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76, Report #32467
Oct 13 2002
01:57 PM
Peoples Credit First Peoples Credit First ripoff deception Tampa Florida
This company represents itself as a credit card provider. As many credit card companies do these days, they require a processing fee. After sending in my fee, I received a packet which included a Peoples First Credit Card and a catalog. This credit card is good only for the items in their catalog. A very deceptive business practice which I have reported to my state attorneys office and BBB. I have also contacted the banking facility from which the payment was made and have requested the money be returned. Unless this company can successfully contradict the assertion that they have committed deceptive business practices, my money will be returned. The reason for my using this venue is to hopefully help others avoid this company and their deceptive practices. Rebecca St. Louis, Missouri
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #21293
May 22 2002
12:39 AM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Tampa FL
First I would like to thank this website for being here. If I had not been trying to find out or trying to log into Peoples Credit First's Website, which I had a hell of a time trying to find it, I would have never come across this website. So again, I want to thank you for being here. I work for a credit card company and truly I should by now now the ways of some of these want' ta be credit card scams are. I just received a, Not pre-approved but Already approved and guaranteed for $5,000 Platinum Card. For all the poor victims who want and need a credit card, just to survive or try and rebuild their credit due to some unforseen thing that happened in life that they couldn't control, here are a few FYI's that will help you know the difference between a real credit card offer or a potential scam. With Peoples Credit First their offer comes with a Platinum Card offer and a $5,000 Credit Line. When a credit card company sends an offer you can bet they will inform you if you will receive a Visa or a Master Card not just a Platinum Card this should tell you that this is a Catolog Card. Secondly this offer request that you send $45 and you will receive your membership package. Credit Card companies will tell you the charges you are required to pay is for processing the application which they will use to do the credit check to see if you qualify for their card. So, please research all offers you may receive before you send any money out of your Oh so desperate hands. Just in case anyone would like to know I have a Gold Visa from Marin Bank and they are a life saver, I also have a First National Credit Visa, and a Providian Bank Card, try to get one of these three credit cards and that should be very helpful in rebuilding your credit. Jacqueline Sacramento, California
Entity: Tampa, Florida
78, Report #30315
Sep 17 2002
07:57 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Tampa Florida
Was under the impression of getting a visa or master credit card cause i really needed it to pay off some of my bills and was charged the $49.00 rush order fee which i paid with a money order.Three weeks later i received a packet and a card for $5,000 credit limit and a catalog which you can only use the card for.The worst part i feel is that you have to pay S&H charges for the items you order,they call it a down payment. They want 35% down of the catalog price so if you order an item that costs $69.95 then you would have to send in $24.48 as your down payment for S&H charges,where is the money really going? I think this is fraud and Theft by Deception,they have no right to mislead people thinking they are applying for a normal credit card.I was ripped off and want my $49.00 back,this was a lesson well learned to see what Peoples Credit First really is and thats a scam!! Debra Stewart Warren, Pennsylvania
Entity: Tampa, Florida
79, Report #30432
Sep 18 2002
06:10 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Tampa Florida
I have just been ripped off. I am in great finanial distress and sent pretty much my last 50$ to these people. I would like to do anything and everything i can to see that some kind of justice is done. I thought we were in America..... land of the free does not give anyone the right to take from us who are brave. Jessica Mansfield, Vermont
Entity: Tampa, Georgia
80, Report #30195
Sep 16 2002
06:56 PM
peoples credit first ripoff thieves tampa Florida
i recieved a letter promising me a $5,000. platnum credit card. however when i showed my mother she got online and showed me what kind of crooks our country allows to seduce innocent single mothers (to name one category)i would like to know why they are allowed to get away with this kind of crime??? thanks to my mother i have not lost any money, but i am concerned that this is allowed to continue. how many others will be victims before he is caught if he is caught at all??????????? sheri milan, Indiana
