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1, Report #120729
Dec 01 2004
06:54 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fortworth Texas
I was not even at home, the night that I'm being billed. My Mom had passed, and we were out of town. Terry ham lake, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #123341
Dec 17 2004
11:35 AM
Premier Premium Communications rip-off! IRVINE California
I received two bills from Premier Premium Communications for calls to UK. Each calls were for $30 for a total over $500 and they have charged another $800 on my phone. Their response to my e-mail from some idiot name 'George' was that i have downloaded their software and connected to adult websites and they tried to blame it on a guest or kids in the house. After some research i found out that this is a scam and they have been doing this to a lot of people. Kevin Irvine, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: IRVINE, California
3, Report #117701
Nov 13 2004
05:46 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I am writing to let you all know about a very professional rip off perpotrated by Premier Premium Comm. We didn't even know we had a dialer installed by these people until we started getting bills for usage at 6 min. per visit and $30.00 each visit charges.We have never been on a premium pay site and shure a hell not that one. I am not shure what good it did yet but I sent them a not too nice E-Mail and they have issued me a case file. This just happened today and I will keep you all posted of the outcome. Randy Fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort WORTH, Texas
4, Report #117924
Nov 15 2004
11:34 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
Looking at your site I see that many persons have been improperly billed by this comoany for goods and/or services not received. I think mine is worse in that I don't even have an ISP on the conmputer they are billing. I did have service there for about 24 hours but received so much smut, e-mail, and pop ups that I cancelled the service the next business day. I have had my computer checked by experts and they can find no way it could have been on the web on the date indicated or any other date since July or August when I had my bad experience. I have been considering a DSL line but after this I'm not so sure. Loran Daleville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
5, Report #119341
Nov 22 2004
04:19 PM
I seem to have had a virus in my computer. It kept dialing a number i knew nothing about and could not get rid of. I ended up redoing my whole computer system. I just recieved a bill for 340.00 of something I have not used at all. I feel that this is a rip off and they got my information out of the computer some how. I refuse to pay for something I did not use. I would like this company to be reported and should not be allowed to access anyone's information. Thank you very much. Nichelle lancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #117544
Nov 12 2004
04:25 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I got hit with this scam last week. I received a bill from Premier Premium Communications for $120.00 then got socked on my long distance bill for 97.00. I called the phone company and got the charges dropped from the 44 207 335 84 UK number. I wrote to the FBI, Ohio Attorney General, BBB in Fort Worth local newspapers and local TV. I was contacted by a local TV station who is coming to the house to interview me next week. DO NOT PAY THE BILL THEY SEND YOU. Don't go to their web site and give them any more of your infomation. They already have your phone number. Clean out your computer and start over. Put a block on your long distance calling NOW and any 10-10 you have NOW. Call your phone company stay calm and try to get this UK charge taken off of your bill. If you don't hear your modem dialing into the line then you are getting hooked again. Hope this works boy this has been a pain and I hope that its get cleared up soon. In the meantime there are several companies running this scam. Be carefull and don't try to call their toll free number as you will never get hold of them. If you are on hold you will be there forever. Les Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
7, Report #120672
Dec 01 2004
02:45 PM
This company sent us a bill of around $30.00 claiming calls were made to UK using INTERNET DIAL UP MODEM. We only use BROADBAND (CABLE)at home. No one in our household visited any UK sites. We have never heard of this company before. I don't know how they got my husband's personal information. This company is a FRAUD and should be reported to the authorities for their deceptive billing. Connie santa clarita, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: BEDFORD, New Hampshire
8, Report #120284
Nov 29 2004
01:14 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff, hijaking modem, false internet calls, fraudulent billing Fort Worth Texas
I had computer problems about a month ago. Performance was slow and I had problems logging into my service provider. Found various suspicious files, including a trojan dialer. Tried to remove everything but computer crashed and I had to re-install everything. Got a bill from Premier on Nov. 26 for $120 in charges for 4 calls placed to same UK number on Oct. 22. Totally bogus! I wasn't home when calls occured, nor did I agree to anything. I already talked to my phone company (SBC/SNET) and they have sent the phone part of charges back to Premier. I tried calling Premier, with no luck. I have emailed them and am waiting on response. I have contacted my laywer and plan to inform the following parties: Bedford NH Police, NH Attorney General, FBI, BBB, FCC, FTC, and US Postal Service. This is a big scam and we all have to fight back. Good luck to everyone else fighing these evil-doers!!! Jose Danbury, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
