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76, Report #1190678
Nov 21 2014
09:32 PM
La Fitness WITCH BURNING at La Fitness, Orchards, Vancouver, Washington Orchards, Vancouver Washington
I been a member & exercised at La Fitness, Orchards, Vancouver, Washington 4-6/times week for three and a half years. I told Management at La Fitness branch Orchards Washington, that I was going to write complaint letter to La Fitness corporate office about:1) Rude receptionist Ashly2) Chronically dirty whirlpool spa with skin flakes on tiles and laundry soap foam on top3) Two thefts of my belongings once in pool area and once when lock was cut off my locker.Manager Emily K, Assistant Manager Willie employee Jeff and receptionist Ashly acted swiftly to protect their jobs and fabricated false accusation that I harassed many members there and terminated my membership before I had a chance to write complaint letter to Corporate La Fitness. I am old, disabled and 1/2 the size of most of the other members at La Fitness yet no other member approached me about the alleged harassment because it was fictitious.After joining another, better, gym I learned that other members at La Fitness1) Had there locker broken into2) Were terminated for alleged harassment4) Were terminated for giving exercise advise5) Were lied too in 2008 that La Fitness would have a saline whirlpool spa In 3.5 years of exercising 4-6 times a week at Orchards, Vancouver La Fitness I never saw Manager Emily K, Assistant Manager Willie employee Jeff exercise which is odd because they sell fitness memberships. 
Entity: Internet
77, Report #1179502
Sep 26 2014
01:52 PM
La fitness La fitness refuses to refund legitimate cancelation Parsippany Nationwide
 My 16 year old son signed up for a membership with several friends. When he signed up La fitness would not take my perk discount which we are entitled to. As an employee of walgreens pharmacy, the initiation fee should have been waived and he was suppose to be charged one flat rate. He signed up and I have been fighting with corporate since may 2014 to get a refund that is rightfully due. This company bounces you around, doesn't return calls and makes u completely go crazy insisting they never receive your documents when faxed. This company is the worst company I have delt with in all my life. This may just end up in court. I plan to contact the better business bureau and consumer affairs as well as shame on you channel 12 news!
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #1010163
Feb 06 2013
11:16 PM
LA fitness I was bally customer befor la fitness got the position irvine, California
I was a bally customer with my son and my cu cu sen three of us but we revived a email from bally if we need to renew the contrat  but w didenot but after la fitness got the place more than a year they still taking out the mony from my account for three of us they have all my  information but they never tried to contact me even we dont have the la fitness scanning card the surprise thing is my son us to go their tokndo or karate class that service disconected long time ago but they steel taking the money out of my account when i find out i tried to cancel but steel taking out my mony they keep saing this is the last payment and when i ask my mony back they are not proffessional the dont now how to talk they dont have any knowlege they are just greedy and  they dontcare about the customer plese i need help they canceled all of us from this business and i really need help to Get my mony back this mony is more than one thousend Thanks
Entity: irvine, California
79, Report #1055022
May 30 2013
10:36 AM
LA Fitness LA Fitness Drained my bank account after I canceled memebership Phoenix Arizona
   I stopped going to LA Fitness in Febuary of 2013 ( this is now the end of May 2013), for weeks after I canceled my gym membership I was harrased by this company to join the gym again. I filled out this form, that the manager if this piticular location gave me and sent it into their corporate office, thus believing that I had canceled my membership officially. I recently put several hundred dollars that was sent to my 11 month old from my Father into a bank account that I use for shopping, my children's gifts, basically fun extra stuff. LA Fitness took it apon themselves to debit my account 15 times, thus draining it of $379 after months of me not going to the gym and going through the proper steps to cancel my membership. I also had to disconnect my home phone number because of the amount of times they were calling me a day, after I told them several times to stop calling. LA Fitness stole my money. Fourtunatly my bank is disputing the charges and crediting my account. They are skecthcy theives.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
80, Report #1320334
Aug 02 2016
05:36 PM
LA Fitness International La Fitness Atlanta Georgia Nationwide
 I went to renew my membership but the manager told me I cannot, I have to get a new membership. He claims that my agreement states LA fitness can cancel your account any time for any reason and they do not have to honor the renewal. Awful! I prepaid for 2 years and now I am entitled to my renewal and they want to upsell a regular higher dues membership. How can you trust ur credit info with this organization? Just google Marc Medrano, an ex manager that stole credit card numbers.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #1221201
Apr 08 2015
12:49 PM
It was crime comited by computer teft by La Fitness!  I paid in total of $2130.00 all together by AMEX and I have  proof of that! After I wrote a letter to headquarters requesting that I can't continue my personal training for health reasons and I like transfer my balance that my son can take some training classes my money suddenly disappear ( from the balance that I had there 11 sessions left ) on they computer data base??? WTF?! That is a Ripoff? or maybe perfect crime becouse no one care?!They are thief's!
