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1, Report #98417
Jul 11 2004
08:14 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Ocwen Florida
no paper work sent to me nothing in writing George birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocwen, Florida
2, Report #269096
Aug 21 2007
09:31 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank/Ocwen Financial They got me , too. Orlando Florida
Ocwen got me also. I refinanced thru New Century Mortgage, who subsequently sold the mortgage to Ocwen Federal Bank. I was going along fine until about a six months later when my mortgage payment went from 1500 to 2000. I called and asked what had happened and they told me there was an escrow defeciency and had to raise the payment. With the new higher payment, I got one month behind, and was immediately put into foreclosure. I called again and was put into a forebearance agreement, which required a 3000 immediate payment, and then monthly payments of 2600. This was an agreement to stop forclosure proceedings, and to pay own the escrow defeciency. About 6 months after that, I found out that the escrow was never paid down, and that all of the money had gone to interest payments. After a year of trying in vain to save my home from foreclosure by paying almost twice the mortgage payment required, I lost the home in July of 2006. I attempted to sell the property via a quick sale to realize a small protion of the equity I had built. I bought for $175,000 and the value at this time was around $255,000. I was not allowed by Ocwen to realize any profit, or they would not allow the closing. I was told by Dan Begley, Ocwen Collections, that I will walk away with nothing or not at all. I ended up on the streets because of terror tactics and shady business prcatices. I want to get them for what they did! Lakewoodfool Aurora, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
3, Report #12932
Jan 31 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Ripoff out for Blood
Yes, I was one of those who accessed Thrift Supervision TWICE to investigate. Again, they had OCWEN themselves to do research on themselves!!!! HOW RIDICULOUS! And yes, very very disappointing to say the least. The letter I received from Ocwen reporting their findings was even more outrageous! I am in the process of responding to that letter as we speak. What is te pay off here for Ocwen and other government agencies who are suppose to be over seeing these banks??????? How is it they continue to slip through the cracks after the numerous complaints the receive from the exact same bank????? I am DEFINITELY looking to seek legal action against these people so I can use all the help I can get! I will be checking back periodically to see if there are any new postings....
Entity: Florida
4, Report #14888
Feb 22 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ripoff - 3rd Report - Update
For the 3rd time, I finally talked to a rep from Ocwen just 2 days ago. His name was Ben and I think I have his last name written down somewhere. He was very polite and actually heard me out! Prior to this conversation, I contacted Ocwen because the tax documents I received for 2001 from 2 mortgage companies did not tie out with the figures I have. My first problem was that my escrow account was fully documented by the mortgage company (MetWest) until they sold the note to Ocwen. In an attempt to find out if my insurance was paid, the only info I got was from MetWest (they showed every transaction from Jan - May, payments, escrow payments and disbursments and mortgage balance). At least I knew the taxes were paid! Based on all the reports Ive read online, I tried questioning Ocwen as to the payment of our insurance (MetWest informed me it was due and payable early August and the amount they paid the prior year. They also gave me the name of the Payee). Ocwen did not show me any escrow disbursements and did not provide any of the relevant info I wanted. When I called them, I was directed thru an automated menu which required my account # and various pin numbers. Ultimately, I was given the info that current taxes due were $120 over last years payment. I immediately called the city and county property tax division for Colorado and inquired as to the validity of that increase. I was told the taxes should be based on prior year tax amounts and that that increase was not justifiable. That same call also informed me of an escrow balance different from what I was calculating. The operator I finally talked to gave me different numbers and balances for every item I questioned. She did however, send me documents of insurance payments (although I had contacted the company already to ensure the premium had been paid) but I thank her for sending the paperwork. i think the employees work for minimum wage and are not at fault for company practices. Because of what Ive read online, I am concerned that our insurance and taxes will continue to be paid. I asked our insurance carrier if I could pay the premium rather than having it paid from escrow. Because its part of the financing, I could not do that. However my insurance agent did come to my house and re-evaluate the value and I can take out an additional policy for $150 to ensure my home is adequately insured. My first complaint was rebutted by an agent of Ocwen which was the most illiterate, ungrammered, mis-spelled document Ive ever read. Who in their right mind would trust a company that employs people like that or is so irresponsible as to their bookkeeping, that if we actually speak to a live customer service rep., every answer is different?! I am willing to join a class action suit! T Denver, Colorado Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #116837
