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26, Report #557096
Jan 19 2010
10:54 PM
C.N.A.C. - JD BYRIDER Misleading tactics fairfield, Ohio
I would recommend that if you catch an ad on Craigs List beware that someone is helping a person at JD Byrider by providing incorrect info to get you in their building.They played a song and dance with me this evening leaving me sitting around for hours waiting for the underwriter to approve a loan I had already been told I was approved for based on my employment. Before I actually came in.   I  have two jobs, and upon hearing this they wanted a paystub for the job I had not yet started.  So, the loan was not going to be underwritten. Fine.  You don't play by what you tell me, I will take my business somewhere else.So, the sales person whose name I will not mention to avoid embarrassing him, due to his immaturity and lack of knowing better, came in and told me if I came back in the next day with more money to put down,($300.00 nore) they would wink wink nod nod the loan with a different underwriter the next day...the second pay-stub suddenly went poof from the equation. I said nope, no way, not playing.  Now the conversation goes from somewhat professional to condescending and childish.   I may for the the short duration have a credit issue, but I'm not dumb enough to fall for a scam.  Which is exactly what I felt I was being played for.People!!  Don't go these places unless you have nowhere else to go.  I decided to work out the issue with my present vehicle, get through the bump in the road and decided that doing the right thing, is far better than going down the road with someone who does dirty business.Stay away!! 
Entity: fairfield, Ohio
27, Report #650653
Oct 13 2010
05:55 PM
JD Byrider Got me too Easton, Pennsylvania
This place sucks. I purchased a 2002 Ford Focus from thein in September 2008 and it has been through 3 engines, 2 timing belts,  2 water pumps, 3 sets engine mounts, 2 catalytic converters within 6 months. I tried to get out of the car and was told I was not allowed. I filed 3 reports with the PA Attorney Generals Office and got nowhere. I lost numerous days of work becasue of all of the issues with the car. They actually gave me a loaner and that broke down and had to be towed.  They are scam artists. I filed bankruptcy and included the car in the bankruptcy because they informed my attorney that I owed $7900 on the car and the fair market value of the car was $3085. I tried to negotiate with them to settle the debt for the $3,085 and they told me that they would take possesion of the vehicle and sell it at an auction for $3,085. Good luck getting $500 for the piece of junk you sold me. Do yourself a favor if you purchase a car from them, get a carfax report. At least you know what you are getting into, but they do not provide carfax reports so you will have to pay for it yourself, but in the end it will benefit you.  I plan on posting bad reviews about them on every website I can.
Entity: Easton, Pennsylvania
28, Report #708944
Mar 22 2011
07:41 AM
jd byrider cnac ripoff pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entity: pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
29, Report #169816
Dec 30 2005
08:42 AM
JD BYRIDER ripoff East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
I financed a vehicle from JD and now I def. regret it!!! I moved from Alabama to PA to attend school. I'am a full time student and worker who lives alone and is trying to survive, JD made this much more difficult. In the past 2 months I have been sooooo inconvinienced. I had to take the car back atleast 7 times for all kinds of repairs. I had to walk to work and school for three days to then having to return the car once again (for repairs). It gets better. On a sunday night when I'm studying for finals ( I still don't have my car) a service rep calls me to ask me if I was satisfied with the work that they performed. I'm not allowed to exchange or return it (ha ha ha). But I will pay for it to sit in their repair shop till the end of the term. A unsatisfied cutomer stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: E. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
30, Report #187618
Apr 20 2006
03:37 AM
Jd Byrider ripoff East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
i purchased a minivan in 8/01. About 2-3 weeks later i totaled the mini van. They were paid by State Farm Ins in full for the Van. I was told I had to take another van in replacement of that one and had to continue to make payments on time. The problem was I was out on disability and could not afford to make payments. So i voluntarily turned the van in on time payments. I was told that it would not appear on my trw. To this day it still does and i have been denied credit because of this What do I do???? Bob venice, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
