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26, Report #370809
Sep 08 2008
09:23 AM
LA Fitness You are just a number Hemet California
Of the 70 new stores that were to be built by LA Fitness in 2008, only three will actually make through 'construction complete' while the rest have been put on an indefinite hold. This is in part due to the soft economy, real estate prices in free-fall, rising unemployment and consumer goods indexes (fuel). How is this a rip-off? Easy, you take an organization whose sole bent is to profit from the American diseases related to obesity and generally poor fitness habits, couple it up with a savvy Chinese business-dictator, give them unlimited funding under the auspices of minority-owned business, and Fitness-Gate is right around the corner. Ever wondered why you seemed to be the most important person in the world until the deal closed? You're just another sweetheart number. But that 20 minute sales pitch felt good, didn't it, until six months later you figured out you could have gotten a better work-out in your garage. Ever take your complaint to the front desk? How many employees in the facility do you think have any real authority? I have witnessed fist-fights in their clubs and parking lots with the result of none of the offenders losing their memberships. In fact, if you to go to any Meagan's Law Website, you'll find that they allow child-molesters to join the club where your minor children are; because, they're just a number too. It's just a sales number game, and you're on your own with the fitness itself, unless you want to take a second deed of trust out on your house to pay for their grossly inflated personal-training services from teenagers that happened to pass a week-end qualifidcation test. So here's the bad news, in third quarter of fiscal year 2009, the board of directors of LA Fitness having had the most profound losses handed to their organization ever, will begin by closing fitness facilities that aren't making their quotas. Areas hit hardest by real estate vacancy and foreclosure (Hemet helps lead the nation in this one) will be at the top of the list. If you think it won't happen, remember you're just a number, and it's almost up. Vincent Hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hemet, California
27, Report #753194
Jul 14 2011
10:13 PM
LA Fitness Dishonest employee, NO NOT JOIN Alhambra, California
Ok here is a story of LA fitnessI called the Alhambra Branch located at 412 East Main Street, Alhambra and I spoke to a person name Tony, he offer me the membership at $799 for 2 years and then 99 for renew plan. I told him I will think about it, I called anotherbranch at Pasadena at 201 S. Lake Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101 the person who I contacted with is name Edward Vazquez, he give me the same deal, except I only have to pay 600. So naturally I took my time off work, drive to Pasadena(traffic was hell, took me over 1 hour drive, then I have to pay for the street parking as well) and sign up with Edward. Later that day Tony called me and found out that I sign up with another branch, then he proceed to sabotage mydeal on purpose (which I didn't give him any permission to look into my membership plan), he called his superior and then later I got a phone call from some guy from the Alhambra branch told me the deal I have is canceled, he told me thedeal I got was illegal. Then I asked him how was that not legal? I called your Gym phone number, speak to your employee, got the quote from him, I drove down there to sign up for membership, at what point the action I did was illegal? Hedidn't answer that, then I asked him what is your name, what is your employee number, how can I know you are legal and what you tell me is legal, he  give me his name as Edward with no last name and did not give me his employee number, then hang up on my face promptly which I did not finish talking with him. I called back on the phone he called me, andthere is no one name Edward work there, basically he flat lied to my face. I now hold in my hand a legit contract of my membership which I obtained through the normal legal process, which I took time off my work, and just by 1 phonecall from them few hours later, it is now a worthless piece of paper. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GYM, they deliberately sabotage their own customers, and fight among themselves, they do not keep their word, they are not honest to themselves, they are by far NOT honest to their own customers. What you are dealing is the worst of the worse of corporate American, avoid LA Fitness at all cost. Never join them if you can. And feel free to copy this message into other forums or message board if you want. My email is (((ROR redacted))) I canprovide you with all evidence what I talked about today. If you need a copy of the contract or my phone record, just email me. I want to expose to the world the true nature of LA fitness.CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Alhambra, California
28, Report #789648
Oct 17 2011
08:27 AM
LA Fitness DON'T SIGN THE CONTRACT! Atlanta, Georgia
