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76, Report #1311518
Jun 15 2016
09:35 AM
Pep Boys of Fredericksburg Virginia , Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service, Pep Boys TOTALLY INCOMPETENT AND/OR FISHONEST PEOPLE! Fredericksburg Virginia
Very very poor service. The mechanics are incompetent, and the management dishonest. Managers did not provide any of the written paperwork they promised, or keep their word on anything.My 2005 Ford Escape had a spark plug strip out by its threads. I had it towed to the Plank Road Pep Boys in Fredericksburg, VA  for repair. The repair was a very simple one, and involved installing a helicoil which restores the spark plug threads. I hired them to do the repair after they assured me that they understood what was needed, and could do the work..The report I then got from them after they looked at my car was disturbing and totally inaccurate. Their diagnosis included telling me that 1) The engine could not be repaired. 2) That there was no compression in the bad cylinder. 3) That the piston had internal damage and was hitting the bottom of the spark plug, 4) there was engine block damages and 5) there was internal engine damages.  6) I was told I needed to get another engine.I told them to leave the intake manifold off and I would come get the car. I paid $317.75 with a credit card by phone before I picked up the car. I was told the paperwork for the diagnosis charges would be in the car. There was no paperwork in the car when I picked it up. When I asked the service manager Ben for the work estimate, he said it was gone and could not be provided to me. When I got my car, the manifold was magically re-installed on the car. I told them to leave it off. The manager had no explanation as to why the manifold was put back on my car when I told him not to. This made me think that they had never even taken the manifold off, as they charged me for! What's worse, my new mechanic said that he did not believe the manifold had ever been removed! This made sense given how totally incorrect the diagnosis was. I could not get the manager to provide the original estimate or the diagnosis results. Or any proof that the manifold had ever been removed. He said he had photos to prove it, but due to company policy, could not show them to me!!!!I was forced to dispute the charges.After I got my car back, I had the helicoil put in for less than $400, and the car ran perfectly. NONE of what Pep Boys told me turned out to be true.These people don't know what they are talking about and should not call themselves mechanics. I would have purchased a new engine for $8,000 dollars if I had believed them, when it cost less than $400 to get it completely repaired elsewhere.I would stay far far away from this business. Take your repairs anywhere else. These people are dishonest and shady, and either did not know what they were talking about, or out and out attempted to rip me off with bogus diagnosis charges, and an attempt to sell me a new engine!!! Worst car service experience I ever had.Avoid Pep Boys on Plank Road in Fredericksburg, VA!
Entity: Fredericksburg, Virginia
77, Report #57345
May 17 2003
04:02 PM
Pep Boys ripoff mistreated and ripped off Florence Kentucky
was 01/02/02 for a tune up on my truck. {complete tune up} which truck ran good until 03/27/03 it was running like it was missing took it back to them. It sat up there for a day they did engine dia. which that was ok until they tell me it has fuel inj problem and to fix it it would cost me 450.00 plus. in the back of my mind it didn't feel like fuel inj problem. so i didnt let them work on it. I took it to my local dealer which i know it more experance. The mech took me out to my truck and said here is you problem it look like the fourth of july under my hood. the fuel inj are in good shape! so i was pissed {sorry}. i took it back to pepboys. to get my money back for a engine dia that they were wrong about dia. the service manager chris told me ford was wrong and the only thing they would cover is spark plugs wires because they are life time. no tune up should only last 1 yr and 2 months. i showed him the invoice from ford he said it wrong it is the fuel system. i was treated as a dumb ass. and ford didnt know what was wrong with my truck. did i tell you all my trucks a ford f 150 . so let everyone know dont take it to this store. i went to ford and bought my parts so i can repair my truck myself. dont trust pepboys in florence or any other stores. I am in the hole for 375.73 plus the part that i had to replace that pep boys parts 77.90 and the engine dia that ford did they didnt charge me for Steven Independence, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Florence, Kentucky
78, Report #56966
May 14 2003
05:27 PM
Pep Boys Ignorant, filfthy, time wasting, liars and scandalists! Berlin New Jersey
I have taken my car to Pep Boys for the past year for Oil Changes. I never thought anything of it until I brought it in for a front end alignment in the fall. It took them 2 hours to finally get me in on the lift, and then they called me in to tell me that they couldn't align my tires because my subframe was broken. They showed me a few indents in the outer frame of my car. I asked how much it was for a new one plus labor and I was told nearly $900! I couldn't believe it--so I went and got a second opinion. My car was put on a lift and looked at and then I was told that there was aboslutely nothing wrong with my car. I went and got my tires aligned the next day. I vowed never to go back since the know-nothings tried to rip me off, but I found myself in a pinch a few weeks ago when I had to take a long trip. I went in for an oil change and asked them to replace my back brakelight. Everything was fine and dandy until I noticed a few days later that my brakelight cover was not replaced correctly! Instead of going through the trunk, the idiot mechanic took the short cut and just screwed it back on on the outside! I'm quite disgusted, but I'm not sure what else I should expect from such a nation wide chain of service centers. I've had the nerve to write the owner of Pep Boys, except I don't think he'd really care. These people just want to make money. Lauren Atco, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Berlin, New Jersey
