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26, Report #854123
Mar 15 2012
04:35 AM
Metro PCS Phone rebate ripoff El Paso, Texas
Bought a phone from METRO PCS in January for my son.  I bought one because of a rebate advertised online and in their store.  I filled out the form, which I got from the store, and mailed it in the very same day!  Three months letter, I received a card saying this offer had expired!  WTF?  Not my fault it took them three months to process it!  I want my rebate money NOW!
Entity: El Paso, Texas
27, Report #942851
Sep 18 2012
08:31 AM
Metro PCS Misleading, Doesnt honor REBATES Vernon, Connecticut
I went to this company to inquire about their services. The cashier (aaziz) informed me that they had a special on the new Huawei Activia 4G.  The phones were 199.00 but you got a 50.00 rebate.  I said great I will take 3 of them.  Well he only had 1 in stock and suggested that I got to Best Buy for the other 2, and come back to his store to activate them; which I did.  10 weeks later...I still have NO REBATES.  2 of them they wont honor because they say Best Buy is not an authorized purchase location, and the one I do qualify for seems to never be coming.  I spent $745.00 that day switching my service and have not recieved anything back thus far.  I called the store and they told me to call corporate, I called corporate and they told me to talk to the store, I called corporate again and they told me to call the rebate center, I called the rebate center but there is not a live human to speak to, then I called corporate again and they told me to go back to best buy. Needless to say I got no where.     I would like to also add in conclusion, that the service is not very reliable, and my daughters new already stopped working....They told me to go to an authorized service center...Not thinking that will help.     I truly hope this help someone whos thinking of switching to this service..WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!
Entity: Vernon, Connecticut
28, Report #879404
May 07 2012
06:46 PM
metro pcs scam waco, Texas
The people at metro pcs were very happy to take my money when I came in complaining about my 100 dollar a month plan with at&t and offered me the same thing for half of that. I signed up and bought a 269 dollar phone that was supposed to be equal to my iPhone. I am no stranger to the Mobil market, having had a mobil phone with at&t for over 15 years.The galaxy indulge handset they sold me never worked like it was supposed to. It locked up all the time and got very hot. I returned it and for a ten dollar fee they ordered me a warranty phone.Same problem. Had it for about two weeks and it just died! Wouldent even turn on so I took it back yesterday morning and told the person I had been dealing with (Mario Sanchez) what had happened. He nor anyone else couabe bothered to help me. Instead, I had to BUY another phone because it would take five days to get another warranty phone! After buying a different phone I asked about the warranty on the old (3 weeks) phone and that's when Mr Sanchez told me they transferred it to my new one!! I asked if I was just stuck with a 300 dollar paper weight and he just said nothing.If you call the customer service number you get a message on your screen with about four choices. The phone number on the sales slip is always busy! Itried everything I could but metro has NO customer support whatsoever and the employees treat you like second class citizens. I have found this to be true at other metro pcs stores as well.I'm not trying to get something for nothing, just want what I paid for the first time. Should have bought a track phone. They work when you need them!
