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76, Report #76643
Jan 09 2004
11:50 AM
When I got sick and was on sick leave from work I fell behind in my payments to Ocwen. I made arrangement to catchup, so I thought. I sent them over $3,000 dollars within a 45 day period. Only half of that went towards payments and the other half was fees. Ocwen made it very difficult for me to catch up. I was sending them hundreds of dollars in late fees, collection fees, valuation expenses, and because we called fees. Meanwhile they were trying to foreclose on my property. The payments would take forever to post to my account. I would wait 15 to 21 days for a payment to clear. I even sent in a payment early for christmas. After speaking with one of their reps, he informed me I was all caught up, so I told them I sent in a payment for December. Three weeks later(around the 12th of december)I get an invoice for the exact amount I sent in for some more late fees! When I called in about it the rep told me these were late fees that wasn't covered in my payments. Now I'm once again behind the eight ball. a payment behind incurring late fees. In my closing the late fee was stated to be 48.00 not 248.00. Lawanda gary, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
77, Report #76384
Jan 03 2004
09:21 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB Ripoff - unfair/fraudulent charges Orlando Florida
As a former airline employee who lost my job due to 9/11, I fell into a financial bind as I was unemployed for 3 months. During this time my loan was sold to Ocwen. My multiple attempts to discuss my situation with anyone there feel on deaf ears, and they waited just long enough for me to find new employment before they filed foreclosure paperwork. I was forced into Chapter 13. That's when Ocwen's true colors really began to show. They submitted paperwork to the court with unexplained charges of almost $4000. I disputed them and no Ocwen representative showed up in court so the judge ruled the charges not owed. Now that I am trying to refinance my bankruptcy Ocwen has reared its ugly head again, demanding payment of those same fees the judge ruled they could not collect. The correspondence from them states that if the fees are not paid in full they will not release their lien AND will put me back into foreclosure. These people need to be stopped! Nadine Trenton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
78, Report #74828
Dec 12 2003
06:53 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff, nonsense and Interest Fraud Orlando Florida
After finding this web site and reading all these reports I was in shock to find out I was not alone. I had just about given up until I saw a report on the World news! It motovaited me to look up web sites, unreal. I am in the same boat as most of the victims. I have a mortgage with Ocwen Federal bank that they purchased form HUD. they put me on a Forebearance agreement which they feel entitles them to rise my payments every year until I cannot afford to pay. In the mean time Ocwen has added a securitized interest charge of $18,759.00 and Government payments of $2,920.65 and Escrow Advance of $1,824.95 totaling $22,222.21. they want to make sure if you ever try to get out they take all your equity. I've wrote countless letters to Ocwen and they have responsed with nonsense. It is a very frustrating situation because we (the victims) do not know where to go. Really I believe the goverment needs to get involved. Susan Valrico, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
79, Report #75127
Dec 17 2003
02:06 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Riopff! Took our home out from under us. Orlando Florida
In Jan. of 2000 we recieved a letter thru the mail say we where going to be forclosed on because we had not paid for 4 mo. we called them and they told us that the money that we sent went to pay back tax's that where not owed by them we payed it ourselves. So we worked with them to bring it all up to date (we thought). We sent the money they asked for but they said it was never received even though we had money orders to prove it. so they forclosed we put a stop to it with a lawyer at the confirmation hearing because they let us know thru the mail only 5 days before it happened and we where told it was not legal. We worked with a laywer for almost 1&ahalf yrs. to keep our home until we ran out of money in lawyer fee's. We had refinasing all set to go but Ocwen keep changing the price that was owed. It went from 107,000 to 158,000 back and forth until our backers could not do it any more. So we are broke and have lost our Home, they have won. Ocwen is having the final public auction in Jan. We have lost it all and we are in or 60,s and not able to start over my husband has had 2 heart attacts with all the strain and we can't fight them any more Ron/bette Birnamwood, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
80, Report #132599
Feb 23 2005
10:19 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB ripoff Orlando Florida
I was told by phone I couldnot use the forbarance plan because I was not 90 days behind. I was told by phone to stop paying until I was 90 days behind when I was I called to sign up they told me that plan was for late fees only. my daughter and I are both on dissibility we have no way to catch up on the loan. I called them to explain our situation they told me they wernt going to forclose but I keep getting NOTICE OF DEFAULT letters I dont know what to do. If anyone does please help. Linda amado, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
81, Report #137351
Apr 02 2005
09:35 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Attention to all inquires RIPOFF!Orlando Florida
