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76, Report #726916
May 07 2011
09:33 PM
Hunt Plumbing Damaged carpet, left a mess, and lied to older couple Birmingham, Missouri
9/16/09-We called the company and they sent out a plumber to fix a backed up sewer drain in the laundry room.  When he arrived, I explained to him that I had put Clorox in the bathroom toilet to mask the smell.  He was frustrated from the beginning because they sent him to this call and the length, according to him, had to be longer than his to reach the problem.  The plumber that had it was on another call.  He had to leave our house to meet the other plumber at QuikTrip to get the other machine.  When he returned, he asked to use the restroom and I reminded him that I had put bleach in the toilet and that he shouldn't flush it.  I was outside the door when I heard him flush it and curse.  The toilet overflowed.  He saw a mop and pail that had been moved to the rec room---brand new still in the cardboard without asking.  He took the new mop and pail and tried to clean up the bleach water mess.  When he exited the laundry room he dripped and tracked bleach water on my blue carpet and put the mop and pail on the carpet resulting in permanent bleach drips, a shoe print, and a pail ring which is bleached out.  He made a huge mess, left the washer and dryer in the middle of the floor, the floor was filthy.  My husband and I have numerous medical issues and had to clean it up and move the washer and dryer back ourselves.  I called Hunts Plumbing asking for the owner and told him the story of what happened.  He said that we should call our homeowner's insurance who would contact his insurance and they would take care of the problem. He said that he had insurance for that.  Our adjuster came out but they ended up refusing liability.  Their plumber said it never happened even though his work boot print is outside the bathroom.  It went to arbitration but it was the plumber who lied's word against ours.  My husband was 64 and I was 57 at the time.  I believe they saw us as an easy target and thought we wouldn't do anything about it.  We had to have our insurance pay for the damage AND had to pay the company for poor work and clean up their mess. 
Entity: Birmingham, Missouri
77, Report #731377
May 20 2011
07:52 AM
JB HUNT promised 2500-3000 miles a week, i might get 1200 lowell, Arkansas
  owner operators avoid JB HUNT,  when i first got my own authority they called me three times a week and promised me 2500-3000 miles a week. I hauled for them for 5 months and i am only getting 1200 miles a week, I sit and wait for a day or two inbetween loads and have to drive hundreds of dead head miles to pick up ther next load. I have never been late on a load and have no claims against me, my csa score is perfect and they treat me like dirt. I am sitting aroung waiting for freight and are watching there company drivers pull in fuel up and take off. If you are new in this busines STAY AWAY FROM JB HUNT! What they say when  they are trying to recruit you and what actually happens are two different things. Because of this i am behind on my truck payments and cant afford my insurance, they dont care about you or your business, take a few minutes to research them before you decide to haul for them. whether you want to be a company driver or an O/O, the same complaints seem to show up, no miles, lying fleet managers, and load planners you will never even get to speak to because they wont let you!! STAY AWAY FROM JBHUNT, please learn from my mistakes, I wouldnt want anyone else to go through what i have been through
Entity: lowell, Arkansas
78, Report #860865
Mar 29 2012
07:55 AM
benjamin hunt tyler southern, anthony promises citi credit cards, black american express with no fico scores Internet
This person benjamin hunt, promises he can get you a credit card from citi bank, black american express. Uses all different aka's and then when you send the money to his other aka tyler southern he comes back with the processor needs more money because the fees have changed. He feels you will not report him, because you are trying to pursue a credit card and that is in a gray area with law enforcement. Do Not send him or them any money. They will not perform. 
Entity: , Internet
79, Report #851783
Mar 10 2012
02:35 PM
Independent contract services. They promised lots of loads and miles. True is sometimes I was luckly to break 1600 miles in week. Always had long layover times like 40 to 50 hours.Sometimes they would send me somewheres saying that they had bunch of loads around there. Once I was unloaded n called always on hold or they hang up on me, they were like ok I'm call u once we find a load. HINT THERE WAS NOTHING AROUND FOR 150 MILES!!!!!!!I would call back after 4 hours and there were like oh we don't have anything around you. We will call u back. Truth be said they never called.And if you turned down a load they would get pissed off and then you are screwed. Home time????? Yea that was a touching story. They always said oh why u wanna go hone BECAUSE I'M TIRED OF SITTING AROUND!!!!!!! Sometimes I felt like putting a mail box outside the truck bc I thought that was my new home.
Entity: , Internet
80, Report #911075
Jul 12 2012
12:47 PM
Hunt & Henriques Civil Judgment received payment with no contact San Jose, California
Hunt & Henriques after many months of receiving payments from me filled and won a Civil Judgement against me with no prior notification. Once I received the abstract I began making payments to Hunt & Henriques, it has been a year now of making payments on this judgment with no word from Hunt & Henriques regarding receiving payments, account balance, and or a statement of any kind. I have tried to reach them by phone and have submitted requests for a phone call via their web site but have not received any contact from them. To date I have paid them over $1200 dollars. I am trying to clean up my credit report and payoff old debts. Hunt & Henriques has so far filled a judgment I was not able to dispute and seems to be taking my money to the bank with no credit to me. I am at a loss and do not know if I should in good faith continue to make payments to a company that will not send me an accounting of my money. I am looking for some help on this matter. I do not know where else to turn.
Entity: San Jose, California
81, Report #918288
Jul 27 2012
08:07 AM
Window Tinting by hunt bros Horrible Work Decatur, Georgia
Please be aware of Window Tinting by hunt bros on candler rd. They are a big rip-off they charge 150.00 for tinting that my 12 year old could do. I took my car in for a tint job the guy first told me that it would take 1-2 hours I ended up staying there for 3 1/2. I begin to notice bubbles and lines but he told me not to worry. He said that it would evaporate in a couple of days. After 4 days the same situation same lines and bubbles. I took my car back and was told that I couldn't just roll up in their business at anytime and request to have my car looked at. After a few moments of bickering back and forth with him I agreed to make an appointment because I work during the week. I made an appointment for saturday on a monday. I was called on a friday 1 day before my appointment date that I couldn't bring in my car because thats their busiest day. I was told to bring it in another day like mon or tuesday. They said if you want it looked it those are the days and hung up. Very poor business and unprofessional customer service. How are they still in business if I have anything to do with this they will be shut down!!!! Good Luck scamming people!!!