Entity: waco, Texas
29, Report #1153808
Jun 11 2014
06:08 AM
Metro PCS Cell Phone scam Taylor MI Nationwide
I have had Metro PCS from the day they became available in MI I told my brother in CA about Metro & it was not available in CA but he bought stock in the company.   I had metro all the way till 2013 they began a 4 smart phones 4G for 100.00 campaign Which I jumped on I had just got my taxes so I went in I brought in the flyer they mailed to me. 4 phones 100.00 a month with the purchase of 1 new line. So the family and I filed in.  The lady said no I think you need to buy 1 new phone. I replied done and browsed the cell phones for sale. She then replied it has to be a 4G phone again I replied no problem done and I bought a 4G phone and a kickstand case and I was ready to roll with my plan 4 phones for 100.00 a month. The customer rep then said well your buying this phone opens the door for you to buy 3 more 4G phones. No thank you I said I just want to start the 4 phones for 100.00. The rep had already given me my new phone turned my number 313-510-9890 on to the new 4G phone.  The customer rep then stated she needed to see the flyer I gave it to her I also told her I read the small print and it says nothing about all the drama your putting me through. The customer rep then said she had to call corporate and she went to her copier machine and began making copies of the flyer I had brought in. When she is on her 4th copy one of my family members in my entourage points at the wall where a huge 6 foot by 4 foot poster sign of the same flyer I brought in. I point to the huge sign and the fine print in this sign is at least 1 inch tall I say here look right on your wall. The customer rep then states I have to pay up on next months bill so I do I think this is odd as this is a pay as you go no contract company but she says because my month is not up and Im adding 3 other phones the payment for service will be at the end of the month if I pay and pro rate. So I do Next the customer rep tells me my phone has to be cut off for 72 hours and cycle as a new customer. I ask her to show me in the fine print she can not I say this is false advertisement. However I am at a point where I am good with out cell for 72 hours so I tell her go ahead cut the phone off.  I look at another phone almost buy it but say I will when I return to get the phones all on. I leave. Upon my return the same customer rep tells me I need to purchase 4 brand new 4G smart phones in order to get this deal.  I then tell this woman to cancel all of this and give me my money back for the next months bill I had paid. I am told by this rep that she can not refund my money as she entered it into the system but that my money will be refunded in 2 months.   Well it has been a year and I had 1 new cell bought which I did not ask for a refund and a moths cell bill in advance which I did request my money back and here I am still out the money.   I also had cell insurance on one of my phones years ago and I was told unless you know exactly what date you bought your cell phone on they can not honor the insurance. Horrible customer service and horrible deals along with a huge dose of false advertisement.
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #1036815
Mar 21 2013
03:48 PM
Metro PCS Poor service Misleading Information Waco Texas
I bought a Samsung Admire 4G on 02/14. i asked the sales clerk about the rebate on this phone. She said I would get $50 mail-in rebate in a couple weeks. It's 03/21 and still nothing. I went in to another location to inquire about the rebate and was told rebates are for new customers only! I would not have spent the money on the phone if that is the case. Then I wanted to pay my bill and the clerk was very unfriendly. This seems to be the norm at 3 locations here in Waco that I've visited. I plan to get service somewhere else and sell my phone on Ebay!
Entity: Waco, Texas
31, Report #1040428
Apr 03 2013
03:52 PM
Metro Pcs Refused Billing Cycle Reset Ocala, Florida
I have been a Metro Pcs customer with three lines for a little over two years now and although I have known they do not have very good customer service, I really never had any major issues until today. My payment is due on the third of each month; however, due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to pay on the third of March. On March 22, 2013 I made payment for all three lines online and contacted customer service about resetting my billing cycle dates, since this is prepaid service. Customer service advised me that I would need to take care of that in my local store and that there would be a $5 service fee. Since I live a ways from town, I asked if there was a time frame that this needed to be done by and was advised that it just needed to be done no later than the third of April, since my service would be disconnected on the fourth for nonpayment if the billing cycle was not reset. Today, April 3, 2013 I went into my local Metro Pcs store to have my billing cycle reset and was advised that they were unable to reset it and that I would have to make another monthly payment to keep my service from being interupted tomorrow. The representative told me, not to worry if I made a payment today it would carry me until May 3, 2013! My response was Are you kidding me??, because I am not finding it funny at all. So basically, they are telling me that I paid for three lines to have 12 days service with the payment I made on the 22nd of March and now in order to keep my service I must pay another month. I went with their service because it was prepaid and no contract; therefore, my understanding was that when I pay, I would recieve service for that MONTH. So, now in