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26, Report #1131970
Mar 19 2014
05:44 PM
Magic Jack, MagicJack or Magic Jack Plus, Magic Jack Rip Off USA Internet
We bought the MagicJack thinking it would be a good way to save money. We bought it in 2013 and according to their online chat service the deal changed in 2014 and not only were we not informed, but are expected to pay based on the new deal. We paid to port our phone to the new service as a one time charge. Now it has become an annual fee of 9.95. In order to get it to start when we bought it we had to pay to port the number and then a year of service. Apparently the new deal is 6 months free and then pay for servie. We paid for a year but are now expected to pay again after 6 months, along with the $9.95 fee for porting our number.The advertized $19.95/year is not about $40/year. I am not saying that this is a fortune, but it IS false advertizing and out and out fraud. After paying for the box and the startup costs I am now going to have to find an alternative overnight. Oh warning about the charges, just a message when I pick up the phone to use it that tells me I owe them money. The customer service chat just repeated the 2014 deal to me, transferred me to another person who repeated it again and then disconnected the chat. The quality? Eh. The customer service...TERRIBLE! The deal? rip-off! Don't waste your money because they seem cheap. As always, you get what you pay for!
Entity: USA, Internet
27, Report #475663
Aug 01 2009
08:22 PM
Magic Jack Not SO Magic After All Internet
I purchased MJ last December. It worked fine for about 2-3 months and then all h*ll broke loose, so to speak. It started hanging up in the middle of conversations, the line was filled with static, and I could not depend on it working when I needed it to work. I contacted the online chat at least five or six times about this problem. I even got the next level - whatever that was supposed to mean. They had me changing all kinds of settings on my computer, all to no avail. I have a handicapped daughter and therefore needed a reliable phone service to be there when I needed it. Magic Jack was unable to be that reliable. The part of this whole mess is that I prepaid for an extra five years because of the savings they advertised. HOWEVER, when it came time to get a refund on the service that DID NOT WORK, they refused because it was not within the first thorty days. They did offer to replace the unit but I refused that because I could not wait to have a reliable phone service. I had to keep switching the usb port for the MJ unit (also during the chat sessions.) I had to use my emergency cell phone while waiting for MJ to work correctly, and ended up spending about 15-20 dollars on calls that I should have been able to make with MJ. I kept copies of all the chat sessions I had with their so0called customer service department, in case anyone needs to see for themselves what kind of c/s to expect. I do NOT recommend this company to anyone. I suspect the pro-MJ posts here are from employees of MJ. Artie **** El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #437564
Mar 25 2009
01:27 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack not Magic a Rip Off West Palm Beach Florida
I have had the magic jack since June 2008. I used to work great until about 10 days ago. I would be in the middle of a call and the line would go dead. I would be unable to release the call and had to unplug the device from my usb port. Then the problem became worst. The next time it happened I had to contact the customer support representative through live chat. After spending hours chatting and following the instruction magic jack eventually worked. Now day 10 into the problem. Each consecutive day I found myself having to reformat the magic jack just to get service which never lasted more than 24 hours before the problem resurfaced. As of today, I will tell everyone and anyone that is thinking of using this service to not buy the product. You will find your self spending a lot of time trying to get your service to work and no solution. Then, when you request a refund you had better have the original contents of the package in order to send it back for a replacement or a refund. They will also require you pay to ship it back. Which I find unfair and not worth it. They can take upto 7-10 days for you to get a new replacement. If you do you this service you had better have a backup because in the event you have to call 911 and the service is out you will probably be on the short end of the stick. I can only tell my experience and for some it may be perfectly fine but you all have been warned to stay away from magic jack unless you just want a cheap second line for kids to use. Otherwise you may end up like me a sorry consumer feeling cheated and not valued for being a paying subscriber. I think I will try skype. Happy dialing. Teko WASHINGTON, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
29, Report #804329
Dec 02 2011
05:21 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack's internet $34.95 offer for magic jack plus. Internet, Internet
I spent 4 hours on live chat with 5 different agents trying to purchase a magic jack that was advertised on my magic jack screen. They told me I had to click on the ad that appeared on my screen. I did and it took me nowhere.After chatting with the 5th person in 2 days, I was told that the only way I could get it was through clicking on that ad. I informed them I had done it 19 times and it doesn't work. She ended up telling me she would send me an email when it was available for $34.95 again next week.I told her I thought magic jack is guilty of scamming people, which of course she denied. I have 3 magic jacks in my house and they have worked really well for the last 5 years. I just wanted one that plugs into the wall and the best deal I can get.Now I'm not sure I would ever buy their product again.If they can treat a loyal customer that way, what must they be doing to strangers? They have a good product but they are a lousy company to deal with. Buyers beware, there is no way to reach them by email or phone.
