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76, Report #1142656
Apr 29 2014
11:23 AM
Magic Jack Holding Phone Number Hostage Nationwide
After switching my service to a new provider, MJ delayed the request to transfer my phone number until my 6 month contract expired, then refused to transfer the number until a one year renewal fee was paid. After three months of trying, they are still holding the phone number hostage that I had had for 30 years. This is extortion. 
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #1147997
May 19 2014
03:19 PM
Magic Jack Major rip off! palm beach florida
Magic Jack's quality sucks major dog b****.  Constantly being cut off or parts of the conversation cut out just like old fasioned dialog cell phones.  I got ahold of them and wanted a refund and they refused to give me one.  They got away with 55 dollars worth of service i didn't use.  Plus their international plan sucked to.  You paid about 5 bucks worth of international servive but only got about 20 cents worth. And good luck trying to argue with them.  And when you chat with them, they can't even speak proper english, even though they're from the US.  Its almost like calling India for customer support.
Entity: Internet
78, Report #1133615
Mar 25 2014
05:53 PM
Magic Jack Post Account Creation New Charges Internet
After about 4 years of having the service the company annually creates new fees.  This years' the new fee is that the number I selected in the begining, has magically become a Premium Number, and now carries a Porting Fee of $3.00 a year. The number was selected from a Magic Jack Pool of numbers so no Porting was involved. Last year it was something else. Using the Live chat is a waste of time as it always resolved to Read the Contract or some such thing.  They will never tell when, how or why the Contract MAGICALLY changes.  That must be the Magic part of Magic Jack.
Entity: Internet
79, Report #1217953
Mar 24 2015
07:34 PM
Magic Jack FALSE advertising breech of contract bait/switch Internet
When I purchase my Majik Jack device a few years ago sales pitch was free call anywhere, anytime for $20 a year, for life. Today, I discovered thier defination of LIFETIME: ==== Unedited CHAT session, 03/24/2015 - 9:20 EST === Please wait for a site operator to respond.You are now chatting with 'Russel'Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530181323070XRussel: Hello, how may I help you?Donald Hrascs: My Legacy MJ hardware is trying to install drivers/software for the current produc.Russel: okay Russel: May I know where your magicjack is plugged at the moment?Donald Hrascs: Directly into a USB port. Not through a hubRussel: okay Russel: please click on the link above, download and install upgr980.exe on your computerDonald Hrascs: This for the legacy devices?Russel: That is your magicjack driver Donald Hrascs: It is installing.....Russel: please let it finish Donald Hrascs: I do not remember my password!Russel: Please inform me once the magicjack dial pad appears Donald Hrascs: I clicked the remindme button for my password, no mail yetRussel: okay Russel: please check again after 2 minutes Donald Hrascs: Hey, it says $35 to renew....When I purchased it the deal was $200 for life. I am not dea yetDonald Hrascs: $20Russel: There is no $35 for life deal Russel: Originally the renewal was $19.95 but that was a few years ago Donald Hrascs: I don't care. My DEAL was $20 for LIFE as advertised.Donald Hrascs: And it was not suppose to change, part of the sales pitchRussel: If you wish to reactivate your subscription you can Russel: but it will have to be the $35 renewal Donald Hrascs: I gues I will need to sue you. Clas Action, I will file as a poor person so I do not have to pay the court feesRussel: Renewal plans are subject to change depending on the market trends and by no means it is permanent Donald Hrascs: BS, that was not my dealRussel: It's your choice Russel: Have a pleasant eveningDonald Hrascs: I will start by making several post in PUBLIC DOMAINRussel: It's up to youDonald Hrascs: You have an attitude. In any event I finally got my password.Russel: okay Russel: Have a pleasant evening Donald Hrascs: Thank you for your help.  And your attitude is not okay.Since we haven't heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:   Donald Charlotte NC    
Entity: Internet
80, Report #1312695
Jun 21 2016
05:23 PM
Magic Jack customer DISservice Customer DISservice! Stay away! Internet
I have just gotten into a fight with the customer DISservice idiots at MagicJack. Calls cut out constantly and therefore does not work well. I have contacted them many times to no avail. The idiot today wanted me to plug the MagicJack into a wall outlet for power. The unit is USB powered by the router or computer. Anyway, I told them that and also that thwey were stupid. Things really got bad from there. I told them what I thought of them and the MJ idiot kept trying to goad me further. She eventually told me she was going to report me to MJ then dicconnected. Stay away from these idiots as they have no clue and are the worst out there. I hope they want to continue the fight. I will win, GUARANTEED!  