It's the old bait and switch game that's been going on for years.  However, now that Bally's is heading south and LA Fitness feels that it's cornered the market in the fitness center arena, LA Fitness feels that once you've signed, you don't matter and, like a recorded message, when a member has a complaint, s/he will only hear, Did you read the contract?  SO, I am hear to tell you that, when you join LA Fitness, please forego the Personal Training Sales Pitch and DON'T CONSIDER using their personal training services.  Once you join, you will receive a phone call within one to days from a Fitness Manager who wants to ensure that you make the most of your membership with LA Fitness. S/He will invite you to come in for a personal training session with her/him but won't tell you that the sole purpose of the session is to get you to purchase personal training sessions.  Once you meet with her/him, he/she will LIE to you--telling you all that he/she will personally do for you (provide nutritional information regularly, e-mail you with fitness tips and work out with you personally) only to achieve his/her goal of getting you to SIGN on the dotted line. Don't waste your time.  These folks are trained by LA Fitness to misrepresent the truth--fully expecting that you won't read the contract once you've signed it.  If you sign the contract and when you have an issue or a complaint, the contract will become the foundation of LA Fitness' argument for NOT providing you with what the Fitness Manager TOLD you you would receive:  If it's not in the contract, then you are SOL. Save yourself the time, headache and hassle and decline the consultation meeting with the Fitness Manager when s/he calls. There are many members at the gym who would be happy to talk to you about how they've achived great results.  Also, there are so many resources on the internet that you don't need to purchase fitness services from any gym.  Be friendly in the gym, ask members questions, find a workout partner and you can achieve your goals--without financially committing to personal training sessions. The Personal Training Arm of LA Fitness is not reputable and should be avoided at all costs.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
29, Report #799604
Nov 18 2011
02:40 PM
LA Fitness THEY ARE THIEVES! Irvine, CA , California
DO NOT give LA Fitness authority to charge your bank account or credit card monthly. I went on-line on their website and cancelled the payment authority and switched it to Bill Pay at another bank.They continued to charge thru the first bank, as well as being paid thru the second.TWO HOURS on the phone and got nowhere. Nothing complicated: Stop charging my account. you are being paid twice.Finally, I went to my bank and they charged back the three months of overcharges.Bank told me LOTS OF TROUBLE with LA Fitness.WHAT TO DO: send them a letter cancelling your membership or cancelling their right to charge your account monthly. Send it certified. Then take it to your bank and have the bank charge back the unauthorized charges.Better still, bank told me people should not rely on them to cancel charging. Send a letter to the bank telling the bank to stop automatic charging.As soon as you notify LA Fitness NOT to charge your account, any charges made after that are UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES same as a THIEF charging your credit card.with all the complaints here about unauthorized charges, it is obvious it is their policy to RIP PEOPLE OFF.
Entity: Irvine, CA, California
30, Report #788827
Oct 14 2011
01:38 PM
LA FITNESS Memebership Scam Bad Service sunrise, Florida
You are suppose to have good service and help in your training process.. they only want your money... They are not trying to help you, they want you to have a membership with trainers, if you don't... you are left alone with all the equipment , no routine... no help... unless you pay more... It is an automatic credit card withdraw... you accept that terms or else... Small Gyms will give better service with a lot less money...
Entity: sunrise, Florida
31, Report #817576
Jan 03 2012
09:15 PM
LA Fitness dishonest, inappropriate business practices Gresham, Oregon
LA Fitness, since purchasing several Bally Fitness clubs, has exercised some very inappropriate business acts with the Bally transplants.  I for one am shocked at what they expect to get away with and I believe we need to get some names together and start a class action lawsuit in respect to the unethical dealings and billing practices we have experienced.  I am in Oregon. Please let me know if you wish to join me.
Entity: Gresham, Oregon
32, Report #818902
Jan 06 2012
11:52 AM
LA Fitness Buys Ballys cheats people out of memberships, Internet
 I boought a Ballys Membership for my local ballys from a gentlemen in Florida he sent me the signed transfer papers which i lost over the holiday , Should have been no problem since the membership was paid up til the 21 Jan 2012. However Ballys was bought by LAFitness I called Ballys like La fitness suggested and Ballys said that membership was bought by LAFITNESS yet they wont help me what a rip off am I out 200.00 this is wrong can anyone help me.