order to keep my service I must pay them another $125, which makes a total of $250 for 42 days service. Some how, it really does not make sense to me; but, they seem to think it makes perfect sense to take advantage of loyal customers. I also want to add that I have never in my life filed a complaint of this type; however, this is not good business and people need to know that this company does not seem to care about their loyal customers. When I switched to their company so did about 25 or so of my friends and family (and many of their other friends and family members); therefore, when I switch to a new company that will be respectful of my business, so will my friends and family, along with their other friends and family members. I could have went with a company that offers contracts and great discounts on top of the line phones for signing a contract if I wanted to be obligated to pay for service monthly whether I used it or not; instead, knowing there would be times that we would not need service, I chose prepaid.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
32, Report #1035714
Mar 18 2013
11:02 AM
On Monday 03/18/2013, I checked My Metro and was advised that my bill payment wasnt due until 04/17/2013, at the same time I had a text sent to my phone that advised I had a credit of .34 on my account, still nothing stating I had a payment due for March 2013. Around 12:30p my phone service was suspended, why am I upset you ask???????!!!  BECAUSE METRO PCS is a liar, provides false advertisement, and isn't concerned about their Customers. I've been a loyal customer of Metro for 7 years, NEVER to have any issues, but now its come a time that I'm no longer happy with their Customer Service nor, am I happy with their Service as a whole.  Now I spoke originally with agent ID: 61053, very rude, and abrupt didnt offer any assistance at all. I requested to be transferred to a Supervisor where I spoke with Agent ID:61211- Amandi ( pleasant woman) however, you could tell she didnt know her position as well, because even I know that in a Customer Service World.. Customers are ALWAYS #1.  She kept apologizing, but no solution offered AT ALL. Requested for her Manager phone number and she advised me that she couldnt provide that information over the phone, requested the address for the Corporate Headquarters, address provided isnt the correct information- P.O. Box 601119 Dallas, TX 75360.  Anyone who has Metro PCS I wish you all the best, this however, has been the candle that broke the Camels back. DONE. OVER WITH. NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN!!!! Screw Metro PCS! May you and all the employess Rot in HELL!!! 
Entity: Tampa, Florida
33, Report #1053978
May 26 2013
10:27 AM
METRO PCS False Advertisement - 50$ Rebate Richardson, Texas
Hello,Just wanted to file a formal complaint regarding METRO PCS.We normally dont have too many problems with them.  Except my GF Wanted a new phone, so we went down to the Metro store in our area of Tampa FL.   We were lured into the store on the premise that we would be recieving  that $50 rebate soon after purchasing the phone.  Sure enough it never came,   My GF was able to call the local Metro store and complain.  They initially lied and said there was nothing they could do.  My lovely GF Then proceeded to bash them for fasle adverstisement, and suggested it may be related to the fact that they weren't paying attention to us while in the store,  (yap yapping about internet stories etc)  At that point the Franchise owner provided 1 month of service for free,  so we got away with about 40$ but still.  This all comes down from Corporate headquarters.  BOOOO!!!   Can't wait for you guys to merge with T-Mobile... LOL  HAHAHAHA
Entity: Richardson,, Texas
34, Report #1070832
Jul 28 2013
08:09 PM
Metro PCS Deceit, lies,and stonewalling ypsilanti Michigan
Finally out of my contract with ATT, YAY. I don’t have any major complaint with them but can no longer afford them due to drastic reduction of income. Chose to go with Metro PCS to save money, 1 because we had several Metro phones we saved from the garbage and 2 they offer 25 a month talk and text. I have never heard any great things but we needed to save money and we need phones. My complete joy of doing everything on the internet very quickly turned to frustration and now anger!Managed to port my current numbers from ATT, but found out you have to go to the store if you want the 25 talk and text deal and have a new activation, at this point I am  less than 48 hours into metro service.   Then realized one of the phones I planned on using didn’t work, now I have to get a phone too.. So I find “deals” in tiny print all the way at the bottom of the page.. go check them out.. 25.00 for android, touch screen phones. Not bad BUT, once again you have to go to the store and get it, because they are out of stock online! Implying that you will get the same price at the store. Classic  bait and switch.. 4 different stores. 1st said they didn’t have any, but have displays on counter advertising said phones, while there, heard a sales person tell a guy that they could not port numbers from att to metro,  Then offered me a 100 dollar phone. Second store did not advertise deals but only had a few, then would not sell to me unless I activated another new line at the store. Called Metro , was told that each store may decide if they will sell at the advertised price. All 4 stores are “authorized dealers”.1st 2 were Metro PCS stores, went to Meijer , they didn’t have any, and Walmart of course refused to sell the phones at that price Citing they don’t match online prices, then said they just sell the phones and are not authorized dealer. 