Nov 09 2004
08:36 AM
OCWEN Federal Bank ripoff overcharges of late fees, forclosure charges, OCWEN Florida
I refinanced with a company I did not know was a mortgage broker. They transfered my loan to OCWEN and I have had problems since then. Ocwen charges late fees on my account even when represenatives tell me they will not because I acll 1-3 days into the grace period. The company waits to process my payment till it is late. They put us in a forbarance plan for months that increased our payments from 788.00 to 1204.00. I pulled out of forclosure and they charged me an 8-10,000.00 in legal fees. Then came back months later and said I did not pay all the legal fees and placed me in the afore mentioned forbarance plan. Then for the last payment on the forbarance plan thay took out 2 payments instead of 1. The 1204 overdraft caused an array of bills to bounce on my account. They placed by ACH credit one payment back in the account. but only after my bank returned the second ACH removed payment. My banks availability of funds process does not credit the 1204.00 for 24 hours. During the 24 hours, many bills bounced and then due to the replacement of funds from OCWEN and the reversed 2nd payment the payment was neever made. This was a nightmare to sort out. The company was no help . Did not pay my overdraft fees and put me in ANOTHER forbarance payment to pay off the 1204.00 payment that was missed. My interest rate is 11.89%. But my credit is so screwed up from the companys reporting problems I can not refinance. They effect my rate so much by charging late fees when I am in the grace period. It looks so bad I can not refinance, so I am stuck with the company. They OFTEN suggest I sell my home when I talk to them. They sent us to someone to submit forms for FED bail out. the person filled out the forms then would not answer our calls about the application and no one ever called us. i read the article about the Judge in Conn. working for them and hearing the case. I guess the red tape on the Fed side is in the companys control. I built my home 15 years ago. I was a single MOm for 10 years and never had a late payment. Worked full time and went to collage, and raised 2 children. Now I an an RN work 2 jobs, one full time and 1 part time, and make 3xs what i did in collage. But due to this company I can not get out of this mortgage. I am convinced they want a sale or forclosure so they can make their money and throw away the consumer.Who care that this is my beloved home where my kids have lived all their lives, have their friends and have nice nieborhood. Sonya Jonestown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: OCWEN, Florida
6, Report #99015
Jul 15 2004
06:05 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff dishonest fraudulant billing and surprise charges Ocwen Florida
ocwen is a major ripoff artist we applied for a mortgage to fix some things three years ago we applied for 28,000 dollars and now three years later our payoff to get rid of them is 40,000 can someone make sense out of that for me Dawn clayton, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Ocwen, Florida
7, Report #74180
Dec 05 2003
02:36 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Florida Internet
This company is ridiculous! I had to go into banqruptcy because of them. They would not work out a payment schedule with me so that I could bring my account current (I was laid off), they piled on all kinds of lawyer fees, late fees, etc. Too much to list! I finally had to file chapter 13 to keep my house! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, EVER! Stacie riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #78535
Jan 29 2004
12:37 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff! Orlando Florida
I recently refinanced my loan, through a company called First Financial NLC, which assigned to Ocwen. I was to get a 95% LTV loan, which at the closing table became 85%. I was in a situation where I had to take the loan, due to unforeseen circumstances. Since, I have been informed that the loan was actually through Ocwen from the beginning, that First Financial NLC was never involved, and that they never intended to give me the 95%. Additionally, the payment I was quoted was supposed to include escrows for taxes & insurance, but I found out later that the payment was just principal & interest, with no taxes & insurance included, as they don't take escrows. So now I have a monthly payment for quite a bit more than I bargained for, and still have to pay my own real estate tax & insurance. On top of that, my 1st payment was due on 1/1/04. I sent in a money order for the amount due. I received a call from an Ocwen representative that confirmed my address, phone, etc., and proceeded to confirm receipt of my payment which was allegedly missing a number of my account number. Now, 1/26/04, I receive a phone call from Ocwen, asking why I have not yet sent in my January payment. I informed them that it was sent & received a couple weeks ago, that I received a confirmation call to that effect. They tell me it was never received, that I am mistaken, and that I now have to pay a $48.13 late fee. I plan to overnight a check to them today, so that it is still received prior to the end of the month, and so that I get a receipt for it. After reading all these reports, I am concerned that it won't really matter if I do or not! Tara Southwest, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
