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26, Report #471118
Jul 12 2012
01:02 AM
Amateur SCAM Internet
This site is a scam. Most of the profiles are not real. The profile pictures are created in photoshop. Messages sent to a phony profile receive an auto reply from a computer. I know this because the reply is always the same one or two lines with a web address to give your credit card to receive contact information for a person who does not exist. This essentially makes amateurmatch a cyber-pimp. DoNot send them any money. Like most similar sites, you can search for free but to send or read messages you need to join.I suggest turning the computer off & getting out to meet someone the oldfashioned way! Or at the very least go to a massage parlor or pay for a prostitute. I gurantee it will feel better than getting f***ed by Amateur Match!Zeith Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #407845
Jan 04 2009
11:41 AM Flat out lied! Internet
I am new in my area and decided to try out and join I have used their competitior, eharmony, in the past and it was a rip-off. For the past week, daily I have received notices on my profile, that I could try the service for free for 3 days. When I attempted to do this I was not allowed to. Then when I called on the number that I was provided for them online, I was asked to sign up for the service and was told by the operator from that I would not be charged for the service until after the three day initial trial period had expired. I gave the telephone operator all of the pertinent info they needed for my credit card and asked them when this would be charged and was told once again at the end of the 3rd day. While on the phone with this operator I was informed that I had already used my 3 day trial. I informed the operator that I had not. I had only used my winks for free. They put me on hold for an extended amount of time and then came back and informed me that my credit card had been declined. They charged my credit card while I was on the phone with them, while telling me they would not charge it for 3 days. I informed the operator that I would report them to the ripoff report as they were misleading and flat out lying to their customers. By the way the catch to their guarantee is that you must email 5 different profiles every month and renew your membership at the end of a six month period in order to get your money back if your matches do not work out. What a RIP OFF!!!! They are just taking peoples monies while lying to them while they are on the phone with them. I was treading lightly about joining this process but had several of my friends do very well with and that is why I decided to do this. Never again! I should have read all of the reports about their service here. They are doing a bait and switch of sorts and lying about the way they do business. Anonymus Columbia, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #427427
Feb 23 2009
10:10 AM Deceptive Automatic Billing Policy Internet uses deceptive membership contracts. The accounts are automatically renewed unless the member requests a cancellation prior. However, when you look at your account information it says that the a package expires on a specific date which does not mean cancellation. They have a zero refund policy and should NOT be used. Try another, more truthful site. These people could care less about customers. In fact, they probably make all their money by this policy. DO NOT USE MATCH.COM New york, ny New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #577278
Mar 03 2010
10:47 AM does NOT live up to FREE renewal promises Internet does not honor their free 6 month membership extension after you perform all the necessary requirements. I used this service when in Florida, and had to contact Customer Service to request the extension.  They eventually gave it to me. I moved to another state and started a new subscription, and just like the first time, after 6 months, the extension was not granted.  This time they locked me out and would not respond to 5 Customer Service requests to contact me.  They are a ripoff! This is false advertising!!!
