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1, Report #716203
Apr 11 2011
07:16 AM
METRO PCS Metro Pcs is horrible... Tampa, Florida
I have been a customer with Metro Pcs for over three years and if I pay one day late or a penny less they cut my phone of within hours. There is no one you can talk to that maybe can give you an extension for a day or nothing and on top of it all their services hardly work. Every time I turn around the GPS is not working and I send text messages. Just the other day I couldnt even dial out and the CS Rep said the technicians were working on it but they never compensate the customers they just take advantage of the customers and when you call they can careless. These cell phone companies are horrible and things need to go back to the days where we didnt need them, this way they couldnt take advantage of innocent customers. One time I called in regards to my GPS, the CS Rep didnt try to help me or anything. She asked me if I wanted to cancel that service. I was so upset that I asked for a corporate number that they put me on hold for that I never received. If you have other options please use them because METRO does not care and doesnt deserve any more money.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
2, Report #1136562
Apr 05 2014
11:36 AM
Metro PCS BUYER BEWARE of Metro PCS Nationwide
Okay, I admit, I currently use Metro PCS as my carrier for cell phone service. On February 15, 2014, I wanted to change out my wife's cell phone. So I ordered a Samsung Mega from the online department of Metro PCS (for the benefit of Metro PCS, the order number is o360238486). I paid almost $500 for it, which I thought was a bargain. When the phone arrived, it did not meet the expected specifications, so I returned it promptly for a refund. By February 26, 2014, it was already in their possession. Ever since then, I have periodically called Metro PCS to find out about my refund. The script I get every time is that they (the online department) will send an e-mail to the department handling the refund so that they can speed it up. Today is April 5, 2014 and I still don't have my money. Again, the Metro PCS agent said she would send an e-mail ... And then when I expressed my displeasure she told me to go ahead and do whatever I planned to do, hence this write up. I seriously considered changing carriers at this point, but you know what, when this is all over, I want them to feel stuck with me the way I have had to hold my nose to deal with them over the years. In the meantime, I want fellow consumers to be aware of the following: Metro PCS is a pre-paid plan company, so if you owe them for even one day, they will cut your service. If they are efficient at that, why do they need 2 months or more to refund a client? It used to be that you could use your Metro PCS phone anywhere they had a presence in the whole of the United States at no extra charge. But now, you may need to pay for roaming if you go to certain places. Look out!
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1299616
Apr 13 2016
04:13 PM
Metro PCS Metro PCS Augusta Georgia
Hello my name is Domonique Elam 706-231-2046. I'm going thru any ugly divorce. However my ex baby's mother Starr works for you guys. She works at the Augusta Ga stores location. She works at the store on East Boundary. Metro PCS alerted me that there was a change on my account. So I called to let them know that I did NOT authorized anyone to do ANYTHING to my account. Your representative was able to see that Ms. Star access my account without my prior knowledge. But your store manager Star used her authority to go into my account and remove a phone line which # is 706-xxx-xxxx she added it to another account. I called metro pcs a number if rimes but didn't get anywhere. My point is that Ms. Starr didn't have my authorization to access my account to remove anything. I've spoken with an attorney. And my next step is to take you guys to court. I feel as if my privacy has been invaded by one of your managers. She's abusing her authority by doing favors for her child's father. In result of that she hacked into my account. I got the phones with a new service on 3/21/16 at the bobby Jones hwy store in Martinez Ga 30907. I want something done about Starr and her fraudulent activities towards my account that she didn't have permission to access. If this is how metro pcs does business by allowing their employees to use their ID # and access someones account then I'll be taking my business elsewhere. Also your customer service was no help and made it seem as if it was my fault. So therefore I contacted a lawyer to assist me, if this matter isn't handle properly!  INVOICE # 83467 ACCT#xxxxxSent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
4, Report #595567
Apr 22 2010
02:33 PM
Metro PCS Buyer BEWARE! Internet
