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26, Report #187296
Apr 18 2006
01:42 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripoffed Me Off! ripoff Clearwater Florida
I too was contacted by nmemags and I wouldn't give them my credit card #. Then I get a big bill in the mail and I am not paying! People need to wake up and quit giving out their cc#s. Please put a stop to these Bogus companys! They are a bunch of Rip Off artist. Thank you for rip off!! Judy Denton, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
27, Report #202408
Jul 22 2006
02:12 PM
National Magazine Exchange, Special Data Processing Corp. ripoff Clearwater Florida
The parent company of N.M.E. is Special Data Processing Corp. Their contact web page is Special Data Processing 16120 US Highway 19 North Clearwater, Florida 33764 Toll Free: 1-800-325-3155 Direct Dial: 727-535-0205 N.M.E. is now sending out PostGrams with no info, only a request to contact Pat Haines. Concerned Web Citizen Everywhere, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
28, Report #317736
Mar 13 2008
06:13 PM
National Magazine Exchange N.M.E. S-C-A-M ! Clearwater Florida
N.M.E. AKA National Magazine Exchange has scammed me with there Sweepstake Urgent Notice - Call now to claim prize letter. These people have taken $68.02 out of my acount for magazines I have never orderd. I received a letter in the mail claiming I had won $2,100,00.00 in a sweepstake and once I called the number they talked and talked now I have money out of my account that I can not afford to have taken out. Binlynn Muskegon, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
29, Report #304575
Jan 30 2008
10:14 AM
National Magazine Exchange Rip Off- Beware Clearwater Florida
I received an official notification in the mail to win $2,100,000.00. I thought, this sounds great, and no purchase necessary! When I called I gave them my registered prize entry number, the sales person went in on trying to sale me magazines for a great rate. She was talking so fast, I did not catch all of what she said. I agreed to 4 magazines, and she then transferred me over to her supervisor. The supervisor then congratulated me, and then proceeded to confirm my phone and address. He then asked me my credit card number, which I gave him. The following day, I realized I had probably not made a good decision. I called the company back to cancel my subscription and entry for the prize. They then transferred me to a customer service number. Here I spoke to a guy by the name of Ryan, he stated he could not give me his last name, but I did get his employee ID number from him. After going around and around with him, he did say that he would cancel $201.24 and I would only be charged for 1 year of $67.08. I did get a confirmation number from this. Anonymous Webster, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
30, Report #172123
Jan 17 2006
08:39 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff false delinquent account notice Clearwater Florida
I recently recieved a delinquent account notice from National Magazine Exchange but I NEVER HAD AN ACCOUNT with this company nor have I ever heard of them prior to this letter I received. Now they want me to pay them $268.32 for magazines I never ordered or received or they are going to report it to a collections agency and then to the credit bureaus if not payed in 10 days. I have called and left several messages and have not received any reply. What should I do now? Kristel acworth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
31, Report #260474
Jul 12 2007
03:53 PM
N.M.E. - National Magazine Exchange deceptive sweepstakes ripoff Clearwater Connecticut
I received a Pink important delivery letter. When i opened it, it stated: We are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000.00, and has a ID# and tells you to call a free 1800 number. I called they asked my for my ID# aand i gave it to them they said i was atomatically entered in the 2,000,000 dollar sweepstakes, and then atomatically started trying to sell me multiple magizine subscriptions. And told me i would receive two dimond watches and an electronic personalizer. As soon as they switched me over to another represenitive he went on about what i was gonna receive and once he asked for my credit card information I hung up. Brittany Westport, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Connecticut
32, Report #268235
Aug 17 2007
11:00 AM
N.M.E. National Magazine Exchange They are a RIP OFF! Clearwater Florida
Quite simply they try to grab you with the FREE or cheap stuff. A no purchase necessary V SWEEPSTAKES 2,100,000.00 entry, odds are 1 in 26,000. Then you get to talk to sly lying sales people who say you get 4 free magazines. You tell them thats all you want. Then next you know your getting 10, for the low price of one time $89.00 U.S. Dollars, the magazines are free just pay the shipping, & this is for 4 years, the magazines come for 4 years, for 10 magazines.Then you find out only some of the magazines come for 4 years, most only 2 years. & then you get the actual bill. They tried to charge me 4 payments of $69.99 = $279.96 what part of 1 time 89$ was misinterpreted here? So they tried to rip me off, They lied. I called & bitched & told them if that was the way it is I don't want the magazines. They got the price down to under $200.00 but still! When they said $89.00 for 10 for 4 yrs I couldn't refuse them. Needless to say I was really pissed when I saw the overcharged bill. When I called to dispute the charges, they lowered the bill,they tried to save face & make it up