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1, Report #1280106
Jan 29 2016
11:47 AM
Kaplan Kaplan University  DAYTON Nationwide
Hi my name is Chris I have went to Kaplan College between 2010 and 2011 or electrical. this university has not taught me anything that you really should know. they also said credits will transfer to other colleges such as Sinclair and they will not. I have Unsatisfied with their training in there lives
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1276769
Dec 29 2015
08:01 AM
Kaplan University Kaplan Has Closed!!
I am a former Kaplan online graduate.  Last month I received an e-mail from my student loan company stating that my forebearance had been approved.  I never filed for a forebearance, so I was really confused.  I called my provider, Great Lakes, and was told I was put in a forebearance because Kaplan has closed.  The forebearance was put in place to give me time to fill out paperwork to try and get the rest of my loan forgiven and possibly get back all the money that I have already paid. Contact your student loan provider and find out if you can apply for a loan forgiveness.  If you do decide to go into a forebearance, make sure you pay the monthly interest so that your balance won't increase in case you are not approved for the foregiveness.  Kaplan is finally going to get what is coming to them.  I graduted with a useless degree in November 2010 in Accounting.  I have never received any calls from companies that I applied to for open positions in accounting.  
3, Report #652662
Oct 19 2010
08:00 AM
Kaplan University Online University, Internet
I am sorry to say that I enrolled in Kaplan U regardless of the warnings I saw online. This was a mistake. I believed them when they told me they have improved their financial aide department and that any student complaining didn't have their financial aide docs together. This was a mistake. Kaplan University has given me the run around for 12 weeks now. I enrolled in July 2010 without giving them my official transcripts and applied for student loans for school. I completed all paperwork for financial aide. I called numerous times during my classes and after they were finished regarding financial aide. I was always told to call back in ____ # of days or weeks and Direct loans will have picked up my loan. I followed these directions and called when I was supposed to. Now, after I've been out of class for weeks I've gotten phone calls asking why I didn't enroll in the next semester. I've explained it to them and have received phone calls from Financial but nothing has been done. I have sent emails to the last person I spoke with and got no response. Today 10/19/10 I called Direct Loans Directly. Apparently Kaplan did not turn in my application packet to them. They have my promisory note, but not the other information they need in order to accept my loan application. My only goal right now is to get my tuition paid by loans for last semester and change to a different online university.
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4, Report #798298
Nov 15 2011
01:13 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan Kaplan Internet, Iowa
I made a decision to complete my undergraduate at Kaplan after take a long sabbatical. Once I was approved for financial aid, I almost immediately began attending classes online. It was challenging and the professors were engaging. However, the Financial Aid Dept. was another story. For close to a year, I was hounded by the Financial Aid Dept. to provide various documents, which I did. After graduating in August 2011, I was told that I owed the school close to $8,000. I asked them why a shortfall of my financial aid was not disclosed sooner, or why I was not blocked from taking classes until the matter was cleared up, which is purportedly the school's policy. I received no response. I contacted the Dept. of Education and requested an investigation. Once a discrepancy was discovered, insofar as calculating my eligibility to receive financial aid, and this was reported to Kaplan, they stated that my financial aid package could not be re-evaluated because I had withdrawn. To use Withdrawn interchangeably with graduated in the world of academia is foolish, if not negligent. Kaplan had a duty to let me know that my financial aid was going to be short. Kaplan had a duty to follow its own policy and not permit me to continue until my financial aid situation was cleared up. in my opinion, Kaplan has misrepresented certain facts and has been negligent.
Entity: Internet, Iowa
5, Report #286023
Nov 21 2007
04:30 PM
Kaplan University Ripped off by Kaplan University Internet Internet
I had to drop out of Kaplan University last year. Several months later I was notified that I owed Kaplan money. Previous to this my adviser had asked me to ensure I didn't owe any money, which I'd already done, so getting a bill was confusing. I called my adviser several times and left messages, but didn't hear anything back. I talked to a few other people a Kaplan, but didn't get the information necessary to comprehend what was happening. Finally, I got transferred to Billing, and they explained that Yes you do owe the money, and they explained why. Apparently, when I quit in the middle of the quarter, the Financing I'd gotten was resended. Later, while talking to the billing person, it was suggested that I apply for a City Bank Student Loan, which I did. A couple of days ago, I received a letter from the loan company telling me that the loan was denied because Kaplan said I was intelligible. Now they've taken me to a collection agency. Why would they suggest I apply for a loan, then deny me? I tried to call Kaplan again, but wasn't forwarded to billing, only told that they would pass the message on. Sharon Lynnwood, WashingtonU.S.A.