Customer service is frustrating to say the least! Let me count the ways... Inability to find a representative that speaks English clearly, in order to help resolve any questions/concerns you may have about your service and/or account...Which serves to only increases your level of frustration. Inability to actually speak to a person at the corporate office, that is once you finally obtain a Corporate phone number. I did so when using Google and reading another frustrated customer's posting. Good luck having somebody from the corporate office return your calls. I've left a number of messages every day now for the past week. Byers Beware! The plan I signed up for was NOT the plan I was given... This was due to an error made at the store where I purchased two phones and the unlimited international calling plan. I believe these retailers to be dishonest in their representation of the company as they boldly attempted to sell us phones at much higher rate that was advertised on the Metro website. Unlimited International calling plan... Which has actually turned out to be NO, let me repeat, NO International plan at all as I am still, a month into my service contrat, unable to call overseas. I left a reliable company, service I've had for years with T-Mobile for this option and to date, all I have are a ridiculous number of attempts at reaching somebody who is able to resolve this situation and an even more ridiculous number of Unreturned phone calls from corporate office. I can't begin to explain the amount of time and frustration/ aggravation I've been caused this past month! I hate to admit that it's true, but in this situation and with this company it certainly seems to ring true... You get what you pay for! What I thought to be an extremely reasonable international calling service has turned out to be a cheap, and to-date, unavailable service!
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #575352
Feb 27 2010
05:54 PM
METRO PCS!!! anything for a sale, Internet
On November 9, 2009 I purchased 2 of the new Messager II phones from an authorized dealer in Los Angeles Ca. area. My first question to the sales person was about service areas. I told the sales person I would be moving to Jackson Mississippi soon, and asked if Metro Pcs had service there and also in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I was told that they had service in both areas. I took a trip to Pittsburgh in December 09 and the phones worked just fine except for the keyboards sticking while texting but I was able to exchange for 2 more phones. A couple months later in February 2010, I packed up and moved to Jackson Mississippi where after driving for almost 30 hours I tried to use my cell phone to call my pregnant daughter in Los Angeles. I was totally surprised to find out that I could not call out or receive calls because there is no service in the Mississippi area, not just in Jackson but in the entire state. I called customer service to complain and was told by Jennifer that since I had the phone for more than 30 days there was nothing that could be done. I asked to speak with her Supervisor and was told the Supervisor was busy and they would try to contact the store where I purchased the phones and find out whats going on, and they would give me a call back. They had not even asked me which store I got my phones from or even a phone number where I could be reached. Oh I was told that I could go back to the store where I bought my phones and talk to them about my problem, which I had just told this customer service agent that I just moved almost 2 thousand miles away from where I purchased my phones. HOW COULD I TAKE THEM BACK? My Daughter did have her baby on the 25th of February but she was unable to reach me because I had no service available through Metro PCS. Now I have one phone with me in Mississippi that can be used for nothing but a paperweight and I am still being billed for this phone.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #865061
Apr 06 2012
07:27 PM
First, I would like to start by saying that I have been working in the Customer Service Industry in some form or fashion over 20yrs.  In that time frame I have learned to value people as individuals and have  come know that every time I encounter a customer I have to treat there situation as though it's the first time I have every heard that situation before. Not So With METROPCS! Well, on April 3, 2012, I went on line to pay my son's phone bill for him not knowing that he had already made a payment. So I asked my son to call METROPCS and ask them to reverse the charge that I made because it is sitting there as a credit balance.  The first thing that they tell him is...well you know that it can just sat there and be applied to next month's bill.  I told my son to tell them no that is not what I want. Well, they finally told my son that they would reverse the charge and began to ask him for his Pin or Childhood Nickname.  My son proceeded to tell them that he provided no such information.  Mind you he hasn't had his phone long enough to have forgotten such information. IMHO.After going around and around with this robotic person who supposed to be a customer service rep...needless to say...we didn't get anywhere. Finally, we were directed to the nearest Coporate office where my son was to take his photo ID to obtain this mysterious PIN that he has no knowledge of.  By the time that he ended the call with person it was a little after 7:00PM. So, we headed on over to the METROPCS office that we were directed to only to  find that it was closed.   Today, my son makes it to a Coporate store to show his ID and obtain his Pin only to be told that we had to come in and request the reversal the same day that my card was charged and that it was too late. Ok, the last time I checked if you overpay any account you have the right to have your money returned.  