31, Report #202321
Jul 21 2006
04:52 PM
JD Byrider ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I am filing this report because JD Byrider repaired my vehicle under warranty and really messed it up. The repairs that they done to my car caused it to catch a fire on May 6 fo this year. I had to call the fire department to come out to my apartment. They took a report and I have a copy of it. This is one of many bad repairs that was done to my car. This is a very long story and I will have to elaborate on it fully at a later time. Katrina Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
32, Report #314497
Mar 04 2008
07:08 AM
JD Byrider Screwed, Demand replacement. Allentown Pennsylvania
Well I decided to purchase a 1997 Jeep Grand cheroke limited. I had it for 4 days and I kept telling them that the front end was bouncing all over. They told me I was not used to how a Jeep rides. I took it back because I was driving alone and the transmision hose blew on me. They replaced it but would lnot look at the bouncing problem. 2 weeks later the hose poped off for the transmission. They told me this has never happend to them. As I drive my dash board light blink or go out, cruse controll dose not work. Has keyless entry but they did not have the transmitter an they said if I wanted it go and buy it. So I went on ebay bought one and they could not program it. But the dealership woudl for 40.00. I was out on a saturday afternoon and the truck started to run very rough and had lost most of its power. I called them and spoke to Adam the GM and told him I was on my way over, he told me dont come over there is nothing I can do. Just take it home and park it and call me on monday. I told him that this truck is not for me. I need something I can count on. He said well we will fix this problem and you will be on your way by that time I pulled into the parkig lot he told me on the phone that if I get out of line he will call the cops. Too late I was inside he said come on lets go for a ride. He test drove it pounded the hell out of it and said it need a tune up and a switch for the lights. He said you an drive it as it is. Well I am going in so they can do the tune up and fix the switch but I am not missing work, we can do it after 5:00 so this week I will take it back on 3/5 Let them fix it. But I dont want the truck back I want something that I can take to my mechanic and have him look at it and tell me if it has any type of problems. They told me they do a 100 point inspection I guess missed my truck. Will continue after this week. Just get me out of this peice of junk and into another suv. Another sucker Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Allentown, Pennsylvania
33, Report #322345
Mar 30 2008
11:22 AM
JD Byrider The public is getting screwed! Carmel Indiana
The general public should be warned about the deceptive business practices of this company, they portray themselves as a legitamate organization but they are as corrupt as I have ever seen. First off, thier vehicles are unsafe junk, probably 1/3 have been under water and many of the others are structurally unsound. They have multitudes of problems, most occuring before they ever leave the lot and continuing on during what ever remains of thier useful life. If they do repair your vehicle, they use junk yard parts or poor quality replacements on a mininal scale, enough to get by. Thier vehicles are so overpriced, way beyond blue book, much less what they would sell for wholesale. Thier interest rates are exhorbitant, you are destined to fail from the start, if they also finance the downpayment, that is just deeper into the hole that you fall. They will not give you any leeway, one day over and they will reposess your vehicle. Thier warranty is extremely limited, no rental or loaner cars while they have your vehicle, and you will be video and audio taped in a blacked out room during your contract signing. Most buyers never complete thier program, they reposess 6 out of 10 cars that they sell, people cannot afford the payments and the missed work and lost time dealing with the repairs of this garbadge. They bully thier employees as well, they won't sell one of thier cars to an employee because they know the car is junk! If you have money and good credit, you can't buy a car here! JD is counting on thier clientel to be uneducated about financial matters and thier urgent need to have a vehicle, people, selling your soul to the devil is not in your best interest. Read any number of complaints against this company and that is what you will experience, don't kid yourself that it won't happen to you! Uallgotscrewed CarmelU.S.A.