79, Report #77052
Jan 14 2004
02:57 PM
PEP BOYS Richarch Chevorlete ripoff Orange & Chesire Connecticut
When my truck broke down in the middle of the highway, i had it sent to PEP Boys. I called my dealership where less than a month ago I bought out my lease on my truck. Before signing and getting the truck from Richard chevelette in Chersire,CT, the finance person told myself and my advisor( I had him accompany me to the shop which cost me 100 dollars per visit) that a 60 day 3000 mile bumper to bumper warrenty was on the truck. When i called the dealership the following day i was instructed that there wasn't any warrenty on it. When we finally got the truck back it, in the glove compartment we had the sales sheet on the the sale that it indeed did have the warrenty. The manager of the dealership would not honor the full warrenty at all. At PEP Boys the following having been in their shop, I recieved a phone call on the quoted price. I asked two separate, non consistent times what was the price, that means i was qouted once, their was conversation, and then i specifically asked--what is the total due on the truck labor and parts and i was quoted again 497.00. When went there the next day, with check in hand, we were told that the price was 897.00. Being that there was a problem, we asked for a manager. We were told to come back, we went back , the work on the truck was done, and then the individual who had quoted the 497.00 could not be located but did leave a message earlier that day(after speaking with the manager) that he did not wuote the price. We called the police and had statements taken. The next day when we went back my truck was back on the rack with its hood and it appeared as if they were messing with it. i then asked for my truck to be taken out, immediately.We were then informed that it wasn't the first time such a call to the police had been made form that location. Nidia North Haven, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Orange, Connecticut
80, Report #158875
Sep 29 2005
02:59 PM
Pep Boys ripoff Rock Hill South Carolina
Pepboys will intentionally take advantage of anybody and lie directly to their face I was initially quoted 400 dollars for 3 different jobs to be done at once bushings, brush arm, and shocks/struts. I told them I didnt have the cash for all the repairs and was quoted 240 just for the brush arm and bushings. I ended up paying 550 dollars just for the brush arm and bushings. I also spent additional money on a taxi to pick it up only to be sent home becuase they weren't done and wouldn't be till they could get the part. My car was promised to be returned the same day ,Saturday afternoon, and it wasnt returned to me until Tuesday night at 8pm. Before paying I asked to see a store receipt of what they paid for the car parts and they were completely shocked to be asked that and quite frankly had no idea how to answer that question. THIS STORE'S JOB IS TO RIP YOU OFF. I even complained (very nicely) to the store manager and to the company website with no avail. I feel that they completely took adavatage of me becuase of my age and because of my gender. PEP BOYS SUCKS! Janet rock hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Rock Hill, South Carolina
81, Report #62342
Jun 30 2003
02:20 PM
PEP BOYS ripoff/bad testing false promises Fort Myers Florida
On June 4, 2003, I went in to Pep Boys to have the electrical system tested as my battery was waking up dead too often. I asked them to check the electrical system because I had a brand new battery. I was sold an oil change in the process. Drybalski is the name of the person I spoke with. They took my car and kept it fora while, they did indeed do an oil change which was needed. I was told that my battery was bad, that everything else in the electrical system checked out okay. I went back to where I purchased the battery, he exchanged it, and we took the bad battery back to Pep Boys where he tested it and it tested as good. I went back to get my money back but the guy, Drybalski, was wanting to go home, he was very anxious about not being able to get away, said they would check my car asap, and I waited and waited. Finally I had to go home so I told him to forget it for now. I had a dead battery 2 more times and finally went to a shop that specializes in the electrical systems of automobiles. They found the problem, the dome light was staying on. Now, if Pep Boys had done their job right I would not be out another 26.00, plus the fact I had to call twice more for a jump start. I don't know what electrical system they checked, but it should have showed the problem right away. I hope someone can take care of this for me. I want my money back from Pep Boys because they did not do the job they were suppose to do. Margaret Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Myers, Florida
82, Report #60800
Jun 16 2003
08:13 AM
Pep Boys Serious case of fraud fraudulent ripoff business Streamwood Illinois
On April 18 I went to pepboys to get a front end alignment $59.99 George the service manager said after looking at my 1995 Ford Bronco That I needed a caster/camber bushing on my left side(driver side) part $16.99 labor $53.90 to do the job right I said ok. About an hour later I was on my way. Total bill $132.28 After driving it for a week I notice that when I turn to the left or right that the front wheels did not return to center like they should. I call up George he said bring it in. I brought it in the frist chance I could which was about another week later. George said that he could not get to it that day so I made appointment for May 23, plus I said At that time to do a transmission flush with filter change. I brought my truck in that friday the 23rd 9.00 am instead of doing the front end first they did the transmission flush first I had to leave at 11.00 am they did not get to the front end by that time so I made another appointment for May 26 George also said that