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76, Report #67127
Sep 17 2003
02:45 PM
MWI Connections Debit Card falsely charged Phoenix Arizona
MWI connections charged $119.90 to my debit card for services I never ordered. I am not sure how they obtained my information as I have not ordered anything online or through the mail. I tried to contact the company but was unable to speak with anyone. Kirk Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
77, Report #60810
Jun 16 2003
09:23 AM
MWI Connections Fraudulent credit card billing fraudulent ripoff business
MWI Connections charged my credit card without my authorization. I have never heard of this company nor have I received anything from them. When I called them to get my money back and cancel whatever membership they had put me in the representative kept telling me they would send my information packet. I kept telling them I didn't want it. Basically I had to start screaming and cussing at them before they said they would stop billing me and cancel my membership. The government needs to get involved and stop businesses like this. Dennis Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
78, Report #59972
Jun 08 2003
07:34 AM
MWI Connections ripoff, frequent fraudulent billing Connecticut
MWI Connections has billed me fraudulently three or four times now within the last six months. I have contacted my credit card company, and they have always credited me back, thankfully! I have also contacted the 800 number to MWI Connections as shown on my bill, and reported the situation, but the problem still occurs. I, nor anyone in my family has agreed to their service or product, either by phone, by mail or internet, thus the reason for this rip-off billing report. Amy Grand Blanc, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
79, Report #66407
Sep 02 2003
12:08 AM
MWI*Connections they cleaned my bank account out completely Nationwide
Dear Sir: I was checking my bank statement an saw this charge of $96.00 that cleaned my account out an left me with a service charge of $29.00 on top of that an I am a disabled veteran on Social Security an I need my money if you could do anything to help me I would appreciate it very much. I have never even heard of this company or ever ordered anything from them.I am in a tight an I need my money badly. Thank You Kindly John Guntersville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #66484
Sep 03 2003
09:23 AM
Mwi*connections credit card ripoff Connecticut
On my August bill for my Fleet MasterCard I had a charge from MWI*Connections 800-568-2386 CT which I had never heard of. The charge was for $99.95. Upon checking their website I found many rip-off reports against MWI*Connections. I contacted Fleet and they immediately removed the charge. Pay attention to your bills!! They could be trying to rip you off. Vonda concord, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Georgia
81, Report #65764
Aug 15 2003
09:52 AM
MWI CONNECTIONS scam ripoff Internet
Upon reviewing my Bank One, Master Card, account activity listing; I noticed that I had been billed $139.95. Luckily, a contact telephone number was listed alongside the billing company. Here are the name and supposed purpose of the company: MWI*CONNECTIONS (Services and Merchandise) I called both the company and Bank One (since I did not trust the company) to complain about this charge. MWI Connections finally agreed to credit my account after trying to sell me on their services, value, bargains, etc. They were so vague that I still have no idea what they were really offering. The bottom line is that I had never authorized them to bill my account, and they did it without my knowledge. I guess the thing that is really outrageous to me is that they are undoubtedly getting away with this in many cases where people do not bother to carefully check the itemized billing on their credit card statements. I cannot understand how they can do this and get away with it. It seems like a scam to me. Keith San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
82, Report #66710
Sep 09 2003
08:10 AM
MWI Connections credit card billing ripoff scam Nationwide
In response to the woman who wrote in about MWI Connections ripping off her VISA bill for $109.95. I just found out yesterday the company had done it to me as well! This time it was for a larger amount, $149.95! Same response from them...they will credit the amount, gave me their name & ID number, was put on hold several times to talk to different people. Funny thing about this was, they all sounded like the same person! I was informed that it was something with Graduate Connections. Once I asked for that number, it was conveniently deleted from their computer files. I was also informed that my VISA had been billed annually since Sept, 2001. The first annual bill was for the amount of $84.00, the second for the amount of $109.95, and the current charge of $149.95. Upon further questioning, she informed me that someone from my household authorized it. My husband & I have 2 separate accounts so it couldn't have been him who authorized it (he does not know my account number)! I called information for the Graduate Connections number and such company doesn't exist. So, I started searching the internet. I am so glad to see this Rip-off Report. I am not the only victim! Is there any way to catch this scam artists and put them out of business????? Agnes Lucas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #66760
Sep 10 2003
09:59 AM
MWI Connections Credit Card Charge Ripoff? Connecticut