I have had the same nightmare and it is not over yet. I lost my home 1/14/05 because of these people and I now have no way of getting another home for me and my children due to the fact that Ocwen has ruined my credit. I also had a lawyer and nothing happened. The only way to stop these people temporarily is to get a federal judge to sign a federal injuction and this will stall a foreclosure but will not completely stop it. I sure hope somebody out there will help us stop this. I have lost everything and I want to stop this from happening to others. Sincerely, Shea summit, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
82, Report #136383
Mar 25 2005
12:25 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank, FHB, FSB Rip off reports Orlando Florida
Ocwen federal Bank had baught my morgage from fleet bank in 1998. The morgage was in bankruptcy at this time, and had ended in 2003. They had stated the the morgage had a negative balance of $5,420.00 which was false. At the end of the bankruptcy the balance had gone up to $9,500.00 which is totally false. They had tried to place hazard insurance on the house when the house was already insured. Ocwen had sent fleet his reports for only the year of 1998 that showed escrow account became negative $5,420.00 in a three month period. The issue at hand keeps esculating and these people cannot get away with it anymore. If there is anything you can do to help me out with my situation please do so and contact my email. Thank you, Kathy springfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
83, Report #133881
Mar 05 2005
01:37 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank, FSB Ripoff Unfair Escrow tack on Orlando Florida
Okay..my horror story goes like this. We were transferred to Ocwen and have been stuck with them for almost 3 years. I am about at my wits end because my mortgage payment has rose almost 300 in that time and that is not because of rates..its because of ocwen. Two years ago Ocwen decided not to pay my June 2003 property taxes until January 2004. Our house was about to go into the newspaper for sell of by the county. I got onto Ocwen about this payement and they stated they did not received the tax bill even though I mailed it once and faxed it twice. I told them that what ever fees that the county wanted was not going to be paid by me. They took these fees off of my escrow account. Now mind you I had been making my mortgage payment ontime each month in this time period, so my escrow account should have continued to grow. I saw on my statement Feb 2004 fees come off and payment come out for taxes. I though things were fine. I was wrong. Well, Ocwen then decides that because they paid for the fees they had to recoup this money back somehow (plus some) and tack on an extra 200 on my mortgage payment to play catch up in order to pay June 2004 taxes on time. I was told that my escrow account was not going to cover my taxes for the year. so my once 1280 mortgage then jumped to 1560.00 and counting..actually I now pay (late each month now) close to 1700 each month after all the late fees, legal/collection expense etc. Last year alone we paid 13k in interest fees. Well..today I called because i saw that my 1700 payment was not received on time and I was asked why it was late in the first place. I did not want to get into it with this foreigner and let him know that the company he works for is a rip off so i just told him that funds were not available at the time it was due. He said he asked that question because they need it to report to the Credit Buearu. I just laughed. Ocwen has made a mess of my credit..i can't afford my mortgage and I can't get away from them until next year. and by that time our credit will be so bad it won't make a difference anyway. And we call this the land of the free..yeah right. Tracie Elkton, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
84, Report #130225
Feb 05 2005
07:08 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB ripoff Los Angeles California
I was refinancing my mortgage with another company and Ocwen Federal Bank FSB will not send the attorney the closeout on the loan. I am in this process now and have been requesting the pay off amount since January 2005. I am behind now 2 payments since they won't send a quote but I don't want to send them more money since our request, I may not get it back if it was too much paid. I did not originally have my mortgage loan with Ocwen it was sold to them by another mortgage loan company. I have made several calls to the phone numbers they give on an outomated answering system, since you never get a person, or rarely one. I talked to someone when I first started calling them,then after they have refused to give me a payoff quote I get an answer system with options under 1,2,etc. but never a person. I receive calls, several daily, when I ansewr it gives you a message like this is Barb from Ocwen, please call (and it gives a # ) at your earliest convenience. When I let my answer machine pick it up they disconnect. When a press * 69 to retrieve the # it says this # cannot be dialed. Is that a fraud or what. I am very stressed,outraged,feel harressed, over this issue and feel I have been a victum. I don't want to loose my home. I need any help I can get to resolve this. Marlene Hornell, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
85, Report #120518
Nov 30 2004
04:51 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ripoff Unwarranted Late fees Legal Fees Foreclosure Threats Incorrect Info Orlando Florida