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #771754
Sep 01 2011
06:15 AM
LA Fitness Bunch of crooks! Stay away! Indianapolis, Indiana
I have a long story as well, but I will make this short.Last summer I have signed up for a gym, and yes I paid the sign up fee :( On my second or third visit I have been approached by one of the personal trainer and it sounded very good to me at first. I was kind of skeptic at first but he has sold me one of the programs. But before I have sign up I did specifically ask if I could cancel at any time and he assured me that I could. In about November on one of my visits, some other personal trainer was working with me and I have injured my hip and my knee (permanently). I have canceled my gym membership thinking that all of it is canceled, but later to find out that gym and personal trainer fee doesn't go together. Therefore I could not attend their gym because I was injured and had no membership to it but I am still paying for the personal trainer. When I have called home office I have been informed that I need to send a letter from my doctor stating that was injured and could not work out any longer. However when I have sent that letter in and never got any response to it, I have called home office once again. i have found out that the letter was no good because they need a letter stating that I have permanent injury. Also found out that even after sending that letter they can still send me to their choice doctor, who is on their pay roll to evaluate me. I am too busy for those games. Therefore I am still paying for something that I will never use or even if I wanted to I could not since I did not have membership any longer. STAY AWAY FROM LA FITNESS!
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
34, Report #826008
Jan 20 2012
06:20 PM
LA Fitness Sales member LIED and SIGNED my CONTRACT, Internet
I went to the LA Fitness on valley view in Garden Grove to find out the cost and quailty of the gym. Christian was my scum bag lying salesman, he wouldn't give me a price just gave me a tour showed me the class schedule and offered to let me take a class first. So I took a class Spin LOVED it Andie was great hard but the music kept me going. He called to see how I liked the class and to invite me in to go over memberships. He placed a figure on a sheet of paper and we passed it back and forth ( should have been a clue since I wasn't buying a used car) I told him is was way more can I can pay at this time. His assistant called the next day with an offer slightly smaller. I still could not afford the membership we have kids and a mortgage. I thanked the assistant Anthony and said no. Then he offered to throw in another year, 2 free training sessions and to spread the payments over 3 months. Cool! I really like the gym it is super clean and the machines actually work not the usual out of service sign other gyms have out for days. I gave him my card number over the phone since I work out at 5 before work and no sales people are there that early. The next time I went to the gym I asked for a copy of my membership but the printer was broken. I didn't worry about it just kept going and really like the gyms I work in Irvine so I went to a different one everyday to see what worked out best. I was very happy with the classes and cleanliness of all their gyms. I went at night to Garden Grove to get a copy of the membership for my health insurance to prove I am being healthy but no printer still broken. A few nights later I tried again but it was the weekend and no sales managers are there to print my contract. REALLY! so after a few more days of this I asked a different copy of a copy they printed it right up no problem but the contract was 3 years no 4 years and the whole payment due January 15 ekkk! this is not right. Christian was at lunch all day each time I called. Finally I called corporate Jan. 7th told my story they said they would look into it and get back to me. They didn't so I called them 3 days later and was promised they put a freeze on my account so the whole amount wouldn't be charged. This has still not been handled corporate is still looking into and I can't cancel and get my money back because it is passed the cancel date. The signature is not mine they withdrew the whole amount and now I have overdraft fees to deal with and they still have not called back. This is the corporate office I call daily and they are still looking into it! I can't believe they can lie to me, sign my name and take my money when they promised to freeze the account.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #829284
Jan 26 2012
05:29 PM
La Fitness Membership misrepresented Lutz, Florida
I was unable to get anyone on the phone at my location today for three hours. I going to cancel my membership.  I was told by the sales person Manny or Mano that I was purchasing a corporate membership and that I would be able to use it at any La Fitness in the country.  I recently learned that this is not the case.  Additionally I learned that I do not have a corporate membership. My attempts to speak to someone about this have not been successful which is disappointing.   I went to cancel my membership online only to learn that I need to print out a form and send it to corporate, however the online form access is not working properly.  So after five days of trying to get this resolved prior to my next billing cycle, I still have no form and no contact person capable of making a managerial decision. Bottom line... LA Fitness is not the best fitness center to do business with.  They do not care about you... only the automatic withdrawal every month.
