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1, Report #938214
Sep 07 2012
07:43 PM
HughesNet HughesNet is NOT customer friendly Germantown, Maryland
I moved to a location that did not have internet service, and since the satellite dish was on my roof, I called Hughesnet...BIG MISTAKE!! To begin with, I was quoted $52.99 per month.  I am being charged $68 (incl taxes).  I called customer service and was told that I was being charged for a repair discount of $6.95 per month.  When I asked to have it removed, the lady told me that she had to ask if she could because she didn't know who authorized it.  I didn't authorize it, so remove it. Finally, it was taken care of.  That was phone call #1. I tried to get online to check my account, and because no one at HughesNet did not follow thru and give me paperwork for my account,  I did not have my account #. Hence, phone call #2.  This time I reached someone named Ann.  Ann doesn't like to be nice. She told me that I was using over 250mb of downloading everyday...No I'm not.  HughesNet is so slow that the 5 adults who live in my house don't like using the computer. She says I can get tokens to give me more mb's.  Really?!  Don't I pay for that service? I didn't sign up for tokens!  Needless to say, we didn't get anywhere at all.  I hung up because HughesNet is only one-sided.  Customer care my ass! Ok, so now I have my account #, it doesn't work online.  Phone call #3. This time I spoke to Karen. I hung up on this one!  I told her my account # didn't work, she gave it to me again.  This one is on ANN!  I even repeated my account # to her, twice, and she said it was good.  She failed to give me one more #. Thank you, Ann.   I asked Karen if she could cancel my AUTOPAY and give me a paper statement, so I can have better control over this account.  HughesNet charges $5 for that!   What makes this worse, 3 of our cellphones depend on the internet to work for phone service, and now I am back to using a house phone.  Thanks suck!! Oh yeah, if you wan to contact the CEO, Pradman Kaul, the number on the website is a guy named Mike's home phone number (Yeah, I checked), and wouldn't you know email address is available unless you sign up for some stupid website called 411, free trial, then you can get his email.  How convenient!
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
2, Report #1149154
May 23 2014
10:08 AM
Hughesnet Hughes Network System Don't use Hughesnet OXNARD Nationwide
I purchased the HughesNet dish internet system in January 2014.It have never given me consistent internet service for 5 months.We have tried trouble shooting over the phone for the first 3 months without success.Now in May we are fed up with paying $51 a month which increased to $61 a month while still being unable to gain reliable access to the internet. They would not send out a technician to fix it and the phone calls take hours and waste our time. When I called to cancel, they said they would charge me a $300 early cancellation fee. I told them to remove my credit card information and do not auto withdraw any more. They told me I would be charged for paper invoices. I am fed up with being forced to pay for poor quality and poor service. If the product is bad and the service there should be no penalties for canceling. Also after canceling, they would not send out a technician to remove their dish and equipment. What a pain! Will someone please stop these predatory service companies?
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #993777
Jan 09 2013
06:56 AM
Hughesnet Hughesnet is Highway Robbery Internet
I had hughesnet for about 3 months and it was so slow we couldn't use it for what we needed it for to begin with. We called them and called them about it They would leave us on hold for hours! And honestly I think that is a tactic they use to get you to hang up because you are to busy to hold for 2,3 and 4 hours at a time and in the end you get no help. And then when you want to terminate your contract with them they try and convince you with an upgrade that is disconted for a couple months and then you get hit with a bigger monthly payment. It took all day arguing with them and still nothing they are charging me for terminating my contract early. Let me tell you how bad my internet was I got a new dell laptop and couldn't even download the software from Microsoft that I got on it! I attempted 10 times and couldn't do it ! My daughter takes online coarses and failed her final because it froze up so many times due to a slow connection! This company is ran by a bunch of criminals if you ask me because I definitely feel robbed! The costumer service is a waste because they are no help at all, all they do is blame you, make you  wait for hours for nothing, transfer you all over the place and argue with you then hang up on you. I cannot believe this company hasn't got shut down by the better business bureau by now. :(
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #377285
Sep 30 2008
10:45 AM
Hughesnet Hughesnet still messed up, had to get new internet India Internet
Had to turn Hughesnet off because it stopped working and had to get new provider because I am a student. They think they did nothing wrong, need a class action lawsuit against them if someone would join me. They refuse still refuse to fix anything after so many months. I had to drop one of my online classes and almost lost my school completely. They also informed me that they do not do vpn service. I feel that someone should do something, because I have tried and got no where. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Patrick Wappapello, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #412877
Jan 16 2009
11:55 AM
HughesNet, HughesNet is a SCAM, throttles bandwidth without warning! Internet
