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76, Report #336528
Jun 02 2008
06:59 PM
Kaplan University Kaplans integrity is worth a lousy 95.00!! Des Moines Arizona
I recently received an email from Kaplan about one of their online programs that I was interested in. I decided to talk to a Admissions counselor who is nothing than a glorified sales agent whose name is Andrea. I was rushed through the entire process, and did not feel comfortable with that. I found it odd that they would enroll me in classes without even wanting to see my transcripts from high school or college. I paid the 95.00 then had second thoughts. I had signed up 7 days prior to the 6/4/2008 start date. I called them on the 4th day I had signed up and told them I had changed my mind. I had to speak with 4 different people and departments, spending a total of 2 hours on the phone. They tried to convince me of how great Kaplan was, if it was that great, the school would sell itself. I finally spoke to andrea last. She was as sweet as sugar until I told her I wanted my 95.00 back. Once I told her that she became nasty, spoke over me and basically told me that I had 7 days to withdraw and I would not get my money back. The problem I had with that was that I would have had to cancel the same day I signed up to be within the 7 day cancel limit and I never even registered for any classes. How can they justify keeping my money. This andrea was extremely unprofessional and acted nice only to get my money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH KAPLAN--THEY CARE ONLY ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE--YOUR MONEY! Angry spud des moines, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Tuscon, Arizona
77, Report #378259
Oct 03 2008
12:11 PM
Kaplan University Save Yourself from the Campus President Cedar Rapids Iowa
I wanted to go on the record and tell future students of Kaplan not to even think your going to get a quality education from this so called school, rather you should label it a scam school. Yeah I know you marketing people are reading this and I frankly hope you tell that campus president that her days at her job are limited. Frankly you people need something better to do!!!! How much do they pay you to sit there at a computer and look for this stuff, you should be ashamed because people who know their rights will sue you for invasion of privacy, not to mention it is called internet piracy... So let me get the facts out there for all of you who are willing to waste 30,000 on education that is simply bogus. 2 former students at Kaplan University went out to lunch and the campus president and the then student advisor so happened to be there, they were overheard by the students that they were conspiring to get rid of certain students at that school, maybe because they had not noticed the students there or just simply didn't care, whatever the case may be it was a unethical choice for them to be talking about any of the students, those students are not there to defend themselves, not to mention the campus president thinks that she is invincible, I have news for you, she is rude, disrespectful, hurtful and just plain unprofessional, in no way shape or manner should this person work at the high paying job.. I believe a review board should look into her practices and her way of conducting business, because what they would find would be extremely offensive. Secondly Kaplan needs to take better care of their students, at the Cedar Rapids campus they treat them like garbage at best, they only look at the dollar signs and look at how much money they can suck out of the student and the federal goverment.. I can also relate a story of another student who was pregnet when she entered the school, and when she had given birth she took a semester off to try and recovery which is protected under the FMLA and after that semester was up, she had to go back to the school in front of a review board that consisted of the top managemant of the school, this person felt angry at the fact that she had to literally beg for the chance to get back in the school, Kaplan should have welcomed that person with open arms and taken the time to actually care about what had happened, when all they did was flex their mighty muscle just to intimadate that person. I hope that some of the right people are reading this and take the time to investigate a growing problem that needs corrected before it becomes to late..... Nameless Cedar Rapids, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
78, Report #409167
Jan 07 2009
12:57 PM
Kaplan University No Refund of Deposit in 4-6wks as Promised Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I was lied to about receiving hard copy books,I was told my card would not be processed until the book issue was resolved and it was charged anyway.They only offer E-Books which was not an option for me due to the fact I'm disabled.I needed Hard Copy books due to my disabilities and stated that at beginning communications.I was also told I would get a refund in 4-6 weeks.I have not received anything as of this date.I also did not get a reply to the last e-mail I sent.I have documentation proving what I say is true and I am filing a Civil Suit on January 12,2009 if I don't receive my deposit back by that time,I am a widow with a 10 yr old daughter and I am on a fixed income.I was lied to two times. I feel they lied and took advantage of me because Im disabled.This has been since Oct 11,2008. Sherilyn Unionville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
79, Report #395186
Nov 25 2008
11:49 PM