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6, Report #1039979
Apr 02 2013
10:22 AM
kaplan university iwoa Kaplan university rip off, Internet
Kaplan university fin aid is  a joke.As a new student i wish i would have done more reserch  on this school.I just found out that  my package is a joke from this school at 622 dollars dose not cover the (col) needs  cost of living my advice  take the three week program and get out asap and i'm here in fla
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7, Report #1314062
Jun 28 2016
07:02 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan online university Lied Davenport Internet
 I only needed to complete one quarter to finish my bachelors degree. I was enrolled in my final quarter and about 2 weeks in Kaplan locked me out of my online classes. I called my advisor and was directed to admissions and told my financial aid ran out. I was told I could get a loan from the school. The school left me enrolled in all of my classes but locked me out. By the time the loan process was completed they changed my status to an academic suspension and denied my loan. I was working in the school system and needed my degree so I could get my state certification as a teacher. They will not release my official transcripts until I pay them over $5000. I am stuck not being able to transfer or finish my degree. I have earned over 100 college credits.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1405028
Oct 08 2017
08:35 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan College Fraudulent University/worthless degree Nationwide
 I “graduated “ with a supposedly B.S. in Business Managment from Kaplan back in 2003. I thought I had done the right thing by doing this on-line college since where I was living at the time did not have any colleges close by, it was a dream come true for me when I found Kaplan. Unfortunately, my excitement turned into disappointment and dismay. Kaplan did not fully disclose the expense of the “degree” I obtained. I soon found out my “degree” was worthless in the workforce and other (legit) colleges. None of my credits transferred to a legitimate college when I tried to enroll and I owed over $20,000 in student loans. I know I’m not the only one who has been scammed by Kaplan, promising an affordable education and more opportunities in the workforce. Both bold face lies from Kaplan. I would like to see a class action lawsuit. I want my student loans reimbursed to the Department of Education, which I believe Kaplan scammed as well. Any other complaints that anyone has about Kaplan, please respond or if there is anyone that knows who can take on my case or point me in the right direction to get Kaplan shut down and punished for their fraudulent degrees and exorbitant tuition so no one else will fall victim to this sham.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1062837
Jun 28 2013
10:07 AM
Kaplan University Rude, Disrespectful, Scam Internet
After an incredibly disenchanting phone call with an incredibly rude woman in the verification department I have decided to leave Kaplan. I am getting exhausted with picking up the slack of other peoples incompetence, and if this is the way that Kaplan University does business, I have absolutely no interest in continuing my education with them.Throughout previous phone call with the Verification department, I was belittled, treated as a child, and disrespected. I am sorry to leave but I have no interest in working with a company that allows employees to speak to a student in the way I have been.
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10, Report #1227929
May 09 2015
08:35 AM
kaplan university scam iowa Nationwide
 I agree with what is said about kaplan university. Such a waste when you work so hard and get charged so much. after I graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree I was out of work so I called them and asked them if they had job placement or at least helped you get a job and they said no. very disappointing. In 2015 I'm still not working in my field. There is no way you can pay off school loans working in a call center.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1216583
Mar 18 2015
11:05 AM
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1267167
Nov 10 2015
08:06 PM
Kaplan university  Online infl Internet
Will not produce my ba they are holding it for ransom for $1000 that they say I owe them and in still not using my degree I received! They stated that I would be state certified but when I requested the information to go take the test I found out that I'm not eligible I still have not received my ba degree they are holding it ransom for $1000 I'm still not able to pay the $70,000 due to not being able to become state certified.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1362805
Apr 26 2017
11:31 AM
Kaplan university Internet
 Several colleges that I applied with will not acknowledge that I even attended Kaplan. so I wasted 3 years and 37k in student loans for nothing. they charged me over 2500 in technology fees. and after doing some research on the so called teachers, some of them arent even teachers...... The degree is junk, it was a waste of time!!!!!!!