One of my family members ordered HughesNet satellite internet service after learning that she couldn't get DSL or faster at her home. Shortly after the service was installed, she started noticing great drops in speed, going from around 200 kb/s to near 6 kb/s. When contacted about this, a customer service rep told us that they impose a bandwidth limit on all accounts, only allowing them to download 200 megabytes every 24 hours. (For anyone wondering, this is obscenely low. You can't even browse for more than 30 minutes without hitting the limit). NO NOTICE WAS MADE OF THIS LIMIT AT THE TIME THE SERVICE WAS PURCHASED. So, in conclusion, DON'T GO TO HUGHESNET. DIALUP IS BETTER THAN THIS CRAP. Josh tullahoma, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #528173
Nov 24 2009
03:37 PM
Hughesnet Ripped off for the last time by Hughesnet! Internet
I've had Hughesnet satellite service for over 6 years. I just got 3G wireless that plugs into my computer -- way faster internet and cheaper than Hughesnet!!Two weeks ago I started trying to cancel my Hughesnet service. Even though I gave them my account #, serial #, and called in on the phone number they had assigned to my account, they told me they couldn't cancel my account unless I faxed them a letter on my letterhead. (I'm a sole proprietor with office in my home.) I faxed the letter and they claim they haven't gotten it yet -- over 24 hours later. They are making it extremely difficult to cancel -- buyer beware!On top of that, today they informed me that I have to pay a cancellation fee of $300 because last year they offered me a free upgrade. They say there was a clause in the offer that said I had to continue with Hughes for 2 years if I accepted the upgrade. I did not see anything like that on the information they sent. But I'm paying them the $300 just to have the pleasure of never having to speak or interact with them again. They will do anything it takes to get a little more money out of you!!! If you are anywhere in the country that has 3G wireless service, you don't need a satellite and you certainly don't need this rude and inept company!
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #297260
Jan 05 2008
09:53 AM
Hughesnet Hughesnet a big rip off and liers Internet Internet
If there is anyone out there that wants to sue Hughesnet that only lies to everyone about there internet and how fast it is suppose to be please contact me We need to put a stop to these people they are ripping people off I pay $70 a month for dailup that is suppose to be fast access but its not. When you call them you get someone you can understand because they are in another country. I see there add on tv and get sick!!! So if you want to help me stop them contact me. Thanks Ricki01 sellers, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1095903
Oct 31 2013
04:19 AM
Hughesnet TRUE COST OF THE HUGHESNET INTERNET Germantown, Maryland
Do you happen to be  living in a location where Hughesnet is the only choice to have Internet Services? Perhaps you have 3G network available and if so this should be the wise choice between the 2 services. Why? 3G data plans are more expensive than Hugnesnet per MB, so how can this be the wise choice.Because if you only have the choices listed above, you must only use the internet to check email, surf webpages and do online banking. In other words, downloading a small amount of MB daily is something you will have to get use to. When you are being sold the package Hughesnet offers, it is tempting to buy it. DO NOT BUY IT. DO NOT BUY IT. I have read the other reviews on this site about this company. From my experiences with the company, there is a lot of truth in what other consumers are writing about. Read them and learn how to avoid a lot of trouble. Yes, I too was a Hughesnet Customer for 1 year. It cost me $200.00 to get out of the 2 year contract. From the reviews that are posted here there are lot of reasons not to buy this service. I have my own reasons also.Communications with Hughsnet is very difficult. Calling customer service and getting someone to take your call may be time consuming. Getting the company to do what you request them to do may be difficult. Getting someone to come out to your house to trouble shoot and fix your problem takes a lot of time and can cost you a lot of money. When you run out of download amounts, you have to pay more money for getting on the internet besides your fixed cost. It also takes time to obtain a token.I had GEN 3. It is claimed GEN 4 is the best thing since sliced bread. Do not believe it. I encounter an odd problem when I could not figure out what was eating up my daily download amount. I paid $100.00 to obtain technical advice that did not work. When I tried to place my account on suspension, I was told that it cost 9 dollars per month to do so. I said ok, yet my request was ignored and I was charged for a full month at regular price. I called to cancel. No one available to handle this request. 4 days later I listened to voice mail. I was sleeping at the time of the call. I could not understand the voicemail instructions. Then english was poor. Due to the delay I was charged another month in full. Now, the modem and the radio antenna has to be returned to the company. I did not know about the equipment return requirement. They sent out prepaid boxes though. The modem was easy to put in the box. The radio antenna, is not that hard to remove. You need 3 tools. You go outside to the dish and remove this part. Not to hard to do because I had someone to help me, but you can do it by yourself.Still want it? It is a big decision. Any contract is a big decision. I would accept the fact that I have to use the internet using a 3G network. No watching Netflix, youtube etc. Something contrary to why I would want to use the internet.  
