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26, Report #131757
Feb 17 2005
03:14 PM
Homecomings Financial cannot contact customer service Dallas Texas
Well, my bank took 2 NSF fees out of my account and said there was not enough money to make my house payment... the money was there, I called my bank and resolved the issue. I attempted to contact Homecomings via the 800 number provided for customer service. NO LUCK, no live person. Those of you who deal with Homecomings know what I'm talking about. In order to get through to talk to someone I've always had to call the Refinance/New Loans phone number and be transferred. Anyway, when I spoke to the first rep, after explaining my situation of possibly having my payment returned to them, she said I'm sorry there's nothing I can do, someone else handles that--I asked to speak to that someone else and she said I couldn't; I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and she just kept saying I'm sorry I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. I asked her two more times to speak to supervisor, same answer. Then she wanted to know why I wanted to speak to supervisor and finally I said first of all I want to report your insubordination. Then she hung up on me. I called back and talked to another rep and there were no notes in the computer from the previous person I spoke to. After all this, the answer I received from the second rep, who was very nice and tried to help, was to check back in a week or two. This truly is a company I don't want to deal with--all the other postings on this site have me greatly concerned. Will this one issue mess up my credit report? Will this issue send my house into foreclosure? If there is a class action lawsuit being filed, I'd like to know about it sooner than later. These people shouldn't be operating a business, as they don't know how to operate a busines Joanne lake oswego, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
27, Report #131723
Feb 17 2005
12:02 PM
Homecomings Financial Contempt of Court Decision Dallas/SanDiego Texas/California
My husband myself had taken a trip to Europe for a few months and many thousands of dollars had been taken from our account and verified by the bank and the payments to Homecomings had been made but the money in my account was gone to cover the checks. On our return from Europe I had received a letter in the mail from an attorney representing Homecomings Financial in Texas. The summons I had received stipulated that my mortgage was in default and if I did not pay more than $2,000.00 that my home would be foreclosed on. I immediately sent a check to the attorney who was demanding this money and a letter stating that if this is not in compliance please advise. I heard nothing back from the attorney but got my check back in the mail from Homecomings stating that my home was going to be auctioned off. I immediately contacted my attorney and subsequently filed a Chapter 13. It has been since 2001 that this has been ongoing and the attorney was fired and another attorney took the case and finished the Chapter 13. The court ordered the Chapter 13 to be in compliance and everyone of concern was paid including Homecomings. Nearly two weeks went by and I received a registered letter in the mail from Homecomings stating I owed another $7,000.00 (Homecomings now in contempt)of the Chapter 13 ruling. I have checked on Homecomings and found them not to be a legitimate mortgage company but under the cover of real estate. Homecomings is a real estate company according to the BBB in the Northeast, sidelining in mortgages. In any event, I will fight tooth and nail. I am fortunate in that my company, large Maine based company, has done dealings in the past with GMAC through purchasing vehicles, updating realestate selling and buying, and we have decided that Homecomings with not get anymore of our business through GMAC, or GM or whatever they want to call themselves. It will be interesting to see what will happen with the contempt of court issue that will be arising. Many of us overextend ourselves and are put in a position to do business with these companies often not knowing we are actually dealing with them, so for everyone's benefit get rid of those credit cards, do that home improvement yourself even though it may take a little longer, work for yourselves and your families and last not but least know who you are doing business with, check with your local bank, its a good idea to get to know who they are as they are probably going to look at your as a real person not just a monthly check. My company will never do business with GM or GMAC and if we do expand it will be with a company locally owned and operated by people in the community. My new vehicles will be financed through my local bank, not GMAC or GM and any refinancing that needs to be done or purchasing more property for business use will be done locally by people I trust. Its time to stop the insanity by these fly by night companies who will often be someone they are not. Homecomings may acquire a few dollars but in the end they will lose millions... My message to them would be.. from A to Z, as high as the sky, deep as the sea I send to them what they send to me, what you sew be what you reap. Mary Westbrook, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