I got a mortgage with Ocwen in September 2002. They immediately began sending my statements and notices to an incorrect address. I didn't know this, obviously, since I was not getting anything. I am being held responsible for not telling them that I was not getting mail from them. (How would I know what I am not getting vs. what I should be getting?) They began racking up late charges that I didn't know about, since they sent notices of these to the incorrect address. They eventually filed foreclosure procedures against me - again, without my knowledge. I had no idea, and would not have known had I not been looking into having this mortgage refinanced. They began to make negative reports on my credit rating, while at the same time refusing and returning payments that I was making on my mortgage. When I called to ask why they had been returned, I was given an incorrect answer. I scheduled phone meetings with their customer service department in order to sort things out - and their rep. cancelled them on me, saying she was too busy. I asked her repeatedly to call me and gave her all of my contact information. She repeatedly called my home number during normal business hours, and left messages for me then. (I had told her that I work during the day, and provided both work and cell phone numbers. They could not figure that out.) My mortgage was not being reported on my credit reports. It did not appear that I ever had one with Ocwen. Owen would not tell me that the payments that I had been making over the last nearly two years had been actually going to pay off my mortgage - for a while, they would not even acknowledge that I indeed HAD a mortgage with them. When they began reporting my mortgage to credit reporting agencies, they added all of the fees and foreclosure procedures that they had initiated. I am now unable to get a mortgage with a new lender, since these outrageous late fees, legal fees, foreclosure fees, and so on have inflated my payoff amount and made my credit standing look awful. My mortgage broker was told that Esmerelda Anglin, Ocwen's ONLY customer service representative, was no longer employed there, and that she should not be contacted any more. I was told that this information was false, and that I was lying. I was also told not to contact their customer service department any more with my concerns. They appear to be doing this kind of thing all over the country, taking people's homes and ruining their credit ratings. Why can't they be stopped? Carlyle Lafayette, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
86, Report #125899
Jan 05 2005
10:24 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Charge Off on credit Scam!!! Orlando Florida
We used a mortgage company to buy our first home and they sold the loan after 6 months to Ocwen Federal Bank. Throughout the time, they charged us outrageous fees and other advances??? on our statement. When called abot these fees they basically said deal with it. We decided to get out from that loan and sell our home, we hired a realtor that just so happens to market and sale all of Ocwen's Foreclosures for that city. We went on and on for months with Ocwen and finally got them to agree to the sale after trying to foreclose on our home. Now we are left with a Charge off of 6800 on our credit reports and they have their money and we have all the statements stating that fact. This company is a rip off and has scared us away from ever buying ahome again. Amy Tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
87, Report #126394
Jan 07 2005
05:42 PM
OCWEN FEDERAL BANK Ripoff Defamation Of Name and Credit Orlando Florida
Ocwen Fed Bank filed a foreclosure on my home without my after they had informed me on how much money to wire to them. On 12/10/2003 I was told to wire $2536.45 before the end of month. This payment was wired on 12/31/03.( MTCN:534-818-4139 ) Once this payment was made I had a balance of $2686.59.Which was to be mailed in January 2003 on 1/30/03 I wired $2800.00 (MTCN:112-382-1373)to make this payment and late fees To my suprise one of my friends called my wife and told her that our home was listed in the local news paper. This was about 9th of Feb 04,so I called Ocwen to find out what was going on with my account because this was the first I had heard about my property being in foreclosure. I talked to a representive of Ocwen by the name of Nathan and explained my situation with my property. He informed me that the above monies were going to be returned to me and that I needed to wire another $7,623.04 ASAP. Therefore I obtained a cashier check on 2/10/04 for the above amount and express mailed it overnight to Ocwen Fed Bank ,12650 Ingenuity Dr,Orlando Fl 32826. In Feb of 2004 I was informed that I needed to wire $4395.57, this amount was wired 2/11/04. (MTCN:907-779-7186). To the best my knowledeg my account should be paid through June 2004 once this payment was made. Robert L GUNTERSVILLE, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
88, Report #125616
Jan 03 2005
09:12 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff still wondering, wounds won't heal Orlando Florida
When I defaulted on my original hud mortgage hud took over after 90 days. Problems with them went on for almost 16 months until they sold it to my new best buddies - OCWEN. Now as most of you seem to suspect my problems started. The math became a joke, questions about it recieved vauge and undecipherable answers and when asked why I was still being charged hud insurance fees and their was no longer hud mortgage insurance they denied they were doing so. Now I was curious because my note included P.I.T.I. and no escrow increases had arisen on top of that my $35/month hud ins. was still in the payment. 7 years later, numerous inquiries and little or no answers I was able to refi.late fees incorrect postings, phone fights,and a principle balance that seemed to be virtually frozen in placei was at LONGGGGGG last able to saylater to all those accents I was unable to understand. Still want to know why the payoff was a couple thousand more than my perpetually late statements always said. will continue reading with interest. p.s. I also purchased my own home ins. even though it to was still being charged in my P.I.T.I. mortgage; still want some straight talk after all these years. Don pomfret, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