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1348029
Jan 06 2017
10:23 AM
Kaplan University Ripoff Scam Nationwide
I attend Kaplan to get my Bachelor degree to attend law school. I suffered a head injuy and had to withdraw. I notified Kaplan and assumed I was withdrawn. I received a student loan bill for loans that should have been refunded. I logged into my Kaplan asccount to find I was locked out. By the time anyone from Kaplan returned my messages the next term had started and they again took my student loan money. I again tried to withdraw. Again I had no success. I went through the dispute process to no avail. Kaplan rips off it's students by continuing to take student loan money for students that have withdrawn before and during the time period in which to withdraw.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #358201
Aug 01 2008
02:08 PM
Kaplan University three card monty routine with accounting and billing Kaplan University Iowa
Let me start off by saying that I am a graduate of Kaplan University. I didnt have a problem with the educational part of their school. However, I had a long standing issue with the University regarding financial aid accounts. Before I went to Kaplan, the admission rep assured me that I had all these financial aid loans and Grants that would cover the cost of going to their school. After I attended it was a different story, I had to keep taking loan after loan it was never enough!!!! When I did the school exit, the 'so called accounting division' stated that I had a zero balance and I recieved my Associates Degree in 2006. Today when I opened my mail I could believe it I got an out standing bill from Kaplan in the amount of 233.71 !! I called Kaplan and they were doing auditing and the people in accounting made mistakes in their record keeping. When I threatened to call the state attorney General, that is when another representive talked to me and said I didnt owe anything it ' had all been a huge mistake' but I am not letting this go. I think the rep said that just to shut me up but it wont work!!! Angela Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Kaplan University, Iowa
16, Report #718855
Apr 18 2011
06:12 AM
Kaplan University Kaplan University Kaplan University Chicago Ben Wilcox Chicago, Illinois
 Getting the government on your side when you are facing a tough fight in court is a time honored technique in American business, and Kaplan and the for profit industry is no stranger to it.  The usual approach is to equate the threat to Kaplan or the for profit industry with injury to society ,(i.e. Americans are uneducated and need college degrees), then  exaggerate the magnitude of the problem beyond recognition ,( i.e. If we don't educate every american we will loose control as a world power) and then claim Kaplan has the answer in online education paid for by student loans. This rhetorical strategy makes it seem as if America is hanging on by a thread to its status as world economic power . All will be lost if it is not already , unless legislation is enacted to protect this altruistic industry and provide a college degree to everyone in America at tax payer expense. The real problem ignored by the DOE is the conflict of interest between Kaplan, the for profit industry, elected officials, and the taxpayers. when the for profit industry  is in trouble it has every incentive to use the political process to improve its chances of survival. Elected officials who see an opportunity to extract political contributions and other favors often are eager to help.  Regulators at the DOE and accrediting bodies like the HLC are also willing participants insuring survival of the industry because their current positions and future ability to market themselves to the private sector are enhanced in this process. Elected officials and regulators know that there is a good chance the problem will get worse, but they don't care . By the time the industries problems become to visible to be ignored and the student loan debt crisis hits they will be long gone and a new generation of elected officials and regulators in place. And for this new generation the crisis will present additional opportunities to search for scape goats like Ben Wilcox and rescue the industry. These efforts are then used to convince tax payers who are left to pay the bill, that the government is on their side and something is being done to bring the guilty like Wilcox to justice.  The message is clear , don't be a whistleblower, if you do the FBI will come and silence you. We must put an end to FBI and political repression in this county. For too long the FBI and big business have used their power and influence to silence people who expose the crimes of big business.The for profit education industry in the United States is a highly sophisticated, diversified, activity that annually drains billions of dollars from Americas economy by unlawful conduct. The question is, should the U.S. taxpayer continue to subsidize the for profit education industry and government backed student loans when so much fraud goes unchecked by the courts? The case against me was nothing more than retaliation by Kaplan University against a whistleblower that caught them defrauding their students and the tax payers out of over a billion dollars in a student loan scam.  The main lesson here is the need to be vigilant to guard against the arbitrary exercise of power by the government against whistleblowers when they threaten the economic establishment of big business.  I just pray that the lord Jesus Christ will allow this to encourage Judge Patricia Seitz in Miami to use the evidence I produced to dispense justice for the US tax payers and students who have been defrauded out of hundreds of millions of dollars by Kaplan College and The Washington Post criminal enterprise. I will continue to cooperate with the OIG and Department of Justice to recover the millions stolen by Kaplan University from its students and the US tax payers. Ben Wilcox
