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1, Report #1270292
Nov 25 2015
11:51 AM
Instant Checkmate Checkmate Instant Checkmate fraud! Internet
They have been charging my Credit Card for 3 months. Some recurring fee that I never signed up for. Was on the phone with a my bank on a 3way with Checkmate and the guy Ronny claimed I did a background check on myself 2 months ago. I asked for a full refund and disputed my charges with the bank and Ronny said he would refund me 50% of the 22 dollar charge. He also kept referring to me as if I did all this to the bank lady. He signed up, He did this, he did that. I tried signing into their site with my email and the passwords that I use and it would not work. It keeps saying this account does not exist. I highly recommend you Cancel you credit card number right away and get a new one. These people are Frauds! Stole almost $70.00 from my credit card and have the guts to act as if I did this. The Bank lady kept asking him what their procedure is if someone disputes a charge and of course he didnt have an answer.   To Rip off report The question at the bottom asks if I used a credit card. I did not use my credit card. But did was charged on my credit card with out my knowlege or authorization. I suggest you add a third choice. *MY CREDIT CARD WAS USED WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR AUTHORIZATION.................BY checking Yes I did, you are implying I did use my card to do this transaction.    
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1145734
May 11 2014
09:00 AM
Instant Checkmate Instant Checkmate is a FRAUD Internet
I read the description on their website and it didn't seem that fat fetched so I bit on it. When I paid my money, I joined and did my search. I found NOTHING that I couldn't find from a free public records search, I was a little pissed. I called and demanded a full refund stating my reasons. The operator told me that the level I purchased had limited search features. When I read to her exactly what the ad stated she got quite, got her manager and then offered me a full refund. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE IT'S ANOTHER INTERNET RIP OFF   
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1251107
Aug 26 2015
04:35 PM
Instant Checkmate Instant Checkmate Experience La Quinta California
I clicked on the Instant Checkmate Yahoo advertisement that offered free search information on people.  So the first point is that the service is not free. After reviewing their website, I clicked out, seeing that the process was set up to provide nothing but a means to take your money - it was not free. A window came up offering the previous $15.99 service - now a $1 trial for five days. I decided, okay, I'll try it for a day.  They wanted a credit card to do the $1 and we all know what happens when you give your credit card number.  It takes an act of Congress to get them to stop charging you, if you can ever get in contact with the right person to get the cancellation to take place. Fortunately, Bank of America has a credit card service called Shop Safe that let's you create temporary credit cards for an exact limited amount.  You set the amount and it's good for 60 days.  So I did a Shop Safe temp card for $5.00. And wouldn't you know it.  As soon as I signed up for the $1 and asked to see the report that took 10 minutes to be created, they wanted another $1.99 to download it using the excuse that it was a PDF charge.  Okay, another $1.99 to see how much of a scam this was going to be. So now, my one time fee of $1.99 was made.  I instantly received a notice from BofA that the charge came thorugh. Now - that was completed, but after 20 minutes, still no download, no PDF, but a window did keep coming up asking me if I wanted the upgraded report for only $19.99.  So finally I clicked yes.  The wheel started to turn, five minutes, ten minutes, 20 minutes.  Nothing ever happened, except that BofA advised me that a charge of $19.99 came through but was not honored because it exceeded the limit on the temp card. I decided to do a search of ripoffs and scams on Instant Checkmate and came across the Rip-Off report.  I read through many of the complaints - especially interested in how cancellations were handled by the company.  The rip-off reports by other people said that it was difficult to initiate cancellation and they never answered their phones. So I went to the website, logged in and looked up the phone number to their customer service.  I immediately called and within 30 seconds, a man named Veda came on the line.  I told him I wanted to do a cancellation and he immediately took care of it.  I expect and believe that the account is now eliminated, but we will see in the next few days if they try to charge me again for the $19.99 upgraded report. Throughout the entire process, I did not receive any reports and nothing was downloaded, including the pdf that they charged me to receive.