89, Report #121903
Dec 08 2004
04:22 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Los Angeles California
Thank you for your time.. These people harress me every month with phone calls for my payment, which is never late... ever since they bought my contract from new centry mortgage I have had no peace. My payment is due on the first, but I have till the sixteen before it is late, and still they call. I can only mail it after the third of the month, that's when my husbands s.s. check comes in.. they are calling on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, I have to get ugly with words and I don't like that, its not good for my christian faith.. or my nerves..... Please stop the calls! Linda Milton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
90, Report #80450
Feb 14 2004
12:55 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff, harassment, overloaded fees, costly to escape Orlando Florida
I was harassed unmercifully by Amy from Ocwen. If any of you do not know it already, Amy is a conputer generated voice that makes daily harssing calls to their clients. I was only charged one late fee which amounted to 10% of my payment. I was one day late. I could not get a correct payoff amount from them and as a result didn't have enough money left from the refinance to pay off a $1,000 bill. I only dealt with them for a little over a year. I did wind up paying an exhorbitant pre-payment penalty when I was able to refinance again. I did this just to get away from them. I re-applied with Finance America in California. When we were just about ready to close the loan, I asked who would be doing the financing. He told me, Ocwen. After the senior loan officer for that firm worked for two weeks to get it approved, I cancelled the loan. I explained to him that I accidently discovered this website about Ocwen and that I had alreday had my suspicions about them. After he told me that Ocwen was the only lender that they used, I told him, absolutely not! I will not deal with them ever again! He wouldn't believe me when I told him about this website, but he wouldn't look it up either. I am distressed to learn tha Ocwen, not only has their foot in the door with the VA, but are being welcomed with open arms. I hope that enough media exposure will bring this dishonest company down before they hurt even more people. I guess I really got off lightly because I was able to keep my property. While it was costly for me, I firmly believe that education will never be as expensive as ignorance. I do take comfort just knowing that I will never be ripped off by them again. I hope that my complaint wil help to stop them from their dishonest practices. Linda Largo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
91, Report #74716
Dec 10 2003
04:08 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank wont return calls Orlando Florida
In forebearnace but got behind again... the court date is 1 week ago and for 3 weeks, my attorney and I have tried to contact them but they wont return our calls. Apparently, Moss, etal, are direct employees of Ocwen.. I talked to a former employee today and she agreed there are alot of complaints against them.. I also contacted the Florida Bar today and am bringing charges against Moss, et al. Forest Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
92, Report #74501
Dec 09 2003
07:47 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff - insurance fraud; interest fraud; payment application fraud Orlando Florida
I attempted to settle with Ocwen Federal several times, additionally they forced VERY high insurance on my account and took the payment application to the escrow first for insurance, then interest - then principal I paid 18 years on a 15 year 10% loan - then when I refinanced they still took 45,000+ - - - - There is a class action suit against them; but to date I have found no-one to help my situation.... Why is it the banking commission and the federal government are allowing such fraudulant behavior and WHY with so many complaints are they continually allowed to RIP OFF the little guy Maybe someone can read these and help all of us.... Debra Brookhaven, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
93, Report #80152
Feb 12 2004
07:24 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank will not return phone calls Orlando Florida
We had a payment that got lost in the mail.After receiving it,Ocwen takes 2 weeks to send it back without putting the check through. Now it is late with late fees.We try to call but they are three hours ahead of us because we are on the west coast. Next month same thing. We can not get anyone on the phone. Month after that same thing. Now we get things in the mail and things put on the door about forclosure. Very scary. Finally we get someone on the phone.She says she can get us on a payment plan.Life seems good when she gets taken off our case and another woman has been put on it.Nice timing I thought. The fourth month they give us an auction date for our house of seven years.The most difficult part of this whole thing is the fact that we could not get anyone on the phone. I would start calling at 5:30am our time to try to catch anyone. I think when the fees start to pile up,they clean up.I know they want to take our house.Ocwen is company of crooks stealing families futures and dreams. Stefan kent, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
