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26, Report #122487
Dec 12 2004
02:52 PM
Premier Premium Communications Ripoff Internet Billing Fraud Fort Worth Texas
Premier Premium Communications must be stopped and put out of business!We have recieved 2 fraudulent bills for services to a website we never visited. We weren't even home at the time our phone line was accessed!!! Our computer was sent a virus that attached itself to our modem. That modem was then linked to a phone # in the U.K. I refused to pay this boggus Bill!! So I emailed the Better Business Bureau, and talked to the Attorny General's Office. The BBB contacted us today. We won!!!! Premier Premium gave up without a fight, claiming they wanted 100% customer satisfaction! They claimed they have a live website to answer any Questions about billing. That's a lie!! All their Website does is leave you with more questions. They have 2 800#'s on my bills. I called them both. One you never get to anyone, it just keeps switching till you get a busy signal. The other was answered by a company called Hawkins Manufacturing. They knew nothing of this company; accept that several people had to called the 800# to complain. Apparntly Premier Premium Communications changed their phone# to avoid hasseling calls from ripped-off customers! You can beat this. It's fraudulent so they can't pursue you. Don't pay anything!! Call the BBB and your ATTY General!!!!!!! Allen Muncie, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
27, Report #122495
Dec 12 2004
04:28 PM
Premier Premium Communications dishonest fraudulent billing Fort Worth Texas
The company Premier Premium Communications has billed me for access to a pay-per-view website. This so called access was made without my consent and authorization. After further investigation, searching on the internet, I found that this was an internet hijacking scam, there were complaints from countless victims who had suffered the same outrageous attempt at theft. Christopher San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
28, Report #122355
Dec 11 2004
11:56 AM
Premier Premium Communications charging me for something i did not access Fortworth Texas
i got a bill in the mail today saying that i accessed this place and they are charging me 20 dollars and i never used their site, it must of been a error. Susan hastings, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Fortworth, Texas
29, Report #122362
Dec 11 2004
12:24 PM
PREMIER PREMIUM COMMUNICATIONS ripoff report against false billing on me BEDFORD New Hampshire
Entity: BEDFORD, New Hampshire
30, Report #122364
Dec 11 2004
12:42 PM
Entity: BEDFORD, New Hampshire
31, Report #122239
Dec 10 2004
03:07 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
From me when I received the bill. Email sent on 27 November 2004: On November 27th I received a bill dated 11/15/2004, invoice number 361939, from you (Premier Premium Communications) for a long-distance call made from my home phone to a pay-per-view website. This is technically impossible, as I don't have long distance service from my home phone. Therefore your billing statement is incorrect. I would like you to remove this charge and remove my name from your billing directory. From them on 27 November 2004: This is your confirmation email confirming that your inquiry has been processed, and that a customer representative will be contacting you within the next 24 hours. Your ticket number is 13845, please keep this number handy as it will assist in making sure that your inquiry is handled in the quickest and most efficient manner. Thank you for using Premier Premium Communications. Regards, Customer Service Premier Premium Communications Reply to my email sent on 27 November 2004. Reply received the same day: Dear Russell, Somebody who had access to your computer had placed an international call to the United Kingdom through our billing software to access a premium rate Internet web site on a per minute basis. We provide billing for a variety of premium rate web sites including sports information, games, music, chat, and others. Our solution works in a similar fashion to 900 services, but has been specifically optimized for Internet services. You had inquired specifically what web site was accessed. Our records show that a call had been placed to a premium rate adult website called Live Web Cams. Premier Premium Communications does not own this site and simply is a billing company. We use the same technology as 911 to trace the call and determine what address the traced phone number belongs to. In extremely rare cases billing errors do occur where a customer would get a bill for a phone number that does not belong to them. These rare cases occur when a phone number was reassigned to another subscriber and the local exchange carrier databases were not updated immediately. In such cases we do credit for the call placed as required by law. In order to be billed on a per minute basis the user needs to take several actions. First action the user would have to take is accepting a certified download. The second action the user had to