9, Report #77101
Jan 15 2004
03:40 AM
I was amazed to find this place to actually report these scoundrels! Like you others, I was not notified when my loan was sent to Ocwen for servicing. They have ruined my husband and my credit not only by saying that we are always late, but they have all kinds of inventive ways to hide and siphhon off our money so it doesn't get applied to principal. When I call in to get answers I always get someone who takes fast with an accent so that I cannot understand and they never can address my questions. I have asked them what all these charges are on my account. That is usually when I get cut off. It takes hours to get through to someone else and try over. I never get any satisfaction. I started sending all our payments certified, but even then they are missing one month! When looking through a history I just received I only counted 11 months showing. Now I have to fight them again. Also, they have been impounding tax monies for several years, but they don't pay them on time and now they are raising our payment amount again evan though our taxes have not gone up. We went from paying $645.00 per month(p&i) to over $1600.00. I know they want our property, and we are getting desperate. It is a balloon payment and the last time we modified this loan the interest went from 8% to 12% and we had to pay all kinds of fees into the thousands. We are currently trying to get financing, but our property is unique, causing us to feel trapped inside this loan. We recovered this property once already out of foreclosure. They start foreclosure at thirty days. For your information--they ARE NOT a BANK. They, themselves told me over a year ago that they do not have any checking or savings accounts, or any other features one would naturally associate with their name. Is this the original scam or what? Sharon SMITH, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
10, Report #138431
Apr 11 2005
06:54 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
I work at Ocwen and just a little FYI for some of you: 1)To the person who complained about paying for a payoff quote and not being able to get a quote over the telephone: No mortgage company will give you a payoff quote over the phone. Payoff quotes have to be in writing to protect you and the company. There are indicentals that will be on the payoff quote, i.e. principal, interest, late charges, escrow, etc. and the payoff quote will have a good-thru date. All mortgage companies charge for processing a payoff quote and most charge for faxing it as opposed to mailing it. We pay for convenience. I have had several mortgages in my life with different companies and these rules apply to all of them. 2) Ocwen changed it's payment address, yes, but not the payment company. The same company that handled the payments in Los Angeles handles them in Chicago or Carol Stream, IL. April was the last month the the LA address will be reflected on the billing statements. Even if you mail your payment to LA it will be forwarded to Carol Stream and effective dated to the date it was received in LA. Ocwen uses an outside vendor to process it's payments as does your insurance company, vehicle loan company, electric, water and credit car companies. It's common practice and has been for decades. 3) Ocwen does not create prepayment penalties for it's borrowers. Prepayment penalty riders are on most of the mortgages we service. The loan origination company (the bank that originally puts up the money for the loan) decides to what loans they will attach a prepayment penalty based on the borrowers financial criteria: including credit score, debt to income ratio, past income, past work history, etc. The borrower signs the prepayment penalty rider or Note (when it is included with the Note) at closing with the title company or attorney's office. Prepayment penalties can be from 1 year to 5 years. The prepayment penalty can be any number of formulas from 6 months interest, 3% of the unpaid principal balance at the time of payoff to a what is called a standard formula, which is the highest prepayment penalty calculated. Then, later, if you pay off your loan before the prepayment penalty has expired the prepayment penalty will reflect on the payoff quote. I could go on, and I know that most who will read this will not believe it. But, the above are facts for all mortgage companies, not just Ocwen. Karen Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
11, Report #136250