Kaplan University Admissions Team Leads, Associate Director, and Senior Directors Fort Lauderdale Florida
As an ex employee I am speaking of what I witnessed but turned my head the other way in disgust of how Kaplan University has complete staff of men and women whom sleeps with each other and play favoritism to one another in the workplace. Anyone that is not a virgin should know how sex smells, foul body odors and can determine when a person has just had sex and did not cleanse their body from seminal fluids and wash up. Throughout the day it is obvious when Team Leads (men) and female employees leave for lunch together and return an hour later looking suspicious and smelling suspicious like sex was just performed. The smell travels with them as they are coming back in the work area to resume their jobs and the air conditioner adds to the curiosity of questioning (what is that smell)? Not only is the body odor offensive a person cannot ask someone to go to the restroom and wash up their body parts smells. Also to speak about someone smells to a supervisor may also be look upon as defamatory and hardly would anyone report this to a supervisor. Numerous sightings also has been viewed by me and ex colleagues I am aware witnessed this also themselves of employees (married men) and female employees (single with children at home) hugged up walking around the parking lot smoking cigarettes and or sitting in the parking lot eating lunch and then the car is jumping up and down and foggy. Security is in the parking lot and I am sure staff has viewed the sightings of employees having sex on the premises in their cars. But that is not their jobs they are there to protect employees and stop crime. I am sure if Kaplan spouses at home (wives) were aware of what was going on they definitely would be checking out their husbands movements at Kaplan throughout the day. In addition, I am aware of an Adm Adv wrongfully fired by Kaplan after an incompetent financial aid representative did not document important details in the students file after interviewing her. The Adm Adv claimed the student file had no messages of student status to be approved for financial aid. The Adm Adv discovered the same day fired what happened in financial aid for more than a week which should have been a message to write off the student she was in default and needed a clearance letter after interviewing student. The student was not happy about being in default and told FA Rep she will call back when she get her clearance letter. However, the Adm Advisor called FA department and was unable to find out what happened to the student she was not transferred and there is no document in files. So the Adm Adv kept calling student because FA rep never sent her an email, nothing to what happened to the student, causing the Adm Adv not to make goal. Eventually the Adm Adv sent the student a closed file after the student stop contacting her. Guess what, Kaplan fired the Adm Advisor when the student called and reported she sent her emails and harass her by calling too much. They made the student feel like royalty and fired one of their best Advisor over a misunderstanding. First, the student cursed her Adm Adv and hung up telephone. Next the student emailed the Adm Adv and boasted of how she will get in the school through another advisor after she cursed her advisor and disrespected the advisor. The advisor requested an apology and said she will be sure the student doesnt get recommended and sent email to the student as well as explaining how the student is causing her to be placed in the boss office by wasting her time. Well, the Sr Director fired the Adm Adv, the same day the notes finally from FA dept was documented. The Advisor said she copied notes sent to student to prove she did not harass her. The boss claim the emails back to the student was not all company memos and fired the advisor for getting emotional with the student. Well it backfired on the boss because he strangely resigned the very next week or they fired him because he no longer works there. Wonder what happened? Sounds like karma. But today, I heard Kaplan is giving out checks to employees of supposedly violating the Labor laws, Wage and Salary and underpaid thousands of Advisors. So if anyone use to work for Kaplan, you should receive a letter about this, you could have a check in the mail because the current employees was told they were receiving Christmas bonuses. They do not know that is underpayments Kaplan handed them for working all that overtime on weekends. Also its a rumor that some Adm Adv are hired earning salary and some Advisors are hired earning hourly pay. Thats against the law and is another wage and salary discrepancy. That sound like favoritism to me and discrimination in salary I am sure which race those were getting salaries. Oh boy...I can't wait to hear what the results will be. I predict in my crystal ball Kaplan will be singing the song written by Mary J Blige very soon, I'm going down......Im going down... because my students are not around.....Baby...My whole world s upside....down.....Im going down.....I am going down...my whole worlds upside...down.. I will be so happy when that day come because nasty evil mean wicked and disgusting people deserve to go down. They not only have themselves in class action lawsuits but doesnt fire hoochie mamas (ie. weave, bleached and punk hair styles, gothic, false eyelashes, tight clothing, cleavage, mini skirts, street attitude) for having sex with married men (team leads) in the parking lots. Kaplan does not like employees who are intelligent and challenge them, theirs a rumor Kaplan will fire you for attending a college different than their school. The employees work there that are too imperial or conservative gets fired for the least things they do. Its Florida law, employers can fire you for anything including your race, but who could prove it. Thats messed up. Anonymous Fort Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #396274