This company charged my Discover Card for $96.00 in March. Unfortunately, I did not notice it until September. I called the company and they said it was a charge for membership after a free trail that we accepted when we bought something from SkyMall. We did not agree to the membership and never received anything from this company explaining or offering their services. They agreed to credit my account, but a prorated amount of $33.70 was all that was applied. I called again and they said that was all they could do. Even though it is past the legal time period, I have written Discover and suggested they may want to look into this compamy to see if they should continue doing business with them. I also wrote SkyMall. I will update if I get any responses. This is one outfit that should be shut down. I believe the credit card companies also bear some responsibility when the continue to do business with companies that have high complaint and return histories, as this company obviously does. With class action suits starting up, they will probably close down and re-appear as another company. Richard Seguin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
84, Report #66681
Sep 08 2003
01:21 PM
MWI Connections Internet credit card ripoff scam Atlanta Georgia
Same story as I have seen throughout this site about MWI Connections. Unathorized $99.95 charge on my credit card bill. When I called MWI they said told me that Fleet, my credit card provider, had authorized the charge (which they did not) . The customer service rep tried to explain how much I would like these things that I did not want or pay for. She siad that I would be refunded the amount I paid. When I asked her how much that was she said $99 something, right? Called Fleet and they are considering legal action against MWI. My charge is being disputed at this time. Christopher lakewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
85, Report #64487
Jul 23 2003
01:43 PM
Mwi Connections ripoff credit promised never given Stamford Connecticut
A charge for a 30 free trial on travel services was on my credit card in Jan. 2003. I called and cancelled the membership on 2-18-03, spoke to someone named John and was given cancellation number TP705. He stated it would take 30-60 days to see the credit on my card statement. I started calling in Mar. and could not reach a human to ask what had happened to my credit. Their automated system will not allow for human contact. An automated voice tells me the account is closed, but I've had to pay 96.00 for nothing. Evelyn Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
86, Report #63849
Jul 16 2003
01:31 PM
MWI Connections Credit Card Fraud Stamford Connecticut
MWI fradulantly obtained my credit card number and billed my account for $109.95. When I called the number on my statement the girl had no information on me but wanted me to provide my address, wife's name, etc. They also could not tell me what it was that I purchased and would not cancel membership. I am in Germany. Have never heard of MWI and certainly do not need there services. From review of Rip Off Report this is their standard procedure to obtain funds. Anyone who sees MWI on their credit card statement needs to investigate. I have filled an FTC compalint aginst them. Do so youself by going to: Perry APO, AE 09175, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
87, Report #102449
Aug 06 2004
01:06 PM
MWI CONNECTIONS PLUS Charged my check debit card for 195.95 On 8/02/04 I called my bank and they gave me the number of 1-800-568-2386 I spoke to a Samual he said I made an international purchase there was no way I would be making a purchase in the United Kingdom! I told him I just wanted my money back and of course I got the 5 to 10 working days before they will credit my account. Samuel would not even tell me what I he said that I had purchased or how they even got my card number. We will see if it happens. Diana Liberty, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
88, Report #103853
Aug 16 2004
09:58 AM
MWI* Connections Fraudulent billing! Rip-off! Omaha Nebraska
on 7/28/04, my credit card was billed $9.95 for something that was not authorized or wanted. I called these dirtbags up and they said I was not getting my $$$ back because I didn't cancel in the 30 trial period. I told them I never signed up for anything they offered and wanted a refund and they refused. They completely refused to budge even after I warned them I would go much further. They just didn't seem to care. Scott Aurora, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
89, Report #108648
Sep 15 2004
11:31 PM
Mwi Connections ripoff Omaha nebraska
mwi connections has been charging my visa bill $12.95 a month since June of 2004 without my permission. I have no idea how they got my credit card number. I called them and yelled until the guy I was talking to said he would cancel my subscription. By the way, I didn't order any subscriptions and haven't received any subscriptions. He said they would refund my money but I can only hope. Linda morton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, South Carolina
90, Report #109906
Sep 24 2004
12:46 AM
MWI Connections ripoff dishonest and fraudulent billing Connecticut
They charge me for something I didn't even purchase. They took $9.95 out of my bank account for no damn reason. I have never heard of the company before but I checked my bank account balance online and this bogus charge comes up. I know for a fact I didn't order anything that came to $9.95. Chiquita Torrance, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
91, Report #87171
Apr 09 2004
08:14 AM
MWI Connections ripoff fraudulant credit card billing Omaha Nebraska