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #548347
Jan 01 2010
07:43 AM
Magic Jack Phone Jack Waste of Money Internet
I purchased a MJ against the advice of salesperson at Staples. It worked OK for a couple of weeks then the people we were calling couldnt hear us very well at all. Couldnt use it to call the people we wanted to call long distance. Then a couple of months later, the usb port connection became loose and will not make a connection. Used online help, they wanted me to buy a new one. I said I wouldnt. Then they wanted me to pay $9.95 for shipping to replace it or authorize $39. on my credit card and if they gor the old one back in two weeks they would credit it back to me. The rep was extremely rude. Kept saying read your terms oand coditions. I wont buy another one. Too bad because I thought it was a great idea but if I have to keep purchasing it over and over then I am better off with a land line. DONT BUY ONE WASTE OF MONEY
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #421978
Feb 09 2009
12:24 PM
Magic Jack i feel cheated Internet
i bought the magicjack 3-4 months ago.all of a sudden the phone would't work.i chated with a tech for about 1 1/2 -2 2 hours she changed a lot of things in the computer fixed problem for 1 day i had no sound on the computer i took it to the shop the computers fine i got a tech to go into computer i would have no sound on my computer but sound from the computer came over the phone (so far i spent $ 39.00 for computer checkup) i got a hold of a tech and told me it was microsoft's problem (i have had microsoft xp family and have very little problems)microsoft wants $ 59.00 to email a tech or talk to on a phone which i can't because the phone does't work!! so i bought a program from microsoft called fixit for $ 44.95 it cleaned up the computer but didn't fix the problem so far i have spent 7-8 hrs on the computer with them.i am lost as what to do? my computer worked fine before i put the magic jack in Phillip cortez, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #383575
Oct 21 2008
08:20 PM
Hi, if anyone out there knows how to contact Magic Jack other then the dang im's PLEASE HELP ME. I have been in customer service for over 15 years and never would I have talked to (or im) them the way I was. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told NO. So if anyone knows there address or a phone number that I can call please e-mail that to me. My e-mail address is (((Redacted))) MY ONLY MISSION NOW IS TO FIND OUT WHO IS GABRIELE'S BOSS IS AND LET HIM KNOW HOW RUDE AND UNPROFESIONAL SHE IS. Yes I want her butt demoted. lol. So if you can please help me Surething68iou1 mira loma, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #359449
Aug 05 2008
12:28 PM
Magic Jack No Customer Service, NO ORDER CHANGES Internet
I signed up for the free 30 day trial and upgraded for the 5 year plan believing all would be charged on the 31st day. On the screen where you verify your order I saw they were charging immediately for the 5year plan. I did not hit the final submit button. I looked for ways to go back & modify the order there was none. I spoke with live chat, she could not find my order. The next morning there was an email confirmation of my order stating to reply to the email to make changes, which I did only to get an email back stating the email address no longer existed and to go to live chat. So I did, but after I entered my info, the live chat box continued showing that there was an internet error that has been fixed and to now retry. So I did, but the error continued showing. So the only way to stop the order was to notify the credit card company, but I'm still getting emails to update my credit card info. WHAT A JOKE! Clstrswife ox, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #378823
Oct 06 2008
05:28 PM
Magic Jack/tigerjet DONT BUY MAGICJACK Internet
I bought magicjack and it worked ok until just after the point where i could not return it (15days) I used it only once in a while at first then found it did not work or worked very poorly in the mornings and evenings, as I write this, it took me over ten calls to retrieve one voice mail off of their server, I will dial and it pauses and gives me a dial tone again and over and over and so on. I have ran their fixes, bought a new phone,upgraded my cable internet to the fastest available, changed phone cords, changed USB ports, set memory uses for background services, unplugged it, reset my modem etc.etc.etc. As if all this was not bad enough, I tried their live chat which is not live, you have to type in a question then they respond with 7 or 8 answers from the keywords you use, I tried different questions and got the same answers which are already posted on their web page under FAQs Save yourself the grief, pay an extra 12.00 bucks and get your internet providers VOIP service. I have paid the same as 6 months of cable phone service trying to get this thing to work, now I'm going to give it to someone I don't like and get a reliable phone service. As for CNET and all these other folks who raved about this thing, they must have made one or two calls in the middle of the day and called it good. Paul86fxr Jackson, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #456359
May 28 2009
08:25 PM
Magic Jack free from me? free for you? Internet
just purchased magic jack. it is sold in stores in my area. i am in 860 area code. 203 area code marketed here. found out after instillation. informed by magic jack chat operator that only 203 available. many of my incoming calls would be toll for my callers. some cannot call . Rg manchester, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #410106
Jan 09 2009
12:54 PM
Magic Jack No free trial period! Internet
While advertising a free 30-day trial, once I entered my debit-card information, I was immediately charged the full amount of the device and the shipping. I went into a chat with an agent and he was unable to do anything about it because I had just ordered the device and he said he could not find it in their system yet to cancel my order. Gap108 Alexandria, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #426685
Feb 20 2009
05:25 PM
Magic Jack Another MagiJack billing rip off Internet