Entity: Decatur, Georgia
82, Report #199516
Jul 05 2006
09:57 AM
JB HUNT Transport Service ripoff Lowell, Arkansas
JB HUNT will fabricate safety issues and fabricate late on loads and put It on your work record, so you cant get a job elsewhere. So you will be stuck there at JB HUNT! Letter Of Resignation: the reasons that I am terminating my employment with JB Hunt Is when I was hired I was told by Kim from Human Resources at JB Hunt that I would start at .40 per mile after 60 days. I would get .42 per mile. That did not happen.I was also told that I would get 48 hours off at home for every 7 days Over the Road. That did not happen.I was told I would get a $200.00 fuel bones If I only idled truck to charge the Battery.That did not happen.I was told I would get 2700 to 3000 miles per week.That did not happen.I was told I would get postings of local jobs In home town form my fleet Mangier Shane.That did not happen. All the directions that are sent by the On Board Computer ( Quall com) will take me In to Residential Restricted Areas If I were to follow them,this Is not Safe and I will not put my Drivers Licenses (CDL A Hazmat) at risk or the Safety of others at risk because of the Poor Directions that are sent by JB Hunt. I was told that I would get paid Rand McNally Miles. When I would look up the Rand McNally miles JB Hunt was at all times shorting miles between 50 and up to 150 miles per trip. I was told I would get Health Insurance at 60 days.That did not Happen. I did try to communicate all of my complaints to my Fleet Mangier Shane he did nothing to rectify this. So I tried to communicate the same complaint's to his boss Lance ,He did nothing to rectify my complaints. I sent a Letter to the Corporate Office 05/21/2006 as a Letter of Protest. the Corporate Office did nothing to rectify my complaints. Witch leaves me no choice but to send my letter of Resignation. the Safety of Life comes first. I will not ,and can not, break the Law to keep my job with JB Hunt. MORE TRUTH: When one of the Tires Exploded on my Trailer, when I was on my way to Chicago .I called road Break Down for help 800 723 3133 the Man that took the call said there Is no one to send out to fix the tire .He then told me to drive over 120 miles to Chicago with the rubber flying everywhere. I took charge and took the Tractor Trailer to a Repair Plaza and JB Hunt wouldn't give the Repair Man approval to pay for the repair's for Over two Hours. The Man that took the call at JB Hunt said he was a Driver for Over 20 Years and It would be safe to drive with that Blown tire. If the rubber Debris would have went Into and broke a windshield of a car would JB Hunt have been responsible? Would that 20 year Vet of JB hunt be responsible? Your Safty Is only for your convenience! It would have been Me and My CDL and I did not get paid for all that time. CALL 800-2JB-HUNT find out for your self! Find your next JOB Here Find your way OUT of HUNT things U should know about JB HUNT Name: CONTACT CEO of JB HUNT HERE (((ROR redacted email for security purposes))) B Lenox, MichiganU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
83, Report #284072
Nov 10 2007
10:46 AM
J.B Hunt The kind of job that dosen't let you work Arkansas Lowell Arkansas
I have currently being moving form one job to another. Hoping to find one that will allow me to have sufficient miles to support my five daughters my wife and still pay my bills. When I came across J.B Hunt they offered to give me the needed miles and a leased truck. They painted a beautiful rainbow. However when I finished training they for one could not find me an available truck. After that every thing went from worse to worse. They had me sitting form 3 to 4 days at a time and I was loosing money I did not have. I am over do on all kind of bill and I have not been able to provide for my daughters. I am in a position were I can not risk quitting J.B Hunt to start a new job. By the time were to find a new job I would either be homeless or/and in a bigger debt then the one I currently have. I have spent days and hours going down their 'Chain of Commands' To get my point across. Instead of letting me talk to the boss I am sent from one person to another and finally have nothing done. Emilio Bellevue, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
84, Report #331284
May 08 2008
03:36 AM - Jim Hunt He stole over $3.000 from me! Internet
Jim Hunt aka the scamartist requested folks to re-invest their earnings back into his program after he send out an email telling his members that he only had 100k to spend on an open balance of 4 million according to him this would build up momentum to provide him with the funds to pay folks. Loyal members like myself back then did as asked only to be ripped off when a week later he said it was not working and that he was gonna reset the whole system back to $4 per person. Jim should be jailed for this! Erol VoorburgNetherlands
Entity: Internet
85, Report #172857
Jan 23 2006
07:53 AM
JB Hunt Transport ripoff, blackballing and problems Lowell Arkansas
I was employed as a professional driver for JB Hunt Transport, Inc., Lowell, AR. JB Hunt terminated my employment in mid-2005 for a company policy violation. The particular JB Hunt company policy I was accused of violating is related to public motorist complaints. JB Hunt maintains semi-trailers that have an 800 telephone number imprinted on the rear doors of their semi-trailers. Public motorists routinely use this 800 number to call JB Hunt corporate safety personnel to complain about the driving habits of JB Hunt CMV drivers. It is a JB Hunt company policy that CMV drivers that receive five public motorist complaints in a 12-month period have their employment terminated. However, JB Hunt does not officially notify or document to CMV drivers this particular company policy at company sponsored driver orientation (or, apparently, until the CMV driver has accumulated four public motorist complaints). In addition, the JB Hunt Driver Manual issued to new drivers during company sponsored driver orientation, likewise, does not mention their public motorist complaint termination policy. On the other hand, JB Hunt notifies and trains their management personnel regarding the public motorist complaint policy during their company sponsored job orientation (according to communications from Ms. Susan Dietz, Director of Compliance for JB Hunt). On May 18, 2005, JB Hunt invoked this undocumented and unwritten public motorist complaint company policy and terminated my 9-month long employment as a professional CMV driver. The JB Hunt company policy regarding public motorist complaints is also disparately applied to their CMV driver employees. Some JB Hunt CMV drivers are never disciplined or terminated regarding the policy. Other JB Hunt CMV drivers are notified that they have received five public motorist complaints but are not terminated. Last, some JB Hunt CMV drivers are terminated after receiving five public motorist complaints in a 12-month period. It is my personal belief that JB Hunt uses this undocumented and unwritten company policy to discriminate against and to sanction CMV drivers that complain to management or refuse to drive a CMV due to driver pay issues, low weekly mile load assignments, excessive unpaid loading/unloading wait times, general load conditions, delivery schedules and general CMV safety and equipment deficiency issues. In my case, two specific CMV safety and equipment related complaints to JB Hunt corporate personnel proceeded my termination. These events are summarized below. 1) In the first case, during early February 2005, my JB Hunt fleet manager ordered that I drive a fully loaded (in excess of 40,000 pounds) JB Hunt CMV semi-trailer unit for 700 miles in mountainous terrain that lacked a rear mud flap and was deficient regarding the required annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) semi-trailer safety and equipment inspection (the trailer inspection documentation present on the trailer at the time showed that no required annual inspection had been conducted on the trailer unit for the past two-and-one-half years). Clearly, the operation of a CMV in such a condition would have violated FMCSA safety and equipment regulations, however, the operation of such a CMV would have also violated numerous state and local motor vehicle laws, regulations, rules and/or ordinances (the ordered trip involved transporting the semi-trailer within four state jurisdictions and numerous local jurisdictions). Subsequent to this refusal-to-drive event, I met with JB Hunt corporate safety and operation managers in Lowell, Arkansas during early March 2005. During the meeting, I provided these supervisors with photographic evidence of the on-board-computer messages between me and my fleet manager regarding my refusal-to-drive a CMV during early February 2005. These photographs indicated direct evidence that the fleet manager had ordered that I drive a CMV illegally, unsafely and contrary to JB Hunt company policy. The photographs also provided evidence that I had refused the order to drive the CMV without the proper repairs and required trailer inspection being completed. During the meeting, I also suggested that JB Hunt safety and operations management personnel further investigate the matter to discover the reason or reasons why this particular fleet manager would give me such an unwise and illegal directive. In addition, I suggested that JB Hunt conduct an internal audit of on-board-computer messages to determine if other company employees had given or were giving similar unwise, unsafe and illegal directives to other JB Hunt CMV drivers. Finally, I suggested that JB Hunt further train their management personnel in the FMCSA CMV operating regulations and the pertinent state and local laws, regulations, rules and ordinances regarding the correct and safe operation of CMVs. Apparently, JB Hunt safety and operations supervisory personnel took no remediative abatement actions (that I am aware of) to discipline or to investigate the coercive behavior of the particular fleet manager who directed me or to audit the internal on-board-computer records to discern whether such coercive and illegal behavior was more widespread within the JB Hunt corporation. 