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26, Report #547815
Dec 30 2009
08:54 PM
PayPal Nothing new...PayPal freezing accounts for no reason Internet
PayPal is at it again.  So I sell a used Xbox 360 on ebay, accepting the $150 payment through PayPal.  I then get an unusual message on my account page stating they have modified the funds availability policy.  Reading through the entire policy is like reading the writing of a 6 year old.  Lines such as Payments will be held in a pending balance for a certain time period. For example, if you receive a $100 payment (after fees), the $100 will be held in a pending balance for that amount of time. After then, the money will be available for withdrawal.Can we be any more general and vague about when you will actually have access to your funds?  I have sent two emails to PayPal, as they expressed that as soon as I receive positive feedback for the transaction, my funds will be released.  Well, feedback was left two days ago, and the funds are still frozen.  PayPal and ebay with their greedy, monopolizing ways, are pushing more and more of the people that built their success away.
Entity: Internet, Internet
27, Report #815974
Dec 30 2011
03:06 PM
paypal withholding attempted identity theft info and banned me from paypal Internet
I run an online business and have been using paypal for years and years. One day this month I logged into paypal and much to my surprise my account was limited. I noticed I had a negative balance (I guess it was a charge back) As it was not a large amount of money I paid it to get my account out of the negative and have my account restored. Days went by and nothing. I called paypal and the man said the account was limited because someone in Brazil had tried to open an account with my bank info and not because it was negative. I thought wow Identity theft and they caught it. So he said he needs to investigate it further and to give him a couple more days. ok a couple more days later still nothing (in the mean time i had contacted my bank and they made notes and what not, also wanted me to try and get as much info on the attempt from paypal) So I call paypal again and spoke with a woman and she said my account has been limited permanently and that it was because of suspicious activity I told her I was aware of the attempt of theft and asked her if i needed to open another account  with her as the first was compromised, she said no, I will not be able to use paypal ever again.. Ok..I asked her why would I be banned because someone attempted identity theft from Brazil and she told me because no one would have been able to make such an attempt unless I gave them the info. So I asked, I need what ever info you have about this for my bank and she told me absolutely not that they do not release information on their investigations into suspicious activity. WOW ok I tell her i want to close the account completley and remove my banking information and again I was told NO!! So now I am in the process of changing all my banking information because if this  company cant help with what Ive asked, then I dont want my banking info held by them to do what they want with it.
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28, Report #806793
Dec 08 2011
03:25 PM
PayPal PayPal Ilegally Holding Deposits San Jose, California
PayPal is known far and wide for its predatory and deceptive business practices and for failing to meet the needs of its customers, the ones who use their services and allow them to keep their doors open.  One of their biggest scams is placing holds on deposits that people make to purchase items over the internet.  I myself have deposited money into my PayPal account only to find out I have to wait two weeks to have use of my money which is strange because PayPal removes the money from my bank account the very same day I make the transaction and then their customer service employees deliberately lie to me and millions of other customers by telling us that the delays are caused by our banks which is pure BS.  PayPal gets money from customers and then holds it so they can make money by using it themselves and denying us the use of our money. Complaining to the Better Business Bureau does absolutely no good at all because the BBB is powerless and has no enforcement capability at all.  PayPal simply ignores the thousands of complaints that are filed with the BBB against them each year.  A better and much more effective way to deal with this scam is to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency in the state where you live.  Another option is to contact the FBI because if a person lives in a state other than California their behavior constitutes interstate wire fraud. Yet another, even more effective option is to call the President of PayPal, Scott Thompson and let him know what a low life dirt bag he is.  His telephone number is:  408-376-7400.  Also, since PayPal and their parent company EBay are so closely linked a phone call to the President of EBay as well would be a worthwhile thing to do.  If the Consumer Protection Agencies and the FBI get enough complaints they will do something about these two dirt bag scamming companies.  Good luck everyone make their lives a living nightmare!
