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26, Report #1011312
Feb 09 2013
08:43 AM
Netspend won't release money, Internet
I will never do business with this company again! On Feb.1 my sons taxes were supposed to be loaded onto our card through turbo tax. We have a card together and he is a cardholder on the card. Well we received a e-mail stating that deposit is pending and further action was required. On Feb.2 we called them and after asking me a bunch of security questions was told that we needed to fax over his tax info. Reluctantly we did this and was told that after they receive the fax that they would release the money within 6-8 hours.  So I called on Sunday and I was told to call back on Monday Feb 4. When I called on Monday they told me that they needed to speak with my son because the deposit was in his name. So he called them and was asked a bunch of security questions,than was told to e-mail his tax info. I was furious because we already faxed the info and why would they need to be e-mailed. I call them back the same day and tell them this and after being put on hold for 30 minutes,they tell me that they received the fax and the money would be released within 6-8 hours. I call them on Feb 5 and they tell me that they were returned to sender. At this point I am so pissed off because we sent them all the information only for them to send it back. Anyways we wait a couple days and still nothing.   On Feb 7 I call them and ask why they weren't returned yet and was told they don't release it for 6 days.               Now I know we are being screwed! If they are not going to deposit it than why are they holding it like that? They should be sent right back and it only takes 1 to 2 days. Now they have his money and all of our info. I will be contacting the BBB and the FDIC. Do not use this company,they will screw you!!
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #1013029
Feb 12 2013
02:09 PM
NetSpend Ripped me off, Internet
I am very disgruntle and the reviews about their  business I read have been horrible. I did my taxes threw Turbo Tax on January 27th and at that time I selected the NetSpend prepaid card choice. In their office there are records showing that an email was sent to me on January 27th from their office disclosing that my card went out. I waited the 10 business days and never received the card. On February 4th I received an email from them stating the full amount of my return was in my account. (I have all emails) Since I did not receive the first card I spoke to a supervisor and manager in the office that was on duty, whom said that a new card will be issued to my work address for me to sign for in 2- 3 business days. Those 3 days are up. I am very disgusted with their business and how their support staff lacks professionalism. I work for a law firm and I am moving forward with a class action suit against them. 
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #1016126
Feb 18 2013
09:58 AM
netspend fraud thousands of dollars blocked Internet
Used turbo tax 2012 taxes chose netspend debit prepaid credit card. Reviewed all card infornation as well as fine print. Nowhere does this card state they will block your card until you have provided very personal information in the form of a fax.Netspend accepted my federal taxes. Mind you my proof of identity was my federal goverment id number. Netspend allowed me to make to use about 1000.00 before they blocked my account. I questioned the block netspend stated I again needed to prove my identity with a fax of my social security card my drivers license and a copy of my utility bill. Then wait 48 hours or 2 business days{depending on which rep you get}Three working days later and about 50 phone calls to customer service as well as the fraud line hold for one and two hours{which no one answered}I did reach someone who apparentley had the ability to unblock my card. Unfortunantly she was not able to unblock my card because netspend never received my fax{although the original fax said complete}She suggested I fax all this information again. Risking my identity again. So netspend has thousands of my fedraltax money. No one will help. I can't get my money transfered to another card. I also cannot pay bills that tax money was for.