2) In the case of my second safety complaint to JB Hunt company officials, I refused a JB Hunt night dispatcher's order to drive a CMV because my operation of the CMV would have violated the CMV driver FMCSA hours-of-service regulations (specifically the 14-hour maximum on-dutyrule). This event occurred during early May 2005. I subsequently notified the particular JB Hunt night dispatcher and corporate safety and operations personnel regarding the night dispatcher's coercive and illegal order that I drive a CMV in violation of the FMCSA hours-of-service regulations. One week after the second complaint, my employment with JB Hunt was terminated by virtue of a company policy violation (A fifth anonymous public motorist complaint. Apparently, it is JB Hunt unwritten and undocumented company policy to accept anonymous public motorist complaints regarding their public motorist complaint employee termination company policy.). Subsequent to my termination, JB Hunt reported details of my employment history with JB Hunt to US Investigation Services, Inc. (USIS) of Tulsa, Oklahoma. USIS keeps a variety of information regarding CMV drivers, including: employment history information, commercial driver's license histories, motor vehicle records, social security number, driver's license number, sex of CMV driver, alcohol and drug test results, home address, etc. These compiled USIS records are generally referred to as a CMV driver's DAC report. USIS accumulates information in DAC reports on transportation industry employees and then sells and distributes the information to interested parties. A CMV driver's DAC report is also overwhelmingly used by the transportation industry businesses to track the employment history and verify the past employment of CMV drivers for pre-screen employment purposes. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) considers USIS to be a consumer reporting agency, therefore, USIS and CMV carriers that use DAC reports are jointly bound by the terms and conditions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA [15 U.S.C. 1681 et. seq.]) and other consumer related Federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules and ordinances. The FCRA requires that consumer reporting agencies and those who furnish information for employment purposes gain a consumer's written authorization before they cause a consumer report to be procured and distributed to others (15 U.S.C. 1681 [b]). However, for trucking industry employees and trucking industry job applicants this consumer authorization standard is less strict and consumer report procurement authorization can be given verbally by the trucking industry employees or job applicants. USIS and JB Hunt did not have my verbal or written authority to furnish and/or accumulate consumer information that caused USIS to produce a DAC report for procurement by others regarding my past employment with JB Hunt. After my termination by JB Hunt, in May 2005, I applied for employment as a CMV driver with Landaire Transport, Inc. of Greenville, Tennessee and also with Heartland Express, Inc. of Coralville, Iowa. Both of these potential employers accessed my USIS DAC report for pre-employment screening purposes. Both these potential employers turned down my application for employment. According to my telephone conversations with both companies' driver recruiters, my application for employment was turned down based on an adverse employment reference by JB Hunt contained in the work record section of my USIS prepared DAC report. Subsequently, I formally requested that USIS provide me a copy of my DAC report. When I received a copy of my DAC report from USIS, I found that the report was inaccurate, unfair and untruthful regarding my JB Hunt work record. Specifically, JB Hunt characterized my 9-month work record with their company to be a company policy violation (no other explaining entry). Realistically, a undocumented and unwritten company policy violation may have been the reason for my termination, but my work record with JB Hunt was satisfactory regarding my employment history. In fact, JB Hunt's own company document prepared at the time of my termination indicated that I was never late on a load call, was never late to a pickup or delivery appointment, was never written up for a service failure, never left a load pending without notifying JB Hunt management, never missed submitting USDOT required driver logs, never made cargo claim due to damage, never had a moving traffic violation, never had a motor vehicle accident, never made a non-designated fuel stop and/or did I ever have a mechanical failure of JB Hunt CMV equipment that was caused by my failure or neglect to properly inspect, repair or maintain their CMV equipment. After receiving a copy of my DAC report from USIS, I contacted both JB Hunt and USIS regarding the adverse DAC driver work record entry. I formally requested that JB Hunt and USIS change the work record portion of my DAC report to accurately and fairly reflect my satisfactory work record concerning my employment with JB Hunt. Both companies resisted, refused and negated my repeated attempts to have my JB Hunt employment history information changed. I consider the work record information JB Hunt submitted to Employers Unity to be an adverse and negative entry that raises doubts in potential employer's minds because it indicates generally that I did something substantial wrong related to my actual work related activities at JB Hunt. In fact, the work record entry made by JB Hunt in my USIS DAC report is implicitly ambiguous, inaccurate and unfair since company policies vary from company to company and a violation of a company policy at one employer may be not be a company policy violation at another employer. Last, derogatory word record information and similar language USIS allows CMV employers to enter into a transportation industry employee's DAC report history is often times so adverse, negative, unfavorable and pervasive that it has become the subject of an on-going current class action lawsuit involving USIS (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Inc., et. al. v. USIS Commercial Services, Inc., Class Action No. 04-RB-1384, U.S. District Court, Colorado, September 2004). This class action lawsuit involves allegations that USIS DAC data is often times unfair, inaccurate and a form of coded language that is used to blackball or blacklist professional CMV drivers within the transportation services employer community. Since I could not find work as a professional driver by virtue of the adverse JB Hunt work record entry contained in my USIS DAC report, I applied for unemployment benefits through the North Carolina Employment Security Commission (NCESC) in June 2005. Shortly after my application for unemployment benefits, the NCESC sent JB Hunt a notice of the unemployment claim and requested that JB Hunt submit the relevant job separation information. JB Hunt enlisted their unemployment insurance carrier agent Employers Unity, Inc. of Arvada, Colorado (Employers Unity) to help them prepare the job separation information documents and to assist them with the unemployment claim. During early June 2005, JB Hunt and Employers Unity prepared the job separation information documents and mailed them to the NCESC. Based on the job separation information submitted to the NCESC, I was denied unemployment benefits by the NCESC unemployment benefits adjudicator. On July 28, 2005, the NCESC mailed the determination of the adjudicator to me. When I received the notice regarding my eligibility for unemployment benefits, I noted that