Entity: Germantown,, Maryland
9, Report #1145172
May 08 2014
05:01 PM
Hughesnet Hughesnet oversold their satellite capability in the Pacific Northwest Germantown Maryland
Hughesnet oversold their satellite capacity in the Pacific Northwest, but promised me great service.  When the internet, and along with it, my telephone, were down more than they were up, I was constantly on my cell phone trying to get my service back.  When I finally called and asked them to cancel my service, I was put on hold for so long, I finally hung up.  It took 4 tries over a period of 3 months before I was finally connected to someone who was able to cancel the service.  Prior to the cancellation, when I tried to cancel, the operator on the line attempted to sell me upgrades, assuring me that with them, my service would work better.  I fell for it the first time, but the service was not better.  After that, I just wanted to cancel.  I was also told that my telephone issue was my telephone company's (Vonage) fault and I should call them.  Vonage told me that Hughesnet was the worst internet service a Vonage customer could have.  Even though I purchased my Hughesnet equipment, when I asked what I sould do with it, I was told that I had to pay a huge cancellation fee, and I could throw my equipment in the garbage.  Later, when I was finally sent a copy of my contract, it clearly stated that if I had sent back the equipment within a certain time period, I could have received a $200 refund.  By the time I received the copy of the contract, it was too late to return it.  In all fairness to Hughes, they did reduce the termination fee, but I feel that there should have been no early cancellation fee, because I literally had no internet service from Hughesnet.  I had to call in my computer technician for a computer problem and he was the one who told me that Hughesnet had oversold their satellite capacity in our area.  He would never recommend Hughes.  I know that I am not the only person who has had trouble with Hughesnet, as I have read other complaints on the internet.  I am wondering if a class action suit against them is in order.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
10, Report #1294602
Mar 19 2016
10:16 AM
HughesNet Deceptive Business Practices: HughesNet Sales Agents Lie Nationwide
The Hughesnet agent that I spoke with over the phone told me that the speed that he was offering me was 5Mps and that I would have 20 gigs of data per month. I told him that is not nearly enough data and that I would definitely exceed that; I wanted a different plan. He told me that was the only plan available in my area but that their service is essentially unlimited, though they are not allowed to call it that. He said that when I exceed the cap that my speed would be cut to about 3Mps. He went on to tell me that I have 30 days to evaluate the service and that if I am not completely satisfied within the first 30 days that I could cancel for a full refund of the first month of service, installation, and activation fee and that I would not incur an early termination fee. I mentioned the throttle to the installer when he was installing the service and he said that the 3Mps is an estimate but that they usually cut it in half, which would be 2.5 Mps. The first day I got the service I connected my computer to the modem directly via an ethernet cable to run a speed test at (Ookla) and my speed came in at 2.74 Mps. Then I logged into the system control center to check everything out. Everything was fine except that I noticed my data was broken up into two categories; Anytime Bytes and Bonus Bytes Also, the amount did not match what I purchased. There were 14GB Anytime Bytes and 10GB Bonus Bytes. I later learned that the Bonus Bytes can only be used between the hours of 2 AM and 8 AM (the time that I am normally sleeping)... so my usable data was 6GB less than I was sold on. I wasn't overly concerned about the data though because I figured that even if they cut my speed in half (2.74/2 = 1.37) that I could get by on 1.37Mps. It's not nearly as fast as I am used to but it'd be like cable in the old days and that was fine with me. I hit the Anytime Bytes data cap within the first two weeks and immediately my connection was hobbled. I could barely load a webpage. sometimes pages loaded after several minutes but never fully. Images were missing, the browser was constantly loading, some pages were missing their structure entirely, and some would not load at all. I checked the system control center again and saw that my status was hard-throttled I clinked the link for the popup to see what that meant. The description provided said that when hard throttled the connection would be less than 64 Kps (unusable)... I called Hughesnet to find out why I was hard throttled. They told me that it was because I exceeded my data cap and that is part of their Fair Access Policy... I explained the conversation I had with the sales agent to the customer service rep, who spoke very poor english, and she just kept repeating herself that it was part of the Fair Access