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #1057448
Jun 08 2013
06:29 AM
Netspend Net spend only legal pimps Austin Texas
I joined NetSpend on March 3rd 2013 biggest mistake ever! Someone stole $1190 off of my card, then filed a claim for the money I spent. I received an email on 3/ 13 2013. My card ending in 4027 the dispute was filed under: card number 7 198. I thought it was a mistake on net spend be half but decided to call and check it out anyway. I was told that I was negative $1.31! I was out raged and in shock wondering how and why was the card number not my card number displayed and how someone accesses funds from my account. By the way they later on mailed me a card ending in 7198 go figure! Eight hundred and fifty dollars was transferred from NetSpend to NetSpend account both cards in my name I was told I did this and that I filed a dispute on my own transactions. They refused to close my account at first but after to customer service reps finally they did. I was told I have 6 account, I requested to close them all, they never did and I filed a real dispute. I had a letter in my hand on the 28th of March after turning in my papers on the 26th of March. The letter stated that I made the transactions and the papers were not turned in within the allotted 10 days and no provisional credit would be provided to me. The 10th day was actually the 27th of March. My husband had just had surgery and I provided his hospital paperwork explaining why I was so close to the deadline I needed money for his meds but was still denied provisional credit. I had to return my new computer and copier to make ends meet. They have agreed to Re open the claim stating that I would be provided provisional credit no later than 49 since all papers were already in on time. 49 came and went and nothing. For it and I was rudely told by a manage that they now have until the 16th of April to decide on whether or not to provide me with any funds and that I would be contacted if they decided to provide these funds to me. Net spend never provided me with any type of provisional credit. I had to reverse some of my transactions just to be able to eat and feed my family! They always say how sorry they are but they could absolutely care less. I sent over a dozen escalated emails to the dispute department asking them to contact me about my claim to provide any type of help needed or and or to find out the status of my claim. Not one of my emails was answered! They told me which I am speaking of the representatives they informed me that my claim was finished and that NetSpend decided in my favor and that MasterCard would be providing me with fun I just had to be patient. I called back after about 3 days and which I was told NetSpend never even started the investigation because none of my paperwork was turned in at all. I was completely shocked dumbfounded and highly pissed off! they told me then that I need to resubmit all documentation and upon doing so they told me that my claim was for 1994 dollars. If they had no paperwork then where did they get that dollar amount from? they said that my claim was almost for the entire amount of my income! Are they crazy why would I file a dispute for almost my whole check knowing some of the transactions were mine and that I pay bills with this card knowing it would be traced back to me? none the less I complied with everything they asked me to do now all of a sudden they want the form in PDF form so I even did that even though I no longer had a computer or a copier. this story goes on forever but to wrap it up a little bit in the month of May they ended up allowing someone to steal another 1300 dollars out of my account via wire transfer again after they were told not to conduct any more wire transfers on my account Then they close my account telling me that they do not want my business anymore because I had excessive claims. That was a lie! They said I filed 27 claims. Are they really that stupid? I hadn't even received 27 checks yet why would I file twenty seven different claims? they ended up denied my claim for the $1190 stating that my disputed amount was almost $2000 which I never ever dispute it that a mount they sent that letter to me on May 10th but on May 16th told me that they were re opening the claim again and that no provisional credit would be provided because the paperwork was not turned in on time. after closing my account they mailed my check back to the Department of Treasury in a paper check and when I asked why was in it sent back electronically they told me it was a corporate decision. Douglas who works in the corporate office needs to be fired immediately he was very rude very on compassionate and admitted that I with an identity theft victim please excuse the typos I am working but told me that he did not want my business because too many claims were filed. I told him that I did not file 27 claims and if they know that I am and I didn't pick them why would they take all of these claims and not notify me in some kind of way to get confirmation of what was going on with my account? I never got a chance to file a claim for the 1300 dollar wire transfer because my accounts were all closed and they dropped me as a customer and Douglas told me to go ahead and get a lawyer and sue NetSpend if I had a problem. then to further add insult to injury he emailed my electronic debit payment back to the Department of Treasury in a paper check further delay my income for the month of June I just got paid on Friday the 7th. the reason why they try to hurry up and get rid of me is because I set up my high security question with a manager I am 38 years old and the question was about a dog that I had when I was 6 years old. the manager that I setup the account with a shirt me that no funds would be transferred out of my account unless this question was answered correctly. Douglas informed me that the account representative do not even have to ask the high security test question if they don't feel that it is necessary. then why in the hell did I have a high security test question if it is up to the discretion of perfect strangers who obviously do not know their job and an a corporated jerk who could care less about his customers? the conclusion of this is net spend are the biggest rip off artists that I had ever come in and it and they have made my identity fest Fyfe look like a nun! I would not even recommend this car to my worst enemy! p.s thank God for life lock! Please excuse all of the errors I am trying to type this on my cell phone and use the verbal speech app and I don't think either one is working out too well!