the NCESC adjudicator had turned down my request for unemployment benefits based on the assertion that I destroyed JB Hunt company property via a major preventable collision on May 17, 2005. Apparently, the major collision was so severe that the cost of damages could not be determined at the time of the preparation of the job separation documents. On July 29, 2005, I sent a letter to the NCESC requesting an appeals hearing to further adjudicate my eligibility for unemployment benefits. In a separate letter, I also requested copies of the unemployment claim NCESC file documents. During early August 2005, I received the official NCESC records regarding my unemployment claim. When I examined the records, I noted that the job separation information that JB Hunt and Employers Unity submitted to the NCESC only contained the Notice of Claim and Request for Separation Information (NOC) form page and the first page of the attachment referenced on the NOC form page (only the first two pages of the document were initially submitted to the NCESC by JB Hunt and Employers Unity). The NOC job separation document submitted to the NCESC by JB Hunt and Employers Unity was therefore incomplete and the NCESC adjudicator had apparently made a decision regarding my eligibility for unemployment benefits based on incomplete documentation and inaccurate and extremely adverse job separation information. During September 2005, I requested that the NCESC obtain the entire NOC job separation information document, including all pages of the attachment referenced on the NOC form and all exhibits referenced in the attachment to the NOC form page. On September 16, 2005, the NCESC responded to my request and sent me the full text of the NOC document. Upon receiving the documents, I found significant errors, false statements and misleading information contained in these documents. These problem areas are listed below. 1) I was not involved in a major preventable collision on May 17, 2005. 2) I did not destroy JB Hunt company property on May 17, 2005 (or at any other time during my employment with JB Hunt). 3) There were no undetermined costs for damages that resulted from a major preventable collision on May 17, 2005 because I was not involved in a major preventable collision on May 17, 2005. 4) The JB Hunt Driver Manual included as one of the exhibits to the attachment to the NOC job separation document was an older, past version of the driver manual which had been superceded and was not the newer version of the driver manual I was issued at JB Hunt sponsored driver orientation. 5) A portion of the FMCSA regulations cited as an exhibit to the attachment to the NOC job separation information document have been rewritten, incorporated into other regulations and no longer existed in the form that JB Hunt and Employers Unity had documented to the NCESC (specifically, 49 CFR 392 Subpart E). 6) An Employers Unity Claims Specialist had apparently used JB Hunt company letterhead to hand-write and draft upon a portion of the NOC job separation information attachment document. I felt wholly disheartened and greatly personally and professionally harmed by the false assertion that I was involved in a major preventable collision on May 17, 2005 that destroyed JB Hunt company property. I believe JB Hunt and Employers Unity intentionally, purposely and knowingly submitted false and misleading information to the NCESC to cause the NCESC adjudicator to deny my unemployment benefits claim. I was initially denied unemployment benefits by the NCESC. In addition, the attachment to the NOC specifies that JB Hunt and Employers Unity considered my actions regarding the major preventable collision to be blatant (used three times), willful, intentional, irresponsible and knowing. This type of language is particularly offensive to me since I consider myself to be a driving professional and I have always acted in a proper and professional way with regard to my work. I appealed the NCESC adjudicator's decision denying my unemployment claim during late 2005. During the appeals hearing testimony, JB Hunt and Employers Unity personnel initiated no verbal discussion of the destruction company property charge leveled against me. In addition, they submitted no additional documents referencing, indicating, asserting or proving that I destroyed JB Hunt company property or that I was ever suspected or accused of destroying JB Hunt company property at any time during my employment with JB Hunt. Further, JB Hunt and Employers Unity gave no testimony contravening or apology for the false and defamatory destruction of company property charge leveled against me in the NOC job separation information document nor did they indicate a mistake had been made during preparation of the NOC job separation documents originally submitted by them to the NCESC. In fact, JB Hunt and Employers Unity switch-hit and changed the reason for my dismissal at the NCESC appeals hearing to the original unwritten undocumented company policy violation charge (specifically, violation of the JB Hunt public motorist complaint policy). This fact further leads me to believe the JB Hunt and Employers Unity intentionally, purposely and knowingly submitted defaming, false and misleading information to the NCESC with the express intention of delaying, reducing and/or eliminating my unemployment benefits claim. Apparently, JB Hunt and Employers Unity personnel are unaware that it is against North Carolina (NC) state law to knowingly misrepresent and/or falsify the facts regarding job separation information documents submitted to the NCESC (NCGS 96-18 [b] and the REDA N.C.G.S. 95-240 through N.C.G.S. 95-245). Also, it is a violation of NC state criminal law for a corporation, it's personnel and/or it's agent to misrepresent of provide false information to injure or defraud a person by making a false entry in any book, report or statement (N.C.G.S. 14-254) or to blacklist a former employee to prevent or attempt to prevent, by word or writing of any kind, such discharged employee from obtaining employment (N.C.G.S. 14-355). Further, since these materials were sent to the NCESC via USPS mail, I believe that the NOC job separation documents constitute an illegal attempt to defraud me of unemployment benefit monies through use of the USPS mail service. This deceptive act is potentially a Federal crime (USC Title 18, Part I, Chapter 63) and also violates the spirit and letter of Federal law regarding the STAA (49 U.S.C. 31105), the Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability Act (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, 18 U.S.C. 1514 A), the False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. 3730 [h]), the Fair Labor Standards Act (29 U.S.C. 201), the Occupational Health and Safety Act (29 U.S.C. 660 [c]), the Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice Act (42 U.S.C. 1985 [2]) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000 [e]). Even though I prevailed at the first unemployment appeals level, JB Hunt and Employers Unity were not satisfied and further appealed the matter to the Commissioners of the NCESC. Subsequently, the NCESC Commissioners determined that the public motorist complaint documents introduced as evidence by JB Hunt and Employers Unity during the first unemployment appeals hearings were a form of double hearsay argument. The Commissions of the NCESC affirmed the NCESC Hearing Officer's original decision that I was legally eligible to receive unemployment benefits. Without a doubt, JB Hunt and Employers Unity colluded and conspired together to unfairly and illegally persuade the NCESC deny my unemployment benefits by first submitting false job separation information. This unfair and illegal act succeeded and I suffered great emotional and personal distress and upheaval because I did not receive unemployment benefit monies in a timely manner (I could not become employed, I was delayed in receiving unemployment benefits for five months, I could not pay my bills and eventually I lost my home via foreclosure proceedings). Last, JB Hunt and Employers Unity determined through their collusion, conspiracy and defamation to deprive me of the normal and rightful benefits of my past employment with JB Hunt. Personally, I consider the job separation documents JB Hunt and Employers Unity submitted to the NCESC to be an outright form of post-employment personal and professional character assassination, intimidation and harassment. Further, the false and defaming job separation information NOC documents submitted to the NCESC are currently within the public domain and are now open, therefore, to be accessed by others members of the general public interested in the reason for my termination by JB Hunt (North Carolina General Statutes N.C.G.S. 132-1 and N.C.G.S. 132-1.2 regarding public records and the fact that there is virtually no personal statutory protection afforded to individuals