Policy. I called and attempted to cancel today, 28 days into the service. I got the run around and was transferred multiple times. After being on the phone for a very long time the line went dead while I was waiting for a transfer. I tried again and the same thing happened. I tried a third time and finally got through to a Supervisor who told me that they would not give me a full refund but would instead give me a prorated refund. I asked how much they would refund me. She said that she does not know and that the cancellation would have to go through first before she could tell me... She said it would be based on how much of the data I used, which was all of it, and implied that I may not get a refund at all. They would not refund the installation or activation fee either. Absolutely nothing about this service matched what I was told by the sales agent; not the data limit, not the speed, not the cancellation/refund policy, Absolutely nothing. I live in an extremely remote area and need internet for my work. I saw others on here mentioning that they would like to file a class action. I am willing to participate in a class action lawsuit against HughesNet.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #392525
Nov 18 2008
04:12 PM
HughesNet SOP Internet
After 4 years with Directway/Hughesnet, you would think I had learned my lesson. NOT! I even quit service once last year because it was sooo bad! The idiot that runs Direcway/Hughesnet/Directv is one of the greatest rippoff artists of all time. He also owns the company that manufactures the crap you use to get TV or internet. Does he care if your service works? Hardly! He is making his $$ either way. Signup and you buy his DVR/Modem and then you pay monthly for the worst service. I had to switch to DishNetwork for a satelite TV that would work. I don't have cable and there is no RF. Even the phone company can't offer more than ISDN at $170 PM. I don't like the tech support in India either. Language and knowledge are both issues. They can't deviate from the scripts they have to read and they have NO knowledge of the systems. Sometimes, if you get really nasty with them (hard to do because they are nice people) they will connect you with a real tech in the States that speaks U.S. English. Congress is always looking for something to investigate....... try Hughesnet. It deserves looking into for public scams. If you can, DO NOT sign up for Hughesnet !!!!! Their satelites are always having a problem in your area. You will hear that, over and over and over and over............ Xavier Rescue, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #336994
Jun 04 2008
08:11 AM
Hughesnet Problems discontinueing service Internet
We contracted with Direct TV and ended up with Hughesnet. We had used the service for several years. The payment was set up on our credit card. We decided to cancel the service and called the number that appeared on the statement and was told they had no record of our account. We did the only thing we could do and disputed the charges with the credit card co. They did an investagation and sent to the credit card co. the report on the acct. including the acct #. We now called HughesNet with this information to discontinue the service and stop the automatic withdrawals. They ask my name and said that is not the name on the account. They said they could not discontinue the service until the person who opened the acct called. An automatic withdrawal of $59.99 has been coming out of my acct for 5 years. We have not had a computer in the house for over a year. After much thought, we called to see if our son who set up the computer may have ordered the service and I gave him the card. That is what happened. So I asked to discontinue the service and they would not do. The service had always been charged to my card and they would not allow me the cardholder to cancel the service. What if I could not have remembered who could have ordered the service. I feel they knew who we were, they had our acct number but they made jump through hoops. Ken corryton, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #336906
Jun 03 2008
08:12 PM
HUGHESNET High-Speed Internet -- NOT !!! Yulee Internet
If yu are thinking of HughesNet..STOPP read all coplaints. I have had Hughes for over 2 years, I was getting reasonably good service .This for $59.00 a month. I was not happy and was told by customer NO SERVICE to upgrade to PROFESSIONAL. I did in 12/07 and now average only 20 kps upload speeds. I have been complaining and keep getting the TIER1 not-tech reading a script and go thru the motions for an hour each time. I finally got escalated to TIER 3 and then to TIER 4 whom would investigate the issue and call me back within 2 days. Day 3 NO CALL. I called day 4 and 1 hr 53 minutes later after a TIER 1 & a TIER 3 conversation I was told I was scheduled for a call the next day. Guess what 9PM I called and was told a rep tried to reach me. GUESS what I WAS HOME WAITING ON THE CALL. NO CALL, Just got off the phone again and was told I need to run their bogus speed test for another 2 days and on the 3rd day a TIER 3 tech would call me again. The same trash given before. I had to run the speed test 3 days last time. A vicious circle with no customer service at all. I firmly believe HUGHES sells their products (all the same product) and charges each one of us with no differnt service (POOR). They probably do not have the band-width to service their sales. yet they advertise up to 30x faster than dial-up! A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT is needed. Why hasn't the FTC or the FCC gotten into this?? Joe yulee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Yulee, Internet