take was read through a legally binding disclaimer which started the cost of the call and also stated they either had to be the telephone line subscriber or have permission from the telephone line subscriber. Once that step was taken the billing solution would disconnect them from their standard Internet service provider and reconnect them to a premium rate Internet service provider in the United Kingdom. Once the connection has been established, the premium rate web site is shown. Finally once our billing software establishes a connection to our remote billing server in the United Kingdom, the first 2 minutes aren't billed allowing the user plenty of time to disconnect from the service and not be billed if for some rare reason they made a mistake despite our previous precautions or are not interested in the premium rate website content. Even if you as the telephone line subscriber didn't make the call, you are still responsible for any charges that a minor or guest may have billed to your telephone. According to the Michigan Public Service Commission website (source: It doesn't matter who dialed the 900 number a minor, a guest or someone working in your home the call will be billed to the telephone number of a call's origination and the billed party will be responsible for paying the charges. These 900-number service providers are usually unable to verify authorization or the age of callers and are not required to do so. The rates they charge are not regulated by anyone! The Massachusetts Attorney General web site (source: also adds: Q: If my minor children made calls to a 900 number, am I responsible for the charges? - Beverly from Mattapan, MA A: Beverly, the general rule is yes, the consumer of record is responsible for any calls made on his or her telephone. In addition to 900 numbers, pay-per-call services may also include long distance or international numbers, or a local number from which the service calls you back collect. Although our service does not terminate to a 900 number, we are given the same rights and also have to comply with the same regulations under the Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act. For a summary of your rights and our responsibilities please view the back of your invoice. You are still liable for the charge and payment must be made. Failure to make a timely payment will result in your account with us to be in default and will be forwarded to a licensed collection agency. Your credit rating will be affected if you default on this bill. Furthermore, you will be liable for all collection agency and attorney fees that we have incurred which can double or even triple the amount you owe to us. We accept checks and major credit cards. If you wish to use a credit card to pay your bill, let me know and I can offer you a 5% discount on the amount due. If you wish to pay by credit card, please go to the following url: Please reply back and let me know when you expect to be making a payment and what payment method you plan on using. If you still have more questions, please feel free to ask them. If you do not reply back and/or do not mail in any sort of payment within the due date given your account will be considered in default. Regards, George Premier Premium Communications My reply, same day: Dear George, As I stated earlier, this bill was incorrectly directed. Neither I, nor anyone in my home has ever visited an adult website and I do not entertain guests in my home. The bill you claim is my responsibility to pay does not belong to me. Russell December 09, 2004 After receiving another bill on Dec. 09, wanting even more money!! I sent them this statement to which I've received no reply as of yet. Dear George, Once again your company has incorrectly billed me; invoice number 411344, for accessing a Pay-Per-View website. As with the last time I was billed, no one in this household has ever used this service. Please notify your billing department of this mistake. Sincerely, Russell Russell Middleburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
32, Report #122247
Dec 10 2004
04:12 PM
PREMIER PREMIUM COMMUNICATIONS ripoff extortion con artists dishonest fraudelent billing FORT WORTH Texas
Today I received a bill from some company named Premier Premium Communications. The amount of the bill is $90.00. Supposedly this charge is for access to pay-per-view websites which occurred on November 22, 2004, beginning at 1:04PM, and lasting 18 minutes. I find the bill and charges to be totally ludicrous since I was not at home during that time and neither was anyone else. I did not nor have I ever accessed any such website. It is beyond me as to who this company is or what type of racket, con game or scam they are running. They need to be stopped. Irene JACKSONVILLE, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: FORT WORTH, Texas
33, Report #123293
Dec 17 2004
01:34 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff fraudulent billing Ft. Worth Internet