Entity: Nationwide
82, Report #314968
Mar 05 2008
11:18 AM
LA Fitness Pro Results: Scam, fraud, or honest mistake??? La Verne California
On February 28, 2008, I met with Robert Pepple, training general manager at the LA Fitness in La Verne, to discuss my possible interest in enrolling in personal fitness training at that club. After spending an hour with Robert, he proposed a fitness plan that seemed like it might fit my needs. At the time, we verbally agreed that he would not process any payment for the plan as I was going to speak with my employer about the possiblity of using my flexible health spending account for this purpose. On February 29, Robert called me at the time we agreed upon, and I told him that I had been unable to speak with my employer about my request, but that I would call him back as soon as I had an answer. I estimated it would be within an hour or two. During the time that I asked Robert to wait, the credit card I had on file with LA Fitness was charged for $386.52 to enroll me in the program. This was done without my consent; I found out my card was charged because I received an email from LA Fitness welcoming me to their personal training program. When I found out that my card was charged despite my verbal agreement with Robert that I would be paying by check (whether or not my employer was going to help me out with the costs), I called Robert and told him that I was outraged and that I wanted an immediate refund. This would have been easy for him to do since it was a credit card charge; all he needed to do was to call my bank and have them reverse the charges. Robert told me that the charge was made in error by one of his staff members, and apologized to me (but not after telling me to calm down when I was angry). He also told me that he would cancel my membership in the fitness training program and that I would have my account credited for the amount that was taken. I was told that the money would be back in my account by March 4, but here it is March 5 and I'm still waiting. I was assured by another staff member at LA Fitness that the reversal of charges was in the works, but that it might take ten days from today to see the money. Long story short is that I feel absolutely taken advantage of by this process, and by Robert, whom I trusted to work with me professionally. I suspect that Pro Results/LA Fitness puts such extreme pressure on their employees to get a sale that they lose their ethics somewhere along the way. I will update my posting if/when I actually receive my refund. Rebecca Pomona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: La Verne, California
83, Report #466606
Jun 30 2009
08:09 PM
LA FITNESS month-to-month membership cancellation policY KEARNY MESA, SAN DIEGO California
I was sold training sessions by the sales manager. Mr. Tommy (former trainer), I did not get a copy of the contract at the time of signing. I tried to cancel the contract due to a cut back in my hours at work but was told that it was too late. I have sent written cancelation and they still charging my account. Buyer beware do not sign any contract with the rush or give them the right to draft your checking account. You will pay dearly for any long term relations with this company dealing with your checking account. Also this is a company that will hide behind the fine print of their contract to take your money. While their actions are probably borderline legal, I would consider this company to be both immoral and unethtical in this situation. Never give them any right to your checking account and be very careful in signing any longterm contracts. You will be very sorry in the long-run. Mance002 San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: SAN DIEGO, California
84, Report #367890
Aug 28 2008
01:54 PM
LA Fitness Collecters on a Phony Contract Violated my Privacy Chandler Arizona
LA Fitness suckered me into a year-long personal training contract by providing me with several one hour personal training sessions with a top-level trainer. I signed a year-long contract at more than $300 per month, and went to my first personal training session. I was reassigned to an entry level trainer, and informed only AFTER I had signed the contract that my sessions were only 30 minutes long. My trainer was apathetic, unmotivating and rude. The gym schedules the 30 minute sessions back to back, so you better believe that every training session ended after 25 minutes so my trainer could take a break and chat with the other trainers and his next client around the check-in desk. I decided to stop going to the gym, after such a dissatisfying experience and pursue my fitness training elswhere. When I cancelled the credit card that LA Fitness was auto-billing each month, I started to receive seven or eight calls to my cell phone every day starting at 8 a.m. These collectors claimed that I had a ten-day window in September to cancel my personal training membership, or I would be automatically bound to another one year contract. The collectors called from a different area code and phone number each time; from Florida, Alabama, California, Nevada-- it was absolutely ridiculous. The representative I spoke with to cancel my account refused to identify herself as anything but Christina and would not give a last name or badge number. When I called my home gym in Chandler, AZ, the manager informed me that she had no responsibility for what Christina was telling me. She had asked for a credit card number to bill