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76, Report #1007316
Feb 01 2013
11:44 AM
Netspend Allowed fraudulent activity, won't refund money, Internet
I received a text alert indicating an a transaction had hit my account. I did not authorize this transaction, and had no knowledge of the vendor that applied it. I instantly called Netspend to dispute the charge, and although it was still showing as a pending transaction, they were unable to block it. In addition, while I was on the phone with Netspend, the very same vendor processed another transaction, draining my account of any remaining funds. They refused to reverse those charges, and after spending a total of 6 hours on the phone, between holding and being transferred, I was told that I was not the first person that had been affected by this. Apparently there is a worm in their computer system that drafts funds under the name Moneygram. Although they are aware of the issue, and although I am not the first person this has happened to, they refuse to reverse the charges and give me my money back. I was told an investigation would have to take place, and I MAY be able to recover the funds once the investigation is complete. They claim to be FDIC insured, and as I understand it, are supposed to release those funds immediately. I have contacted the mother company, Metabank, and am waiting for a return call. I have also filed a formal complaint with the FDIC, and when I'm done here, will be doing the same with the Better Business Bureau. In additon, their phone staff can barely speak English, and it appeared as though they would transfer me anytime they didn't understand what I was saying, or if they weren't sure how to handle it.
Entity: , Internet
77, Report #1042618
Apr 11 2013
07:28 PM
Netspend Metbank keeping my tax return Internet
I did my taxes through turbo tax and choose to use the netspend card to receive my money .they never sent my card the first time. The lied to me 3 different times it was supposed to be sent never got it.the IRS deposit ed my money on 3-31-13 the Irs said it's a civil matter rent due.and extra late cause they wont send me my monet.
Entity: , Internet
78, Report #1058214
Jun 11 2013
09:43 AM
Netspend Horrible foreign dodge Austin Texas
I could just put Ditto on several other complaints about this company.  My story is so similar to others.  Sure wish I'd known Turbotax was going to throw me under the bus by funneling my money to Netspend.   I filed my taxes with Turbotax.  Something I will NEVER do again.  Opted for my refund to be put on a card.  Was NOT told the card would be Netspend. Netspend sent the card but would not allow me to activate it until I faxed personal information to India.  I reluctantly did so but they STILL refused to activate my card.  Said my refund would be sent back to the IRS immediately. HAH! This was back in February. I have been chasing my money ever since.  They did NOT send it back in February. Or March when I called.  Or April. They finally said they sent it in May after I FINALLY got a nuber to call someone in Texas and not India.   BUT the IRS says they did not send it.  Who should I believe?   I can't get my money from the IRS because they are still tracking whether or not Netspend ever returned it. They many, many calls I made to India were pointless.  If we got off the script, no one could help at all.  And, when they did pretend to help, it all turned out to be lies or incredibly rude. The two women in TX with whom I have spoken have been somewhat helpful but it would seem that my money has vanished.   It is JUNE.  Four months they have made interest on my money.  Meanwhile, I have been scraping by, waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.   Horrible, horrible, worthless dishonest company. Ironic that federal refunds are being shifted off shore.  
Entity: Austin, Texas
79, Report #1055406
May 31 2013
03:56 PM
Netspend Fraud, theft, Liars, Robbers Internet
WARNING Don't get a Netspend Card, They are liars, and robbers, they stole our income tax return a little over 8k. First the IRS deposit the money to the card that same day Netspend block the card saying they needed to verify our identity, at first I was ok with that they were just trying to verify the account holders ok, we fax over all documentation right away, 2 days went by and thay sent us an email saying it was unblock that we could use it now, we tried to use it that same day at night and we couldn't so we decided to call them again just to discover they had closed our account, their reason was that my husband was a high risk customer, I asked what do you mean with a high risk customer, the person on the phone said she didn't have any more information, she couldn't say why. We asked the representative when would they send us our money she said we would receive it in 7-10 business days. 15 days passed and I decided to call them back this time the other representative said they didn't send it to us they had send it back to the IRS and that the IRS would receive it in 3 weeks. Time passed by and I decided to call the IRS they told me they hadn't receive anything so I called Netspend again the representative told me they had just send it and gave me a tracking number for the UPS. After 2 weeks I called the IRS and they didn't have anything, I called Netspend and they said they just send it 2 days before and gave me a different tracking #, I track the Number they gave me and it did got to it's destination, but not the IRS, I called Netspend and ask what was going on all they said it wasn't their responsibility no more because they hadsend it through the UPS. I called IRS they said they would investigate but it has been since February   and now its June  and we haven't receive anything. We call Irs and theydid said that they just barely got response from Netspend but that Netspend haven't return the money still. So were still waiting. So Please don't get a Netspend Card.