after looking at the front end that I needed the right side caster, camber bushing I said why was that not caught the first time. George was nice to say that he would pay for the labor to install it and I would pay for the part $16.99 The transmission flush came to $143.70 I brought my truck back again on the 26, 9.00 am they had my truck for about an hour and said it is fix.The mechanic and I took the truck for a ride,it was fix. I ask the mechanic if he install the part, he said yes and did some more adjustment to the toe.George said that he was sorry. The total $18.39 That same day I went to lube my tie rods I also check pepboys work the left side was install but when I looked at the right side it was still the original OEM part. I called George and ask him how the part was suppose to be installed he said the part gose over the top of the ball joint, I said the part was never installed, he in sure me that the part was installed, again I said no and that I will bring it back the next day Tuesday he said ok Tuesday I call the store manager Ernest Pasta and told him about the situation and I said that we have a serious case of fraud here. He said that he would look in to it. Again I brought my truck in after work 4.30pm that day. Again George said it was installed and that he himself would look at it and the same mechanic who did the work in the first place. After 15 minutes they came back. George said that there was a miscommunication between him and the mechanic yesterday, he thought the mechanic said that yes it was installed but after looking at it he said that it was not install. I told George that I ask the mechanic myself if the part was installed and he said yes he did. George again said that he was sorry and he would take care of it ASAP after two hours I got my truck back, After all that George only offer me a free oil change. I told him that he will not be working on my no more. The next day Wednesday I call Mr. Pasta back and told him that I will be filling out a report with National Fraud Information Center, and that pepboys had a very interesting web sight called rip-off report. He got very upset and stated that he could not have this on his record and started to make excuses about what happen. I told him if George would have call me up stating that he had made a mistake I would not think twice about this, but he did not, so Mr pasta said that that he would refund my money back for the the wheel alignment, I came in and he refunded my money $150.67 For the Ford Bronco lovers like me Mr Pasta said that Bronco were for boys! Mark schaumburg, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Streamwood, Illinois
83, Report #64531
Jul 23 2003
08:07 PM
Pep Boys Junk Lifetime Parts Chevy Truck Idler Arm ripoff State College Pennsylvania
October 30 2002 Took my 1989 Chevy truck 2500 series for tires and line-up at Pep Boys. They informed me I needed an idler arm. Left them do the work around 560.00. Lifetime idler arm. Today 7/23/2003 I go to get the tires rotated cause one on the passenger side front is showing signs of wear. Pep Boys informed me the idler they had put on was bad already. There mechanic blamed it on the new chevy IFS and said idler was the weak link. I think they are using substandard parts so they can charge for labor again. This lifetime part hasn't lasted even ten months or ten thousand miles. That is unacceptable in my book. Oh yea Pep Boys will replace the part all I need to pay is the labor of 61.00 to put it on and another 55.00 for the line-up again. Any one else have something similar to say about Pep Boys? Bill Huntingdon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: State College, Pennsylvania
84, Report #63442
Jul 11 2003
10:00 PM
Pep Boys ripoff deceptive company they don't stand behind their products Rip-Off Indianaopolis Indiana
I bought tires from Pep Boys in the Fall of 2000. This may sound like a long time ago, but they were put on my 1998 Mustang that is NEVER driven in the winter (it is only driven in the months from April to October). I have less than 49,500 miles on the car. I took the car to Indy to have the tires checked, knowing I had a broken belt in one of the front tires. After them telling me I had a broken belt in the right front tire because I was out of align. I told them the car was not out of align and became very upset. I asked to see the manager. The assistant manager passed himself off as the store manager and went to check my car. Telling me I had a flat spot in my tire and the ware was because I need an alignment. I again told them there was nothing wrong with my cars alignment and I wanted the tire replaced. The Manager told me I had 55,000 mile tires but the damage to the tires were from the car being out of alignment. I at this time pointed out to him (in not a nice tone) that I owned Semi's and I was not stupid to the mechanical workings of a car. I expressed again my car was not out of alignment and I wanted something done. He checked all the tires again then said I did have 55,000 mile tires. The store I bought the tires from has closed (it was in Muncie,IN) so they have no record of my warrenty or of the purches of the tires, SO THEY SAY. I was told when I got the tires the warrenty would be on record. Now that the store is closed and I do not have the original reciept, they will not do anything to correct the problem. This upsets me because they know these so called tires are theirs and have a 55,000 mile warrenty on them. My car has less then 29,000 miles driven on it since I bought it in 1999. I have all the paper work to show them this. So now I have bad tires with less than 20,000 miles on them and no warrenty because Corp. can not keep their paperwork right. I can afford to by new tires some place else, this is not the point. My point is what if I could not afford new tires. What if I were a single parent who had to take her/his children to the sitter everyday and something happed to the tire on the front of my car and one of the children got hurt or God forbid was killed in an accident because I could not afford new tires and just wanted my warrenty upheld. Would this Company fell sorry then, I would say yes but not enought to stand behind their promises of good products or customer service. Big compainies like this one have forgotten the customer is who make them and it will be the lack of customer care that will make them close even more of their stores in the future. Kathleen Daleville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianaopolis, Indiana