Entity: Lutz, Florida
36, Report #836283
Feb 08 2012
09:59 PM
LA Fitness Personal Training SCAM Leesburg, Virginia
I have had many issues with their so called Personal Trainers. I signed up for training twice a week.  In the last 3 weeks since joining, I've had 3 no shows by trainers.  When I complained each time, the other workers had to run around for about 15 mins trying to find me another trainer to work with.  I explained that I just wanted to lose a few pounds and get healthier.  However, the my 1st day of training w/my 1st trainer (I've been w/ 4 different trainers so far) decided to have me do their 101 program (I think that's what it's called).  Basically, they have you do several exercises 100 times, then 50, then 25.  It was ridiculous.  Then half the time she didn't count the reps because she was too busy staring off somewhere else. Once she realized I was still there, she would start over counting.  She never measured me, never measured my body fat, never weighed me, or did any sort of health assessment.  None of that, just directly into having me do more reps than I could count.  Needless to say, I couldn't walk for 4 days after this session.  I've also also at every one of my sessions how the scheduling of the trainers works, because it seems like everyone is confused to me.  And, I have had 3 no showsWell, I've never gotten a straight answer on this.  Basically, I was told that some of the trainers are flaky and my trainer of the day wished me luck. I almost believe that the 1st & 2nd trainers were trying to get me to just not come anymorebecause they already had their money.   
Entity: Leesburg, Virginia
37, Report #835044
Feb 06 2012
10:42 PM
LA Fitness cleaned out bank account Tucson, Arizona
LA fitness sold me a year membership. I paid in full with my debit card. I got a signed contract stating I had paid in full with no monthly charges due.. The month after I signed up LA fitness took all of my money in my account. They explained That they lost my contract and that at the time I since I had misplaced my contractI could not prove anything. I found my contract and took it to my bank. So far their has been no response from LA fitness
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
38, Report #814144
Dec 26 2011
10:41 PM
LA FITNESS Fraudulent billing POTTSTOWN, Pennsylvania
For months I have fought an ongoing battle with these thieves. My wife joined over a year ago,with the monthly fee deducted from our bank account. After knee surgery months ago,she could no longer use the facilities,so we called to cancel her membership. After repeated tries to get someone who could handle our request,we were told her account would be put on hold,and not activated until she requested it. Two months later,without our consent,they started taking money out of our bank account again. Repeated attempts to stop this have been fruitless,the local branch says the main headquarters  must handle it,the main headquarters just gives us the run around,putting us on endless holds and disconnects. Short of completely shutting down my bank account,there seems no way of stopping them,let alone recovering the hundreds of dollars they've stolen.
Entity: POTTSTOWN, Pennsylvania
39, Report #528516
Nov 25 2009
10:29 AM
LA Fitness Locker Theft Portland, Oregon
Two days ago my husband's locker and 2 other lockers were broken into at a Signature club of LA Fitness in Portland, Oregon. These lockers are new and you put in your own code. The manager said that break ins are not supposed to happen. Apparently that was the information she received from the locker manufacturers. So use these lockers at your own risk, because the thugs have figured out a way to break in.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
40, Report #205471
Aug 10 2006
12:50 PM
LA Fitness Ripoff liars fraud Tempe Arizona
I was quite amazed to find all these entries about LA Fitness, and nearly all of them about the same thing: ripoff personal trainers. I was searching the web for the name of the president or the ceo of the company, so I could send them a personal email. If I find it, I will post it here so EVERYONE can send personal emails. My story unfolds as follows: I went to LA Fitness about 2 and a half weeks ago to start 2 new memberships for one of my sons and I. Upon sitting down at the table with that club's general manager, he informed me that I would receive one hour free personal trainer for both you and your son. Great, I thought, I don't need it, but my son does, I want a routine tailored for his age: 13. I told him as such, I have been working out for 30 years, I know what to do, but for a person that age, well, I wanted some help. I joined up, and then made an appointment with the personal trainer manager for that club. He broke the appointment, we found out, upon arrival at the club on the given day and hour. Okay, I thought, let's try this again. So I sat down at a desk with one of his employees and rescheduled for 4 days later on a Saturday afternoon. He again broke the appointment, this time not bothering to call the club to even tell anyone he wasn't going to show up. I don't take kindly to such things, so I called, on a Sunday afternoon, for the manager. He wasn't there. I don't care, I responded, I have arrived on-time for 2 appointments, they have both been renigged, and there has been NO communication from ANYONE about rescheduling. They told me he couldn't be reached, and they hung up on me. Although persistent, I was not rude. I simply kept calling, about a dozen times, until they called the manager at home, who then called me. Yada, yada, yada, is what I was hearing. He promised to get the thing straightened out and call me before morning's end on Monday. He never called back, so at noon, I called him. Not there, left a message. At 4:00pm, I called again. Not there. I called AGAIN, this time I finally got him. He, of course, couldn't deal with a person like me. If you are operating a company and you make promises, you'd damned well better be prepared to keep them, or I will begin a relentless campaign, after reasonable patience, of course, to get things right. He called another LA fitness nearby to set up an appointment with one of THEIR trainers. He then called me back and told me I would be receiving a call within ten minutes. 