more than $600 in charges to. The manager at my home gym said she had no recourse over these collectors in different states and to hang up the phone immediately. I was able to cancel my account for $35, but we'll see whether any mysterious charges end up on my card. Bascially, LA Fitness distributed my personal information to bill collectors across the country who were asking for more than $600 when I was able to cancel my account for $35 when I threatened to take the matter to litigation. DO NOT fall for this scam. Their services are unprofessional, and turn-over with the trainers is so high, you'll never see the same trainer twice. Be aware that signing a contract with LA Fitness can land your personal information in the living rooms of lazy bill collectors who work from home across the country and are out to get you! Anonymous Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
85, Report #804771
Dec 04 2011
07:50 AM
la fitness ballys fitness will not honor membership roswell, Georgia
have lifetime membership @bally's fitness center. was told as of 12/01/11 no longer valid because la fitness had purchased bally's but, not the lifetime memberships. try to convert you to la fitness for fee. this looks like a good class action suite.
Entity: roswell, Georgia
86, Report #946213
Sep 25 2012
06:44 AM
LA Fitness Don't waste your Time, Join Planet Fitness!! (NO I DO NOT WORK THERE) Lancaster, Pennsylvania
I joined this gym in July, and they are quick to sell you their personal training, it sounds great, someone to motivate you, help you reach your goals, tell you how to eat, and give you work outs for the times you aren't training. Well I carry this book to the gym every time, and it's pages are empty. I was told to 'eat good', and the guy who trains me just counts, he counts to 12 for me, cause that's hard. I called the 'corporate #', and that's a joke, they are quick to hang up on you, and tell you there is no one but them to talk to you. I tried calling the gym itself, and I got threatened, and told to shut up, and not to go there anymore, so what you can continue to take my money? I've been calling since last Thursday, and someone named Brad, still hasn't called me yet. Take your business elsewhere, the reviews are all true, the complaints from everyone are all true!
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
87, Report #931142
Aug 22 2012
04:50 PM
LA Fitness L.A. Fitness personal trainer Scam Hopkins, Minnesota
I was scammed into a personal training program at L.A. Fitness in Hopkins MN.  The VP Daniel Knowles told me I have a lot on my plate and lots of things to do. When I spoke with him regarding my situation. I also found out that the training manager Brett - the one responsible for my scam was terminated from the company because of his lack of integrity. I am sure there are many others out there that were scammed by Brett and other staff at L.A. Fitness. I recommend a memebership at Lifetime - more expensive but the customer service is worth the extra $$$  I lost a lot of money. I was willing to work with them to find a resolution instead of asking for my $ back but they did not go out of their way to even care about my situation.  BE AWARE of LA FITNESS PAY MORE $$$ AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS CHEAP HEALTH CLUB. 
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
88, Report #268403
Aug 18 2007
12:54 AM
La fitness membership fees extra charge! don't join San Diego California
Problem: 1 month extra charge after I quit So I sign up for La fitness. the cost is 35$/month. I started to not go to the Fitness anymore so I quit. When I quit they still charge me 35$ for one extra month. In the beginning, I first have to pay for the first and last month... so its 70$. So I did pay 70$. I quit on june. I did not know that there is a 30 day waiting period and a mail I have to send MAIL to quit. What a hassle!!!! Before I join, the salesman say I can quit anytime, and it is VERY easy to quit. He never mentions the 30 day quitting period. (obviously ) So i get charged extra 35$. This is totally rip off because I paid first and last month when join. So.. my membership last till August when I quit on June.. how rip off is this company !! heres the simple equation I sent cancellation in June. the membership is officially cancelled in July. I got the August month too because I have to pay for 1st and last month when I first joined LA fitness.. RIP OFF COMPANY if u want to quit LA fitness, quit at least 60 days before you REALLY want to quit Gkscythe San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
89, Report #1037714
Mar 25 2013
03:58 AM
LA Fitness- Winter Park **Lies and Ripoff- Beware** Winter Park, Florida
I paid and was denied access to the club per the manager Marissa Shelby Avis. I am being told I owe moneys for past dues during their transition from LifeStyle Family Fitness to LA Rip you off Fitness- Last time I checked I paid monthly. So I paid up on March 21st for the next month, have the receipt to prove it, and Shelby decides to cancel my membership. Take the money and run... After reading some of the other complaints against LA Fitness it appears to be a standard practice for these people. Shelby, you now qualify to be a used car sales person. Shelby, is this why your training staff left? Bad business decisions? Stay away from LA Fitness, Winter Park. All they want is your credit card number...  It is real interesting that they wont give the corporate number...