Entity: Internet
80, Report #1055423
May 31 2013
04:58 PM
Netspend Manipulators, Conniving, Liars, Poor Customer Service Austin Texas
Today I went to purchase a reload pack too reload my card. Unexpectedly I purchased a brand new card in the pack. I thought it was similar to the MoneyPak where you just scratch and input the code online or over the phone to reload your card. Well I call netspend too see if I could transfer the load amount to my current card. He tells me it first has to be activated. I give him my information and he puts me on hold for 10 minutes. He then tells me that he has too transfer me too a department that will transfer my funds. I speak to a woman who assures me there is no problem and she could do it. She puts me on hold for around 15 minutes before I get sent back into the queue. I then get a text alert saying my balance is $32 instead of the $175 I loaded and wanted transferred. I called again and she tells me, the new account is closed per my request and I had a previous negative balance from an old account which $147 of my $175 went to cover it. The remaining $27 was sent to my current card. I was livid!!! Not once did anyone inform me of a past debt. When I was transferred to the lady, she did not inform me that part of my load would go to that debt. She made me think that everything was ok. She didn’t even have the courtesy and professionalism too come back on the phone and explain what she did. Instead she put me back in the queue for another rep too explain. The man I spoke with before being transferred lied to me by stating he would transfer me to the department that would handle my transfer but instead he transferred me too collections recovery. When I was transferred to that department, I did not even get the “This is an attempt to collect a debt…” message before continuing. I understand the company needing to collect their debt. I am not debating that. I am flabbergasted at the lengths of deceptions and lack of customer service this company has resorted too. I am more hurt than anything else. I was manipulated and lied too. I am so hurt because the lady just left me stranded on the phone after taking my money. I had no clue, no idea of what she was going to do and have done. I am so hurt because the guy that transferred me too her knew he was transferring me too collections but lied and told me the department I was being transferred too would be able to handle my transfer because it was out of his ability. Why treat customers like this?  When I called again to find out what happened, one woman put me on hold when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was on hold for 38 minutes before I hung up. I called again and the rep was unwilling to have me speak with a supervisor and stated there was no need for one because I owed the debt and I couldn’t get it refunded. I will not speak on the fact that most of them cannot speak clear English. It is an arduous task dealing with their customer service. Nothing ever gets resolved. For those who had too dispute fraud, I feel for them. This is my second time dealing with Netspend’s customer service. Everytime you call them, you get a different story about the status of your account. None of them know what they are doing or what is going on. I really hate the fact that you have too input your card number in too speak to a rep or even report your card missing. It just seems like this company put their customers through so many loops. Their business practices are unconventional and questionable.  I did not know duping customers instead of being honest and forthright was part of their practice. Truly, I say too anyone, keep your bank account open and in good standing. Please don’t resort too debit card companies like this that do not value you and your money. I have read where people’s money and tax returns have just disappeared or have been locked for no apparent reason. Or for silly reasons Netspend cannot seem too account for. Netspend is not customer service oriented.  Keep your money in a bank where it is safe and where customer service is key. At least you can get answers when something goes wrong. I am literally begging all who read this. Please do not do business with this company. Keep your money in a FDIC insured bank and keep it in good standing so it doesn’t close. It is not worth the stress, tears and headache Netspend will put you through. 