Nov 30 2008
05:09 PM
Kaplan University Does not properly inform students that logging in to site incurs charges Internet
Kaplan University hounds you about registering for classes and they will contact you numerous amounts of time to make sure you register and log in to class, but they conveniently omit letting you know that logging in will incur fees even if you don't actually attend class. I contacted Kaplan to withdraw from class. Although they are quick to contact you regarding registering and logging in, they are extremely slow about returning calls or contacting you regarding your withdrawal. After leaving messages with an academic counselor regarding the withdrawal, which were not returned, I received an email stating that I needed to login to the site regarding my classes. I logged in thinking that it had something to do with my withdrawal request. Now mind you the login was only to the site and not to any classes, but they insist that the login was equivalent to attending class. Of course this information about logging in was not explained on the front end. I was even told by the director, who I complained to that this was a common complaint. My question to her was if this is something that happens frequently why would you not make sure that it is properly explained on the front end? Of course there was no answer. I of course know that the answer is that it helps them to generate more fees. I think there needs to be a class action suit against Kaplan to force them to discontinue this unethical practice. Deb Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #415394
Jan 23 2009
03:18 PM
Kaplan University - Online Campus THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAM ARTIST Ft. Laudderdale Florida
I started at Kaplan a year ago and they kept saying for the last four months I was there ,that I had missing documents . I had faxed in to Xavier like 10 times , seriously. Finally I could not take it anymore because they were charging me 3,000 dollars for these missing documents. I am glad that I got out while I did but It would be awesome if any one knows of a law suit to join because they said when I stared that my student loans and pell grant would cover it. They took all that and more. I never failed a class. I always faxed and did every thing they wanted me to do . I would never wish there craziness on anyone. They do not care about people. They are money hungry people. Donna Lee Raymond said she would keep in contact with me while in school,she was my admittance counselor. Kaplan also says you need 90 credits for an assoicates degree. LIARS ,you only need 60 credits. THEY ARE A HUGE RIP OFF , Do not go to KAPLAN whatever you do. I want to wash my hands of them!!!I changed to another online college , and they are way more professional. And more known. Amy**** Lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Laudderdale, Florida
82, Report #410991
Jan 12 2009
09:45 AM
Kaplan University Financial AID Dept. is a joke and a ripoff!!! Cedar Rapids Iowa
Kaplan Univeristy Financial Aid Dept is a joke! I have been trying to get a call back or even an e-mail for close to 4 months now. Noone is interested in getting back with me. The financial aid dept. has changed my finaincial aid officer 4 times and noone seems to know what is going on. At this time I have Kaplan calling me at least 4-5 times a day. I call at least 3 times a week and have left multilpe e-mails and messages. They do not put student needs first. I have completed a full year with Kaplan and feel like their actions towards students that are trying to better their lives is unacceptable! Beware of this school. It is unfortunate that the financial aid department is so inadequate, because the curriculum is not to bad. The teachers were great, however, I left because the departments in this school don't seems to know what is going on, as well as the ignorance of the finaincial aid department. My final frustration is that now I have missed my window of opportunity to enroll at another school because I can't get my transcript from Kaplan. I feel like I am really over a barrel and don't know what to do next. Any suggestions would be helpful to get this situation resolved. Krista Boyd, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Cedar Rapids,, Iowa
83, Report #562314
Feb 01 2010
10:11 AM
Kaplan University online cousre deceptive unfair collection practices Internet
I started online course for criminal justice 8/20/08 and by the the 26Th I decided it was not for me and tried to cancel the class. they would not let me cancel saying I would need to speak with the academic advisor. I called several times that day and she would not return my call till the next day with and attitude about me wanting to quit by this time even thought there policy base on attendance they want me to pay them 1735.00 for eight days of school because I log on the web site thought I was just trying to find someone else to email or to call to drop this class. November 2008 I receive a email for amount owed 578.00 then back to 1735.00. They also sent me 1098 that they reported to the IRS 1156.32 and me a bill for 1735.00 this organization is corrupt and should be shut down by the federal government. I have legal documents to show the courts which shows there scam tactics believe me that will come.