9, Report #120220
Nov 29 2004
07:38 AM
Premier Premium Communications BIG RIPOFF BEWARE Bedford New Hampshire
I, too have been scammed by these people. They sent me a bill for $95.00 for Pay-Per-View websites. Seems funny to me that I have NEVER payed for viewing a website before! I am outraged that these people think that they can get away with this!!!!!!! My modem has been hijacked, and they are dialing away at will!!!!!! And I most certainly am NOT paying for this!! How can we stop this???? I am almost sure this a criminal offense, if not, it darn well should be! Yeah, and get this, I just received my telephone bill which states that I owe $241.83 for calls to the UK and England. I am DEFINITELY not going to pay for these calls. I, like the others, sincerely hope this will not affect my credit rating! If there is ever a lawsuit started against these people and their unscrupulous ways, I WANT IN ON IT! Ripped off in Rutherfordton, NC Susan Rutherfordton, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, New Hampshire
10, Report #120223
Nov 29 2004
07:52 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Ft. Worth Texas make a long story short, and not repeat again what everyone has already said We were attacked as well by this company, and I am struggling to get my computer back in order. I e-mailes PPC, telling them I have contacted my senator, and the fbi. They dropped the charges with the standard letter others received from George'. THEN I made numerous calls to Verizon, who would do nothing, and insisted someone in my home visited a website (we were out voting while the rogue dialer did it's work) I called USBI.. they dropped 2 of the phone charges, and forwarded me to Tellis (odd the phone charges were from 2 separate companies.. that I could be forwarded to) Anyway Tellis dropped the other charge. They both put a block from companies sending bills to me through them. I then contacted Verizon AGAIN.. this time they agreed to put a block on outside companies billing me through them, and a block on 700 and 900 numbers. Hopefully this will help until the hackers find another way to attack us.. probably through the phone line connected to our tv for satellite tv! DO NOT pay PPC, but do all the follow up so they cannot attack your credit, and so they will not victimize others. They send the charges to Tellis, and USBI, and they send them in turn to Verizon, who makes payment (by law they say) THEN put it on your bill. This is why you need to put a block on charges coming through your phone company. They know that going through so many.. all will deny fauld, and it will be almost impossible for customers to get all the charges off.. Don't pay , but do something. .. Sarah mineral, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft.worth, Texas
11, Report #120479
Nov 30 2004
01:16 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
Same sad story as all the rest. Trojan horse dialer loader without my knowledge, approval or initiation. Suspicious computer activity followed by bill for $385 from PPC and a $395 dollar charge on my Qwest account, billed by USBI on behalf of Telliss and One Call Comm. I too have tried to contact PPC and USBI, both through email and phone. No answer, no response. I've spent hours on hold this past week. Finally had Qwest reverse the charges to USBI. I have filed with all the agencies listed in most of the other posts. Hope these guys get it in the end, preferably in prison. Robert mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
12, Report #120639
Dec 01 2004
11:26 AM
Premier Premium Communications rip-off! Dishonest, fraudulent billing! Outrageous! Fort Worth Texas
I have received a bill for a pay per view website that I have never used, the bill is for a phone call to the UK +44 207 335 84 for 6 minutes on the 7th of November for $30.00. The bill states These charges are for an entertainment fee (minimum 6 minutes) for access to pay per view websites. This is an invalid and fraudulent bill and I refuse to pay it. As many of the other rip off reports for this company, I will continue to pursue this in every way possible. I also, have had to wipe out my computer and start again. These people should be prosecuted for what they are doing! Also like other entries, I have not been able to speak to an actual person at Premier Premium Communications nor can I access the website that is stated on the bill. Jessica Downingtown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
13, Report #120694
Dec 01 2004
04:14 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
Premier Premium Communications. ripoff dishonest fraud billing. Fort Worth, Texas 76155-5579 I received this bill from premier premium comm. in the mail about internet calls made. I emailed them to dispute, because we did not such a thing. They email me back saying I had to pay it. And sent quotations by law I am respondsible for it. And suggested a minor or house guest did it. I email them back telling I was not paying for it and that I would get a lawyer and fight this matter. They have not return my emails. My boyfriend called them and told them that we were not paying it and that we were going to report them. They said it would be credited. I also reported them to Dorothy Key West, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