Entity: Carmel, Indiana
34, Report #309466
Feb 16 2008
01:33 PM
JD Byrider - Extreme Ripoff- Sells Lemons! Beware! Madison Wisconsin
I have bad credit due to a car accident I was in when I was 18. Anyone with credit problems knows that can be a barrier for buying a reliable car. Due to lack of options I had to purchase one through JD Byrider. I bought my car in March 2007. A 1999 Ford Escort. The Bluebook value for this car is about 6500.00. After all is said and done I will have paid over Fourteen thousand for it (314.00 a month). I would have just sucked this up to my bad credit and accepted that you have to sacrifice to rebuild it. However they sold me a huge piece of crap! I have had several problems with my car and have had to have it repaired multiple times in less than a year. When I purchased the car I was told it was reliable and had had only one owner. The one owner part was true but that is where the truth ended. I test drove the car and it seemed fine. Shortly after buying it though it began to make a loud whining noise and vibrated something awful. They have failed to fix the problem on more than one occasion. Now my car has died and I cannot get it started. I will have to pay to have it towed to JD Byrider for repairs...Again. To sum this up what I am saying is Do Not buy a car from JD Byrider! They will take you for all you are worth and sell you a lemon that is not nearly worth what you will pay for it. I have come across several other complaints that match this one. I still have 2 years to pay on a car that has caused me nothing but problems. The sales people seemed very interested to help me out during the process of buying the car but have been completely unconcerned with any of my issues since then. So Buyer Beware! Aj7737 Stoughton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
35, Report #185753
Apr 09 2006
09:17 PM
Jd Byrider Cnac ripoff Columbus Indiana
hello went to jdbyrider and looked at the cars i usually dont goto buy her pay here cause there usually more expensive but more convenient..but this one takes the cake. I was looking at a 1999 sunfire pontiac with over 100k miles on it. I asked how much after driving it and they said oh we can get you taken care of for 3 and half years of payments. well they had me go thru a long process and sign this and that...and they said if would be 9k dollars. i thought that was kinda high and signed the papers, with lots of brainwashing. The next day i looked up the value of the car on the net and i was disgusted it only booked for 4,500 and the interest and add ons it was costing me 13,500 dollars and the value of the car was 4500 dollars ...how can they charge doulbe the price and then add 20 percent..thats just bad business i wanted to bring car back following business day i called them and they said its too late i signed the papers. my complaint is taking advantage of poeple charging them twice the value with a 20 percent add on..and for cnac the financing company for allowing them too and there involved in the scam with them cause no finance company would give a loan to bad credit poeple for a vehicle that isnt worth 1/3 of the loan after interest... i returned it after 6 months and now there bout to sue me once itts sold at the auction for probably 2k dollars cause thats all there worth to a dealer wich is there original cost im sure..and ill be getting wages garnished for car i dont have of 13k dollars im sure its a major scam that is getting away with ripping off middle and low imcome people... Brian greensburg, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Indiana
36, Report #176501
Feb 16 2006
09:44 AM
JD Byrider ripoff Evansville Indiana
I purchased a 1998 oldsmobile cutlass from this automobile lot and i have been making payments on the automobile which the blue book value is lower than what they sold me the car for. I have had 2 engines put in that was from a junk yard and I have been Having problems with every engine that they got put in. The engines came from the same junk yard twice and I had to tske the car to the junk yard everytime. each time I did the car didn't run any different. I explained the problem to JD byrider and they told me to take it to the place that put the engine in. I got one invoice stating what they did and the engine looked the same as when I purchased the car. I relocated here to NC and the engine gave me problems again and the head lights and the turn signals went out and the car became un drivable. I called jd byrider and they told me to take it to one of there shops in Greeensboro which is 175 miles from where I lived and I had to pay for the expense to get it there. the automobile will not crank or isn't drivable but they want me to get it there. The car is under warrenty and it should cover towing which they told me that I had to pay towing. after all this run around and no assistance I just kept the car in my yard and was finding rides back and forth to work. I ended up in jail and I couldn't pay for the car so i was told that they are coming to get the car and now I was told that they was going to sue me instead of getting the car that is not worth what they are asking for. Donald Vale, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
37, Report #143825
May 24 2005
11:07 AM