14, Report #361242
Aug 10 2008
01:12 AM
Hughesnet Deceptive unethical liar's cheats Germantown Maryland
Hughesnet stinks period,they have no customer service, they advertise internet service 24hrs a day but in reality they kick you off line at their choosing, i've had their so called service just a little over a month & spend more time on the phone with a customer tech support who cannot speak english for crap,or they just flat play dumb. they ask you to open this window put a check in that window type in this number,they are taking advantage of people who are in a rural setting and trusted that they would be a better service than dialup.stay where you are. i had one tech support person ask that i take down my firewall ^*@&*+(~ thats what he got,another tech support explained to me that he didn't quite know how to navigate vista,DUH. if everyone who reads this would file a complaint that has hughesnet to the FCC i think we might be able to begin a class action! which is needed. myself i'll be doing that monday morning 8/10/08 if you have hughesnet and choose to contact our FCC here is the information you need; federal communications commission-consumer complaints (((Redacted))) your complaint would be labeled service quality complaint. hours of operation are 8am to 5:30pm et.the tactics they use need to be addressed and put a stop to, i apologize for the jumbled up typing but am new to typing. Paleotoledo1 converse, LouisianaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
15, Report #361247
Aug 10 2008
02:08 AM
Hughesnet bullsh*t Germantown Maryland
hughesnet sucks take your complaint to the FCC i will monday 8/11/08 gotta type fast or will loose internet Paleotoledo1 converse, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
16, Report #467114
Jul 02 2009
01:34 PM
Hughesnet Contracts and Slow Internet Service Internet
I to like everyone else have been having problems with Hughesnet service for a very long time. I have been a customer since 2005 and I would do anything to get out of contract. I finished my first 24 month contract and I get a call from customer service telling my if I upgrade my modem my speeds will be faster and like a dumbass I do it but I also had to sign a new 24 month contract. Now keep in mind there is no other high speed internet services out here. My download speeds have been around 200Kbps and my upload speeds have been around 24Kbps. Hughesnets policy is to start trouble shooting after your speeds are under 800Kbps download and 100Kbps upload. Now that's for the pro plus plan $79.99. I tried calling basic Tech support many times over a few months time and after an hour or so they exulted my case to Advanced tech support level 4 every time. Then I have to wait up to 3 days to get a call from ATS (Advanced Tech Support). ATS always thinks they have fixed the problem and my speeds will be back to normal around 1200Kbps/down and 145Kbps/up for a few hours then they are back under 200Kbps. Keeping mind Hughesnet states it offers high speed broadband internet service and According to the FCC, the term broadband now means 768Kbps, up from the previous definition of 200Kbps. So after months of speeds under 768Kbps and over of the time under 200Kbps I called Corporate office at 301-428-5500 and pressed 0 for the operator and asked for Executive Customer Care and I talked to a woman by the name of Rebecca and told her my problem with my very slow internet speeds and that I have had talk to Tech support many times and they can't fix the problem for whatever reasons. I told her that I need to be let out of my contract or I needed a refund for the services that your company promised in the contract I signed and was not getting. She placed me on hold for about 4-5 mins she came back on the line and ask if I have taken the speed test on the hughesnet website and I said yes. I have about 3 pages of speed test done and over 95% of them our under 768Kbps. After she looked up my speed test on the website she told me that she would let me out of my contract. All you out there trying to get out of your hughesnet contracts Remember that the FCC defines Broadband as 768Kbps. You signed a contract for broadband internet service and if Hughesnet is not providing you with that service they are in breach of contract and have to let you out of your contract with no penalties or face a lawsuit But you must have proof that your speeds are under the 768Kbps and the only proof that they will