Like many others on here I was ripped off by MagicJack. I saw the tv advertisements and checked it out on the web. Since I had used internet phone services for the last few years, I thought this would be a great thing to have. Man I could not have been more wrong. I never actually received the device to see if it works but from other reports on here apparently there are issues there as well. My beef is in billing support and being ripped off by the company itself. I use a throw away debit card for all internet purchases so in case the card gets compromised i don't lose everything, and I minimize the damages. I simply go to WalMart and add funds enough to cover the amount of purchase I am going to make. Then I go home and make the charge. When I placed the order online I was billed for 39.95 for the magicjack and 6.95 shipping. I was then asked if I would like express shipping for an additional 3.95 I checked yes on that box and approved a charge of 50.85 That was on Friday 2/13/09. Yeah I know I should have known doing it on that day. Anyhow, On Monday I thought I would follow up to see if it had shipped and to get a tracking number. I quickly found out I could not call, they sell phone systems but do not do business with phones, so no phone number. No email either. They do have a chat line so I tried that. After about twenty minutes of mostly waiting and about two minutes of actual communication with an agent I was told my purchase was on hold due to my charge being denied by my credit card company. Like I said earlier, I use a throw away card and it showed the charge of 50.85 on 2/13/09 leaving me a balance of less than 2.00. Since the charge 50.85 included all shipping charges including the express shipment, I tried to explain to the agent this charge must be in error and that I was already billed and the amount was deducted from my card for express shipping. She would have none of that and after an additional twenty or so minutes she finally put me through to the next level of support. I re explained everything to this person and eventually she understood and told me she would bump this up to the billing department and that my product would ship that day Monday. Total time wasted on chat just over 1 hour. I asked to speak to someone in billing and was told that is not possible. I asked for them to call me, and was told they do not have phones (odd a phone company would not have phone lines, and a BIG RED FLAG I might add.) I was reassured the product would ship and all was taken care of. I asked that at least I be emailed when billing had released the product for shipping. No email, nothing came back to me. Not an hour later a day later or even by the end of the week. On Friday, I clicked on the chat link again and here is my conversation. This company is a complete rip off. They went out of their way to talk in circles, not directly answer my questions and to for whatever reason not agree I had been charged the initial 50.85. Please note addresses and order numbers have been changed for privacy reasons ?Please wait for a site operator to respond. ?You are now chatting with 'Maynard' Maynard: Hello, how may I help you? Ken: We are on the second attempt at this Ken: I order a MagicJack about a week ago Ken: I paid for express service Ken: twice Maynard: Thank you for addressing your concern to us. I'll be glad to assist you with that. Ken: When I chatted the first time with your online tech Ken: I was told it was on hold because the express shipping charges did not go through Ken: it was returned as dissapproved Maynard: Please confirm if this is correct? Maynard: 3117 XXXX XXX DR Maynard: RALEIGH, NC 27604 Maynard: US Ken: that was not the case in fact it was the second attept by your company to bill me for the express shipping Ken: yes it is Maynard: 02/13/2009 [N]ew Pending [N]ew Pending Order#: DTXXXXXXXXX Maynard: 02/14/2009 [A]uth Failed [A]uth: Amt: $3.95 Code: 999 Ken: I still have not received the magic jack Ken: What is wrong with you people Ken: look at the price you charged me Ken: the original charge to my card was 50.85 Ken: the magicjack costs 39.99 Ken: the original shipping was 6 and change Maynard: You will not receive any magicjack because your order did not went through. Ken: and 3.95 for express shipping brought the charge to 50.85 Ken: that charge went through Ken: the second 3.95 charge should never have been charged Ken: we went through all of this the last chat Ken: I was told by you that my product would ship that day Ken: I want a full refund of 50.85 please Ken: I have never seen a company as bad as yours Ken: and I will be sending this chat to the Federal Trade Commission Ken: along with a complaint to the attorney general Maynard: Please click for the status of your order Ken: exactly so why has it not been shipped Ken: are you people nuts Maynard: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you. Ken: you billed my card 50.85 and refuse to ship the product ?Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator. ?You are now chatting with 'Ashton' Ashton: Hi , Please hold on for a while and allow me to review your chat so that I can assist you further. Thanks. Ken: Befopre we begin I want to inform you that this conversation is being recorded and will be turned over to the attorney generals office Ashton: Okay. Ashton: Please wait while I check that for you Ken: This is the second time I have wasted my time spending hours in chat with you only to be told last time it would be taken care of and the product shipped that day Ken: It has not shipped and I want a full refund immediately Ken: When I spoke to the expedited chat rep Monday I was told it would ship that day Ken: you have now wasted another week and nothing has shipped yet Ken: Hello I am waiting for a response Ashton: Are you done? Ashton: May I ask for your sales order number? Ken: DTXXXXXXXXXX Ashton: Thank you. Ashton: Please wait while I check that for you Ken: You said that ten minutes ago I am still waiting Ashton: Shipping Address Ashton: First and Last Name Ashton: 3117 XXX XXXX DR Ashton: RALEIGH, NC 27604 Ashton: US Ashton: Ashton: Please confirm the address above. Ken: everything is correct