to me & they said they had a 50$ dining coupon for us & some other gifts. Well the coupon expired 6 years ago in 2001 i found after receiving it! Go figure, worthless They promised beautiful watches, I got them, made in china & the hands are loose & they don't keep time! Could I expect any thing else? An electronic organizer, made in china, just like the watches it doesn't work. What they did was dump garbage on me, dome gifts. PERKS It is quite a savings if you add up all the subscriptions you would pay separately.They also allow you to swap out magazines for another if you don't like them. I've swapped like 7 Mags for others. I guess anyone with a waiting room loves these guys. Draw Backs 1 Magazine I really wanted that was on the list I couldn't get. I think they should at least do business more honestly & not tell you, or promise what can't be delivered! Explain to people they are buying in bulk & what the actual price is, instead of fast talking con artists promising more for less & lying about the price or quoting you a price for some thing else. At moment I am satisfied as I read a lot & wanted the Mags & got at a discount, Id still like my gifts that work though, It would really be nice to get what they promised me in the 1st place. Justin Nanticoke, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
33, Report #54160
Apr 23 2003
04:46 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff scam con artists Clearwater Florida
I recieved a letter in the mail claiming my account was delinquent. They claimed I had ordered magazines valueing at over $300.00 and not sent my payment. The funny thing is that I had never ordered any magazines let alone heard of this place, until now. Phillip conneaut, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
34, Report #280036
Oct 20 2007
09:17 PM
National Magazine Exchange Refuses to cancel my subscriptions to the magazine companies. They have yet to get notification from National Magazine Exchange. Clearwater Florida
I entered a $2.1M sweepstakes in December 2006 and was eligible to receive a number of magazines of my choice with the right to cancel if I was not satisfied. On March 2, 2007, I decided I no longer wanted the magazines and called National Magazine Exchange (MNE) to cancel. They agreed to cancel my magazines and refund my $64.40 to my bank account. I called again on March 15, 2007 to insist they cancel my subscription and refund my money. The magazines kept coming! On March 30, 2007, I received a letter from National Magazine Exchange informing me that they cancelled my subscriptions and have processed my refund. By July, the magazines are still coming! So, on July 14, 2007, I called them again to cancel the magazines and let them know I do not want them coming to my mailbox and longer. The letter says that I may still receive additional magazines. Accept them with our compliments. I reiterated that I did not want them coming anymore. When I contacted the magazine companies directly, I was told that because the subscription was ordered through a third party, they needed to have the third party contact them to cancel the subscriptions. That led me back to NME once again. NME tells me that they contacted the magazine companies and requested the magazines be cancelled and there was nothing more they could do. I called NME again in September 2007 making the same request. This was after I then emailed the magazines directly to request cancellation. Still the magazines keep coming. So today, October 20, 2007, I called NME and spoke with Juan. He said he wanted to help me, but couldn't understand why I was so upset. When I explained my circumstances, he said he couldn't blame me for being so upset, but kept giving my excuses why the magazines would have kept coming. I explained again and again, before then yelling toward the end of my conversation, that I don't want the magazines coming ever again, not at any time. When he told me a couple of times that he suspended my subscription, I stated once again that I did not want is suspended, I wanted it dissolved and never want to hear from this company ever again. What's worse, they sent me the same sweepstakes garbage they sent last year and I didn't realize it until at the end of the phone conversation they wanted to send me magazines of my choice. I had to repeat at least ten time that I decline, but he kept going with the choices of magazines I could request. I eventually had to hang up on both conversations because they simply weren't listening and they refused to get my direct message. Today's conversation was left with me saying that I intend to seek legal counsel. So, if anyone seeing this posting wants to take on this case and perhaps develop a class action suit, I would be more than happy to share my information with you to bring final action against this company. It so is obviously apparent they are only out to make money, regardless of the effects it has on the customers. I truly hope that others post similar circumstances so show just how ruthless and uncaring this company is. Frankly, I want some money to cover at least 7+ months of utter emotional distress and frustration, even to the point of tears on at least two occasions. Anyone feel the same way? Drichard Concord, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
35, Report #72728
Nov 21 2003
03:59 PM
National Magazine Exchange Strike It Rich Ripoff! Clearwater Florida