Entity: Austin, Texas
81, Report #1140727
Apr 22 2014
09:01 AM
Netspend Won't give me money back from a dispute! Internet
Netspend notified me of suspicious activity in which I did not make I tried disputing it and they gave me the run around saying I needed to send an email of all the information I wanted to dispute even though they knew all of it when I spoke to them over the phone. Now saying it'll take up to two months to get my money back if I even can!
Entity: Internet
82, Report #1131792
Mar 19 2014
08:47 AM
Netspend Fraud, Stealing Money Austin Texas
This company is a fake. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION. My boss gave out cards thinking they were gift cards, but they are definitely not! They'll give you an impossible time trying to do anything with the account, and if you call, you'll get a bunch of robotic morons. I REPEAT: DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH THE CARD, RETURN IT! I was sadly mistaken and gave them my information, now I have a -$1.50 balance and they won't close the account...and it costs $3.25 to reload it! Why would anyone even use it to begin with? It's a total scam.If you made the same mistake that I did, make sure you call 1-855-284-2718 for Law Enforcement Related Inquiries (you'll probably get someone who actually speaks English well) and then you need to ask for that person's supervisor. If there's a negative balance on the card, all they can do is block it and after 180 days it will close itself. Whew. I guess that's over with, but don't make the mistake I did!
Entity: Austin, Texas
83, Report #1095088
Oct 28 2013
09:51 AM
Netspend Savings acct was ripped off!!!!!!! austin Texas
on sept 28 someone tranferred 120.00 from my savings acct to my checking and changed my pin number. after investigating and seeing that it had not been done from my computer and i didnt authorize this transaction, no one had access to my card, and it said atm withdrawl but the withdrawl amount was for 113.14 {which is impossible to withdraw such an amount from an atm} and the rest were international atm fees, i smelled scam. now i have done and taken every action that has been asked of me, but i still cant get a simple answer as to the address where this establishment where the transactions were made. im hoping that netspend doesnt screw me! I have been a loyal customer for many years and i would be very disappointed to just be taken advantage of by them. im afraid of my direct deposit being posted now, and i feel violated and vulnerable. how could someone access my savings account. it makes no sense. i will update this seeingh as im still going thruough their investigation process. but i propose a class action suit if for nothing else, forcing them to protect our money and personal information. btw they claim i couldve been hacked by a portable device that they are aware of. beware fellow card holders .2013-10-28 09:28:49 Furious, nyc.
Entity: austin, Texas
84, Report #1129086
Mar 07 2014
03:24 PM
netspend Stole my tax refund Austin Texas
I filed my taxes online and was given the option of using a credit card to receive my refund on.  (No option for mailing a check was available as I normally do.) The credit card netSpend arrived but only had a very small amount of money on it. The IRS accepted my return and it was 5 times what netspend said I had. The customer service would not disclose a name other than AJ.  and when I called back the person answering the phone kept pretending she could not hear me when I told her about my complaint.When I asked to speak to a supervisor they told me they would not allow me and hung up the phone on me.Need help finding out how to get the money they stole from my tax refund.  When I check the status of my money it says it is going to my bank. However, I never supplied my bank account number so I know this is a fraud.  Please help....
Entity: Austin, Texas
85, Report #1144996
May 08 2014
07:07 AM
NetSpend phone call don't know, don't know
 Via a phone call they told me that my debit card has been suspended. I called my credit untion to verify and it was not true. I call that fradulent business tactics.
Entity: Select State/Province
86, Report #1134973
Mar 31 2014
06:19 AM
Netspend HOLDING MY TAX REFUND OVER 30 Days NOW Austin Texas
 I had my tax return deposited on to my Netspend card. Once the funds were loaded on the card I received an email from Netspend on February 24th requiring that I send them documentation to prove my identity no later than February 26, 2014, otherwise my deposits would be returned to sender. I felt that was odd of them to request that information AFTER issuing the card so I declined and told them to go ahead and return my funds to the IRS, and the IRS would issue me a check. Netspend informed me that it would take 6 days for the IRS to receive the refund. After calling Netspend several times a day after the 6 days expired. Now they're saying it takes 20 days..Well To date which is March 31, 2014. I still haven't received a check nor has the money been returned to the IRS. I believe they are collecting interest off of customer money and holding the money long enough to do so. I'm wondering if I should just call the IRS and report my money lost or stolen.