Entity: tampa, Florida
81, Report #30205
Sep 16 2002
09:02 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Tampa Florida
WOW.. i just got that acceptance letter today from these SOB's. I came very close to mailing in that $45.00, but the one thing that bothered me was it never said what kind of credit card it was. Then im thinking.. who in their right mind would give me $5,000 credit with my credit being shot at the moment. Thank God I did a Google search and saw all of this. I hope you catch the people responsible for this & them poor people that sent in the $$ gets it back margie cape Girardeau, Missouri
Entity: Tampa, Florida
82, Report #34825
Nov 11 2002
12:12 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Tampa Florida
As you might have read on my last report, Peoples Credit First scammed me also, but I thought I might share something with everyone else that went throught the same thing. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and also I contacted the Attorney's General Office in my state which in return will contact the Attorney's General Office in Tampa were they are located. The more people that do this, the better chance of being able to make a case against them. I call their office all the time and the same lady answers the phone so they are still in Tampa. Don't just let this go guys whether its $49 or $4,900 we don't deserve to be ripped off to people who can't make money the honest way. Make sure you all contact the places I listed and do something about it. I am. If you don't already have their # here it is: 1-813-879-4752, I got Peoples Credit First from calling information since they don't have their # listed when they send you letters. Good luck! Michele Ansonia, Connecticut
Entity: Tampa, Florida
83, Report #27630
Aug 22 2002
03:26 AM
Peoples Credit First Mail Fraud, Theft Florida
This company sent a pre-approved credit card offer for which I sent a check for $49.00 to expedite the processing. They cashed the check but three weeks later I still have not heard anything from them. I will be getting a copy of the check to see which bank they used and will proceed from there in an attempt to get these People Jailed First. John Grove, Oklahoma
Entity: Unknown, Florida
84, Report #26783
Aug 12 2002
11:12 PM
peoples credit first ripoff company tampa Florida
They lied in the letter they did not tell us it could only be used in their magazine and online. But when you try to get in the members area it tells me bad password everytime. Plus after you recieve if you order something you got to put a downpayment on every item. wendy fitzgerald, Georgia
Entity: tampa, Florida
85, Report #15907
Mar 05 2002
12:00 AM
Peoples Credit First ripoff
If you want a visa or mastercard this is not those. They really do not make that clear and the solicitation did NOT disclose terms as I thought credit providers had to. This was the standout reason that this offer made me susipcious and not not a visa or mastercard type account or possibly not even a credit card of ANY value. States attorney generals should investigate this I suppose though government appears to have NO interest in the thousands of schemes to part citizens from their all to scarce resources. Dan North Canton Ohio *UPDATED info ..Click here to find out HOW TO DEAL WITH PHONY CREDIT CARD RIP-OFFS **Get your money back, **Stop them from taking more of your money, **Stop them from ruining your credit Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Peoples Credit First
Entity: Tampa, Florida
86, Report #31264
Sep 27 2002
08:17 AM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Tampa Florida
Thank God I looked into this company before I sent them my money. I became suspicious when they did not provide a phone number in the letter to contact them. The PO Box address also seemed to indicate that something was not write. Kimberly Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania
Entity: Tampa, Florida
87, Report #32176
Oct 09 2002
05:20 PM
Peoples Credit First Fraudlent Company Tampa Florida
I received a $5000 credit card offer and had the option to either pay $45 for normal processing or $49 for rush delivery. A check was sent and was cashed on September 28 and as of October 8, I still have not received the card. I plan on pursuing this and I encourage others who have been cheated to do the same. Also, when you call the number available, you receive a recording that does not even identify the company. Something has to be done! Lisa Richmond, Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
88, Report #33952
Oct 31 2002
08:39 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Dayton Ohio