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #670058
Dec 10 2010
07:01 AM Bait and Switch Internet
Seems that likes to pull the old Bait and Switch.  Did not want to sign up for the full membership, so I decided to try the Free 72 hours - however they still needed you to pay first.  Before I signed up I was receiving Winks from individuals that I might have been potentially interested in, but when I went to respond to the Winks their profiles were no longer available.  Nice going - I will be sure to tell anyone that considers your service to STAY AWAY
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #790569
Oct 19 2011
12:23 PM This company sucks Internet, Internet
I only used this service for  2 weeks , paid for 3 months no refund, no extension, no nothing
Entity: Internet, Internet
32, Report #799917
Nov 19 2011
04:56 PM 3 day trial internet
I just cancelled the trial subscription onNov 18...the confirmation was posted on Nov 18......started the trial on 11/16,I saw them charged me on 11/17.....then I called and told them that I cancelled the subs before the end of the trial 72-hour period......I want my refund back on my card few days later....they said no b/c I signed for the non-trial subs...i already paid the whole month subs......that is B***t....I got their invitation from the trial email.......Before I provide my card info...i saw this: At the end of your 3-day free trial period, You will be charged $35.99. At the end of your subscriptioncommitment, your subscription will automatically continue for the same period of time at $35.99. If you cancel before the end of your 3-day free trial period, your access to the basic subscription features will endimmediately. then I signed up....this site is just immortal ...this is a scam...I will never recommend to everyone..... I did not get my money back Jason
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #696566
Feb 17 2011
10:06 AM Auto Renewal Policy Dallas, Texas
Hello,I recently found out that $125.94 was taken from my checking account for auto-renewal for  I was unaware of this and now told that even though I have cancelled my subscription my money is not to be refunded.   I would like my money refunded as I believe this practice is unfair and perhaps illegal (they charged my account with out-dated information as well).  I have never dealt with a business that cannot refund a dissatisfied customer.  They were uncooperative and rude. I, myself work for a retail company where the customers satisfaction is of the utmost importance. is only interested in taking people's money and not helping them or making them happy in any way, shape or form.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
34, Report #699164
Feb 23 2011
08:13 PM Fake profiles and responses Internet
I have been noticing some bad practices with I have been noticing that I get BEAUTIFUL winks from girls who never read my profile. Then I respond, of course. Well, I get back an email that is pretty generic saying they are interested and to contact the, offline and they all spell out their email address linke (sarah123) at y...a...h....o...o... . .c...o...m... Of course they never respond back. Also, I a, noticing completely different profiles with the same pictures. Kris10dh33 crazed girl Ok, so maybe it is the same person, but one has 2 kids 13 and 15 and the other has 3 kids at 16, 10 and 8 I don't know but the whole thing looks bad......
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #706338
Mar 15 2011
02:04 PM dating site , Internet
I signed up with to find an ideal mate thinking that i will give something new a try and meet people in my area...i was disappointed to learn after i signed up for 6 month service that cost me 108.00 dollars there wasnt alot of people in my area I didnt even get 50 matches!!! I havent been up there a full week and call the customer service number they provided and asked for a refund i would of even takin a partial refund...the customer represenative told me that i couldnt get a refund because the service was used  even if there isnt alot of matches in your area....he was rude and not professional very disappointed in this site wouldnt recommend anyone to go on this rip off site
Entity: Internet, Internet
36, Report #914390
Jul 19 2012
11:17 AM dating web site Internet
most of the profiles on this site are fake, either they are just a total scam asking for money or they are computer generated profiles most likely created by the administrators of the web site itself just to get guys to join, they allow the scammers to send messages on just s 3 day trials and then they disaaper just to come online as someone else. %95 of the woman i contaced didnt even so much as look at my profile and never read the message i sent them, the only 'winks i would get were from woman who who were from new york or somewhere far away.  when i asked for my money back they said they couldnt because i has sent emails to other users, even though those users were all fake profiles. total rip off just all the other dating web sites. And anyone that you do happen to message back and forth will stop talking to you as soon as you bring up your concern about a scam becuase they get busted in it. i wish there was a way i could seek legal action against these frauds
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #960117
Oct 25 2012
03:20 PM SCAM-FAKE PROFILES Internet is a waste of your money.  You're better off meeting someone on the street.  I signed up, met a guy online, talked to him on the phone for 3 weeks, then he asked me for money and I called him on being a fraud and he stopped calling.  I reported him to and they did absolutely nothing!!  Turns out, after I researched his name and e-mail address he was based out of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!  Said he lived 4 hours away but he was actually in the UK!!!!!!  You would think would do a better job to at least research the e-mail address for people that contact them about fraud but they did nothing!!!!!  Love the commercials, that's how they draw you in but don't be fooled!  I wasted $59.99 but at least I was smart enough NOT to send someone I've never met $2,000...umph!