Entity: Austin, Texas
30, Report #1055963
Jun 03 2013
11:32 AM
NETSPEND Transfer to Transfer of $875 Internet
NETSPEND is the WORST prepaid debit card I have ever used. I have been a customer not even 1 month and have already encountered a problem..A BIG ONE!It all began on Friday May 31st 2013. I recv'd a text at 9:14am on the bus to work stating my aval bal in my acct was $903.46. All was ok. Now I've just gotten to work at 10:20am and at 10:22am I receive another text from Netspend.$23.51 aval balance after $875.00 transfer and $4.95 fee to fushiawhite at 9:03am. OK HOW IS THAT SO? At 9:14am My BALANCE WAS JUST $903.46!!So im at work screaming and crying like WHAT? How is this so!! I was on the bus to work I didn't do anything or transfer any money. Well coming to find out and after googling some things someone hacked into my netspend account and did a (P2P)which means Person to Person to their netspend acct. So now Im on the phone with netspend not even ten minutes around 10:25am and I get a lady on the phone who I cant understand and she tells me I have to transfer you to the dispute dept where they can handle this better. After being on for the dispute dept for about 25 mins a lady comes on...I explain to her what all happened she puts me on hold to come back and tell me WE DONT KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY WENT then says the acct the it was transferred too they already took the $$$ all out. Well if you wouldnt have had me on hold so long and knew how to do your job I probably could of had my money right back! I was on my way to work I didnt even use my card once today!! So after I talked to  the lady she said I have to give them 10-15 days to do some investagating. My money is not safe with NETSPEND how can someone just wipe my acct clean and the workers dont know anything. I recv'd an email from Netspend dispute dept on Friday around 6pm stating if no additonal information was needed my money would be refunded within 2-3 business days if its not I will sue NETSPEND for the stress and past due bills I now have to put off because my account wasnt secure with them. DO NOT GET A NETSPEND CARD!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Internet
31, Report #987282
Dec 26 2012
04:07 PM
NETSPEND Internet Bank Austin, Texas
I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the way NETSPEND has handled a simple miscommunication. I have been a member since April 2010 and have had no complaints until now.   I recieved a collect call from my son (LEGACY COLLECT CALLS), which was suppose to be free for the first 3 mins. It prompted you to enter your CC # which I knew I shouldnt do but I was concerned as to why he was calling collect and did so anyway.  After a 37s convo my card was charged $22.55. I immediately went online to dispute ONLY THE CHARGE. After submitting my dispute I recieved a msg stating my dispute could not be processed and to contact NETSPEND. NETSPEND in turn put a PERMANENT block on my card without notifiying me, and listed my card as lost/stolen, which it is not. I have my card at this very moment. I called NETSPEND and was given the run around. I was advised my acct was blocked permanently and could not be unblock and that on XMAS EVE mind you that I have no access to funds on my card and must wait 10 days until a new card is received. I advised the agents, for what I dont know, that I cannot wait that long to be without funds and that I am expecting my paycheck to be deposited on Wednesday (today). I was advised to go get a temporary card and the funds, once received, can be transferred to the temp card. I did so, spending $14.95 just to get the card. I contacted NETSPEND again and was told something different yet again. This agent stated that once the funds were deposited on the lost/stolen card that I would have to call them and they could transfer the funds to the temp card. I requested to speak a mgr and was placed on hold for 37mins only to be hung up. Now I must wait and see what I happens to my money. If I will be able to put gas in my car, pay my rent or buy food this week and yet to be determined. NETSPEND has yet to provide me with a clear answer to this or any other question I asked them for that matter. Signed, Erricka - UNHAPPY LOYAL CUSTOMER.
Entity: Austin, Texas
32, Report #1133876
Mar 26 2014
01:34 PM
netSpend Metabank Uninvited Credit Card/Paycard Austin Texas
I received a debit/credit card in the mail from Netspend. It had my name on it and said tear off bottom and give to my employer and have them start putting my checks in their bank. How dare they put my name on ANYthing without my authorization.  In today's day of identity theft this should be outlawed. Any theif that can hack big stores or banks should be able to get ahold of this number on the card and bam, I'm screwed. Now I have to hold onto this card forever to prove I never used it and check to make sure it is never used by anyone else
Entity: Austin, Texas
33, Report #1123223
Feb 12 2014
09:51 PM
Netspend metabank holds money hostage internet
Netspend will lock your account and hold your money. I found a way out of their trap. If you file a complaint to the FDIC, you will get check from them VERY quickly!Here is the FDIC link to get your money back: hope this helps someone! 