85, Report #106954
Sep 04 2004
08:52 AM
Pep Boys ripoff scammers, break vehicle instead of fixing it Brooklyn New York
I took my car yesterday to Pep Boys for a routine Emission Inspection. When I went to pick up my vechicle, the clutch would not go into gear. I have NEVER have a clutch problem, but somehow, after a visit to pep boys, my clutch has become defunt. Pep Boys initial reaction was to blame me, and say that I had brought the car to them like that. Ridiculous that they would attempt to get me to believe this when I can't even get the car into drive to leave their parking lot!!! They wheeled the car back into their garage and stood around it for a little bit. Then they figured it is probably the clutch that burned out and it would cost me $125 for a new part. But they weren't sure. They would need to keep the car overnight and open some box in the morning to make sure. It is now 11:45am and I still haven't heard from them. As of 8:30am this morning they were still waiting for the mechanic to come in. I am more than livid that Pep Boys has broken my car and is now taking their sweet time to diagnose it for me. I am even more livid that they told me before I left the shop that they would work something out with me. This is completely unacceptable. Final statement: Do not under any circumstance take your vehicle to Pep Boys. They are unreliable and fraudulent!!!! Crissa Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
86, Report #102566
Aug 07 2004
11:42 AM
PEP BOYS rip-off! Broke van instead of fixing it. Knoxville Tennessee
I went to get an oil change on a monday and asked the mechanic at Free Service Tire to check a squeaky pulley as there are 5 that are run by a serpentine belt. he told me i needed a new water pump and clutch fan. well the water pump was only 18 mo. old and i had got it at Pep Boys (felt like i got ripped off then too so i hadn't been back). Anyway as much as i dreaded it, i took it to Pep Boys and didn't mention the clutch fan as i don't trust any mechanic here in Knoxville. sure enough i was called tues and told by a mechanic we will call Laughing Boy (LB) that i needed the water pump and a pulley had to be replaced too. i asked about the clutch fan and he said that was fine. just proves Free Service Tire is a rip off too. LB quoted me a price of 330 even though the labor 18 mo. before for the water pump was only 164.00. when asked why so much he proceeded to tell me the labor for the pulley was about 72/hr and it was an hours work and that still didn't add up so i asked to speak to a manager named Jimmy Casteel (i think that is how to spell his name). Well Jimmy tells me that the price includes a new thermostat and other parts that are recommended when changing a water pump. i tell him just change the water pump as the other parts are only 18 mo. old and i told him to personally check the pulley and call me back as i susupected it didn't need it. he never calls me back so by 4pm i call and the van is fixed and the bill that was 330 is only 130 now. guess he was too embarrassed to call. this should be the end of the story but alas as i am driving home less than 15 mi from Pep Boys the van overheats and i pull over and call the tow truck to have it towed back to Pep Boys. when the driver arrives he and i try to get the radiator cap off (Pep Boys had charged me for a new one as part of the repair) and it won't come off. they put it on crooked and it was stuck. i tell the driver to be sure to make a note of that. my van has 114k miles on it and before that day had never leaked a drop of anti-freeze. the next day Jimmy tries to tell me i have to pay about 400.00 for a new radiator. after raising all sorts of hell and getting hung up on by Jimmy's boss they finally agree to replace it for free. i will say Jimmy, his boss Jerry Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald's boss were rude and tried to rip me off. if you want to call them feel free to. Jerry's cell number is 615 319 1996 and Jimmy's is listed above. the customer dis-service number is 800- PEP- BOYS. Roy rockwood, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
87, Report #90948
May 11 2004
12:12 AM
Pep Boys Store # 0453--These guys have issues on top of issues.It stands to reason that a big sign that hangs in their shop that says they care about the customers is totally incorrect. I wish I had stayed the course and not tried to solve an issue so quickly. However, with recent events with officers pulling over cars for the simplest things I did not want to have any problems. All I wanted was a resolution not a $2,000.00 bill. Here is my story. I have a 1998 Land Rover Range Rover. I noticed on Saturday night, May 1st, that the one of my head lamps was out. Land Rover is not open on Sundays and I did not want to get a ticket. So I took my car down to Pep Boys which was in the area of my friend. After standing in line while two workers were chatting about another worker's vacation--a mechanic, was standing nearby. I asked a question if they repaired head lamps on the Range Rover. I had been told before that it might be possible but doubtful. So I felt asking would be within reason. He responded to say, yeah, we work on these all the time. So I felt somewhat comfortable if they have fixed these all the time i asked could he also tell me if I needed new shocks or stuts, which I did not know what was on the Land Rover since I recently purhcased it used. He says, yeah, I could check it out. So I replied, great and while doing that please let me know about the brakes if I needed new brakes. The service manager, of which I do not know her name as yet, says I could get this service that was minimal in price--altogether it was to cost