I bought my first car in 2000 never had a problem with my car, payments, insurance or anything else. I thought I paid too much but considering I had no line of credit I got the car anyway. In feb of 2004 I traded my car in for another one. I had no problem til Jan 05 when Ms. Angela called me and told me she would be my account rep. Up until this point I never knew I had one. I used to make my payments at the westside location never had a problem. Ms. angela told me I could pay at the Pendleton Pike location closer to my house. Since Jan every week there is a new problem. I doubled my payments and got a call I was a week behind. I pay be check my payment is late because they waited 2 weeks to cash it. I get a call asking me do I still want my car because I missed a payment. I pay early through the Night deposit box and I get a call they never received my payment. I ask if it was stuck in deposit box and was told that it wasn't and that Jamie was their top notch cashier and if I had paid it she would have gotten it. I received my check in the mail 2 days later with a note from jamie that it was in fact stuck in the deposit box. My payments are due on Friday and I was having some cash problems and told her I wouldn't be able to make the payment til that Monday (2 days later) because I was waiting on someone to help me and she asked me if I was working and I told her yes and she told me that if I was working why do I need help and when they gave me the car they didn't go off when someone would give me money but off my pay check. I thought that was rude and uncalled for. In April I got a call from Ms angela that my insurance company had cancelled me because of non pament on march 6. 1st problem my payment was not due til march 10th so how can i be cancelled before I am even late. 2nd problem why would you wait 1 month to tell me I had no insurance and threaten to take my car. We called the insurance company on 3way and proved ms angela wrong so she says well did you pay for this month (april) I told her not yet( it wasn't due til the next week) and she said well it's cancelled for this month and you are still in violation and we can repo your car. I told her it wasn't due till the next week. She thought I was lying and we had to call them again on three way to prove her wrong. Before I started having problems I referred a friend and she's had her car for about a year and I have still not received my $100 referral fee. I took my car in for brake work and without the service guy even looking at my car or knowing what kind of car I have he told me to go to autozone to get some brake spray and that I didn't need brake work. Still to this day I have not yet received one appology from anyone. Her manager/supervisor is never there for me to complain to. unsatisfied customer T indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana
38, Report #152737
Aug 06 2005
11:06 AM
JD Byrider ripoff fraudelent billing Milwaukee Wisconsin
JD Byrider has many ways to keep you paying. We bought a 96 Jeep over two years ago. There was times that we had financial issue so we called Cnac to let them know. They seemed nice saying paying it Monday instead of Saturday was fine. They never let you know of their late fee policy. They charge $20 dollars a day including sunday. So if you happen to be a week late due to some instance they charge you $140. I can understand a onetime late fee like other financial institutions do, but not a $20 a day late fee. To me that just sounds unethical. They never let us know about this late fee ever so no we have an extra six months of payments. Jenn Mukwonago, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
39, Report #152171
Aug 02 2005
10:14 AM
Jd Byrider ripoff,liar, cheat, Jacksonville Florida
they really need to be investigated and some action need to be taken, they are taking advantage of hard working people. They are in such a rush sell you a car that they are making mistakes, then they want to go back on their contract and keep your money. Sandrea jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
40, Report #340667
Jun 16 2008
11:10 AM
JD Byrider Over charged me! Mansfield Ohio
Let me start off by saying, that when I went to this company I thought it was a good choice, boy was I wrong. I bought 2001 hyundai accent after everything was done it came to about 10,000, the car is only worth about 4,000. I had to put the 250.00*2 when i first bought it them my monthly payment of 155.28. Well the first month I had it in the shop twice then after that it seemed like it was every month i was in there. Engine light kept coming on, they changed the timing belt in it oil leak and had to rebuild the transmission in it. It was trouble plus i had to pay 50.00 everytime i took it in. Well last week i was in a car accident and the insurance Totaled the car, I did have Gap insurance but it only payed 25% of the cost of the car. Well now that I have paid JD Byrider 310.00 for the past 20 months and my insurance paid them 2,299.20 plus the gap of 699.80. and my down payment. I said I was paying them anymore for the car. Now they wont stop calling me wanting another 3,180 for a car that was worth only 3500. Now I'm not sure what to do. I know that they gave the title to the car to the insurance company, but they still want my money. If anyone knows anyone that has went through this please let me know. I need help to settle this. Thank you. Stephanie Ashland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Mansfield, Ohio
41, Report #976222
Nov 30 2012
02:45 PM
JD Byrider Bye here/Pay here Easton, Pennsylvania