for confidentiality of public domain state documents). This fact truly puts me at a great personal and professional disadvantage regarding future employment because it portrays me as the type of person that would destroy my employer's company property in a blatant, willful, intentional, irresponsible and knowing way. I consider the job separation NOC information submitted to the NCESC by JB Hunt and Employers Unity to be extremely defamatory and adverse with regard to my personal and professional reputation and character and it is obvious to me that JB Hunt and Employers Unity colluded together to conspire to ruin my personal and professional reputation to such a degree that no employer within or outside of the transportation industry would hire me. These acts contravene my statutory employee protections under by Federal and North Carolina state law regarding my legal right to collect unemployment benefits and my legal and human right to gain future employment by accurate and fair accounting and reporting of my JB Hunt employment history (STAA [49 U.S.C. 31105] and the REDA [N.C.G.S. 95-240 through N.C.G.S. 95-245]). It is also clear to me that JB Hunt and Employers Unity colluded together to illegally blackball or blacklist me within and outside of the transportation services employment community. I believe my refusal to drive an unsafe and illegal CMV for JB Hunt and my complaints to JB Hunt corporate safety and operations personnel about the illegal and unsafe orders of fleet managers and dispatchers at JB Hunt directly resulted in my termination. Further, I assert that JB Hunt used their public motorist complaint termination policy as a pretext to validate my termination to eliminate my constructive and well-intentioned input about CMV safety and equipment deficiency issues. In addition, JB Hunt corporate safety and operations personnel did not investigate, document, act upon, remediate, correct and/or abate the safety complaints and/or coercive behavior of fleet managers and/or dispatchers toward JB Hunt CMV drivers. This is a systemic safety defect at JB Hunt. To my knowledge, JB Hunt has taken no steps to address the corporate culture that led to the illegal directives of my direct supervisors. I definitely believed, and still believe, that these coercive attempts by JB Hunt fleet managers and/or dispatchers to persuade CMV drivers to operate CMVs unsafely and illegally continue to persist and that they present a significant and direct threat to overall public health and safety. Based on the stated employee protection provisions of the STAA and the REDA, I requested employee protection. I was terminated by my former employer for complaining, documenting and reporting to them coercive and illegal behavior of other company employees. Afterward, my former employer undertook to inaccurately, negatively and falsely report my JB Hunt past employment work record history to USIS. This inaccurate portrayal of my job history caused potential employers to turn down my application for employment. Finally, my former employer and their unemployment insurance carrier deliberately and knowingly undertook to deny me the legal benefits of past employment with JB Hunt by submitting defamatory, false, misleading, misrepresentative and inaccurate information to the NCESC. Based on the continuing history defamation, intimidation and harassment regarding this matter, JB Hunt, USIS and Employers Unity have shown a pervasive and unquestionable pattern of collusive behavior designed to manufacture and maintain false and inaccurate work history information and distribute it to others. This behavior denies me my rightful entitlement to the terms, conditions, privileges and benefits of my past employment with JB Hunt and is specifically purposed to blackball and/or blacklist me within and outside of the transportation services employment community. Therefore, I formally and respectfully requested that the US Department of Labor (USDOL) and the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) further investigate this matter and render a decision regarding the merit of my formal complaint. I also consider my former employer JB Hunt, their unemployment insurance carrier Employers Unity and the consumer reporting agency USIS, be held jointly responsible for their unfair and illegal acts. Steve Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
86, Report #222959
Nov 29 2006
08:00 PM
J B Hunt ripoff lied to me thru email Atlanta Georgia
jb hunt -ppg- recruiter lied to me thru email , said i would be making over 900.00dollars bring home pay , because i have hazmat cdl liciences i have the email printed out and i have my so called pay checks , they dont even put your trips on it , they didnot pay me sign on bonus , they didnot pay me for having to sit at truck stop for 48 hours , my first big pay check was 134.00 second was 506.00 third was 476.00 i was promised in wrinting i would make 900.00 dollars no matter the miles because i was going to be hauling hazardous material, so what happened to the money , i talked to pay roll they said it would be on next check,i believe they told me that so that could get one more week out of me before i realized when i got my next check somebody was lying , i cant stand a liarer , so i quit , jb hunt has almost cost me my home and car , because of there lies , who can pay there bills, on this kind of money, i put my trust in them and look what happened. Kevin and cathy Philadelphia, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
87, Report #269085
Aug 21 2007
09:02 AM
J.B. Hunt How much do you have to sacrafice Lowell Arkansas
I recently had to turn in my truck with J.B. hunt. It was constantly breaking down. Between J.b. Hunt, and Freightliner replacing parts every three weeks, and being off the road 3 to 4 days every time in the shop, there was no way I could make a paycheck. When I picked my truck out we really did not have much of a choice, there were 13 in my class and 9 trucks available to choose from. I chose a 2005 frieghtliner with 300,000 miles on it I could sit and make 50 dollars a day untill they happen to bring a truck in that I like, or pick a truck and start making a paycheck. So I thought I had my truck for 4 months and in that time I drained my bank acct. and twice. I knew that there would be sacrafices, how much do you have to sacrafice ? I no that I had nothing left to sacrafice. Sacrafices I/WE made: not only I was effected by this, we got rid of the house we were renting to help save money, got rid of any extra expenses that were not necessary. My wife was with me on the road, we cooked/BBQ our own food, never really did any extracurricular activities, and if we did it was usually shopping at Walmart and getting a new movie. One time when I was in Lowell,Ar. getting the truck worked on I was talking with the shop forman and he told me the last person that was in this truck quit because this truck was in the shop all the time. I find out after 3 1/2 months of struggling that my truck has a long history of being in the shop. Almost from the time the truck was new. I think what bothers me the most is , This truck has a bunch of problems J.B. does no about this , but it does not concern them that they use it in the L/P program at someone elses expence. Techfrmcape cape girardeau, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
88, Report #249115
May 17 2007
05:11 PM
JB Hunt Ripoff A bunch of crooks in Lowell Arkansas
I would like to know how a company can take your earnings that you earned from you?. if you dont take there truck back to your home terminal. I took there truck back to 1 of there closest terminal that i could find at the time because i was quiting and had enough of there madness Vivian Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
89, Report #298163
Jan 08 2008
02:39 PM
Hunt For Flowers Charged credit card more than receipt amount Gretna Louisiana
Ordered flowers for funeral on 11/27/2007. The receipt from Internet order shows a total of for $70.20. My credit card statement showed a charge of $75.20. I called Hunt For Flowers. The owner (Michael?) said I was charged an extra $5.00 because I did not enter the security code for the credit card. Said he had to call the credit card company to verify the card number and they charged him $5.00 to verify it. I asked why he didn't inform me of the extra charge. He said he did not have to because it was done through the credit card company and if I had a compaint, I should be calling them. I called the credit card company and they said they do not charge that way. If the form asks for the security number, it is not approved unless it is entered. I explained what the owner of Hunt For FLowers said. They, out of courtesy, credited my account. I believe this is an excuse this vendor uses to rip off people in times of grief and when charging over the Internet. He never asked me for my Name, Order Confirmination number, date of transaction, telephone number or address. Only the crdit card company does this if the security code is not entered. Meek Cantonment, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Gretna, Louisiana