me $38 for the headlamps and to tell me if I needed brakes and shocks. The reason I asked about the shocks was because I wanted a much smoother ride and I noticed that it took to the street harder than I liked and wanted to see if it was the shocks that needed replacing or if I needed an after market shock. The car is taken into the work area. I proceeded to sit outside as it was a fairly nice day. I was in full view of the car while sitting in the parking area next to a lamp post chatting away on my cell phone. He begins to lift the vehicle--I hear a loud sound of air escaping. Now I am no mechanic but it made me turn my head. I could not see what it was--duh--it was air. However, not knowing the sounds of the shop I thought it was the lift. So I saw the car go up on the lift with the sound of air escaping constantly. I dismissed it to think it was the lift so I was comfortable. I see the car now being lowered. Antoine asks me, do I know how to lower the suspension? I look over and respond,yeah on the console on the dash--I think--don't you know? He states, some have a button you push to lower it. I didn't think to ask why? I am not a mechanic so I didn't even know what he was talking about. He says,I will take care of it. I walk off to go around the corner for coffee. I come back and he says to me it was the air bag on the passenger's side leaking causing there to be a loss of air. He then told me, the brakes have 40% on one side and 50% on the other. Aren't brakes front and rear? I am not a mechanic but now I am leery so I say ok don't do anything I will wait--meaning I am taking my car to Land Rover as it had just a had a major service that should have found these things. I walk in to pay and the service manager--a woman--says they cannot raise the car again. I am like, huh? She says, they are having problems raising the car's height. SO I go back outside only to see my car at the lowest level almost like a car with a ground kit. I get in and press the compressor that just costs me $700 and the car doesn't raise. I am thinking its Land Rover's fault. I drive my car on a major NY parkway doing 10 miles and hour with my car violently bouncing. I am saying to myself how did this happen. I am peturbed--to say the least. I get a call the next day after I dropped the car on Sunday, May 2nd from my Land Rover service agent stating that my suspension was gone. It needed to be replaced--all four. I said does that usually happen--the answer was no. I pondered how it could happen. I asked the Land Rover service agent--wasn't this checked before and the answer was yes in the major service you just had it was checked and showed no wear! I WAS LIKE WHAT! Immediately, I knew what had happened. It was that air I heard escaping when he put it up. Today, I called Land Rover to ask what happens when you put the vehicle on a lift is there a special button. The response was there is no button--but there is a special lift for Land Rover vehicles. I was like Special? She explained, yes--if you out it up on the wrong lift you will damage the suspension. I was like, DAMN! She asked if that was what happened--I was embarassed. I went back to Pep Boys to speak to a manager by the name os Shanker. He asks the mechanic what happened and he has the freaking nerve to say, I bought the car in that way and wanted him to get it back to work. BS! I almost jumped across the counter. I am calling the regional manager--tomorrow. Then I am writing all parties and THIS will go further. I will not give it up this time---as consumers when do we stop these abuses from hitting us. I WILL CALL THE NEWS. Stay away from Pep Boys--Should be the Screw your Car Boys! Thanks for nothing BS--I mean Pep Boys. Qwynton Corona, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Ridgewood, New York
88, Report #92757
May 24 2004
02:21 PM
Pep Boys ripoff East Brunswick New Jersey
Awhile ago, maybe two years ago, my uncle sold my mom a 1988 white nissan sentra, it was beat up and broken down... My mom and I took it to Pep Boys, numerous times but they did nothing for my car.. They didn't tell us that the head gasket was blown. So we kept going back to them and paying them more and more money to look at our car... Then we finally took it to Strauss Auto after it stalled on me in the middle of a highway... Even they wouldnt tell my mom what was wrong with the car.....Then We took it to a car place in Spotswood NJ...... They said that the head gasket was gone, the brakes were bad, there were live wires in the car that we didn't know could have easily exploded with me in the car.... Back to Pep Boys... At Pep Boys, they approved my mom for a credit card that was worth 2,500 dollars... So my mom told them to have it fixed.. They still didnt fix the damn car... And on top of all of that ,, the credit card that they approved my mom for,later, was only 800.00 or somewhere around there.. Now to this day my mom and I are in debt because of them,,, I hope they read this!!!!!!! You ripped us off, I hope no one goes to your company anymore!!!! I can't believe you would have the nerve to rip off two innocent females, thanks!!!!! Cherice south amboy, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: East Brunswick, New Jersey
89, Report #70085
Oct 25 2003
02:37 PM
Pep Boys In Modesto selling unnecessary services ripoff Modesto California
I crashed my 94 Ford Escort on my way back from Yosemite National Park to the San Francisco Bay Area. I got towed to a Pep Boys shop in Modesto. They made me sign a work order for changing the wheels and the oil tank and for some work on the A/C. When they were done they told me that they found bigger problems and that I should leave my car with them, which I did. I called them several times during the week but they never returned my calls. Finally, after about 3-4 days they told me that it would cost more to fix my car then its market value so they would stop working on it. However, I still owe for the wheels, oil tank and a few days of work. I had to pay over $300. WHAT A RIPOFF!!! Bence los altos, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Modesto, California