My name is Melissa, I purchased a my 2003 Mercury Sable at JD Byrider in easton,PA back in June of 2012. The car ran fine for the first two weeks. We took the car in for repairs. It needed a rear strut and a few other things. We also told them that there was something wrong with the exhaust and the power stearing fluid was leaking. The looked at it and said nothing was wrong with eather of them and toped the fluids off. One week latter we had to add power stearing fluid. I called them up and they said to bring the car in. I brought the car in and they said I need a new power stearing pump there is a hole in it. I thought well if they didnt see it the first time i brought it in how did they see it now.? They said that they would have to have the car for one day. Itold them its my only car could they posibly give me a loaner care they said No. Also I have taken the car there about three to four times and didn't have to give them any money down or anything. I wasn't able to leave the car there so I took it and left and told them I would have to find out what I can do. I called them about the exhaust again and again nothing was done. I went to NY for Thanksgiveing and got stuck. I opened the hood and the catalytic converter was fire red. I called for a tow. I got towed to my parents house in NY. My brother knowing alot about cars and works on cars tole me it was the catalytic converter went on the car and that I dont have just one I have three. I called JD Byrider right away. They told me it was not covered under worranty. I told them I had brought the care in for all typs of problemes and the exhaust was one of them. I told them now something is wrong and now i have to live with it.? I called every number I knew and that was around about this problem and every one said the same thing It's not covered under you'r worranty. I had to pay to tow the car from NY to PA. I also towed the car from my house to there store. They told me that I was going to be charged $40.00 an hour for a diagnostic fee. I told them that,that's not what's in the agreement its $25.00. They said no $40.00 I agreed I just wanted my car fixed and back asap. The next day I called back to see how much it was to fix the cat's and he told me a price of a little over $900.00. I said I dont have that kind of money. He told me after fighting with everyone over there on the phone that they are willing to load me $400.00 but I would have to pay my car payment of $169.90 pluss the $545.52 up front befor they even touch my car. They told me the part was ordered on 11/27/2012 I could not give any money until I got paid on Thursday. I payed the $545.52 on 11/29/2012. They said they still could not touch the car until I payed my car payment, but they will order the cats. I said Wait didn't you order them on Tuesday the 27th? They said no. So they lied to me. I told them I had to cancle 3 doctar appt. I have diebetes type 1 and I can NOT miss this one on Tuesday the 4th. They said the car will be done Monday before they close. I feel I got scamed they never told us the price of the car. Also they do not go by the contract at all The make it like they do but they kinda dont. I am very unhappy and wish I never went to them. I need help because now there saying it sounds like something eles is wron. I need some help asap.  Thank you Melissa.
Entity: Easton, Pennsylvania
42, Report #1033259
Apr 06 2007
11:52 AM
I bought a 1998 jeep grand cherokee from jd byrider in tampa, everthing was good until i encountered a problem with the truck. I called the dealership and made an appointment to bring the truck in for service. They told me that it was the rear end that was damaged and they were going to replace it. i got the truck a few days later only to notice the same problem 2 weeks later. I called them again, and i took the truck for the second time and once again they told me that they were going to replace it again. To make a long story short, they never fixed the problem, and if I'm a day late on the payment, they're harrassing me that the payment is late and that if i dont make a payment they're going to repo the vehicle. I'm experiencing financial problems at the moment, and they are NOT willing to work with me instead they are harrassing me at work, calling me every hour on the hour. Please do not purchase a vehicle from JD Biryder. Evelyn TAMPA, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
43, Report #1053798
May 25 2013
10:05 AM
JD Byrider Does not honor promises Jacksonville Florida
 I live in Broward County I purchased my first vehicle with JD Byrider it was a 2002 Mit.  Lancer.  This was a really great car I had no problems with the car at all.  I recently sent my referred my sister to a JD Byrider to purchase he first car.  She financed the vehicle with JD Byrider.  I got a call for Thomas and he told he me hey your sister was her and she told us that you referred her to us and she financed a veh from us we will be sending you a check in the amount of $100 for referring her to us as our way of saying thank you for the sending us more business. Three weeks had past and I have not received what I was told that I would be getting.  So I called to check the status and I was advised by Thomas that he would put the information through again and to allow an additional two weeks.  I contacted them on Wednesday the 22nd asking for a callback and I spoke with the finance manager who was very helpful.  I told him then that I think that they are jerking me around.  He assured me that they weren’t because they payout a lot of referrals daily and he will have the manager in charge call me back. I waited the two weeks again and I still have not received the check that I was promised for sending my sister to buy a car from them.  I finally get a call back from the so called general manager and was told by Voice mail that I will NOT be getting the referral check because the referral was from another source whatever that means.  Then he turned around and stated that they did not get it in time again whatever that means.  Point blank it should not matter what state, county or city JD Byrider is located a referral is a referral.  JD Byrider made business off of my referral and I expect to be compensated like I was promised.  I feel used and I never send a family member or friend to them again.  From this point on I will not stop until I get what I was promised.  Right now JD Byrider is making money off of my sister if it wasn’t for me they would even have her business!!! That’s all to it. 