2 hours went by and I went to bed, never receiving that call nor getting a call with a voice mail after I had gone to bed. And there is stands. Now I am starting my own campaign against this company, if only for myself. I have called corporate, the operator told me the only way I could file a complaint was to leave a message. Okay, I left a message, that was 4 days ago and have heard nothing. Now onto finding out who is actually in charge of this company, and making my grievances known to them/him/her. There is power in numbers, if anyone knows the phone number or email address for the president of LA Fitness, post it. We can start a huge campaign with phones ringing endlessly off their hook or a vault of email of valid, legitimate complaints. I thought maybe I was just an odd-man-out with my experience with this company, apparently this is normal for them to treat their customers this way. But, one final thought: for as bad as this company apparently treats it's customers, they DO have a good workout facility with modern equipment in excellent condition, and they keep it clean. If you can live with that alongside poor customer service, well, there you go. benb Benb Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Temp, Arizona
41, Report #306056
Feb 04 2008
03:00 PM
LA Fitness Fraud Long Beach California
While in negotiations for a membership contract at the Long Beach LA Fitness, they asked to see my credit card. Without my permission they processed my credit and issued me a membership which I did not agree to. I never signed any paperwork. When I told them to credit my card, they told me their computers were not able to reverse transactions. I told them I would stop payment on my credit card was told by the manager to do whatever makes you happy. I am in the process of disputing the charge with my credit card issuer. I think the district attorney's office should investigate this crooked outfit. JB Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
42, Report #322772
Apr 01 2008
07:16 AM
LA Fitness Cancelling Membership. not possible? Atlanta Georgia
I called the Akers Mill location to cancel my membership, and was told that I needed to come in to fill out a form to process the cancellation. No problem, I went in on March 29th. The reason for my cancellation was that I manage a local hotel and have had several complaints from guests that the gym is unclean, and some have even reported staph infections from the equipment not being properly cleaned. When I arrived, there was a guy at the front counter on the phone who was clearly on a sales call. I stood there for about ten minutes before someone else came to the counter and asked if they could help me. I gave him my membership number, and he told me that my membership was scheduled to be canceled already. Skeptical, I asked if I needed to fill out any paperwork and he said No, we just cancel it when you call now. We don't do the paperwork anymore. He also mentioned that I had two months free anyway, and that I wouldn't be charged again. Still skeptical, I thanked him and left. On April 1st, the joke was on me. I was charged again! So I called LA Fitness back and asked for a manager. A VERY young girl answered the phone and when I told her what happened, she claimed that the person I described had not worked there for several months. So I guess the person I talked to was a ghost? I gave up and called the corporate Customer Service Department, waited on hold for 22 minutes, then talked to a representative named Toni. She was very quick to offer a refund for the most recent charges, and to take my report of the staph infections reported by my hotel guests. She didn't seem at all shocked by my statements and I would guess that was because she hears it all the time. I did insist that they file some report in regard to the health issues and improper cleaning of the equipment. I'm still waiting for the refund, however. Chris Smyrna, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
43, Report #263486
Jul 26 2007
05:43 PM
LA Fitness Neverending Membership Ripoff Carrollton Texas
When I lived in Southern California I enrolled at the LA Fitness in Yorba Linda because it was admittingly a good deal at the time. As I decided to move to Northern California I knew I had to cancel my gym membership so I went in one day and was given a cancellation form to fill out. I quickly filled it out and handed it to the young lady at the front counter. Two months later I checked my bank account and found that I was still being charged for my membership. I then visited the website expecting easily accessible customer support but the best info I could find was the phone number to the Yorba Linda location. I called and notified them of the situation and they were very rude. The girl told me I didn't need to cancel because there was a location near me and I advised her that there are zero (0) in Northern California and that is why I had previously applied to cancel my membership. Then, after a few more minutes of going in circles around the issue, she finally told me to create an online account. I tried this with her still on the line and I was unsuccessful, with the site stating that I needed to speak to customer service. She then told me she would fax me a cancellation form. I waited 10 minutes, then a couple hours, then called her back. I was told by a man that she was gone for the day and he didn't have access to the forms so I had to call back. After about 5 more calls I was unsuccessful in getting in contact with anyone who had form access. I waited a couple weeks. I then called back and acheived the same result, no desire to help me and resolve my issue! I then called the national headquarters and they told me to contact my local club. An incredible run around for an action so simple and necessary for a business. I am not about to make a trip to LA just to cancel my membership so I have to fit unecessary phone calls into my busy schedule. What company as large as LA Fitness is doesn't have an email address or online customer support? Their lack of assistance to leaving customers has to be against the law in some way! If anyone has any advice please let me know. Brian84 Santa Cruz, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carrollton, Texas