Entity: internet, Internet
34, Report #1095923
Oct 31 2013
06:48 AM
Netspend Money Hold up Georgia
I am a reliable customer of the netspend card. I was told by the commercial that by purchasing this card that you would be geting paid two days earlier. Now as usual, I was getting paid through my company The Georgia Dome and they were suficient up until about two or three times. I had to call and fuss at the people at the Netspend company about holding my money. I stay on my money and the flow of it, deposits, money transfers, etc. So therefore, when I am not paid every Wednesday by 11:30 pm then I have a problem. I'm either calling my job, or I'm calling the company to see what the hold up may be, and as usual they never know, this getting out of control. It's getting to a point that I dont even want the card anymore. I would love to stay a loyal card holder to them, but I am not receiving the treatment I was promised when I clicked onthe terms and agreement of the contract before entering my information into the system. If this continues with one more paycheck, I will be cancelling my service with the card Company. Tanecia Jones
Entity: Georgia
35, Report #1131161
Mar 17 2014
06:39 AM
Netspend Meta Bank Unauthorized foreign charges Internet
I have had my netspend account for 3-4 years. Never have had a problem until recently. This could not have happened at a worse time. I am in between jobs and had about $900.00 in my account to get me through until I started my new job. I was in the process of moving to a new house as well. One day I login to my account to pay some bills and see that my balance is $12 and some change. I start to freak out and notice there are several transactions that look very odd, that of course I did not make. I then see all of these foreign transaction fees. Immediately I reported the card lost/stolen to make sure a block was put on it. I still had the card in my posession so I figured somehow the card was compromised. As I am on the phone with these people balling my eyes out explaining I needed that money for a moving truck and living expenses for the next month, they showed no sympathy and made me handwrite, then fax in a letter explaining what charges I was disputing. It has been a month and I still do not have my money back. CLEARLY those charges were fraudelent any idiot would notice that. They have given me story after story about the process and when I would get my money but nothing is happening. If you read this story and have gone through what I have, please tell everyone you know to switch or not even think of opening a card with these people. This incident has caused me so much suffering and so many tears. I have a regular checking account and never switched over my direct deposit because it came through a day earlier than everyone else's. I really wish I had now. Please share my story and save more people from this!!!!
Entity: Internet
36, Report #1142353
Apr 28 2014
11:52 AM
Netspend money hungry lairs Internet
I filled my taxes and had the money put on a netspend card ,i used it a few times and then they said i needed to prove my identity so i did, then they told me they sent the money back to irs , but irs never received it netspend saying they sent it and no longer have my money  
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1137648
Apr 09 2014
06:34 PM
NetSpend Unauthorized P2P Transfer Austin, TX Nationwide
 April 8th, 2014 I went to the store to purchase a few snacks for myself and my son. After using my NetSpend card I received an alert of my balance to my cell phone stating I had a zero balance after the transaction. I was floored because my payroll direct deposit had just been made the night before and I had not spent any money. I immediately called customer service and was told as dispute for the fraudulent activity was placed and I had to wait ten days to get an update, not ten days to get my money back, but that they would investigate the claim and contact me by email and postal mail of there findings. I was furious, I asked to speak to a manager several times and was told that the manager/supervisor would just tell me the same thing. Finally because of my persistence the agent tried or so they claimed to find a supervisor. I remained on hold for 30 minutes and still no one else took my call. I spoke with four representatives on the 8th sent four emails and a negative feedback and everyone had the same rehearsed robot answer dispute is filed send in your documents showing you are disputing this transfer and you will have to wait ten days. Waiting ten days is impossible with bills to pay and no food or gas in the care. I'm in the waiting mode and unfortunately do not know what to expect of the outcome.However I plan to take action because if they are supposed to be FDIC insured they should be able to take better action in this criminal situation. The transfer should be able to track, there should be a trail. I was also told that the money has already left there bank so they could not reverse the transfer. What does that have to do with me. Track this their and give me my money. To my dismay I was truly upset to see so many more people who have been a victim of this same type of scam. I have bank with them for less than a year and am very upset that I ever have. One agent had the nerve to ask me if I knew the person that the transfer went to, why would I be disputing the transfer if I knew the person, dummies. The barrier of language was an issue too because they couldn't understand me at times. If they can't understand us they don't need to be trying to assist us. The person whose name was Shaquania Brantley, I don't even know how to pronounce that name, they are a thief and I want my money back. I hope and pray all other victims will get theirs back too. As a result I had a car payment reject, returned unpaid. If they do not return my money, I plan to file a lawsuit. $634.95 was taken from my account. $630.00 was transferred and $4.95 transfer fee. My lawsuit will be for much more.
