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26, Report #687555
Jan 27 2011
11:37 AM
hughesnet has mega false advertising, Internet
Everytime there is an advertising commerical for HughesNet, I wish that someone would investigate their false advertising! They advertise high speed internet, which is false, unless it is expressly compared to dial up only (they do not experesslyreport thisin their commercial). They advertise high speed downloads, and report that you can download an entire album of music in minutes. This may be correct, but what they fail to advertise is that they have what is called Fair Access Policy. This FAP not only limits you to a specific mb (200mb for a basic plan)per 24 hour period, but it restricts your speed to below the standard dial up speeds, once you exceed that limit. I have yet to see any album of music that would take less than 200mb, which in turn will not allow youto do what they falsely advertise it to do. If they need to advertise their so called wonderful high speed service, they also need to inform the listener of their Fair Access Policy. Drug companies give this type of disclaimer, about their side affects..and so, forHughesNet,to be honest about their service,THEY need to also provide such information.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #703425
Mar 06 2011
03:31 PM
hughesnet Horrible service and support! Internet
We live out in the country so our internet service options are limited. We can get dial up, Hughes or an air card. Since the aircard limits you to 5 gigs, we opted to try Hughes. It was all just a huge waste of money. The initial cost of the equipment was around $400 plus $70 per month. I honestly don't think it's any better than dial up. I couldn't even upload a low resolution photo to facebook. I couldn't even send attached files in an e-mail. I spent countless hours on the phone getting transferred from India to Florida to God only knows where. Since the speed tests came back OK. They said I was getting the service I was paying for. I was so mad every time I got off the phone, it's a wonder I didn't have a heart attack. When I was finally so fed up I asked them to cancel the service because they could not find a problem, they charged me $310. I would have understood the fee to break the contract if I was getting good service and just wanted to switch to something else, but as I said, I couldn't even upload a picture or send an attached file. I paid the money to break the contract and got an aircard. It is so fast! You just have to monitor your usage so you don't go over. I got the verizon aircard for $50 per month and am a happy camper again. Even if your only other option is dial up, I wouldn't go with Hughes. It's really no better than dial up and a whole lot more expensive. Plus their service sucks. They really don't seem to even care. The only reason I gave it one star is because the review would not accept 0 stars.
Entity: Internet, Internet
28, Report #869815
Apr 17 2012
09:12 AM
Hughesnet Rural Internet Internet
We bought a house in the country, never lived that way before found that only dial up or Satellite Internet was available in this area. Called Hughes net and Wild blue when Hughes net offered a package for 110.00 basically with .5 mbps better speed over wild blue we went with them, Bad mistake! We bought the router and satellite dish for our server and this is what we get we buy Power 200 2.0 Mbps/300 Kbps $109.99/mo 450 MB<--- is the download limit a month that we didn't realize and is our fault but what we get at the best of times is .30 KBPS down and less then 5 kbps up. When you call the tech said it was because the router was over heating and damaged which we had a mo contract that covered it, but they charged us 48.00 to replace it, The new one still over heats and we had to buy a fan to sit next to it blowing air on it constantly, we are afraid it will catch fire. They say well you do get 2.0mbps but with transfers from satellite to modems to computers etc and back that you loose signal strength but that is a lot to loose, we are also locked in to 48 months we have 44 more to go. but i will have to break contract because in my opinion they already have with not having a constant 2.0 mbps except at 4 in the morning! Shame on you Hughes net for taking advantage of people who have to alternative!