accept is a speed test done on their site and you can take that speed test at you must perform this test 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the afternoon and 3 times in the evening and do this for 3 days or more. I personally had 7 days worth to show them. You must have already tried to resolve this issue with ATS. Now like I said before there is no other high speed internet service around here that offer the speeds hughesnet offer well nothing over 1000Kbps. So what Hughesnet did for me is cancel my contract and came out and installed a new Dish and gave me a HN9000 modem for free. So now I have a new system at no cost to me and with no contract so I can cancel at anytime and yes the speeds are what they should be now. Now if we could just do something about customer service. If you want out of your contract because of slow speeds then this is the way. It worked for me and it will work for you. Brookglen Coalgate, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #401410
Dec 15 2008
08:31 AM
Hughesnet more than dissapointed Internet
I have been happily disconnected from the world for a year. Because of my health issues and my disability, friends were concerned as I live on a mountain with no services or neighbors. There are no land lines for telephone. Cell phones do not work. At an expense to me (1/2 of my monthly income) that I really could not afford, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century with the sole purpose of being able to tie into some kind of phone service strictly for emergencies (and for the peace of mind for my 70 year old mother who is sure I will die and my dogs will eat me...) The main issue I have (after 4 thrilling days of internet in my home) is that the upload speeds from hughes net are so low that other things cannot be applied to your system (mostly any type of paid,or pre paid phone services). Again, more than dissapointed that high speed doesn't seem to be anything but words.... Deana Claypool, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #451247
May 12 2009
06:49 PM
HughesNet Misleading Advertisements Germantown Maryland
5o times faster than dial up? That's their deceptive advertisements. At it's very best it might be 5 times faster than dial up. Sometimes it wasn't as fast as dial up! This was the most over priced and over-rated service I've ever purchased. It takes at least 3 associate levels to solve any issues and take hours at times to resolve a problem. I purchased the equipment for several hundred dollars, paid an additional 125 dollars to have the dish installed on a pole and paid extra when a technician was required to solve a problem. This has been a big money boondoggle that I wish I could have avoided. When cable was offered in my area I switched. At first I thought I'd keep Hughesnet a couple of weeks to compare. It took me less than 15 minutes to decide I'd never use Hughesnet again! After I was a customer of Hughesnet for 15 months they advised me that there would be a $300 early termination fee. Well, that's the icing on the cake! It's been a disater from day one. I don't know how I'll come out when I refuse to pay but I just know I'm glad to be rid of this lousy outfit! Roger Port Isabel, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: ,Germantown, Maryland
19, Report #444716
Apr 18 2009
10:29 AM
HughesNet Billing Germantown Maryland
I had satellite service from approximately 10 years. Oct 2008, I contacted the company regarding termination of service, because I was unemployed. In April 2009 I received a letter from Hugesnet stating that I owed them 90.75 because the credit card on file did not work. I called the company to straighten the mess out. First of all I spoke with MJ case # 17928306. She told me I had suspended service in Oct and it was reinstated on April 11, 2009. I told her I had not suspended I had cancelled. She forwarded me to Keven Case# 17928373. He said the same thing and this time I was assured the case was cancelled, but I still owed 25.28 for my service from April 11 to April 18, 2009. I asked for a supervisor, I was told by Kevin that the supervisor would tell me the same thing. I said I still want one. He placed me on hold. I held for over 15 minutes, no music or nothing to know if my call was on hold, lost, in limbo? Finally Sharon gets on the phone and says the same thing. I told her I don't care what their notes stated I had cancelled. She then asked me for my case number from Oct 2008. I said I dont have it, I disconnected the entire thing and threw out all that stuff in Oct 2008. Sharon said that according to the notes I had suspended the acct. I asked her why she needed the case# then if she obviously had the notes which were not accurate in front of her. She said she needed the case # in case there were other notes she could not find. She really Pi***d me Off with that remark. So in otherwords there could be notes that they cant locate but yet they are billing me for services I did not use, nor did I know I had. I asked Sharon why did they not send out a letter confirming that I had