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76, Report #866479
Apr 10 2012
12:28 PM
Paypal buyer lied to get refund Internet, California
Sold an item to a buyer more than a month ago on March 2, 2012 and he paid thru Paypal. On March 23, 2012, he filed a non-receipt dispute with Paypal because I couldn't ship it out right away because I was at my father's house for almost two weeks helping him thru personal problems. The funny thing though is that he received the item on the same day that he filed. About 1-2 weeks ago, he lied to me and said that the item didn't work so I had him send the item back to me and I would give him a refund. When I got the item back, I saw that the item works and I sent it back to him and he refused. I told him that since the item works, it doesn't count under my return policy on my store at He lied to paypal and got a refund even though he lied. He claimed that he couldn't find case for the tablet. It's a 9.7 tablet and you can find cases for them. He tried to claim that he can't use a stylus (touch screen pen) even though my ad said that it's a touch screen. But the doozy is that he wanted a refund because Netflix doesn't run right on the tablet. This has nothing to do with the tablet, many people are reporting problems running Netflix on many tablets. He claims that Youtube doesn't work on the tablet even though I got many apps to run thru Google Play (Android Market). Paypal is a scam. They give refunds to the buyers even when the buyer is lying. They give refunds to buyers even when you have a refund policy.
Entity: Internet, California
77, Report #943816
Sep 19 2012
08:24 PM
PAYPAL The Federal Phenomenon Internet
I ran into an interesting phenomenon a while back - I call it The Federal Phenomenon: when you start talking to some of these stubborn and reluctant Companies about involving the Feds, their attitude changes completely! Obviously, they dont want any Federal agencies coming around asking questions, nor do they want more Federal laws and regulations applying to them and their Companies. Ive used this in the past (with Humana Right Source, for one, when they wanted to charge me $3,000 for a little bottle of eye drops and $4,000 for another little bottle of eye drops), and I had occasion to use it today with PayPal! I ordered some software from a Company a coupla months ago, which was supposed to set up a website or 2 (10, actually, but I never got beyond #2). They insisted that I use their web hosting Company, probably because they were getting a commission off the deal! I used my PayPal account to pay for it. When the whole deal began to go sour, I promptly closed the websites and changed the nameservers (which are obtained thru a different Company, this time for free, which aim the prospective customer to the website on that particular web host). I notified the software Company and the web hosting Company that I had done this, that the software did not work as stated, that I could get almost no technical support from them, and that I wanted a refund! Of course, they ignored my E-Mails! So, I filed a claim thru PayPal for a refund, stating that it was a Fraud! That it had been misrepresented! That these people only wanted the $$$ and that I intended to pursue it as far as possible. Then I began a long agonizing process of calling and continuing to call PayPal, to follow up on my claim. It is a real pain in the kazoo to try to get thru PayPals phone system, as they put a bunch of recorded messages on first, one has to prove who is calling by entering the correct phone number + the last 4 digits of the primary account-holders Soc. Security Number, and such. Then a syruppy-sounding lady keeps asking what I want. I try to tell her that I want to talk to a live human being, but of course, the dumb machine is not programmed to recognize this as a response. They continue to kill time by trying to send me an E-Mail about some of their policies, and such! I continue to press * and # and 0 and whatever other keys I think may disconnect the syruppy-sounding machine and get me thru to a live human being. Eventually, usually after 7-8 minutes (Ive actually timed it, and thats no lie), it will connect me with some sweet gal in the Philippines, who knows absolutely nothing except how to speak English and halfway sound like she is in the U.S. I always ask if she is in the Philippines! Usually, they are startled by this question, as they think they are fooling someone! After killing some more time with these people, trying to explain what I want, they usually connect me with someone in the U.S., especially after they realize that they (a) dont know what Im talking about (b) cant help me (c) all the above! PayPal dragged its feet, taking the side of the seller, stating that it was not a physical product but instead that it was a digital product, in other words, the purchase was for a virtual, digital, or intangible item, which is not covered under PayPal Purchase Protection.  