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #210751
Sep 13 2006
08:16 AM
Hughesnet False promises Indianapolis Nationwide
They got me! I believed I'd have faster internet and no need for a phoneline. The speed is the same as dial-up. The biggest problem is my internet connection is not is constantly down. I have had a service technician at my house 4 times in the past 9 weeks, and spend countless hours on the telephone with the help(less) desk. I signed a one-year contract and they will not release me from the contract (they will if I pay a $400 penalty). I have not had internet access for over 8 weeks. Correction: When I do have internet access it lasts for approx 5-7 minutes, then nothing for 8-24 hours. The last conversation I had with Hughesnet they encouraged me to wait until my contract expires (December), sell the hardware on Ebay, and switch to cable...NICE! Sallyanne Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #282774
Nov 03 2007
05:13 PM
HughesNet Violated Me Gainesville Internet
Ug. I have been violated. This satelite broadband service performed less well for me than dial-up... which can be almost worthless itself sometimes. A person should expect that they won't be able to play online games, download, watch movies or listen to music. I received no disclaimer before being gouged for this crappola service. Please include me on any class action lawsuit. I am disgusted that companies are allowed to do this to people. Shawn XXXXXX gainesville, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #223589
Dec 03 2006
06:58 PM
HughesNet Rip off of usage Internet
I signed up for the Professional Plan on Hughesnet. This is their most costly plan for home usage. Under this plan I am supposed to be able to have download usage up to 350 MB within any four hour consecutive time periods. If I go over that I violate their FAP (fair access policy) and they will lock down my service so that it goes very slow. I then stay in this penalized mode between 8 to 12 hours. The problem is that when I reach download amounts around 200 MB within any four hour time period they move me into FAP violation and shut me down. This has been an ongoing problem since I got the service. I have documentation of actual usage. I have several instances of FAP violation when the preceding and including hours of up to six and seven hours of usage do not go over 200 MB. When speaking to technical service my average phone time has been 1.5 hours with no resolve of this issue. They just give me yet another case number and do not follow up on the issue. Even the technical assistance people agree that they cannot see where I have violated usage policy and yet they are powerless to resolve the issue and I remain in lockdown for 8 to 12 hours. According to Hughesnet Fair Access Policy, I am an abusive user. Note following quote from FAP: HughesNet system usage data indicates that approximately 5% of subscribers are responsible for a disproportionate share often as much as half of the total HughesNet service traffic. Unfortunately, many of those subscribers are not using HughesNet for its intended purpose. To ensure that all HughesNet subscribers have fair and equal access to the benefits of the Satellite broadband service, HughesNet has enacted a Fair Access Policy to prevent abusive consumption of bandwidth by a handful of users. Since I am paying to use up to 350 MB download within any consecutive four hour time period, I feel extremely insulted to be categorized as 'abusive consumption'. I pay them on time and yet I still do not receive the service I pay for and yet I am still contractually obligated to continue to pay for service I do not fully receive. Christy Mustang, OklahomaU.S.A.
32, Report #342703
Jun 21 2008
12:37 PM
Hughesnet Refund Nationwide
We canceled our service with Hughesnet on May 30th. We were informed at the time of cancellation that our refund would be back on our credit card in 5-7 days. We also canceled our television service at the same time. We got our refund for the television service but nothing for the internet. I called them today about the refund because it has now been just over three weeks. I was informed on the telephone that the person who said 3-5 days was not correct and it was actually 2-3 weeks. I told her that I have already been waiting for three weeks. Then she informed me that they only process the refund after the next statement date. So basically we got a statement on May 25th. Canceled our service on May 30. Will get another statement on June 25th and then two the three weeks later we will get our refund. So basically if you are going to cancel the service make sure you do it before the statement date instead of right after because they don't start to process the refund until the next statement instead of closing out the account immediately. Mandi Cape Charles, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #340898
Jun 16 2008
09:43 PM
HughesNet HughNet -- HugeNet of deception Nationwide