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #1184599
Oct 23 2014
04:12 PM
Netspend Fraud Vero Beach Florida
I purchased a Netspend Visa Card roughly a year ago to make online purchases, and to pay bills automatically through online accounts(I.e. car insurance payments). Until today, I had not experienced any issues when using this financial service.  After reloading $300 onto my card on 10/22/14, I received an automatic email confirming my reload, as usual. On 10/22/14, my insurance provider withdrew an amount of $103.20. Just like before, my email account updated and listed my email confirmation through Netspend verifying this transaction by listing details and amounts for my records.  Today, 10/23/14, I attempted to make an online purchase, well within my available balance. After getting declined, I contacted customer service to resolve this issue. I have currently been on the phone for over an hour with customer affairs. Multiple representatives have transferred me, in circles, to only tell me that they cannot remove a block on my account. None of the representatives have been able to tell me why there is a block on my money, that I deposited, and get charged interest for them to hold for me. I am unable to get the block removed, unless I send personal, sensitive information to their risk department. I thought that I had verified who I was when I provided my full name, card number, PIN number, last four of my social, and street address. Netspend is a rip off!
Entity: Vero Beach, Florida
39, Report #1319635
Jul 29 2016
02:33 PM
NetSpend Refer A Friend GONE WRONG! Austin, Texas Nationwide
I've had my NetSpend account for well over 2 years now. My direct deposit from work goes into this account as well as my tax refund deposit. I recently decided to try their Refer A Friend program and I referred my Fiance. He lost his job back in June so every little bit counts in our household. We followed all of the directions that were required in the process but we never received the referral fee. That wasn't even my main problem though. My main problem is the extreme lack of customer service I received. They told lie after lie even when I gave them the proof of EVERYTHING! Whenever I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor they would say their manager/supervisor wasn't available OR say ok and put me on hold FOREVER! Then there were those who would lie and say the money will be in your account in an hour or less which never happened. There was even a guy who said the reason why the referral fee wasn't given is because he HAD (keyword) an account with us that was opened in 2012 sayint the account was not inactive, LIE! He even went on to say a fake email account that my Fiance NEVER had, and it sounded ridiculous. I read policies whenever I sign up for ANYTHING and even if he had a Netspend account before he had not had one within the past 180 days per NetSpend Refer A Friend policy, No rewards credited to either party if referred individual had a NetSpend card that was used for a value load, purchase, cash withdrawal, or incurred a balance inquiry fee at any time during the 180 calendar days before the day the $40.00 load requirement is fully met. However, he had NEVER had a NetSpend account prior to this and if he did, why would it allow him to go through all the steps in the referral process? That's something that would be a flaw on NetSpend's end, not mine nor his. No one wanted to credit our accounts, they told us that an escalation takes up to 2 busniess days for a response. Some conversations, when they got tired of me or him, they would ask us for the referral code and say we reset your referral code, you will get the money in 2 business days another LIE! We were told so many different things that it blew my mind! We would talk to one customer service rep and tell them how we were unhappy with the previous rep and they would turn around and do the exact same thing! For a customer who's been with the company for over 2 years, where's the loyalty? Where's the respect? And you expect me to refer individuals to your business when I can't even get respect as an existing customer? That to me is beyond disappointment.. I'm frustrated! I was at work calling NetSpend for about 4 hours straight, being put on hold, arguing, fussing with individuals that should have assisted me as best as they could! I was about to give up until I saw the MetaBank Logo on the bottom of their website. I clicked it and called their customer service number. The woman told me to call NetSpend so I told her that no one was helping me and she asked me what was wrong. At this point I didn't want to fuss or argue, I was worn out and I explained everything to her. She reached out to a manager and told them what I told her. About a half hour later, I got an Unknown phone call (I'm guessing because they don't want anyone to contact them) and the issue was finally resolved. I should not have to go through that. I am very upset, my fiance was even more upset for me. This took 4 hours out of my office time at work to try to get resolved, this means I have to work late... Thanks a lot NetSpend.. And believe me, I will share this until you put forth some type of new customer service regulations!