90, Report #71641
Nov 11 2003
05:48 PM
Pep Boys ripoff INCOMPETENT Took over 48hrs to complete a 7hr JOB Louisville Kentucky
I dropped off my car at this INCOMPETENT PEP BOYS to have my heat fixed. It was diagnosed at another pep boys a couple years ago, I didnt have the cash then so I declined. Anyway as I dropped it off I was informed that it was a 7 hr job which I had already knew. It was 10am, they said it would be ready at around 5 or 6. I waited till 5 and phoned them asking when it would be ready they said about 6 so I had someone drop me off there and it still was not ready I waited two more hours and finally they informed me that it would not be completed that day due to a part it needed but they didnt have. They let me drive it home cuz otherwise I would have been stuck there. I brought it back the next day thinking all they had to do was slap that piece on and it would be done. Then they tell me the part it needed had to be ordered because no dealer in town had it in stock. How come they didnt know this in the 10 hrs they had my car sitting there? Obviously they did not a damn thing to my car in those 10hrs. And now since they already took it apart it has to sit there until they get this needed part inconvienencing me and the person who has rearrange their schedule to get me where I need to go. This company is not worthy of my dollar and I hope they go broke. I would love to be part of the group that destroys them. I dont like the fact that i was lied to and led to believe they were hard at work when they didnt do a damn thing in 10hrs. Its gonna be hell if they try to charge me extra labor. Derek Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
91, Report #86227
Apr 01 2004
11:33 AM
Pep Boys - Riverdale Georgia brakes installed incorrectly poor quality parts Riverdale Georgia
Several months ago I took my 1997 Chevrolet Astro Van to Pep Boy's in Riverdale, Georgia, when I thought I may need new brakes. They looked at my van and informed me I needed new rear brake shoes. I told them to do the work and they did. Within 5 minutes after I got my van back, after Pep Boy's installed the new brake shoes, I knew something was not right. My brakes were squeaking and there were crunching and knocking noises when I applied the brakes. I took the van back to Pep Boy's, and they had one of their technicians look at my brakes. They said everything looked good and my brake shoes were installed properly. During the next month I took my van back to the same Pep Boy's to be re-checked. I had noticed my van was shimmying when it reached a speed of about 67 miles per hour, and my van shook when the brakes were applied. One of Pep Boy's technicians again checked my van's brakes, and again, they said everything looked okay. A few weeks later, I took the van back to this same Pep Boy's to be re-checked one more time. Again, their technician looked at my brakes, and one more time, they said my brakes looked okay. Two weeks ago, I took my van to the Chevrolet dealer where I bought the van and had them look at my brakes. The service advisor at the Chevrolet dealer called me an hour later. He told me his brake man had looked at my brakes, and that whoever had installed my rear brakes shoes had installed them in reverse. He explained to me that there is a forward brake shoe and a rearward brake shoe on each back wheel. Pep Boy's had installed both rearward brake shoes where the forward brake shoes should be located, and Pep Boy's had installed both forward brake shoes where the rearward brake shoes should have been installed. Also, the Chevrolet dealer service advisor told me the brake shoes installed by Pep Boy's were of much poorer quality than GM brake shoes. Of course, I had the brake shoes installed by the Chevrolet dealer, as I am afraid to EVER let Pep Boy's work on a vehicle of mine again. Now, this is almost coincidental. While I was writing THIS rip off report, my son who is a college student at an out of town college called me to say his air conditioner in his 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier is not putting out cold air. Guess who did supposedly put in a new compressor in that Cavalier last summer, less than 10 months ago. Yep. Pep Boy's of Riverdale, Georgia, installed that compressor. And I'm definitely afraid to let them even lift the hood of one of my vehicles again, as I have noticed there are 156 rip off reports on this web site, as of today, complaining about various Pep Boy's. The people at the Riverdale Pep Boy's are nice enough. They just aren't too adept at working on cars and trucks. And their parts are of inferior quality. I think their technicians are just too young and too inexperienced. I am wondering how much training they have been provided. Be warned! Don't let Pep Boy's work on your car or truck. Sincerely, Robert Riverdale, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverdale, Georgia
92, Report #84182
Mar 16 2004
10:46 PM
Pep Boys The people that work here are crooks! They should go to jail! Florence Kentucky
I took my car there on several occasions, a family member of my husband works there. When he wasn't there I had work done on my car. I won't be too specific, but lets just say when the car drove about 20 feet, it fell on it's right side to the ground. Running in, my husband tells them they need to tow the car back up to their shop. This after waiting four hours in their little lobby area. They towed the car back up to the shop, where the supervisor tells the mechanic to fix what he screwed up. The mechanic has the nerve to ask if he will get commission on this. The supervisor says a few obscenities and walks away. The car is repaired (or so we thought)and on it's way. Later that week, my husband and his father manually replace the breaks. About two months prior, I spent nearly $300.00 to replace them. To their suprise, the breaks were not new. Only the pads. Everything else was the same as it was prior to two months. Later on the next month, we get new tires. My husband speaks with the technician about some problems we are having with the car. The tech says we need to replace a