I have worked in the billing department at my job for the last 5yrs and this is something that I see everyday. And we readily refund money that is not owed to us. I call METROPCS thieves because they will not return monies to me that is not owed to them.  How can they legally keep an overpayment?   When you try to get help from them you get the same robotic, uncaring, unhelpful and hard to understand so called customer service reps.  They sound like they are reading from some outdated script.  Needless to say I called my bank to dispute the charge and was basically told that they were going to reverse the charge right then and there and investigate the matter.  I am taking the time to warn the public that METROPCS is a shoddy, shady, shabby company.  My son is just starting out in life with his first good paying job and does not want to be tied to a 2yr contract somewhere. Does that give them right to treat their customers this way. Mind you, he did not have his alledged Pin or Childhood Nickname that he has never been given..but again I ask does this justify being treated this way. MetroPCS you all are thieves for keeping money that does not belong to you. You are unethical for forcibly making customers apply their credit balance to billing that hasn't even generated.  What gives you the right! I think that the BBB needs to hear this as well!  Signed,
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1172770
Aug 27 2014
03:58 PM
Metro pcs r off national Nationwide
Month after month, when trying to pay my bill online the site does not work. You pay less if you pay online. The telephone number the site directs you to does not work. Most of the time the payment options on the phone does not work. When it does you are charged  fee. I have spent, literally, hours trying to talk to a human. And when u do they are no help. Just imagine if they are forcing a million people to pay that extra fee each month they are making millions of dollars .  Most people probably will not report  it because it  is to difficult ro reach a human. People may think..well, its not a lot of money and blow it off. But multiply that by thousands and thousands and they make out like the theIves  they are. What a scam.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1052519
May 22 2013
08:42 AM
metro pcs liers Internet
I wold like to warn every one that metro pcs lies when they say no contract you are in fact in a semi contract.....lates fees fir paying ur phone late...
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1325123
Aug 28 2016
08:26 PM
Metro PCS Richardson Texas
 Started with Metro 8 mo ago at $30/mo. First phone failed to operate. Second phone failed. Both free. Supervisor convinced me I had to buy phone 2 mo ago. I did at almost $70. Phone and service horrible. Friends report voice garbled. Continual disconnects. No internet service half the time. Always states Retry when sending messages. Metro told me pay more and I would get better service from them. Call agents for assistance and most in India and Phillipines. Spend hours working with agents to fix phones and they give up and tell me need to pay more for better service. I can't even reach my medical portal. They also locked my phone and refused to unlock and force me to continue paying them for sporadic service. When I call to complain they hang up on me. Left messages for Todd Linquist. No call back Company refuses for months to unlock phone or refund my monies. I live on ss, am handicapped and over 70. I seem to have no recourse in getting any money back or phone unlocked
Entity: Richardson, Texas
10, Report #1334160
Oct 20 2016
10:58 AM
Metro PCS Rockford Illinois
 It started out with me calling customer service about my charging port not working and I'm in a rehab facility after 4 months and use a walker and they insisted I needed to take it to the local store to have a technician fix it so I made arrangements for my friend to come get me. Now we get there and the girl Nayelly P was extremely rude from the beginning. She said they probably just wanted to get me off the phone so they lied then proceeded to tell me my only option was to upgrade and I explained I've been hospitalized since June and don't have any money but my friend was kind enough to offer to pay the $45.00 for an actual doegrade, not upgrade! I went from an Alcatel Fierce XL to an Alcatel Tru which is a tiny screen piece of garbage but I was grateful because again I'm in a rehab facility and NEED a phone. So I get back (3 miles away) and notice all of my hundreds of my priceless pics are gone and I opened the charger from the sealed bag and it was just prongs and the metal piece was in the bottom of the bag so I immediately called the store only to leave a message and be told she'd call back in 10 minutes (which she never did BTW) So I proceeded to call customer service and spoke to them for two hours. Now in there defense they were great, they credited my account and after talking to the manager he is sending me a replacement phone, which is what the store SHOULD have done in the first place, it's only a little over six months old! So then I called the store this morning to explain what they said and Nayelly P was EXTREMELY rude, she continued to cut me off, after I explained I shouldn't have had to upgrade at all she said you didn't even have any $, your friend paid for it and I said I'm aware of that, thank you. Then I explained the manager said we can return it to get my friends money back and she raised her voiced and said there is no refunds on upgrades and when I told her about the defective charger she said I don't know what you did to it from the store until there but we check everything before it goes on the floor' trying to blame me for a SEALED, defective charger! She actually hung up on me mid conversation but I called back immediately and she said oh, your call dropped and I said I bet it did' so she continued to constantly interrupt me, talk over me, etc making me more angry and I said I've been in customer service for 32 years, that's not how you treat people and then she said is there anything else I can help you with in the most condensing tone ever and I said yes, you can go f yourself, you don't belong in customer service and again she hung up on me! Then after filing a report on her I called back and asked for her and the other girl said she wasn't available so I said Well please tell her I reported her for her unprofessionalism and she replied that's good, anything else'? in another very condensending tone and she hung up on me! PLEASE no one go to this horrendous place, they make you upgrade to a downgrade, are rude as hell and then insist on no refunds the very next day! I have called customers service and reported her and the store but I want it known everywhere not to go here!!!
Entity: Rockford, Illinois
11, Report #1341048
Dec 02 2016
12:47 PM
metro pcs Nationwide
 i tried to activate a phone I bought n instead the representative made a mistake and paid he previous owners bills. now they refuse to put my money back on my card unless I have the previous owners info which I don't no them n y would someone give that info out it was metro PC's f*** up they didn't need no 8 digit pin to take money out my account though
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1301100
Apr 21 2016
03:39 PM
Metro Pcs Bellmead Texas
 I bought a new phone at metro pcs and was given rebate paoer work and told what to do.i filled the paper out made photo copies of the box and recipt like instructed.then 4 weeks later was denied rebate.i was told by metropcs i had to buy the phone online.even though their store is the one who informed me of the rebaye and gave me the paper work. This is the second time theyve screwed me out of a rebate i was promised. I have spend over 2000.00 on phones from them ive i had an account for over 4 years and the service is just going down down down. I feel like it was a bait and switch just to get you to buy.
Entity: Bellmead, Texas
13, Report #1244202
Jul 24 2015
11:53 PM
Metro PCS ripping customers off Nationwide
You get your regular allowance of 4g speed data at the begining of your month according to your plan. Once you consume your high speed data they will throttle it back to a slower speed. The problem is they cut your speed so far down that its practicaly unusable. I have called and spoken with customer service, tech  support, supervisors and store personnel and the answer is always the same: you need to top up your data or the all to famous  you need to upgrade your plan. But wait a minute, its supposed to drop to 3g isnt it? I have  measured my flow of data with Speed Meter lite and i know that 22 kb/s AIN'T no 3g. Ok then the problem is my device. Ha! Three different phones dont have the same problem. They have the same carrier. Metro PCS will talk to you like you just started using cell phones a week ago and treat you like you are bothering them with your foolish qualms. Just be quiet and spend more money is pretty much what i get out of my conversations with them. Somehow i dont see them staying in business too much longer so they are snatching as much money from the public as they can get before they are shut down. You should still be able to have a speed that is at least adequate after using up you high speed. Try Pandora or YouTube at 22 kb/s. Insanity is what i feel. Thanks Metro Piece of Crap :(
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1270775
Nov 28 2015
05:30 PM
 I started using metro pcs in 2010. I was listed under the UNLIMITED 4G lte plan at $50.00 per month, my complaint is that toward the end of the month my service drops from a 4g lte, to less than 4g yet I still have to pay the same amount for less speeds. This is a blatant violation of their agreement to me. If you pay for a service and said service isn't rendered that is a violation of trust and contract.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1374072
May 19 2017
06:18 AM
Metro PCS billing yucca valley California
MY wife and I bought 3 phone from metro pcs 04/2017 we have been with them only 2 months first month tried to pay the bill $138 they took $1000 out of bank account it took two days to recover the money, this month i pay the bill they take the money cut my phone off then refund the money no phone for two days now, steer clear of metro pcs, they sell you phones then refuse to render service, so we are out money on phones and have to find another provider what a scam.went to local metro store they did nothing to resolve the issue, corperate office no help, and very hard to get ahold of, if you just want to blow some money on phones and like pcs = perfectly crappy service. 