14, Report #120517
Nov 30 2004
04:51 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
Premier Premium Communications sent me an invoice for $30 and told me that I was responsible for this call. Also included were threatening statements regarding collection agencies, etc. I was going to pay this, then realized that this scam shouldn't be rewarded. I didn't make this call! Richard Manitowoc, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
15, Report #120521
Nov 30 2004
05:01 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Fort Worth Texas
Received a bill from Premier Premium Communications for two phone calls to the United Kingdom to access websites. The charges were for 6 minutes each and took place on the same day. They were trying to charge me $30.00 for each call that I never made. I was not even home at the times the calls were placed. After looking into the files on my computer I found a trojan horse IP dialer that was responsible for the calls. This dialer had been downloaded onto my computer unknowingly while I was online. I received similar bills from a company called Teliss that dropped the charges when contacted. All I received from Premier Premium was a rude email response asking what form of payment I planned to use to pay the bill. This company is irresponsible and ruthless. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, the FCC, and the Attorney General about this isuue. It's not any easy one to fix. Doug Enumclaw, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
16, Report #120955
Dec 02 2004
08:23 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff how to get your bill credited Fort Worth Texas
OK! I took care of the PPC bill for my boyfriend's mom, she now owes nothing. I emailed them via their website and got the same form email everyone else has gotten. At the end, it requests you to reply and state how you are going to pay the bill. I replied and said I refuse to pay... and put links to this website, and the article written about PPC by the BBB. This is what I got as a reply: Dear *****, Based on the investigation we have done, no billing errors have occurred. As a courtesy I have issued you credit on your bill, you do not owe anything and no further collection actions will occur. Regards, Tom Premier Premium Communications ars --, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
17, Report #122183
Dec 10 2004
09:56 AM
Premier Premium Communications Computer Fraud Rip-off! Bedford, New Hampshire; Fort Worth, Texas
I also have billings from this company. $325 from Premier Premium Communications, $93.02 from One Call Comm, and $129.35 from USBI/Tellis. Over $550! The first thing I did was called my telephone company (SWB) and asked to have my charges on the phone bill put on hold. Then I put together a package of information containing a complaint and sent it to the Missouri Attorney General's Office. After that I sent Premier Premium Communications a letter saying I would not pay this bill until the MO Att'y General could inform that I was dealing with a legitimate business. I sent this to both the Fort Worth and the Bedford addresses. Next I called One Call Comm (800 472 8889) and Tellis (888 472 8724) to request these charges be cancelled. Both said they would, but I have not verified this with my phone company yet. That is where I am at in this ordeal so far. When you are talking to One Call and Tellis, be sure to tell them to block future calls. You may want to ask them if there are other charges on your phone bill. What a nasty scam this is. I still intend to file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center at . This center is an arm of the FBI. You don't know, these guys may be tied to some terrorist operation or something. Thanks to everyone else filing reports, it made me know that I was not alone. Thanks Rip-off too. Bill Kansas City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, New Hampshire
18, Report #122291
Dec 10 2004
09:39 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I received a bill for $60, Plus was charged on my phone bill for another around $25, for calls that were not made from my house. We were not home at the time in question. I tried contacting the company and was unsuccessful over the phone. I emailed and received a response from a George with very vague answers. I do not know if my claim is taken seriously and am very upset about such a bill. I really need some action and these two bills taken care of. Ken miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
19, Report #122316
Dec 11 2004
03:06 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I have received an invoice from these criminals just like everyonelese here. Thing was that I have not had that phone number (they claimed i used) for almost a year now. I don't even live at the address they sent my invoice to! I filed with BBB and FBI and dropped a line to Premier Premium. Within two minutes of getting an automated response, I get a mail from someone called George. (This was 2 am on sunday) read below: Dear ms. Sucker, Based on the investigation we have done, no billing errors have occurred. As a courtesy I have issued you credit on your bill, you do not owe anything and no further collection actions will occur. Regards, George Premier Premium Communications I think they automatically respond to the words like FBI or BBB. They need to be stopped. ms. sucker Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