specific part, because that part was factory, and my car is almost 6 years old. Wait a second, that part is factory? My husband gets red and angry, and informs this tech of where he had the work done on the car, and that he had paid this certain amount to have it replaced....and that the car had fallen soon after leaving Pep Boys. The tire tech tells my husband he hears stories like this all of the time. My husband takes me to Pep Boys with him where he confronts the supervisor. He demands the work be redone on this specific part, (breaks were forgotten at this time of anger)....while waiting for someone else to talk to us, a family comes back into the store. It seems the car they just got out caught on fire under their hood. It was a small little fire they were able to put out, but it came from wires. Three or four men come up to speak to the family, and the family seems patient. The mechanics push a nerdy guy up to the desk where he proceeds to blab nonsense out of his ass about what caused this. Actually, he never gave a concrete reason, but told him he could reschedule her to fix this problem as well. The family agreed and left. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? I am sure this happens all of the time. It happened to me twice with them. Actually, they replaced my parent's ignition, but months later, this brand new part broke and they had to replace it. So, here are my problems with Pep Boys in Florence, KY. 1. Using your old parts. Who knows if they even took them off in the first place. 3. Horrible guest service. 3. I am a true believer they save money by reusing old parts, not replacing parts, fixing more than you need, screwing you black and blue. Be careful, you will probably get screwed from this place. Love your car and your money more than that! Annaa Florence, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Florence, Kentucky
93, Report #60756
Jun 15 2003
04:47 PM
Pep Boys Automotive Supercenter ripoff waste of time Athens Georgia
I took my car in for to have one front axle replaced. It was a problem I diagnosed MYSELF. I called ahead on Saturday morning and was told bring it right down, we've got the part and we'll get you fixed up. After 2 hours, my car sat in the parking lot untouched. After multiple inquiries, I was told repeatedly, You are next in line. After leaving the car and going home, I finally got a call confirming what I already knew was wrong. I got what seemed a reasonable estimate and an assurance that my car would be ready by closing. When I called back an hour before close, I was told that it had been started but wouldn't be finished in time. I was annoyed but they promised it first thing Sunday. They open at 9am on Sunday and I called around 11am and was told that the mechanic didn't come in until 1pm. I called again at 3pm expecting to finally hear that my car was ready. Wrong. I was informed that the tie-rod end had broken when they were installing the new axle and that parts and labor for the repair would be over TWICE the original estimate and might be finished by Monday evening. The repair manager refused any responsibility for the tie-rod and offered no concessions for my wasted time. I told him to do nothing else and park it. I had it towed to my regular mechanic's shop which is closed on the weekend. I had hoped to avoid missed work by taking it to PepBoys since they are open when others are not. My first and last time making this mistake. From my experience I feel they are unprofessional and poorly trained. Frustrated Athens, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Athens, Georgia
94, Report #53685
Apr 20 2003
04:37 PM
Pep Boys ripoff business mistreated paid for work that was not needed Pensacola Florida
My Ford P/U died on the street. I had AAA tow it to the nearest repair shop. I had a hunch that it was an electrical problem because of the way it died. Pep Boys told me it was the black box under the distributor. Something to do with the spark control.the replaced it at a cost of $279.00. Charged me $60.00 just to analizethe problem. Several days later the engine started to miss so I took it to a local mechanic who told me that it was just a dirty connectoron the wire leeding to the dist. blk. box. He sprayed some cleaner stuff on the contact pins and receptical. This cleared the problem for free. It appears thatI paid for work that was not needed. Philip Pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
95, Report #24515
Jul 12 2002
03:46 PM
Pep Boys New meaning to One hour wait ripoff waste of time Williamsport Pennsylvania
I went to the Pep Boys location to get four new tires for my truck. I was told that I would have to wait one hour for an open space in their schedule. I entered the store at 11:03am and left the store at 3:51pm that was the longest one hour that I have had to endure in a long time. Aaron Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
Entity: Williamsport, Pennsylvania
96, Report #13181
Feb 03 2002
12:00 AM
Pep Boys Cincinnati Ohio poor customer service, rudness
On Jan. 27 2002 I went to the PepBoys on Colerain Ave Cinti.,Oh to have my Alternator tested. The associate tested the unit and told me that it was fine and the only thing that could be wrong would be the voltage regulator. I did not have time to have them look the replacement part up at that time, so I came back on Tue. the 29th. Spending close to 1hr trying to locate the correct part I made my purchase,only to find out that it was not the correct part, and after taking the alternator to AutoZone I find that the alternator was defective. After a weeks worth of effort I return to PepBoys to return the wrong part, I am ignored at the return desk and 4 other people are taken in front of me. When I am waited on ,the associate tells me without a reciept he will do nothing,I ask to speek to a manager (one of whom help during that hour to find my part). The manager on duty would not listen to the problem and refused to return the amount that I had paid, after I pointed out the one associate that had also helped to find the part the manager stated that it didn't matter he would not refund my money or put it toword my purchase( I spent 275.00 at AutoZone on exhaust after leaving Pepboys). I have spent 11 years as a manager for Sears Hardware and being rude and not careing about your customer is not how I would run a store, I understand policy,stress of job, but I do not understand rudness. K. Scott Beard Cincinnati, Ohio