Ken: we went through all this last Monday too Ashton: Okay. Ken: So what is your excuse why it has not shipped Ashton: I do apologize but your order was not yet shipped because there is an error on the credit card you used. Please check your credit card if you have enough balance on it or you may use different credit card. Please try to update your credit card as well by using this link. Ken: I want my money back Ken: Are you dumb Ken: look at the bill Ashton: Please click here and update your order. Thanks. Ken: you charged me 50.85 which included express shipping Ashton: I'm not dumb, Ken. Ken: you then attempted to bill me again for express shipping Ashton: Please try to minimize your words here. Ashton: Please try to be more professional. Ken: it did not go through because I only use a debit card with the required amount on it for internet purchases Ken: the one not professional is you Ken: you are stealing from me 50.85 and not delivering the product Ken: so I want my money back today Ashton: The best that you need to do is contact your back if the authorization of your card was successfully went through. Ken: Do you not read what I wrote Ken: the card went trhrough fine Ken: you charged me a second time for express shipping Ken: how hard is this to understand Ken: trust me the attorney generals office will understand this fine as well Ken: you are a rip off company Ken: and I will do everything in my power to get you shut down Ken: you have probably ripped off millions from customers like myself Ashton: Please try to listen, we haven't charged you anything yet. Please try to contact your bank company first before confronting us. Ken: You have charged my card and it has been deduct 50.85 Ken: Do NOT sit there and tell me that is has not been charged because it has Ken: I have been reading the reviews opnline about how you guys scam people Ashton: You're using debit card, right? Ken: but this is out and out theft Ken: yes and the debit card shows payment was made Ashton: The difference is, if customer pay with a Debit Card, we automatically get the money since we can't put a hold status for such transactions. But, even if we got them billed we will still keep that bill as hold or pending on our end. If you decide not to continue with magicJack and they're still under the 30 day trial period, then we will give back the charge as refund. Ken: You are not listening to what I am saying Ken: I want my refund NOW Ken: you have not shipped my product and my card was charged Ken: either you issue the3 credit today or I will turn this over to the attorney general Ken: are you going to issue my credit Ashton: I would suggest try to contact your bank company. Ken: I would suggest you credit my card right now Ken: Who the hell do you think you are Ken: remember ashton your name is on this chat and the attorney general will be following up as well as local law encforecement Ken: you have stolen 50.85 from me Ashton: Please...Please try to contact your bank company for this issue. I can't see it here , that we haven't charged you anything. Infact, the card did not went through successfully. The authorization of your card was failed. Ken: So we are perfectly clear here my records show you billed my card and payment was approved for 50.85 on 2/13/09. What exactly do your records indicate regarding the 50.85 charge Ken: the card did not go through from your end for how much? Ken: 50.85? no for 3.95 Ken: why is that so hard to understand Ken: I have emails from you showing the card was charged Ken: the issue was not and has not been the card not being charged for the proper amount which would be 50.85 Ken: which is 39.95 for the magic jack, 6.95 for shipping, and 3.95 for express shipping Ashton: 02/14/2009 [A]uthorization Failed [A]uth: Amt: $3.95 Ken: somewhere in your system you attempted to charge the card an additional 3.95 for express shipping which was declined because as I said I only add exactly the correct amount Ken: Yes, 3.95 Ken: that is an express shipping charge Ashton: Then, if you want to cancel your order. We can do that and get your refund. Ken: you do not sell magic jacks for 3.95 do you Ken: I want to cancel my order and get my 50.85 refund now Ashton: No, that's the amount for rush shipping. Ken: read above please Ken: 39.95 for the magic jack, 6.95 for shipping, and 3.95 for express shipping Ashton: Please try to understand that you need to wait for 3-5 business days for you can have your refund. Ashton: Okay? Ken: 3-5 days and if it is not there I will send this to the attorney general Ashton: Okay. Ken: there is nor reason it should have to be 3-5 days however Ashton: Should we can it now? Ken: This is unbelieveable Ken: refund the 50.85 immediately please and let me know when that has gone through to the credit card company Ken: what the hell is can it now Ken: I have to be very specific with you due to the fact this will be used as evidence Ashton: As I have said, it will take 3-5 business days for you can have your refund. Ashton: Is there anything else I may help you with today? Ken: Have you credited my account 50.85 Ken: Let me ask you one more thing is there a supervisor I can chat with available Ashton: You're talking to one now, Ken. Ashton: I'd just said that your refund will be credited within 3-5 business days. Ken: what is preventing you from understanding that the second charge of 3.95 was billed erroneously by your system and the 50.85 was the correct charge Ashton: I'm not preventing anything, Ken. I'd just telling you the truth. Ken: what? Ken: do you not see Ashton: What? Ken: you agree that I was charged 50.85 correct Ashton: No. Ken: well then how are you going to iussue a refund for 50.85 if you don't agree to that Ashton: Just the $3.95 did not went through successfully. The authorized was failed. Ken: What are you talking about Ken: Let's start again please Ken: because right now I have no faioth that you will credit my card 50.85 Ashton: Sure. Go ahead. Ken: And I am not getting off this line until I get you to agree you are issuing a credit to my account for 50.85 Ken: So did you charge my card 50.85 for a magic jack Ken: Login=Find+Order Ken: please look at that link Ken: and tell me if you