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
44, Report #1298002
Apr 05 2016
04:42 PM
Jd byrider Worst mistake ever Houston Texas
 I purchased a car in april 2015 in a Saturday, the ac went out the following day. I tried to return vehicle the following business day they wouldn't accept it They stated if inleft the car they would put a repo on credit. Few.weeks.later back in shop to have alternator replaced alongside the ac motor. In October 2015 my car died, the said it was internal and would need to replace engine they kept car 2 weeks. Once getting the car back I drove 10 miles and check engine light back on, they wouldnt allow me to bring car right back in i needed to make appt. Bring the car in and they replaced spark plugs. Foward to march 2016, check engine light back on the car needed ignition coils i purchased them. I drove 1200 miles to a wedding and car breaks down, theybtwll me to tow it to nearest dealership. My car has been there for 8 days now with noone even looking at it. Im stuck 1200 miles from home, just lost my job as a result of this, they have not even looked at the car yet. They keep telling me they're backed up and are trying to get to it as fast a possible but its been 8 days that ive been stuck out of state with no car and i have a warranty. Ive contacted corporate, they refer me to dealership in houston. They will not give me a rental or cover any expenses to have car fixed at another shop. Im still under warranty and never been late on payment. Ive had this car 11 months and it has been in shop so far for month. I need to get away from the people any help will do. The manager of jd byrider in n houston was really rude to my atty and initially refused to proved the general counsel info.
Entity: Houston, Texas
45, Report #1299293
Apr 12 2016
08:33 AM
JD Byrider CNAC Not Upfront Dorchester Massachusetts
I had purchased a 2006 Kia Optima from JD Byrider back in May 2013 based on the need of a vehicle. Giving this dealership a try and the intent of window shopping. Before I knew I was signing documents and keys in hand for a car. During that time precisely had asked for a CarFax. The dealer told me he would give me one. And kept pushing me to sign the deal. I asked for the Carfax again. He said he will get it for me and escorted me to finance in which I have found them to be quite interesting. The financier treated me like I was uneducated and did not understanding legal' terminology words. The car was driving ok I can tell it had a new paint job, but I knew something was wrong with it but could not put my finger on it. To fast forward I was looking to trade the vehicle as it was getting older and my payment history with JD Byrider was decent (always ensured payments were made). The CarMax informed me the vehicle was in a major accident 6 months prior to my purchase in which they thought it was me. I should proof of purchased to CarMax and they in turned gave me the history of the extensive damages of the car and however things was pretty much rebuilt. I was so upset, but because I was locked into the contract I did not know my options besides, shelling out more money to get fixed or return it back to them. Well I am happy to say JD Byrider has their mess of vehicle back and I hope someone does not get it. It is funny I received a certified letter advising me of cure default and when I can make payment only for CNAC to get the vehicle. Like really you went against the very thing you had stated. I am in no interest of going for the vehicle after what I have experienced and seen other complaints. I know people who had experienced the same thing and have given their cars back. The cheap paint job is showing paint peeling everywhere steering is off, plus a number of other things. I am not a rough driver and do know how to take care of vehicles, but I truly believe this company buy damaged cars rebuild and sell them. I agree with the other complainers based on the service and attitude of CNAC they are very belligerent and want to have a sermon on the importance of paying, no grace period like we don't know. I too have experienced them not wanting to except my payment so I did the next best thing sent it by registered mail in which they have excepted on more than one occasion. All I can say is buyer beware of this company and know what you are getting into. I will not suggest this dealership to anyone no matter how desperate they are. Oh to add one more thing if you plan to purchase a vehicle make sure all keys work. They give me one active and one dude. I told them about and they said that is what came with the car in which I dont believe at all. No more JD Byrider vehicles for me.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1289842