We only cover claims involving physical items that can be shipped and tracked. There was no tracking number, nothing was shipped (as the software was a download), there was no item to be received, nada, zilch! So, I kept calling PayPal, and the web hosting Company kept trying to tap my PayPal account! One lady suggested I close the PayPal Debit Card, which I did, and apply for another one (which I havent done yet until I get a final resolution on this claim). Another man said the web hosting Company had created a second invoice in order to tap my account. I kept getting all kinds of run-around. PayPal kept trying to decide in favor of the seller, close the claim, and such. I filed a Fraud Complaint with the F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission), even tho the total was only slightly over a hundred $$$. After talking to PayPal again this past Mon., I called the F.T.C. again and added PayPal as a party to the Fraud Complaint, since they kept stalling, finding in favor of the seller, and such; I stated that PayPal was a part of the Fraud process, that they were making $$$ off these fraudulent transactions, and such. In talking to PayPal again this week, I (of course) got their Philippine people and Puerto Rica (I think) people first, as they feed callers there first, then transfer them to someone in the U.S., if needed. The foreigners could care less about the F.T.C. - in fact, some of them dont even know what it is! But those in the U.S. look at it an entirely different way! At first, I began to tell the U.S. Help people that I planned to add PayPal to the Fraud Complaint with the F.T.C., and nothing changed. Then I began to tell them that I had actually added paypal to the fraud complaint with the f.t.c. - and then everything began to change! I also added that I plan to send an E-Mail to my Congressman, recommending that new laws be passed which would regulate PayPal as a bank, which it is not! It is a financial institution that provides Internet services to expedite payments, but it is not a bank! So, therefore it is NOT regulated by the F.D.I.C. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) like the banks are! When I began talking along these lines, about involving the Feds, their attitude at PayPal changed completely! Suddenly, instead of giving me the old run-around, that they would take my case under advisement, and send it to the right department (kinda like a bank loan where they have to send it to the committee and the committee doesnt meet until next Monday - Ive heard this before!), I found that the person I was talking with, had the authority to make a decision right then, and it was in my favor! He immediately credited my account for the amount claimed! And, of course, he took it out of the software Companys account! I was really surprised, in a way; yet in another way, I got to thinking about it, and I realized that they dont want any new Federal regulations or some Federal officials coming around asking questions! Remember this, as you may be able to use it to expedite a claim in the future! Stanislaus End of posting.
Entity: , Internet
78, Report #931349
Aug 23 2012
06:38 AM
PayPal PayPal's supposed buyer protection Internet
On 20-06-2012 I placed on online order with a Hong Kong company, and authorized a PayPal Payment. 23-06 I received a message that the payment was rejected (not enough funds, as it turned out). 23-06 to cut corners, I logged into my PayPal account and made the payment manually 30-06 K.O Gadget Store confirmed that they received my payment. 16-07 I got shipping confirmation from K.O Gadget Store 26-07 K.O Gadget Store used my authorization from 20-06 and... charged my AGAIN. I wrote to them, twice, no response, so - believing in PayPal's buyer protection assurances - I contacted them about it. There were two options to choose from: goods not received and unauthorized account access. Had I opted for the first, I probably would have gotten my money back, but I opted for the second. PayPal responded very promptly indeed: we investigated, and there was no unauthorized account access. Which _formally_ is correct, but they could see all the history, the same order number in both payments, yet what did they choose to protect? Their transaction fee, it seems to me.
Entity: , Internet
79, Report #907810
Jul 06 2012
04:05 PM
PayPal Took Refunded Money Internet
I am filing a report recently I purchased a e book from a vendor and was not satisfied. I asked for a refund and he provided it. Then i checked my paypal account it said my purchase was refunded and transferred to my bank. I looked at my bank account and I do not see the money refunded money from paypal. I emailed them numerous times, and they seemed uninterested and have not even responded. They basically scammed me for my money.