Suspended my account? I was told the company does not do that. Well DUH! I suppose that would be good customer service. I also asked her, Why did the company not send me a letter stating they were re-instating my supposed suspended acct. I was told they don't do that either. I told her at this point I was to pi***d off to talk with her and her stupid company who RIPPs people off by supposedly suspending an account instead of cancelling it, and then not notifying you that you were reinstated. The only reason I found out was because I had cancelled the credit card that this bill was billed against so I got a letter from collections dept, otherwise I would never have known they were billing me til I got my credit card bill. This company is the pits. I recommend you avoid them if at all possible. Their billing dept is the pits as is there tech support which is in India for Level 1 and Level 2 is in the Philipines, Level 3 is ok as they are located in Miami Fl and at least speak english. M LaCrosse, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
20, Report #447904
Apr 30 2009
08:10 PM
Hughesnet slow internet Germantown Maryland
This company advertisements are false and misleading. Their service is no better than dial up. I tell everybody that asks about this service to look elsewhere because they charge to much for the service they provide and the service is nothing like they show on their commercials. Anonymous rosharon, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
21, Report #457779
Jun 02 2009
01:15 PM
HughesNet ISP, Satellite, Internet Bonham Nationwide
HughesNet Internet Service Provider was the only service available at my residence in Northeast Texas when we moved there in 2007. They advertised 108 Mbps download speed for about $80 monthly. Upon installation, you were locked into a 2-year service agreement. They would send notices through a download that your account needed to be paid, but I was never able to pay via this notice. In March and April I was not able to pay for the service, but little did I know that HughesNet cancelled my service agreement. They claimed to have notified me of the cancellation via the Internet posting, but once I knew my service would be interrupted, I had no reason to log onto the service. Thus, I never received their notices and they never tried to contact us by telephone. The claim to 108 speed was way short, as a download test showed the speed to be below the older technology of 54 Mpbs. Their modem would lose the connection almost daily and it would have to power down, reboot then wait for the service to come back up. It was very frustrating because of the location of the modem. In May I was contacted by a collections agency and informed of the $911 balance due to HughesNet. I contacted HughesNet and was put only hold intermittently over a 1.5-hour time frame with no answers as to why my service was cancelled. My work finally required that I drop the call. A week later, I called back and became more and more frustrated as the information on the account had to be verified with each person you spoke with. The customer service number on their web page does not reach HughesNet at all and the sales number cannot connect you to Billing. The number given for Billing reaches Technical Support who has to document the conversation before they can give you a case number and transfer you. No one ever asked me for the case number. I first reached a male representative that spoke almost no English. After several minutes of him telling me I owed $911 to re-instate my service, I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said, I can give you a supervisor or the president, but they will tell you the same thing. With his sarcism, I asked for the president and gave him a piece of my American mind. He hung up on me. I called back. I was grilled on my information again, given another case number - which I did not understand due to the lack of English being spoken - and eventually transferred to Billing. Once in Billing I received a more cordial girl but again had to answer several identity questions. She told me the service had been cancelled to due non-payment, which I knew, but she could not re-instate the service without me paying the $911. I told her that would not be re-instatement due to me paying for the equipment and a cancellation fee. She said their policy is to clear the current account balance, re-issue another account number, the patron agrees to fulfil the terms of the original agreement, then the account is turned back on. Hughes will then turn around and cut you a check for the cancellation and equipment fees and send them to you at their convenience. I informed her that I would not pay them $911. They could come get the equipment and she told me the equipment is mine. I informed her I had a fee in the $911 for the equipment and I could not pay for something that was mine. She had no answer for that response. I also told her I did not wish to cancel the agreement, but instead to pay the past due balance and continue with the agreement, but she declined. I again