional estimate (I had to go to on site contractor site since no one in the area could handle the job. I gave new estimate to HD, affected showing area of ceiling had to be redone (not nearly entire ceiling).  Insurer insisted it would not budge, leaving me wtih need to dig deeply into my pocket to restore my ceiling to pre-damage condition. I went back to HD and was told the matter was out of its hands and I could only deal with insurance.  What?  Company totally abandoned responsibility and customer.  For a few thousand dollars, it chooses to throw me under the bus.   I did not want to write this complaint, I wanted my kitchen to look like it did before the bad job on the roof was done.  It has been over a year, and no satisfaction.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1276469
Dec 27 2015
03:49 PM
Home Depot Returns not allowed TUCSON Nationwide
The project involved AC repair. It was tough job. I bought tried different parts to avoid making too many trips to homedepot store. I returned a lot of items because they did not fit or not needed as contingency plan not used if one fix did not work.   They refused return even though I have receipts. I did not use store credit to buy the items. I used credit card. They should warn me if I return too many items next items cannot be returned.   I am now surprised because returns with credit card purchases refused. I will use Lowes and ACE. They lost a customer. I purchased $5000 worth items there in last threee years in Home depot. They do not care how much I bought they only care how many items I returned.   I returned   plumbing couplings, screws, fasteners. Some of the items were defective so I returned. Home depot is saying we will poor quality items if you are not satisified with quality we will not take them back if you return too many items This is the message I got back. They should post at entrance minimize your returns, do not buy anything if you are not sure it will not fit your job. This is a cheating by home depot.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #1296608
Mar 29 2016
01:45 PM
home depot washer dryer instalation honolulu Hawaii
I bought a washer/dryer unit from home depot and asked them to install it.  They said that they would have to charge me for all new connectign hardware and that they would install it.  When they came to install the unit the installers said that they had installed the machine and it would be hotter than normal when we ran the drier.  Luckily there was a leak in the water supply, so I called a plumber to fix the leak.  I found out that the vent hose from the drier was not connected to the vent and it was just hanging loose behind the unit, which is located in a closet.  I live in a condo unit and it would have been a fire hazard if the lint had collected behind the unit.  I called the installers and they referred me to the home depot where I bought the unit.  I called the local store and they referred me to their mainland department.  I called their mainland department and they told me that they do not connect the vent.  I looked at the vent and found out that the installers had ripped out the connecting hose to the vent which is located in the wall.  I had to cut my wall to connect the vent because the installers had ripped the hose too short.  I have not recieved any reply from Home Depot since that time.
Entity: honolulu, Hawaii

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