I purchased the HughesNet service in March of 2008. I have nothing but problems with them. 1st I was told you could try it for 30 days without cost to met if I decided not to continue. I asked if the installation was in that 30 day no risk and was told that if I decided to discontinue services within 30 days I would have to pay NOTHING. RIGHT. After about two weeks I decided that my other dial up provider was just about as fast and was a lot cheaper. When I called to cancel the service I was told there was a $400.00. Cancellation fee and I would be charged the fee as soon as I cancelled and would also be charged the monthly fee until they received their equipment back. I told them that I was told there would be no fee if I cancelled before my 30 days were up. I was then told that the person who told me that had no authority to say that and they had always charged a fee for installation if you cancelled within the 30 day period. I wish now I had just paid the $400.00. My billing has not been correct since the first one. I have the basic package (as cheap as you can get) my bill dated 6/13/08 was $179.71. My first bill was $106.23 for 5 DAYS. I was told that was pre-billing for a month, but I was charged $122.09 the next time period, which included the first 5 days, and just on and on it goes. I have had awful speed after the second day. I time one down load, nothing special, I shut off the computer after an hour. Customer Service is of no service either. If you have a question about billing, if you get to talk with someone, they don't understand or speech English very well. They will not help get your problem taken care of. I feel HughesNet takes advantage of the people who believe their advertising. They should be held accountable I purchased the HughesNet service to finish my college degree and better my life, but that has not happened. I have had to drop out of classes because HughesNet does not support online classes. I am having to pay for student loan and classes that I can not get too. Not only does my bill keep rising but I now have the bills of college. Paula Marion, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1103424
Dec 01 2013
01:52 PM
Hughesnet Deceptive website Nationwide Nationwide
We live outside of town in an area with no internet connection so we looked for a satellite company for internet. Found Hughesnet. Their website listed speeds and costs for plans that sounded reasonable so we signed up. Turns out that there are data limits that are not mentioned on the web pages anywhere. Our plan included (we found out later) 5GB of data. we burned through that in just over a week and connection speed dropped to dial up or slower. when we called to complain about the slow speeds it was THEN that we found out about the data limitations.  We canceled our servivce immediately and sent the equipment back for a refund. It's been 4 weeks and I had to call them this morning in order for them to send out the refund. I'm convinced that if I hadn't called there would have been no refund. This is one company that has no honor; they seem to be all about hooking and frying the customer.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1151012
May 30 2014
11:14 PM
HughesNet Hughes Net Liers Nationwide
Just got HughesNet 3 days ago.  I wanted the 10mbps speed.  We were told by our salesperson AND the quality assurance people that there were NO LIMITS as far as usage and their would be NO THROTTLING at all.  Well as soon as I started downloading big files, etc Web Acceleration got turned off.  Called tech support and found out the SALES PEOPLE LIE!  We will be getting our 300 back for equipment plus the taxes they charged us for first month (3 days) service!  Going back to cable at a slightly lower speed but have unlimited bandwidth with no throttling. 
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1150566
May 29 2014
10:39 AM
HughesNet Poor, Unreliable, and Expensive Internet Service Nationwide
When HughesNet says up to 10 Mbps what they mean is .5 Mbps, except from the hours of 2am to 7 am. We used HughesNet at our cabin home, and virtually every time we would visit, a great deal of time was consumed with technical support. In addition to slow service, consumers need to be sure to read the fine print with HughesNet: you are only able to use a certain amount of Internet data each month, and when you exceed that, you have to purchase pricey restore tokens to regain service. In the end, this is the most expensive service available. We found another provider, and we called to cancel HughesNet. It was a fight just to get the contract canceled. When we explained that it seemed unjust to have to pay $144 to cancel a service we never truly received, the best they could offer was to reduce the fee to $72 (and, because they charge a month in advance, they are still keeping our $79 fee that was just paid with only 4 days into that month's service).    
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #979999
Dec 09 2012
09:50 PM
I have had service with Hughesnet for 3 1/2 years. I pay a little over $80 per month. The service is the worst. It is hard to understand the people on the other end of the line when calling customer service (because the customer service people are usually located in another country.) I have called multiple times about the slow download/upload speeds. They advertise high speed internet, but in reality, it is just as slow as dial-up and a RIPOFF! If I had any other choice of internet, I would NOT have service through Hughesnet. In fact, I just bought a portable hotspot and it works quite well, and I will most likely cancel my contract with Hughesnet soon. Please people, don't waste your money!!