20, Report #122324
Dec 11 2004
06:50 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I received a bill in the amount of $65.00 for a call to the UK +44 207 335 84 that I or no one else made from my computer. I am the only user, and on the day in question< I was not at home. I also had to get a credit of $26.65 on my phone bill for a long distance call to the same number. I am a retired telephone employee from a totally legitmate company, and this is a fraud. Janice newton, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
21, Report #122325
Dec 11 2004
07:41 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff internet computer piracy pay per view websites Forth Worth Internet
As a follow up, on their website they list they are members of the FBAA. NOT SO! The Bureau has requested that the company cease the use of the name Better Business Bureau and the initials BBB in company solicitations. At present time the company has failed to honor this request. This company currently has logos and links to other company websites. According to the BBB Code of Online Business Practices, Online advertisers should not mislead online customers by creating the false impression of sponsorship, endorsement, popularity, trustworthiness, product quality or business size through the misuse of hyperlinks, seals, other technology, or another's intellectual property. THESE GUYS DAYS ARE NUMBERED! THEY BELONG IN JAIL. ALSO, AS SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONED, MY INVOICE # ALSO CONTAINS BIRTH DAY DATES...ANYONE ELSE? IT MIGHT HELP TO DETERMINE HOW THEY GOT OUR INFO..MAYBE A GENERAL LIST SOMEWHERE? THE MORE WE POST AND COMPLAIN, THE FASTER THESE THIEVES WILL BE OFF THE STREETS AND THE INTERNET! I HAVE FILED A COMPLAINT WITH FORT WORTH AREA BBB AND MASS. ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE (THEY ARE TOUGH ON CONSUMER FRAUD) Jan Worcester, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #122409
Dec 11 2004
07:45 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I received a bill for access to a pay per view website supposedly on 11/24/04 at 12:25 pm. No one was using the internet or computer that time of day!! Also, my internet service is through my cable company, not through a phone line!!! How can I be charged for phone service when I access the internet through cable? sincerely Johnny gallatin, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
23, Report #122435
Dec 12 2004
02:13 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing and correspondence Fort Worth Texas
Recieved billing invoice in mail November 30th from Premier Premium Communications.It stated that on 11-17-04 my computer had accessed thier web site two (2) seperate times between 9:49 and 10:29 for a total of thirty-seven (37) minutes. The fees are explained as follows.$6.99 per minute with a minimum of six (6) minutes.Where $5.00 per minute is an entertainment fee billed directly to you by Premier Premium Communications and the remaining $1.99 per minute is billed to your local phone bill for international long distance. The total of the bill is $185.00 Plus what is going to be billed on my regular phone bill. The only option they give you for correspondence is to write them at Premier Premium Communications PO Box 10718 Bedford NH 03110 or e-mail.They also list a phone # of 1-800-918-9057 but with the information that they will not issue any credit or refunds or acknowledge any billing disputes over the phone. We had no phone service the night in question- Ron Milwaukie, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
24, Report #122557
Dec 13 2004
07:59 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fraudulent billing Modem Hijacking Fort Worth Texas
I am also among the growing bunch of people being scammed by PPC. I just got my bill this weekend for 2 calls to the UK at +44 207 335 84. I have not received my regular phone bill to see what damage was done there. This bill of $45 was only for 11/28/04. I can't wait to see what they want for December! My wife was doing some Christmas shopping online when she ran into some wierd problems with internet explorer. The system locked up and we had to reboot. Since then, my connection will disconnect at random times and pop-up window comes up saying Thank you for visiting our website. It then shows another pop-up with three porn images and some text. When I try to reconnect, I get an error that the modem is already in use even though I can no longer browse the internet! At that point, I usually reboot. I appreciate reading what others have done in terms of reporting this. I will follow suit and contact the BBB, FTC, FCC. Jeremy Fitchburg, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
25, Report #122479
Dec 12 2004
02:24 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Bedford New Hampshire
I recived a bill in the mail and like others it was a call to the United Kingdom.The bill in question was $35.00.For 7 minutes of this so called Entertainment,But yet no one was up at the time of the call in question. There is a International block on my phone line, zModem Hijacking has happend to once before and I flat out refuse to pay for this.If they continue to persue this I will be contacting an attourney Delee Newport, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, New Hampshire

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