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
90, Report #1343649
Dec 21 2016
12:02 AM
La Fitness- McKinney, TX Chelsea Johnson Forged Signature, Lied, Ripped Off McKinney Texas
Chelsea forged my signature on a contract that I did not sign.....  I was sent a blank contract and when I sent it back to her she filled in all the blanks, when I was told that their was not a commentment it was only to be able to start the fitness training.  I want my money back  and the contract voided. She also lied about how the 10 sessions worked. She told me that I could use them anytime, at any location. Then I found out from another gym that I had a contract on file and that it was 10 a month. I told here that I was in the military and a flight attendent and that it was not possiable for me to be able to do that. 
Entity: McKinney, Texas
91, Report #435078
Mar 17 2009
11:48 AM
LA FITNESS - Gilbert Rodriguez, Jerry Beasley And Todd Born LA FITNESS - Gilbert Rodriguez - LA Fitness Employee # 1839818 Bottom Feeding Liar Pearland Texas
As a result of multiple lies made to me, my daughter and my wife by one of your salesmen (Gilbert Rodriguez employee # 1839818) at the Pearland East LA Fitness, please immediately cancel my membership which was initiated on Saturday, 3-14-2009 as today, 3-17-2009 is only the second business day. Gilbert on multiple times promised my daughter and I that she would receive a lower rate on her membership if I were to sign up with the club. This was primarily due to the fact that she had been erroneously signed up for a premier membership when she only wanted a one club membership. Gilbert informed her to lie to the corporate office if she were contacted and state that a person named Caleb who no longer worked there had promised her the lower rate as opposed to the truth that Gilbert himself had made the promise. After stalling on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with more lies and excuses, Gilbert finally stated he would not be able to uphold his promise. Please cancel this membership immediately. John CC: Gilbert Rodriguez General Manager Pearland, TX East Todd Born Vice President Pearland, TX East Jerry Beasley Sales Manager Pearland, TX East PS: The above names and titles were also provided by Gilbert Rodriguez and may not be factual. John Pearland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Pearland, Texas
92, Report #319198
Mar 18 2008
09:47 PM
LA Fitness - Body Of Change - L.A. Fitness - BOC - BE WARNED! STAY AWAY! They are Scammers!! Indianapolis Indiana
I will never EVER refer anyone to this company! I joined this gym approx August of 2007. Everything seemed fine until I was reeled into the Body of Change scam. I had talked off and on to a trainer there who seemed more knowledgeable than the others and one day asked him about the training. I told him I only wanted to train a couple months and would talk to him when I got back from vacation about the rates, and days he worked etc... Before I left that day, he asked for my gym ID # so he'd have my contact info. What I did not know and found out almost a week and a half later was that they had charged my credit card $617 that day! I did not know or even authorize this charge on my credit card. Apparently they used the one they had on file for my membership. When I called LA fitness to find out what it was...they told me I had a 6 month contract! WHAT?! How is that possible?? I never saw nor signed a contract or even agreed upon a term! They told me they would talk to the trainer and call me back. Well the first of the month rolled around in a couple days and they hit my card for another few hundred. I tried calling back multiple times but as many people here'll just get stuck in a que and no one answers or returns calls. I believe this is intentional. I refused all the charges on my credit card and also sent certified letters cancelling my gym membership. They kept charging my card for a couple more months and the credit card co finally asked them to provide a signed contract. They did not nor could not and VISA closed the case in my favor and refunded my money. I'm still not sure it's over but it's important for people to know who they are dealing with here. Body of Change illegally charged my credit card without my consent. Not only is this very deceitful, I believe this is also Fraud. If the attempts to charge my credit card continue or they affect my good credit in any way - I plan on filing suit, reporting them to the BBB, and also calling the Attorney General's office. If I ran my business this way I would be sued and my doors would be closed. How do these companies continue to rip people off?? BE WARNED! STAY AWAY! If I had known about this website .... I would never have joined this gym or had this problem! Read all the reports on this Company and you'll see a pattern emerge. Andrew indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
93, Report #129216
Jan 28 2005
05:40 AM
Body Of Change/LA Fitness Body of Change/La Fitness is a ripoff; I DON'T HAVE A CONTRACT WITH BOC! Paradise Valley Arizona