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #1200396
Jan 08 2015
10:35 PM
hughesnet Class action Lawsuit Internet
i want to make everyone know what Hughes is doing to everyone. They are thieves. And even worse thieves than before they settled last lawsuit. I am so angry. i have been round and round screeming mad at thier pathedic liars over phone. Once i even got six months free service. So if they are willing to do that to shut one person up. that tells you how much they are ripping people off. I have never got even 1.5 Mps ever. I have complained until it made me physically ill. And they advertise 15 Mps. I am so angry it makes me sick how these corporations keep F* us!!!! They have over sold there bandwidth and the keep right on going. F* YOU! Hughesnet. We are coming.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1192286
Dec 01 2014
12:42 PM
HughesNet Hughes Network Internet Provider Internet
HughesNet is an extremely unprofessional business with the worst policies and customer service.  Total rip-off company.   They don't executed what is promised.  Internet doens't work when we do have data.  And we run out of data within 2 weeks.  And we pay an arm and a leg for it!! Atrocious cancelation fees.  Their customer service are scripted monkeys that say the same thing over and over again.  
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1178670
Sep 23 2014
09:00 AM
HughesNet ISP Cost vs. service Nationwide
I am paying $73.00 (rounding up) for my hughesnet service and have been paying for it since 2010. I am using it more than I have in the last 3 years, we just downgraded our cable to save money. This is what I am learning. 1 TMZ video takes my status meter from 100% to 75%. As this reduces so does my speed, often breaks and needed buffering. I am aware I have free tokens. I am also aware that in order to use them I have to wait for my status meter to hit zero - in the mean while - I have to put up with a dial up like speed. I would gladly pay $10.00 for the service they provide. Why so much for this service? Is it because it is the going rate? Everyone is doing it? Is someone trying to recoop the cost of putting the satelite up there? How long will this go on? The consumer gouging that is. And try not to use the word Rural in your explanation - it's satellite, right?
Entity: Internet
41, Report #992848
Jan 07 2013
03:09 PM
Hughesnet bait and switch , Internet
Hughesnet advertises $39.95 Power package.  In telephone conversations with sales reps. they do not mention the the monthly price goes to $59.99 after 3 months.  In web ads, the $39.95 is followed by a small plus sign keyed to the fourth or fifth para of small print which discloses the 50% increase in monthly cost.  Also, if inquiring about $39.95 package, sales reps. will steer you to the Power package.  They will not disclose that the federal government supports a Recovery Act package for rural areas unless specifically asked.
Entity: internet, Internet
42, Report #1050862
May 14 2013
11:18 AM
HughesNet Non Refund for Equipment Internet
 I signed up for HughesNet internet service on 30 December 2011.  I purchased the equipment for $299.98 with a voice guarantee that the equipment would be bought back for $200 at the end of the 24 month service agreement. I call in March 2013 to inquire about Gen4 for faster internet download and upload.  I asked if the refund would be available before the 24 month time frame.  They stated that the refund was only for the first 30 day.  Not true.  To be fair they did give me a $200 rebate when I first purchased the equipment.  I told the salesman that the math does not add up and he clearly stated that is right you get back $100 more.  They entered the agreement and now not honoring it. With new equipment for Gen 4 I am stuck with the old useless modem.  