Mar 24 2005
09:52 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff OralndoOrlando Florida
I am another victim of the Ocwen ripoffs My case is the I had claimed bankruptcy in 1999, Ocwen purchased my mortgage in Oct. 2000 and notified me of their purchase the following Dec. in August of 2002 I was brought in Bankruptcy Court for a foreclosure for being behind in payments to Ocwen. I had proved that I was up to date again I went to Court in September, October, November, December. And Finally in January of 2003 where the Judge was forced to make Proof of the default payments. Ocwen could not provide the information . I was discharge from the bankruptcy in May of 2004, I received a notice form Ocwen that those payments are still due after repeated calls They found their error, and forgot to update in the computer so now I am Square One again. Please help!!! Anthony Cartersville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
12, Report #131559
Feb 16 2005
09:13 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
ocwen bought my mortgage around sept 2002. everything was good until i got injured at work and fell behind on my payments then the nightmare started. after numerous attempts to try and resolve this matter telling them i was waiting for money from the labor dept. they didn't want to hear anything i then entered into a forbearance agreement with them not to proceed with a forclosure i did everything i agreed to in the agreement but ocwen put my house into forclosure anyway they held my first payment in limbo and called me 8days later telling me my house went into forclosure on the day i sent my first payment i told them this was unacceptable and they better get it straight them the extra fees started. i then called the research dept and explained my situation they sent me a letter of their findings and what they found were apples and oranges to what my agreement said. i was told that their were two forbearance agreements in my file. it seems they made another one without my knowledge or permission . the gentleman i spoke to then said he sees what happened and was going to get it straight the forclosure happened on march3rd 2004 he then sent me a letter stating the payments made in march and april2004 were made on time this was in june he also states they were going to report this to the three major credit bureaus to have it stricken from my record but give it about 30days to take affect nothing changed on my credit file i then called the man from the research dept again told him nothing changed he then sent me another letter stating the payments in march and april were maid ontime and the forclosure on m,arch 3rd2004 was done in error again they were going to report to the credit bureaus to have it stricken from my record this was in august2004 i have these letters and the origional forbearance agreement as of feb.16th 2005 it still shows a forclosure on my credit report i have been trying to refi. my house but am having much much difficultly because of this they are costing me a fortune now i want to sue them if possible so they can get what they derserve an important question i have is can i still refi. with someone else and still sue ocwen or do i have to have the loan with them in order to sue or get in on a class action lawsuit please e'mail me with some insight about this matter thanking you in advance mario& olympia Mario east stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
13, Report #160609
Oct 13 2005
09:58 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
Ocwen Federal Bank took our home and we were ripped off! We purchased our home in January of 2001, and our bank sold our loan in approx. 2 months to Ocwen Federal Bank. At that point our loan was current, but Ocwen said we were behind 3 months, this was impossible because we just closed on our home in January of 2001 and this was March 2001.... It was a nightmare! They continued to tell us that we were behind and charged us late fees and attorney fees that were untouchable. I called several times to talk to someone, never go through to anyone who could tell me what was going on.. I emailed the foreclosure department and Michael Napalitano never emailed me back. We went into a forbarance agreement and never missed a payment. We paid them $4600.00 to go into the agreement because they kept telling us they would foreclose on our home. We would get statements that were different each time and I would call and no one could explain to me what was going on. The Attorneys would send us letters each and every month telling us that we were not in agreement and we had to a certain date to get caught up or we would go into foreclosure.... It is now 2005 and sadly enough we sold our home. We were $14,500 behind with just late and attorney fees, so when it came to closing we still had to pay them $1350.00 to get out of our home.... They are crooks and should not be allowed to offer loans to anyone! I hope that this class action goes through, because they have put a lot of people in some bad situations! I am just glad that we were able to sell our home and not go into foreclosure! But for everyone who has worked with Ocwen you know they just want your property.. I purchased my home for $159000 in 2001 and sold the property for $189000 in 2005 and over the years paid Ocwen $67,000 and still did not walk away from my closing with a dime! Ocwen Sucks and should be investigated! Leisha Big Lake, MinnesotaCanada