44, Report #257578
Jun 28 2007
06:40 PM
LA Fitness is a scam! Ripoff Irvine California
I want a class action law suit brought against this company. In May of 07 when i opened up my account they changed the amount of the monies I wrote it for without my consent. (Which is a criminal offense, and I have all my documentation to prove all these facts against the gym) then this month, June 0f 07 I asked them if they could put a feeze on my account until the following month so i would have the funds, I then told they I didnt have the funds in my account please dont bill, they preceeded to tell me they could nothing to help me ( They meaning, the Operations manager of one of the gyms in Irine.) They not only charged my account ONCE but TEN differant times with my bank charging me $300.00 in fees. I then contacted the corporate office and they aswell told me there was nothing they could do for me. Not only that but be aware they WILL CHARGE FOR A FREEZE.....Which they didnt not tell me about. LA Fitness charges $10.00 for each account you have with them each month your account is froozen. They are very negligent and fraudgulent with information they give you when you sign up. I am a single mom of 4 and can't afford this $300.00 dollars in dept that they now have incurred me. Terrisa lake forest, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1024633
Mar 06 2013
05:02 PM
LA Fitness Scam Master Fraudulent Sales Practice, misrepresentation Irvine, California
LA Fitness is a scam master as everybody here complained. This is a very unethical company that will do whatever it takes to lie to you and steal your money. If possible, stay away from this company. Their personal training program is a big scheme. Do not be fooled by their friendly sales people , they lied to their teeth. The corporate and the sales guys gang up to screw you up. A class action lawsuit is urgently needed. Orange County District Attorney office will only take the case if there are sufficient complaints. For those of you ripped off by LA Fitness, do the following: (1)  send in complaint to Orange county BBB, (2) send in complaint to Orange County DA Consumer Protection Unit, (3) start a individual personal claim or class action lawsuit. This company should not continue their fraudulent business any more!
Entity: Irvine, California
46, Report #977594
Dec 03 2012
08:00 PM
LA Fitness Horrible & Deceptive Sales Practices Duluth, Georgia
I wanted a national membership with the company as I travel a good bit for work, and was told several times when going through the sales process that the agreement I was signed was a national membership. They never showed any documentation to me and after 10-12 days I found a PDF copy of it in my email. The PDF document stated I had a Georgia only membership and when I contacted them about this, they refused to do anything. I then raised a complaint with the Better Business Bureau who sent the complain to LA Fitness. They called me on the phone and were very rude about the whole situation and treated me horribly for filing the complaint. It was only $220 for my membership and nothing to them, but they did not care that I used the membership once before noticing the problem and reporting it to them. They refused to refund my money because it was outside of the initial 7 days, even though the emailed document was filtered by spam (should have been a clue to begin with), and I did not see it until after the 7 days was already over. They are real swindlers that do not care about their consumers at all.  Buyer beware with these guys. Once they have your money and information, they are impossible to deal with and will not care about you one bit. I am still trying to get my money back, but I don't see it happening unless I take them to small claims court.
Entity: Duluth, Georgia
47, Report #1176999
Sep 15 2014
05:50 PM
LA Fitness Worst place to work...PERIOD Milford Connecticut
For me, it is imperative to post this online to warn, not only the prospective employees, but also members about this company.   They ONLY care about your money, nothing else.  You will be paying exorbitant amount of money for ammenities that you would be able to get at a much more reputable gym cheaper.   The sales people only work on EFT, with their wages being illegally below minimum wage.  After that, you would have to deal with a Personal Training Counselor, which is glorified salesperson, who after you sign up, has nothing to do with you, as you will be paying for your training monthly with someone who you would never met.  Even the trainers are being paid WAY BELOW their worth, as I have met a couple of trainers who are awesome,  but are paid a set pay, and cannot build business themselves (due to the structure of the business at gym level). Then you have the front desk staff practically acting like a collections agency in order to for them to keep the amount of hours that they work, and not focus on creating a great member experience.   Lastly, you have higher ups that only care about the numbers, NOT the retention of members or the morale of members and employees that are under them.  All in all,  you have a company who's bottom line is just money, WITHOUT the factor of member experience nor employee retention (as I heard that many ex-employees are happier leaving the company due to the BS that they endured, and the fact that I went from a GROWING company to a company that has such low reputation that I am embarrassed, to this day, to be associated with.).  So please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PLACE AND FIND A MUCH BETTER GYM!  You'll be glad you did!