Entity: , Internet
84, Report #627645
Jul 30 2010
10:39 AM
Kaplan University (Davenport, Iowa) financial aide scam chicago, Illinois
Financial aide at this school is a joke, they have been giving me the run around for two months now and they keep telling me the same thing, keep in mind I am in my last two weeks before i graduate from this so caalled college, this should say how long altogether i have been going through this, if anyone out there wants to come together and get somethign done about this just let me a way to get ahold of you or email me at (((REDACTED)))... thanks....CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
85, Report #668810
Dec 09 2010
08:38 PM
Kaplan University online education Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Kaplan University contacted me one day out of the blue and made it seem as if attending college online was the way to go. Since I was caring for my mother at the time it seemed like a perfect fit. Everyone was so helpful and nice to me, that is until the actually classes began. I had never attended college before, this was all very new to me. I was told that I could learn medical transcription and would graduate January 2011 via accelerated classes. Alright, this sounds good so I signed up, went to the FAFSA website and did what I had to do.  The classes were so-so, but I was willing to learn. For some reason their main focus was on the writing classes. Now mind you I did not sign up to become a writer, I wanted to learn medical transcription so I could secure a better job for myself and provide for my family while learning something new. I didn't learn one thing about medical transcription but I did learn about the human body.  As time moved on I also had other obligations. Kaplan expected me to ignore these responsibilities and focus mainly on my studies and classes.  I had to quit my job in order to complete assignments on time. Caring for an elderly woman and work was enough to tire me out. Kaplan did not care. During Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays part of our assignment was to ask family members rather personal questions which they were not happy about. They felt it was a bit too personal to ask such things and many of my relatives are at that age where you just don't discuss their bodily functions, etc.  Kaplan did not care. I received very low grades but was never told what my grades really were nor were they located anywhere in my grade reports. I constantly asked but never received answers. I did try my best. I spoke to people in the medical field, doctors, nurses, assistants and received valuable information. Information that Kaplan suggested was 'wrong'. I figured if these people have degrees and are working in the medical field how can they be wrong? I figured I did need some tutoring so I attended a few of the tutoring sessions and for some reason when I entered the chat room no one would speak to me. I sat there completely ignored. A few times during classes when responding to questions many students had snarky remarks or made insinuating remarks and I didn't even know these people. The instructor never said a word to them about their behavior but I was expected to not say a word because the school has a 'policy'. In late May of 2010 Kaplan informed me quite abruptly that they were dismissing me from the school due to not passing the writing course and for having a low gpa (a gpa I didn't even know).  I was told by the SA, Henley Marceleus, that I could return to Kaplan if I attended another school and took the SAME course and passed. Now why would I return to a school that gave me so much grief? I requested my transcripts a few dozen times and no one will reply to me. I may not be an A student (I was until I attended Kaplan) but I do know that whatever credits I have earned or whatever work was done by me, I have a right to have a copy of my transcripts.  Now that I am in debt for over $26,000.00 I would never, ever suggest Kaplan University to even my worst enemy. I can't repay the loans and that means I cannot return to school or even work. Every job I apply to does the same thing. They ignore me or I receive mail suggesting earning a degree. I don't need a degree I need a job.    I didn't sign up to become a writer. I just feel so alone (I know I'm not and I feel for each and every one of you who had to go through similar treatment by these losers). I just feel like dying now. I have nothing left. No future nothing. Thanks Kaplan I guess that was your whole intention anyway.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
86, Report #659236
Nov 07 2010
06:14 AM
Kaplan University Deceptive, Unethical and very difficult to work with Internet
I have been attending Kaplan since 2008, When I enrolled in this university I thought I was going to get a great education, and be able to tell my friends and family that I had found a great college. However I must say that I was completely wrong.  This education has been nothing to say the least but one big nightmare.  I like many other students was told that I would have full support until I graduated.  Well this has not happened, if anything at all I have been brushed off, hung up on, or have just not been able to get in touch with anyone because they will not return my e-mails or phone calls.  The representatives for the financial aid are rude and I do not think they know what they are doing.  As far as getting a supervisor you can forget that.  You can not get the e-mail address or the phone number for any of the deans or for the president of the university.  I to wounder why that is.  I have been having trouble with getting my funds sent to me as well and the funds that my state sends to them are not even getting posted to my account.  I have been fighting with this university since the start of my education and I have had it.  I tried to see about transfering my credits to another university and found out that the credits will not transfer. I have spent to much money to try to start over.  Also I am a veteran and was to get the veterans price for these courses and found out that they charged me the full price and now they are telling me that they will not adjust the priceing.  I do not know about others but I am going to get in touch with every news outlet in my state and also with the attorney general and also I am going to send a letter to the department of education in washington.  I have had enough with this rip off university.
Entity: , Internet
87, Report #824087
Jan 17 2012
02:52 PM
Kaplan University ripping me in financial aid payments Boca Raton, Florida
I started with Kaplan University back in January 2009 and took two quaters at Kaplan University however on my third quater I wanted to take a break due to illness and being under alot of finanical stress, working, studying and trying to make ends meet. I called Kaplan to speak to my student advisor and never actually spoke to her but to someone that told me I either take my classess or I would have to face the consequences.  I told her I physical could not juggle everything, work, studying and the physical and mental stress I was having during that period.  I got fustrated and just stopped taking my classes about 4 months latter in 2010 I got a bill form the Department of ?????? stating that I owed them $8000.00 dollars.  I contacted them in October 2011, while at my job and some representative from finanical aid at Kaplan put me intouch with this person form Department of Education in Kentucky or Virginia whome was very rude and was told that I would have to pay 300.00 a month and pay my student loan.  When I signed up with Kaplan I was told that since i earn under 18,000.00.  My financial aid would be covered.  Kaplan is so eager to get you signed up and hurry you on your merry way that when issue occure like this it is fustrating.  Now I am being told that they are going to garnish all my income tax and someway or another get their money.  I agree I do may have to pay some back but I think that for 7 hours of classes I was charged $13,000.00.  