see a 3.95 charge for express shipping on it Ashton: Please wait while I check that for you Ken: e Ashton: I see it. Ashton: It was just a summary of your product ordered. Ken: ok in that charge there is 3.95 for express shipping correct Ashton: I can't see any charge payment from your account, Ken. Ken: well there is Ken: let me ask you this if that charge had not gone through why would your decline show as a charge of 3.95 Ken: so when you told me you were going to issue a credit for 50.85 that was BS Ken: If you can;t as you say see the charge how would you have issued a credit for 50.85 Ken: Be very careful how you answer Ashton: That's why I was trying to assist you to update your order. But you didn't do it. How can we ship your order. Ashton: I am. Ken: what are you talking about Ken: you have not assisted me in updating any order Ken: I have asked for a refund and cacelled my order Ken: that oprder was paid for Ken: and charged to my credit card which you have the number on file Ken: 50.85 Ashton: The difference is, if customer pay with a Debit Card, we automatically get the money since we can't put a hold status for such transactions. But, even if we got them billed we will still keep that bill as hold or pending on our end. If you decide not to continue with magicJack and they're still under the 30 day trial period, then we will give back the charge as refund. Ken: so what nhave I not done to update my order Ashton: Please try to read above. Ken: I have not received the magic jack Ken: You refuse to ship it Ashton: I know. Ken: I am reading above and it does not answer the questions Ken: it is the same thing you said before Ken: I want a refund now Ashton: Okay. Ashton: Please do wait for 3-5 business days for we can adjust your account and credited back the amount. Ken: so send me an email showing you have credited my account 60.85 Ashton: What $60.85? Ken: typo Ken: 50.85 Ashton: Okay. Thank you. Ken: when I go to your change page Ken: it shows 50.85 being held Ashton: You will received an email confirmation after 24 hours. Ken: and it asks me for a new credit card Ken: there is no way in hell you are getting a second card from me Ashton: Yes, just don't proceed because you don't want your product anymore to be ship. Ken: this is absolutely nuts Ken: It's worse than who's on first skit Ken: How do I insure a refund is being done Ashton: Please try to check your bank company from time to time. Ken: Oh trust me I will be checking that but I want a response from you and not in 24 hours I want it now Ashton: I do like it but that's the stated time, I can assure you. Ashton: It is impossible to send a email confirmation right away. Ken: If there is no refund credited to my account in 3-5 days I will be forwarding this to the attorney general to go along with the other 50 or so they have Ashton: Okay. Please try to check from time to time. Ken: And I have already filed a complaint protesting the charge with the credit card company Ken: Have a nice day Ken Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #412629
Jan 15 2009
06:48 PM
Magic Jack Device broken and will not replace Internet
magic jack phone service a rip off the units they delever only work for a short time and if you have to ask to repalce the unit you have to pay again and if that unit breaks they do not replace spend hours and hours on the pc chat with them trying to fix the problems nd end up with 5 or 6 people then they hang up on you and will not answer you at all.................... Constance Park City, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #436075
Mar 20 2009
03:59 PM
Magic Jack is a total rip off!! For a year I have tried to contact a live person to correct the problem,,hangs up,restarts or does not start.retsarts during a phine call,poor quality audio. They do not a phone number to call to talk to a live rep or tech.All you have is a chat line.When the solutions they suggest don't work you will disconnected and another tech will come on line and start the same bll all over again. This company is making a fortune from stealing money from the people and should be stopped. With no way to contact them or to leave information it won't happen. The sad part is the Owner/inventor of the MagicJack actually has the bal*s to use his children in his commercial. All the reviews are from PAID magazines and spokes persons. If the reviews were from the ACTUAL users MagicJack would be out of business and in jail for theft. Doyce Jacksovnille, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #440365
Apr 02 2009
08:38 PM
Magic Jack Spent 3 Years Trying For A Good Connection Internet
Hi there-I am just another one of the growing masses of humanity that are tired of giving away money for useless products. Did you know that Magic Jack is not formally registered as a telephone communication system? It's labeled as a multi media experience. I was told that you cannot port or transfer their phone numbers to another phone system because they own the number! I was a customer of that thing for 3 very long years. It was the biggest mistake ever. Fortunetly it was a cheap mistake but the amount of headache and hastle and bad calls for so long made it terrible and I regret the first time I ever bought it. Actually, it worked ok for the first year but as more and more people buy this worthless thing, it has plugged the pipe, so to speak. Their servers are overloaded and they have done nothing to fix it. They have not spent any time and money to improve their system and the call audio is terrible. If you want to go to the Unofficial Magic Jack website with it's useless tech support forum go here It's just some users that come on there trying alot of things to get the phone to work better. People simply refuse to throw it in the drawer and chock it up to a nad mistake. Some are still hoping for a miricle thats not coming. The owner of the company is a man named Dan Barsilow and you can email him at also, if you still own one of these, (I have 2) and need some tech help, I can give you all the names of 3 of his main tech support people. I have emailed these guys alot over the last few years. They are the best he has and one of them is the head of the tech dept. I