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
17, Report #391017
Nov 13 2008
05:14 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan is a rip off Internet
I started Kaplan back in February of 2008. i thought at the time they where the best college I had talked to for online classes. I would say that I got threw my first semester and i started getting calls. They started to call me telling me that I owed them money. I did not know what they where talking about. They said that I agreed to a 50 dollar monthy payment every month. I told them I did not agree to that. I was told I would not have any payments until 6 months after I finished school. I started getting calls every day. I was always telling these people this is not what i agreed too. They would tell me that this is what I owed and if I did not pay them soon they where going to block me from classes. I started making calls and no one has returned my call about this and I have called a lot of people. They are trying to say that I owe them 2 thousand dollars. I can not believe they did this and I am not paying them this money. I will know have this on my credit report for nothing and I got nothing from it. Do not attend Kaplan they are not what they say. Monica Woodbine, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1329847
Sep 23 2016
08:48 PM
Kaplan University Kaplan in a SCAM Kaplan.edu Nationwide
 I attended Kaplan, worked to earn my Assoc in Criminal Justice. After realizing I was paying entirely too much for this unaccredited joke of an 'institution', I withdrew and applied at a small local tech school. A lot of my credits didn't transfer. I couldn't afford to keep attending school and racking up student loan debt....which is now up to over $60,000! Thanks, Kaplan! I can't buy anything because my credit is junk, I have to keep applying for forbearance and the stress of dealing with it is awful. If it wasn't for the ridiculous student loan amount, my credit would be amazing and I might actually be able to attend a good school and begin working in my much-wished-for career field. I sure would love to be able to finally buy my own (first) home with my husband, for us and our four kids! Kaplan has ruined every dream I've ever had, before they I ever even realized that they'd started...
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1205615
Jan 30 2015
03:39 PM
kaplan university kaplan SCAM Internet
Please wait for an Admissions Advisor to respond. Welcome to Kaplan University Admissions. All chats may be monitored and recorded. My name is 'Mary', how may I help you? Mary: Hello adam. How may I help you? adam: I had some questions about your credit system Mary: ok, adam: what is the amount of credits you have to recieve for a applied science degree Mary: There are 90 credits in this degree adam: and how many for a bachelors Mary: 180 credits adam: why is that amount higher than some other schools, or community colleges Mary: Our courses are 5-6 credits each Mary: Typically, as a full time student, you can earn an associate's degree in about 2 years and a bachelor's degree in about 4 years. Most of our undergraduate students start with 2 classes to make sure they can adjust to the workload. It's very important you understand that many courses, including those for the associate degree, are 5 credits per class. In other words, if you take two courses, that would be ten credits. But by definition, a full time student is one who takes 12 credits per term or two six credit courses. adam: why are the courses 5 to 6 each when in other schools they are 3 Mary: We are on the quarter semester hour. Our terms are 10 weeks adam: i dont understand how that would benefit me more than going to a school that would require less credit hours to get my degree. It seems to me that i am paying for more credit hours to recieve the same degree adam: in one school that i need 60 credit hours, and take 3 hour classes at 220 a credit that is 660 per class. As to here I need 90 credit hours, and take 5 credit classes at 320 per credit which is 1600 per class. That is triple the amount. adam: it seems to me that i am paying 3 times teh amount for the exact same degree. Is that wrong? Mary: I don't know about other schools Mary: Our tuition rate is based on credits, most courses are 5 or 6 credits each and varies by program, and may be adjusted up or down throughout your enrollment. The cost per credit hour is 371 dollars. We have a non refundable application fee of $45 which is currently being waived. There's a $200.00 technology fee assessed per term, in other words, every 10 weeks - not per course. The technology fee covers your internet support tools, online student support, internal email, access to the online library, and our nationwide communication system. adam: lol adam: so that means i am correct about what i said than adam: if that is the case with the other schools Mary: Please contact your advisor Devon Grant at 866-527-5268 adam: I have attended online college before and am in the process to enroll in classes that are starting in less than a week. But it seems to me that i am being highly over charged adam: wow. this hasnt been informative at all adam: im having real doubts about this school adam: and even more now by you trying to forward me to someone else for answers adam: So you have nothing else to say about my questions Mary: Contact Devon he is your advisor. Or I can transfer you to a Financial aid rep to discuss your plan. adam: lol. No thanks i am realizing that this school is a complete scam and i will be posting all this information on the web for everyone to see Mary: Kaplan's courses are 5-6 credits each since we are on the Quarter semester hour adam: your not very helpful at all which is really scary Mary: I am just stating the facts Adam adam: LOLOLOL adam: ok. adam: this was a great wakeup call i am glad i saw this before enrolling adam: thank you have a great day Mary: You too. Thank you for chatting with Kaplan University. Your feedback is important to us. Once you close this window, please take a moment to fill out our survey and tell us how we did today.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #675878