Recieved a deduction from my debit card in the amount of $9.95. Uopn calling the company, they said I purchased something on TV. Operator (Jackie 16425) said I signed up for discount coupons and to be charge $9.95 each month. I never buy from the TV and would never sign up for that. They cancelled my account and said they would proceess a refund. Calling back in 30 mins to get the address I was informed it had NOT been cancelled and that the new operator (Christina 2502) would do that then. Ill never see it. I filed a dispute with the card holder. Card now has to be canceelled. What a mess. Mary ellen Schwenksville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
92, Report #86718
Apr 05 2004
09:08 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Nationwide Connecticut
April 05, 2004 I just checked with my credit card statment on-line and was shocked to see that there was an unauthorized charge to my credit card by MWI Connections (800-543-9114) on March 31, 2004. I have NEVER ever made any purchsed with MWI Connections either on-line or off-line in any form such as by phone, by mail, via the internet, etc. etc. They charged me $99.95. It was TOTALLY a rip off or scam. So, I immeidately called the company and demanded a refund. The woman who handled the phone was barely understand English because I had to repeat for several times for the same things. I do not know how they got my credit card information. But however they got my credit card info. without my authorization is absolutely ILLEGAL. People, let us stand up for our rights. Please file a report with the U.S. Attorney General and prosecute them, so that they will wash their butts and sit in the jails! Fight for your own rights! Benny Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
93, Report #86720
Apr 05 2004
09:13 PM
MWI*Connections ripoff 179.95 from our checking account Connecticut
Upon examining our checking account from the bank, we found MWI * Connections had somehow managed to take out 179.95 from our checking account. I do not know who these people are or how they obtained info to get into our banking account but it is apparant they did and I will see to it that these people who take from the hard working class and sit back in their lazy, crooked offices will be brought to justice. Joseph and Barbara Harrisburg, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
94, Report #90057
May 03 2004
11:25 PM
MWI Connections credit card ripoff scam Omaha Nebraska
Well, seems this company MWI Connections has been billing my familys credit card since October 2003, for $14.95 per month. MWI Connections 9500 West Dodge Road Omaha, NE. 68114 Tel: 800-313-2386 Tel: 800-313-3540 Fax: 402-661-2189 Names they use: MO2 Simple Escapes2 MWI Connections Memberworks MWI Essentials HDI simple escapes MWI Bessentials plus and about 20 other alias's When I called them Oscar At extension HTM31 said he could only refund one payment for $14.95. I told him that was not acceptable and wanted all the money refunded. I suggested it was in his best interest to do so to save both him and his company a lot of grief. He refused and left me no alternative other than go to my friends at the FBI and FTC. Now lets see how far up their asses we the consumers can get the government go. I personally am going to make a crusade of destroying these people and their way of doing business. I have also spoken to USA today and will continue tomorrow to contact all and any TV news media that I can convince to investigate this company. MWI, you have screwed with the wrong family! If you are interested in helping destroy these people please contact the following. Federal Trade Comission: 877-382-4357 Federal Bureau of Investigation San Francisco, CA 415-553-7400 This is a toll call if you're not in Northern California but you can call any FBI office in your State regarding this matter. They are real interested in this matter. AOL Fraud Department 800-307-7969 contact Stepanie @ internet fraud division CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. The way this scam works is: They send out pop-up's on the AOL network for a number of different products. When you click on the pop-up to either close it or look at it, it sends an e-mail to your e-mail address. It also digs out your credit card information from your AOL MY ACCOUNT SECTION. The e-mail states that if you DO NOT RESPOND to the e-mail this is considered your consent to bill your credit card monthly for $14.95 for their fraudlent service. NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND TO THE E-MAIL THAT IS CONSIDERED YOUR CONSENT TO BILL YOUR CREDIT CARD! Lets hang these crooks as soon as possible. If we all call their demise will happen that much sooner. Bob Monterey, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
95, Report #69621
Oct 20 2003
02:33 PM
Mwi Connections ripoff Billed $12.95 for unknown reasons Connecticut
I received my credit card bill and a company I've never heard of or even purchased anything from sent me a bill for 12.95. I went online to check these guys out and I found more than 50 websites of people saying that they have been ripped off by these! This is ridiculous! You guys need to put them away! Janice Torrance, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
96, Report #68426
Oct 07 2003
10:12 AM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Omaha, nebraska
There are dishonest fraudulent billings on my credit card. I never authorized anyone to put this against my card. I have never heard of this company until it showed up on my card. No one ever answers the phone when you call their number 1-800-750-####. I have waited up to an hour waiting for someone to answer. This caused my credit card to go over limit(it was charged to my card 4 months in a row) which cause more interest to be paid on my card. This should be against the law to rip people off. Jean fayette, AlabamaU.S.A. Click here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this report.