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #160360
Oct 11 2005
01:48 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank a ripoff Orlando Florida
Mortgaged thru Ocwen federal bank. Last year Florida had 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks. Ocwen bank proposed forebearing mortgage payments for aug, sept and oct. with no affect to my credit standing. They said they understood that because of the hurricane they wanted to help people out. payments to be increased over next 6 months to cover their proposal. agreement was put in writing, but Ocwen contined to change what was in writing. They said they made a mistake and I owed much more than what was agreed in writing. All payments were complied in accordance to their demands. And now I am trying to refinance with another company because Ocwen bank can not be trusted. A payment history was sent by Ocwen to the new company I was seeking a mortgage with and it was totally full of lies, indicating that i was 60-90-120 always late. I sent copies of all my payments to the new company I wanted to change to. And they were very confused because all my cancelled checks had shown all payments were made on time and in accordance to Ocwens demands. But it seems that Ocwens willingness to help their customers has alterior motives. It's time that companies like Ocwen get what they deserve. mark orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
15, Report #98632
Jul 12 2004
07:43 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
Ocwen Federal Bank are a bunch of rip-off artists who take advantage of people when they are down and out! I lost my job at the beginning of the year, and I tried as hard as I could in order to keep current with our payments. I unfortunately fell behind and had to make up payments. I found a job so I wasn't unemployed for long. These bastards took advantage of that fact, and kept me in their help program as much as they possibly could. First, they told me that I could make partial payments, so I did, and when they called, I had to remind them that this was the deal. They kept saying let me check my notes. Well, I'm a collector too, and I know that you are supposed to keep copious amounts of notes every time you speak with a customer. These guys are not doing their job because the answer I kept getting back was We have nothing indicating that arrangement. Of course, I kept getting some guy named Haaji or something who could barely speak English. They also play sly little tricks to get around the Fair Debt Collections act. They will not leave messages, but will call every day. I know they tried to call me every day because their name comes up on caller id. Legally, they have to wait at least three days after they leave a message before they can leave another or attempt to contact you again. I got a call from one of their representatives tonight. We have not recieved your July payment she said. Which is absolute BS because I sent them the payment on July 2 (my payment is due July 1) and I sent it via my bank's electronic banking. Even with the five-day waiting period on e-banking, I was still well within my grace period. They claim to have never recieved the payment, which is always the case with them! Well, I am going to call my personal banker in the morning and have her send copies (front and back) via certified mail to Ocwen proving that I have made every single payment on time, and am, in fact, not late. I will also call upon an old friend who happens to be a lawyer and owes me a favor. Karma will get back to them. I wonder how the Hindu folks who are being exploited by this bank at their call center feel about that? Tammy Billings, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
16, Report #105493
Aug 26 2004
06:08 AM
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
17, Report #108838
Sep 17 2004
08:30 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank rip-off! Orlando Florida
After years of fees on top of fees with no understanding and always an explanation from Ocwen, I found myself filing bankruptcy to save my home. Even in bankruptcy, Ocwen continues to charge all kinds of monthly fees, namely: 4/16/2002 Property Valuation Fee - $109.00, 2/23/04 Bankruptcy cost $150.00, 2/23/04 Bankruptcy fee $350.00, 10/15/03 Property Valuation Fee $107.00, 10/8/2003 Bankruptcy Fee $175.00, 9/2/03 Bankruptcy Cost $150.00, 8/4/03 Bankruptcy Fee $125.00, 7/10/3 Property Inspection Fee $10.50, 6/23/03 Foreclosure Cost $1,754.00, 6/23/03 Foreclose Fee $400.00, 6/5/03 Fees $1,133.22, 4/28/03 Property Valuation Fee, $107.00, 12/20/03 Foreclosure Fee $500.00, 12/20/03 Foreclosure Cost $845.00, 8/1/02 Fees, $25.00, 8/1/02 (second one for this date and 7/24/02 Fees $107.00. My arrears went from $18,000,00 (forbearace agreement) to $28,000.00. My monthly payment has gone from $573.00 to $812.00. Ocwen has given all kinds of explanations and I am just stuck burdened down fighting to save my home. Shirley Reminderville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #108912