Dec 28 2010
08:33 AM
Kaplan University Kaplan Online Kaplan University The Worst Online School Ft. Lauderdale, Internet
I started attending Kaplan University online in Sept. 2008. It took me three semesters to get my student loans applied to my account. I received letters from Direct Loans stating the sent funds in my name to Kaplan, but they were not applied to my account. I could not withdraw at until the loans were credited to my account or I would have been responsible for the payments out of pocket for not being a current student. I contacted the Better Business Bureau to help me resolve this issue and the funds were finally applied to my account. By the time the funds were credited I was to far into my degree to withdraw. Since that time I have numerous issues with Kaplan University. I was enrolled in a course that was not what I was told it was going to be, so I changed courses, again this was not the course I was seeking, so I ended up switching again. In the meantime I took courses I did not need, wasting thousands of dollars. In July 2009, I withdrew from a course, but do to miscommunication the course was not dropped until 10 days of the course start. Policy is that you must drop a course within 7 days in order not to be charged for the course. I contacted Kaplan and told them I wanted to drop the course, it was them that delayed the process and I ended up paying over $2,000.00 for a course I did not take. In July 2010 I applied for a KC Loan to help pay the remainder of my tuition. The first loan was denied due to Kaplan not completing their portion of the application. I had to reapply and funding was delayed on my account until Oct. 2010. In the meantime I received numerous calls from student accounts requesting payment on my account and threatening to block me out of my classes. When I applied for the KC Loan, Kaplan was supposed to certify it for the amount that I need to complete my degree. That did not calculate this amount correctly, so I am short $1043.00. I applied for another KC Loan to cover this amount, but again Kaplan has not completed their portion of the application for it to be process. I currently have one class to complete to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Health Science. This last course will start in Feb. 2011. I currently have a credit balance of $666.00 on my account, but I have been receiving calls from Student Accounts stating that I have a balance due on my account of $1043.00 and if payment is not received, I will be blocked out of classes. How can I owe for a semester that has not started and when there is a credit on my account? I have tried to contact Financial Aid in regard to these issues and can never get any thing resolved. I have request to speak to a supervisor several times, none is never available. Representative have told me they will have a supervisor call me, none has done so. I have been told my account is being reviewed, still nothing is resolved. I sincerely hope that someone reads this email and something can be done to help students that are being taken for thousands of dollars for an education and not getting the services that they were told they would. Education should be a good experience, not a nightmare.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Internet
21, Report #549797
Jan 05 2010
03:42 PM
KAPLAN COLLEGE ,KAPLAN UNIVERSITY , KAPLAN HIGHER EDUCATION KU Eliminated Academic Freedom & Promoted Academic Fraud Internet, Nationwide
After nearly seven years at KU as a faculty member, I experienced an increasing amount of pressure from non-academic types to pass student who were unprepared and unable to meet the demands of higher education. Faculty are micro-managed, their discussion board postings counted not qualified, and they are forced to change grades for students who are not passing courses. Evaluations are based on the number of students who pass a course rather than what they learn. Initially, Kaplan College was focused on teaching students what they would need to know to be successful within their respective career. Shortly after the university designation, business types who were disinterested in education and profit driven operated the newly defined KU. Do not misunderstand; profit is GOOD and necessary for all institutions and entities. However, creating a hostile work environment that rewards those who pass students rather than those who actually care about education is the wrong direction for any institution of higher-education. Kaplan University engages in cold-calling potential students and makes promises that they cannot keep. For example, I have had student enrolled that when contacted telephonically, they stated that they did not own a computer. It seems odd that those without a computer would be enrolled in an online program. They further indicated that the KU employee promised them financial aid money and a free computer. After enrollment, the tens of thousands of dollars owed to KU did not justify student loans that were an artifact of their naivet. It was heart breaking to speak with student (mostly single-mothers with