90, Report #152877
Aug 08 2005
05:40 AM
JB Hunt employment ripoff, harassment, illegal company charges, avoidance to paying for fees Lowell Arkansas
August 5, 2005 I had to leave JB Hunt due to the climate of harassment, constant employers duress and illegal activity within the Company. For many years this Company has blamed the drivers for many, many problems but in truth the problems are at the management level. Anyone is called a manager, kids with no preparation have control over drivers in the field- causing havoc, accidents, delayed deliveries and death! But JB Hunt will only blame the drivers! Continued-daily harassment thru the obc unit to drivers since these unprofessional dispatchers are absent of any professional conduct and resulting in excess stress, anxiety and breakdown. You do not need a Company in which you make the money but, ALL other areas of the Company purposely damage your vehicule, cut back well derserved salary, are constatntly told you resolve the problem when you are thousands of miles away from home and receive no accolation for a job well done. Serious employment laws broken but when seeking help are told, follow your chain of command, to find out that the ones in charge are twenty-thirty non-degreed imbesseles as their dispatchers. One emplyment law being broken is advancement. When one applies for an internal position the dispatcher can deny it for capricios reasons, even if you have a good-clean driving record, making it a discriminatory decision and many other faults on behalf of JB Hunt for allowing such practice. The dispatchers will purposely deny payments, will purposely hold you for hours and days at a location for no reason, etc. I will need to file an EEOC complaint and Labor Department complaint because of the continued harassment by JB Hunt and its employees. I have a clean-good-clear MVR/DAC, just think this Company says there are no good drivers?? P lee summit, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
91, Report #340476
Jun 15 2008
03:54 PM
J.B. Hunt all that matters here is the freight Lowell Arkansas
I have been in the J9.B. Hunt lease purchase program since 4/10/2008 until just recently. The only thing they care about is the pickup and delivery of freight. For both of the months I have been in their program I have not managed to make a pay check. I carefully spend on fuel but the surcharge they offer to pay for fuel does not keep up with the actual price at the pump. Once I add my truck payment to my fuel expenses very little if any monies remain. In orientation as well when I spoke with the recruiter I was assured drivers average 2400- 2800 miles weekly. For 8 weeks I only reached that milestone once. I was also told by the recruiter try the program and if I was unhappy after 30 days I could switch to a company driver or leave and do as I please. Well needless to say that was yet another lie. The truth is I am obligated by a contract for a period of 90 days to work for J.B. Hunt. After 60 days you must give the company 30 notice of your intent to leave. I recently did just that and this is when everything really started to deteriorate between myself and J.B. Hunt. As soon as I advised my fleet manager that on July 7/2008 I planned to leave J.B. Hunt it became nearly impossible to arrange to get home. I would have to say I wanted to be home two -three days ahead of when I really wanted to arrive. When I did arrive at my home I would get messages and phone calls trying to convince me to return to work well in advance of my scheduled return to work. The times I scheduled to be home held a significance since usually this was the beginning of the month and I was home to beg borrow and steal to get help from family and friends to pay my rent and other monthly bills. On July 5, 2008 my fleet manager took the tradition of trying to get me back to work to another level. July 5, 2008 was a pay day and for a change I was actually entitled to $600.00 or so I thought. at 3 am that morning I checked my pay via the on board computer in my truck only to find I was only paid $240.00 so later that morning I received a phone call from my fleet manager who acknowledged that the company wrongfully omitted several items on my check. I then informed him that the reason I was home was to pay my rent and any other bill I could and the hardship this omission would cause me. I was facing eviction the next afternoon. He advised me he would speak with his superior to see what he could do. He called me back and advised me he could get me the money I was entitled to but there was a catch I would have to instantly return to work or else I could not get the money. I declined and he stated to me that I should take the $240.00 I did receive and see if my landlord would accept that. When I advised him they would not his response was oh well if you do not come back to work I cannot give the money to you. At the time of our conversation I had only been home for two days. He also aknowleged that as he stated to me You have been home since Tuesday. I told him that due to running non- stop Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning I was sleep all day Tuesday only leaving Wednesday. This conversation occurred Thursday morning and I was not scheduled to return to work until Sunday at 8 am. I spent the rest of that day borrowing monies to save my home and the next day borrowing to pay my other bills. All during this time I received repeated phone calls from various personnel at J.B. Hunt urging me to return to work but no one would give me the monies I was entitled to. Despite my best efforts I could not and still have not been able to gather all the monies needed to pay all of my bills. Therefore I extended and received acknowledgement from J.B. Hunt of a new date to return to work of 6/15/2008. The following week the calls kept coming from J.B. Hunt now threatening me with repossession of the truck I was leasing. I asked how they could do that when I was owed as much if not more than my upcoming truck payment and weekly expenses. I was told my only options were to immediately return to work, return the truck to Louisville, Kentucky by Tuesday 6/10/2008, take it to Joppatown, Maryland and incur repossession charges or they would send someone to get the truck. I told them I did not feel this was right given I was home on extended leave and as an independent contractor should not be told when to work. None the less after this conversation with the help of my family I removed all of my belongings from my assigned truck on Monday 6/09/2008. Later on that day a message was sent to me on the trucks computer *(since I stopped answering their repeated and harassing calls to my cell phone) offering to pay me $400.00 to drive the truck to Louisville, Kentucky by 5 pm Tuesday and in his words we would shake hands and part ways. But when I asked them would they fly me back home like they flew me there the best they would offer me was a bus ticket. On Tuesday afternoon J.B. Hunt sent a repo man to my neighborhood who took the truck and trailer. Now J.B. Hunt has kept the money I earned and is also charging me with abandoning a truck. Which they will probably reported to USIS and that will fulfill the threat that was made during one of the conversations with them that I would never be able to get another job in my profession as well that I would incur a substantial amount of fees and penalties for not returning to work when they wanted me to. So far J.B. Hunt is delivering on all of their threats and none of their promises. And why has all this happened? Just because I have a family and my life does not revolve around trucking. Marcus Randallstown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
92, Report #1117958
Jan 23 2014
03:48 PM
Dr. G Hunt Neurohr is a bad plastic surgeon Dallas Texas
I had a neck and face lift and canthopexy from Dr.G Hunul Neurohr in Dallas. The facelift was mediocre at best; my neck looked worse after the surgery than  before: it was looser and saggier. The canthopexy was botched to such an extent that my life as well as my appearance have been ruined.The surgery lasted 3 1/2 hours longer than it was suppoed to and I was never told why but of course I was billed for the anesthesiologist.The canthopexy resulted  in scar tissue which caused one eye to gap open and the other eye to be pulled way down. I was unable to work.  I just had corrective eyelid surgery by an oculoplastic surgeon. The surgery required skin grafts. Now my eyelids are finally in place after 6 months of hell. I would never ever recommend Dr. Neurohr for anything. He has totally lost his touch and is incompetent to do plastic surgery. Never once did he even apologize or offer me any reimbursement.  