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #1287507
Feb 13 2016
05:12 PM
Netspend Decietful & Digusting: Thieves Internet
After I purchased a Netspend pre-paid debit card at Walmart, it could not be activated. I was promised a refund that was never received from Netspend. Netspend asked to send additional information to activate the card. They requested a copy of my id, ss card and a utility bill. Upon providing this ridiculous amount of information, my card was still not activated. I was told that I would receive a refund within 7 to 10 business days. A month later, I still have not receive one dime. No one deserves this type of deceitful treatment and fraudulent actions. I am a struggling working class citizen trying to provide for my family. This matter is extremely disappointing, stressful and heartbreaking. It is so wrong on many levels!        
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1300561
Jul 14 2016
03:28 PM
NETSPEND Bogus Maintenance Fee Nationwide
Netspend is a ripoff. I was given a Netspend gift card as a gift when I had my baby back in Oct.  There was $400 on it.  I saved it for when we were buying a crib when we were ready to put the baby in her own room.  Well I called to activate it sometime in March.  I thought I activated it right.  Well I went to use it yesterday and it wasnt working.  I called today and was told it had yet to be activated.  Well I finish activating it and then was told my balance was like $376.00 .... i said that is wrong the balance is $400.  Then I was told since there was no activity for 90 days on the card I was charged a maintenance fee of $5.95 for 4 months.  I read the card agreement and no where does it say the 90 days of inactivity starts from date of purchase..... This is misleading and should be illegal.  I have called several times to speak to a manager and get no where.  All I am told is the reason it doesnt say 90 days from purchase is because its a general 90 days.  It could mean from the date of purchase or the date of activation.  I said NO it clearly is from the date of purchase if my card was purchased on Oct 4th and on Jan 4th you start charging me with that bogus monthly fee.  NETSPEND is a crook. I hope someone sues them.  I am going to fight them to get back my almost $24 that was withdrawn.  But from what I am reading it is a winless fight.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1245743
Aug 01 2015
02:47 PM
Netspend ripoff Austin Nationwide
Tax refund was sent to me on a netspend premier card ..Impossible to use can't access my account
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1316848
Jul 14 2016
08:40 AM
Netspend Ace elite Nationwide
 My name is Poe and this is my story. I call net spend, a credit card company base in Austin TX. I spoke to young lady name Jhon doe. I told her I've been banking with your company for 3yr and 9 month. I would like to know where is my cash reward. Net spend send me a brand new credit card in the mail because I sign up for a card. And on the paper that my new credit card was attach to said ( earn cash rewards) ( use your card to take advantage of offers online and you'll get cash rewards credit to you card ) See folks, the company net spend that I been banking with 3yrs/9mth been lieing to me all this time. They said ok Mr. Poe we have send you and email for 14 offer, just check your email and follow the instructions , I cheek my emailthere was nothing. They play phone games with me, I mean put you on the hold for hour then hangs up the phone on me. I've been shopping online for 3yrs 9 month til this day I haven't seen any cash rewards. Looking forward to your feedback Thank you Poe
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1214789
Mar 10 2015
05:57 PM
Netspend Corporation Gave My Money Away On February 15, 2015, aproxamitly 7:30 p.m pst, Netspend transfered $1000.00 from my account.  The next morning, February 16, 2015, approximitly 11:00a.m pst, I called Netspend, to see if this transaction could be reversed.  Unfortunaely, the money was already gone.  I asked to file a Dispute for this Unauthorized Transfer of my money.  The agent informed me, that if I file a Dispute for this transaction, my card(with all my money on it), would be cancelled.  (What was the purpose, to cancel my card, just so I had to wait for a new on?)  Needless, to say, I did not file my Dispute that day. I waited until I had taken all my money off the card, then I called back.  On February 24, 2015, I filed my Dispute.  The agent told me I had to write a letter state this Dispute and sent it to Netspend. But at the end of the telephone conversation, I asked what I needed to do?  I asked the agent, I have to send Netspend this Dispute letter, with the information?  She said, No, No, there is nothing you need to do.  I even got an e-mail saying I did not have to do anything further, the Dispute Team from Netspend would be contacting me for further information.  On March 2, 2015, having had no updates from Netspend, I again called. Netspends representative told me they were waiting for the Dispute Letter I was suppose to have sent in.  I said What they said I didn't have to sent in this letter.  Blaugh, Blaugh, they gave me the run around.  That night I sent Netspend an e-mail, stating how unsatisfied I was with the way my Dispute was being handled.  Netspent Dispute Team, thanked me for sending in my Dispute Letter.  So my Dispute continued. I received an e-mail after I sent in the Dispute email, stating I would get a phone call within 6 hours from a dispute specialist.  Never got it!  Then I called a Netspend agent 2 days later.  This agent said she sent a message to the Dispute Team, to contact me, so make sure your phone is charged and you answer the call.  Still have not received call from Dispute Team.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #1302786