children) who wanted to change their life and set an example for their children, but were faced with mounting KU related bills and an auto-enrollment system that did not allow them to dis-enroll without incurring thousands of dollars of debt that they could not re-pay. Do not worry, however, taxpayers WILL pay for those defaulted student loans, and KU will continue to profit! Do not view these statements as sour-grapes, I left KU on my own terms as it became impossible for me to reconcile ethical principles that had drawn me originally to education. I still believe in online education, it is an important and necessary part of any legitimate academic institution. My hope and motivation for posting this information is to warn the would-be students who can become armed with information and make choices that do not include Kaplan University, the school of non-educations. Jolei
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
22, Report #554716
Jan 14 2010
06:17 PM
I was enrolled in Kaplan's online learning programs. I had to have surgery and knew I would be out for a couple weeks so I called my school adviser to tell him about it and if I could take a medical leave for a month. He told me that I didn't need to! HE told me that all I had to do was have me or my husband log in everyday for me and that I would just take an F in those classes and I would just have to retake them when I got better. He said not to worry, but to make sure I still logged in and I could take as much time as I needed to get better. I told him that was dishonest and he said that it wasn't, that's just how the system is set up I told him that I would not do that and I wanted to take a medical leave and if they couldn't do that then I wanted out of the program. He then told me if I did that I would have to still pay for the semester and I would be charged and early leave fee of $400. So now they are sending me bills for $800! They also screwed over my loans and I'm fighting them over those months that they said I attended school but didn't.  
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
23, Report #447184
Apr 28 2009
12:38 PM
Kaplan University HUGE SCAM Ft. Lauderdale Internet
I started Kaplan University about 2 1/2 years ago. I was a stay at home mom and wanted to further myself, and maybe have a career. I was contacted by Kaplan, whom while looking at my records online said that with the community college I had attended I already had my associates. I would be working on my bachelors. Great. So I started school. Financial aid paid for everythng but $100 to $200 every four months. I'm thinking it's not that bad. Sure. I could never get ahold of my advisor. I was never sure who it was, I was always told that it was someone new when I called. I would talk to the next available advisor. I had requested that in my notes someone would put in that I wanted all of my general education requirements done first. This would mean to a normal person that I wanted to take all of these classes first. No I was taking all the classes towards my degree first and filling in the general education where they could. This went on for about a year, year and a half. I still thought that I was getting an education until a math class I had to take. It was basically a high school algebra class. I passed that in high school but whatever. The professor for this class turned out to be a student aid. This person knocked me down on points for showing my work like I was told (but according to them I showed too much, there was never a set amount had to be shown), or for not showing my work like I was told. Then I would go to the class. I would ask questions about what was in the book. I would get the exact same answers, word for word, that were in the book. No other explainations. My husband watched me get more and more frustraited. I would get all the home work right, but fail the tests because of this person. My husband took caculus in college, so he decided to take the class for me and see if he could pull my grade up. After two weeks of this professor I had to call my advisor. Never a call back. A few classmates and myself called the next available advisor. We were all told that there was a file started on this professor and that they would not be teaching the next semester. We were lied to. Then for some unforseen reasons I had to quit school for a while. Since I had been in class for long enough I expected about a $300 bill. There were only two weeks left in the semester. What I got was a $1700.00 bill. I was told this was what my student loan was not going to pay. So I started making payment arrangements. I was told that I would have to pay $200 every month. After 7 phone calls I got it knocked down to $50 a month. There was no way after that phone call I was paying $200 a month. Then I get my first month bill that already said I was past due. So I called they said no that went out before the payment arrangement. Okay so that day I made my first payment over the phone. No biggie. I was told that I could set it up where they would take it right out of my account if I would like. I said no. Three days later I find out that they took $650 out of my account. I called, they said that I owed it and agreed to it. It had to take a call from a lawyer and my bank for them to give me back $600. So I continued to send checks every month. Then one month I get my check back and a letter saying I was again past due. I call again. They said that I should have recieved the email that said they were no longer accepting checks. I told them I didn't. Got the late fee taken off. Then I get a bill that says put your credit card information on it. Okay no big deal there right? No. I put down that only $50 was to come off of my credit card. I check my