I received a sweepstakes entry notification from N.M.E and although it looked interesting, I researched it on the internet first. I found this web-site and read these stories claiming that N.M.E was a scam. Before I did this though, I took the paper to a faculty member at my college and he says Florida is a popular place for scam artists to organized their scams. I decided to call them and see for myself. When they asked for a credit card, I said I didn't have one; debit, I said no again. When in truth I did. I wanted to see what this company was about. After disclosing that I did not have a credit/debit card, they asked me to hold. Another operator picked up saying that I had a choice between a men or lady watch and that I could four magazines a week for 99 cents. The choices of magazines did not even fit my interests yet they were demanding that I pick two. Now doesn't that sound strange? I finally stated very clearly that I did not want any magazines at all. They asked me to hold again and I hung up. Don't waste your time with this scheming company. April Honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
36, Report #136177
Mar 23 2005
04:56 PM
National Magazine Exchange Illegal Credit Report Inquiries Ripoff! Largo Florida
On examining my Experian credit report today, I noticed an inquiry had been made by National Magazine Exchange. I have opted-out of promotional credit inquiries and did not give permission for them to access my credit report. This is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and there are penalties under 616. Civil liability for willful noncompliance [15 U.S.C. 1681n]. I'm going after these slimeballs! In the meantime, watch your credit reports folks... DB Fort Valley, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Largo, Florida
37, Report #138742
Apr 13 2005
08:08 PM
National Magazine Exchange/NME sweepstakes offer Clearwater Florida
I received a pink Your Official Sweepstakes Notice in the mail this evening. Normally I simply throw away such advertisements but I figured Oh heck,no purchase necessary, why not? I called the number, a nice representative named John aswered, took the ID# (852620941) and verified my name,address, telephone number. He was very nice and polite. We discussed how I would spend my money if I won (investments) and then hew told me I was elible for the magazines- my pick of three from the list he told me of. Now, I'm really tired and I told him so. I asked if I could just call back and he said unfortunately the number was only for the sweepstakes. He said he would transfer me to his supervisor and I told him go ahead. Angela got on the phone and started telling me about the offer- how I had my choice of not one but two geniune diamond watches, an electronic organizer as thank you gifts for my subscription. Now if if I would verify if I had American Express, Mastercard, or Visa- she just needed to confirm the expiration date. Now- this is important: I asked her did I have to give her my credit card information? She said that would come later. I told her I'm sorry but it's my policy NEVER to give my credit card number over the phone. She told me it was safe, and all of the precautions they take and I told her I'm sorry I just can't do it. I asked why couldn't I go on-line and subscribe? Finally I just told her I'm very sorry and I can't. She was going to transfer me to someone else- and I do feel bad but...I hung up. Now- NME does say we're the ones who call and that's true so do yourself a favor and STICK to your guns- if you don't feel comfortable giving out your credit card information (and you SHOULD feel uncomfortable) then just be polite and say no. They don't mind and they don't take it personally. It will save you a lot of grief in the future. June San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
38, Report #140825
Apr 28 2005
03:30 PM
N.M.E., National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
This company sent a winning sweepstakes letter saying my husband won $1,000,000.00 and to call their toll free number. This company so far has mailed us together about 8 per year. They are totally fraudeulent! They just want to sell something and we won nothing, a wast of time! Brenda Williamsport, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
39, Report #155291
Aug 28 2005
05:46 PM
National Magazine Exchange (NME) total ripoff Clearwater Florida
I receive this letter saying regarding your $1,000,000.00 sweepstakes on June 29, 2005 P.S. they have another phone number it is (727)-535-0205. Well they hipmotise you into these different packages like a Wal Mart gift card, Travel and Leisure, Family Circle, Espn Magazine and so forth. Another P.S. the letter they sent you has a Family Circle Label and on the bottom it says The family Circle logo appears with publisher permission for promotional purposes. John Cumberland, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
40, Report #154962
Aug 25 2005
12:09 PM
N.M.E. - National Magazine Exchange ripoff CLEARWATER Florida
I don't know who these people think they are. I keep getting phone calls from them telling me i won i a sweepstakes. I also recieve mail from them telling me to call this number, when i do they go into this sales pitch telling me i can get so many magazines for so much, when i say no they keep talking, apparently they don't know the meanig of the word. I don't understand why they have to annoy people, don't they have anything better to do, i understand they need a job, but does it have to be one that can't take no for an anser. I read many of the other reports and rebuttles, I think the guy thats works there is name is Greg i believe is total buthead. Just because people have more since to have better manners dosen't mean their idiots. As to eveyone at N.M.E. leave mean alone, stop calling me and stop sending me junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa waynesville, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: CLEARWATER, Florida