28, Report #129095
Jan 27 2005
10:52 AM
Homecomings Financial ripoff! Dishonest billing! Minneapolis Minnesota
Hello, I am responding to all the reports I have just read on Homecomings Financial. I don't know what made me look this site up, I just did. I am shocked at how many complaints have been made against this company. I'm glad I am not alone and that there are several people out there going through the same thing I am with Homecomings Financial. The reports I have read are so similar to my own situation. I was never in my life late on a house payment,as this was always the first bill that was made know matter what. I have never struggled with any other mortgager in the 20 years I have lived in this house. But now my husband is very ill and I am the sole provider for my 4 children and I.My oldest daughter works 2 jobs and babysits to help me make ends meet, but still find it hard to keep up. In september I fell 2 months back on my payments. Homecomings Financial called me every day, even on Sunday nights at 9pm. Never giving me a minutes rest.They even called me at work harassing me there when I am trying to do what I can to get them paid. It got to the point when I had to tell the kids not to even answer the phone any more without checking the caller id first. I called several help organizations, but no one could help. I tried to call Homecomings several times to try to arrange payment options,but you cant talk to a real person when you call there,but I tell you, they have no problem getting a hold of you. They eventually sent a gentleman to my house to take pictures of the outside of my home and handed me a little pink slip of paper and told me to call them, again you cant call this 800-206-2901 and talk to a real person. I eventually took out a small loan through my company to back pay them what I owed. I did finally get to speak to a woman named yolandi,when they received payment. She told me that I was $165 ahead in my payments, that was in the beginning of december. On December 10th I made another payment which was 2 weeks early than when it was due. So I assumed I was finally caught up and finally ahead on things, but I was wrong! I got a call from them the other day stating that I hadn't made a payment since November and that I now owe for December and January.As I said before, I had sent out a payment on December 10th and was supposedly $165 ahead. I am already getting calls from them threatening foreclosure.And the phone calls are non-stop again! I have never been so dissatisfied or stressed with a company ever.I may have to take out the hardship loan now through my 401k plan, but do I really want to? They want to completely deplete me until I have no other choice and let them have the dang house.I am trying to be strong and hang in there, but at this point I am about to just give up. As I said in the beginning of my letter, I feel better knowing that I am not the only one having problems with this company, I am however, sorry for all of you who are going through termoil with this company too. Isn't there anything we can do? Kathleen st helen, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
29, Report #120609
Dec 01 2004
08:45 AM
Homecomings Financial ripoff insurance fraud Phoenix Arizona
I as a recent victim of 2 hurricances, I have forced insurance that I paid for so I have to deal with my Banks (Homecomings Financials) Insurance Department whom has our insurance money hostage. They provided us with $7000 of our $23000 in insurance money and say they wont release any more money until the house is 50% completed. We used $6200 to pay the roofer (the roofing job is 100% complete) and $800 to pay for tree removal (100% complete). We sent copies of the payment receipts via certified registered mail to the insurance department and in return they have sent an inspector to verify the work completed. The reply we got from them is that they will not release any more funds until the entire house is 50% completed. So now I have no choice but to get annother loan to obtain money to repair my home while my insurance money sits in an escrow account I cannot touch and I dont draw intrest from. My advise: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD YOU EVER DEAL WITH HOMECOMINGS FINANCIAL, THEY ARE A HEARTLESS INSTITUTION THAT PREYS ON THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. Michael L Loxahatchee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
30, Report #146412
Jun 16 2005
09:48 AM
Homecomings Financial Ripoff, fraudulent billing Dallas Texas
I hate this company. Until I wrote them a note, they were sending me my bills just a few days before they were due. There was literally not enough time to send the payment in by mail to avoid a late charge. And then of course if you go to their web site, they charge you to pay online. This strikes me as fraudulent. I am upset now because they are trying to charge me a yearly fee for just handling my second mortgage. Can they do this? I've never heard of this before. Can someone tell me if this is legal or what agency I can contact to find out if this is a legal practice? Thank you! Christine Oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