Entity: , Internet
80, Report #188681
Apr 26 2006
09:35 AM
PayPal ripoff Dublin Internet
On the 14th of April 2006 I purchased Ebay item number 8277101219. I paid via PayPal, the amount of GBP 149.99. On the 16th of April I noticed I had lost 750 from my bank account. I contacted the bank, and they said that the PayPal transcaction of 149.99 was earmarked for withdrawal 6 times. Resulting in a total price of 900. Hence my bank balance of zero. I then went to and tried to report suspicious activitity on the said transaction, and included several paragraphs detailing my bank account details,but when the file was reported, it showed its subject heading as 'item not received'. This is the statement I provided with the report; MY BANK HAS INFORMED ME THAT THE TRANSACTION WENT THROUGH 6 TIMES, RESULTING AN AMOUNT OF 149.99 x 6, INSTEAD OF A SINGLE TRANSACTION OF 149.99. MY BANK ACCOUNT IS NOW EMPTY. I HAVE CANCELLED THE CREDIT CARD ON RECORD On the 16th of April, the bank told me that this was a communication error, and only the original single transaction of 149.99 would be processed. Not wishing to cause the Ebay seller any undue problems, I cancelled the dispute. However, 10 days after the purchase, the items did not arrive, and I contacted PayPal to file an 'items not received' claim. They told me that since I cancelled the original claim, they would not re-open it. The notes supplied with the original dipsute clearly state I was trying to report suspicious account activity, and not an item not received. They said well that's the rules to tough. I have telephoned them any sent many emails, each time to be told the same thing, you made a mistake, so tough I will not be receiving any of my payment from PayPal, which I think is disgusting. They are clearly avoiding any compensation by hiding behind a loophole, even though from reading all the facts, it is easy to see what problem I was originally reporting. Please do all you can to help, this is very upsetting, as I feel cheated and abused. Thank you very much for your time. Nick forresUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PayPal
Entity: Internet
81, Report #180069
Mar 08 2006
03:41 PM
PayPal - ebay ripoff Internet
Same story as many others. I sold an item on ebay which was paid for through PayPal (buyer apparently using a stolen cc, according to PayPal). We shipped the item, had a signed receipt, and received positive feedback from the buyer. We transferred the funds to our bank. Later, funds were removed from our bank. We inquired and spoke with buyer. He said it was a mistake. Funds were refunded to our bank account. Later, funds were charged to our CREDIT CARD. Notified CC company and we received a refund. Later, our CC was again charged saying that PayPal stated we did not follow the rules. I faxed all info we had, signatures, correspondence, etc... about 20 pages to CC Company and to PayPal (AGAIN... they lose things). Latest chapter is that funds were credited back to our CC. Don't know what will happen NEXT???? I'm hoping this is over, but in the meantime, I have closed all PayPal/Ebay accounts and will NEVER give them access to any bank or cc account. D Kerrville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #178114
Feb 25 2006
02:55 PM
Paypal ripoff Internet
About 4months ago, When I try to log my paypal account,password was different. Someone already hacked my account. And he or she changed my password,my whole information. In my paypal account,over $800 in it. I requested money back or reactivate my paypal account. But they refused it because they said that they can't verify who is real. I faxed them to my phone bill and copy of driver license. But they never helped me. They are ripping off my account money very easily. I really hate paypal,ebay and yahoo. They are same worst company in the planet. Kwang h Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
83, Report #206972
Aug 19 2006
09:12 PM
Paypal ripoff Tustin California
I sold item on ebay delivered it then he put a stop on funds. Paypal sided with the buyer and gave him a refund. So when I called paypal on this they say call the police the police say call paypal. So paypal aided in stealing from me. Valerie covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Covina, California
84, Report #207122
Aug 21 2006
10:22 AM
PAYPAL steeling ID and other personal info Internet
Do not enter any personal info at the link provided in an email from AKA-PAYPAL If you goto the link in the email and there is no S after the HTTP. The web site is not paypal's web site. They want to steel your personal info. You can type any user name and password at the web site and it logs you in and ask for personal info. I wish the law would go after these ID thiefs. Allen peckville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
85, Report #322195
Mar 29 2008
01:02 PM
PayPal CROOKS!! Orlando Internet