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #959391
Oct 24 2012
11:20 AM
Millionaire The Cheap MillionaireMatch!! Internet
 Hello my Fellow Romantic Warriors! I took the bait..signed on to They offer a free enrollment. However in order to intelligently correspond with potential have to purchase a full privileged membership. They offer many month to ad infinitum. I bought one month and planned to leave after one month. Considering all the lofty endorsements they have racked up.. It should be a snap! After meeting that special lady.. I decided to leave the site.. I hid my profile.. very difficult to find the delete steps on website.. then... Surprise!! the one month became four months! with out my permission..authority or request..never implied stated. Also never received a confirmation other that the first notice of initial one month payment. Now the same trickery has been showered on my new mate.. The exact same overcharging. They refuse to cooperate. This company I have highly successful.. and now we know how they pad the books.. by overcharging and hoping a month extra here..two months won't notice or complain .. So finally, don't waste your money!
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #949055
Oct 01 2012
09:47 AM Unsatisfactory Dallas, Texas
Used the service for two days and paid $139.00 for 6 months which was the only option. Wasn't satisfied and called for a refund, they would not give it to me. Poor customer service. They should give refunds if people are nit satisfied. The quality of people were poor and a lot of them are not serious and are only picture collectors.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
40, Report #175387
Feb 08 2006
04:39 PM unauthorized billing ripoff Internet
I would like to add my unauthorized billing complaint against MATCH.COM to the others here like it. In July 2004 I signed up for one month's membership. I cancelled in accordance with the published procedure, yet was billed for the next 4 months, despite my repeating the cancellation process and despite my writing several emails (which were never acknowledged). I finally had to cancel the VISA card. This company is run by THIEVES and they should be in jail. Steve toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
41, Report #207022
Aug 20 2006
01:59 PM dishonest fraud fake emails ripoff Internet
I let my membership expire this summer after one year on the website. Match asked the reason I was leaving and I answered that I was not getting any e-mail response from the men I was interested in. Shortly after I got an email saying that I had a letter in my mailbox from someone interested in me and I had to rejoin to read it. I decided to try it again and the e-mail was supposedly from someone over 1500 miles away. When I put the person's screenname in the search box it said there was no such account. I know that this letter came from someone inside the company and it was all a scam to get me to rejoin. D Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
42, Report #191951
May 17 2006
11:28 AM ripoff Nationwide
When I tried to cancel, 2 days after being auto billed for a six months subscription, they refused. I insisted and would not take no for an answer. Then they relented and refunded all but one month of service (which of course, is way more per month than the 6 month plan). I contacted the Attorney General in Minnesota (my home state) and ended up refunding all my money. Contact your Attorney General and your local news. I did and I won. Beth Brooklyn Park, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #207930
Aug 25 2006
03:46 PM
MATCH.COM Ripoff Billing Scam ONLINE NATIONWIDE obviously never heard of the phrase The customer is always right. They do not clearly disclose when you pay for a subscription that your account will continue to be automatically renewed UNTIL you pick up the phone to cancel the subscription. They sell packages of 1, 3 or 12 month memberships. But what is the purpose of a 1-month membership when they keep automatically renewing and charging your credit card??? I paid for 1 month thinking my account would expire after one month. WRONG! As a courtesy they felt obliged to keep charging my account!!!! This should be illegal!!!! Alicia naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #198485
Jun 27 2006
03:46 PM ripoff Merrick, New York
I received a letter from Offer 2003, which is supposed to give me a choice of a refund or a three month free subscription for erroneous billing. However, when I followed the procedure outlined in the letter to get the three month subscription with no obligation to me, they emailed me telling me that my profile has been approved and included links that take me to the subscription page. I have to then enter my credit card information for the three month free offer without any obligation subscription. I have emailed them on three occassions to let them know that I only want what is stated in the June 8, 2006 letter, which clearly states there is no obligation to me, but they refuse to acknowledge the offer letter. I even called customer support and I was told that they did not know what I was talking about. If you have received this letter and have followed the procedure outlined in the letter, please respond. LT Tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Merrick, New York