31, Report #165251
Nov 19 2005
08:05 PM
Homecomings Financial misled rIPOFF Dallas Texas
Homecoming Financial closed our loan in 2001, without an attorney present to start with and that is illegal in South Carolina. They did not pull a complete title search on my property or they would have known we have 3 lines/judgements (that are from my brother in law, from him inheriting 25% interest in my property for 2 months, after my husbands dad passed away).My husbands dad was a cosigner on our property. So Homecomings Financial is not even first lienholder on our property and they do NOT even have a title commitment on my property, which my attorney can not believe. They sent a notary to my house to sign my loan and agin I tell you it is South Carolina's law that an attorney is present at closing. They tried to foreclose on my home once and we paid them over $6000.00. But we have been misled, if they would have pulled a complete title and had an attorney present at closing then for one Homecomings would not have closed our loan and an attorney would have made sure we had a clear title. We would have never signed a 3 year adjustable rate with Homecomings if we would have known we had liens on our property. We did not learn about the liens until after the 3 years with Homecomings and we tried to refinance our loan, which was May 16, 2005. Now our rate is going up every 6 months, which means our mortgage payments goes up at least a $100 every 6 months.We started at $960 a month and are now at $1210 a month. Starting Dec 1, 2005 it will go to $1300 a month. And by the time Homecomings has gone as high as they can to almost 15% by law (quote on quote from a Homecomings employee) we will be paying $1500 a month on a house that appraised in May for $118,000.00. Tell me where the justice is? We are going to lose our home, all because we signed a loan with this company that did not pull complete title and inform us that we would not be able to sell nor refinance our home...Man, did they get us. I am fighting this every way I can and will continue to. We as consumers have been lied to and misled by Homecomings Financial...we will not stop here. I would just call them and tell them come get the keys and take it, but I have a child ready for college and I care about my credit. I can not ruin my credt, I have a college education for my child to pay for and need good credit in order to find another place to live with children...Please someone tell me what to do? Thanks Allison Easley, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
32, Report #164152
Nov 10 2005
10:16 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
Homecomings returned our house payment the month after we mailed it. They stated we where late and violated our contract. They threatened forclosure if we didnt pay the balance of 203,000.00. We only borrowed 193,000.00 and had made several payments and a one time payment of 9000.00 by cashiers check. Over a year later we still don't have credit for the 9000.00 we paid. They sent us a leter stating a forclosure sale was to be held on 11-18-04. The sale was actually held 11-30-04 We have aquirred an attorney and are suing. We are going to WIN!! Let's band together and put these crooks out of business!! CurtisBallard kannapolis, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
33, Report #104723
Aug 21 2004
07:05 AM
Homecomings Financial Shady Dealings Dallas Texas
I fell behind on my July mortgage payment. I contaced Homecomings both by email and via telephone to let them know when I would make my payment. I even set up a check by phone to ensure they received their payment. Next thing I know, I receive a notice of default in the mail. Immediately I called Homecomings. The rep told me that since I had made the payment since the letter was sent out, my account was considered current. He stated that these letters go out automatically once you are 30 days late. I asked him again and again are you sure I am okay. He stated yes maam, sorry for the inconvenience. A few days later, I receive a statement from Homecomings, showing the promised payment had cleared, but still stating that I needed to contact them because I was in default. I contacted Homecomings each day that week and was told each time that my loan was fine. Now, I am logging onto their website to make another payment, and it won't let me. It says there is a problem with my account. Once again, I email and will call on Monday morning. I am refinancing this loan with a hopeful closing of Tuesday. After the 3 day recision period, they will receive their payoff on Friday, August 27, 2004. No payment will be considered late at the point. I am just fearful they will not accept the payoff or that the refinancing will fall through at the last minute due to their underhanded tactics. I went through a nasty divorce 3 years ago. My ex filed bankruptcy, while I chose not to. I felt I had an obligation to pay my debts and have been trying to pay the mortgage and his/my $35000 in credit card debt. He had not paid child support in months. Yet, he seems to have money and all the nice things in life. Yet, Homecomings is trying to screw me for trying to do the right thing and pay my obligations. Please, if anyone has any insight in who to contact at Homecomings to straighten this out, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Marian Spotsylvania, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