Sep 17 2004
02:29 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Filing reports Orlando Florida
Well Well Well. Let me pass on a bit of a warning so to speak. i recieved a call from Mr. Denby (Office of Thrift Supervision) today. He told me that I should not get back to the FTC because they could not help me. HMMMM - that seems oddly suspicious to me as that is the direct opposite of what they have said. In fact when I called them they told me if I knew of anyone else to have them file a complaint with them(FTC) as well. So I told Mr. Denby this and he then said well that's another complicated matter and was more interested in changing the subject and finding out more about my complaint against Ocwen. Well that attitude in itself - the fact that he flat out lied and tried to tell me that the FTC could not help me and even went so far as to try to deter me from wanting to speak to them further, just let me know that he definitely is not on the up and up. Even worse as we further discussed Ocwen he even remarked how there was nothing I could say that would shock him now... Ok Well why if this is the case, and OTS is a division of the Department of Treasury, why are these criminals still in business? If a statement like that can be made then why is it their operations have not been suspended. I think alot more pockets are getting padded than have already been made clearly obvious. So I still encourage everyone file reports - I know it gets sickening to have to be so repetitive but that's what it's going to take. File with every agency available to you. I can not say that enough. Especially given that Mr. Denby was so quick to want to deter contact with others... worry these people to death until they shut these tyrants down. VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
19, Report #71974
Nov 14 2003
07:38 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
One of the Supervisors at Ocwen told me if we refinanced our loan with another company, they would just get it right back. They made sure we could never refinace again. Lula Fairfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
20, Report #71972
Nov 14 2003
07:17 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
We were refinancing our loan, the company that was doing this called to inform us that our loan was in foreclosure, this was not the truth we were about two days late on our payment. So of course after this we did not get the loan. After that we request a payoff amount, never received one. We never could get caught up, because they said they always needed more money for what we don't know. Finally became three months late. Called their collection department and we told them we would send in two payments with the third to follow in four days was told this would be fine. After we paid the two months payments was called the following day after learning my husbands sister had just died and told we were in foreclosue. And they were sending back the payments we had perviously sent. Also told to send in another amount for their forebearance department. When we spoke to someone in their forebearance office we were then told to pay all the payments including interest late fees and pay the forebeance fees in the note every month after that. Was unable to pay all the payments at that time. We were afraid of their forebearance plan because even after all the moneys request were paid, there was always another amount that was requested. Never paid enough as for as they were concerned. Even though we were paying the amount they said to pay. Okay foreclosure papers are at my door by this time. The day of the foreclosure sale, they called us at 10:30 in the morning to lets us know if we sent in part of the money in 10 minutes they would call off the sale. Of course that knew we could not send the money in in ten minutes. While talking to this person on the phone, someone rung the door bell and said they had bought the house a few hours ago. Pior to this we had an attorney called to work out a plan, was directed to their forebearance department no one answered the phone. Lula Fairfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
21, Report #70136
Oct 26 2003
02:32 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Discover your face! Orlando Florida
Ocwen Federal Bank and their friends Litton, Moss Codilis, and all their expensive and highly immoral lawyers (my personal and until my death opinion) refuse the Discovery process in our class action. Since we celebrate the Discovery of America this month...What about discovering your face Ocwen Hell? Oh, I know. Your face is ugly and guilty. Your face has THE MARKS OF THE BEAST! My face (and all our faces) are in the open. We have nothing to hide. What are you hiding, Ocwen? You think you are hiding....poor, little Ocwen. You are hiding NOTHING! America knows you, CRIMINAL OCWEN! You defend yourself by hiding....What a show of guilty hiding! Let's send those letters out to the Judge in charge of Hanson v. Ocwen: Honorable Christopher F. Droney United States Distric Judge 450 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103 And to his boss: Honorable Robert N. Chatigny Chief United States District court Judge 450 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103 They have the same address and 2 simple stamps will deliver. They are not Ocwen and chances are they will notice they have mail. We need them to know we are looking at them. We have a lot to gain, including our homes. We send to many letters to institutions of all kinds. Why not add these two names to our CC list? I intend to do that from now on, until the end of Ocwen or the end of myself. Fall will end soon and a new bitter Winter is coming. Let's get rid of our anguish and give the fight of our life. We are not to begin the new year with this Satan undisturbed, always covering his face with his dirty green dollars. Marlene Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