I joined LA Fitness in Paradise Valley, AZ in Oct. 2004 and signed a Pure Fitness contract for personal training 3 days/wk. I had to give them a credit/debit card for billing purposes (which I didn't want to do as I have been burned in the past with autopays and stopping them when I want to cancel, but was forced to if I wanted to join). In my 1st 3 weeks of training, my trainers cancelled, with hours notice, 4 times out of 9. My bank account was charged of course and I was expected to make up the sessions (to fit them into my very hectic schedule; of course this was left up to me to find a trainer with available time). Half of the trainers I could schedule through the LAF front desk, but the others I had to contact personally as they didn't keep their schedules through LAF. I complained to John the General Manager and he put my training account on hold for 2 weeks in Nov. 2004 so I could catch up my missed sessions. I was assigned a new trainer, Amanda, and she is wonderful! I went out of town for 10 days the end of Nov/1st week of Dec. and they did put my account on hold for that period. When I met with John in Nov. I told him I wanted to go to 2 sessions/wk when I returned on 12/6/04 and he told me that wouldn't be a problem. In the meantime, LAF changed from Pro Fitness to Body of Change. When I tried to change my billing from 3 to 2 sessions per week, I was told by LAF that I had to contact the Training Manager at BOC. I called him from Maui on 11/30/04 and left a verbal message for Mike with the trainer that answered the phone to call my cell phone. I never got a call. When I returned on 12/6/04 I called and left another verbal message. Again no return call. I called again 2 weeks later. Again no return call. On Jan. 12 I saw Mike at LAF but he was pitching to new clients, so he wrote down my number and said he would call me the next morning. I never received a call. When I went in to train on Thurs. 1/14/05, Mike was in his office and I confronted him about his lack of response. He stated he had alot of calls he needed to return. I told him I had a billing problem and he told me I had to call the 800# on the door. I wrote it down. I also needed to schedule a Sat. make-up session. He asked me who my trainer was and I told him and he said she doesn't train on Saturdays. I told him I knew that and that was why I needed to find out who did train on Sats and who would be available that Sat. He said he didn't know who trained on Sats. I said I had trained with Dave on Sats before and he stated Dave doesn't train on Sats now. I said I had trained with Candice on Sats. He said he didn't know if she still trained on Sats and that the trainers were all independent and that he didn't know their schedules and I would have to contact them personally. I asked for Dave and Candices numbers. I also stated that I thought it was the Training Manager's job to know when his trainers were working/available (but he seemed to know who DIDN'T work!) and that I didn't understand why Manager was in his title because he obviously didn't manage anything! I left very frustrated and told him I would never discuss anything with him in the future as he was worthless. He couldn't have been less helpful if he had tried! (I did get ahold of Candice and trained on Sat. entirely through the efforts of my wonderful trainer, Amanda, and me). I called the 800# and got a recording that said their business hours were 8:00-5:00 (I didn't know what time zone they were talking about). As I work full time and can't call during business hours, I asked my husband to call during the day and get a refund for my overcharges and cancel my training. He spoke to Mary at BOC and was told they couldn't discuss my account with anyone but me. He told her I couldn't call during their office hours and she finally agreed to talk to him. She told him I had 24 sessions on credit and they do not issue refunds. She also stated I could not cancel my contract verbally, that I personally had to fax a letter of cancellation. We pulled my Pro Fitness contract and it stated cancellation could be made verbally. I don't have a contract with BOC; my contract is with Pro Fitness and there are no provision for them transferring my membership to a new company. I don't believe I have to abide by BOC contract provisions as, again, I DON'T HAVE A CONTRACT WITH BOC! I have not seen my cancellation become effective and I continue to be charged for 3 sessions per week. Today is Jan. 28, 2005. I think LA Fitness should evaluate the type of company they have within their walls and seeing all of the other Ripoff Reports about both BOC and LAF, it looks like they are perfect for each other (although I have had nothing but great service from John, GM, LA Fitness, PV AZ., and the trainers since Dec. 2004) DO NOT SIGN A TRAINING CONTRACT WITH BODY OF CHANGE IF YOU JOIN LA FITNESS. THE TRAINERS ONLY MAKE $6.00 PER 30 MIN. SESSION AND YOU PAY $30 (FOR 3 SESIONS/WK) OR $35 (FOR 2 SESSIONS/WK). THAT IS A RIP OFF TO THE EXCELLENT TRAINERS I HAVE MET AT LAF. IF YOU DON'T SIGN A BOC CONTRACT, YOU CAN CONTRACT PERSONALLY WITH THE TRAINER(S) FOR $20-$25 PER 30 MIN. SESSION (AVERAGE RATES). Deborah Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Body of Change LA Fitness
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