see no reason for people to wait for days to get a response to their tech questions- AND THE BOSS IS Now, I tried everything but a witch doctor to get better sounding phone calls from this device, which by the way, is called a dongle. I have tried everything they said too and some things made it better but in the end it was just getting worse as they kept adding new customers and throwing no new money into improving and upgrading their system.They claim to be adding 300,000 new customers every month what a bunch of bs! They are selling a defective product and they should be stopped. It's fraud. It does not work as advertised at all and after 3 years of trying I can say that the audio problems are not in your pc or in your connection speed or your ram or your graphics card or your speaker system or anything else they will tell you. The problem is and always has been on their end and they know it. They will keep peddling these worthless pieces of junk until they are stopped. I asked 3 other local people how theirs sounded. All were bad. So, I know it's not my system. It's theirs! So, when will this company fold? They should close up or fix it now. As they are not a communication system, and how they got around that is anyones guess, the FCC has no jurisdiction over them I guess. But if you want to start a class action law suit, I'm down for that! For all my hours of time spent trying to fix this unfixable piece of plastic. Now, if you still need a really good phone that gives you completely crystal clear calls every single time you use it, and you want to call anywhere in the US at anytime and talk all you want, and you want all the bells and whistles like call waiting, caller ID, voice mail etc. AND no phone bill!! Then get the best one going OOMA!-If you have not yet heard of Ooma, you will. Ot has the highest ratings out there. The calls are free. You buy the box, called the HUB and you get the Scout, The main box, or hub, is the size of an answering machine and it does that as well. This is a fantastic system and it's made by some computer geniuses in Silicon Valley. It gives me clear calls every time. I found mine on Ebay, new for $200.00!-No phone bills! thats it! All you need is the internet to run it. It does not need the computer! Just your internet so the computer can be left off, saving money. Its a VOIP phone but much better then Vontage and much cheaper, as in free after the hardware is purchased. They are now sold at Walmart, Best Buy and many other places. I love this thing so much, after 3 years with Magic Joke, it's such a joy to call people again. People did not like me calling them with MJ, it had so many ugly background noises that they prefered I didn't call at all. Folks, I don't in any way work for Ooma or have anything to do with anyone that does. I am retired and money is tight. This device is the best $200.00 I have ever spent! I mean it. The calls are actullay more clear then the land line was and you don't need any land line for this. You can get rid of the phone line alltogether. All you need is to run you high speed into the box and out to your router. They give you a list of local numbers to choose from or if you want, you can pay them an extra $39.00 and they will port, meaning transfer your old number to use with Ooma. It takes about 3 weeks to do but in the meantime they will give you a temp number to use or you can use the free system called Grand Central which will answer all your calls and forward them to any number you give it. Its a free call forwarding service owned by Google. To check out Ooma and see the video on it go here-This phone is the best deal going, no doubt and if you Google Ooma reviews you will find a 90% happy customer rating. People are loving this. And for me it came along at just the right time. I hope they start doing the informercials like that stupid Magic Jack and finally give people what they paid for! This phone is a bargain- O-one more thing about it-The system is this You get the main box, called the Hub. Its the brains as well as the answering machine. You can also check your messages privately online in the Ooma Lounge and listen to them there. You also get a smaller box called the Scout. This goes in another room and acts as a second phone line-actually an extension of the first line OR if you get Ooma Premiere package, which is free for the first 90 days, you can add a second phone number so another family member like a teen girl who has to talk all night to her boyfriend that lives in another state-it gives you a second line and seperate phone number ! If I still had kids at home I would have to have this for only $99.00 a year! They get their own phone and new number and can talk all they want across country for free!-I have the Hub only and I have a cordless phone with a second phone. It goes in the other room and without the Scout it works fine. So, it's whatever you need but it's all really cheap and works great! Any questions on either system feel free to ask-I'm Rob at (((Redacted))) Rob Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #548453
Jan 01 2010
02:57 PM
MAGIC JACK works poorly horrible support Internet
This product works horribly--support terrible--people crooks--don't care  see my you tubetype in pf1950 and magic jack in youtube and view my report
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #590706
Apr 07 2010
08:05 PM
Magic Jack causing involuntary computer shutdown Internet
Would SOMEBODY please tell me why my magicJack is continuously causing my computer to go into an involuntary shutdown, going into crash dump, screwing up programs?  And it's happening while the computer is active, I'm active on the computer - the phone rings, doesn't happen all the time, but once is too often, and my computer goes into involuntary shutdown, scary message on the screen, crash dump of files then option of rebooting.  magicJack customer service doesn't seem to have a clue.  I've been told to go into the system itself and change things, which I'm not willing to do.MAJOR problem - two days ago it took me FIVE HOURS to restore a program that is absolutely necessary for work on my computer, which is my sole source of (pitiful that it is) income.