For one yes i got ripped off $49.00 but i am out that money. I should have looked batter i guess and researched it more carefully, but that is my wrong doing i guess. I also have a few works for all of them people out there that think that mom's don't do work well let me say a few nice words to you, One i work 10-16 hours a day and come home and clean and take care of five kids i do it all without getting upset or mad about yeah we all have our bad days but everyone does no one is perfect right well to some of you it seems like you guys think we should just do it and keep our mouth shut but i am not a person that can do that i am a nurse and i went to school also and took care of my kids i am also a single mother of five children i am the one that had the fun getting them so it is my responsablity of taking care of them right? yes it is but sometimes us mothers need a break where are the dads come in at and don't get me wrong i know that dads do the same thing every day and they need a break as well so if you don't know what your talking about shut up until you know what your talking about. April Fostoria, Ohio
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
89, Report #36615
Nov 29 2002
11:40 PM
Peoples Credit First $49 ripoff Tampa Florida
Offered me a credit card it is not a credit card... lost 49.00 to have a 0% APR I received an offer in the mail for a 0% credt card and a gauranteed 7500 credit limit....this is not a credit card but a catalog and web site that sells junk.... Katherine Wallingford, Connecticut
Entity: Tampa, Florida
90, Report #32636
Oct 15 2002
05:20 PM
Peoples First ripoff deceptive company Tampa Florida
I was checking the internet for information on Consumer First out of Tampa , FL. I located your site where other consumers were filing complaints on People's First. From the information I read People's First and Consumer First have to many practices in common to not be the same company.. Both require a $45.00 processing fee before you get any information. Both are in Tampa. The sales pitch is the same where they offer a credit card with a $5,000 limit, 0% APR, and guaranteed approval. Humberto Coventry, RI, Rhode Island
Entity: Tampa, Florida
91, Report #35153
Nov 14 2002
10:51 AM
peoples credit first ripoff fraud business Tampa Florida
i got a thing in the mail saying gareenteed 5,000 dollars credit line and all i had to do is send in 49.00 dollars so i did. Then when i got the stuff it said money back gareenteed if not satisfied. I wasn't satisfied with it so i sent the stuff back and now i never heard anything from them again so i got on here to find a number and this sight come up about them. i still got my reciept number for the money order i sent in. Now i don't know what to do and need help Michelle Brockway, Pennsylvania
Entity: Tampa, Florida
92, Report #62529
Jul 01 2003
08:33 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff business from hell Tampa Florida
In August of 2002 I became a member of this company. I paid the $45 and it took a month for the package to come in the mail. I surprised to find a catalog, forms, and a card for purchases to be made to them. I was unsure, but they promised to help my credit which badly needed it. After paying the membership fee, I foolishly picked an item out of the catalog and sent $10.55. Will after that I didn't get a bill for months, then when I did it said I owed $30, then it kept rising. So finally I paid them $69.90, I don't even know if the Bride and Groom got their gift. I think that we all need to get our money back and more for getting led into this scam! I just paid the $69.90 in May 2003. I just don't know what to do I have two kids and are hardly getting by, we thought we were getting an emergency cerdit card. Amanda Manhattan, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
93, Report #27463
Aug 20 2002
02:33 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff Florida
Don't be scammed by Peoples Credit First! They send a letter that looks authentic and promises an unsecured credit card with 0 % interest the first year. They said I had been approved for $ 5,000 guarenteed. Since, I applied on-line for a credit card I bought this hook line and sinker. They charged a one time activation fee of $45. My check was cashed, but I have recived a credit card and since it has been so long I started checking into it and of course there is no response. I researched on the web and found similair stories. I am furious, but received a very valuable lesson to check with the Consumer Better Business Bureau before signing up for anything from any comapny. I hope they get caught. Deborah Sumner, Washington
Entity: 3428 W Cypress First, LLC, Florida
94, Report #30739
Sep 22 2002
06:01 AM
peoples credit first ripoff fraud consumer Credit card scam Tampa Florida
Entity: tampa, Florida
95, Report #30762
Sep 22 2002
11:27 AM
peoples credit first ripoff not a credit card, false fraudilant, beware Tampa Florida