Entity: Dallas, Texas
93, Report #1151710
Jun 03 2014
06:35 AM
hunt and henriques fraud,threatening san jose California
They use illegal tacticts, fraud, threatening letters
Entity: san jose, California
94, Report #1091451
Oct 12 2013
09:14 AM
JB Hunt Transport, Lowell, AR Liars and Thieves Lowell Arkansas
 I am now Bankrupt and Homeless, no thanks to JB Hunt TransportThis was my 2nd Go-Round with JB Hunt Transport....(02/2012-05/2013)I left them in 2006 due to Low, Sub-Standard Miles....I turned in my equipment at the Forest Park, Ga Terminal (on Thursday)  When attending Orientation for another company the following Monday, it was noted on my DAQ Report that I had Abandoned Equipment.....After several phone calls and the threat of a Lawsuit, JB Hunt Corp changed their report to DAQ.Dec 2011, a JB Hunt recruiter contacted me, offering me a guaranteed $1,200.00 weekly...When I arrived at Forest Park, Ga for Orientation, I was only offered .36cpm with a 12 day Board....  After picking up my equipment at Louisville, Ky the following week, Substandard Miles was the norm.....1,600 was the average, not the 2,500 I was promised....This dug into my savings account to pay bills...Home-Time: this was a joke....I agreed to accept a 12 day board...12 days out and two days Off....only three times in 18 months did they get me home as agreed....After 40+ days and threats to resign did dispatch make an effort to get me home, and then it was for only 4 days max.Equipment, old, and faulty to say the least.  I would make notations on daily Equipment Status Reports regarding equipment faults found during Pre-Trip Inspections, but they were ignored until something drastic happened, then it was charged as Driver at Fault....example: 02/2013, I reported the 5th wheel not engaging/locking onto the King-Pin...again, these reports were ignored....until a trailer came off the tractor and landed on retracted Dollies...I was charged with a preventable accident.May 2013, while at a shipper in PA, I picked up a load intended for another driver....Auto Group msg'd me to return that load and wait for my load.   I was accused of damaging property (ripping 2 steel posts out of ground) while turning around. After delivering that load to Louisville, Ky,  I was terminated due to this alleged accident.   JB Hunt did not make an effort to get me home.Unemployment Benefits:  When I filed for Unemployment Benefits, the claim was denied, due to Intentional Poor Job Performance...I appealed the decision.  During the Appeal, the ruling was amended to Misconduct because I didn't get out and Look when turning around,  the claim was again denied.JB Hunt Transport is NOT a Good Place for Drivers to work,  it was a hostile workplace,
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
95, Report #1181113
Oct 05 2014
06:02 PM
JB Hunt liars that only care about the money Lowell Arkansas
Do not take the bait and work for these liars.  I got fooled by the same song and dance that drivers tend to listen to.  I took the offer with jb because we needed the money.  About 2 weeks into my employment I got notification that a family member was in the hospital so like many of you would I told jb and said I have to get home.  Their response was we'll see what we can get.  I was then told to deadhead to salt lake city from Loveland, co because they didn't have freight going to az from Colorado.  I then get assigned a load going to Chino, ca.  At this point I once again told them my situation and I got the we have no loads going to Arizona excuse.  my load doesn't deliver until Monday.  I was then given a preplan picking up in San Bernardino to Wilmington, ca (74 loaded miles, they don't pay deadhead miles) then they want me to pick up in San Pedro going to Fremont, ca which is up by San Francisco (374 loaded miles).  Again I told them I have family in the hospital and I need to get home.  The excuse I got this time was freight is slow and we have alot of drivers sitting today...that may be but not all of them have family in the hospital. Now they tell me they can get me a load from Loveland, co to Arizona (Loveland was where I was when I found out about my family emergency) I was told I could talk to an operations manager if I wasn't getting any results from dispatch level so I asked to talk to the operations manager and the person on the other end got mad.  As of my current status I have not gotten the information I requested and they don't put it in their books.  I have done more deadheads in 2 days than I had in a month at other companies.  How can they have no freight out of Los Angeles area going to az. There's something fishy about that.  JB Hunt is not about the drivers, they are about the bottom line and nothing more.  I don't have the money to just get on a bus so I'm at their mercy.... F*** jb hunt and their shitty values.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
96, Report #1029529
Oct 15 2008
08:18 PM
JB Hunt fine until you need your truck fixed Lowell Arkansas
I had all kinds of fun with them trying to get me to quit when I was making too much money there. I see they now pay a whopping .34 for 3 yrs experience. Swift pays better than that, lol. JB Hunt is the best and worst company out there. I luckily was able to escape and not get put under a load or have some other DAC type problem in retaliation for quitting (that I know of). I am also from an upset group of people who waited on Swift to fix their junk trucks and trailers and went to JB Hunt because they have a superior maintenance program. JB Hunt, if you are lucky will get you in a few months after you need something. Especially if it is something you don't really need like the Qualcomm. have fun calling and getting a hold of fleet managers that don't have time to read everything off for you. That eases the stress of not knowing what your paid miles are or what route to take only to get told your out of route miles look bad later on. They are too busy even when you are right down the road or better yet just sitting at a terminal with nothing better to do. Geez, how I missed Swift and them just getting the truck in and looking at it or telling me the part would be in by the time I got home next or something. I replayed all my late night shop experiences in my head and appreciated the hell out of the mechanics at Swift. They screwed up a few times, but I pretty much dropped the truck with the same list until everything was fixed if they hurried through it. They were never too busy to just check things out and do SOMETHING. I had a lot of nice loads at JB Hunt, most of the time things were smooth. But I'm telling you the Fleet Managers (whose incentive is to run your truck until either you die or it dies) would rather have you get lost, break down in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal or qualcomm, deal with windows you can't see through because they aren't cracked bad enough yet and gamble that you will live long enough and not kill anyone and make their stock look good to investors. If your drive tires aren't completely bare or you have a flat already, you should probably listen to some of the others that I thought were joking, but they would say you need to make a flat or break something bad if you want it fixed. I never did this, I wonder if you are thinking I should have and it's my fault for not making a disaster so they would fix it. I think that's wrong. I actually enjoyed not having the Qualcomm, but they tight on taking the shortest back road route. Getting lost is kind of a thing of the past, but it's pretty cheap and lame how they don't just get everything fixed. I mean, they must have figured out the OBC routing and information was cutting costs and getting loads on time (can't tell you how many loads I didn't even know about until it was almost too late to pick them up). As soon as my Qualcomm got hooked back up and was fixed right...Guess what messages came up? We are losing customers, we have to get loads on time lol. Well, where the hell am I going to get it, what time, etc? (There is also a lot of new drivers saying yes