Entity: San Jose, California
29, Report #734404
May 28 2011
03:38 PM
PayPal PayPal Offers NO Seller Protection - they Buyers rip Sellers off!! Internet
I sold a cell phone through eBay and processed the payment through PayPal.  I sold a Sciphone i68 (cheap knock off of an iPhone) and with a lot of extras - in it's original box. Unfortunately, this phone sold to a CRAZY person in North Carolina.  Before the transaction was over, I literally received more than 15 three-page emails from this lady. They ranged from her telling me how she put herself through medical school and law school all while raising five kids alone, to her belittling me and telling me to go to church, and telling me that she had diabetes, cancer, and had just completed 800 hours of anger management.  They were all in text-lingo, and I knew from her other eBay purchases that she was a kid.  However,  I was very patient with her.  I tried to be accomodating.  Before she even got the merchandise, she had filed a claim with PayPal - because I had not answered all of her emails! Her package got sent four days late.  I apologized.  And, in order to appease the Buyer, and do the right thing, I sent her the phone via UPS, with a tracking number.  I deal with UPS on a daily basis.  I am certain that the phone was packaged very well, and that it was received in fine order. I sent PayPal two emails of concern.  I wanted them to know what kind of person I was dealing with.  I was certain, according to her emails, that I was being set up.  I received no answer from PayPal.  Phone calls don't go through.  If you have ever tried to contact PayPal, you know how difficult it is to get through.  But, I held out for hope.  I was CERTAIN that when someone saw her messages, they would SEE that they were not consistent, and she was obviously not telling the truth. When the Buyer received the phone, she escalated the claim and sent me a demand for the money back - without sending the phone back!  I said NO, and told PayPal that I would give her a refund once I received the package back - INTACT.  PayPal indicated the same, that the Buyer would receive a refund once I, the Seller, had indicated that I had received the phone back INTACT. First - the Buyer's first claim stated though PayPal and personal email that she received a NON working phone, her email to me said that the phone was cheap and it didn't work. Then, the Buyer stated that she received a bunch of cheap plastic, Then, the Buyer stated again that she received nothing but a bunch of plastic. Then, the buyer sent ME another private email telling me that the package had been delivered completely torn apart like it had been in a hurricane,  that there was nothing but the bottom of a box and a few cell phone parts in it.  NOW, there was not even a phone! I sent PayPal another email and TOLD them that I was concerned because the buyers emails were ALL inconsistent.  I KNEW that she had received the phone, and she was just trying to get her money back. So, I asked the buyer to send me EVERYTHING back just the way she received it.  I told her that if she had received a damaged package from UPS, that I was going to file a claim with UPS, and that they would want to pick it up from her.  Well, surprise surprise.  The Buyer did not comply.  She CLAIMED that she through it all away because it was junk.  That does not sound like something someone would do if they received a damaged package - and filed a claim about it.  Right?  The Buyer told me that she was sending what she had back via USPS, and that she was only sending a few pieces (proabably the stuff she just didn't need), and that she WAS getting her money back. Well, today, PayPal gave the BUYER her money back - and, I haven't even gotten the package back yet!  I did not EVEN get to receive the package and tell them whether it was INTACT or not - which was the DEAL PayPal made!  I did NOT even get to act as a SELLER!  I am FURIOUS! PayPal is LAZY - I am sure that their ROBOT email answerer is the ONLY thing that I got to actually deal with, because there is NO WAY that a REAL person looked at this claim and made that decision! I would LOVE an answer back!  I would LOVE to actually hear from someone from PayPal!  I would LOVE to hear what kind of defense they have to a claim as PITIFUL as this one! If you want my phone number - so that you can actually talk to me in PERSON - just let me know!  Bring it.
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30, Report #526933
Nov 21 2009
03:35 PM
Paypal & Skype FRAUD CHARGES ON PAYPAL, Internet
We have now been charged 3 times for the amount of 17.00 to our paypal account for service with SKYPE and we don't have service with skype. We talked to paypal and they told us to jump off a bridge and there is nothing they can do for us. It is the holiday season and we have kids. We cannot afford to do this. This even if it seems like a small charge is going to put our account over its limit and then we will be in real trouble when the overdraft fees hit. I don't understand I thought that paypal was supposed to help us. Please if someone has an other ideas post them. We are going to go to the bank but it is wells fargo and they are not very customer service oriented it seems.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #849867
Mar 07 2012
05:04 AM
Paypal Blocked transaction and now Paypal are holding the money, Internet
I transffered 100 GBP to a friends Paypal as a gift, When they saw that they had recieved the money they didn't want it so they tried to send it back to me, Paypal then blocked the transaction and held me ransom for various personal documents such a ID, Statements and credit card details, I completely refused to provide any of these documents as its my money and i have not done anything illegal. Paypal believe that what i am doing is Suspicious and that they should hold the money until they get all of my personal information so that they can then use all of my personal information for fraudulent activities. I have asked them to come up with a more appropriate way to make sure its not Suspicious but they have ignored all of my emails and are holding my money illegally and wrongly. Avoid Paypal if you don't want your money stolen.