Feb 24 2016
09:08 PM
JD byrider Rip Off bridgeport west Virginia
 My husband and I have bought several vehicles from JD Byrider ,due because of poor credit.The last 2 vehicles we have had from them are crap!.both ford Taurus because they said that's all we could get.Paying way over value.I need out of this vehicle There are many things wrong with it.Need help!!.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1321811
Aug 10 2016
03:43 PM
Jd byrider Poor customer service Branford Connecticut
 I brought my 2007 Pontiac g6 01/27/2016. On 08/10/2016 I've been to the dealership 3 times already. I've contacted corporate about my issues and I was told because this store is a franchise there's not much they can do. I've talk to the general manager and because he was told by the service manager there is nothing wrong with the car there's nothing they are going to do. I was told by the gm if the tires have 50 percent life or more they don't touch the tires, that's why about 7 months I already have to by new if I don't want to deal with the sound that I believe is the wheel bearings. The regularly gets up to 225 and a couple time went a little over that, the service manager said that normal. I called early August to tell them I think my water pump is going because there was a spill under the passenger side car where the water pump is and i looked at the antifreeze and that was almost empty. Since the first day I have used a gallon of the Dex cool antifreeze and I'm on to my second one. The car was shutting off on me while driving slow, I called they said bring it in we'll see what's going on. The engine light came on, I took it to AutoZone they said my mass air flow sensor was bad. I accepted that but then I looked at the fuse box and the fuse for the mass air flow sensor was missing not blown, completely missing I put a fuse in and that's fixed. I mentioned that because its funny that I didn't have that problem until I left from up there the most recent time. I was told they are not going to fix my car, not going to trade me out, and won't let me push a payment out in order to have the car looked over by a quality mechanic. If you are really hard up and having trouble getting a car go the jd byrider in meridan CT I wish I did.
Entity: Connecticut
48, Report #1350250
Jan 16 2017
03:34 PM
JD Byrider They are nothing but a fraud Joplin Missouri
 I went into the car lot and they told me that I would be approved to get a car. Well when I took my wife and daughter went back to finish the paperwork they told me that they would not use all my income because they said that they would not use my credit against me and that they approve anyone well that is false advertising because they turn you down for no reason even if you have money for down payment.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1360034
Mar 06 2017
12:19 PM
JD BYRIDER Completely taken advantage of Madison Wisconsin
I purchased a van from JD Byrider out of Madison WI about the 8th of November. Thee night I got in it to take it for a test drive, after 4 hrs of paperwork and this being the second day my husband and I had to drive there, we drove it for 5 minutes down the block and that was our test drive. When we got back it was close to 10 o'clock and we still had a two hour drive home. I mentioned to Rebecca that there was some clunking noises coming from the front end but she contributed that being from sitting on the lot for 30 days... So we headed home in our new used car and have had nothing but problems since. I called in to get that same problem looked at and set up an appointment. Took the van in and left it overnight the first time. The mechanic said he fixed the outer tie rod end and aligned it. I came and picked it up and Nothing was fixed. The oil got changed as far as I know. I didn't look cause I didn't think I needed to. So I call back right away the next morning and tell the mechanic nothing got fixed so he said to bring it back in but I couldn't get in for a month. So come March 3rd I was on for another appointment. I brought my car Thursday and I called Monday and they said they didn't even know where the clunking was coming from yet and they still have my car as of 1:09 p.m. Not a happy customer at all. They just got my tax money and have been getting 200 every 2 weeks since November 8th!!