Entity: Austin, Texas
87, Report #1253321
Sep 06 2015
07:06 PM
NETSPEND PREPAID CARDS holding your moneyn forever Texas
Netspend takes your money and it takes forever to give it back to you. whenever you call they tell you in six hours it will be resolved but it will take months. Last year I was to bid and the auction requested me to put down 20% of what I was buying, I gave them about $5,000. After the auction I could not buy anything and the aution returned my money immediately back to netspend card, it took me 27 days to get my money back from Netspend after calling about ten times a day. In January a refund was sent to my account at netspend of $371.00, up till today I could not get my money after faxing everything they requested. I wish the company does not exist any longer
Entity: Texas
88, Report #1248864
Aug 16 2015
09:15 AM
Entity: Internet
89, Report #1239852
Jul 05 2015
05:05 PM
NetSpend Holding my money hostage - ponzi scheme Austin Texas Nationwide
 NetSpend is requiring me to provide all sorts of identity information. I have provided copies of my social security card, a copy of my US passport (which is illegal) and two pieces of mail with my address on it. I am homeless and need to use a shelter address for my mail to be sent to. NetSpend won't accept this, but I don't have any other options. Their customer service line doesn't reach a human. I am unable to make changes online. I was the one who put money on the card and bought the card. This was months ago and I am still unable to access my money. DO NOT USE NETSPEND. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THEIR DEBIT CARDS. USE Amex or a Paypal debit card. Anything other than NetSpend. Oh yeah. They are using the CEO/Presidents name to address concerns via email on their contact us page. There is no way the CEO is answering customer complaints on it. I would bet you money on it, but all of my money is being held hostage by NetSpends ponzi scheme. Thank you. Randall F
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #1166645
Aug 01 2014
09:17 AM
Netspend Ace Elite wait 20 days for my money texas
June 14 I noticed I had fraudulent charges on my ace elite card from California. I immediately called netspend and filed a dispute.  The mam on the phone told me it world be 10 days for them to process the dispute and if it was approved the money would be credited to my account.    9 business days later I get a message on my  phone saying please contact netspend before using your card there may be an issue with your account. I contact netspend and they tell me my account had been closed and the dispute was approved the money had been credited to my account.   By this time it's the beginning of the month all my money is on the card and I have no access to it.  And my paycheck had just been deposited. I had that card since 2008 and never had an issue.   I ask when am I going to get my money they tell me 20 business days. Wth how can I wait 20 business days and live with no money. I had thousands on that card.  And so many things to do. Schools starting, bills due ,kids in sports  my daughter's birthday I was headed out of town yesterday and I have no money.  Today is the 2nd business day I will keep everyone posted. Why am I being punished for something somebody else did. 