94, Report #81353
Feb 22 2004
05:50 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank And Management Co. ripoff Orlando Florida
Ocwen Federal Bank and Management Co. in Orlando Florida, a fraudelent company who are throwing people out of their foreclosed VA homes without Due Process of the Law We are a couple who are 48 and 50 years old...my husband is an Army Veteran of over 12 years who decided to buy a home in Norhtern Michigan after we had been renting for all our 26 years of marriage...we wanted a better and safer life for our daughter who is 11 yrs old now...we had been living downstate in the big city which is not safe anymore... We decided to go through the Veterans Administration to purchase a home since my husband is a Veteran... Due to unforseen circumstances regarding no jobs up here for Engineers and a declining economy since 911...we lost our home in foreclosure... We are currently at the end of our redemption period which is 6 months here in Michigan... We were working with a Property Manager who was working with the VA...very nice man who did his job the proper way...and then he and 6 other property managers in this surrounding area were fired for no explainable reason...in comes Ocwen Financial and Management Co... We were not given any notice from the VA or the real estate working with Ocwen Management Co regarding this change...just a lady coming to our door telling us that we had to be out of our home by a certain date...she DID NOT introduce herself...explain whom she was working with or give us any paperwork...I told her we were refinancing and she left... We were unable to refinance and have been looking for a place to rent ever since... 2 days before the redemption period was up she comes POUNDING on our door which I did not answer not knowing exactly who she was... For the last 3 weeks she has been coming to our house and pounding on our door...no phone calls...no mail regarding who she is other than a nasty note on the door and a card from Leading Edge Real Estate in Beaverton Michigan stating that our redemption period is now up and we have to leave immediately. Yesterday she came out again...was told to leave and follow due process of the law...and she refused and when she was told the Sheriff would be called she said go ahead She finally left and I called her and asked what is going on. She said we have 2 weeks left and that then the sheriff will be out to throw us and our possessions out... Needless to say I hung up...called the Sheriff of our county who said that she has to follow procedures of the law and cannot go about doing things the way she is...and she said she was a paralegal also {obviously one who does not know the law in michigan} The VA and Ocwen are using scare tactics through this real estate to basically threaten and throw people out of their homes... We know the law in Michigan as we have talked to lawyers and official people regarding this... I want people out there especially in Michigan to know they CANNOT do this type of thing...they HAVE to follow what is known as Due Process of the Law... If anyone in Michigan, northern Michigan, or anywhere else in the United States has had this problem with this management company please contact me thru this website...using the rebuttal key We would be more than happy to speak with people regarding this issue as IT IS NOT RIGHT WHAT OCWEN IS DOING TO HARDWORKING PEOPLE WITH THE VA'S APPROVAL... Thank you and have a great day!!! Joseph and diane harrison, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
95, Report #79393
Feb 05 2004
06:55 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff, forced insurance, no notifications Orlando Florida
Charging me for insurance when I already have, never made any requests to me for verification of insurance. Now they want insurance verificaton going back to 2002. No two statements are alike and when you call customer service you get different answers from each individual you talk to. I have had the same insurance company for about 5 years with no lapses or reinstatements. They take weeks sometimes to credit my account with payments made. Generally sloppy run company. Now they have started charging me payments for escrow which I have never used my whole life , I have always paid my own taxws and insurance.I have had to pay late fees twice and nsf checks have been charged to me twice and they will not discuss they matter that they are wrong. Thomas Social Circle, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
96, Report #66122
Aug 24 2003
01:47 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB ripoff Orlanda Florida
In 2000 my mortage was sold to Ocwen and my trouble started in 2002. In March 2003 we filed for backruptcy, chapter 13 to keep Ocwen from foreclosing on us. Our first payment after the bankruptcy to Ocwen was due in May of 2003. Ocwen for some reason decided that my first payment was due in April of 2003. As a result of this all of my payments for the last 14 months has been one month behind. That was only the beginning. Ocwen is now trying to get my chapter 13 set aside so that they can foreclose on us. Ocwen has stated that the reason for this action is that we have missed a payment. We have proof that the payment was made and they recieved it. We have been sending out payments signature return. As of August 2003 they are still saying that the payment was never made and are still going forward with their motion to set aside the chapter 13 so that they may foreclose on our property. I would be very intrested in being part of the class action lawsuit against Ocwen that was brought by Mr. Hanson in Ct. If anyone could let me know how to become a part of it I would appreciate it greatly. Jeanne portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Orlanda, Florida