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #915247
Jul 20 2012
09:22 PM
Paypal Johnathan Leger Ripoff by Paypal and Jonathan Leger Internet
I purchased one keyword explosion plugin from Johnathan Leger. I attempted to use his offer at for three more keyword explosion plugins. Instead of receiving three additional keyword explosion plugins I was billed by Paypal for a one month subscription to the Best Spinner of $47.00. I canceled this purchase at Paypal and was told by email from Paypal that I would receive a refund. There is no listing of The Best Spinner on the internet for a monthly subscription of $47.00. I complained to Paypal in numerous emails that I never received the $47.00 back. I t appeared that from Paypal's responses to my emails that they did not even read the emails . I also sent Jonathan Leger five emails asking for my $47.00 refund with no response. Paypal finally told me to file a dispute   Case # PP-001-909-917-381 which I did. I was promptly told that the dispute was closed because it was over twenty days old. I still haven't received my $47.00 refund promised by Paypal when I canceled the order.
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #181270
Mar 15 2006
12:29 AM
Paypal ebay seller allowed by paypal to steal money Connecticut
bought a steam cleaner from texas sized deals, on ebay. when it was received it was broken and missing attachments. the seller didnt respond so i filed a complaint with paypal for a refund. they would not let me send them the item with only signature requested, they insisted on a tracking number. well on this item tracking cost 41.00(item was 57.00 with shipping) couldnt send it fedx as they dont deliver to po boxes. the seller didnt respond to paypal either, paypal closed the dispute anyway in the sellers favor because they wouldnt let me send them the item. they are a disgrace to the business community, but then what can you expect from an ebay owned co. Carol-ann easthampton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Arizona
34, Report #319727
Mar 20 2008
03:09 PM
Paypal is ILLEGALLY RUNNING CREDIT REPORT CHECKS. Our client signed up for a merchant account and agreed to a credit check. However our client is a customer of LifeLock. LifeLock requires anyone requesting your credit report to have verbal telephone communication with the telephone numbers listed on the credit report. This makes sure other people don't gain access to things such as a Paypal account and apply for things. Paypal attempted to contact our client, was unable to reach him (he seen it on his caller id) then ran the credit check anyhow. Paypal then decided our client didn't meet their credit criteria and denied him the merchant account. After denying him the merchant account, Paypal then demanded more information about our client stating potential fraud since they seen the fraud alert on the credit report. Of course they seen the fraud alert, it tells them that our client cares about his credit and/or was a victim of identity theft. It tells them NOT TO RUN A CREDIT CHECK WITHOUT FIRST HAVING VERBAL CONFIRMATION WITH OUR CLIENT VIA THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS LISTED ON HIS CREDIT REPORT. PayPal never did talk with our client to access his credit report, they accessed it in violatin of all three of the major credit burues. Illegally. What this means to you is, if a theif gets ahold of your personal information, opens up a paypal account, has your social security number, Paypal will allow that person to open up credit and merchant accounts as long as your credit is good. They will also ignore any fraud alerts or locks on your credit reports. They don't care about privacy or the law. They told our client he requested the service so he agreed to the credit check. This is true, but Paypal never sees any of it's clients face to face. How did thye know it was actually my client applying for the account? They didn't, and that's why my client has lifelock, to prevent things like this from happening. BEWARE PAYPAL DOES NOT HONOR LIFELOCK or other identity protection programs, YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IS AT RISK WITH PAYPAL. Daniel Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
35, Report #319590
Mar 20 2008
07:50 AM
PayPal Paypal, Robbery in progress San Jose California
Reading the hundreds of complaints about PayPal, I soon realized that I was not alone! We use PayPal as merchant account and payment method for our Ebay Store. We pay them very good commission and they everything was fine until we received our first dispute. Customer filed it after 4 weeks of having the products and we could not take the merchandise back. This was clear in our policies that customer agreed to. Here are few blurbs of what PayPal friendly staff had to say: Your policies don't mean a thing It takes 4-6 weeks to resolve You agreed to our terms when you signed up Paypal put a hold on the funds, when they did not find them on the PayPal account, they reached to our Amex card! We filed a charge back against them, they were pissed! The following day, they froze our account and made us verify it again! 6 steps of verifiecation. We felt that were spanked! They certainly on a one way street, all they care about is PayPal and their funds. Our policies don't mean anything, yet theirs do? We asked to be reimbursed for the PayPal monthly fee while we could not use the service. Guess what, they refused. It is in their policy. In summary, we are closing our merchant account, we are happy with Google checkout, simply put, PayPal will rob your money if you are not careful. Cheers.. PS: Vote with your feet! walk away! Crisp sound Tewksbury, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