34, Report #107818
Sep 10 2004
11:55 AM
Homecomings Financial rip-off! Deceitful and Manipulative! Dallas Texas
I am a single mother of 3 who has had my mortgage sold to Homecomings Financial approximately 5 years ago. It was a bad business relationship from the very start. When my mortgage was first sold no one (original lender or Homecomings)bothered to advise me. So 3 months after the transfer of my mortgage I receive mail from Homecomings, enclosed in the envelope were my 3 mortgage payment checks that I had wrote to my original lender and a nasty letter that my mortgage loan with them is now in default and past the breach date. To make a long story short, I researched on my own that they were at fault and they now had to accept the 3 mortgage payments without penalty to me in the form of late payments or on my credit report. I am now facing a new dilemma with this company. I am on title to this property with my father who has since passed away now a little over a year ago. The title was held as tenants in common and I have 99% interest and he held 1% interest in this property. My father had placed all of his assets into a trust before his passing with the exception of his 1% in my property. This error was an oversight by all of us including myself. We came upon this issue when I was in the closing process of refinancing this mortgage loan with another lender. I have had to retain probate attorneys who don't come cheap and have since fallen behind in mortgage payments due to the probate attorneys' retainer as well as my infant son being diagnosed as having chronic asthma and I had to take unpaid family leave from work to care for him. Upon contacting Homecomings and explaining the situation to countless departments and customer service reps. they have sent me a financial packet to complete which would give them an idea as to reinstate, repayment plans, short sale or a deed-in-lieu foreclosure. I have completed the required documents and returned as requested and have not since heard from them. In the meantime, my probate attorneys have been working nonstop on this case only to find that the attorney that represents Homecomings in my state has refused to return any form of response to our multiple requests for now 2 almost 3 months. We are requesting that the 1%interest that is now held in probate court be released to my mother who is the Trustee of the Revocable Truse who will convey or quitclaim the 1% interest to me so that I may refinance to ultimately pay off Homecomings and remodel my home. Homecomings does know that in the state of Hawaii where my property is located that the fair market value of this parcel is close to $400,000.00 and the payoff of my mortgage with Homecomings is a mere $105,000.00. A big profit margin if they should drive me into foreclosure. I can't believe that this type of business is legal and in the eyes of Homecomings Financial ethical in any way. I am very upset with this company and I don't plan on taking any more of this crap at all!! Tanya Wailuku, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
35, Report #118959
Dec 01 2004
11:33 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Moreno Valley California
To be included on the class suit of homecomings financial double billing Jewel Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
36, Report #119312
Nov 22 2004
02:51 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff foreclosure Dallas Texas
Last year my husband got laid off and I contacted Homecomings to explain why we were getting behind and they told me not to worry about it they had a program they were enrolling us in to defer all payments until we were financially able to resume payments at which time the sum of all missed payments would be prorated into the remaining payments left on the loan. We never got a statement after that or a notice of late payment from them. In August we were notified 4 times (all received the same day) that we hadn't made any attempt to make a payment in 10 months and unless they received the past due sum, including interest and late fees they would start the foreclosure process on us. I called them and got passed around until I was told by someone that they could see that I had talked to someone but they didn't do the paperwork, so I was never enrolled in the program. She was kind enough to send me the usual forms to fill out and fax back. I never heard anything from them, so I tried calling the individual I was dealing with. And all I ever got was a voicemail that I left the usual message on. Then one evening we were served with papers. And it has been the runaround ever since. Sending me things I never receive, payoff request never gotten, payment history who knows where. Everyone I ask for help cringes at the sound of Homecomings name, they are difficult to deal with. I even contacted their attorneys office down here and I was treated like dog chow, and that was the receptionist. What is it going to take to get this company stopped??? Rhonda Cocoa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