Entity: Internet
81, Report #1240629
Jul 08 2015
07:06 PM
Magic Jack False advertising Internet
I have been using Magic Jack for ther past 2 years, never had an issue like this before and suddenly they want me to prepay for calling certain numbers within the USA.  They can not tell me what numbers or why, and the fact I was able to call this number before means nothing to them.  This is deceptive advertising because they just randomly decide to charge by the minute and that was the reason I gave up my landline and paid to have this number ported.  I think I don't need this anymore  My cell phone works just fine.  Good bye Magic Jack.  I won't be sharing anything good about you anymore...
Entity: Internet
82, Report #382441
Oct 18 2008
04:52 AM
Magic Jack, i took a chance on the magic jack Florida
ok i read all the reports on the internet and figured what the heck a few reports on these guys out of the thousands they must have sold?? gotta happen right???...anyway a little backgrond on a microsoft accreditited service tech....went to school spent thousands of dollars....i know what im doing i work on computers all day heres my the magic jack in the mail...tried to install it on the first computer....crashed it immediatly.... i figured ok its just the computer......went to the second computer ...after 8 hours of trying to install it and talking to several of their service techs i realized it wasn't gonna install on that computer.....i figure ok went to a third......after some time and patience i finally got it worked...i was so up this morning turned on the computer and guess what?? it i go to their live online chatto see what they have to say about this...(m still amazed a company pushing long distance had no contact number...but thats beside the point) the person ...explain whats happened their first bit of advice is disable the firewall and anti virus.....and then had it explained to me that magicjack won't work with now im supposed to run my computer without protection in order to use this thing ...i think not... after that failed the service tech wanted me to go into the computer registry and start changing settings... i realize most people who read this aren't that advanced (for lack of a better word ) in computer knowledge but ill tell you ...go into the registry and change settings and you do 1 wrong thing yur gonna have a paperweight on your hands...anyway its my own fault...i read the reports did the research and decided to try it anyway...... now i have 3 computers that have to be reformatted ( hard drive wiped clean and windows reinstalled ) it cost me 50 bucks to learn a lesson but guess what ..DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY....and for everyone thats filed a report that ive read touting the marvelousness of this product??? all the computer techs??? i say bullshit....i think they're put there by people who work for magic jack....have a nice day...and thank you to the people who run this site for giving us a sounding board.... Onester london, OntarioCanada
Entity: Florida
83, Report #361850
Aug 11 2008
08:06 PM
Magic Jack .com magic jack is taking unauthorized money from bank account... West Palm Beach Florida Internet
Purchased Magic Jack in the latter part of May,2008. On June 3 2008 magic jack requested and recieved 46.90 for payment of the Magic Jack including shipping and handling. On July 11 2008 they requested and recieved 46.90 for the second time. This July 11 2008 payment was not authorized by me and I am not able to to contact them. Magic Jack seems to not have a phone number of there own (unless you want to purchase) nor have I been able to find an E mail address. I firmly believe that I am not the only one this has happened too. this could add up to some big $ for some one.... The money was with drawn to a bank or financial inst. in West Palm Beach Fl. Barry coolidige, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
84, Report #361060
Aug 09 2008
09:29 AM
Magic Jack/ YMax Corp Magic Jack Customer Disservice Internet internet
I recently purchased a Magic Jack, installed it on my computer, and began enjoying the free long distance and budget-conscious international phone rates. Despite several fuzzy and disconnected calls, the savings were tremendous. However, when it totally stopped working, the Magic Jack became a nightmare. Trying to chat with their tech support/customer service people was a horrible experience. After 4 long chats, I had achieved absolutely nothing. My Magic Jack no longer worked and no one could communicate with me or understand me well enough to help me. I understand the economy of using overseas help, but not when that economy devastates the effectiveness of what they are supposed to be accomplishing! I finally figured out for myself (by attaching a flash drive to the USB extension cord) that the extension cord was defective. No one suggested I test it. I simply got tired of doing the same downloads, upgrades, diagnostics, etc. that these poor people were instructing me to do. As I attempted to explain via a 5th chat, my problem was resolved because I solved it on my own, not because Magic Jack's customer service assisted me in any way. It's very apparent that these people don't even have a good enough grasp of English to clearly converse, let alone think outside the manual. It took no small effort to even locate this mailing address: P.O. Box 6785 West Palm Beach, FL 33405, and I intend to post it everywhere I can. Magic Jack has irrefutably the poorest customer service I've ever come across and that they hide any other means of contact as though they were in witness protection. I have yet to understand why I was told that I must replace the defective USB extension cord that came with my Magic Jack, but that's what their customer disservice people have informed me. It isn't the price of the cord it's the principle. Magic Jack must have something to hide because they're so very good at doing just that. Judy b Dora, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #377944
Oct 02 2008
01:09 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack Rip off -they steal your money, lie terrible customer support Internet