36, Report #309817
Feb 18 2008
11:31 AM
Paypal Paypal is making seller to take all the responsbility! Internet
This is what i sent to paypal; however, they determined that I have to give the buyer a full refund! Dear whom it may concern Not as described - Case ID: PP-395-634-971 Status: Being Reviewed By Paypal Transaction ID: 6PH86918GV990150L Buyer Name & Pat L., (((REDACTED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) Transaction Amount: $314.98 USD eBay Item#: 140190819729 Transaction Date: Dec. 17, 2007 Package Status: UPS tracking # 1Z502W3R0393719130 (Delivered on the 21of Dec) SELLER'S OPINION!!! Ebay sales ID: Chaching44 This customer received the item by UPS on the 21st of DEC. It is before the Christmas which means customer got the product before the holiday season. Customer could use the phone or test the unit as soon as they received the item. We informed customer that customer has to contact us if the phone is not working within 24hours upon receiving the item to do something about it. In addition, we cleared stated that there will be no money back; however, we were not worried about the problem because we knew that the unit was working properly. I believe that the buyer should have contacted us to inform that there was a problem thru Ebay because the customer purchased the item on ebay web site. BUT we did not get any e-mail from her regarding this issue. I see that the customer requested the dispute on the 2nd of Jan. And the notification from paypal web site came through to our spam e-mail inbox. We just realized that we had a dispute problem when we came online to print the shipping label today. Customer expected us to give him/her an answer within 24hours I believe. The buyer could not wait for our answer to get his/her money back when the buyer waited more than 10days to report a problem thru paypal. Paypal website wasn't down for last 10days. I know it was our fault that we did not answer the question shortly; however, we did not notice there was a problem w/ this transaction until today. The buyer does not know how to solve the problem online. The buyer did not want to communicate w/ us before they escalate the dispute to a Claim. We sell the products that are working. We make sure that our item is good to be sold online because we do not want any problem. In addition, we do not want to waste our time and money. The unit was in working condition when we sold it to the buyer. Customer came up with the problem 10days after the purchase. I would not waited that long if I got something that is not working. (Especially 10days) Since we like to care about our customer, we have no problem with providing a service on the unit. We wish we can fix the problem and make the buyer feel happy. We value every single customer. Please advise the buyer to send the phone back to us and get it fixed. Finally, customer would not answer our e-mail thur ebay. Thank you for your time. Chaching44 lawernceville, GeorgiaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #324012
Apr 05 2008
08:57 PM
Paypal Policies are not followed by Paypal Internet
Like many others here, as a seller I was ripped off by Paypal even though I had followed all of their policies and requirements. It was so bad that I ended up shutting down my online business because Paypal can't be relied upon and there are no other online payment methods for sellers that I am aware of or willing to trust with my personal account information. For years I ran my online business through ebay using Paypal as a payment method and never had one single problem or complaint. My seller feedback was 100% on ebay and I had not one single complaint through paypal. Then I fell victim to a group of individuals who figured out that they could use Paypal to rip me off by waiting a short period of time after receiving my services and then filing a complaint with Paypal for a refund. After receiving notification from Paypal that an item not received complaint had been filed against me by multiple buyers all on the same day I was also notified that my Paypal account and funds were being placed on hold pending investigation. This took place despite the fact that the complaints themselves were a direct violation of paypal policy and according to paypal's own policy not covered by paypal. I immediately provided paypal with proof of shipping and receipt along with emails from each of the buyers stating that they had received their items and were pleased as well as copies of the positive feedback each of the buyers had left on my ebay account. I heard nothing from Paypal and called in several times being told each time that they were still in the process of investigating the claims which could take 30 days. In the meantime mind you, I was unable to send invoices, make my own purchases using my paypal account or receive payments from any other customers. Basically, my business was at a complete stand still until paypal finished their investigation. After 2 months of getting the run around from Paypal they finally denied the buyers claims and released the hold on my account. I immediately withdrew all of my funds from my paypal account and vowed to never use their services again. Not done yet month later I received notification from Paypal that my account was in the negative in the amount of 500.00 I was informed that the buyers had each contacted their credit card company claiming that the charges were unauthorized and that paypal does not