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #591612
Apr 10 2010
12:21 AM
Magic Jack blocked our calls to phone conference service, Internet
We purchased Magic Jack specifically to use when participating in conference calls of our charitable organizations for which we volunteer.  The calls are usually long and using our cell phones for this is cost prohibitive.  We reviewed Magic Jack's website and reveiwed some other tech sites that gave glowing reports about this technology.  We purchased the Magic Jack from our local electronics store - which may be a for the better considering other reports I now read here.  Unfortunately when we tried to use Magic Jack to access the conference calls we were needing to partcipate in we found Magic jack had blocked the call and we could not connect. It took us some time to figure out what was happening - again unfortunately 1 day beyond the 30 day free trial period.  Live Person chat at Magic Jack's website tells us Magic Jack has the right to block calls to any number and with further digging - it seems they block calls to conference calling services while promoting their own FREE conference calling service. Perhaps in hopes EVERYONE will get Magic Jack and put these other conference calling sites out of business. So since the only use we have for MAGIC JACK cannot be done - we will stop using MAGIC JACK and encourage all our fellow volunteers to NEVER sign up with Magic Jack.  Likewise, anyone considering Magic Jack needs to know you will not be able to use your Magic Jack service to call into any conference calling service unless it is a Magic Jack number.  While the technology may be great clearly the customer service is entirely lacking at MAGIC JACK.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #546978
Dec 29 2009
07:06 PM
Magic Jack save yourself a HASSLE and don't buy this Internet
I started seeing ads for the Magic Jack on TV - I DID NOT do the proper research and guess what! it doesn't work - I know I know you are shocked and stunned!   Anyway I contacted their on line live support and all the dingbat did was tell me that my internet provider isn't good enough.  High speed internet apparently means the provider of THEIR choice.  Now I have to argue with them over a refund which they claim, dispite their 30 day trial they do not owe me.  She attempted no other trouble shooting of any kind but took her sweet time about it.  Then flatly refused to put me through to a supervisor.  I wanted to get the warning out in case any of you were thinking of getting one. I doubt you will be happy.  I spent 45 minutes looking on their site for contact information to complete this report and I never did find even a phone number or City or anything.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #572556
Feb 20 2010
10:42 PM
MAGIC JACK RIP OFF 32 seconds before calls are dropped, Internet
My magic jack drops all calls after 32 seconds....  i have gone through 4 techs and 3 hours worth of Im's today.   they say  no chance of getting my 5 yrs prepaid money back.  so i guess i am screwed
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #599479
May 03 2010
08:49 AM
MAGIC JACK dont waste your money Internet
Dont waste your money on this junk they call a phone service,,got one and it worked for a week and quit and spent an hour on internet with tech, and was suppose to be fixed and got nothing in return, bought extended warrantee and never said were to send it back or nothing,just blowed me off..did not work good before it quit,,,,how they get buy with selling this junk is something,,,,,,  save your money as i should of done and read the hundreds of complaints before i wasted mine..........thanks
Entity: , Internet
47, Report #546144
Dec 28 2009
11:05 AM
Magic Jack RIPOFF. Don't Buy! Internet
This company & product are a scam. I bought to use for faxing. Nowhere on their website was it listed that this doesn't work for faxing (though they now have this). They refused to refund my money. Even worse. It works for phone calls only 25% of the time. And I must constantly disconnect/reconnect the device for it to work even 25% of the time.I've called repeatedly to get a refund and on three occasions I let them talk me through uploading new drivers or updates, etc. And always with the same result. THE PRODUCT DOESN'T WORK.PLUS, since installing MJ, my whole system is slower and has problems and often freezes. I am just uninstalling this piece of crap. When I last dialed in live chat to request a refund, I, once again, allowed them to talk me through even more updates, etc. After 40 minutes of wasted time, when their solution didn't work (as always) and I requested a refund. The sr manager idiot from MJ just ignored my request and stated he'd done all he could do for me and disconnected me.