97, Report #62675
Jul 03 2003
11:13 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank lied, lied and then lied some more Orlando Florida
I've been reading others complaints and boy oh boy is there a definate pattern here. I feel so much better knowing that I am not going crazy. I felt like women that live in an abusive relationship. I thought it had to be something I was doing wrong. I could believe that this company is this mean spirited and greedy. We constanly received calls day and night saying we did not pay them, and then they switched us to Fairbanks Capital Mortgage and when I called Ocwen to remind them of an agreement for payment that we had just done the month before--they said take it up with Fairbanks they would not honor the agreement and Ocwen would not call to confirm what they had agreed to. I'm not defeated yet I will keep up the battle and get back what the devil stole from us. I'm putting as much pressure on them as I can to get those crooked fees waived. I want to join in the legal action against this company. How do I get to Kweku Hanson? Barbara Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
98, Report #65519
Aug 10 2003
06:21 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff outlandish ripoff late fees Orlando Florida
We tried to set up paymets before we got behind, but they would not talk to us until we were three months behind. All the while they phone us daily and send us threatenig letters. When we decided to try and refinance they add all kind of extra fees ontop of it all. Michael Warren, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
99, Report #65955
Aug 19 2003
11:47 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB I thought we were doing something wrong Orlando Florida
I am sooo glad I found this website. We had our house built in 2000. The day we signed the papers the loan was sold to Option One. Option One sold our loan to Ocwen. We immediatly had problems. Our loan had been written to not include taxes or insurance escrow. Ocwen paid the propery taxes and did not inform us. They then set up an escrow account and tacked that amount on to our loan. My husband then lost his job and our mortgage got behind. Moss, Codilis... helped us by getting us a forebearance plan. I wish we would never have signed those papers but when being threatened with foreclosure you will do almost anything to save your home. The payments went up not down. I often wonder why they thought having us pay more money each month was going to work. It seems like forever that we have been on the forebearance plan and the bottom line only goes up not down. I have called them serveral times to have this explained to me but I get the run around. I understand late fees, I understand escrow but i don't get how our loan was for 131,000$ and is now 147,000$ and climbing. The last person at Ocwen that I asked for an explanation said I should go home and ask my husband to explain it to me. I won't even comment on that remark. We are trying to refinance and have been through several companies. so far no one can help us. The payoff quote is a nightmare of Foreclosure(which we had never been told about), legal fees, late fees(they seem to multiply faster than time passes)and an escrow mess that no can seem to figure out. We had a late payment and tried to send a large sum but all we've heard so far from Moss... is that we defaulted and have 33 days to pay. I am not so sure I want to pay. I really just want out from under them. I am tired of all this. I read about the class action suit is it too late for us to sign up? What do we do? I tried to email Mr. Hanson but it got returned. It seems to me that this forebearance thing is a gotya. There is no way out. I did the math and we will never pay it off and out credit is getting worse by the month. At this rate we will never be able to refinance. Kimberly Independence, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
100, Report #64108
Jul 19 2003
08:01 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff mistreated and ripped off Orlando Florida
I got behind on my mortgage because of health problems but and was getting constant calls at work which eventually in a very large part to me being fired. I called ocwen which by then I was only 2 months behind. They told me of a repayment I could go with. I heard nothing else from them until less than 2 weeks before they foreclosed and sold my house and then I tried to call the resolution firm they had but all I got was an answering machine until 2 days before they sold my house and was also told by this resolution person that ocwen was not going to accept a repayment plan and then I owed $4,700 as well. I asked where that $4,700 came from since my payments were only $371.00 per month. They refused to tell me and backtracked on their repayment plan they had in a letter I receive less than 2 weeks before telling me my alternatives to foreclosure. Do the math $370.00 at now 4 months (since I could not reach them) does not equal $4,700). Enron was bad but they cannot hold a candle to Ocwen. They are by far the biggest liars and thiefs I have ever seen, heard or read about. There is alot more to this nightmare and I have all the documentation. David Robertsdale, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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