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1049320
May 08 2013
10:20 AM
hughesnet Be Very Careful Internet
I signed up for the 4G package. I have no phone service, cable, 4g, 3g etc. No choices if I wanted internet. It is very expensive but if one has no choice one pays. My Free installation cost $300. There are milage charges, pole installation, etc. Once enrolled you have 24 months of payments. I was told I can buy my way out for $400..... that number seem to change according to whom you speak.  Voip is horrible. I use it all the time for customer support and they say it is horrible. Skype works a bit but Google voice is very bad. Use with VPN is extremely slow.  Any other method you can use to get on the internet would be better. Netflix works OK but the cost surprising. I have the 10G package which is not enough if one wants Netflix, Hulu etc.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #967534
Nov 10 2012
05:54 PM
HughesNet Hughes Network Ripoff, Internet
HughesNet is the worst Internet provider in the World! They sell their service as High Speed Internet Service but years ago I had dial-up service that was 10 times faster. You can't do any streaming video at all. When they installed my service the Installer gave me pages 1,2 and 9 of the 9 page contract only so I wouldn't see any of the material explaining they don't guarantee it will work at all. I'm locked into a 2 year contract but you can bet I'm getting rid of the Satellite on the 2 year anniversary. I'd get rid of it now but they will charge me $400.00 and the price of the equipment. If there is a Class Action Suit against this Company I'd like to join. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
45, Report #969287
Nov 14 2012
05:12 PM
Hughesnet Deceptive advertising, Deceptive service Internet
I live in an area that has no internet service, I have been left with but one choice, Hughesnet. I was told by the company, the television and all the advertising that this company does, tell people this is a high speed internet service. This is so wrong, this service is almost if not equal to dial up service. The speed is highly slow. Absolutely horrible. Pages take forever to start, load and download. The company has told myself this writer as well as other persons in this area they are very fast as other high speed internet services. Again this is no where near the truth. The company also failed to inform myself and all my neighbors they are limited to 250 megabytes  of data before they start charging you more and billing you more. Forcing you to purchase tokens to continue to surf the net. The television ads on TV are false and outright lies and need to be stopped for false advertising, mis-representing the truth and deceiving the public about a service that does not exist. Even the representatives who installed the service in some of the installations in the area homes have said they are forced to deal with the false indications about the data limits when installing the service.
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #1079015
Aug 25 2013
11:31 PM
HughesNet Hughes Internet Very deceptive business practices Internet
We just got this and WILL be cancelling our service IN THE MORNING TOMORROW. We were NOT told about any contract, we were NOT told about a ETF, we were NOT told about a bandwidth cap, NOTHING. VERY misleading and deceptive. We both work from home and this is WORSE than dial up and 7 times more! There are OVER 175 Rip Off Reports in essence of the SAME thing not to mention a I hate hughesnet Facebook page and Class Actions. CLEARLY we are not alone. Your VERY deceptive business practices are bad and I have reported everything and sent copies / notes of all times / details of calls, etc. to the FTC, our personal attorney and the Attorney General's Fraud Department of both your and my state.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1143659
May 02 2014
03:54 PM
hughesnet BIGGEST SCAMMERS EVER!!! Internet
Congratulations! You guys are the WORST SERVICE I've ever had. I don't even know where to begin with you guys, seriously. I guess we can start with your first mistake, oh yeah week 1.  Your so called professionals came into my apt. complex and installed my dish and within 2 days I lost service completely..... I think I called like 2 or 3 times w/30 minutes of 'Troubleshooting' with one of your Techies to only confirm what I already knew, your service sucks..... This is after I wasn't told of a 2 yr. contract initially (devious losers).  I think it was a wk or 2 later you guys showed up to and it worked for like a month, month and a half tops.....Followed by the internet going down again for about another month, followed up with multiple calls and horrible and more idiotic 30 min phone calls including 'Troubleshooting' with a Tech.Then a miracle took place and I was able to get an appt. and internet again with one of your techies (probably the only one worth anything). Then I moved in February in the same building on the same floor and lost connection again. At this point I was burnt out on wasting my time with you guys after I called your techies a couple of times and they never called me back on the window they set (surprise, surprise).  