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26, Report #1100
Jan 10 2000
12:00 AM scams
When you go to you are asked to participate in their 'partnership programs' to put money in your 'house account. This house account money is used to cover the savings you supposedly get when shopping for groceries. One such program says get $20 cash for ten. It is not clear at all what they mean or where the ten is coming from...not anywhere on that particular page. Little do you know that every time you answer two easy questions your credit card gets charged ten dollars. You think you are putting in twenty free dollars instead of the ten priceline gives you for free. Its very confusing. I got my credit card statement and was aghast! Also, how are you saving when they are using your own money to cover the 'half price savings'? That means you pay for the other half with money from your own credit card! Priceline was rude and uncooperative with me when I confronted them with numerous letters. When I threatened legal action they credited me back the money, but not until they emptied out my house accout money that THEY had supposedly given me free. They said I'd used it up, but when I calculated how much shopping I'd done with them, it was impossible that I could have used it up. My friends and I have used email mailing lists to spread the word. Priceline never clearly answered any of my questions regarding their scam like practices. They only talked around the questions or never answered them directly at all.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #3090
Aug 29 2000
12:00 AM Artists on Groceries will hook you at first with their advertising. Once you sign up you will get half-off tokens to use towards which items you want to save the most. BUT---on certain items, like produce and milk, you are forced to use your tokens without naming your own price. So, if you don't have any tokens, you cannot buy these items. I was willing to pay more than half-price, but it never gave me the option to do so. When you complete your order, it will let you know which items that you selected were approved for the price you selected. If any are not approved, the items are deleted and your order is totalled and your credit card charged--it doesn't even give you the option to name another price. My major gripe is that items that I had paid for that store ended up not having, my credit card was never credited back, nor was the money I had saved using vendor coupons. I have sent them several emails, but I all get back is the usual routine that they are working to sort out some problem areas. Give me a break! I noticed in the store that if you watch the sale papers right, you can save almost the same amount of money. just isn't worth the hassle--TRUST ME!
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #215580
Oct 13 2006
10:49 AM ripoff Baltimore Maryland
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANYS name your own price. Priceline used to allow you to make a mistake, now they will charge your credit card with no recourse from the credit card company because they cannot control the multiple locations of Priceline. If you do dare to use this horrible company, make sure you use travel insurance they use TPP, a good company, but Pricline stinks on ice. Joanne Solvay, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
29, Report #390908
Nov 13 2008
01:22 PM Unacceptable Accomodations Norwalk Connecticut
I reserved a room at The Best Western Hotel in Mirimar San Diego. The Priceline reservation I had said nothing about a handicapped room. I got to the hotel and the general manager refused to move me, unless I paid him an additional fee, on top of what I paid Priceline. I called priceline customer service and of course we all know they are useless. I then proceeded to contact the management team at both Best Western and Priceline, all they did was blame each other. Best Western told me Priceline booked that Handicapped room, Priceline said they don't have the ability to book a handicapped room. Bottom line I left the hotel and spent over $100 to find reasonable accomodations. Pricelines response was they paid Best Western and they cant refund me , even though i did not stay in the room. I had a job interview the next day and would have had to struggle with that hand held shower. I am in process of contacting all of Pricelines trading partners and tell them I am going to boycott them , until them stop doing business with Priceline. If you go to , you can read about how priceline has treated cancer victims and people who have suffered heart attacks and could not use their reservations SCS Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
30, Report #514976
Oct 26 2009
11:35 AM Bait and Switch Anywhere, Internet
I booked a car rental reservation through  The original price was $101.68.  When I clicked confirm, I got a second page with a confirmation code, and itinerary that I had set out, but the price was then $260.39.  I called their customer service number and spoke to someone named Victor, who refused to help me.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was moved to the highest level of customer service according to Victor, a woman named Ellen.  Ellen also refused to help me and gave this explanation: apparently the reservation was never accepted (I've yet to get any notice of that) and thus they were not responsible for any discrepancy in price.  Nevermind that I have a confirmation number from them and haven't received any notification of any sort to the contrary.  Sounds like Bait and Switch to me. 