Entity: Milford, Connecticut
48, Report #1046099
Apr 25 2013
09:12 AM
LA Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ FRAUD Internet
On  Feb,6th I spoke with a sales rep. let him know I wanted to join for water aerobics found out after I joined (over the phone) went to the gym that the one closet to me(where the sales rep works) did not offer water aerobics. The closest one to me that offered the aerobics was 20 miles from my home. So within the three business days not counting Saturday as a business day (they do) I faxed a cancellation  request.  On the 19th I get a call from a very snotty CSR who informed me that I was not entitled to a refund because, I did not send my request in with in the three business days. Because they count Saturday as a business day. So I disputed the charge. I received a letter from my bank along with fraudulent documents yes I said FRAUDULENT. They said that I have used the gym on several occasions I never went! the times they have me logged into the gym, I was at work! Angela Mesquite TX  I never even signed the contract! Today I called them to ask about the FRAUDULENT info they sent to my bank The girl kept saying I was not due a refund because they did not received my fax with in the three business days. I told her the reason for my call was to ask why they submitted FRAUDULENT information to my bank, she could not or would not answer my question So back to my bank I go with documents!
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #1010321
Feb 07 2013
10:25 AM
LA Fitness Deceptive Cancellation Policy Edina, Minnesota
I was a member of LA Fitness and cancelled my membership and training sessions per the language in the contract.  The cancellation process required that I send in a certified letter requesting my cancellation and that I would be responsible for 50% of the remaining training sessions cost. I was fine with the way the contract was worded and also their requirements with the understanding that the letter I sent in December would cover my final 50% payments for January & February 2013.  However, when LA Fitness received my letter, they claim the letter indicated a cancellation, not a buy-out.  I informed them there is no language in their contract regarding the difference between cancellation and buy out.  The LA Fitness representative then said that they sent me an email indicating the final payment was on February 7th., which I did not receive, and I should have been aware of the payment.   To make a long story short, LA Fitness would not credit me the full $168 which they overcharged me and only deigned to credit me $84.  I will never become a member of LA Fitness again and will never promote fitness center in a positive way. 
Entity: Edina, Minnesota
50, Report #1009990
Feb 06 2013
03:52 PM
LA Fitness Harassing calls , Internet
I've been an LA Fitness member since approximately December 2009. When I signed up I did the direct debit option for payment (I'm not even sure they offer another option). The card that was associated with the direct debit option expired in 01/2013 so my payment did not go through in 02/2013. When they first called me on February 4, 2013 at 12:18 PM, I was at work and it was a number that was not on my contact list. So I let 425-406-9420 from Kirkland, Washington go through to voicemail. The message said my membership dues did not clear because my card had expired. I made a mental note to go to my club in Minnesota later in the week to get the matter straightened out because I don't like giving my credit card information to people over the phone. I was contacted again on February 4, 2013 at 12:45 PM, while still at work, from 949-502-2423 (Irvine, CA). This time no message was left. On February 5, 2013 I was contacted by the following numbers and locations at the following time: 951-663-4786 (CA, US - 9:14 AM); 630-289-7738 (IL, USA - 10:35 AM, 10:55 AM, and 4:50 PM). I was contacted again today by the following numbers and locations at the following time: 951-663-4786 (CA, USA - 8:02 AM); 630-289-7738 (IL, USA - 10:28 AM, 10:28 AM). Finally to get the calls to stop I called the last number back and gave in and told my credit card information over the phone to some stranger in IL. Honestly after that whole ordeal I just wanted to cancel my membership. The only thing that stopped me from doing so was the fact that my boyfriend (who is a personal trainer - not employed with LA) also has an LA gym membership so it is nice to work out together.Horrible, horrible customer service after having no problems with me for the past 3 years. The only thing that saves them from being in violation of 15 U.S.C. 1692d is that they are technically not defined as a debt collector under 15 U.S.C. 1692a(6). Shame on you LA!
Entity: Internet, Internet

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