I was billed for services by this company that I did not use, authorize, or know about until I received their invoice. After doing some research, I found that I was in a group of a lot of people who had the same scam done to them. I want to help make sure that other victims of billing fraud will know that they are not alone. Thank you for your website information. We can make a difference in numbers. Lynn Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Worth, Texas, Internet
34, Report #123085
Dec 15 2004
07:43 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff fraudulent billing Fort Worth Texas
I too have been sent an invoice for these ridiculous services. No one is at home when these calls were supposedly made. And how convenient the number I supposedly called is 44 207 335 84 just as several others have supposedly dialed. I have filed a complaint with the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau. You can contact them at I am also going to contact my State Attorney Generals office. If a class action suit is placed against them I would like to be involved. The billing is in my wife's maiden name which has been used since before we were married. I have been billed twice for $30 each time. I have tried to email them and the email will not go through. It tells me I need to finish the one complaint before I try the other. I am only doing one complaint. If you receive a bill DO NOT PAY IT!!! IT IS A RIP OFF!!! David Harmony, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
35, Report #127487
Jan 15 2005
10:05 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff using scare tactics Fort Worth Texas
I too received in bill in December for $165.00 for an adult site in the UK. I have also been billed twice on my phone bill for calls to UK. I could not reach anyone by phone so resorted to email and was threatened the same way with the collection agency, bad credit line. I had been having a lot of problems with viruses on my computer and atttributed this to that problem because I know I would never view one of these sites and my husband said that he didn't either. I stupidly sent them a check for the $165.00, but the check has not been returned or cashed so I have no idea where it is at. After reading all these other complaints, I am going to stop payment on that check since it is out there somewhere for a month uncashed. I only wish I would have investigated this further before sending a check. Learned a valuable lesson. Angry in PA Mary Schnecksville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
36, Report #125306
Jan 01 2005
09:28 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff hijacking fraudulent billing Fort Worth Texas
Like the other people, I have been receive two bills from this company in the amount of 60$ for some websites in England that they claim I have dialed. Curious enough nobody was home at the time shown in the billing. First thing you do in a case like this is: DO NOT PAY the bill (is bogus anyway). Call your state general attorney, report them to FTC, BBB, or heck yeah any agency you can (even IRS - I am almost sure they don't have their real profits declared). The general attorney from the state I live (MI) already respond to me, and he told me the company (Premier Premium) is under investigation, being the high number of complaints they receive the last couple of months. Also write your own report on this website - the higher the number, the better, and don't be affraid - they don't have your SSN, driver license number, credit cards number, etc, all they have is a address from where anybody can find it on the white pages. There is another similar report you can read from Barry, New Hampshire sent on 12/15/04. He also suggested exactly what to do. John Clinton, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
37, Report #126891
Jan 11 2005
01:15 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Ft. Worth Texas
I received bogus bills from this company for November totaling $90.00! They have a 1-800 number from Mon-Fri 9-5pm making it difficult for me to express here at work just how disgusted I am so I e-mailed them. What I got was another bill 2 weeks later. I never made any calls to the United Kingdom +44 207 335 84. They also said on the bill my local phone would be billed which has not as of yet. I called the phone company to make them aware of these charges. I sent off a letter to the BBB today. I have since disconnected my on line at home cause of these dirt bags. Carole Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Worth, Texas
38, Report #121195
Dec 04 2004
08:36 AM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
Like the others I see posted on this site, I was fraudulently billed for adult services that I had not authorized nor had I intended. At a time of heavy spam (since corrected) I conctinually had a porn pop-up that would not go away. When I closed it a follow-up screen appeared indicating a second chance. The problem was that the yes no options could have been interpreted as being yes! Attempting to close the window would not work unless a chice was made. I am being billed for over a hundrerd dollars. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fight this and, even more important, as to how to prevent it in the future? Mike canonsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