Entity: ypsilanti, Michigan
35, Report #1140959
Apr 22 2014
09:56 PM
Metro PCS Unlock phones Los Angeles California
I bought a Samsung Galaxy 3S and a LG phone, time ago. They are my full pay property. I wrongly decided to hire Metro PCS as my cell phone carrier. After almost 2 years of suffer their horrible coverage and service, I decided to transfer these to lines and in consequence these 2 phone to T-Mobil. But I discover that they have both phones lock from their end. I ask them 72 hours before to end my payment cycle to gave me the code. I've been 6 days after that request, and they never sent me anything. Now I have almost $700 in phones useless, thank to them. They told me by phone, and by person exactly 17 different stories, why my phones are not unlocked. They told me that in 72 hours they are going to send me the lock codes by email. But they never did it. They are a mob. They didn't sent me anything. They rip me off. They leave me without the opportunity of freedom. Freedom to change carrier, freedom to choose a better service. Metro PCS is the worst cell phone company in the USA. I don't know why , we the customers have every day, less and less power in America. Let sue them in a A class action. Let them  know that in America today, still possible David against Goliath. Metro PCS is the worst Mobil Mafia in USA.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1147630
May 18 2014
06:19 AM
Metro PCS Vindictive Customer Support Nationwide
 My account was up to date and paid in full when I contacted customer service asking for my due date to be changed from the 12th to the 15th. I was told there would be a $5.00 fee. No problem, do it. Then he says plus $4.99 tax. I said hold place on planet earth has a 100% sales tax. Oh, sorry, it is a pro-rate charge. $9.99 for 3 days...crazy right? Ok, Ok, just do it and get it over with. Oh, by the way...we have a $3.00 convenience fee for using your credit card. That's it, I'm done. I instruct him to leave my due date as it is, cancel the transaction and I hung up. Thee days later my neighbors are at the door. My out of state family has been unable to contact me because my phone is turned off. I call 611 and I am informed my service has been cancelled for non-payment of $13.00.Stay away from this company at all costs. We still have a lot of Americans out of work but Metro PCS prefers the cheap, 3rd world laborers who delight in pulling crap like this.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #1243855
Jul 23 2015
03:20 PM
METRO PCS Sells Useless Phones Clearwater Florida
In 2013 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 from the Metro PCS store in the mall. The phone costed me over 400 dollars new, which to me is a lot of money. I used the phone for about a year and then stoped using it because I had to downgrade to a cheaper service and phone. About a month ago I decided to put the phone on Craigslist and sell it since I dont use it, and I needed the money. I found someone who wanted it and she came to buy it. I was happy. Until she called me demanding her money back saying that Metro PCS told her that the phone was no longer usable on thier service. Apparantly Metro changed from CDMA to GSM. So I took her money back and got the phone back. I couldn't beleive it. So I went into one of the corporate offices today in disbeleif asking questions. They basically told me that the phone is now useless with any carrier. So I bought a 400 dollar paper wieght. This just inferiates me. I dont have a lot of money and live paycheck to paycheck and I really feel as if I was ripped off.          