asked for a supervisor, but she told me they would say the same thing. I sat on hold for over 20 minutes before I reached a supervisor. She was apologetic but still demanded the $911. There are no options for a payment arrangement and their policy will likely die with their company, but I eventually hung up the phone because they were unreasonable and uncooperative. If I did not pay the $200 owed, did it make sense that I had $911 to loan them until they decided to send me a check to reimburse the $300 concellation fee and the $400 equipment charge. I asked both girls to loan me the $900 and they could get reimbursed but both refused. They will not damage my credit. I will not have Internet access and I will not pay them $911. I will take their equipment to the HughesNet dealer and drop it at the front door, otherwise they will say I kept the equipment and must pay for it. They will never get another dime from me, no references and all the complaining I can release. This was a ripoff from the start. Donald Wolfe City, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #413461
Jan 18 2009
05:38 AM
Hughesnet BIG RIPOFF Germantown Maryland
This company should be shut down or made to pay somehow. I was so excited to get this for my kid's since it was the only way I could get anything other than dialup,since we live in the mountains. Boy we were ripped off the first day, We were told when they came to set up our equiptment we would get our money back for the pole they had to use to set there system on{$125.00}. But when I called for the rebate the pole was not included in the rebate, But the installer's tell you it is. Now when we go to use the internet we can't way to slow and there reason is we have exceeded the time limit in our package.{fair act policy}so I upgrade to the next level for another $10 a month and within a couple hour's guess what we have exceeded our limit and we are back to slow service or none at all .Who can afford the package they offer just so you can be able to search the web?I know I can't. If they would have told me the truth about there company I would have never had it installed now we are stuck with junk equiptment and no sevice since we can't afford the package we need to use it. and if I cancel I will have to pay a huge amount just for cancelling.Does anyone have any ideas what we can do to get out of the contract without paying $400 to do so? It is a shame that big company' are aloud to get away with this and we are made to pay the price. Tahtah Bomont, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
23, Report #363498
Aug 15 2008
11:09 PM
Hughesnet deceptive, liars rude Germantown Maryland
bought into hughes net just over a month ago ! have been knocked off line five times!i don't stream video or games ive got their hn9000 its just as sorry as any other, called them today and they just snicker at you,they pull your service at their choosing, where is the class action go to ftc/fcc i did. Paleotoledo1 converse, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
24, Report #559573
Jan 25 2010
07:26 AM
HughesNet DidecWay Medical Doctor Internet
I'm a customer of Hughesnet outside of US in the Carribean. I have the same problem with the FAIR ACCES POLICY application. Every time I use the net to look at some video on Youtube more than 30 minutes, sometimes only to update Windows my Internet is shutoff by DirecWay for 24 hours, sometimes more. Note that the Company never tell you when begin the day and when it finished so, they capitalize on you in taking 24 hours when you excess the narow bandwave they they allocate. Note that often I uses internet for a short period in the days and it happens that I don't use the system for days, sometimes weeks but DirecWay never give you credit for the times you don't use the internet service. They penalize you ony, outrageously, for 24 hours since the moment they estime that you exceed the 125mb bandwave. Hughesnet know that generally, people using the sattelite internet don't have any other choice, so they abuse of this situation. During this terrible seism in Haiti, I had emergencies and my internet was shutoff by Hughesnet many days because of their Fair acces Policy! This situation nis very critical. I'm very mad of this policy that must be repported and corrected! Port-au-Prince - HAITI.                          
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #653576
Oct 21 2010
10:02 AM
HughesNet Billing for services not rendered, Internet
I was a customer of Hughesnet for 5 yrs. There automated billing robocaller called and said I owed Zero dollars and Zero cents that had to be paid by credit card or they would suspend my service. My bill was not due until 3 wks later. When I called billing and asked how you pay $0.00 they said they did not know but if I didn't pay it I would lose my service. I paid my true bill and canceled the service. Now they have sent 2 months worth of billing to a collection agency for service I did not have after the cancellation.
Entity: , Internet

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