You would think that PayPal is interested in being business-friendly, right? How wrong can I be? I have been trying to make payments and goodluck trying to do that.... I e-mailed them, I spoke with them, but nothing. I suppose that is how they make their money by charging fees and adding more charges. I filed a complaint with BBB and have been trying to close this account. BBB is sending me rebuttals from PayPal, who by now offered me 3 different ways of accessing the internet site with the info I need. The latest is a link I got from them contained in the following message from PayPal: I sincerely apologize for the difficulties you have encountered while using PayPal. The company values your business and I want to do everything possible to resolve your rebuttal. I have reviewed your PayPal account and your recent inquiry to the Better Business Bureau. Please allow me to offer further explanation concerning your issue. We are currently working to resolve the issue you have experienced while attempting to review your balance for your PayPal Pay Later account. We are experiencing a communications issue between PayPal and GE Money Bank, only for the transmittal of viewable balances. The accounts are still open, functional and able to be viewed at the following address: Again, please accept my apology for any inconvenience that this situation has caused. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at or (402) 952-8904. Sincerely, Rich Executive Escalations PayPal, an eBay Company What a nonsense!! I tried the link and here is what I got: There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. Click here to close this webpage. Continue to this website (not recommended). So, if anyone is thinking of using PayPal or e-bay, I hope they seriously rethink this. I believe in the end, they will regret it. I, personally, never want to hear about e-bay or paypal again! Cornelia Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
86, Report #310335
Feb 19 2008
11:03 PM
Paypal Liars, Scammers, Theives, unethical, Texas
I have had a Paypal account since 2007. I had never used it other than to send payments for ebay items. Well I am in the process of moving and had some large items I really do not want to take with me so I advertised them in the local trade times. I had a buyer that wanted most of the items I was selling but he wanted to use a creidt card. Knowing I had the Paypal account and that Paypal was supposed to be safe I referred him to them to pay me. HUGE mistake. He made 4 payments to my account. tThe first was 50.00 to make sure I got it. The second was 800.00 the third was 864.98 and the fourth was for 464.98. A few days later I withdrew 1600.00 to my bank account and purchased some other items on ebay for my children. This was on the 16th. On the 17th I received an email from a seller asking why I reversed my payment to her for a PSP I purchased. I explained that I didn't and immediately logged into my Paypal account. Low adn behold my account was limited. I went to the resolution center and saw they wanted my Photo ID and a Utility bill. Thinking this was okay because I had never received money into my account before I provided the requested information. I called them and was assured the limitation would be removed after 24 hours. The next days I saw the limitation wsa still there and this time they wanted invoices (which were sent through Paypal to protect my interests), shipping information, and also my supplier. I called and explained they were my personal items that I had at my home and I was moving etc. I was told to write an email and send it to them with all the information in it including invoices. I did this and today I saw the limitation was still on my account. I called them again and was told Paypal wanted to end their relationship with me. I said that is fine just transfer the money to my bank account and close my patpal account. I was informed they would not do that. They want to hold my monet 528.46 for 180 days. What kind of sense does that make? Paypal is the most unethical business I have had the displeasure of dealing with. They are liars and scammers. Evidently they sit back and limit peoples accounts and rely on the person forgetting after 6 months then Paypal gets to keep the money. BEWARE of this company. They will F**K you and not even give you a kiss. Angryangel Pulaski, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
87, Report #309880
Feb 18 2008
02:36 PM
Paypal mastercard promotional signup fraud Internet
From the link, I clicked to sign up for an Ebay Mastercard for a 2-night free hotel stay promotion. The promotion for the offer and the links were run by Paypal, so that is why I'm not reporting Ebay for the problem I encountered. For me the process worked fine, I got my Ebay mastercard and 2- free night hotel stay information in the mail. I did the same process for my mom before the offer expired (Dec 31st 2007). This is where the fraud happened. Even though I used the exact same link to sign my mom up for her card, paypal wound up giving her a completely different credit card (the paypal plus credit card) all because I signed up using the same computer. Paypal's system recognized that the same computer had been used to apply for an Ebay mastercard, and even though it was used to apply for a completely different person, they decided to give her a different card which does not qualify for the 2-night hotel promotion! I called tech support and they confirmed that their system made this error because the same computer was used for both applications, but said it was too late to do anything about it now! Paypal should be ashamed, I am never giving them business again! Oliver amherst, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
88, Report #223195
Nov 30 2006
11:17 PM
Ebay Paypal Rip-off Internet
I payed for a Xbox 360 off, the person took over 1 month to deliver, and when they did paypal dropped my case because I filed it wrong in the type of goods? Well there were no explainations of what each one means? And you cannot file a new claim. So I got a Xbox 360 that was suppose to come with a reciept as just purchased? He forgot (ya right) to send the wireless controller, Hard drive! So I spend 50 bucks on a controller, 100 bucks for a hard drive. Then the system ruins one of my games cost of 60 Bucks and I had to send it into microsoft for Repairs? Because the system was one of the first ones produced which had flaws; they forgot to put the receipt in? Paypal blows me off. What a waste of money and time. Jonathan Walla Walla, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