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #933984
Aug 28 2012
06:14 PM
Metro pcs Metro Pcs NOT unlimited 4g Talk Text & Data -READ BEFORE JOINING METRO PCS! Internet
We joined metropcs over a year ago. At the time we joined the highest plan available was for $50. Which included unlimited voice, text and data 4G service. Today our service was limited to NO 4G at all. When calling the company, they say our service is restricted and we have NO 4g because we used up our alloted 4g and it will not be back until the next billing cycle. I went to their webiste and now see that they have higher service plans that include more gigabites, but you have to upgrade to a $70 plan to actually get the unlimited voice text & data service that they now require you to pay for if you actually want the unlimited plan, even though they are still unscrupulously advertising unlimited voice text and data and that is what we joined under when we originally signed up with Metro pcs. We were never notified of this change, and feel that the company is taking advantage of customers and This is very unethical business practices, and something needs to be done about this company. I have filed a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and suggest everyone who is or has experience the same problem with Metro pcs to file your own complaint at
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #470749
Jul 17 2009
10:51 AM
Ive been with metro pcs for over 3 years now after switching my cellular company from cingular, within 3 years metro has gotton over 4,000 to 7,000 dollars from me and thats just the montly bill for me and my husband, its not including the 1,200 to 2,000 dollars spent on constant new numbers, cell phone malfunctions, cell phone charger malfunctions, and the constant anoying droped calls, where i miss alot of sales do to the fact that i make most of my income over the phone. I mean every month its somethiing with my metro pcs either my 10th charger has all of a suddon stop working and im off to get number 11 or the charger is fine but my screen has just went blank for no apparent reason at all for the 3rd phone already this year. Lets not metion the 411 that im paying for every month that never seems to have my listing no matter if im standing write in front of the address. something needs to be done to these peaple that take consomers money faith fully every month and provide them with a phone that wont last a year, without buying a new phone or phone charger.Thier cheap and over priced cell phones and assorries dont come wiith real warenties only 11 hour warenties on thier cell phones(you can only recieve a new phone if u havent talked over 1,000 min). No warenties on their chargers and assesories, wich sucks if your charger stops working on its own every 3 months. Also lets not forget if you talk over 120 min thier allowed to drop your call for no apparent reason talk about a RIP OFF any lawyer interisted in a law suit feel free i have 3 others in my exact situatiion wich are also tired of being a metro pcs victim of FRAUD!!!! I have alot of emotional stress because of what thier service has put me trough youve seen the comercials for those calls that peaple just never got. Mrs b orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
18, Report #458200
Jun 03 2009
02:00 PM
Metro PCS Getting even Morrisville Pennsylvania
I had signed up for the $40 plan, but the salesperson entered me in for the $45 plan. Of course it says $45 on the contract, but I didn't review it since I had trust in the rep doing the right thing (incidentally all you get is the bottom line with the taxes and all so you couldn't tell from the bill what plan you're in). I went back to the branch seeking a 3 month credit for the the rep's mistake, but they couldn't accommodate me there, telling me to call customer service. With customer disservice it's like hitting a brick wall. I wanted to continue but I also wanted to correct their mistake. So I figured since I overpaid by $15, I would drop down into their $35 plan for at least 3 months to make up for the difference (I already did this for 3 months and I plan on doing this for at least another 3 months to teach Metro a lesson - the services at the $35 level is adequate for my needs.) I will continue to see how it goes with Metro. They're getting heated competition from Cricket and magicJack and I may jump. Stuart Trenton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Morrisville, Pennsylvania
19, Report #548773
Jan 03 2010
08:09 AM
Metro PCS 20 words is not enough! Campbell, California