39, Report #120404
Nov 29 2004
11:08 PM
Premier Premium Communications rip off scam like all the others Fort Worth Texas
I just received a bill from Premier Premium Communications for a call to the notorius +44 207 335 84 number in the United Kingdom. I did not knowingly place this call and resent the intrusion into my computer. If this is a scam proliferated by Premier, I hope they are shut down! If Premier is not involved, I would think that they would want to help clear their name and put a stop to this. 177 people have filed complaints on this site alone in the last 3 weeks! Maggie Plains, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
40, Report #121735
Dec 07 2004
03:47 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff billing for services not requested Fort Worth Texas
received bill from these guys and they will not reply to my email requesting contact information for completing complaint form to crooks in action when you go to pay with credit card you have to say that you will not dispute the bill Gary Clayton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
41, Report #122093
Dec 09 2004
05:37 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
They sent us a bill for a pay per view website. The phone number is;44-207-335-84 to the united kingdom for 6 minutes and a charge of 30.00. The phone line that we use is only good for local calling only absolutly no long distance allowed on our phone. Julie aiken, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
42, Report #122128
Dec 09 2004
09:53 PM
Premier Premium Communications try to ripoff Forth Worth Texas
I received a bill in the middle of October that could't be done at home because at that time eveyrbody was either working or at school, I file a complaint with this comapany and never answer me back. Now I received another bill from them for $305 and I am totally disgusted. I know for sure there is no way we could make those conecctions because the computer is in an open space between the living room and the kitchen so everybody can actually see and observe whats going on. Olinda Milford, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Forth Worth, Texas
43, Report #121679
Dec 07 2004
12:13 PM
Premier Premium Communications false billing and modem hijacking. Rip-off! Fort Worth Internet
I was sent a bill for $175 and then a month later i recieved another bill for $285. The number was dialed on an internet line that has had an international block on it since March 2003. The call was not made by a resident of this household due to the fact that the calls were made at times when either no one was home or we were in bed. I recieved credit from another billing company for $199 and they called it modem hijacking, meaning someone was hacking into our hardrive and using our system modem to dial up. None of the contacts provided by Premier Premium Communications have been of any help thus far. The phone number is always busy. This company has also threatened to turn it over to a licensed collection agency if the bill is not paid after they have finished their investigation.(who knows if they ever will investigate). We need to get something done about this because many people are getting ripped off. Lynette Fredericksburg, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #121807
Dec 08 2004
06:38 AM
Premier Premium Communications Computer Ripoff Company Fort Worth Texas
On Decmeber 5th I received a bill from Premier Premium Communications for a total of $360.00 dollars. Thats 8 total charges from 3:53 PM - 5:47 PM. All of the charges came from +44 207 335 84 UNTD KIND. I have emailed the people for a zero out balance sheet b/c they said they would zero it out after I told them I had the FCC and my lawyers on it. They won't Fax you anything, THEIR SYSTEMS DONT WORK LIKE THAT. But there systems do get into our computers that they can do. This company has damaged my computer very badly and I'm ready to take full action. I have contacted the BBB, FCC, and all local officals about this matter. I'm working on contacting a major Newspaper to print a article on this matter. I have also had a credit Manager taking a look at this invoice and pointing me in the correct direction. I'm waiting on a few lawyers to call me back. Lyle Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
45, Report #122760
Dec 14 2004
08:36 AM
Premier Premium Communications RIPOFF FRAUDULANT BILLING Fort Worth Texas
I was billed for a call to the United Kingdom via an Adult Live Web Cam Site that I have never been to. Company didn't even get my address correct. Unfortunately the post office fixed it for them. They are insistant that I pay this fraudulant bill. Lisa Tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
46, Report #122775
Dec 14 2004
09:35 AM
b Premier Premium Communications Ripoff Modem Hijacking Fort Worth Texas