37, Report #116461
Nov 09 2004
08:57 PM
Homecomings Financial rip-off! Fraudulent credit reporting! Dallas Texas
My first mortgage with Homecomings was paid off 12/03 with no problems at all with them. Three months later I pulled my credit to buy another house and found they had posted two 30-day late payments on my account, which was incorrect. 63 days later and over 40 calls, they reported corrected' information to the credit bureaus. Now, 8 months into this nightmare and several hundred calls and several Homecomings 'corrections', I have four 30-day lates and Homcomings refuses to listen or talk about it. I have disputed the account several times through the credit bureaus to no avail. I have faxed documentation numerous times to Homecomings proving the inaccurate reportings to no avail. I have attempted to talk to their legal department and they refuse communication. My credit has collapsed, I have been denied mortgages, and I continue to suffer harm. All because Homecomings refuses to report accurate credit information. BEWARE - do NOT take a mortgage out with Homecomings. Their customer service department is more like a devil's den. They do what they want irregardless of how it might hurt someone and refuse to take appropriate action to correct mistakes. Afterall, they THINK they are perfect. Steve Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
38, Report #94162
Jun 08 2004
06:29 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff nasty and unprofessional Dallas Texas
On April 2004 my wife had to go into the hospital for surgery and needless to say it coast about $35,000.00 and in May of 2004 I call Homecomings Financial to let them know what was going on and that the next few payments might be late. The lady that I spoke to was very nasty, rude and unprofessinal that I could not beleave what I was hearing. She told me that if I did not pay the full amount of like $5,000.00 (which included (2) two months payment and late fees) right know that they would forclose on my house and I proceded to tell her that I would pay the previes mounth and the late fee at that time and try to pay that months by the 15 and that I was paying a $35,000 hospitol bill also and that I was the only one working she said so we need the $5,000.00 or we are going to foreclose. My sick wife had to get on the phone because they would not talk to me and pay them for the previse month and the late fees. My mortgage has been sold 4 times in 3 years and this company is the worst one so far. I have not had good luck with GMAC or its ofilliates and I do not like them. I am in the prosses of getting a lawyer to look into this company because I feel that they are a FRUAD. Paul Woodstock, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
39, Report #213270
Sep 28 2006
08:28 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
My nightmare started when my husband was off of work for 6 months on medical leave. I called homecomings to let them know our situation and that we where having problems with the payment because we where waiting for my husbands benefits to start. They told me that we where not far enough behind on are payments to help us, I told them I was trying to avoid getting behind that is why I was calling. Once we did get far enough behind they told us they would stretch our areage over 3 months, and this would raise our payment, My husband was still on medical leave we could not afford the regular payment let alone there way of helping is to make it bigger. We kept paying as much as we could, I called them again, they said they would send me out a packet of the different programs they offer to help out in our situation. Once they found out about my husbands 401k that is all they would talk with me about, I told them we could not take out from it on under hardship. The rep told me they would let us take out from the 401k with the letter that he was going to send. It was notice of forclosure, I flipped, I could not believe that this was there way of helping out in a time when they knew we where trying our hardest not to get behind. We took a hardship withdrawl from out 401k to get it out of forclosure. Next thing we know we are being told we owe more money then what we had already paid. They began forclosure again, we called an attorney and filed bankruptcy. When we where allowed to start making our payments again, the first time I called it was 1,456.00. The next month when I called to pay it the rep told me that the person I had spoken with last month made a mistake and our payment is 1,553.00 I paid that too, I called again the next month to make our payment that rep argued with me because he said we owed 1,760.00 this time. I told them how is this possible every month our payment is going up, we are paying 1,760.00 for an 145,000.00 loan, it makes no scense. Well since we had filed that bankruptcy under chaper 13 we are living on a budget, but not one that accounts for hundreds of dollar increase every month. No one could keep up with that. My attorney went to court to answer their claim to lift the stay off the forclose. This is the deal breaker,, hold on to your seatsm,,. We have to pay a total of 3,331.61 A MONTH FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS they sat our regular monthly payment was supposed to be 1,895.00 a month so they went back and charged us at that payment plus attorneys fees late fees what not. I called our attorney and told him we give up, they can take it. I just wish that someone would do something to stop this kind of practice. These people are messing with families lives. This is not just a house to us but it is our home and we have to leave it eventually, because some blow hards in texas would not help us from the start. They where out to get us and they did. I hope above all hope that someone will read this and do something to help us and to put this company out of business. Forget Enron and hewlett packerd go after these companies that are screwing everyday people!! Margaret North Canton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
40, Report #216131
Oct 16 2006
06:44 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
these guys are the biggest scammers ive ever dealt with their worst than credit counslers they raised my mortgage and then they tried to play slick and say i owe more than i really do then they try to say they paid my taxes and i owe them when i pay my own taxes beware Jeremiah cinnaminson, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
41, Report #423290
Feb 12 2009
09:38 AM
Homecomings Financial Poor Customer Service Harassment Waterloo Iowa
I refinanced my home two years ago with Homecomings Financial. I did this to help finance my business. Since that time, my business failed and I have struggled financially since. Homecomings Financial uses an automated calling system when your payments are 10 days late. It calls and calls until you respond with a payment or speak to a customer servce representative and give them a date when you will send a payment or give a payment by phone. I have requested to refinance but with house values down, that will not happen. Homecomings makes it very difficult to contact a manager or supervisor to renegotiate a mortgage. I do not have an adjustable rate mortgage but the rates I have on my two mortgages are 7.5% and 9%(2nd). I would hope that I could speak to someone regarding lowering my interest rate and allieving my financial burden. I cannot seem to get through to anyone. Owen Lorain, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
42, Report #384570
Oct 24 2008
04:37 PM
Homecomings Financial Say they foreclosed Margate FL
I refinanced with Homecomings Financial about a year to six months before I was transferred to Cairo, Egypt. When I was notified about my pending assignment, I decided to sell my house which is located in Margate FL. I left Margate and went to Washington DC for training before leaving for Cairo. By actual departure date was July 2005. I arrived in Cairo at the end of Aug 2005 and worked with the realtor to complete the sell of my house long distance. The house was purchased by the new owner in Nov 2005. Recently I went to Fairbanks, AK where I intended to buy a house for retirement. The deal fell through because I found out on my credit report that the house in FL was foreclosed on, but paid off. I cannot understand how this happen especially when I did receive about $20000 from the sell. After reading the reports on Homecomings, I decided to write this. What I want is for Homecomings to clear my credit report so that I can but a house. Because at this time, I cannot. Ed Dulles, VirginiaKazakhstan
Entity: Dallas, Texas
43, Report #352210
Jul 17 2008
02:26 AM
Homecomings Financial Ripped off also Phoeniz Arizona
We also entered a repayment plan with Homecomings, somehow we now owe late fees again even though we have proff no payments have been late. They tell us they are from over a year ago. If this is the case why wasn't they included in anything else in the repayment plan like the 12.00 a month property inspection fees they charged us. When asked about these fees apparently someone drove by our home to make sure we still lived here. They found everyway they could to add more to the repayment plan. Now the suddenly lost part of our payment and I had to actually get a copy of the money order and send them, of course someone in their office had credited it to the wrong account. But this was found after they had managed to send us a letter that our account was in default for their mistake. We did get a letter later saying the payment had been found and we would assume no late fees and it wouldn't show as late. Yeah right I really believe that since they wasted no time to send the default letter to us. We would also like to be included in any class action suit brought against this company, it's terrible when you hold up every aspect of the agreement you make with these people and they continue to find more ways to screw you. S bethel, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
44, Report #409645
Jan 08 2009
12:44 PM
Homecomings Financial Mitigation Department Fraudulent Waterloo Iowa