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
38, Report #1255669
Sep 17 2015
10:08 PM
metro pcs holding my cellphones hostage Wyoming Michigan
 I had my cellphones for more then 90 days I need them unlocked metro pcs said they will send me my unlock code 3 to 4 days to my email but never got it and I found out they never made a report for it and then called corporate headquarters customer service they told Mr I had to wait another 3 to 4 days again then he talked to his supervisor the supervisor told him I would get my email of the code to unlock my cellphones in a hour but it never came.....I think metro pc's is holding my phone's hostage I don't know what to do
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #1248242
Aug 13 2015
07:26 AM
metro pcs Cellular phones South Carolina
Metro PCS poor customer service and not honoring warranty on Defective phone me Around August 7th 2015 at a MetroPSC store I bought a Samsung core prime phone with one month of service. about 2 days went bac to store because people were complaining they could not talk to me and I could not make calls or get on the internet they have not resolved my issue . I am going to the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau
Entity: South Carolina
40, Report #1334116
Oct 20 2016
08:30 AM
Metro PCS Telephones and service Temple Hills Nationwide
On December 21 or 22nd 2015 I purchased 2 phones from Metro PCS the HTC Desire 626 and the Leon. I also purchased the insurance. I got the 60.00 package for both phones. Which I was told that my bill would be 117.00 monthly, and it was for about 4 mos. it went from 117.00 a mo. to 121.00 a mo. with no explanation at all.   Within 8mos and some days of the purchase both phones were acting up with no fault of our own. I took the phones back to where I purchased them (Iverson mall shopping ctr). and was told that neither phone was any good, and that they weren't selling them any longer. I could purchase new phones, which I did. date of purchase was Sept. 3rd 2016.   I then as well I inquired about my bill, again no explaination why but, that it would be adjusted. It never was. I was also told that all my information could be transferred from my old phone to my new one. Didn't happen. My photos nevered transferred, and they are not on the old phone either. SMH, I guess they are just out there in Cyber space.  The new phones purchased where the ZTE Zmax pro and the Coolpad Catalyst. With in a week in and half the screen on the Coolpad Catalyst was fading and had lines in it. On Oct. 7 th I took it back and was told that it was nothing that they could do at this location, but to take it to 7085 Allentown Rd Temple hills md.   At that location they said that the phone had over heated they didn't no why but because it was under warrenty that they would have us a new phone shipped, it would take about 7 days and should be back on Oct. 14th it would be free all we would have to do is pay the shipping and handling which was 15.00.   We picked the phone up on Monday Oct 16th another Coolpad Catalyst now this time the phone doesn't have any internet??? I don't understand we pay for that service, and I thought that all smart phones has to have internet if not what is the use of having a smart phone. Now they had to re-order the phone but we were told that we would not be charged for the shipping.   Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and my phone was turned off, why I have not idea my bill is due on the 21st or every month, yesterday was the 19th. after calling numerous numbers I was told to take my sim card out and put it back in why??? after that the phone came back on. these are new phones what is the problem.   I'm very dissatifed with this service, Oh and my bill is gone up again to 122.00 please explain.      
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1332500
Oct 10 2016
06:40 PM
Metro PCS Change Plan without Prior notification Nationwide
Per Metro PCS Operator no acknowledgment was sent out to cunsumers prior to changing phone plan. Conference calling was removed and is now a extra $3.00 charge on account.  When searching on-line site no informtion was printed regarding new charge going into affect for conference calling. Per Operator notification was given when conference was tried and refuse service until it was added.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1296127
Mar 26 2016
09:24 PM
Metro pcs T-mobile Phone provider Texas Nationwide
 This company loves to over charge , give bad service as far as phones go..the equipment is junk and the services.. the money you pay isn't worth the terrible service and out dated equipment they offer. .and paying your bill.. my bill was $40.00 I was charged $55. 00 wth? $5.00 more and I would have paid full price ..I didn't need nor want that..why did I have to pay that much.. I went in today for an upgrade on my phine..I was given a choice between two down grades..older cheap phones and overpriced. was that right? I called customer service several times today to give them the chance to make it rught, and finally asked for the number for their Corporate number.. they told me they couldn't find it, then they didn't have it , then they only had an address, real nice way to treat a customer. . I found a corporate number..this needs to be made right
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1347684
Jan 04 2017
05:40 PM
Metro pcs So many lies! Glendale Arizona
 This location has nothing but liars. The store manager is extremely rude and condescending to customers. There was promotions that said in store only for phones and when I asked about them and even showed the salesperson the offers online on meyro pcs website she made excuses why we couldn't get those offers. We were lied to about the phone we bought. Does not run as fast as the salesperson said. The internet is horrible!! Another thing we were lied to about. The phone dosent work as she said at all. We were told we cant return the phone unless it's in perfect condition. There is no time period to see if we like it. So we are stuck with the phone. The salesperson said if we paid the bill through the phobe or online it was 50.00. Lie!! It was more!! Horrible horrible. This business should not be allowed to do this!!