I bought Magic Jack based on Clark Howard. It worked okay at first but you could not be on the computer as the same time as the phone because you could hear the computer through the phone. Then recently the magic jack asked for my password and email. I put the info. in but it would not let me log on. I contacted customer support and they could not find my info. and kept me waiting almost an hour as I talked to various people in the service dept. via chat. Finally they said they would e-mail me a new password in an hour. That was over a day ago. The magic jack doesn't work and they lied to me to get me off the chat. I feel totally ripped off. Don't ever buy this product. It is a rip off. Doesn't work well, has not real customer support and if you need help they will lie to you and leave you with an product that doesn't work. Ripped off customer Monroe, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
86, Report #449955
May 08 2009
11:10 AM
Magic Jack I have Magic Jack and I think it works great! Gaithersburg Maryland
I have been using Magic Jack for several months now and I think its great. I had problems initially but that was because I didn't read the directions carefully. As time went on I also had alot of questions. Finally, I am not a computer geek so I was a bit intimidated by it at first. But in all situations the Live Chat people have been extremely helpful and very patient even when it was evident that I hadn't read the directions. In retrospect, some of my questions were really, well, sort of stupid. Now so far its been working great and I'm very happy with it. I purchased the 5 year plan and this could mean a $4000 savings to me over this time period. So I'd recommend it to anyone. Just follow the directions, read the FAQ pages and ask Live Chat if you need help beyond that. Scribblegenies North Potomac, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: North Potomac, Maryland
87, Report #406951
Jan 01 2009
12:32 PM
Magic Jack 1 year plus 5 year plan = 6 years total -- Magic Jack can't count! Internet
I bought FOUR Magic Jacks, all with extended 5 year plans, bringing the total to 6 years of service. I argued up and down with the live chat agents, including the supervisor, who wrote, I told you already that the Platinum plan - is an additional 4 years which entitles you to have a total of five years service. When I threatened to go to BBB and asked to speak to a supervisor, he said, Okay, go ahead. Sad to say but I am the Supervisor. I saved the email that said I bought SIX years of service, but because I have no option but to chat with their agents, I can't get through to anyone to take care of this! There is NO customer service I can contact, either by phone or email, so I guess I have to resort to Better Business Bureau again. I can't believe Felix has a job title of supervisor when he provides such poor customer service. I think he ought to be demoted or fired for being so rude! Dan Borislow, how about some REAL customer service options??? N. Cognito Anywhere, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
88, Report #438693
Mar 28 2009
04:36 PM
Magic Jack is a Jack! There's no Magic!! It's a rip off!! West Palm Beach Florida
I had ordered two magic jacks last year and neither one of them worked. I tried everything to get a hold of someone from that company including calling directory assistance and came up with nothing and when you called the number all it did was want you to order another magic jack. There was never a prompt to talk to someone personally. On the day before my 30 days was up I called my bank and complained. The bank informed me that they charged my account two days after calling; they didn't even wait until the 30 days was up plus they charged me another fee. I let my bank handle it, they credited my account then they went after them and my bank got their money back within a few days after I reported them. If you have a good bank that enforces issues like this, then my advice is to let them handle it. My bank even told me I wasn't the only one who had complained to them about magic jack. Kim Mount Horeb, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
89, Report #439134
Mar 30 2009
12:14 PM
Sat. Mar 28th, 2009 I ordered the magic jack from the TV shopping which they own & front. I don't know if it works and I will never know because I have cancelled my order. They said it was all free trial, free shipping and after 30 days if you love it then you pay only $39.95 each for up to 3. In fact on TV (I'll bring in the FTC & the state of Fl too) they make it a point to tell you that your card will not be charged ! THATS THE LIE. It was immediate and for more than it should have been. I did the live chat - a calling room. I called customer no-service and held for 45mins - yep I wasn't giving up! When they answered it was a person whom I couldn't understand in a foreign country reading a script telling me they would refund my money in 5-7 days. Ok, figure they do this big time and get to float hundreds of thousands of dollars for a week, collect the interest and then pay you back. Quite a good rackett. So whether it works or not, they are still scamming big time. BUYER BEWARE THEY WILL CHARGE YOUR CARD IMMEDIATELY! Bjn Cartersville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida, Nationwide
90, Report #441381
Apr 06 2009
11:32 PM
Magic Jack still waiting for replacement magic jack Nationwide
my magicjack conked out around march, i went online with the text crew, rosey, irish, matlyn, haley, crystal, sharon, nicole, and last charlyn, (these are all the people i had to go through, i spent over 3 hours the first time with them trying to get a dead horse to run on tech support, my computor said the usb device atached to this computor has malfunctioned and should be replaced, my other 2 computors said the exact same thing, but no they had to keep me online typing for 3 hours plus going into reg edit (which is the only way to uninstal the software) just in case you didnt know! so to make a very long story short, haley said she would send me a replacement within 14 days, so after 2 weeks i went back online, ended up with charlyn for almost two more hours and she says oh the replacement didnt go through, but i will send you a new one in 3 to 5 bussiness days and i promise it will go through this time, that was april 1 2009 and i was to get an email confirmation within 48 hours (not) i would like to talk to the owner of the company in person about this and them having no records of where i purchased their product and why they told me canadian area codes were coming soon lol! i must admit the magic jack work really good most of the time but if i had of known about there customer service i would not have wasted my time, still waiting for my email confirmation from april 1 2009 good luck to everyone that deals with these morons! Truckerjohn river drive park, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