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
88, Report #782519
Sep 28 2011
02:21 PM
Kaplan University Gave me zeros with no clarification, the professor did not want to grade my assignments Internet
I absolutely love going to college online at Kaplan University. This is not a rip off for the whole university. It is just on one of the professors. I will leave her name out of this. I am a pretty good student, always turn in assignments on time and everything. I received a zero on one of my assignments because I submitted the wrong assignment. I understand that and then I submitted the right one a couple of days later when I found out. This was in week 4 of the class. Now this is a ten week term. So the professor still has not graded my assignment from week 4. I thought oh well, she will at the end of the term. At the week 7, I turned in my assignment and she still gave me a zero with no clarification on why I got the zero. So I still thought she will figure it out by the end of the term. My grade went from being a 98.0 to an 82 because of this. The end of the term came and I emailed her asking her why I got the zero on the assignment. No response. I emailed her again a week later, still no response. My final exam came back and I passed with flying colors so I know that I should have at least got a grade better than a zero on the assignments. I understood the material. My thing is if that if I got a zero on the assignments, that is fine just tell me WHY?????I called academic advising and they told me that I could submit a grade appeal form to the dean of students. And now I am in my new term here at Kaplan and I am still in a battle over what is going on.
Entity: , Internet
89, Report #639702
Sep 11 2010
01:10 PM
kaplan university rip off and rude fort lauderdale, Florida
This school is a joke, they teach you nothing that common sense people already don't know, fin. aid, is rude and takes for ever to send you a stipend, and people from the office of returning students don't speak english that well. They promise scholarships and then you don't receive them, WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, AS I am in Ohio, WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER SOON.
Entity: fort lauderdale, Florida
90, Report #700878
Feb 28 2011
01:22 PM
Kaplan University Online Remove from e-mail to sign in to class , Internet
This is for all individuals who are thinking of going to Kaplan University. DO NOT DO IT  Kaplan is the most unethical, disrespective and dishonest institution that has ever been allowed to be in business.  This University is giving false information and getting students to sign up believing that they will get a good education.  Well I for one found out the hard way.  This University is not worth sending your dog tomuch less your children.  They do not have indivudial advisors for the academic or finicial programs.  They will give you one price for your classes but will charge you a higher price and if you do not catch it then they get all that money that you have to pay back. I know this from first hand knowledge they had to repay me over seven thousand dollars. Do Not I repeat Do Not go to or let your children go to Kaplan.
Entity: Internet, Internet
91, Report #719551
Apr 19 2011
02:27 PM
Kaplan University Taking advantage if the low income and disabled Chicago, Illinois
Many of us have read and listened to reports of these for-profit schools taking the low-income and the disabled and bleeding thier finances dry. This comes after promises of these great jobs being available and the pay would be fantastic. The one thing both the needy and the disabled are looking for is to better a life that may be a bit tough to live in the real world. Instead after school is said and done, there is no job available. The job market is tough in today's world companies are hiring Master's Degrees with years of actual experience and that is the real world. The people kaplan has preyed on are the low-income and the disabled who are only looking for a way to better themelves and have been attempting to get by on unemployment, disablity etc..a fixed income in today's soceity is impossible to live on comfortably. Kaplan becomes a dream come true until the very end. The student discovers there is no fantasitc job/pay and they are back where they started from. Only now they are saddled with a debt that they will take to the grave. Kaplan in the end only see one thing the financial aid and more money. My name is Caren Anderson and I am a former student of Kaplan online, what I have just described is my own story, minus some very gory details. My point being there are just to many people who kaplan sucked dry. i even came to discover kaplan is not even accredited in my state, which makes my own education at Kaplan null and void. I keep preying for some logical answer to all of this. I traced kapan's problems back to 2006, why does kaplan still have a liscense or allowed to handle financial aid? There were 3 woman who stood up to a huge company like Walmart and made it all the way to the Supreme Court. Kaplan's victims have the numbers and the truth, we need to use that to our favor ?? There are groups that have formed of kaplan's former students attmepting to make thier voices herd, If we want kaplan to hear our voices the greater the numbers the lowder the voice. Thanks Caren A (((REDACTED))) @mail.com  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
92, Report #684116
Jan 18 2011
04:21 PM
Kaplan University online Degree in Nutrition is bogus Internet, Iowa
I have been attending Kaplan University and working on my B.S in Nutrition Science. I am about to graduate in 2 1/2 months. I wanted to sign up for my M.S degree but kaplan does not have a program. When I called other schools, I am told that they will not accept Kaplan's classes because they are not approved through the CADE program. I have a degree that is useless. What a waste of time and 60,000. This degree from kaplan is totally useless and bogus. I will have to repeat my B.S degree thorugh another school that is approved. I would not want anyone else to have to go through what I am going through now. I was mislead and lied to. Kaplan only wants your money, they know that they are selling bogus degrees and will not tell you that.