I bought a Metro Pcs phone on Dec. 16th 2009 for basic plan ($45) Only because I wanted the $5.00 mo. international. A day later, I get a call from my client who asks me why is there a song playing, instead of the normal ring before you answered?   Later I called my cell phone from my house phone to verify; which there was a song playing instead of standard ringing.  The next day, I got a text message from Metro saying my bill was $79-     My first action was:   Call customer service to access my account:  I was denied because the sales person did not take my password correctly. Not only was it incorrect but not even close.     After almost one and a half hour on the phone, some alternate information allowed me to access it. Finally I can now address the issue to someone I thought. They determined that not only was I given the standard $45- plan but and the $5 international but also:   The unlimited directory assistance plan GreetMe tones bundle package Real Tones bundle Metro backup Metro Insurance   Which are all things I never asked for, and made my bill a lot higher than what we agreed upon in the store.  Eventually customer service on the phone removed those unwanted features.   My Second action was:   To go to where I bought the phone and service plan and have a word with the manager.  I explained the situation to him, only to receive a loud boastful street toner; nor would he listen to what I had to say. As hes walking away from me in under 2 minuets of talking, I replied but Im the customer and he explained Im done.  On my left was the security guard bouncer with baggy sagging pants, and a security hat turned to the side. Who strides over to me with this ridiculous pimp-walk.   He says to me calm down when I was perfectly calm already. I stated to him, I havent begun to show frustration.  He took it as a street gesture and challenge by saying in a loud voice Me too G, this is what I do! We can do this all day! Meanwhile one of the so-called managers just sat and gave me the evil eye until I left.  I asked for the number to corporate, and they refused me 3 times telling me, we only have the number to customer service I expected a professional and satisfactory service, but as it turned out, I walked into what was more of a ghetto mentality, undisciplined group of wana-be gangsters bumping commissions by upgrading me behind my back. 
Entity: Campbell, California
20, Report #753130
Jul 14 2011
06:35 PM
I paid my phone bill on line at Metro PCS website.  My payment never reached the account of service. I than placed a call to the customer service line where I submitted my information again.  The agent told me sometimes they have problem with the on line payment system but she assured me that my card would not be charge twice she than said if it was charged to my card twice my account would have a credit which this did not happen.  I never followed up until the next payment was due because you want to trust who you are doing business with, I was so sure the payment was there until my son called me asking if I had made the payment.  I then called Metro PCS after they gave me such a run around they then gave me the number to bill matrix.  I called bill matrix which they found the transactions gave me the confirmation numbers told me to call Metro PCS back and provide them with this information.  I was asked if I wanted them to launch an investagation because it had been so long which I replied yes, she then told me it will take 48to72 hours for the investagation to be over and my service would not be suspended dring the investagation which it has not even been 24 hours and they have suspended the service nor do I have my $50.00 dollars.  I am the customer at the end of the day they never tried to call bill matrix to resolve this matter I am mad as HELL!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #795514
Nov 06 2011
06:26 AM
Metro PCS Charges Internet