91, Report #431620
Mar 06 2009
07:06 PM
Magic Jack Major issues with magic jack Seneca South Carolina
I am writing to tell my experience with Magic Jack. Before I purchased one, I checked it out and found they did not have a local prefix for my area. They did tell me that in early 2009 they would be adding local numbers, so I was going to wait, because I thought people would get charged if they called me from my hometown. However, when I went to their website, it clearly stated that as long as someone lives in my area code, that incoming calls would be free for them. I also talked to their customer care chat and was told the same thing, except they actually said anywhere from the US or Canada. For this reason I went ahead and bought one and tried it for a week and it seemed to work fine, so I dropped my old phone service. However, after a month and a week, my brother called me and told me he had been charged for long distance for calling me. I then contacted Magic Jack's customer care and at first was told the same thing again, but when I informed them of what my brother had said, they changed and said, Well, it depends on the prefix This is when I began getting very suspicious. I asked for contact infomation and was told they could not give that information out. The only way to talk to these people is through online chat and you can not file complaints and can not actually get any information about their corporate offices. One of their customer reps actually gave me an email address claiming it was for their corporate offices, which the email addy looked very strange for somebody in upper management, so I asked directly if this was really for their offices and was told yes. However, when I wrote them I got a response and it was from their billing office. They simply lied!! Now, I wanted to give information to anyone that has experienced problems with Magic Jack and can't file a complaint. I have talked to my state's department of consumer affairs and they gave me several agencies to file a complaint, which I have done. I recommend all of you to contact the Federal Trade Commission, The FCC, and your state's attorney general's office on this matter. This device is a good idea and mine does work, but it is a problem when someone calls me from 100 yards down the road and has to pay, all because I was not aware of this and was basically lied to so I would go ahead and purchase this device. I have been told lies on 4 occassions by them. This needs to stop and they need to be forced to provide information to people that do have problems and start telling the truth about their product if people ask. I do ask, PLEASE, if you have had a problem, to contact the agencies listed above. This is the only way to make them change the way they do business. Lee Seneca, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Seneca, South Carolina
92, Report #572852
Feb 21 2010
06:24 PM
Magic Jack , YMax Corp Magic Jack is crapware! West Palm Beach Florida
magicJack's software is installed into AppData--a hidden folder--NOT in Program Files. It has no uninstall, nor any Exit function. It autostarts with Windows without telling you. As a result, most users will never be able to get rid of it. And the only way to stop an online order in mid-stream is to kill it's process (you can't go back). THEN you find that the order completed without your authorization. Their EULA is almost as long and complicated as that of Windows, and gthere's no contact number to call.When I complained to their online chat tech support about these issues, I was told that no one else had complained of these features!This is crapware, in my opinion.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
93, Report #578436
Mar 05 2010
06:52 AM
MAGIC JACK magic Jack this company provided major aggravation instead of a reliable phone service as advertissed Internet
About a year and a half ago I purchased the Magicjack device after seeing the infomercial claiming that the device, if plugged into your computer, would allow you to make unlimited free phone calls, both locally and long distance.  For $19 I thought this was a great deal.  To say the least, I had problems with the device immediately.  When placing a call instead of receiving a ringing tone indicating that the call was in progress I would repeatedly get a dial tone and had to start dialing all over again.  This would happen more often than not when trying to make a call.  To say the least this was frustrating and time consuming.  I tried to take up this problem with the company but the only way one can communicate with the them is through their chat line.  Even trying to connect to their chat line was nerve wracking.  If one clicks on the chat now button one is instead referred to another web page where you are asked to seek an internet solution to most common problems.  Finally, I was able to connect with a customer service representative who placed me on hold for 3-4 minutes before she began to address my concern. Frustration turned to anger on my part as the two way chat involved the customer service rep waiting several minutes to give me a response to even the simplest of questions.  It was obvious to me that this person either didn't want to help, didn't know the answer to my question, or was handling numerous other inquiries at the same time.  Talk about getting frustrated.  Sitting by my computer waiting several minutes at a time for a response, or worse yet for a response that NEVER came was too much to take.  After more than a dozen such calls to the company, I finally gave up on customer service and the device as well and rarely used it to my satisfaction.  After my subscription had expired I waited about 4 months to renew the service.  This time I was thinking that maybe by now the product and the customer service had improved and maybe this time the $19 renewal fee would be worthing SOMETHING.  Gee, was I disappointed.  Now not only was I still having trouble making a call, the calls that did go through, the persons on the other end could not hear me even though I could hear them.  Again futility set in in dealing with customer service.  First I had great difficulty getting a chat line established.  