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #652634
Oct 19 2010
07:43 AM
Magic Jack Has a Call Fowarding Outage On 10/19/2010.  If you Own A Magic Jack and try to Foward Your Calls To Either A AT&T, Or Verizon Phone Number, Callers Will Get We Are Sorry Your Call Can Not Be Completed As Dialed.This is A Major Problem.I Finally Found Out Myself with NO Help from Magic Jack They are having Switching ProblemsI Tried Forwarding to My Metro PCS Phone And It Worked Fine.There problem is They MUST get a Customer Service PHONE number.  You go back and forth my IM, with people at the other end that know NOTHING.The keep telling you to run upgrades. Get it Straight once you forward your phone you can BREAK the Magic Jack Into Pieces.Call forwarding runs by a switch in a central Office.
Entity: Internet, Florida
49, Report #836239
Feb 10 2013
02:36 PM
Magic Jack Plus Telephone Service Internet
I signed up for the FREE trial on Sunday, February 5 at about 7:30 pm and got an error message-- credit card invalid, use another card; however, when I checked my credit card account, it was charged twice for $81.26, total of $160.52, even though I was NOT suppose to be charged at all--its a FREE trial. I went to the on-line live chat the same day and nobody came on-line, I waited an hour and no one came to the live chat line. The live chat does not come up at all now. So I called Magic Jack Billing at 561-594-9925 on Monday, the next morning and got an operator, who told me that the trial did not go through and I should wait until tomorrow to get a confirmation or the return of funds. Well, the next day it did not credit my account and I did not get a confirmation email. I called again on Tuesday and talked to a Supervisor who told me that it would take about three to five days to drop off of my account, because it is not a charge just an authorization--they do not have the money. I asked in a very polite manner whether she could write a letter to my bank stating that they would not collect on the charge and then I would be able get my funds reversed. She told me that she could not do that I would have to wait the three to five days. So I asked if there was another manager or someone with authority to talk to, she got extremely rude and told me that she was as high as I could get and that I just had to wait. She said, We are going in circles over this and she had nothing else to say. I'm sorry I did not check this ripoff report first before ordering this scam deal. I will get my money back.  
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #836472
Feb 09 2012
11:00 AM
Magic Jack Worst customer service, poor billing Interne
4 years ago I bought Magic Jack for my sister as a gift.  A year later she died.  I called a few months after she died and said I would like to keep the Magic Jack service but change it to my name.  They absolutely refused to change the name on the account.  I was so upset I said to cancel the account and I had no wish to ever do business with them.   2 years later. . . I was going over my expenses and I noticed that there was a charge from Magic Jack for $20.91.   I went to the website and found that I could still log on to that account which was supposed to have been cancelled.  That status was deactivated and it did not even show any phone numbers being active.  I went to the support section on their website.  (Very well hidden in small print on the bottom of the page.)  Clicked on the link, and it took me to FAQ page.  I looked all over the web page for a link to talk to Customer support and there was not any.  Out of curiosity I read through all the FAQ questions and when I got to the last page, (about 1000 pages later) lo and behold there appeared a link to start a chat session.  They couldn't have buried it any deeper on their webpage.  So I have wasted about an hour so far just to get to the point where I can begin my communication.   I start the chat session, which didn't take very long about a 10 minute wait.  I explained the situation to the Customer Support Expert.  Who said he would have to transfer me to someone higher than her who can help resolve my issue.  Bradley then took over the chat session and said he could help me.  Several times he had to ask me to wait.  Then he asked for me to post the transaction details of the bank transaction.  I had been prepared for this and I pasted the transaction details from my online bank account.  I had already had the bank online to get more detailed information.  I gave him the Approval Code and Transaction number.   He said he could not find any details in his records about the transaction and he would forward it to the accounting dept and they would email me in the near future.  I decided to ask again if I could change the name on the account from my sister's to me.   He asked for the phone number.  I was starting to get a little irritated,  I had already given him my card #, social security# the account number, and most of the answers I was receiving was please forgive the delay.  I finally found the number and gave it to him.   I informed him I was getting a little irritated, so he quickly gave me a canned response about I should use their chat service, (which I was already using) and it asked for my Operating System and Internet Browser information.  I was starting to get even more irritated.  My issue had nothing to do with my computer, operating system or my browser.   I asked to speak with his manager. My manager is not available at this time I also asked for an address and a phone number so I can call HQ at Magic Jack.   after about an hour of constantly asking for this information and getting delays and canned responses.  (Yes I am a little stubborn)  I got the address and email address, but they refused to give me a phone number. me: Are you telling me that phone company doesn't have a phone number? MJ: We are only using support chat at this time. I was pretty furious after wasting almost 3 hours with the worst support I have ever experienced.   Why would anyone want to do business with a phone company that refuses to give you their phone number?
Entity: , Internet

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