dispute these claims with credit card companies. Paypal instead refunds the money to the buyers credit card and debits the seller's account telling the seller that they will have to deal directly with the credit card companies in order to recover the funds!!! This also goes against everything stated in their seller protection policy. If it weren't for the fact that these crooked buyers will continue to run their scam on someone else I wouldn't even bother to take the time to deal with the credit card companies involved, however; I do not want anyone else to have to deal with what I have had to so I will pursue measures with the credit card companies. As far as Paypal is concerned though I will not send them one single cent unless I can recover it from the credit card companies. Paypal's policies are not worth the paper they are printed on and the company not only allows crooks to steal but actually make it EASY for them to do it!! Cj johnstown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #295731
Dec 30 2007
05:49 PM
PayPal **Beware** - PayPal does not protect you from fraudulent charges Internet
I had always been leery of PayPal and had done my best to avoid using them. In August, 2007 I relented to my 15 year old sons pleas to open a PayPal account in order to purchase a computer graphics card on EBay. (My son received the graphics card without any problem.) 2 weeks after the PayPal account was opened, 8 fraudulent charges appeared on my credit card all from the a vendor who neither me nor my son had ever used (or heard of) and totaling more than $700. I notified my credit card company of the fraudulent charges and they suggested that I also notify PayPal of the problem while they investigated my claim. The next day I notified PayPal of the 8 fraudulent charges via phone. PayPal took down the information and provided help getting back into the PayPal account (which my son could not remember how to get into by then) and promised to investigate. 12 hours later (at 3:00 am) I received 8 e-mail notifications of my claims. 1 minute later, I received 8 more e-mails denying my claims. I called PayPal customer service again and was told that all of the charges had been made from the same computer and that was the reason the claims were denied. They refused to tell me what products had been purchased and how they could know that the purchases had all been made from the same computer until I demanded to speak with a supervisor. The PayPal supervisor did absolutely nothing to help the situation and blamed the transactions on my son (who did NOT make those purchases). The good news is that the Fraud Division of my credit card company took matters in hand and removed the charges from my card. If my bank account information had been part of the PayPal account, I would not have had any recourse. Beware of using PayPal, as they will not protect you! Ripped off in so cal Laguna Niguel, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #254148
Jun 13 2007
08:34 AM
Entity: Delaware
40, Report #985473
Dec 21 2012
11:53 AM
Paypal Paypal is starting to act phishy. San Jose, California
How many have experienced this from Paypal? I recently setup a business account, because they tell you, you have to create a seperate account for business purposes and when I did that they raised the flag for suspicion as if I'm trying to steal my own identity. I told them the alert didn't happen until I tried creating the business account and they come up with the lame bull crap about new laws and that by 2014-2015 all member will have seen the limitiations or have to provide like a phot id or some proof of I.D. Now that is a great security feature, but when others can use paypal without providing that, I won't be either. I ask them where can I find this on their home page or somewhere in the public eye,stating all members will be rquired this, not just suspicion, as I think led to mine, they aren't admitting, but by 2015 the latest, every one will have to show this info to Paypal is what they advised me or limitations will apply. I would have done it in a heartbeat if I know it was no different than a bank. Not one soul will walk in that bank and leave with an account, without having provided their SSN, and other sensitive info, but with Paypal, that is highly unusual and unless it is known to the public eyes, I won't be following that. So what the limitation stays. I will not do it until it's known in the public eyes and all have to follow the same procedure,not just me, because they drew suspicion over a business account, and wanna lie and say it's the new legislation. Below is a copy of their reason for the above matter: Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support. I am sorry to hear about this situation, and understand your frustration and concern. The Bank Secrecy Act was amended to state that Money Services Businesses (like PayPal) will be required to verify the identity of a person before we can provide them with various services or product offerings. The US Patriot Act also requires PayPal to implement a Customer Identification Program (CIP) that ensures the collection of customer data such as Name, Address, Date of Birth , and National/Tax ID Number (SSN). We are also required to verify this information. If we are unable to verify the customers information, we will deny them the requested product/service and we may place a warning/limitation on the account.   Sincerely, PayPal Account Manager PayPal, an eBay Company Who else has recieved that and has heard the by 2014-15 all members will be required to provie proof of I.D.?