Then the old problems of them responding to my issues were still evident.  No one there seemed to care about my problem.  I established numerous chats and no one could help. Each different customer service representative had a different solution to my problem yet none worked.  It was obvious that they were each just taking a stab at the solution.  I spent countless hours either waiting for a response or not getting one at all sometimes.  I firmly believe that I was intentionally placed on hold so that I could just go away.  Anger and frustration were only a few of the emotions I felt for the company.  Finally a supervisor by the name of Nicole said she could help.  She downloaded three separate files to my computer and assured me that by activating these files my problem would be resolved.  This was after I asked several times for a new device instead of the company trying to fix the old one online.  What a mistake that was.  First the device still didn't work as I couldn't make calls.  But much worse, my computer now worked at a snails pace.  My operating system came to a crawl. When once my computer speed was fantastic, now my computer moved as if I was on dial up service.  Everything was slow, even getting my e-mails.  I then tried uselessly to communicate this issue to the company.  Again the numerous chat reps I communicated with would take forever to get back to me or again never did.  It was obvious to me that they had no intention of helping me.  I felt that from the companies perspective It was simply a matter of hey, we got your money, we screwed up your computer, now go away.  It appears obvious to me that the downloaded files I was sent must have to have had a virus that did a job on my computer.  Now I am stuck with having to get my computer fixed and the company could care less about me.  They stuck it to me in more ways than one and while I suffer from their actions they got my money and in return gave me nothing but aggravation.  I implore anyone who is thinking of getting the Magicjack to think twice before you buy.  I would hate to see what happened to me to happen to anyone else.
Entity: , Internet
94, Report #638690
Sep 08 2010
09:46 AM
Magic Jack Magic Jack sinking in an abyss of technical difficulty they can't fix Internet
Magic Jack could have been a nice invention,  a lot more than the unsupported gadget it is.If it works,  it's lucky.  If it doesn't work,  or if it goes down (which they all will eventually),  lord help you when you are stuck trying to get tech support via their chat window.  You will be exposed to the lamest screen readers ever.  It takes multiple sessions and hours of trying to make them actually do anything.  They just run you around in circles and then hand you off to another tech until they wear you out.I have several of these Magic Jacks.  I have not ever seen the company actually hold up to it's ad claims.  It's just loaded with 'gotcha'  marketing and tricks,  ways to get you to accidentally commit to rush shipping and additional years of service,  auto credit card debits in the future,  and so on.In addition the terms of service are NOT displayed until AFTER you order,  and then you mist search for them.  When you read what you supposedly agreed to when you ordered,  your hair will start on fire.  I didn't give them any of those outrageous spying and tracking,  selling lists and keeping tabs malware.  But I guess I got them anyway.If you want a decent IP comm system look elsewhere.  Even at the cheap price to get one of these little doodads,  it still won't be worth it.Refunds?  HAH!  Guarantees?  HahahahaHA!Suckers.  
Entity: , Internet
95, Report #774669
Sep 09 2011
06:20 AM
Magic Jack Sharing my experience (nightmare) with Magic Jack Internet
I am sharing my experience below. I am providing this information solely as an investigative resource for potential consumers to use before making a decision as to whether or not to use this service. I typically used the Magic Jack phone a couple of times a day, one call might be short duration..10-20 minutes or so. The other would usually be a call home to family, which sometimes went as long as 1 1/2 to 2 hours possibly. Those long/extended calls did not occur every day...usually once every 2-3 days. The Magic Jack policy on over use is somewhat vague, and, more importantly, their software provides you with NO way to tell if you are approaching an overage on your minutes.See chat transcript below (some info has been hidden for privacy):Please wait for a site operator to respond.You are now chatting with 'Cara'Your Issue ID for this chat is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (hidden for privacy)Jim: i caraJim: oops hi caraCara: Hello, how may I help you?Cara: May I know the exact nature of your problem with full details please?Jim: yesterday when i started my magic jack, i got the popup message...Jim: asking me to log into my account, and then it broughtJim: me to the payment screen to renew my subscription for another yearJim: but it doesn't seem like it's been a full year since i last renewedCara: okay.Jim: can you check to see when i last renewed my account?Cara: Can I have your magicjack phone number please?Jim: or is there some way we can confirm that this is rightJim: sure no probJim: xxx xxx xxxx Cara: Please wait while I check that for youJim: no problemCara: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.Jim: ok - thanksPlease wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.You are now chatting with 'Ken'Your Issue ID for this chat is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (hidden for privacy)Jim: hi KenKen: Hello. My name is Ken. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat/s. Thank you.Jim: no problem ken - thanksKen: Hello  Jim.Jim: hope you are well - it just felt to me like this renewal notice came around a little too soon....but i cannot remember when i last renewed - i wanted to see if you could pull up my last renewal dateKen: Thank you for patiently waiting.Ken: May I have the registered name and physical address of your magicJack account please?Jim: no problemJim: sure -Jim: Jim xxxxxxxxxxJim: xxxx StreetJim: City, State xxxxxJim: phone # is xxx-xxx-xxxxKen: Thank you for that information.Ken: Please wait while I check that for youJim: sureKen: Thank you for waiting.Ken: I have checked it here and it shows that this phone number has violated our Terms of Service. Please refer to Section 6, Proper Use at .Jim: what? what in the world could have happened? i haven't intentionally done anything that should have violated my usageJim: not that i'm aware of....what rule is it saying i violated?Ken: Under 6. Proper Use it says If magicJack sees excessive use, including but not limited to, a customer whose usage is twenty (20) times more than the average magicJack's customer's usage, or a customer who calls more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or systematic or intentional misuse, it reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your use of the magicJack device and/or Software immediately, and you will not be entitled to get a refund of any licensing fee or any other fee you may have paid to us. We reserve the right to reclaim any telephone number that does not make a call for a consecutive 90 days. In the event we reclaim a phone number and your software license is still active, you may choose another phone number.Jim: well i've never called 50 numbers in a day.....i have not engaged in systematic or intentional misuseJim: so that only leaves the first option - that i USED MY PHONE TOO MUCH?????Jim: are you fricking SERIOUS?Jim: i am supposed to receive unlimited calls to the US and Canada is what my understanding wasKen: Yes, I am. It's stated in our terms of service.Ken: Terms of service was provided during registration process and it's your responsibility to read it.Jim: so tell me specifically what rule i broke - that particular terms of service entry lists several thingsKen: You violated section 6 of our terms of serviceJim: specifically, which listed offense within section 6?Ken: Proper Use it says If magicJack sees excessive use, including but not limited to, a customer whose usage is twenty (20) times more than the average magicJack's customer's usage, or a customer who calls more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or systematic or intentional misuse, it reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your use of the magicJack device and/or Software immediately.Jim: do you understand my question? there are THREE things listed there...let me list them:Ken: Yes, I fully understand your question.Ken: You violated those three terms listed under section 6.Jim: 1) over usage 2) calls more than 50 per day 3) systematic / intentional misuseJim: which did i violate, #1, 2, or 3Jim: because i have the feeling you are accusing me of something - and i want you to stop beating around the bush and just SAY what you are accusing me of - because i paid you my hard-earned money for this device...i have been using it for TWO years, and have NEVER had a single problem - but now suddenly all this BS pops up and i want to know whats going onKen: All Jim. You over used the device, placed a call more than 20 times than the average magicJack usage and intentional misuse of the device.Ken: Jim**Jim: define intentional misuseKen: You have used the device to make calls a lot of times per day.Jim: do you have an employee # Ken? If speaking to someone else in the company, how would i reference you specifically?Ken: You can refer this ticket ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (hidden for privacy) as our chat reference for you not to start over again.Jim: and how do i get a supervisor on the phone?Ken: We only have chat support as of the moment.Jim: you can't be do not have a customer support phone number?Ken: We use Tech Chat to better assist you. By using Tech Chat, we can send you instant upgrade links and run several diagnostic tests, that cannot be done over the telephone. We are also able to see where you are located, what OS and Internet browser you are using. Lastly we can see that your Internet connection is working too.This will provide the best Customer care experience and keep you most satisfied.Jim: ok then i guess i will speak to a Chat SupervisorJim: go ahead and put me through to a supervisor pleaseKen: I'm one of the Supervisors here.Ken: You're talking to the right person.Jim: Well obviously I'm not, because no worthwhile supervisor would make accusations but fail to give me specifics about which rule i violated, and refuse to show me any evidence of what i did wrongJim: all you are doing is quoting terms of use quotes, but you're not telling me specifically what i did wrong....i used the phone too much? or i committed systematic intentional misuse...WHICH one...Ken: You can check your call logs found at the dial pad for your dialed and received calls in a day.Jim: if i used the phone too much, how many minutes EXACTLY did i use the phoneJim: i had several calls during which i talked on the phone for approximately 1 1/2 hours...Jim: are you telling me this is what caused my terms violation?Ken: Yes Jim.Jim: i just want to make sure i have all this correct, because this entire chat transcript is going to be posted on RipOffReport.Com, and any other consumer advocacy web site i can find....this is GROSSLY unfair - because you hide these little details in the fine print of your service agreement, yet you imply to customers that there are no minute restrictionsJim: so once again to confirm, you are doing this at your sole discretion - you will not specifically tell me exactly how many minutes i was over, and you wont confirm or deny 100% which of those 3 rules i broke....except to say that it was probably going over my minutesKen: MagicJack is only offering free calls within US and Canada but it's not unlimited.Ken: Free and unlimited are not the same.Jim: i want to make sure other consumers out there get the full story, 100% truth as it happened, so that they can make their own decisions about your companyJim: that is why i used the word imply - you hid that little #6 item in the customer service agreementKen: It was provided during  registration process, Jim.Jim: if you are going to restrict the customer's minutes, that is FINE - MANY businesses do that....but guess what the PROFESSIONAL ones do....they ADVERTISE the # of minutes you get RIGHT UP FRONT and in the clear.....and if you go over those minutes, you have the option to purchase moreJim: but what you guys do is put up some impossible to track value like 20 times more than average other MJ users, and then you just enforce it as you please....very very very poor customer policyJim: so you are also telling me then that I am stuck with a useless Magic Jack that I paid $40 for? can i return it and receive my money back?Ken: May I know where and when did