Entity: Internet
97, Report #73279
Nov 27 2003
08:19 AM
I had been signed up when I signed up for another promotion. I searched for their web sight a few times and could not find it. I finally found it when I came across your web sight and found out I should be going to I e-mailed them to unsubscribe on 11/25/03. I received an e-mail back on 11/26/03 saying At this time you cannot unsubscribe by e-mail. They gave me a number to call. When I called, I was on the phone with them for at least 30 minutes because they could not locate me in their computer. When I told them I was calling to unsubscribe, I was immediately transfered to a supervisor. She found me right away, she also informed me that I had to unsubscribe by 11/25/03, which I did via e-mail on 11/25/03. She also told me that because I had not unsubscribed by 11/25/03, they had already charged my account for $14.95, (she said this was done on 11/25/03.) Upon checking with my bank, they did not take the money until 11/26/03. I did point out to her that I could not find their web sight under MWICONNECTIONS, that I found it when I did a keyword search and came across the Ripoff website. I told her that now I understand why they were on the website. I realize that I will never see this money again. But the word has to get out about ripoff companies like this. I'm sure that if I would have unsubscribed right away, they would have found a way to draw it out so that they would get some money. They probably would have said I could not unsubscribe by e-mail or telephone. They probably would have said I needed to write a letter, which I'm sure would have gotten lost. For those who are thinking about calling them, the operators are nice, but when you get a supervisor because you are unsibscribing, they're not so nice. Nuna N.O., OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #81564
Feb 23 2004
10:54 PM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff, dishonest, fraudulent billing Internet
This NASTY and FRAUDULENT company has ripped me off of my checking account without my authorization! As I was going thru my personal online banking, I noticed this appeared in my transactions : 02/02/2004 Direct Debit / VISA-MWI*CONNECTIONS 800-750-4 $12.95 02/13/2004 Direct Debit / VISA-MWI*CONNECTIONS 800-750-4 $12.95 I was contemplating the whole night how this happened and the fact that i never even heard of this company!!! So,I called my bank customer service and got the number since I could not figure out the 1- 800 number that was cut short. I immediately called this 1-800-750-4364 given and I was surprised that I even have an ID membership number???for what??? Can I become a member without my knowledge??? A guy named MICHAEL # 17143 has the rudiest answer telling me that I might have purchased something like those as seen on t.v stuff (which i'm pretty sure) hasnt had any purchases done!He was in a hurrying to slam the phone down and was telling me that I will be refunded as soon as he notifies his supervisor!!!(the lame-iest excuse i ever heard of!!!) Then i discovered this rip off report as i was surfing tonight .. MWI-CONNECTIONS whatever this crappy name is, appeared and sounded familiar.And unfortunately, like all of the consumers who wrote their concerns regarding this matter, I'm sailing the same boat with all of you. Let us put a stop to MWI CONNECTIONS and all of their fraudulent schemes!!!!!!!!!!!I wont let them get away (even with a measly 12.95)...bottomline is: this is WRONGFULLY done without the knowing and consent of an unsuspecting consumers! kitkat Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #112213
Oct 09 2004
02:38 PM
MWI Connections ripoff - unauthorized charges Omaha Nebraska
Started seeing a charge of $12.95 on my credit card statement for July 2004. I had recently purchased a Thane Perfect Air cleaner, and assumed the charge was from them. When I saw the same charge on my Aug, Sept, and Oct statement, I researched on the internet and realized the scam. I cannot say for sure, but I believe by responding to an infomercial and ordering the air cleaners, they may have given my name and information to MWI Connections. =NOTE: After reading complaints on RIP-OFF website, I beleive the culprit may be Focus Factor. Another person reported her suspicions regarding Focus Factor. I am trying to remember if there was some 30 day trial period on some product that they pushed on me. I am very adamant that I only want the product and nothing else. I never give authorization for anything other than the product and a shipping mode. There always seems to be some hidden service when you order a product via telephone, but it\'s funny that when you receive the item you ordered, there is never any documentation regarding the service they have packaged with the product. I will be sending out the letter to MWI, as well as contacting my credit card company. I feel lucky that I did not get the $99.00 charges, but any amount charged to my credit card without my consent should be considered a crime. I cannot understand why ... If they have settled lawsuits in 4 states, that they can continue to charge credit cards. Why hasn\'t someone shut them down? This is totally beyond my comprehension that they have actually been charged and taken to court, yet they continue to do business - or scamming, is more like it! Damage Resulting I became very ill in the month of August and September. I was out of work for around 5 weeks, without pay. I am struggling to make my monthly payments, although I have filed for the protection service that I have paid for 4 years, to kick in and pay my payments for me! Anyway, just the extra charges of $12.95 each month since July has contributed to my going over the credit limit. I am now getting charged $29.00 fee for being $3.58 over my limit. I feel I should file another complaint toward Bank Of America for their recent actions. I just may do that - so look out! Melanie Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
100, Report #62117
Jun 27 2003
10:43 PM
MWI Connections ripoff fraudulent business Connecticut
While examining our credit card statement, my wife noted a charge of $96.00 by a company listed as MWI Connections - CT. A very thorough accountant, my wife keeps track of all credit card receipts and compares them with the statement each month. When neither of us could find a receipt for this particular charge, or even remember what the charge might have been for, I decided to see if I could jog my memory with an Internet search. I was stunned to see all the reports of fraudulent charges attributed to this company, and can only conclude that I have been similarly victimized. I can't even say I know what Simple Escapes is or that I've ever heard of it until today. Thanks very much to this site for providing info on how to deal with these bottomfeeders! Dayton Kansas City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut

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