Entity: Internet, Iowa
93, Report #742694
Jun 19 2011
11:57 AM
Kaplan University Online Incompetent instructors, SCAM, financial and administrative nightmare, Internet
Where to start, I guess i'll start with enrollment. It was a nightmare. You have no choice but to be in this thing called the Kaplan Commitment Program which they say gives students a chance to decide if Kaplan is for them when it actually helps Kaplan to not have as high of a drop rate. Anything that they say will benefit you is a lie and they will not actually give it to you. I tried to drop a class before the 5 week was up, (it was just before week 3) and i was told i would have to pay full price and drop all of my courses as well. Like i said, it won't apply if it works in your favor, only theirs. It took weeks of going through the financial documents because they kept messing up which would have cost me thousands of extra dollars if it had gone through. The sad part was every time we fixed one issue, they would redo the form and cause another. Then they would redo the form and cause a different issue. Then redo it again and we are back to issue number 1. We redid the form nearly 25 times until it was right, and the only reason it stopped there is because i accepted 2 issues that wouldn't cause me money loss and I had the manager of the Financial department doing the form after calling and complaining several times. Now for problem #3, the paperwork was a nightmare. I submitted everything and requested all of my transcripts. MY wife started the same time i did except she started in the masters degree program. Somehow, both of our transcripts were lost. My wife's transcripts were eventually found in my files (after she had paid 17 dollars to have an official copy send Next Business Day so she wasn't dropped. Me on the other hand, I have been to several colleges with being in the military in the past so I ended up paying nearly a hundred bucks worth of next day fees. Three weeks previously I was told that all of my documents have been accepted and i was good to go. I still have the email. But then a few days before the 5 week Kaplan Commitment ends I get a phone call telling me I am about to be dropped from my classes in which i will have to pay for, and i will have to pay for the text books (even though they are included in tuition). So after getting that taken care of I am still having issues in my classes. I was approved to take Course1 instead of Course2 because the Course1 course is in my degree field and Course2 is not.... however, the waiver to take the course substitution never actually got sent off. Instead they put the Course1 course as my only open elective (I had transfer credits covering the rest). When i tried to sign up for my next term, they put a different course in for an elective which caused errors since the spot was already used up.  From that point on, when i looked at my degree plan, most courses were listed multiple times and courses that were not on my degree plan were showing and courses i was taking were also listed as future courses. (we will get back to this issue) Then, i tried to complain about an instructor... nothing came of it. Instructor #1 - course was fine. We didn't really learn anything we just discussed technology in society and argued with each other's discussions. Instructor #2 - Barely spoke english, mostly French. Couldn't understand the seminars. Asked us to complete assignments that were completely foreign to us. We are studying project management but the essays and the charts he wants us to create are things we have never seen before. Its like being asked to bake a cake having never seen one before. You have one example of the forms that come with a rocket science project but the project we are working on is a wedding.... the forms are different but if you use one off of the internet you get points off. If you don't have all that they want you get points off. If you have what they want but he just doesn't like the form you get points off. There is no way to win. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to create the forms. they require you to use Microsoft Excel and create templates that you have never seen and to do so is way above the knowledge of an average college student.  I am an A student. I was Valedictorian for my associates. If i cant do it, most other people cant. (us students called each other up to try and help figure out what he actually wanted us to do because it usually isn't clear and we all got zero's for having similar documents.) The final class (yes, I was taking 3 courses at a time which required a waiver from the instructor and the dean and academics manager) the course was more of a refresher for me, It was computer network concept course and it was based off of the Network+ text book,  I already have my certification. The teacher is an idiot. We argued about things where he said he is right and i show him in the book how he is wrong. Then he would eject me from the seminars for disrupting and continue teaching the class incorrect information. The book straight forward says that TCP stands for transmission control protocol, the test requires that you know this, it is day 1 stuff. He says Transfer Control Protocol. He is wrong about Access Lists only being on firewalls. I have my CCNA and to get that, one thing to know is how to configure Access Lists on Routers, which he states is not possible. But apparently he is right because he has a masters degree in teaching and he has his A+ and Network+ certification.....  that is entry level certifications for IT. He has no experience in IT, he is experienced as a teacher... But you cant understand him in his seminars either because he speaks in ebonics.  