account everyday to make sure they do not take off more than $50. Two weeks after I sent that payment in I get another you're late statement. I call and tell them I sent it. I was told that I could pay over the phone, to which I laughed, or I could have it directly taken out of my account every month by them. No other option. I hung up. For three months I did not pay. They did not send me a bill. Then I get a phone call saying I'm late. Told them to send me a bill. Two day's later I get the bill. So I start paying online direct bill pay every two weeks. About christmas of last year I stop getting bills. Great I'm done no more payments. So I stop paying. I decided to give school another shot. I called Kaplan, thinking it was just their billing department. I get an advisor who tells me that the only way I can come back is if I write them 150 essay on why I had to leave and why I wanted to come back. Then she tells me that I don't have my associates and no one there would ever tell me that! So I call another school. I get enrolled there, I want my transcripts from Kaplan. I get a denial from them saying that I still owed $186.07, and my transcripts would go no where until I paid. I was told that just because they stop sending bills does not me I quit owing. So I paid. Now they are telling me that I have to resign and refax my transcripts requests, because that is federal law. It's been over a month, and that's how it is. I reccomend that if Kaplan calls any of you or if you're thinking about that school run! Run fast and hard. For the school I'm attending now to get an Assoc. and a B.S. 4 years it's only going to be $20,000. For kaplan for the time I went which was not even three. I owe $26,000. Do Not let them enroll you. Jamie Lochbuie, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #456363
May 28 2009
08:27 PM
Kaplan University Beware Fort Laurderdale Florida
What I know. I work for Kaplan, and I must say, I don't agree with the telemarketing style they have. Years ago I took courses from them for the the LSAT which is for pre law, sucked. I did end up in law school but not from them. Anyway, online school is not for everyone, and as it stands now as far as I am concerned is it for the money for the schools. People need to know who are completing their degree what they have to gain from it? Don't be some person who has no clue? All online schools are the same, but I will admit Kaplan has a better program from what I have seen, as much as I hate to say it. I'm kinda of a no BS person, but what I do know if you are going to spend that kinda money it should be for the best. It is really not all that bad, and from the people I have talked to they love it. Let's be real clear about this. I do not think Kaplan is the best place to be, that is a person own decision, and you will have many to pick from. I don't agree with Kaplan nor will I. It has become a telemarketing game and nothing to do with education which concerns me the most. They hire people and they will fire people for not enrolling a certain number of students. That beings said, what does all that mean? Aviationtech Hallandale Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Laurderdale, Florida
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Feb 26 2009
03:07 PM
Kaplan University Run around Davenport, Iowa
Kaplan University first contacted me on Feb 12, 2009 via my online inquiry. The admissions advisor was very personable and friendly. After spending an hour on the phone with them the stated that I needed to fill out enrollment forms and forward those along with my FASFA information. I did so on the 14th and a week went by with no reply from the advisor or any one at Kaplan. I called the advisor and was told my email was mistakenly directed to their spam folder. They apologized and gave me a $1000 voucher to go towards my final semister before graduation. Basically a coupon for $1000 off the cost of tuition. I then had to take an Academic Readiness test online which consisted of 30 questions upon which you get 8 minutes to complete. They do not expect you to answer all questions in the alotted time as the questions get more difficult as you proceed through the test. I submitted the test and the following day received an email from the admissions advisor that I did FANTASTIC and to give them a call so that we could begin registering for classes. When constacted the advisor asked me how many questions I answered. Now I'm thinking if they have the test there in front of them they should know how many questions I answered. I replied that I had no idea. They said I got 26 right. I know for a fact I did not get through to 26 questions. I may have gotten to 15 but not 26. They immediately transferred me to a class advisor who was to register me for classes but was told they could not find the results of the test and that my assigned advisor would call me the next day at 1:00. By 2 o'clock a call was yet to be received. I contacted the advisor and got the impression that they had no idea they were to call me. They stalled a while and then it seemed as though they were distracted. I was then told they might have to go into a staff meeting. Oh yes, we have to go into a staff meeting. I call you back right after the meeting. These red flags along with all the report about Kaplan help me to make up my mind to un-enroll from Kaplan University before I was out thousands of dollars like I have read about on Ripoff Report.com. Thank you everyone who has been kind enough to share your Kaplan misfortunes with the rest of us. I'm sorry for your struggles but will pray that the Kaplan reaps what they sow! Emma Wise to the scam, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa

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