when they dish out impossible times you couldn't make even if you broke all the rules). Even though I called every 30 minutes (and got people telling me they don't have time and to use my OBC which was DEAD), I still had a few loads that were going to be picked up late. I never had a late pickup or delivery, unless the roads were impassable. I'm not even sure if I had any kind of service failures from probably 20 loads I did with the old call and get half the info I need from kids that can't even read abbreviated directions and half the time would leave out four or five turns out of the directions procedure, but I usually got the we understand when I complained that they were making it impossible for me to do anything on time but you never know. Anyway, like all companies you are playing the lottery but if you are anal about getting things fixed this is not the company for you. Even if you don't like the Qualcomm, the way they force feed the shortcuts and expect you to know additional info like you must scale before entering or other important info (They forget to tell you because there's just no time...Those Fleet Managers just work their asses off I'm sure too because knowing them they run the whole company with 3 people. It sure seems like it). They also downsized their B Service. You used to be able to go to a Freightliner. No big deal, you can go to a terminal and do it on your home time but. Their terminals are smaller than most people's back yards and rarely had room before. Imagine how much fun it is to route everyone into a muddy lot with room for maybe 20 trucks (running 500 or more drivers out of). I hope they improve because they were close to being a nice company. They worked on rescheduling loads instead of making you work 20 hrs. (There's one though that they will make you do in Cincinnati that delivers 20 hours after you pick it up which makes your 10 hr break start at 2pm-perfectly legal but really a waste of an OTR driver). But they just don't care about your safety. They don't want the fines. So that one works out. In one case, they are on the HOS better than any company I have heard of. This helps you want to stay there. You learn to get 3500 miles in a week the legal way. Drive at night, get off the usual schedule. I enjoyed running myself from night back to day. They will get you loads at all hours if you want. They will get you miles as long as you don't work 6am-8pm every day. I'll give them that. They advertise this superiority over other companies in maintenance. Don't believe it. Trucks that are nice are newer and that's why they are nice. You can get a flat tire changed anytime sure. But one that is bald that slides around in wet weather that needs to be changed. They will rotate the tire around and look for a thick spot and argue with you that it is DOT ready. I had a lot of trailer tires go flat, but my drives were imbalanced and they didn't get changed until one finally went FLAT flat. Then they said it had way too many miles. Funny, I was arguing with someone in Louisville that it was perfectly fine just a week ago. I feel sorry if you are still there and are feeling the pressure of costing them too much. This could just be a thing they do to get people to quit. I wish they would have just offered a paycut instead of denying me repairs and just generally acting more and more like morons on the phone. It was clear they didn't want me to stay there and it didn't have to do with job performance one bit. If you are new to JB Hunt, talk to other drivers (they have good tips and you will have a laugh over the same crap that has happened with them) and be careful what you say and do and look for an opportunity to quit because I have heard it gets much worse the longer you stay there. You gamble along or you chose to save lives and yourself. Pete Lowell, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
97, Report #1049109
May 07 2013
03:20 PM
Tracy Hunt Failure to deliver complete order Hesperia, Lake Elsinore California
Let the buyer beware!   Tracy Hunt agreed to sell us four rolls of carpeting, and only delivered three.  We received the three rolls several weeks late, and made an extra payment for shipping which she promised to return and never did.   After many weeks of excuses and phone calls we tried to pick up the fourth roll of carpet ourselves and found that she never even ordered it.    This woman is not to be trusted, and has apparently run this same scam with different products many times before. We will very likely have to go to court to see any of our money back.    Along the way she also ripped off two trucking companies. The original report from 2012 that I read stated that Tracy became angry and combative on the phone, and I completely agree.   All attempts at reasonable conversation with her broke down almost immediately as she resorted to baseless allegations and name calling.      At first I felt sorry for her, and then I wondered if it were even possible for someone to get an order so confused so many times in a row.   It wasn't until much later I realized that everything she was telling us was false.    Be careful, she is very good at what she does.  
Entity: Hesperia, Lake Elsinore, California
98, Report #1144727
May 07 2014
10:57 AM
hunt counrty jail lied, denied his rights greenville Texas
My son has been in jail for 6 weeks and has not received medicsl treatment. He I a diabetic and has high blood pressure. He has put in 3 request to see a doctor.
Entity: greenville , Texas
99, Report #1310915
Jun 11 2016
09:07 PM
Hunt Automotive LLC Total Scam Boiling Springs South Carolina
 Bought a truck from Hunt Automotive in boiling springs. Didn't even have the truck for 30 days before the transmission died, still had the 45 day plate on it. Called them as soon as it happened and their response was, well sorry. So I pay for a transmission rebuild before even making the first truck payment. I had to call them to get my tag after the DMV told me it had been issued. They never contacted me about the tag. So I go get my tag after getting my truck back from the shop, still sporting the 45 day tag. I actualy asked to borrow their screw driver to remove the temp tag. Not two weeks after getting it back I'm on my way home from work and the front drivers side tire comes off the truck! The complete tire! Tire and rim! Luckily enough I wasn't on the interstate, where I could've easily been killed or the tire that rolled a quarter mile could've killed someone else, and my wife and kids weren't in it! This company doesn't care! They will make their junk look really good and sucker you in to buy. Take them to get them cleaned before you pick it up and remove accessories like block heaters that you won't notice till it's too late! DO NOT BUY FROM HUNT AUTO!!!
Entity: Boiling Springs, South Carolina
100, Report #1363663
Mar 24 2017
06:39 AM
JB HUNT Job offer, Left without a job kalamazoo Michigan
            Bait & Switch Had a decent job as an experimental driver, But it was through a staffing company. I was looking for a local drivng job with direct hire in, insuranc... I recieved a call from JB Hunt after submitting resume. I was offered the job of local driver home every day $18 hour to start, Great bennifits, advancement... Put my two week notification in with employer. Two days before Orietaion I recieved a call first confirming orientation. One hour later I recieve a call saying that my job had been filled but dfthey had an over the road job for me. fAt this time I mentioned that I had just been confimed for the potion and orientation. He said that he would check on it and get back to me. He called me back and told me Well you just dont have enough experience and the job offer is no longer available. When I mentioned this to some other truckers I have been informed that JB HUNT is nitorious for doing this. I wish our state would make them responsable for unemployeement while you are looking for a job.                                                          
Entity: kalamazoo, Michigan

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