you purchased the device?Jim: Im not sure exactly when - but you should be able to discern that by looking at my billing historyJim: I bought it from Best BuyKen: If you purchased your magicJack at a retailer, please adhere to the retailer's policies/terms and return the device to them with your original packaging and receipt.Jim: Dude you know what's sad? If you would just put in place some sort of policy whereby you allow your customers to SEE that they are IN DANGER, or are GETTING CLOSE, to violating your precious terms of service agreement, you would find that most people, like me, are HONEST people, and would CHANGE their call behavior to come in line with your policies (regardless of how idiotic they might be)....but you don't do that - it's all hidden behind the scenes - what way do I as a customer POSSIBLY have to measure / gauge whether or not i am approaching the limit of using my MJ 20 times more than an average MJ user....ill tell you - i have NO WAY to do what - because you don't GIVE me a way to do itJim: your software has been clunky from day one - everyone i knew told me to go to skypeJim: its only $3 per month - for a total of $36 per year....not much more than your service costs....and they have MUCH less headachesJim: i guess i'm fixing to find out first hand how good skype is - this is extremely disappointingJim: just a little food for thought -Jim: so to confirm - you gave me NO viable way to measure whether or not i was getting close to violating my usage / minutes, but you are now going to penalize me for going over my allowed amountJim: you are not going to refund me for my MJJim: and you are not going to turn my account back onKen: I fully understand your side, Jim. However, we are providing you everything during registration process since you can read our terms of service before agreeing on it.Jim: you are, in effect, banning me as a MJ customer for life....Jim: does that summarize it effectively?Ken: Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to reverse the action.Jim: As I mentioned before, SOLELY in the interest of helping other consumers to become informed as to the pitfalls that a company can bury in the terms of service, and how that company can use those details to come back at their customers.....let me ask this question for clarification. I think other potential customers who come across this on RipOffReport.Com would probably want to know (as do I): What would happen if I purchased a new Magic Jack device and tried to sign up for service? Would it not allow me to sign up?Ken: Please read our terms of service first before purchasing a new device.Jim: By the way, the popup message I received at home on my computer did NOT say anything about a violation of terms of service. It was prompting me to renew my account for another year, and was providing me purchase options. If my account was in violation of some code, why would it ask me to renewKen: Your account here in our end show that you violated our terms of service.Jim: With all due respect, that is not what I asked. Why was my software asking me to renew my account? Why would it do that if in fact I had violated the TOS agreementJim: I have a screen up RIGHT NOW on my computer, where my MJ software is asking me for credit card information, and is telling me that i can renew right now for another year, or for FIVE years if i so choose?Jim: So who is correct, you or your software?Ken: One moment please...Jim: Please explain to me why my MJ software is asking me to renew my account for another year, and why i was able to make it to the registration screen, in which it's asking for my credit card info, if in fact i have violated TOSJim: By the way, I hope people are even able to find my posting to RipOffReport.Com.....because it would appear that I'm in good company...there are already 250 complaints about you guysJim: Thank you for waiting.Ken: Please be informed that the reason why the software ask you to renew is because your license was expired since you violated our terms of service. Even if you renew your license your license expiration will be the same.Jim: Oh I wouldn't have expected anything different from MagicJack Ken - basically MagicJack and I could have had one last dance where they charge my credit card and take my money one more time for old time's sake, but then still drop me with no refund.Jim: thats funny - no thanks manKen: You're welcomeKen: Thank you for chatting, goodbye.Since we haven't heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:
Entity: , Internet
96, Report #800411
Nov 21 2011
11:32 AM
Magic Jack Magic Jack Ripped Me Off. False Advertisement. internet
I have been a customer of Magic Jack for slightly over a year now. I've dealt with their inconsistent service, such as switching features during mid subscription, and the continuation of dropped and unclear calls, but one thing I will not deal with is being ripped off.My renewal date was soon to be up, so I paid the $19.95 to continue my service for another year. To my knowledge, everything was a go. Then my phone wouldn't work and I received another notice that I had to renew my service again. I contacted Magic Jack via Tech Chat, informed them of my issue, and the response I received was to my surprise.Magic Jack claimed that my phone was cut due to violation of Terms of Service. Within the Terms of Service it states that if someone uses the phone more than 20 times the average user, or calls 50 or more numbers in a day, then they are able to cut your service with no refund. I have about 10 people I keep in contact with, which isn't even on an every day basis so I do not understand how this is possible.My argument is: Why did Magic Jack wait until I paid for my second year service before they informed me of Excessive Use? I paid for my Magic Jack November 1st 2011, and my service was cut November 18th 2011, which was the starting day of my second year contract. I could understand if they cut my service during mid subscription, and would not refund my money, but I just paid for a NEW service, didn't use any of it, and they refuse to refund my money.What happened to the Unlimited Calling that is advertised? How is it Unlimited if there is a limit before you are cut off? How can they discontinue your service due to a limitation, but not inform you exactly what the limitation is? I would no longer suggest Magic Jack to anyone, not only is their service unstable, but it's a rip off.