Entity: San Jose, California
41, Report #1134805
Mar 30 2014
06:09 AM
Ebay/Paypal Ebay/Paypal Beware Internet
To be fair i have used ebay and paypal for years with no issues, i have bought/sold equipment with good results till now!Back in january i listed a 2000 maganatrac small dozer because i was going to purchase a new one!When auction was over the buyer that lived in canada won autction and it was sold for 10k. We agreed to use paypal plus i also had buyer/seller protection up to 20kEbay's fees and pay pal fees totaled $400.00. He told me he was hiring a driver to pick up because part of of contract,he paid me 10k thru paypal with his credit card. When his driver arrived i had a notrized bill of sale and acceptance.about 2 days went by after his driver picked up and i noticed on paypal that they was reversing transaction of 10k out of my account, i called them and asked what was going on, they said the buyer filed complaint saying he never recived dozer, so i contacted driver and he said in detail the times he droped of machine and he told me he showed buyer how to run machine! So i tried contacting owner and no response, i sent paypal all info and legal notary plus emails,text proving that he had machine. So they reveresed action and put 10k back in my account! i thought that was done with. Another month went buy and i seen that ebay/paypal had drafted $$400 out of my account, i called them again, they said that it was fees when i sold dozer, so i presented to them The $400 i paid when action/transaction had been complete! They told me this was new fee and i told them i did not give them permssion to draft that out of account and the response they gave to me was since they had my checking account number they had full rights to draft any amount they choose too. I went to my bank shut down my accounts and filled complaint on the $400 which the bank rembursed me! after this i noticed on my paypal that this buyer had filled another complaint saying he never recievd machine and paypal was attmepting to reverse transaction again! once again i sent info prooving again he had machine! a week went buy and they emailed me saying they will uphold reversal! i was mad as hell over this because i cannot beleive that somebody this bold pulling fraud like this and paypal not holding up legal binding notary legal sale! what is even worse when i opted the buyer/seller protection i partcipate in they will not uphold it! so now i have a -10k balance on my paypal and ebay will not allow me to go to my account! it is one thing the have a punk to pull fraud but it is another when ebay/paypal is worse! So when he got dozer to canada he pulled the fraud!  If i had not shut down my account and moved my money paypal would have drafted the amount out. The IRS does not even have this kind of authority! People needs to be very careful, if you think you have protection from buyer/seller think again! 