4, Report #1238024
Jun 25 2015
03:44 PM
Instant Checkmate Instant Checkmate - Bait and Switch Internet
I signed up for the one-month subscription to Instant Checkmate for unlimited reports during the one month period Instant Checkmate advertises that they access all of these public records and are basically a one-stop shop for searching public records. They tout criminal records, traffic citations, sex offender information, marriages and divorces, other licenses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Specifically information you can't even find on Google. So I ran a search on myself (of course) and it returned nothing that isn't already out there and DOES appear in a Google search and in fact, Google has way more information about me than Instant Checkmate! Basically, I got name and aliases, age, city and state, criminal history, traffic citations, and sex offender information. Oh - and your horoscope! They list what astrological sign the person is, describes the personality of that sign, and you can run a comparison of that sign with another sign to see if they are a good match for each other. Are you kidding me???!!! I wanted the detailed information that they said they provide. I wanted marriage and divorce records, bankruptcies, other court cases, and so on. None of that was there. This was a bare-bones nothing you don't already know or can't find easily somewhere else report with the added bonus of a horoscope. If I wanted the hard to get a hold of information which I guess is the marriage, divorce, birth, death certificates, email address, etc., I had to get the premium report which costs an additional one-time charge of $20 (every time you order it). They also charge you an extra $2 if you want a PDF of the report. I'm fine with paying for the information, but having to pay an extra $20 to get the information they tout (and you have to pay it every time you want that premium information) is a total bait and switch. And the only way you can cancel is to call them which results in them trying to sell you more, convince you not to go, and not give you a refund. Don't do it. It isn't worth it.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1216139
Mar 16 2015
03:10 PM
   This on line site took $205.00 that I did not authorize. I went on and filled the forms out then when I found out it was not free I stopped filing out their form. The next thing I noticed that they were taking money dirrectly from my account as you will see they did to others. BEWARE these people are cyber crooks. They asked for your C.C. info just to verify you are who you say you are. Beware they start taking money right off and you get no notification they are doing so.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #915058
Jul 20 2012
01:33 PM
Instant Checkmate Wrong information , Internet
I purchased this service and could not find information on three different people even though they have extensive records. I looked myself up and found wrong information on me including my birthdate. I called and asked about it and the response was that they get all of their information from public record. I've recently had a complete federal and state background check on myself through the police and a state agency using my fingerprints. There wasn't any mistakes on my date of birth or any other records. When I asked for my money back less than an hour later, they would only refund 50% of my money, saying that I made too many searches for a full refund. Even though the information that they advertise to be in those searches were not.  Bad business! 
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #905822
Jul 02 2012
03:03 PM
instant checkmate unknown entity Internet
While I was reviewing my bills, I noticed an unknown entity billing me for $24.63.  I went online and check on who they were.  It turned out to be a service that does background checks on people.  I have never used them and know nothing about how they got my credit card number.  It is a good service to watch out for.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1117051
Jan 20 2014
03:54 PM
Instant Checkmate Very misleading Nevada
Led through a very lengthy and promising presentation to find out I couldn't get a refund because I didn't have enough money in savings..  loss=25.00 took 1/2 hour. RIP-OFF
Entity: Nevada
9, Report #1103998
Dec 03 2013
12:30 PM
instant checkmate Fraud company Nevada
Instant Checkmate ripped me off. They said it would only charge for what was used I looked up one time and ended up with overdraft. Trying to get this company out of my life and out of my bank account. Please stay far away from this company. Not worth headache. 
Entity: Nevada
10, Report #1150373
May 28 2014
04:50 PM
Instant Checkmate Total Ripoff Internet
I had seen this company's advertisements for some time and decided to give them a try.  Big mistake!  Every step of the way they asked for more money.  It is not just the one time fee they advertise.  I went only far enough to realize that they were going to milk me of more and more money before calling their company and requesting that they cancel my account and then requested a refund.  I was first told they would cancel the account but not refund.  I told them that was not satisfactory and requested to speak to a supervisor.  The customer service rep put me on hold briefly and then offered me a 50% refund.  I told her that was not satisfactory and again requested a complete refund.  Brief hold again and she came back on the line and told me that they would refund the entire amount.  I again requested a supervisor because, frankly, I don't trust their word.  Finally I was able to talk with a supervisor and took his name and contact info.  I also received an immediate receipt from Pay Pal that the auto pays have been cancelled and my money refunded.  Do not deal with these people.  It is a total ripoff.  Stand your ground if you do sign up and find out it's a ripoff.  You just might get your money back.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1148588
May 21 2014
12:22 PM
Instant Checkmate Deceptive RipOff Las Vegas Internet
Do not fall for this. The information it pulls was inaccurate and sometimes completely wrong. Very deceptive about what you get for free (nothing) and then there is deception about what you receive after you pay (next to nothing) and after they tease you about the little bit of information you received, you get deceived into paying even more for a full report. No matter what option you click on, once you pay, you are automatically enrolled in the autorenew monthly subscription.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1165876
Jul 29 2014
01:43 PM
instant checkmate Worthless information Internet
Requested a full report that I knew had a very old arrest record and a few traffic tickets.  What was returned did not have any of this and also had no marriage record. The only things returned were name address and phone number, which could be found in 10 % of the time at no charge. I have cancelled to ensure that there are no more charges.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1081912
Sep 05 2013
10:46 AM
Instant Checkmate Ripped Off  internet
I signed up and paid for a 30 day trial on Instant Checkmate. On Sept 2nd, before the 30 days was up, I was charged for the full monthly membership without any contact whatsoever from the website.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1180836
Oct 03 2014
08:27 PM
instant checkmate fraud Internet
instant checkmate hides behind their clause that not all information is accurate. and that unfortunately is also the case with the premium charges they freely take out of your credit card. then they try to stand behind the small print when you want your money back my video proves the misuse of their customers credit information. after two hours online recording the whole conversation i got ALL my money back. and posted the best part of the video right here on youtube with instructions on how to get your money back if dissatisfied....