Not to mention that the weekly seminar is part of the grade, the assignments are part of the grade and the discussions are. The teacher agrees with things that are wrong, criticizes people for working hard as doing too much even though they did only what was asked and DOESN'T LOOK AT ANYTHING. I have al 100s in the course even though i took some quizzes and got 94s. I missed 2 seminars and didn't tell anyone. I intentionally did a network design that could not work and a 3rd grader could tell. I am still getting a 100 in the course. Not to mention he didnt start grading until week 5 and only graded through week 3, he finally finished grading through week 9 on week yesterday. 6 weeks of grades just posted.  can you say Diploma Mill? Finally, back to where i said I'd come back to. I am currently a week from this term ending. I only have 1 assignment to do next week and i'll be completely done. I have been calling every other day just as i have been told to do, and waiting an hour each time to get ahold of someone who can never help me, they always have to transfer me. I was told I will probably have to sit out next term so they can reset my profile and get it fixed. I'm taking extra courses to graduate faster and they are telling me i will have to sit out next term because they have spend 6 weeks trying to fix this and can't. So, I called and told them i will not take any more courses with them, After this term I was done. They threatened me and begged me and one guy even said he could have fixed the issue in less than 15 minutes. I've spend over 30 hours combined on the phone trying to fix this and he says he can fix it in minutes (he couldn't by the way) this just made me more mad. Here is the best part. They accidentally took me out of one of my courses so all of the work i did last week became zeros.  My grade went from 96.6 down to an 84.3 and they say that it was never submitted.  I do my work a week ahead of time (except for the responses to the discussions, of course) My assignments and discussions are submitted on Wednesday morning first thing even though the instructors keep telling me i have a week to  do it, it doesn't need to be submitted that early. How would i miss an entire week worth of stuff knowing that i check every Tuesday to make sure that everything is posted. (my friend had an issue with a final project posting as blank once, he failed a course and had to pay 2500 to take it over) I make sure.  So, here i am. I am getting ready to go to Western Governors University now. Please stay away from Kaplan.
Entity: , Internet
94, Report #857294
Mar 21 2012
11:10 AM
Kaplan University Online Financial aid ripoff Davenport, Iowa
I attended Kaplan University online on Oct 19th 2011 for the IT program. Upon admission, I was told that I would receive a 10% off my tuition if I maintained an average over a 3.5. I had a 3.8 my first semester and noticed no discount in my next semester attending. Furthermore, my ISP shut off during my next semester causing kaplan to automatically drop me from my courses and sent me an email indicating I owe them over 1,000 dollars. I contacted both the financial aid department there and they recommended that I get two denial letters from lenders in order to be reinstated into college. I asked the student accounts department if a payment arrangement would be sufficient to re-attend my courses because my internet was back on (lost job). The woman I spoke to was very rude and unhelpful and basically told me balance in full is due for me to re-attend. I read some of the reports on here about this school and I don't even want to go back anymore because of their shady business practices. In addition, I am fearful that my transcripts will be held from all my other schools because of this outstanding balance so I will be unable to attend elsewhere until the balance is paid. because of the economy and job loss my credit is less than perfect at this time. I feel it is ridiculous that a college won't even work out a payment arrangement with me to reattend. Hope this qualifies because this feels like a ripoff to me.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
95, Report #957525
Oct 20 2012
07:20 AM
Kaplan University Online deceptive practices, cost me thousands of dollars Internet
I enrolled in Kaplan University online, like most looking for a way to continue my education that allowed me to continue working full time to support my family. I was surprised to find out when attempting to log in I had been locked out of classes (they call it block) and was informed to contact block assistance. This began a year long battle, where I ended up out of classes and out over $5000. short story is..... They said I had been blocked for a missing form in financial aid.  I contacted financial aid. They said I needed a form from IRS saying I was exempt from filing taxes  ( I am not exempt, and I did file). They said I needed a form stating my spouse was exempt (again not exempt) I explained my spouse and I were seperated and going to be divorced. They continued to request. ( I saved ALL emails from them) I continued to explain this was obviously a mistake.  I started receiving e-mails that I was going to have an administrative drop from online classes for failure to login. I began communicating the issue with that department , at one time begging for help and to not be dropped explaining my failure to login was due to a block from financial aid, which was obviously a mistake. With many communications that led me from one inept representative to another, I successfully,no wait that's not right.... I received an administrative drop for not attending, (remember why I was not attending) I lost my grant for failure to attend the current session AND my grant for the prior session due to not providing the form they requested from the IRS, that I was ineligble to receive.  Owing them $5k + with no recourse.                                               