I've been suffering with Homecomings now for 2 years. This last scenario has been by far the worst. In Oct 08 I lost my job like many people. I knew that we would not be able to make our payments as they shot up recently due a nice 9% interest rate hike. It took me over 30 days to get in touch with someone who would help me FIND the paperwork. I spoke with 6 different people in Customer Service and finally was pointed to the data. I completed all the paperwork and mailed it on 11/18. I called today because I've heard nothing regarding the status. AGAIN it took 6 people, over an hour, each one wanted to know WHY i wanted to talk to Loss Mitigation, I explained each time that i was trying to check the status of my paperwork. They kept telling me that my Jan payment was passed due...no kidding. I was then told by the 6th person that i needed to contact the Mitigation Dept at 800-799-9250. I called this number, spoke with Desire who needed to transfer me to collections. The collections person told me i was late on January's payment. Are these people serious? I again explained that I'm trying to check status. She then very slowly asks Do you need me to send you the paperwork to file for a modifiation I explained again, I have already completed this paperwork and it has been mailed. I ask again, What is the staus? She then tells me she can't help me and that I need to contact Loss Mitigation. I told her that they transferred me to her. She then provided me with same number the previous gentleman had given to me 800-799-9250. I asked her, Is there REALLY a Loss Mitigation Dept? NO one at Homecomings Financial can give me a straight answer or connect me with someone that can help me. I've completed the paperwork and they are completely giving me the run around like some conspiracy!!! I have 2 folders filled with various issues, 30-40 min hold times, activating an Escrow account in error-TWICE, the list goes on and on. This is ridiculous, this company should not be allowed to continue these types of practices. I just want help, this shouldn't be this hard. Jessicap Blackstone, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
45, Report #391053
Nov 13 2008
07:01 PM
Homecomings Financial Frauders Dallas Texas
I live in Cedar Hill Texas. We were in our home for nine years and scamed out of home. The law states if you are behind in your mortgage but have enough equity toorbsort the delinquent balance the mortgage company can pull from your equity and save your home. We has never had a equity loan and this information was hide from us until after the fact. The bottom line of our situation is in challenging the courts for two years .we finanial got the home back into our name we have a valid Judgement and a active Writ of Possesssion but the Dallas constables has refuse to execute the Writ. We need help!! Lois Duncanville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas, Internet
46, Report #434397
Mar 15 2009
08:02 AM
Homecomings Financial escrow set up no notification Louisville Kentucky
I have ben with homecomings since 2001, i had no issues until i lost my job due to a back injury in 2003, i am a single mom of 3 boys and was tied up in a worker comp. case but still managed to make my payments though slow..i had set up arrangments in dec of 2003 for my january of 2004 and sent in 1 and 1\2 payments to homecomings with a over the phone verbal agreement with a customer service rep. that my account would be fine until i cold do remaining balance at end of January, My check was returned and my house placed into forclosure ..It cost me over 6,000 dollars to save my home which i did ..thanks to my parents loaning me the money before my settlement money came in...now this year i lost my mom suddenly in september of 2008 , and was only 256.00 behind on my property taxes and had set up a payment plan with my county auditor to get the rest payed ..come January when i went to pay off my back taxes of 256.00 they informed me that homecomings had payed it and the next 6 months as well...! Imangine my surprise ! iIcontacted them and after 1 1\2 hours on phone being transfered to here and there a customr service rep. ed me that i could try for a reversal and needed to send in all proof i had prior arrangments , i also had them with drawl the 788.12 from savings account for the money they payed with out my knowledge... 1 week later i got a denial letter from them stateing that the reversal was denied and that the money i payed went to my escrow account and still my payment will remain now 157.83 more each month , i work 30 hours a week and have 3 boys ages rangeing from 17 to 11 ..i told homecomings that the jump in my payment would be harder then ever in these hard times ..THEY DID NOT CARE ! My home means everything to me and my boys not to mention my family as the home has been in the Mendenhall name since the day i was born in 1961 !!! I do not undertand how a company would rather a homeowner lose there home then try to help them save there home !!! Kimberly warren, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
47, Report #431060
Mar 05 2009
10:26 AM
Homecomings Financial Terrible Business Practices! Dallas Texas