22, Report #83400
Mar 10 2004
09:30 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
I was with Ocwen for two years, I was always in foreclosure they would not apply my payments or send them back to me and add on thousands of dollars in attorney fee's, late charges, property inspection fee's and other bogus charges! I would get people driving by my house and harrasing phone call's from a Mr. Selig even on a holiday, They told me they could keep me in foreclosure for a year so I could not get a refinance. I almost lost my home and after sending them thousands of dollars in fee's I am still trying to recover financially, not to mention what they have done to my health. Don't bother trying to call the company you can never get any answers and thats if you can understand what they are saying. I can't belive this company is able to continue to do business after all the complaints I have heard. I have turned over all my files and yes tapes - Yes I did tape the conversations to the attorney general in Mi. I only hope I can somehow recoup some of my money that Ocwen has ripped off from me and my family. Please make sure if you are thinking about refinancing you check out who your mortgage is being sold to! This was a nightmare. Leslie 48178, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
23, Report #86134
Mar 31 2004
05:14 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ripoff company from hell Orlando
I am surprised federal agents do not storm this place and arrest everyone. I have never felt so angry until I have dealt with these people. They tried to foreclose on me last year and the only way I could save my home was to get a lawyer. When that piece of crap law firm Moss Codillis would call me the flunkie on the other end would just make up a number that I owed. The first time it was $3800 (This was after missing one $987 payment due to an illness). He then said I could start a forbearance plan If I sent is $1600. I did that (like an idiot I took their advice) and they sent the payment back. I called back and another winner whose name I couldn't pronounce said we're going to take your home, your default is now $9,000 I knew right at that time these were worthless scumbags and I needed legal help. My lawyer got me on a forbearance plan of 1265 a month with 4000 down. I look every month on the statement and not a dime is going off of the arrears. As soon as I get more cash I am going to file a lawsuit against thes scumbags. I WANT THEM TO SUFFER! My heart goes out to the people who lost their homes, these filth prey on you and hold your home over your head. I am not a violent person, but when that little scumbag on the other line said we're going to take your home I wanted to reach through that phone and.... I can't believe the Feds haven't raided this place. They are financial terrorists. Good luck to all. Mike monroeville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #63171
Jul 09 2003
02:21 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
We refinanced our home last year and our loan was sold to Ocwen Federal Bank and it has been a total nightmare ever since. On recieving the first statement our payment went from 686.00 to 790.00, So I called immediately! And was told the increase was due to escrow for taxes and insurance, even thow we, at closing had asked requested no escrow as we always pay our own taxes and insurance. They told me to send a letter to release impound and send the payment of 790.00. We sent payment of 686.00 which they accepted, But from then on the refused payments. When I called their attorney's to find out how to bring our home current, it was thousands of dollars! Instead of a decent amount. Leesa Perkinston, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
25, Report #118250
Nov 16 2004
04:45 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Orlando Florida
Here are two of the crooks I am dealing with. Maybe if we all send them tons of emails and faxes and fill up thier voicemail box they will get the picture that we want a return call. Rachel Gile Loan Resolution Manager, Orlando Office Ocwen Federal Bank, FSB TEL.: 407-737-5066 FAX: 407-737-5699 EMAIL: RGile@OCWEN.COM Esmeralda Y Anglin Loan Resolution Consultant LRC Department esalgado@ocwen.com TOLL FREE: 1-877-596-8580 DIRECT: 1-407-737-5226 FAX: 1-407-737-5071 Rachel orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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