Entity: Anywhere, Internet
31, Report #336765
Jun 03 2008
01:01 PM not customer orientated Internet
After entering information requested on the website I asked my husband to review it and see if it was correct. I then went to the bathroom. We were watching our grandaughter at the time. She must have pressed some buttons on the keyboard because when I returned the ticket information was on the screen. My husband had not reviewed the information and the dates were incorrect. I called and explained that the information had been entered in error and they refused to cancel the reservation. I explained that this was a mistake and the charges would cause hardship on my family and the agent said it was too bad. It seems hard to believe that I would have to pay for something that was ordered in error. Ef Slidell, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #377147
Sep 29 2008
07:30 PM Not smoker freindly Internet
I recently rented a room from, price line name your price I quoted $65.Thay were happy to get me a room( later I found out the room went for $ thay allready made an extra $12. dollars off of us ) But thats not the problem . we smoke,So priceline said its not thair problem take it up with the hotel, thats ok but the hotel chosen by price line is 100% smokefree of course they arnt going to budge nor will priceline so I am stuck with a room that am not going to use but still have to pay for also I requsested a room for 4 adults thay stuck us in a room with 1 king ,Also non changable whats so we ended up having to make all new arrangments at the last it cost me even more .Thanks again priceline the BOGUS negotionater.....William would be so proud. Rick of california. hesperia, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #468404
Jul 10 2009
04:03 PM Rip Off !! Internet
They screwed me too, out of $370 because I had to bump a business trip up one week, they said no changes to car reservations through them once they're paid for and the reservation is made. My fault for not reading the fine print, but their Customer Relations (ha! that's a joke) department was about as un-helpful as they could get. I will NEVER use Priceline again for ANY purchase. And if I see William Shatner out on the street someday, I'm gonna kick him in his rear end !!! Andrew Westminster, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #464843
Jun 25 2009
08:30 AM
PRICELINE.COM Bait and switch Internet
On 6/24/09 I purchased a ticket from I am a very frequent traveler and take weekly business trips. Priceline offers very competitive pricing especially if you allow them to choose your flight. Unfortunately for this trip I could not allow them to choose my flight and elected to pay slightly more to pick my flight. First I chose my flight, then I chose my hotel and finally my rental car. I then purchased the ticket and printed my itinerary and realized that my flight had been changed! I immediately called the Priceline customer service line and reported the problem that I had picked my flight (since I chose flight first I saw the flight over and over as I scrolled through the flight and car options) and knew exactly what I was looking for and somehow it changed. 15 minutes from the time the flight was purchased til I was speaking with the unresponsive customer service office. I asked for a refund so I could just rebook and they refused finally giving in and allowing me to pay a 50.00 fee to change. I asked to speak with a manager and after sitting on hold for 10 or so minutes I was transferred to another customer service rep and not the manager whom I had asked for. The new customer service agent told me there was nothing they could do and repeated If there is nothing more we can do have a great day. Even though I was requesting management. I have never once had a problem booking flights and I have booked hundreds. My trip was purchased for the identical price the pick your own flight price was but I am assuming they were unable to lock me into that plane at that price and switched me without consent. A company who refuses refund or transfer minutes after a flight is booked is not a company I recommend working with. I am now paying the airlines 150.00 change order fee because I refuse to give Priceline another 50.00 for baiting and switching an order. I do repeat I am a veteran traveler and not only did I not make a mistake when booking the flights were never even on the screen I was choosing from. I sorted by departure and arrival times, I also chose the airlines I have the most miles with because I usually get free upgrades. If this does not help me get reimbursed the 150.00 fee I hope it atleast stops people from having the same HORRIBLE experience that Priceline has created for me. Konarsk3 westminster, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #458607
Jun 04 2009
01:07 PM Priceline sucks do not use them!!!! Internet
My story is I read all of the first time user information and felt like I was going to get a better deal with priceline. I was wrong. I found a better deal on within the first 24 hours and priceline would not honor it because they said it was a special promotion. What I can't believe is that they can not cancel something that has not even been used yet like a stay in a hotel. I will tell you that I am telling anyone who will listen not to use and are the best deals and I have never had problems like this with either one. Taj Bartlesville, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #471988
Jul 21 2009
06:09 PM Bait and Switch..or System Glitch? Internet