You are not alone.. before this all started with the housing market downfall I was a victum of this company and it's practices. We had purchased our home in Aug. with an arm (I know bad idea) after 6 mos. of paying we were to re-finance with a fixed rate. After 3 mos. my husband left me with all the bills. I could barely make the payments on my own and got behind. Like others here I was told by Homecomings that if I agreed to the re-payment plan they would work with me to re-finance so I could afford my home. Wrong! I stuck with the plan, sent the payments via Western Union and absorbed the costs of their lawyers but they did nothing. I got one month behind again and I again tried to work with them but went into forclosure again. In the mean time I had 2 cars repossessed. I then had to pay 12,000 to bring my loan up to date. I filed bankruptsy payed the amount (borrowed) and tried again to keep my house. I called told them about the bankruptsy they said no, don't pay right now wait until the bankruptsy is done and then start paying agin. By this time my loan had gone from 1,100 a month to 1,800 a month. When I called to make my 1st payment again after the bankruptsy period I was informed I was in foreclosure again because I hadn't paid even though I was told by them not to!? I gave up! No one could help me at that time because the mortgage crisis hadn't hit yet. I had to leave my dream home, lost my good credit on various levels and I am renting now. I have all the documents for this issue. I have filed with the BBB but Homecomings just said that they did everything they could and that is pretty much the end of it. From what I can tell they are still doing to others what they did to me. If anyone is starting a suit with these people I would love to join. It would be the only ray of hope I would have had out of all of this mess. To this day (4 yrs later) I still do not have the money to divorce the sob who helped me get into this positon, nor can I buy a home, or a car. Homecomings says they try to work with you but they don't they live up to their word and make promises they have no intention of keeping. They are after your home and any fees they can collect. I have advised all my friends and family of their business practices and now I'm advising you. Do not work with them or let them have your loan! You will pay like the rest of us! Sherry Imperial, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
48, Report #191246
May 12 2006
12:53 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Sleepless Nights Dallas Texas
We recently purchased a home through one lending company, and the loan was promtly sold to Homecomings Financial after one payment to the original lender. Since that has occured, we have been told our loan is in DEFAULT and our payments are delinquit. They (Homecomings) claim to have never received their first payment from us. This is 100% incorrect, they were to have received this from the original mortgage co. We have spoken to many differant people from both companies and nobody seams to know anything. We have faxed the copies of the original cashed checks, along with the letters from both mortgage companies, and have still not heard if the situation is resolved. We received a letter that our account was being reviewed and we should receive notice in 30 days. We shall See?? After reading the stories on this site, it is very frightening that this can keep going on and is apparently legal?? This is our first home and it is ridiculous to be treated this way. We have made every payment on time to the directed mortgage company and this is the result?? Denise Dearborn Heights, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
49, Report #191519
May 15 2006
05:48 AM
Homecomings Financial GMAC ripoff Dallas Texas
Homecomings Financial has alot of hidden fees that they like to charge you with. Homecomings Financial goal is for you to lose your HOME!I have a list of thing that they are doing to use but the list is just to long.Evey thing that has been post is true I know it is becouse it happing to me right now. I want to be apart of any classaction law suite! Email me. Richard Petersburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
50, Report #202846
Jul 25 2006
01:32 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
Homecoming had us in a repayment plan for a year. All payment were made on time with the exception of the very last. It was 5 days late. Homecomings said they would no longer adhere to the agreement and to retain my house I must come up with $29K. We had some family medical problems and the money was just not there. We tried several times to come up with a plan. Homecoming was determined to foreclose. In the last 4 months I have had to talk to 5 different people with Homecomings, only to fined out that the previous person no longer worked with Homecomings and they could not honor previous agreements. Over the past year we paid $31K and not a sent went to principle. Homecomings had $15K stored in escrow account and when I complained about that it disappeared. They charge me for insurance they said I didn't have and I did the whole time. I have home owners insurance with State Farm. They sent proof, I sent proof. Homecomings would continually loose the FAX even though I had a confirmation of receipt. This is and example of big business doing what ever it wants. Homecomings has foreclosed on me. I am at a loss. I have 2 new cars and the rest of my credit is good. You cannot win or even stay alive when the situation is unfair. Jake Cary, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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