Entity: Nationwide
91, Report #1174716
Sep 05 2014
01:07 PM
NetSpend Refuse to return $403.77 dollars from Nordsstrom Texas NationwideTexas
 I purschaed 2 braclets with cash from Nordstrom Department store for total $ 313.51 in cash  before my vacation on September 28, 2014 to Houston Texas. I lost my recepit. I took the braclets back to Nordstrom in Texas on 8/29/14 and the sales rep allowed me to exchange the braclets with full vaule. I exchanged the 2 braclets for 2 diffrent one with a money diffrence of $90.26 . I purchased with my Netspend debit card. The grand total was $403.77.  I return the braclets back to Nordstrom on 8/30/14 because the braclets  kept snagging my shirt. The sales rep told me she did'nt have the $403.77 in her register, but she can return the funds back onto my Netspend debit card ending in 9080. I agreed for the to place the refund onto my Netspend card ending in 9080. @ days later my netspend debtcard was frozen I was unable to purshase anything form my bebt card. I ahd already ahd funds on my debtcard. I called Netspend on 9/2/14 with complaints wondering what was wrong with my debtcard. I was told that I purchased 2 braclets that wasn't originally purchased from my debitcard. I was toldly lost. Netspend representative told me I need to send proof , copies of the recepits for the transactions. Nordstrom had already palce the refund into my account. Netspend is holding my return funds. I sent a copy of the first recipt of my return on 8/29/14 to Netyspend Refrence number 9549028170. I was told it would take 24 hours before they get the receipt, and my account would be unfrozen. I called 9/2/14 status if they received the receipt dating 8/29/14. Coustomer services reports they received it but I would need my original receipt. I explained to them I lost my original receipt, but I added $90.26 from my debit card endeing in 9080. Netspend then told me I needed to send the second receipt and wait another 24 hrs. By then while my account was frozen my At&T was shut off, I have no gas. I refaxed the first receipt along with the second recepit on 9/4/14. I was told to wait another 24 hrs for the new document of receipts. I called again 9/5/14 and spoke to a Phil in their CS dept. He reports he's needs the original recepit before they return my funds. He then un froze my account I am now able to have acssess to my $416.00. My refund for $403.77  is still on hold . I want my refund money back . I was then told that Netspend will not return anything back to a customer on their debit card if they did'nt purchase it from that card. I told him how does a average customer suppose to know that. I demand that they return my money back to me. Please help   Latanya Brooks 317-760-6551
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #1208925
Feb 13 2015
01:46 PM
Netspend closed acct without telling me, and lost about $8000. Nationwide
I had an account with netspend. they closed my acct without telling me and lost around $8000. they will not give any information about it, or what happened. all they would tell me is acct was closed, and money, they dont know. Money was from a lawsuit with VA Hospital. I needed card to recieve the settlement. I sighned up, and a couple months later, they closed acct and I lost all money in it. I'm a disabled veteran that truly needs that money back. Vinnie Chicago Ill
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #1219176
Mar 30 2015
01:08 PM
NetSpend File with the Better Business Bureau Austin Texas
File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau  and the Dept of Consumer Affairs. The more complaints the lower the ratings. They currently have 2684 complaints. Don't let this business continue to thrive. File a complaint with Turbo tax their reputation reflects from NetSpend. This company has received all my documents and still will not release my funds from a cancelled transaction. 
Entity: Austin , Texas
94, Report #1370852
May 02 2017
09:27 AM
Netspend Price and Fee gougers Lv Nationwidenv
 Netspend charges an additional 2.50$ for every atm withdrawal in addition to the standard atm fee...and 50 cents per inquiry al the while charging a monthly service fee for using their off ain't the word high way credit card fraud
Entity: Nationwide
95, Report #1379280
Jun 15 2017
10:05 AM
NetSpend Giftcard/prepaid card RIPOFF to Consumers Internet
What ever you do, do not purchase NetSpend.  I wouldn't trust this company for one second.  I was given a gift card in January of this year for $50.  I did not open the Sealed Envelope  until June 14th.  They confirmed on the phone that the amount was $50...Which is my first complaint.  In order to use the card, you have to register (email address, phone numbers, social security number, etc).  Since I wasn't going to give this information out, i called.   After being told that the card was a $50 value, i proceeded to use it today.  When I used it, it had only $37.10 balance on it.  They billed the card for two prior months what the call Maintenance.  I called customer service to complain (more time on the phone) and they explain that i had to read the Terms & Conditions.  Please explain to any consumer buying this how they can read the Terms and Conditions without opening the Sealed envelope BEFORE purchasing the gift card.   Customer Service would not forward my phone call to complain to a manager.  Please share this Rip Off Company.