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1168067
Aug 07 2014
08:39 AM
PayPal PayPal vs Bank Account Debit Card Access Internet
I'v used PayPal in the past and had no issues with payments from Ebay buyers.  Recently I started selling on Ebay and opened a new PayPal account and transferred money from my bank account . I sold my very first Buy-It-Now item the following day after going online, Paypal held the funds received.  When I attept to print the shipping label from within Ebay, PayPal paid for the transactin.  When the label didn't print I cancelled it and contacted Ebay.  I couldn't reprint the label because I had cancelled it. To my dismay, Ebay indicated I had to waite 21 days for the US Post Office to send me a refund.  I asked why do I have to wait 21 days, when its your site that caused the label to not print in the first place. At the same time Ebay charged me for the label, according to PayPal the transferred funds hadn't posted to my accoung, yet they still allowed the transaction to go through which my account was now negative. I explained to them the label did not print to issue a refund. They stated I had to go through Ebay for a refund. I became so upset with Ebay and PayPal that I decided to issue the buyer a refund and close my PayPal account because i didn't like how they were handeling my money.  First of all holding money for 21 days for an Ebay sale, even the shipping cost the buyer paid up front.  They hold your money hostage, that's what they do now. When I attempt to close out my PayPal account it wouldn't allow me to because of the pending transfer. A couple days later I notice PayPal attempted to debit my bank account (Pending Status) for the cost of the shipping label.  I immediately notified my back to open a complaint.  My bank posted the money bank into my account and open a complaint with PayPal that I did not authorize them to with drawl money from my account. I notified PayPal once again and advised them that I filed a complaint with my bank due to the fact that money was transfered from my accout to cover any transaction(s) I conducted using PayPal and that they were holding this transfer hostage for unknown reasons.  The rep told me that it takes up to 7 business days to post. My bank advised to close out that bank account and open a new one, which I did and also closed out the debit cause because PayPal had access to both of them. The next day (within 2 days of transfer) the money had posted to my PayPal account after the CSR lied and told me it took 7 business days to post.  I guess they didn't want to have to deal with another complaint about customers money. The issue was finally resolved and PayPal account closed.  I didn't care if they wouldn't allow me to close out my account, they no longer had access to any of my money anymore. For those out there who have this sort of issue in the future.  Notify your bank immediately, open a complaint and let them investigate.  Close out any bank/debit card account associate with the transaction and open a new accout to assure the safety of your money.   
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1210793
Feb 21 2015
09:30 PM
Paypal Sellers - Be Aware of Paypal - They don't have your back Internet
So i had my reservations about selling one of my cameras on ebay to countries listed as possibly problamatic, but ebay keeps pushing this sell your items worlwide campaign, as if implying they have your best at interest.  So I get this buyer from India and I sell my digital camera to him. He pays me, I ship it the next day to India. 24 hours later I get a message from paypal that they can't verify this persons information. So I say Great! does that mean I just shipped freebies half away around the world? They assure me that all is good and they wont do a chargeback on my account. Fastfoward 4 months later... it's now February and I decided to log in to my paypal account to check my balance. I see there is some type of un-resloved dispute, sure enough it's the same person in India claiming he never recieved his camera. Paypal initiates a chargeback with out ever notifying me of anything at all! No email, No phone call, No nothing... because I keep a copy of all my emails on a server and can back check almost 2 years of emails I'm absolutely positive thet never contacted me. So I start the process of disputing this chargeback, paypal asks for proof of shipment. I thought Great! I keep all my receipts, all  I have to do is dig threw 4 months of receipts. Sure enough I find the receipt with the tracking number or Customs form number when shipping overseas. I scan it and upload it to there resolution center. 2 days later I check my paypal account online because once again I'm not getting any emails from them or any type of contact even though they have my current email (it's like they're hoping I will forget or something) Paypal initiates a full charge back to this scammer in India. So now I'm out $150.00 and Paypal has closed the case, which means no more arguing their decision. Now I'm trying to contact this buyer personally and I find out that he is no longer a registered user on ebay. I mean seriuosly... can paypal get someone in there that has at least half a brain! You don't have to be a genious to figure out what just hapened. So to everyone out there reading this, especially if your a seller on ebay. Becareful of Paypal because they do not have your back.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1218442
Mar 26 2015
04:00 PM
Paypal Credit Paypal Wrongly charged fees Internet
Paypal charged me over $100 most of that in added fees on the top of a $30 purchase that was supposed to be extracted directly from my checking account.  
Entity: Internet
45, Report #1401830
Sep 22 2017
06:59 PM
Paypal and eBay Paypal Defrauded Me Of USD$7,500.00 La Vista Nationwide
On September 21st, 2017 my company Glorious Media Group and our client, a Paypal member of over 15 years suffered great loss when Paypal systems placed a hold on a payment identical to previous payments spreading over ayear period, thereby disrupting our relationship with an existing client. When contacted, low level Paypal customer support as well as Paypal supervisors continued to repeat like a broken record that: The hold could not be lifted in spite of the fact Paypal fees were deducted from the said account, and worse, that a refund could not be processed leaving USD$7,500.00 in Paypal's bank roll account, but worse, my client without USD$7,500.00 in his Paypal account... No solution was offered other than wait and pray my client's money would eventually be released by by bank, in this case, Paypal Blood Suckers LLC. The smart thing to do moving forward? To avoid 3% Paypal fees & 14 business day holds, I plan on getting paid in BTC, ETH or LTC. Plus, trusting Paypal to keep my personal information and business details safe is foolish. BOTTOM LINE: Paying Paypal to place a HOLD on my HARD EARNED money, now that's just plain STUPID! So long Paypal! You have always been a fraud... To him who has an ear, let him hear. #TGBTG
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1387404
Jul 22 2017
11:51 AM
PayPal extra Mastercard Ripoff PayPal MasterCard Extra
 I have a extra PayPal MasterCard and because I pay my balance in full each month rather than the minimum amount that is due at the time they block and hold my money for my protection because they say I pay more than the amount due. which don't make any sense to me...