45, Report #225126
Dec 13 2006
08:52 AM Fradulent Card practices Ripoff Internet
Dec of 2005, I received an invitation to for a free 7 days and then membership would begin. I had belonged before and new about the autoreneweal stuff. So after the seven days I choose the three month plan and made sure autorenewal was OFF. I checked again near end of three months to insure it was OFF. Well, when I looked at the bank satement the following month there is listed as charging me using my debit card as tis was info i gave them. I wnt to bank with information and filled out affidavit as to unauthorized charge and got my money in 3 days. Jokes on you Match. I also canceled that card and got new one. Well 5 months later there is charging my new card, which they had no information on, I also reporterd this to bank and got the chrges reversed. So who gave them my new info? Jerrold Oliver Springs, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #139420
Apr 19 2005
01:15 PM ripoff Internet
Again another company that takes your money without notifying you that your subscription is about to expire. They expect you to log on everyweek to check your account but most of us do not have time to do that. Like myself I have just enough time to check emails. If they can email you everyday with matches why can't they email you when your subscription is about to expire? Frank Fairfield, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #340045
Jun 13 2008
01:52 PM Unauthorised transactions on my bank account Internet continue to bill my bank account despite that fact I have not used thier site for months. If you use this service make sure you read the terms and conditions. The agreement is that you will have an automatic renewal even if you no longer use the service, have not got an active account and have not used the site for some time. I spoke to custmer services about a refund because I was clearly not using thier service neither had I given them permission to deduct money from my account. The refused to give me a refund. I would suggest that this company are far too irresponsible with finacial data to do business with. Based on the reports filed here I am not alone. The company are very happy to hide behind the small print in their terms and conditions rather than behave in a responsible way towards people who use thier site. Do not use this service unless you are happy to be billed long after you ever wanted to be. Nic Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #976541
Dec 01 2012
10:08 AM auto renewal scam Internet did an auto renewal on my account for 6 months without notifying me before or after they charged it.  I hadn't used my account for over two months and had forgot to cancel it.  I called 3 days after they charged my credit card for the renewal and they were refusing to refund my money for the six month period of $110.  I quoted the New York's General Obligations Law 5-903 to them and asked if their supervisor was aware of this law (I live in New York)  This statute requires that a vendor in any service, maintenance or repair contract with an auto renewal clause give its customer written notice of an auto- renewal at least 15 days, but not more than 30 days, before the cancelation deadline; otherwise, the auto-renewal provision is deemed unenforceable. After I quoted this law they promptly changed their story and told me they would issue a refund. should be sending notifications of upcoming charges to ensure that their policies are ethical and legal.  Hope this information helps someone else avoid their auto renewal scam policies. 
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #1036285
Mar 19 2013
I bought a 3-month membership. I stated on my profile, Photos only, no motorcycles. Don't camp. I didn't check off camping as an activity. The stir - it said for members and it was misleading; it seemed free but they charge for every event! I got motorcycle, camping - no photos as many of my matches they matched me up with. I called them after the first month to cancel. They said that because I responded to one email, they refused to give me back my money! I responded to a guy that wrote something x rated and felt he should know that he will be reported and he has a fake profile (good honest sweet man)!
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #1012724
Feb 12 2013
07:12 AM Automatic renewal without notification Internet has in its agreement (so they claim and I'm sure it's true) that they will automatically renew (and take money using the credit card number that they apparently retained) unless the customrer cancels.  Very well; however, they never send even one warning that the subscription is about to expire.  It seems that it can't be legal for them to take another chunk of money from me at the end of one contract without notifying me that they will do it unless I forbid them.  An expiration date means expiration of a contract.  There is nothing beyond expiration unless I agree to a renewal of the contract.
Entity: , Internet

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