Entity: Glendale , Arizona
44, Report #1365656
Apr 03 2017
10:43 PM
I filled rebate form perfectly and carefully and had all necessary information Metro required. Waiting patiently for the rebate, I finally called and they said they don't know what happened. Again I waited and waited with no results. Again I called Metro with the runaround. If more people protested and wrote a ripoff report maybe Metro will get the memo STOP RIPPING YOUR CUSTOMERS OFF  
45, Report #1356607
Feb 16 2017
07:45 PM
Metro PCS HOTSPOT RIPOFF Sioux Falls South Dakota Internet
 MetroPCS offers 8 gigabytes of mobile hotspot. I called them and asked them if I add an additional $40 to my account for mobile hotspot and I only use $30 of my $40 that I spent what happens to the other $10? The operator said I will be right back I need to ask my supervisor. When the operator came back on she had stated that I would lose my $10 and it is not carried over onto my next bill. So basically they would steal $10 from me and not give it back. I think that's disrespectful to their customers because any money that is not used that they had spent should be transferred to their next monthly bill.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1372351
May 10 2017
07:02 AM
Metro pcs Lied about rebate Jacksonville Florida
 Metro pcs ran an ad stating everyone would get free phones. They told me that if I paid today, I would get all of my money back within weeks. They only sent me $39 and it took 4 months to get it. I spent over $50 on this phone. They lied and scammed me.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1384077
Jul 08 2017
06:11 PM
Metro PCS Pissed off loyal customer Lakeview Oregon
 When in June anto Metro PC's for a phone upgrade . Instead we got ripped off. We have been with metro for two years. Done flyers for them to help promote a new store. Instead of an upgrade we got down graded on three phones. Called the manager that did the supposably upgrade so he can make it right. He has ignored all calls and text from my boyfriend and myself. Not very happy at this point. The phones we have suck they freeze, over heat, shuts off on their own, and touch screen don't work like it should. All's we want is their wrong turned into a right. All three of us needs a good working phone line for we have no landline.
Entity: Lakeview, Oregon
48, Report #1381042
Jun 24 2017
11:49 AM
Metro pcs Scamming people, questionable activities Houston Texas
Went to this location thought I could buy a phone and sense I didn't like none of their cheaper models he offered a t-mobile Samsung 6 edge plus. I reallly liked the phone and I bought it in stallments using their finance methods. Every 2 weeks they would widraw from my account 200 for 4 months and in total I believe I ended up paying like 3,200 I asked the rep and he told me it was because of the interest. I got a little alarmed about it because it was something they didn't even mentioned when I got the device. Well I left the store unhappy and then I thought well maybe they forgot to mentioned the details. On the 4th month I was like well atleast this will be my last month paying for the phone and I was happy about it and went on with my life. Right at the last day 5 days of that month my phone didn't want to make calls so I went to a T-Mobile store and they checked my phone and the representative let me know that that phone was reported lost and stolen and that was why the phone wasn't going to work. I was very disappointed and told them that I had bought it at metro that the phone was mines and that I had payed a lot for it . The rep tried to help me by recommending other metro stores or maybe to even make the switch and they could give me a free phone in the mean time but I told the amigable lady that I was going to fix the problem with the same store. You could imagine how furious I was to know I have been paying for a stolen phone for the past 4 months went back and asked them for an explanation and the metropcs lady gave me the runaround and told me that she couldn't help me that I had to pay to fix the problem. This is the reason why I'm making this report to let other people know how small independent metro pcs stores are selling stolen devices to people and that is a scam and they should close this place down for scamming people this same situation I'm in another one of my colleagues also got in the same situation but in another location.