94, Report #377749
Oct 01 2008
03:51 PM
LA Fitness Is A GIANT SCAM!! Must Read Before You Go To LA Fitness Rips off customers and employees Bensalem Pennsylvania
First off, I would like to apologize to anyone who has been ripped off by this company. I was a previous employee myself. I have read tons of reports and I believe every one of them. LA Fitness is one BIG marketing company disguised as a health club. Every employee except the janitors are eligable to recieve commission. First you have the membership counselors whose only objective is to get people to sign up to the gym. They tell people whatever they want to hear to get them to sign up; even if 90% of what they say is not true. Don't even think about a refund. Then you have the training staff who are even worse. Their job is to walk around and bother people all day while the are exercising and scam them into a free personal training session which is only a setup for a coersive, high pressured sales pitch. Then you have the operations staff (front desk clerks/ receptionists) who check people in. What most people don't know about the front desk staff is that their main job is telemarketer. They call members of LA Fitness from all over the country to Fix credit card information. If you give them you credit card number expect to pay within the hour for the month, fees, and any balances that they don't tell you about. These are called clearups and the clerk gets $5 commission for every clearup. They try to bait people with Member appriciation day with food that they don't even buy themselves. Other companies advertise through these events in which LA Fitness gets paid for. SCAM!!! Now to explain why there are so many complaints with this company. The employees are not to blame. I mean the ones that are working at the club everyday. They get paid virtually nothing and live off of commission. Also the pressure from corporate is unbelievable. The Vice Presidents are the weasels behind these ripoffs. They call the General Managers between 7-15 times per day: scolding, yelling, threatening or coersing them to make sales by any means necessary. They don't care how the General Managers get the sale because LA fitness has an ingenious system of drowning out the customer's voices if the deals are bad. First; there are three people who run the club: the Membership General Manager, the Training General Manager and the Operations Manager. Each manager manages their own employees and controls their portion of the sales. They all have their own District VPs (Vice Presidents) who hound them all day to make the sales. The VPs love to make surprise visits to the clubs to add additional pressure to the staff for sales. They give no authority to the managers to give refunds, access accounts and nothing set up to take or handle complaints. Even written complaints get trashed. All the managers can do is tell you to call the corporate office where they can keep you on hold for over an hour until you eventually hang up. But that's only if it is a complant. If you tell them you would like to subscribe the answer immediatly. Meanwhile all of the billing is automatic so while you are having these issues; LA fitness is still debiting your account. If you want to cancel your membership to the gym you have to send a letter to the corporate office. Here's something else they forget to tell you; if the don't send the letter certified; they throw it in the trash and continue to debit your account you hoping that you wouldn't take notice. If you want to cancel you personal training; forget about it if you don't do it within the 3 day period. You are locked into it. And even if you finish out your contracted term; they still charge you on a month to month basis untill you send corporate another certified letter saying that you wish to cancel. And you have to cancel at least 20 days before your next billing date or they'll charge you yet again. Another thing they Forget to tell you. By the way, the service is horrible. The trainers are very inexperianced and unprofessional. They don't care. Can you blame them when LA Fitness only pays trainers $6.00 per session and charges $80-$120 per hour? By the way if you were to get hurt in the club you can't press charges. The contract that you sign clearly states that an employee can basically break every bone in your body and give you a heart attack and there is nothing you can do about it. The trainers are being ripped off as well. The training salesmen only receive $250 every 15-16 days as a base for two 40 hour work weeks. They need their commission too. The membership counselors get either minimum wage or all of their commissions added up. Which ever number is higher is what they get paid; since by law they have to get at least minimum wage. Even the General Managers don't get paid much. They get a base of $24,000.00 annually for 80 hour work weeks. They live off their commission too. I bet if you're still reading this; you're probably asking the question of why anyone would countinue to work there? It's simple: It's a giant PYRAMID SCAM. They sell people the dreams that the would be earning a six-figure income within the year if