I had used Priceline many many times in the past without incident. Yes, the discount seemed to get smaller and smaller over the years, but I always enjoyed the thrill of bidding well below the advertised prices for rental cars and for hotel rooms. Unfortunately, my experience took a terrible turn for the worse last week. I had named my own price for a rental car, choosing a number I knew to be well below current market. I quickly received the usual Gosh, wouldn't it be great to rent a car at that price, but it's unlikely to be accepted by any of our partners, wouldn't you like to try such and such price and we can book it immediately? As usual, I refused, and re-entered my own price. Then, it became complicated. I recall the site then asking me if I wanted to use my profile to choose a credit card. I said yes, and was brought to a profile screen and I chose the top credit card in my profile. There was a delay... and finally a message came back saying to the effect there seems to be a delay in processing your credit card, please enter your billing address. Which I then did... after which it brought me to a screen inviting me to enter new credit card information. (At this point, I realized that the credit card I had selected was old and out of date, so I entered a new cc's information.) It then asked me to confirm by including my initials in the box that I had read the terms and conditions, so I did. Then Shatner's mug appeared saying We're ready to close this deal! or some such rot, while the clock showed something was processing... And then, the coup de grace: I was presented with a screen saying Congratulations, your price of SUCH AND SUCH [the higher price they presented as a counteroffer!] has been accepted! I immediately called customer service (sic) and after the usual very long hold, told them there must have been some sort of mistake; that I did not offer SUCH AND SUCH, but a much lower price. The first rep said nothing I can do, sorry. The next rep (a specialist - ha!) said, hmmm, here's what we can do... you can pay $20 and we'll cancel the reservation (!) I explained, again and again and again, that I cannot cancel a contract that I did not form, and by paying the cancellation fee, I was admitting to forming the contract, so no way. We were on the line for 20 minutes, with him repeating do you agree to pay the $20 to cancel and me saying I can't agree to cancel something I didn't contract for... finally, he said, I will ask our research team to find out if there is anything we can do to allow you to not pay the cancellation fee. I said, Fine and hung up. I immediately called my bank. I explained the situation to my bank (who, btw, seemed familiar with this or similar problems with priceline...). They told me that my only recourse was to cancel the card SINCE THEY ALREADY SAW A CHARGE SUBMITTED FOR THE FULL RENTAL PRICE OF THE CAR (not just the cancellation fee). I canceled the credit card, and had to provide a fraud report to the bank's fraud office who is investigating both sides. I wrote a long letter of complaint to the email address for complaints and to the SVP in charge of investor and customer relations (customer service complaints in writing have to go to a fairly hidden address on the website under investor relations), and the next day received an email reply from customer service. They said that the offer to cancel was in error, but since the rep you spoke to made it, we will honor it, if you pay $20. (Same old song...) I explained that I cannot agree to cancel a contract I did not form, as I did not have the requisite intention to book at the price indicated and that the whole affair is the result of a mistake - their system's mistake, in my view. They then replied saying, we have your initials on a page indicating that you accepted our counteroffer of SUCH AND SUCH, and I explained that I did not have any such copy of a page and that I had acted all along with only my lower offer on my screens. They of course did not and will not admit that any error may have occurred in their system, nor will they withdraw the assertion that I made a reservation at the higher price. Neither did they at any time offer anything other than their regrets when they said they could not waive what they were now suddenly calling a $20 penalty fee. Apparently, they employ an entire staff to handle and deter refund requests; given all the fine print, this is a classic case of asymmetrical bargaining. By the time you've named your own price and passed through however many screens they present, it is next to impossible and certainly impractical for the customer to preserve an accurate record of what they saw on their computer screen, and meanwhile it seems priceline is free to assert an agreement is formed when it suits them... that is, there is no concept of mistake as the basis for rescission. I have learned my lesson: no more priceline, or other opaque consolidators/auction sites where I am vulnerable to whatever record they want to produce/claim. And given the risk to their business model if too many people did advertise either their system glitches, or refunds upon complaining, I can see they aren't about to change their hardline attitude, regardless of the loss of those customers who, like me and the poster to which I'm agreeing, may actually have been victims of a priceline system glitch. Priceline july 2009 victim norwalk, ConnecticutU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Internet
37, Report #364256
Aug 18 2008
04:56 PM Wants your Money, not you Internet
My wife, Rachel, is an Irish citizen. Our daughter, Holly, was born in Ireland and has dual citizenship since I is a US citizen. We purchased airline tickets in July through Priceline's website to visit our family in Ireland over the Christmas holidays. Shortly after the purchase, we realized that Holly's Irish passport will expire in October meaning Holly will need a US Passport to be able to travel. Before Holly can get a U.S passport, We have to file documents with the US government showing that Holly was born abroad which takes 6-12 months to process. After those documents are processed, the next step is to file for a social security number which could take another few months to process! After the social security number is issued, THEN we can apply for Holly's US passport. Our tickets totaled $2,500 a small amount to a large company such as Priceline but a significant amount to hard-working folks like us! Because they cannot be sure that the proper documentation will be in place by Christmas for