41, Report #147295
Jun 23 2005
04:04 PM
National Magazine Exchange What are my options regarding cancellation Ripoff Clearwater Florida
So what are our choices regarding having this service discontinued? I explained to the rep. that I wanted to cancel. The rep.'s reply was that cancellation was impossible-they can only shorten my membership by one year. Therefore, I am locked in to this deal until 2006. Can anyone provide me with an answer? June Baldwin, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
42, Report #147779
Jun 28 2005
09:29 AM
National Magazine Exchange - N.M.E. thieves, a$$holes, stealing your money, RIPOFF! Clearwater Florida
everyone who works at this company are souless, idiotic, knieving ass****'s. They should jump off a skyrise, onto a bed of nails on the ground for how they steal from people! This company bomabrds you with all this circular logic and how the magazines are cheap and its a great deal. I treid to cancell my account after i sgned up, 3 days after to be exact. Yhey said it was impossible to to do that. os they cut the price in half. my last payment was paid, but they still took money out of my account. I never recieved my free watch, i never recieved my free electronic organizer, and i never recieved my gas rebate and i only got 7 magazines through 3 months, when i should be getting 7 a month. I dont see how this is fair. You people who made posts defedning this company are messed up. they said this company does noting illegal or immoral. If you are not getting anything that your paying money for, how is that not illegal? i'm paying for magazines, i should be getting them. i was told i would get a FREE watch, rebate card, and electonic organzer, but nohin was ever sent. this company is a complete scam. My advice is to close your account. they will still have your number, so when they call, cuz you know the ass****'s will, record it and tell them your recording it and ask to be put on the do not call list. if they continue to call after telling them to put you on the do not call list, report them. another idea i had was to write a report and send it in to all your local news channels for the cosumer reports, so that way there name gets out. Keith allwood, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
43, Report #149588
Jul 13 2005
12:17 PM
National Magazine Exchange - NME - Pat Haines ripoff, con merchants Nationwide
My wife received this official letter from Pat Haines advising her she was in a draw for $1,000,000 and she had to call a toll free number ASAP. Not realising it may be a scam, she called and they took her details to enter her in a the draw. Next she was transferred to a magazine department who then went over her details and advised they would be sending her a whole selection of various magazines weekly for only $1.67 per week, but guess what? they charge by the half year or quarter. My wife was confused with this fast talking lady and signed up. She told me about it when I got home and I called and cancelled it. I also had to change our bank account to ensure the payments were not taken. Don't get caught with these scams. Has anyone ever won this lottery before??? Tom Clovis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #158727
Sep 28 2005
04:18 PM
N.M.E. - NATIONAL MAGAZINE EXCHANGE RIPOFF Misleading Mailings Clearwater Florida
If this company is not engaged in misleading, if not outright fraudulent, practices, then why do they use this type of mail advertising? I received a postcard colored very much like the confirmation cards used by the United State Post Office for registered mail. It has Official Business printed in drop-out type on a black box on the top. The letter includes a return address for N.M.E. but no other identifying information. It tells me to call an 800 number. On the back, the message states: We are trying to reach you. Please call us at the number shown on the reverse of this card. This is a free call. It is signed, Sincerely, Pat Haines Sales Representative. The back also has PostGram printed in drop-out type on a black box; a tracking number with a bar code at the bottom; and -- get this -- a box and spaces so you can record the date and time you returned the telephone call to retain for your records. I'm generally suspicious of this stuff, so I Googled the information and found that this card has nothing to do with any Official Business, but is just a come-on for a boiler-room operation to sell magazines. I ran across this site and had to laugh at the pathetic attempts by some to defend N.M.E.'s tactics. I wonder what the postal inspectors will think about N.M.E.'s advertising method. So, I end with the question I posed at the beginning: If this is an up-and-up operation, why do they use misleading mail to dupe people into calling them? Ken Bainbridge Island, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
45, Report #162061
Oct 25 2005
03:06 PM
N.M.E. - National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