89, Report #184994
Apr 04 2006
11:24 PM
Paypal unfair chargebacks, no investigation . .internet
I know this has happened to a lot of other people. I sold an item on eBay. The buyer paid with Paypal, got the item, sent me an email and positive feedback as proof he had gotten it. I withdrew the funds to my bank account. Paypal then informs me that there was 'a problem' (unspecified, so there was no way for me to contest it) with the buyer's funds, so they needed all the info they could get about the transaction, including proof of shipping. I provided this, and the next day Paypal sends me a letter saying that it wasn't enough to reverse the temporary reversal of the funds in my Paypal account (now negative) and that it was to become permanent. No way to contest this, no way to file a complaint or fight Paypal is threatening to send a collection agency after me, ME, instead of the thief, who defrauded 14 other people. The proof was all there, clear as crystal, as to what happened. I talked to a rep on the phone, and he told me straight out that with the scammers, it was too difficult to collect since they were dishonest. It was just easier to collect from the seller, since they already had access to my bank account. So basically they were just being lazy, because who did I think was going to cover the debt, THEM? Heather Minden, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #244107
Apr 15 2007
10:52 AM
i recently made a purchase fron an online retailer , and for convenience used paypal to pay for it. the retailer changed the terms of the sale and refused to claim the money from paypal. as a result paypal wont let me , the consumer, cancel the sale because the funds have been unclaimed by the ratailer. when i explained to paypal that the reatailer would not honor the original sale, they said go to transactions and press the cancel button. guess what. because the funds are unclaimed , there is no cancel button. it can take up to 60 days before my money is returned. DO NOT USE PAYPAL FOR PURCHASES WITH COMPANIES YOU DON'T KNOW. IT OFFERS YOU LITTLE TO NO RECOURSE SHOULD A SALE GO BAD. A CC OR CHECK PAYMENT WOULD ALREADY HAVE BEEN RESOLVED. ALL THE ANSWERS I HAVE FROM PAYPAL HAVE BEEN THE SAME. GO TO TRANSACTIONS AND PRESS CANCEL. NO CANCEL BUTTON. And because it is unclaimed, I CANT EVEN FILE A DISPUTE!!! Bill bakersfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
91, Report #256754
Jun 25 2007
01:35 PM
Paypal ripped me off Internet
I had a good rep on ebay and I recently sold a camera for $445. On the ad I clearly stated no refunds. I also had 2 very clear pictures for the buyer to see the model number and the condition. A buyer bought the camera and after he received it, he emailed me wanting an operating manual and said he know nothing about cameras. Well ,after a few days he filed a claim with paypal saying the camera was not as described and he thought he got ripped off. I was given ONE chance to explain my side, and that chance consisted of one 100 word paragraph. I barely had room to say anything. This was the only chance I had for input top the claim. After 30 days, they refunded his full purchase price without any more input from me. I later learned they had been working with the buyer very closely. The had emailed him numerous times and even talked to him on the phone. I never received equal treatment. I am out $445 plus shipping all because the buyer didnt like the camera and lied about it. DO NOT USE PAYPAL...the only work for the buyer and you can get your money back for anything, even if you don't return it. The bully sellers into doing exactly as they say even if you think it is unfair. Ken Roswell, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
92, Report #46696
Feb 24 2003
10:00 AM
Paypal ripoff Omaha Nebraska
I had earned money taking quizes on In order to get the money that I earned from itpaystolearn I had to deposit the money into a Paypal account. When the money was tranferred to paypal, paypal thought that I was requesting money to be sent to itpaystolearn. Paypal took money out of my bank account,causing my bank account to become overdrawn. The money that I earned was sent back to itpaystolearn. I called Paypal. I spoke to a male represenative. He said that according to their records I had requested money to be sent to itpaystolean and that itpaystolearn's fualt that money was taken out of my bank account and that it is itpaystolearn's fualt that my bank account in overdrawn and that I need to contact itpaystolearn and take the problem up with them. On my online bank statement it shows that Paypal withdawn from my bank account. On My Paypal account it shows where Paypal sent a payment to itpaystolearn and it shows that paypal took money out of my account to pay itpaystolearn. John Cheyenne, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
93, Report #19545
Apr 25 2002
09:36 AM
Paypal Electroinic Bank Fraud consumer fraud ripoff Internet