our daughter, we would like to cancel the tickets and get a refund. If we cannot obtain a refund, the tickets cannot be used and 3 seats on that flight will be empty. I would think that under the circumstances (and considering they are giving 4 month's notice), Priceline could refund the money but simply won't because they've got the power to do just that. Can you afford to just toss away $2,500? Not me!! We thought about changing the dates of the flight but were told that to do THAT, it would cost us another $2,500 DOUBLE the price of the original tickets! It is my understanding that Priceline has a no refund/no change policy. However, someone from Priceline led Rachel to believe that considering her circumstances, an exception could be made. See her email below to Priceline management: RACHEL TO PRICELINE: (Names have been Removed) Please understand that I do not want a call from someone other than one of these people. I have sent multiple emails and made many calls about my issue and for some reason, people who have no power to make changes or decisions keep calling me, so I need someone in a position of power to call me. Last night on one of my many phone calls I was informed that this reservation considering my circumstances COULD in fact be changed and I have witnesses to the fact that the rep informed me of this. WHY can this be changed and not cancelled??? I need someone to help me. There is going to be no one on that flight in regards to this reservation. I made an error in not paying attention when these were initially bought and as you will see, there are 15 other requests as I was trying to get the best deal. Besides that my daughter's passport is the issue and I cannot get around it. I am asking you person to person to PLEASE help me out. I work very hard for my money and I cannot afford to burn $2500 which is literally what I would be doing. Thank you When Rachel did not receive a response, Brian sent an email BRIAN TO PRICELINE: Comments: (Names have Been Removed) Please understand that I do not want a call from someone other than one of these people. For some reason, that I do not understand, no one at can dial a phone. My daughter's passport will not let her travel. This is a government issue that I cannot get around. We are aware of the contract because you are a broken record about it. To a large scale company like Priceline, $2500 is a small amount. For a family like ours that is a substantial amount. It can pay for the exact reason that keeps our daughter from being able to travel. You talk about your partners but all airlines I know can cancel flight reservations so why can Priceline not when the seats can be sold to people who can actually travel. Again, we do not want another email. I want to speak with a human being. Preferably one with a soul. XXX-XXX-XXXX is my work number. FINALLY, a response from Priceline: Date: Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 9:33 AM Subject: Executive Offices To: Rachel Dear Ms. , Thank you for contacting us regarding your concerns and feedback regarding your airline reservation for Request Number XXXXXXXXXXX. We have previously advised you of our policies regarding your reservation. We wish we could provide the answers you are looking for; however, these policies are directly tied to contractual agreements with our travel partners. This in turn allows us to continue to offer competitive pricing and subsequent savings to our customers. We are truly unable to assist you further in this matter. Please do not expect a response to further correspondence on this issue. Sincerely, Executive Offices The tone of the final email just feels so loving and personal. We called them 60 seconds after the purchase was made. At one stage we were trying to see if they could change my wife's last name on her ticket. The ticket is in her married name but her passport is in her maiden name. After the second supervisor we were told the name could be changed, that they would help us out. As with the airlines we understood that there would be a a fee. The supervisor asked how we would pay so naturally our question is how much? The answer we got back was $1,200. Now I ask you, how is that helping out when to change part of a name on a ticket cost more than the ticket itself? Looking online I found that the only time Priceline has refunded tickets was either due to natural disaster in the location or flight canceled and not being able to find a flight leaving the same day. As I have said it is government reasons that we cannot travel on our specified day. In the few conversations that we have had with Priceline makes me feel that if a medical emergency had come up and i was hospitalized, we would still have to pay for the tickets. All I have to say is this If you are going to use Priceline for your travels, be prepared to be on the flight or pay for it any way. Brian Ft. Worth, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Internet
38, Report #431608
Mar 06 2009
06:32 PM
PRICELINE.COM Does not honor their travel insurance policy. Internet
Priceline does not honor what is written in black and white on their own website! We booked a room for a night and bought the travel insurance in case of any need to have to cancel. (Which is what this policy says it is good for.) Our daughter got sick the night before we were to leave, so we called to cancel our trip. Of course they are now telling us they can't refund our money and are giving us the run around about having to go to some insurance company that was not mentioned on the website at all. This is ridiculous! They are refusing to put a supervisor on the phone or anything. Do not use Priceline!!!!!! Ripped off houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #569340
Feb 14 2010
08:55 AM
Priceline , Stole my money. Internet