they just stick with it and push. That is only true if you earn millions of dollars for the company first, which in this recession is impossible. You also have to make yourself replaceable and train someone to take your place so you can move up. Here is the setup: 1.First level: Assistant Manager (only a salesman) 2.Second Level: Weekend General Manager (A better salesman in charge of weekends) 3.Third Level: General Manager (Manages the training staff and club sales) *This level people usually never get past* 4.Fourth Level: District Vice President (Manages all General Managers of neighboring clubs) 5.Fifth Level: Regional Vice President (Manages the District VPs) This company sells new people just looking for a job the dream to make a lot of money. The only people who make a lot of money are the Vice Presidents. The District VP makes $200,000.00 per year and the Regional Vice President makes $500,000.00 per year. All of that money is made by ripping off the people and employees. This entire company is nothing more than a GIANT pyramid scam that has been masterfully engineered and perfected for over a decade. They focus 100% on sales alone...not service and don't care if you have a problem because they have control over your bank account and automatically deduct your account. Once you join LA Fitness you play by their rules and they will win every time. So if you are still reading this; you've probably decided not to join LA Fitness and if you still decide to join; you'll find out rather quickly that I everything stated is true. So just say no to LA Fitness. There are plently of other gyms that are owned by people who actually care about helping people and fitness. This is NOT on of them. By the way: all of the people who control the business don't even exercise themselves...Hypicrits!!! They are opening up a new club to do this every 9 days within the country. They need to be stopped. Tman Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bensalem, Pennsylvania
95, Report #957767
Oct 20 2012
07:31 PM
La Fitness LA Fitness. You call what you sell quality group fitness? You have to be joking. largo, Florida
LA Fitness recently purchased lifestyles Family Fitness in west central Florida. On October 1st LA discontinued offering Les Mills Group Fitness program for its members. Les Mills programs were the entire reason many belonged to Lifestyles. When comparing Group Fitness, industry insiders consider Les Mills programs the benchmark in quality. Les Mills programs are fun, motivating and most importantly; get results!   Unfortunately there is a fee in order for a fitness company to offer Les Mills programs. LA choose not to pay to keep the old Lifestyles members satisfied but opted to offer their own goofy versions of Group Fitness for step, kick boxing, spinning, floor aerobics, yoga etc. LA, you have got to be kidding. Comparing a Less MILLS Body Step class to a LA made up Step and Abs class is like comparing the Space Shuttle to a Skateboard. The programs you are peddling are utter, complete, garbage; shame on you LA Fitness.    LA fitness is the largest fitness company in the US. Their buildings are some of the most beautiful facilities around. Fitness nuts along with everyday Joes would love to workout in these beautiful buildings but sadly the quality isnt inside. LA is the epitome of the phrase all show and no go.   If you are considering joining LA fitness I encourage you to please do your homework. Try Goggling Complaints about LA Fitness, you will be surprised at what you see. If you have already joined I dont recommend goggling anything about LA what you see will make you sick. There are plenty of other options out there; please dont support a business that doesnt care about the quality of products and services they offer, or for the people who pay for them
Entity: largo, Florida
96, Report #952878
Oct 09 2012
01:14 PM
LA Fitness Fitness International Got transferred from Crunch to LA Fitness then when contract expired would not honor Buford , Georgia
Was a crunch member for well over a Decade as they assume liabilities of Sports Life. Paid to gt rate down to 96 year or 8 a month. Prepaid close to $2000 to have both wife and I at this Lifetime Non- Cancerable rate. When contact or paid in full expired, they would not honor agreement and was forced to buy a new one or loose privileges of the Gym. Was told by sales that I got transferred by mistake. Wife's was never transferred and when Crunch closed there final and last location, no letter was sent notifying her of transfer at all as I discovered after the fact that many were sent to another LA Fitness location.  I had been a member for 20 years and VP Antonio Vincent refused to take my calls or respond to any of my emails to get any matters resolved.  This is one of multiple complaints (more to follow)     
Entity: Buford, Georgia
97, Report #1102119
Nov 25 2013
03:05 PM
Just want you to be aware that some one in LA Fitness broke into my locker and stole my valiable . after been a member for only 2 month. So I cancelled my membership,  they refused to pay me back my Initiation fees. Do yourself a favor !!!!                           DO NOT JOIN THEM.