So I think I went w/out internet for about another 1 1/2 to 2 months because I was just better off using a neighbors wi-fi.So you guys gave me a free month of service. Big woop. 3 months down, headache after headache. Who seriously has that kind of time to spend with your amateur techies on the phone??? All you guys gave me was a refund on the monthly fee you were ripping me off on to begin with.So after about 6 months with about 2-3 months of actual service, I decided to pull the plug on your MICKEY MOUSE CORPORATION and now you're  trying to tell me I owe you $300 to cancel a contract that I was LIED INTO??? (I was told the contract was 12 months, and my bill would be $60 every month, you guys tried charging me $90 the first month with some Bull shit upgrade! NICE.Almost Forgot..... Upon cancelling my contract with you guys you informed me that I needed to take an antenna off the dish that your guy installed along with the rest of the equipment after I specifically told you I'd moved out and to contact the landlord to get access to the roof. Your guy put in on, he takes it off. End of story.Well, I can tell you one thing. You will never see a penny from me regarding that $300 cancellation fee. I can't believe you're even allowed to operate in this country.... You're standards wouldn't hold up even in Congo.  And if you send me to collections I hope you guys have a lot of damage control..... I'm going to constantly slam you guys online for the crooks you are and nobody else gets taken like I have. Oh and by the way, it will never stop. All the worst,
Entity: Internet
48, Report #1339387
Nov 22 2016
10:51 AM
HughesNet are internet super highway robbers Nationwide
I can prove that HughesNet steals back the data they sell us. A couple years ago we were having some work done in our yard & the cable was cut from the HughesNet satellite going to our modem. Obviously if the cable is cut from the sat to the modem we couldn't get online til a new cable was installed. When the new cable was installed we checked our usage & found that over 10% of our data cap had been used when we couldn't have even possibly been online. After a run around on the phone with HughesNet reps, a member of the advanced engineering team told me that data depletion can come from HughesNet's side & they don't know why it happens & there's nothing they can do about it. Suuuuuuure.   Last year in 2K15 before HughesNet's huge outage, I was calling them up for months telling them about data depletion. A single day before their outage they ordered me a new modem claiming it was our faulty modem, when their own diagnostics said there was nothing wrong with our modem. The next day HughesNet crashed. First they said it was thunder storms, then it was server degradation, & several other excuses. At least we got a free token out of it. Big of them. Actually I've got several free tokens out of HughesNet reps over the years but it's nothing compared to the data they're stealing.   We're still on the Gen3 package here because it's unlimited from 2-7am whereas their new Gen4 package only gives you 50 gigs per month from 2-8am. In February 2K15 we used over 60 gigs in their free zone thus Gen4 wouldn't ever work for us. When I talk to the neighbors about their Gen4 speeds they say the speeds are no different than Gen3. We're lucky to get 1.5 Mbps here. Usually it's dial up type speed slowness but at least dial up is unlimited.   HughesNet never told us what their data cap was when we got it years ago. They just said if we download too much they'll slow us down. We get roughly 13 gigs a month. 375 megs a day but if we use all of our daily allowance we only get approximately 325 megs for the next day. Don't get me started on that.   The moral of HughesNet's ripoff report story is never get HughesNet. Stay with dial up until something unlimited comes along. HughesNet are corporate con artists and they know it.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1311966
Jun 17 2016
01:29 PM
Hughesnet lied about service and downloads Internet
 I contacted hughesnet sales rep 6 months ago and she proceeded to tell me that I could use it for wifi on my phone and that with 10 gig of data, I can watch TV. It worked great the first month which is the trial period. After that, my data was gone in 3 days! I called several times to complain but with no improvement. I called to cancel today and he threw the early cancelation fee at me. I'm not paying for services I didn't get that were promised to me.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #1166980
Aug 02 2014
08:13 PM
Hughesnet Ripped off, fraudulent sale Internet
interesting to see Hughesnet continues their ripoff thefts.  Six years ago, they convinced.Me they could/would provide high-speed Internet service .Setvice was slower than dial up and frequently stopped altogether.  They shipped a new modem, the wrong one, tried to claim they never received the return, did not ship a replacement then.  claimed it was received too late and refused to refund its price.  Complete and utter fraud and quite obviously a planned pattern of behavior. reading other's complaints it is plain that no one has stopped them.
Entity: Internet

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