Entity: , Internet
96, Report #945926
Sep 24 2012
01:52 PM
Kaplan University Online Gave false information about their degree programs Davenport, Iowa
Kaplan University Online is a waste of time and all they care about are the credits and the money that they can bring in. The professors don't even check your work. If you can write a 3 page paper, you'll get 100%. Also if you do all discussions and  go to the seminars no matter what the content is, you'll get 100%. I will have my Bachelors of Science in IT soon and don't even have enough knowledge to get an entry-level job. Also they never even signed me up for all the required classes that they advertise on their website and I'm still getting my degree since I had transfer credit from my previous physical college. I urge people as someone tried to urge me to not continue at Kaplan University Online, please don't waste your time or money.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
97, Report #940220
Sep 12 2012
02:05 PM
kaplan university FRAUD DECEPTIVE FALSE reporting to VA omaha, Nebraska
KAPLAN unlawfully billed VA for a second course I DID NOT ATTEND, TOOK VA MONEY, AGAINST VA 10USC policies and defrauded us with it. I did not, ever take this course. After finishing the 1st course and realizing how shady the financial reporting was, including putting my student loans in default at that time, when I was attending classes...I told the staff and VA I was leaving and filed the appropriate paperwork. VA says they can reverse this debt spell of nearly 5K if and ONLY IFF KAPLAN reports the info correctly to the DEBT MANAGEMENT CENTER. DMC direct fax # is: 612 970 5798 for those in same boat having difficulty getting ahold of VA to correct these matters. I have spend numerous hours on the line with the VA and DMC to correct this. The VA CANNOT correct the matter, the college must rescind the billing and resubmit the data. I was made homeless due to this and other GI BILL(including POST911) and retain right to sue. ATTORNEYS PLEASE contact me.
Entity: omaha, Nebraska
98, Report #317614
Mar 13 2008
12:10 PM
Kaplan University ripped many people off read this to help all victams of there fraud Online
hello I need for everyone to go report kaplan university to the ftc please bc i spoke to them today .The ftc said they will not do a investigation on the school unless its more than one person. So I am asking all of you to give them a call please and tell them what kaplan did to you, so we can get this resolved . THe website is www.ftc.gov.The more people we have calling in the better.The ftc will do a investigation on the school and if they see a pattern of them ripping people off then they will do something about it.Now isnt that what we all want I sure do , I am sick of dealing with the debt collectors calling me like 6 or more times a day. So please contact the ftc the more people the better , but It just canno't be me that is heard bc they wont do it off of one person calling in.Contact the ftc immedietly and we can get this thing done and over with. thank you all! Carrie hinesville, GeorgiaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #309344
Feb 15 2008
10:01 PM
Kaplan University Report them to US Depatment of Education Fort Lauderdale Florida
Message for all of the former students that feel they have been ripped off don't spend your money on attorneys, just report it to the US Department of Education at 1-800-MIS-USEDE email oig.hotline@ed.govWeb:www.ed.gov Call the Inspector General's Office of Inspector GeneralU.S. Department of Education400 Maryland Avenue, SWWashington, DC 20202-15101 Your voices will be heard and they will act on it. The more students you get to file the complaints at the same time the quicker the US Department of Education will audit your files at the school. You can also take the University to small claims court. Base on my experience the judge will take your side. Good luck, Angel Bx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
100, Report #232901
Jan 26 2007
04:26 PM
Kaplan University fraud on my loans, scholarships and tutition amount. Ripoff hicago Illinois
I attended Kaplan June of 2005. I talked to Wendy in the financial aid department and she said that everything was good to go on my money issue for the period that I would be attending Kaplan. I also applied for scholarships with the program explained by Kim Richardson my advisior that as long as I kept a 3.0 each quarter I would be cover for nay extra amounts owed. It has been almost a year that I have been attending Kaplan and my tuition shows a balance of $12,000.00 one day and then $8,230.00 the next and then $10,970.00 another time and this keeps happening. I have contacted all I need to about the issue and had no luck. I have gotten no answers or responses form any staff at Kaplan. I also contacted City Bank and they told me that Kaplan would not allow them to disperse my loans even after I signed a promissary note with et bank and it is on my credit report as borrowing this money. I will contact the attorney general and a lawyer to file a class action suit. I urge anyone else dealing with Kaplan to contact me by email so we can all go at this together at fight back for the promises and services that Kaplan put in their mission statement. Rosie XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.com (PERSONAL INFO REDACTED) P.s. pls put in subject box if emailing kaplan class suit so I know it isn't junk mail. Rosie Puyallup, WashingtonU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois

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