I am a customer of MetroPCS and have two phones registered with them for myself and my daughter. Recently my daughter went into the hospital where she will be for the next 6 months. When I went into the store to make my payment I requested that my daughters phone be turned off and I was told that I had to call a customer service rep to get her phone turned off. At the time I paid only the monthly fee for my phone as it is the primary phone and was assured that my phone would not be cut off. When making my payment in the store I was charged a $3.00 convenince fee and then an additional $2.00 for using a debit card.A few days later my phone was shut off for non-payment despite the fact that I had paid the full monthly payment of $50 plus there other assorted charges. I called customer service to speak with a representative to resolve this matter, and was unable to get through to a live representative until I paid the additional $30.00 for my daughter's phone plus an additional $2.00 to the company that processes payments for MetroPCS.I then had to hang up and call the customer service number again and was informed by their automated system that I would be charged for speaking to a representative, after being put on hold for 15 minutes, I fianlly hung up as I had to start working.I have decided to switch carriers as a result of this companies business practices which are unethical and reek of extortion, as I was forced to pay for a service that I did not want in order to speak with a live representative and they would have charged for that as well if I had been able to get through to someone. Since I am switching carriers I am now out the money that I paid for two phones, the money that I have spent for a month of service that my daughter will not be using plus my month of service that I do not intend to use fully as I'm sure that once I get through to this company to have my service disconnected I will be charged again and I have no faith in receiving a refund promptly with their shady practices.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #815959
Dec 30 2011
02:30 PM
Metro PCS Long Overdue Rebate San Jose, California
     I purchased a Huawei M835 mobile phone from a Metro outlet in San Jose, CA at the end of October 2011. I submitted the rebate form, the ID number from the box and a copy of the receipt, as instructed The rebate was to be $70.00 according to the Metro clerk.     I checked on the rebate website and the response was that there was no record of receiving my rebate documentation. It has been ten weeks since mailing the documentation to the address in Texas provided by the seller.
Entity: San Jose, California
23, Report #833437
Feb 03 2012
01:55 PM
I took my cell phone in to the Metro PCS office in Redding California, the replaced it once because it kept freezing. When I got my second one it did the same thing. They advised me to call the Corp phone number which I did, I was advised to mail the phone back with all the paper work to Texas and I would receive a refund. I have a signed reciept from post office saying they received my phone and sent it to the correct department. When calling them you talk to so many different people and are told so many different things.. It's been a month and I have no phone and no refund from them. They keep passing it off to other people. That phone was $100.00. They didn't send my phone back or anything.       
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #867123
Apr 11 2012
02:42 PM
Metro PCS SUCKS!!!! in Muskegon, Michigan
 My husband and I swicthed to Metro to save money. BIG MISTAKE!!       Return policy is 7 days or 1 hour of less of talk time.  We got out reciept and the time stamp on it said 4:46 p.m. April 7, 2012.  We paid $299.28 for two phones anf one month of per pay.  We were have trouble getting service at our house so we were not happy about that, we went out of town for two days and got NO service where we were at, so we headed back to the Metro store.  Both my husband and I were sure that we hadn't use the 1 hour of talk time.  When we got down there we were told that both of us had went over our time. So they would not refund us nothing!       So further investigating there was a 64 minute call from my husband to me at 4:48 p.m. April 7, 2012.  We hadn't even left the mall yet, and why would he call me when we are right there walking side by side!!  So we can prove that we were with each other because he signed on reciept, and I sign the other.  I called Metro customer service and all they could say was sorry.  I can't believe that I threw $300.00 dollars away, never again.  If any who asks what I think of Metro pcs I will let them know, stay where your at!  
Entity: Muskegon, Michigan
25, Report #843786
Feb 23 2012
09:09 PM
Metro pcs Rebate Ripoff Internet
Try to get a $25 rebate since october 2011, after speak with diferent persons, chat , and send the copy of info, looks the nobody cares about this issue. 3 new tickets has been created and still is not valid. If you promised from metro pcs about rebated is a rip off. If somebody get positive results with this company, apreciatte your feed back.
Entity: , Internet

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