i was sent the letter in the mail stating that i was pre approved for a unsecured credit card with a line of up to 5000 dollars. i sent them 49 dollars for rush dellivery and when i finnaly received the pamplet in the mail it was for a catalog order only. i fell that i along with other people have been scamed and need some sort of justice. if the government doesnt step in and do something for people like us,than we mite as well kiss the right to a fair act goodbye. this is clearly a scam and needs direct action against those who would impose a threat on the direct public in a way that is clearly teristic. furthermore i feel that the government needs to step in and put a stop to this company and any others who will try to follow in there foot steps. it is a legal matter that should be resolved very quickly and profesionnaly, and in a way that is justifying to those of us who have been scamed. there should be some sort of tv publication on this matter for those who are still prone to being scamed. i want my money back and also the basterds behind bars. but i know that the justice system protects shitheads like this and alows them to operate with no consequence to there actions. you let an avarage man go still a loaf of bread to feed his family and he would be behind bars. but you let someone still your money in a way like peoples credit first stole my money and people say,havent you learned a leason. hell no im just getting started on these ass holes and when im done i will fill justified. james benton, Arkansas
Entity: Tampa, Florida
96, Report #30642
Sep 20 2002
04:14 PM
Peoples Credit First credit card scam and mail fraud Tampa Florida
These People let you beleive that you are working your way back to better credit for a small fee. They charge extra for fast service that is not provided. That is mail fraud an is a federal offense. Steve Bloomington, Indiana
Entity: Tampa, Florida
97, Report #30858
Sep 23 2002
02:43 PM
Peoples Credit First ripoff credit card scam Tampa Florida
I have been in search of a credit card and I recieved an preapproved credit letter witha balance of $7,500.00. I called and spoke to a girl and she did everything but ask me out on a date to try and get me to sign up.Everytime I inquired about what I could purchase with the card, she would tell me all about products that are out there. The catch was that she tried to make the items sound as if they were at any retail stores,and not ONLY in her magazine. She lied and decieved me and I caught her everytime and she just got rude and acted as if I was rude for asking. this company will only ruin their own reputation. Alan Santa Monica, California
Entity: Tampa, Florida
98, Report #31056
Sep 25 2002
11:29 AM
Peoples Credit First ripoff dishonest credit card scam Tampa Florida
I received a pre-approved credit card form in the mail. It said if I sent $45, or $49 for faster service, I would be provided a platinum credit card worth $5,000. I found this odd because I have really bad credit with a bankruptcy recently filed, but kind of got excited, too, because I thought I could begin rebuilding. I hesitated, however, because most legitimate credit cards don't ask you for a check. Thanks goodness I checked the web, and found out what this was all about. Apparently, if you ever receive anything afte they cash your check, it is only an ability to order from their catalog. Paige Edgewater, Maryland
Entity: Tampa, Florida
99, Report #32235
Oct 10 2002
11:52 AM
Peoples Credit First ripoff through credit promises con artist fake Tampa Florida
My husband and I needed to have one card that would be set aside for travel emergencies. All of our family members are scattered around the country, and their offer seemed to meet our needs. We sent our $49.00 for their offer of $5000 credit and to date have received absolutely nothing. I would like info on how to join some type of class action suit or consumer advocate group to stop these dirty bastards!!! Jami Boise, Idaho
Entity: Tampa, Florida
100, Report #28045
Aug 26 2002
02:59 PM
Peoples Credit First misleading credit company consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I received an Acceptance Certificate in the mail stating I was approved for a $5000.00 credit limit with 0% APR for 12 months. The letter also claimed this credit was for a platinum card. Only from past credit card experience did I think this letter look untruthful. Most credit card companies include detailed information about the card and fees, along with a physical address and customer service number. I looked the company up on the internet and found this: Dozens of rip off reports. My thanks to all who took the time to make a report. Had I never been through the credit card process, I may well have sent the 49.00 eagerly. I'm assuming it is hard working people who fall for this, because 5000.00 with no interest could be a dream come true for many parents and families. I would love to see some sort of retribution for all those who did send their money in good faith. Amanda Arlington, Texas
Entity: Tampa, Florida

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