Be very careful when using paypal online for any reason. When sending a electronic tarnsaction I accidently entered on number too many in the amount to be sent. I was sending 120. too I used the back button to correct this and then proceeded to send the correct amount. Guess what? both transactions were sent. I immeadiately tried to cancel the transaction but it would not let me. I contacted the seller who I was sending the money to and they canceled on their end (thank goodness for honest people) but paypal would not let me cancel. I tried to contact them but after several frustrating hours I finally found a phone number for them in the terms and agreement section. When I contacted them they said there was nothing they could do. So this is what happened...They withdrew both amounts from my bank account with overdrew my account. My bank charged me overdraft charges. The money was put into an account on paypal..I sent it right back to my bank but it took 8 days fot this all to happen. In that time my bank charged me 22 overdraft charges at $28. per fee. I contacted my bank and tried to explain what happened..they said since it was an online transaction there was nothing they could do. I was so very upset as I am on social security and do not have the funds available to me to replace this money. The good new is that there is a site called that has a class action law suit listed for paypal! If anyone else out there was ripped off by paypal then you need to find out how to join this law suit! Until not make ANY typo mistakes when sending money! Sally Clinton, Montana
Entity: Internet
94, Report #101533
Jul 31 2004
12:50 PM
PayPal rip-off! Internet
When a merchant did not deliver the goods, PayPal would only make a complaint against him and refused to take action to collect the money. Kate Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
95, Report #339176
Jun 11 2008
06:57 AM
Paypal Ripsoff Sellers with bogus claims Internet
I shipped a beautiful Fenton Glass Vase to Canada (first mistake). The idiot who purchased it complained the vase arrived damaged in shipment and immediately placed a claim with Paypal, who of course automatically holds the funds of $150, without first contacting the shipper of the problem. This item, of course, was insured and well packaged, when it was shipped. It took two weeks to reach it's destination, along the way the box was crushed, and the vase was broken. I repeatedly asked the buyer to take the item to the Canadian post to have the damaged verified. That is the only way to get the United State Post Office to send out a claims packet to the recipient. The Buyer refused to do that, and kept telling me I had to do it. I made a half dozen calls to the Post Office, after initially starting the inquiry, and was told each time the recipient needed to follow thru at their end with the damage verification. I even sent the Buyer full instructions on what had to be done and what form needed to be completed. I also attached this information on the Paypal Resolution form. I contacted Paypal Customer Service and informed them of the procedure that had to be done in order to get compensation from the Post Office for their mishandling. I called on 4 different occassions, each time the agent agreed that the buyer need to do some self help. In the end, Paypal authorized the buyer to return the item to me and they refunded the total amount. The buyer returned the item in a different box (essentially a smaller box of broken glass is all I got) with out any kind of protection. Since it was returned to me in this condition I could not prove to the Post Office how I had shipped the item without any of the original packaging, I had no recourse. I have complained to Paypal and they have done nothing, I am out the funds and the item. If they had insisted the buyer follow thru with the Post Office claims procedure she would have been reimbursed by now and I wouldn't be out everything. I have sent Paypal many messages regarding this situation and want to know what else I could have done? They have just blown me off. I wish BidPay still existed I would shift all my business to them. Some else please start another online payment company, or if anyone knows of another way to do online transactions, Please tell me! Treasuredtoyz Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
96, Report #1024762
Mar 06 2013
10:23 PM
Paypal Bank account overdrafting, Fraudulent activity Internet
I actually have a couple of complaints against Paypal. Paypal has a horrible habit of withdrawing funds from attached bank accounts without checking to see if the sufficient funds are even available, even when you tell them not to use the bank account as a funding source. They have overdrawn my bank account on three separate occasions, including most recently when they linked my paypal account to my ebay account as an automatic transaction, which I didn't authorize, each time they siphoned funds out of my bank account without my authorization, even when I provided an alternate funding source without the bank account as the source. In addition, they take the funds from your bank account, however, do not report that they took the funds to your financial institution until several hours later, which makes it difficult to figure out ledger balances (When you are unsure of which account was charged) and if they actually charge the proper account. Which is so unlike any other business, which posts transactions within seconds of charging any type of account. I was forced to contact the sellers several times that paypal had made unauthorized transactions to the wrong accounts, which the sellers had refunded, however, the funds never returned directly back to the bank account, and they would force me to will out an ACH transaction after placing a 5-day hold on my refunded funds.