The same familiar story...Premier Premium Communications hijacked my modem and began using it to illegally access the same phone number in the United Kingdom. I first received charges on my telephone bill (which I had credited back to me)...I then received a bill in the mail from Premier Premium Communications about a week later. I promptly made copies of everything, sent it back to them, and told them, in no uncertain terms, that I did not want to receive any further bills or correspondence of any kind from them or any other company or person representing them, and if I did, that I would be forced to take legal action. Guess What?...I received this month's phone bill with new charges from PPC...and I also got another bill from PPC with the initial charges plus the new charges for a grand total of $210...No surprise to me... I am currently filing complaints and charges with the FBI Internet Fraud Division, Attorney General (Wash. D.C., Texas, and New Hampshire), Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, Better Business Bureau (National, Texas, New Hampshire), United States Postal Service (Mail Fraud). In addition, I warned them that if I received anything from them again, I would not only be billing them for my time, but any legal counsel...I have a lawyer working on this as we speak...they're going to get themselves a nice big bill of their own...those thieves are going to pay through their noses!...Bring It!!! Frank Hopedale, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, New Hampshire
47, Report #122942
Dec 15 2004
02:06 AM
Premier Premium Communications TRIED to ripoff Bedford New Hampshire
So far I have received 1 bill for $145.00 from PPC. USBI billed for $57.71, plus taxes $63.77, via my phone company. Results. PPC. I tried to contest it - No response. I was shocked at this! USBI. They agreed to a one credit and put a block on. Feel safe now! Phone Company. Told them of my talk to USBI and their CREDIT,Since it would take 1 to 3 billing cycles to take effect, I told them, I would not pay no charges for this part of my bill. They said ok. Had a oversea's block put on to go with the 900 block. I already had. I will see how that goes. Next step. I will now have to waste more of my time reporting this because of some scam. I do hope PPC sends me another bill so when this goes to court, I will have more to throw at them. Just hope they don't trick to many people. TC Cambridge, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, New Hampshire
48, Report #122619
Dec 13 2004
01:00 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I received a bill with account number 636745942017/invoice number 4000687 dated 12/1/2004 for $105.00 The charges are for a call to the United Kingdom, 21 minutes Made from my home number to +44 207 335 84. This call was made at 06:20 AM. This is impossible as my whole family was in Springfield Missouri for the Thanksgiving weekend. We would have never called anyone in the country stated, and we didn't use our computer that weekend. This is a scam or ripoff I will not pay it. Eda Wright City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
49, Report #122644
Dec 13 2004
02:30 PM
Premier Premium Communications internet ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I recieved an invoice from Premier Premium Communications about a month ago telling me I owed $155.00 for a 31 min. phone call to the UK +4420733584. I emailed twice and asked for the charges to be credited and my account to be closed... i got no response either time. In the mean time i discovered this site which eased my fears of this being a legitimate company, which has helped out a lot. The phone company reimbersed me the additional $200 in local charges so all that is left is to eliminate my so called balance with premier. Today 12/13/04 I got a 2nd bill in the mail telling me my account is now past due and it goes on that if they dont recieve a payment in 15 days they will forward it to a collection agency. Does anyone have any information on whether or not they have the power to pass these phony bills on to affect peoples credit? Also, are there any ways of contacting the credit companies to block any attempt by this bogus company to hurt peoples credit? I check the site regularly.. keep me posted so I know when these rip off artists get busted. Matt eastern, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
50, Report #122878
Dec 14 2004
06:29 PM
Premier Premium Communications ripoff Fort Worth Texas
I too received a bill from Premier Premium Communications about a week ago. After freaking out and almost accusing my husband of viewing porno on the internet, I decided to do some investgating. First I visited their web site. I too received the same auto response. I e-mailed them back threatenig to sue and that my account be credited. I got no response. Then I found this site. What a relief. I reported them to the FCC and FTC and then e-mailed them telling them about my reporting. Within 5 minutes, I was e-mailed back telling me that they were crediting my account and no further charges would be sent to me. Thank you all Nancy North Salem, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas

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