Entity: Houston, Texas
49, Report #369183
Sep 02 2008
08:35 PM
Metro PCS metro pcs; STEALS $116 (+) from me. Clearwater Florida
hello! i have had a very frustrating last couple of weeks here with metro pcs. it all started about 15 days ago when i went in to buy a new phone and my card got declined. as abashed as i was by this incident, i self loathed for spending so much money on things that i didn't need, and thus yet again having to undergo another week without a phone. as the day passed i grew curious and checked my bank statement online, only to find out that i had in fact been charged for that transaction. thus, i went in with a printed copy of my bank statement and the man behind the counter (middle eastern looking guy, heavy accent, always comes off as very rushed) returned me the money and was being some what condescending of not just taking the phone instead of the money because he was loosing money. Glad that i had received my money back, i went home and was glad to know that i would never have to use metro pcs or deal with that man ever again. 4 days ago i got paid on my bank of America cash pay card. I needed the money urgently as i had medication that needs to be taken every day. when i went to pay for my medication; again my card was declined. went home and looked at my bank statement; sure enough, metro pcs had charged me again, for the phone THE VERY NEXT DAY after the first transaction, causing me to over draw and not have $$ for my meds. since friday morning it has been the same cycle. in the morning he Tell's me (IN VERBATIM) YES YES TODAY I MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR CARD and at night; come tomorrow i make sure tomorrow being so that i have gone 4 days without medication and having to miss school because of my overdraw fee (and withdraw symptoms from my meds) i finally blew up with him today (WHICH IS TUESDAY) after we played a game of cat and mouse every hour on the hour of every day for the past 4 days, telling me to call him in an hour. I finally get a hold of him once the store is closing; and BAM! he asked me to come to the store again tomorrow (which as he already knew was a 45 minute drive for me) being so that a. my gas tank is on E and b.i am in the negative in my bank (AND I AM A FULL TIME COLLEGE STUDENT, MIND YOU) i told him, i will go to the mall tomorrow but i am expecting some sort of payment. and finnally he said the most audacious statement; (IN VERBATIM) metro pcs man; ok you going to talk to me like that i am not going to do anything about your money. you take care of it now. bye bye and hung up on me. please help me. METRO PCS has left me without medication, without a ride to school, fare for the bus, or food for that matter. i am a full time college student, so what little money i get is what i use to eat. thank you for your time. student in distress Blah new port richey, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
50, Report #554137
Jan 13 2010
11:33 PM
Metro PCS - CORPORATE CONTACT INFO. metro pcs reps are liers Internet
had me turn off my phones so that I could get a family plan then told me that the only way I could get the promotional plan was to purchase a brand new phone which I spent $150 to purchase the new phone then I could add the phones which I had turned off because they told me to deactivate them to add them because they were going to have to be assigned a new number well when I purchased my new phone I thought that was what I had to pay then one told me that I had to pay $50 each phone in order to activate the other two phones which I found out later did not have to be deactivated but the rep. told me to do that so that I would have to pay the reactivation fees which another rep. told me was not her problem so about 4 hours after I purchase the phones they cut off all of my phones including the new phone telling me that I would have to pay up in order to get my phones turned back on but as I was talking to yet another rep. that got offended because I didn't want to pay all of that money because I felt they swindled me not to mention lied there @#$ off in order to get more money out of me  I fork up another $100 so they would stop holding my phone service for ransom I asked him if there was any more hidden fees and money that I would have to pay he said no. also when the rep got mad because I asked to talk to a manager she got offended and hung up on me, also it was funny that when my phones were turned back on I kept getting this call from a strange number when I haven't even told any one the number I am thinking that one of the last reps has a personal vendetta and I think she gave my number out and I winded up paying $5 more dollars to have my number changed be cause the next rep. which I think the count of how many reps. I talk to was around 8 or 9 told me there was nothing she could do for me but to change the number and charge me for it  even though they either gave me a crappy number or one of the reps who got offended gave my number out on purpose. which I don't want to be wrestling or fighting with there reps very messy situation which I don't want anything to do with metro pcs ever again that company and the reps are con artists and criminals if that rep gave out my number.  
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