Entity: , Internet
97, Report #1201984
Jan 15 2015
05:08 PM
Paypal steals from their customers Internet
there was an unauthorized transaction on my account , the thief used my paypal mastercard to pay for their website services , in the process a refund was issued to my account as part of the discount deal for the website , this money would have gone to the thief if he used his own account but instead he used mine. paypal credited me for what was taken from my bank and stole another $142 the refund from merchant  from my paypal account sending my account to a negative balance. that was my money and they stole it from me and refuse to give it back PAYPAL ARE THIEVES!
Entity: Internet
98, Report #1034697
Oct 20 2000
12:00 AM
PayPal completely unfair made recent policy changes that were completely unfair. The company was offering registered users a $5 bonus for referrals. I had three (3) referrals sign up for the service, but was only paid for one (1). I have been told that their policy changed on 10/09/00, and only premier or business accounts will now receive the bonus. The problem? They did not send out a communication announcing the policy change until 10/11/00 (two days AFTER the new policy went into effect). To make matters worse, the two (2) referrals I was NOT paid for both signed up on 10/06/00 (BEFORE the policy change), but because of the NORMAL time it takes to verify accounts, their accounts were not considered verified until 10/10/00 (ONE DAY AFTER the policy change). This is the reason they are claiming I am not entitled to the referral bonuses I was PROMISED. Sounds just a little too convenient, doesn't it? I have sent SEVERAL letters to , but all I receive are responses referring to the policy change. Don't you think a reasonable consumer is entitled to expect ADVANCE NOTICE of policy changes? I DO! I still think I am ENTITLED to the two (2) $5 referral bonuses I did NOT receive! How about you?
Entity: Palo Alto, California
99, Report #1054004
May 26 2013
01:23 PM
Paypal Prepaid card redemption runaround  Internet
I have money on a Paypal prepaid debit card and they will not give me the money. I have the card and I have sent them the requested ID which was my drivers lic., soc. sec. card and utility bill. Now they say they want the purchase receipt. I did not lose the card. I do not have that receipt and the purchase receipt should only be needed if you lose the card. They asked to speak to a minor, my son. I believe this is illegal. They said his name was involved. I told them he is a minor. This is a classic  Big business runaround game they are playing. Initially they said they wanted the three forms of ID now they want a receipt. They keep increasing the demands. They are stealing my money.
Entity: Internet
100, Report #1072110
Aug 01 2013
11:49 AM
paypal Robert 36047 mastercard debit scam internet
 on july 16 i went to a wilco hess station with the intent and purpose to buy one of these paypal Mastercards. Having been familiar with greendot cards i thought this would have better expanded functionality. Not even a lttle bit. It costs $4.95 base fee + 4.95 subscription with the latter fee being taken after 36 hours. On the box it says you may call or go online to activate. That is a lie. You may only call, because everyone with a temporary card (i.e. store bought) has a block placed on it. It takes two to three days to connect to a preexisting paypal account. So there is no way to keep your $4.95 subscription if you dont call them and only call them. The packaging is misleading and will more often result in an extrs $4.95 taken from you. Robert the paypal supervisor i spoke with was vague and dodgy asserting 9/10 people can use their cards within the first 36 hours. Error after error, long wait. Afted long wait 20 minute wait average on their phones today....
Entity: Internet

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