Apr 30 2016
10:54 AM
Netspend Internet
 Netspend is the most unprofessional company ever. I am not sure how they are allowed in business. Filed a dispute for a fruad charge only $100 something dollars and have to wait 4 months for an update. No provisionary credit gave to me or anything. Everytime i call i get someone who barely speaks english and repeats themselves like robots. Please stay far far away from netspend.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1210308
Feb 19 2015
03:18 PM
NetSpend Theft of tax return Austin Texas
I ordered my NetSpend card via Turbo Tax on February 3rd, 2015. It is now February 19th, 2015 and I still have not recieved my card. The IRS posted my taxes to the card, nearly $900.00 already. I called customer service and they claimed to ship the card on the 4th and that I had to wait until the end of the day (meaning midnight) to call back to report it had not arrived today. The USPS had already run for the day and the local branch was closed already. They claim they will ship the replacement card on the 20th (tomorrow) at no additional cost. If the card doesn't arrive by Monday (as they promised 1-2 day shipping), then on Tuesday, a law suit will be filed and the IRS notified for theft of money, money laundering, federal fraud, and any other charge I can legally charge them with.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1372775
May 11 2017
08:31 PM
Netspend Took my money Nationwide
 First off my card was stolen at the end of February and i reported it feb 21 along with my wallet. I know i shouldnt write my pins down but i forget things and i have a million and 1 things to remember. But i had written down my pin and had it stored in my wallet for safe keeping...or so i thought. Well february 23 was when my taxes were suppose to be loaded on to my netspend card. My wallet went missing the 21st of this year. I call netspend to report my card missing and to have it turned off. I get a representative on the phone who can barely speak english. I tell him i need to report my card as stolen and i needed a card mailed to me asap because my taxes were being loaded soon. He tells me no problem hes going to have it sent fed ex and it should get to me in 1 to 2 business days. So those days go by and no card. So i call again and the rep says oh well i dont see where you called in and reported your card stolen and theres also no record of a new card being sent out. So i explain what i was told and he tells me hes turning my card off and sending a replacement card which should get to me in 7 to 10 days. I wait again to receive my card to access my funds. 10 days go by and i log onto my account and i see my card still being used. Whoever has my card is using my taxes. So i call livid because not only have i called to report my card stolen two seperate times but my money that i worked hard for is being used by some jack a**. They gove me the run around but this time my card was actually turned off and i started the dispute process. The amount of my taxes i was suppose to get was $8228.00. I called to see if i could dispute every charge at once because by then my money was damn near gone. They told me to start with the big purchases first. So i follow suit. I wait and wait and i get and email stating the dispute was closed and no money will be awarded. I was pissed. I disputed a charge for $3,337 dollars another for 900 another for 300 something. I log on to see what's going on with my account today and my account is locked. I called to see what was going on and the rep tells me that my account was closed do to suspicious activity. So im telling him i haven't used my account im waiting for my disputes to settle. I was suppose to get my money tomorrow but they closed my account today. So im asking the rep questions and he tells me theres nothing he can do and hangs up on me. I am pissed all of my hard earned money was on that card and now im out of $8,228 dollars. I want my money this company takes peoples money. Please help me get my money back
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1037057
Mar 22 2013
11:21 AM
Netspend TurboTax Program through Netspend Tax Refund Netspend Turbo Tax Toledo, Ohio
I filed my taxes through TurboTax, the online tax service. Their services on tv were free filing of the federal taxes, and then when you sign on they charge 29.99 for the state filing. Plus, if you sign up with Netspend, that is a 29.99 charge.  So there goes 60 dollars right off the bat. My tax refund all together was 283.00. I recieved the card and have tried to activate it. First they told me I had a block and had to fax my social security card and my state drivers license. So i did that, and called them back. They said give it 24 hours. I called back the next day, and then they told me I had to fax over a proof of residence. I told them I had just moved and did not have any utilities in my name. No 1099 or W-2's to that house either. Plus, they said my money was already there but it was 178.83. So my question was what happened to the other 40 dolalrs, because only 60 should have been deducted leaving me with 223.00.       It has been 2 months, they keep telling me it will take 24-48 hours everytime I call. It's always something different, and I can't even understand the customer service. Had I known all this was going to happen, I would have never used Turbo Tax or Netspend. Plus the time they've left me on hold on the phone has run my patience thin. I do not know what to do.