47, Report #1374062
May 18 2017
10:05 PM
PayPal PayPal Won't Release My Customers' Money London Internet
My account has been limited for 2 weeks and PayPal are holding $25,000 of my customers' money. I've had 5-6 promises that the account will be resolved the next day and then they keep asking for more documents. I've asked my customers to file a chargeback on their payments and they can pay me by other means. I'm finished with PayPal. Never again will I trust a single penny of my customers' money with them!
Entity: Internet
48, Report #1433850
Mar 12 2018
08:58 AM
Paypal Can't trust paypal.. San Jose California
Paypal advertises that they protect the consumers after the sale, but in reality, they work with the scammers to steal money from consumers...   About a month ago, I was scammed by one of the MANY foreign sscammers on ebay..  He had some computer parts.. He listed them as fitting a lot more different computers than they really fit... He also listed them as being located in California..  I unknowingly bought one, because the listing said that it fit my computer...  When I got the part, it obviously didn't fit..  After filing a dispute & waiting for several weeks, I was informed that I could get my money back if I sent the item to HONG KONG..  They purposely falsify the listing because most people won't pay to send an item halfway around the world..   I filed several complaints with paypal, and they did absolutely nothing to help me get my money back from the scammers..    The paypal rep that i spoke to pretty much admitted that they work with the scammers, because they make more money that way.. 
Entity: San Jose, California
49, Report #1431131
Feb 25 2018
11:12 AM
PayPal IncrediMail/Perion company Unauthorized by Perion/PayPal Internet
In February of 2017, I purchased a software program from IncrediMail, a Perion company, for 27.95, using my PayPal account, linked to my Citizens bank account, as a ONE TIME CHARGE.The software had a virus attached to it, and infected my computer. After several attempts by IncrediMail, they could not fix it, and I removed IncrediMail from my computer, and never used it again.On the 21st of this February, Perion put through a another charge for 27.95 as an unauthorized-recurring charge, without my permission. I complained to Perion and PayPal, and after looking into my complaint, PayPal denied my claim, without considering my position, that I did not authorize a recurring charge, as I have NOT used IncrediMail for over a year.
50, Report #56830
May 13 2003
07:12 PM
PayPal deceptive ripoff scam company Internet Worldwide
PAYPAL ripoff ripoff business from hell deceptive company false promises screwed others too Omaha And Palo Alto NE and CA ..... This all started in 11/2002 when i opened my paypal account for the first time. I was a seller on ebay and i must say i had a very good name for myself. Well i sold this lady a baby swing for 65.00 shipping included. She waited 2 months after she received her baby swing to contact her credit card company for a refund without contactin me or anything about this. So i get online one day and see what was going on and find out i had a credit card charge back in the amount of 65.00 I called paypal about this and they said that they will help me out with this in anyway. I was cool about it thinking i had someone on my side. Come to find out that was wrong. They hit my account for 65.00 so now im -65.00 in the hole. I have contacted paypal about 100 times by email and phone and lemme say i have gotten a few paypal people on the phone and they hang up on me..Now as time goes on this will happen to me the same way just about 5 more times. My loss is now over $700.00 with no Items i sold these people back in my hands.Paypal says they can not help me out on any of these problems i am having. But they can come into my account and take my hard earned money ..what a scam I got ripped off 2 ways with NO Items i am out of now. (BABY SWING, Brand new Sony Hi8 Camcorder w/ night vision, 3 direct tv hughes gaebo receivers with 2 remotes and 2 Access card 4 cards and 3 other small items total in hole now $782.35 in cash and now missing the items i sold so figure double that amount and thats what i got ripped out of. Chelsea Braithwaite, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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