Entity: Internet
96, Report #1373109
May 14 2017
07:41 AM
NetSpend Also known as control card Stole my money Nationwide
 On multiple occasions I've been doubled charged for certain transactions every time I bring this up to NetSpend they randomly on in to account and add random charges that where not there before I report the charge. Also on many occasions merchants refunded the most net and NetSpend lied about putting funds back onto the card And never put the money on to card they keep saying I have pending transactions that I should be able to see on my online account that is incorrect also NetSpend makes claims that my account was negative but never was then after phone calls there is a negative balance placed onto the account. Everytime I putt more money onto the card NetSpend charges me for something that isn't showing up on the account. I've done everything I could got replacement cards on different occasions and the same thing keeps happening please help if you can't help please point me into the right direction I'm located in Florida and I'm having a had time
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #819444
Jan 07 2012
05:11 PM
NetSpend Corporation Netspend Prepaid Debit Card bank account rip off, money not loaded to card, Austin, Texas
Just received my Netspend debit card today.  tried to load it using my bank debit card.  After trying to load it the next screen that comes up is There is a problem.  So, I call the number listed.  Wonder of all wonders a man with an Indian accent comes on the line.  Asks me questions from 20 years ago.  The load transaction of $40 was not completed but was yanked from my bank account, plus the $1.95.  While he was transferring me to customer service I get disconnected.  SURPRISE!!! Tried calling netspend and get another big freaking prompt to speak with a representative!!! They took the money from my bank account but is never loaded onto my netspend card.  Went back to my netspend account and the only way to get help is to send email from their secure page.  Now I wait to get an answer while $41.95 is MISSING from my bank account!  If you get a netspend card, DO NOT use your bank account to load it.  Will be contacting my bank.  NEVER use your bank account for ANYTHING online!!!!   If this get resolved I'm cancelling the account. STAY AWAY!
Entity: Austin, Texas
98, Report #831884
Jan 31 2012
02:19 PM
Netspend Netspend Corporation holding my US Treasury Check Austin, Texas
Holding Retirement Social Security Funds and not releasing them from the US Treasury as they said after they received them.
Entity: Austin, Texas
99, Report #837366
Feb 10 2012
07:05 PM
Netspend Netspend has lousy customer service and could care less about their customers Internet
I have been with netspend for 4 years, up until this past Dec I have had not real problems. How ever this past Dec I had to dispute a charge on my debit card (had to this this once before no problems), it took them 21 days to even look at the dispute form I filed online. On Jan 5th 2012 they emailed to tell me they had finally contacted the merchant. On Jan 9 the merchant reversed the charge and sent netspend back the disputed amount. Now the fun begins, I was never given a provisional credit,AND netspend says I have to wait the full 3 months (the length of time they give a dispute) BEFORE they will return my money! I also used their cashback rewards program, and didnt get my credit. I contacted them and they said I would get it by the end of Feb when it should have been end of Jan. They are rude and nasty and charge you everytime you call. So I just posted my complaint on their facebook page. Funny they emailed me within 20 minutes about the post but not about giving me my money. Time to go to a new bank.
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #915274
Jul 20 2012
11:32 PM
NetSpend Visa/MasterCard When I Filed A Dispute NetSpend Closed My Account/Denied My Dispute Internet
After almost two years of using Net Spend, I filed a Dispute for unauthorized charges made to both my visa and master card accounts. Net Spend, failed to conduct an investigation and denied my claim pertaining to my master card account. During the time of my dispute, my wallet was stolen from my automobile which I reported to Net Spend within a days time of it being taken. Net Spend allowed additional charges to be posted against my visa account after my reporting it stolen, failed to conduct an investigation as to the disputed transaction and closed my account seizing the money I had on deposit. A total of 544.00 dollars in unauthorized transactions 34.00 dollars after reporting my cards stolen and 34.00 dollars unauthorized transaction five days after reporting the cards stolen which I provided a police report to net spend. In my opinion Net Spend is nothing more than a rip off  scam who is happy to charge fees to account holders but when the time comes for Net Spend to repay money they allowed to be wrongfully taken from your account they run the other direction, close your account in attempt to keep you from accessing data specific to your claim. A group of liars cheats and crooks.
Entity: , Internet

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