Entity: , Internet
97, Report #551440
Jan 09 2010
08:13 AM
Magic Jack/YMax Corp Magic Jack It Does not work Internet
Bought a magic jack on Dec. 24, 2009 along with a new computer.  Set my computer installed magic jack and it worked for about 5 days.  Had to reboot my computer and when it came back up magic jack didn't.  Spent 5 evenings with tech chat and did everything they told me to and nothing worked, was just passed from one tech to another and nothing.  The last tech I spoke with told me oh he could have it up and working in 15 mins. like a sucker I believed him and 2 hours later still didn't work.  Haven't wasted anymore of my time trying to get it work and they won't refund my money.  This product is a rip-off.  I am a disabled vet and live on a fixed income and thought this would help me make my limited money go further.  They just took my money and like most fly-by-night companies they left me on my own.  I have filed complaints with my state consumer's affairs and the BBB.  Please do not make the same mistake I did and buy this product.  Run like hell away from it.
Entity: , Internet
98, Report #955800
Oct 16 2012
03:19 PM
Magic jack Florida United States Phone: 561-594-9767/561-594-9925 Just got off the phone with magic jack billing and will not refund my money AND HUNG UP ON ME. It's been more than 30 days. Device not working. Tried numerous occasions to contact live chat and they could not get the device working. SPENT TWO DAYS ON LIVE CHAT TOTAL OR 10 HOURS? Thought is was my computer and bought another and device still not working. Also have this number for tech support 561 594 9767 A RECORDING COMES ON OF THE MAGIC JACK INVENTOR SAYING PLEASE HOLD FOR SUPPORT BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO PICK UP. CALLED DURING THE HOURS IT SAYS. IF ANYONE CAN HELP. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Entity: WEST PALM BEACH, Florida
99, Report #951526
Oct 05 2012
10:18 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack took my money, product doesn't work and they won't give money back Internet
I bought the new Magic Jack +, which is supposed to work without a computer.  It doesn't. I spent two and a half hours on their help chat, with five different people.  None of them fixed the problem and each kept telling me to do the same thing the others did. One of them said they would get a rep to log on to my computer to fix it, then hung up on me.  They hung up repeatedly and the last one I got said he was a supervisor (name Ezekiel); he got really rude with me and hung up as well.  Nobody fixed the problem and they said they would not refund my money.  Now I have a seventy dollar piece of worthless plastic, no way to contact the company and evidently no recourse.  Do not waste your money dealing with these sheisters, they are outright crooks ripping off the unsuspecting public   and now I am left with no phone at all.  If I had money I would sue these bastards for every dime they stole.
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #950769
Oct 04 2012
10:48 AM
Magic Jack, sounded good in their ad, bought two M.J.+ Jacks and a 5 year service plan at $99.  I've had numerous problems connecting to local phone numbers that return this audio message: TO CALL A CONFERENCE LINE OR A PLATFORM, YOU MUST LOG ON AND PURCHASE MINUTES....  Well, that sucks!  Also, NO FAXES possible over this portal.  I love the ability to call what normall would be toll calls inter and intra-state.  Many do work but some do not and they never even hinted in March, 2012 that many phone numbers are not reachable without purchasing more stuff from M.J.  I hope somebody files a class-action, please include me in that effort.  Customer support sucks, good product idea but lots of hidden and non-disclosed faults.  FAIL!  
Entity: , Internet

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