N.M.E. sent me a notice which read exactly as follows (though my ID # has been censored): CALL 1-888-227-0999 ID # ********* Dear Evan We are trying to reach you regarding your sweepstakes ID #*********. Winner will be awarded $70,000.00 per year for 30 years or one lump sum payment of $1,094,444.00 upon selection. Please call us at the above number. This is a free call. Sincerely - Pat Haines, Sales Representative Without thinking, I called and gave a 'representative' my ID #. They sounded sincere and friendly, so I didn't even start to suspect it might be fraud until I looked up 'n.e.m. sweepstakes' on the internet. I also took them up on an offer regarding 'three magazines with your choice of a men's or lady's quartz watch.' I chose 'Runner's World' and an 'ethnic cooking magazine' and the representative included 'Men's Health' for free. I was transferred over to the representative's manager, and she said she would give me two watches rather than one just to ensure continued renewal. I gave them my credit card number (oops) and then, they reviewed my contents and the call ended. Afterwards, I looked up n.m.e. on the internet and saw that it had been filed for scams many times in the past. I immediately called 911 and asked to be connected to the Clearwater Florida police department for fraud. The officer told me that fraud was not the police's problem, but rather it was an issue relating to some other department. He cut off when he gave me a number, then I hung up. I decided to contact the N.M.E. Agency I had called earlier. I noticed that the representative I got this time was not as friendly or as catering to my needs. She almost seemed as if she did not like her job and would rather be sitting home watching TV, but that's beside the point. She transferred me over to another line, and the representative I talked to this time asked me for my address and phone number for security purposes. I responded, and then asked if I could cancel the account. He said he would try and asked for the reason. I told him it was financial troubles. Then I asked him if it was possible to get a refund. He said he would do his best to cancel the account and see if I could get a refund. I waited for about 5 minutes and noticed that I didn't hear anything in my phone anymore. I checked it and saw that it had disconnected. I didn't worry because my phone disconnects from callers frequently. I re-dialed the number and gave the new representative my account number. She then told me that my account had been cancelled. I thanked her and hung up, suddenly realizing that I didn't know whether I had been refunded or not. I haven't called the number since. Evan Longmont, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
46, Report #165434
Nov 21 2005
04:32 PM
N.M.E. - National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
the keep trying to contact me and sending me these little green flyer in the mail and i found other info on them searching from there phone number other people will also agree with me that they are a ripoff Maureen glen cove, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
47, Report #79269
Feb 05 2004
12:42 AM
National Magazine Exchange (NME) ripoff, con game, sweepstakes fraud Clearwater Florida
On Feb. 4th, 2004 I received an Important Delivery Letter notice claiming, We are trying to reach you regarding your $1,000,000.00 sweepstakes ID #722xxxxxx. Please call us at the above number. This is a free call. Sincerely Pat Haines, Sales Representative. Since I do Internet Security and very careful of my personal information, and not sure of the originator of this game or the source; I checked the web immediately for fraud. From what I have read this is classic data mining of credit info for use, or at least a mailing list meeting some criteria, which they could make useful. Considering that I get this type of garbage from AmEx I am not surprised. Though with further investigation it would appear that this is just another con game being played out. If there is a class action suit, I would be happy to join. M RC, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
48, Report #83953
Mar 15 2004
03:12 PM
Pat Hines N.M.E. National Magazine Exchange sweepstakes ripoff Clearwater Florida
I got a letter in the mail saying: Dear Holly, We are trying to reach you regarding your $1,000,000.00 sweepstakes. Please call at the above number (1-800-235-6247) This is a free call. Sincerly, Pat Hines Sales Representive I got this letter on Friday, March 12,2004 I had no idea that I was being ripped off. They said if I win the sweepstakes then I will be going to Clearwater, FL to receive my check for a million dollars. They would have a big ceremony for me. I was on the phone with them for about 15 minutes I guess. They asked for my credit card number so I gave it to them. They said I get all these magazines. I didn't know they were going to take money out of my account. They took out $35.43 and they will be taking out more in the next few years. I want to get off this list and get my money back!! Holly Austell, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
49, Report #91021
May 11 2004
12:25 PM
National Magazine Exchange (NME) rip-off! Dishonest Clearwater Florida
Hi my name is Bernardo. I received a letter from the National magazine exchange and then I called them and they offered my several magazines for 4 years of magazines so I think about it then what a stupid I did. I was entering to win a million dollars. Well I used my credit card to pay this. But later I called the credit card company and I asked them to cancel my account number so they did. I was lucky, I wasn't victim of a scam. Due to this. I called the NME then they keep giving me offers I just wanted to cancel my order. Well you learned a lesson not to lesson to these scan. Bernardo Huntington Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
50, Report #93416
Jun 02 2004
07:47 PM
Entity: MUNCIE, Indiana

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