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
97, Report #21423
May 23 2002
02:45 PM
Pep Boys ripoff using wrong parts jerry rigging false battery testing Hollywood California
I used to have all work on my car done by Pep Boys because it was minor stuff (belts, hoses, tune-ups, etc) and they were conveniently located. They even rebuilt my carburetor, or so they said. When my carburetor troubles continued, Pep Boys charged me $70 to tell me that I needed a new carburetor. I began to get that feeling of a jerk-around so I towed my car to a carburetor wizard. He found that Pep Boys had unsafely jerry-rigged my carburetor, left the timing belt guard off, and had used ordinary fuel line hoses to replace the hoses that should be form fitted hoses, resulting in kinking and reduced performance. In my opinion now, I wouldn't take mountain bike to Pep Boys.. Marc Hollywood, California
Entity: Hollywood, California
98, Report #18111
Apr 03 2002
12:00 AM
pep boys ripoff idiots lauderdale lakes Florida
on 2-12-02 I brought my car to pep boys for my air conditioner. It cost me $270.00 dollars. On 3-20-02 I brought it back with the same problem. They kept my car for 3 days. when I picked it up. It cost me 678.61. On the 28th of March it stopped working again. I called pepboys to be told that it was Easter If I could bring it in on Monday. I worked as a waitress right though till Monday. I took the car back 4-1-02. Today is 4-3-02. My car was out in the parking lot, and other cars were being worked on. I blew my top. He went into his comperter, and told me my evaporator was leaking,and that it was going to cost me another $519.00. I told him to give my keys, and that I was going to call his district manager. He said he was sorry I felt that way. My car is as hot as hell. I will not give them anymore money. I don't know what to do all I know is I was ripped off. martha lauderdale lakes, Florida
Entity: lauderdale lakes, Florida
99, Report #38564
Dec 18 2002
02:06 AM
PEP BOYS Caught in the act charging for unnecessary work Englewood Lakewood Colorado
Approximately two years ago, my alternator failed. I was able to drive my car to them, and had them replace it. One of the charges on the bill ($75) was to remove and reinstall a cv half shaft. The mechanic claimed that this was necessary to get the alternator out and the new one in. A few weeks ago, the replacement alternator failed. I decided to replace it myself. In no way was it necessary to remove any halfshaft. There was more than enough room to get the alternator around the shaft. To make matters even more interesting, about three months ago, I had to replace the same halfshaft. I did the work myself. The halfshaft was completely rust-welded to the brake rotor. It required enormous effort on my part to separtate the two. Based on how well they stuck together, it would be very unlikely that the shaft had ever been removed since the car was built, over a decade ago! Fyi: I replaced both half shafts within a few weeks of each other. Each one was just as rust welded as the other. I know for certain that the other one (not involved by Pep Boys) had not been removed since I bought the car, eight years ago! Considering the fact that both half shafts were equally rust welded, equally difficult to remove, this is not logical. If a mechanic had removed one of the shafts, logically it would have been much less difficult to remove, than the one that had not been touched for years more (yes?) Larry Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Lakewood, Colorado
100, Report #38457
Dec 17 2002
09:04 AM
Pep Boys Neglect and A lack of attention to Detail abused & mistreated Whitemarsh Maryland
On Dec 5,2002 I took my 1994 Saturn to the pep boys in whitemarsh to have it inspected so I could get the tags on the vechicle. The vechicle was very well maintained, and had only 47,000 miles on the car. Pep boys called and reported that I needed rear disc brake pads on the car. To avoid going back and forth to MVA, I gave the go ahead to pepboys to replace the rear break pads. I picked up my vechicle on December 7,2003, which was a saturday and didn't really drive it until Dec. 9,2003 I started to hear noises in the back that sounded like my spare tire was loose, upon approaching the Harbor Tunnel I pulled over and check the rear of my car. I didn't physically see anything so I proceeded to drive up to Morvaria Rd. exit #60. All of a suddend I hear something pop and I lost control of my breaking ability. I managed to come to a stop. I called pep boys to tell them what happened and I told them I was going to have the vechicle toad back to them. Pepboys then gave me a towing company that they use all the time. Phil Blythe's Towing Inc. What I wasn't aware of is that this particular towing company didn't accept payments by insurance companies. Nevertheless it cost me an out of pocket expense of $70.00. Upon meeting the tow driver at pepboys I asked to have my towing expenses reimbursed. One of the managers kept refereing me to other managers who seemed always to be out of the office for one reason or another. On Tuesday Dec. 10,2003 they called me to pick up my car, at the same time I took my husband with me to assure that I would be reimbused. The manager was even rude to my husband, very unprofessional and lacked people skills, Nevertheless we eventually got our money back. Now after driving the car there is a noticible screaching noise coming from the car when I turn it on and accelerate the gas pedel. I intend to contact corporate office to let them know just how dissatisfied with pepboys and the services and repairs they cost me. Mortreese Abingdon, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Whitemarsh, Maryland

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