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1156723
Jun 23 2014
05:55 AM
Instant Checkmate Scam Internet
 Instant Checkmate background checks is a scam. I went to their site thinking it was free typed in my info and it showed I had a criminal record which I do not so naturally I proceeded to find out what they were telling people.  Low and behold it cost 22.85 or something close to that.  Well I get into looking at my report and then they want to charge more money to get the full details.  Well either way the info was not correct there was a lot of misleading things on this site.  My husbands info was also not correct.  They issue no refunds so they are making a killing. 
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1154976
Jun 15 2014
01:32 PM
Instant Checkmate Another scam artist Internet
I tiried  this by being referred from a AOL news story. I entered my name and it told me how much it would cost and I went to close the out the web page and a small box opened saying I could try it for $1 for 5 days. I ended up being charged $1 and an extra $1.99. I tried maybe 10 names and not one came with anything with law enforcement information which I think is illegal. I than found that after 5 days they charged my another $29.63 to my credit card. This they told me was in the terms agreement however I was not notifified in the usual manner of a box listing what I was buying. After a 30 minute phone call they said they will refund the the $29.63 we will see.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1002079
Jan 23 2013
02:54 PM
Instant Checkmate Total SCAM Internet
$1 cost to try out the service seemed ok, but it turned into a costly scam.  A website about checking on crooks that is itself a cooked.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1138690
Apr 14 2014
10:04 AM
Instant checkmate FRAUD, RIPOFF Internet
WASTE OF MY MONEY!! 5 seconds ago I went to do a background check on myself including any criminal history. I have never been in any trouble but I always hear these horror stories about people who never knew there was a warrant out for their arrest and I wanted to be sure. I spent like 2 minutes in the website and paid their $22 fee only to find my name dispalyed with my address, all other info had to be accessed via their premium content which was an addition $20. I SPECIFICALLY asked for certain info and had I been aware they were unable to provide it I would not have paid that $22. I called them right away and they said they could only refund me HALF of my money in 2-3 business days. Can you believe that shit!! Its only $11 but its MY $11 and I am entitled to it because there was no actual service rendered.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1144597
May 06 2014
08:59 PM
Instant Checkmate Ripoff Internet
Saw misleading ad on AOL.  Decided to try service.  Charged me $22.95 for one month unlimited search. Paid fee using PayPal. I ran search on myself.  To get a PDF download of info I was charged another $1.99 fee.  When I finally got the download it contained material that could be gotten doing a generl google search.  Of course they than offerd a premium membership for  $19.99 offering more information to shocking to give in a general membership.  Fool me once......  I am in the process of trying to cancel my membership now.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1137616
Apr 09 2014
03:30 PM
Instant Checkmate Fraud Internet
Instant Checkmate is a fraudulent operation.  They need to be put out of business. They have cheated thousands of people, I'm sorry to say I am one of them.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1330066
Sep 25 2016
08:56 PM
instant checkmate ripped me off today. I am a member of a credit union and i got a call from fraud prevention tonight and they said that my bank account was frozen due to instant checkmate. I am not happy with the services and have sent customer support an email. I want my money back in my account or either i am calling the FBI about them. I am pissed because i am a college student and i was trying to run a background search on a male who i am interested in having children with. I wanted to know more about him but instant checkmate gave me the wrong information about him. I traced the information given back to face book and other social media entities and nothing was true. They are scamming people in more than one way. they are also lying about the information that they receive.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1163035
Jul 18 2014
05:56 AM
instant checkmate background check Internet
This company is scam. They force you to pay about $30 a month, then as soon as you want to quit, they offer you $1 membership. I decided to use and see what's out there since had a prepaid card with only like $4 left, and the funny thing was that they gave all the wrong info.    I know my employee does have criminal record, that's why he cannot renew his license. I wanted to have the details, but there it shows as if he does not have criminal record. This is meanwhile I paid for his lifescan check!  I know as a fact that he is divorced with all that data given to me with proof, but here it shows as if he has never been married.  I know as a fact that he is licensed, since I do have that license in his file with copes of it and links to licencing website, but here it shows as if he does not have any license.    They just have the same info copied from, nothing else, but flashy and fraudulent buttons and tricks in their website for people to sign up for their stupid website and get something they can get it free from They won't let you cancel unless you call them. WTF! How come you can sign up without calling them, but for cancelling you have to call them? 
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1166622
Aug 01 2014
07:19 AM
Instant Checkmate Deceptive Advertizing Internet
Should have checked here first. Bait and Switch. Hidden charges. You will lose your money.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1208945
Feb 13 2015
02:46 PM
Instant Checkmate Fraud Internet
After you sign up and pay to see the information they say they have, you get almost no information at all.  Then, they try to get you to pay for a Premium Account to see more info.  If there even is any. It's a total scam.    
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1259161
Oct 05 2015
07:19 AM
Instant Checkmate useless but costly Internet
This site made no indication or warning that I was being charged for the short time I was on their site.  I found a charge on my paypal today.  No indication of this charge was given while (the one time) that I used this site.   Their information is useless.  I entered names of persons that I knew had serious driving charges.  They came up totally clean.  No charges at all.   They do not provide the information that they say that they will.  This is useless, and they are charging for this useless information.
Entity: Internet

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