Entity: Mission, Select State/Province
98, Report #116329
Nov 05 2004
01:18 PM
Body Of Change - LA Fitness ripoff Alpharetta Georgia
My wife entered into a year long contract with Body of Change at LA Fitness. She had previously had a problem with a similar program at Gold's Gym, and was very careful in asking questions about termination of the contract. She was specifically told by not one but TWO people, the manager and her trainer, that if she moved to an area that did not have Body of Change, that the contract would be terminated. Both people downplayed the contract and stated that it should be no problem to terminate the contract. Of course, I was transferred, and we are moving to an area that does not have Body of Change. And of course, the manager and the trainer don't remember the conversation with my wife. The moral is obviously, READ THE CONTRACT, and don't believe/accept any verbal agreement or clarifications to the contract. They are there to sign you up, and that is about it. To get out of the contract, I am writing a check for $696 (50% remaining balance) to get out of the contract. As you probably imagine, this is a somewhat painful check to write when you feel that you have been taken. Michael Alpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
99, Report #13574
Feb 07 2002
12:00 AM
LA Fitness: Body of Change - Personal Trainers - Ripoff
In July, I decided to get a personal trainer from the Body of Change at the LA Fitness Center. I had been a that gym for about a year and liked it. I decided to get a personal trainer in order to enhanced my workouts...big mistake! At first, things were fine and the training was going well. But after a few weeks, my trainer was coming late or not showing up. Then my trainer left and I was suppose to get a new trainer. She even called to set up a time to meet. She never showed up. SO I waited to meet her the next day, just in case... still she didn't show up. After a few days, I realized that this person was not going to be my trainer. So I called the gym to speak to the Body of Change manager. They weren't in and so I left a message. After a week, no call back. So I called again, left a message, no call back. Finally, I got a hold of someone in October. She told me that she would find me a trainer and call me back. Waited, no call. So I decided to give up on the personal trainer. In January, I received a bill for $2,900 to be paid to the Body of Change. I called LA Fitness and finally met with the personal trainer manager. He gave me a number and a person to contact at the Body of Change Corporate Office. The person told me to contact another individual, the manager of the Southern California region. I have called him at least fifteen times and left messages. He called me back, once, at home, when I specifically told him to call me at work. He has not called since. Now I have bill collectors calling me at home. They are threatening to ruin my credit. I will now be forced to send registered letters of complaints (for evidence) and take these people to claims court. A word of advice, next time you want to get in shape, buy a Buns of Steel workout video. Debra
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #518832
Nov 03 2009
01:00 PM
LA Fitness Oakville No Security - No Cameras in the whole gym!! oakville, Ontario
My wallet was stolen right out of my locker at L.A. Fitness in Oakville. My lock had been CUT OFF and taken, and no one saw anything. I went to the front desk to tell them what had happened, and I understand there are disclaimers saying that the gym is not responsible, but the girl at the front desk told me there had been five other complaints of the same thing in the past month, and that they do not actually use their security cameras, so there is no way to find the person! If you do use the lockers at L.A. Fitness, use one of the thick locks (in this case, the theif was targeting thinner locks), and choose a locker close to the entrance of the changeroom so there will be lots of traffic and less opportunity to cut your lock without anyone seeing.
Entity: oakville, Ontario

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