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
50, Report #62701
Jul 03 2003
03:28 PM
Ok let's face it everyone HAS to have a car , ok maybe not HAS to, but without one you almost can't do anything. I was a victim of the worst auto buying experience EVER and JD Byrider is all to blame. For starters, I was 19 when I bought my 1994 MX3 from them and at the time had very little credit. I was unaware that they were more of a buy-here pay-here dealership than an accredited auto company. I wanted to earn some credit on my own and was fed every line in the world telling me how easy it was to get credit from them and they'd help me to be able to buy a brand new car when theirs was paid off and blah blah blah.. I bought my car May 4, 2001 from their location in Fairfield, OH. The salesman and manager both acted as though they were going to do everything under the sun to help me out and this would be the best car I'd ever buy....until AFTER THE PURCHASE. I was at the dealership for pretty much the ENTIRE day because they took FOREVER to get the paperwork done. When I finally got in to sign the paperwork I was told how much my car was never before that 8400.00 for a 1994 with 100,000 miles on it. then I was told that I couldn't get approved for the loan if I didn't buy their extended service contract for 900.00. So, just to move things along, I agreed and signed all my paperwork. I had my car for 2 days and went out in the morning to start it and the car wouldn't go into gear. I called the dealership, and was told the service manager wouldn't be in today and was given the number to BEST EXTENDED WARRANTY, that handles the problems. After being redirected to I don't know how many people. I was finally told that it sounded like it was the transmission and it would have to be towed to the dealership. At who's expense? MINE of course. I waited around for 3 hours for THEIR tow truck to come pick up my car and be towed to some other dealership, not JD BYRIDER, across town. The guy from the dealership called and quoted the price to fix the car, which was 1300.00 and told me he was calling BYRIDER with the price and my car would be ready that afternoon. Ok fine. I waited around and didn't hear anything, so I called JD Byrider to find out what was going on with my car. I was told that the dealership they towed it to was charging too much for a new transmission and they were having it towed back to their lot to be worked on the next day. 6 DAYS LATER I finally get a call saying my car is done no rental car, no nothing. I get the car back and am told that before I can have it, I have to pay a 50.00 deductible out of MY POCKET can you believe that. Well, I'd had enough and refused to pay it, and eventually got the manager to give my car back. I figured everything was fine now and left. 2 weeks later, my alternator goes out and then the starter. So, I called back again, this time spoke with the service manager. He proceeds to tell me that these parts are not covered under their service contract. He said they could do the work cheaper than anyone else though. so to bring it in. I wised up to that and refused because I couldn't be without a car for another week. SO i take the car to my mechanic and spend 200.00 to have the car fixed just so I don't have to be without a vehichle. Everything is fine for about 6 months, and then I'm driving on the highway one morning on my way to work and the car decides it's going to die right there in the middle of the interstate this time I have to call AAA to come and tow my car. I call BYRIDER and tell them what is going on and come to find out from the Transmission place that I had my car towed to that I needed a new clutch AND EXHAUST system which cost me a little over 1000.00 out of pocket. When I informed JD Byrider of this, I was told that clutches werent covered under this BEST EXTENDED WARRANTY either and that I probably just needed to learn how to drive a manual car better. I WAS FURIOUS! I started contacting managers and so on and told them I would not pay another penny to them until I was reimbursed some of the money I'd spent or they took care of all the problems and paid the mechanics that had fixed my car. This went on back and forth for 2 months and I was receiving harassing phone calls EVERY DAY stating that I needed to pay them money or they were going to repo my car and screw up my credit. I argued and fought endlessley until one day while I was at work a tow truck came and towed my car back to their dealership for non-payment....without any advance notice to me. I went into the dealership and spoke with their finance manager, JAY FARNIVAL and explained the situation. in tears, hoping I would get something resolved after all I paid 7500.00 more than the car was worth plus 900 for a service contract, and then almost 3000.00 in repairs...NOTHING... He was rude and told me I needed to learn how to handle my finances better and that I wasn't going to get my car back unless I paid him 866.00 cash that day....and I was also not getting any assistance from them for all of the repairs. I was told that MAINTENANCE was part of the responsiblity of owning a car....can you believe that crap? MAINTENANCE? I had a few choice words with him....and with that he ESCORTED, yes ESCORTED me out to my car, now sitting in their impound to retrieve my belongings. I finally thought I had wipe my hands clean of JD BYRIDER. but I didn't. I starting receiving even more harrasing phone calls at home and work from CREDIT MAX, their collecter, stating they were going to garnish my wages for the monies owed on the car as well as whatever the remaining balance was after they sold the car at auction. This went on for about 3 months and I finally ended up having to change all my contact numbers and write the credit bureau explaining the situation to have the repossession removed. Now, 2 years later I still have a repo on my credit, can't get a new car, and they have officially ruined my car loan reputation all because I was sold a piece of overpriced JUNK. So if you have imperfect credit let me tell you, JD BYRIDER is NOT the answer. You're credit will only get worse because by the time you pay it off...the damn thing won't even run or you'll have gotten fed up and given it back...just like me. FURIOUS AND SCREWED OUT OF A CAR cincinnati, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: Fairfield, Ohio

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