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
49, Report #1249857
Aug 20 2015
02:46 PM
Netspend Netspend Prepaid Debit Visa Netspend Stole Hundreds of Dollars From Me Nationwide
I started using the Netspend card to save money as I don't have a bank account. I noticed that some money was missing from my account (around 250+ dollars) I looked online at my activity and there were a bunch of international transactions designated as signature purchases which to me means I signed something at the location where I made the signature purchase.   I have never signed for anything on this card. So I disputed the transactioins by filing a dispute through the Netspend website. The next day when I tried to log into my account it said There is a problem with your account.  Please call Customer Service at 866-387-7363. When I call the number it asks me for my card number or Social Security Number. I entered my card number and it says 'that is not a valid number, goodbye'  and hangs up. I called back and tried my SSN, same thing. I thought maybe I mistyped the number so I tried about 5 more times with the same result. I then emailed Netspend customer service and told them what happened and that I'm not able to log into my account and when I call on the phone I am unable to talk to anyone and their system just hangs up on me. A day later the email response from Netspend was 'Your account has been closed by our risk assessment team.  You are no longer eligble for our service.  Have a nice day.' What about my money?  What about the dispute?  What about my hundreds of dollars? I emailed them back several times telling trying to get answers.   I don't think they are coming. Do not ever use Netspend.   It is a complete scam.    Netspend will steal the money from your account and when you try to dispute it, they will close your account and you cannot even contact them to resolve the issue. They tout their service as being for people who cannot get a normal bank account.  That is because they can screw you over as they know you are desparate and have no recourse. It blows my mind that this company is allowed to operate in the open, stealing peoples money and ripping them off day in and day out and nothing is done about it.  They don't get in trouble, they don't get shut down,  they don't get punished, nothing.    Just ripping people off day in and day out and theres nothing we can do about it.   Yay America.  Greatest country in the world.  Psh. yeah right.  
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #1126840
Feb 26 2014
08:35 PM
NETSPEND, NETSPEND META BANK CORPS, NETSPEND META BANK, NETSPEND Bofl Fedreal Bank netSpend The direct deposit ripoff card... INTERNET
So I've been a debit card member with netSpend since 2010 and until right now I'm the customer that would have recommeneded NetSpend. They are a complete ripoff! They're holding my money, which actually belongs to my 10 year old daughter who recieves money for being disabled. So what card companies do you know that withholds SSI benefits? So now I'm out a good chunk of change that is supposed to be used for my daughter. I filed my card lost and filed a dispute with netSpend regaurding transactions on my account that were not made by myself, and they ended up charging me for those transactions. I knew my card was being used when I got a email saying money was deposited into my account and thereafter my card was being used at a ATM. So then I see that my debit card was being used at a merchants store and items were perchesed then tooken back for a refund within five minutes of the purchese. The refund was put back on my card and then reversed. I dont know why, when i callled netSpend to report these transactions not made by myself made my account all of the sudden is a few couple of hundreed dollars negitive. I was told that the next direct deposit made to my accout would not be touched at all because of the misuse of transactions I just reported about my debit card. The next couple of days my daughters funds are deposited and they only leave me with a total of 290.00 when she recives 763.00. That month was horrible for me I didn't even pay all my rent my daughter didnt get the things she usually gets and its been a very big headach ever since. Now netSpend is saying i owe them 450.00 and my money on my account is on hold....ughh... Dont ever give them the oppurtunity to get yor money.
Entity: INTERNET, Internet

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