Unfortunately this company takes all your credit card info before you realize you made a mistake.Even after initialing a contract I was unaware that I was bidding on a trip I was researching. A few moments later I get YOUR BID WAS ACCEPTED!. I was in shock. I entered no amount. I physically did not enter on my keyboard any numbers so I have no idea how it could have happened. I was charged over $600 ($300+ for airfare, $300+ for a rental car). The trip I was planning was for business and I needed to be in Seattle at a certain time or else there was no sense in going. The trip I placed a bid on had me arriving way too late in the day to justify going out there.I called the company immediately to cancel the trip. I got the usual run around but was able to cancel the flight only for a $100 charge. Now I needed to cancel the car reservation. Here was the problem. Priceline told me that the car reservation was not transferable or refundable. Now I'm stuck with a $300+ loss for a car that was supposed to be rented on a trip I wasn't taking (because the plane trip was canceled). After explaining this to Priceline I was thanked for calling and informed I would be charged $17+ dollars for canceling the car and that the cost of the rental would not be refunded, so I'm not just out the $17+, I'm out the $300+ for the car rental. When I asked why they couldn't get refund the car they told me over the phone that because of a contractual agreement with our partners we cannot refund your money. Once they told me that I called Hertz to see if they could refund and cancel the car so I didn't lose my money. I was informed by Hertz that not only was it beyond their control because they didn't take the cc transaction but also that they didn't care if I did cancel had nothing to do with them. Priceline took the money, Hertz didn't rent me a car and I'm just out the money.Now, in my own personal recession of fighting to keep my tiny condo, I find myself losing money I can use to pay my mortgage. I may narrowly avoid foreclosure but it does not seem that I will recoup the $300 for a trip I didn't take to acquire paying work to help myself. Thanks Priceline for the following:-stealing my money-having the worse customer service of all time-designing a bidding system that you are unaware of your bids-being robots-being crooked-not seeing the common sense approach of canceling a plane trip and the car attached to it.-for charging me for something I didn't use and charging me a cancellation charge on top of that.I will make it my personal mission to tell all my friends, associates, family members and even strangers about how bad this company is. More importantly I hope Priceline gets slapped with a class-action lawsuit that forces them to embarassingly go out of business. These business practices of theirs is flatly criminal and the consumer is getting raped on a daily basis by these clowns.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #571940
Feb 19 2010
01:21 PM
Priceline overcharged Internet
Myself and my wife used priceline to book a hotel in Scottsdale, Az. We stayed at the hotel for one night. Upon checking in the lady at the counter told me that they did not have the room we requested and that for only $50.00 we could get a cheaper room. I asked the lady a few times if it was an upgrade and she told me no it is what they are charging for this room. Once we left the hotel and returned home I noticed in my bank account that we had been charged not only through priceline but also through the hotel. I called and spoke with a few people at priceline and had told them that the hotel room was only $50.00. They said that they would speak with the hotel and let us know what is going on. The next day I got an e mail from priceline telling me that the charges were correct and they were not going to refund anything, even though it was their error. So now we are stuck with a bill for something that we did not approve. I have contaced the BBB and they are taking care of the issue and are trying to get our money back from priceline. Do not use priceline, they are a scam.
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #799957
Nov 19 2011
07:33 PM bait and switch airline tickets Internet
On October 25th 2011 I went to to purchase tickets for me and my wife to go to Melbourne Australia. We sumitted a price of $2750.00 for two round trip airfare tickets wich was imedietly accepted! wow were going to Australia!!, untill. i checked the itinerary a few moments later and it said Springfield Mo to Melbourne Florida!!!??? we imedietly called and got a person in India i think and told them the ticket was to be to Melbourne Au. He tells us there is nothing he can do about it except offer us $2450.00 return. They would keep 300 dollars unless we resubmit a new ticket price  then the 300 would then be credited back to us AFTER we purchase the two tickets...How do we know they wont do it again? we dont trust any on-line travel service nowThey keep the 300 dollars and we're just out of luck. I believe it's a bait and switch and we been took by them. Thank goodness we didnt purchace the insurence, that would have been lost as well.I know some would say well at least you got most of it back, but in fact, how many others has this happened to?Our trip was cancelled now because we dont have enough to go at the time we wanted to, so we have to save more money to go to a travel agent instead.
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #655603
Oct 26 2010
08:42 PM Price Line . com Deceptive and Unyielding Internet
I want to simply say the has the worst customer service that I have ever witnessed.  The website is deceptive and if a mistake is made there is absolute no attempt made to resolve the issue.  They will transfer you to the resolution center; however, it is obviously in the same room because the back ground noise is the same.  I would suggest against anyone using this site to make reservations because you'll never know where you will be place and there is no probrem resolution policy.
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #720091
Apr 20 2011
06:52 PM no refunds no changes Internet
I used Priceline to book a hotel in Bartlesville, Okla.  Tonight I tried to change the date to the next night or cancel it.  They refused to cancel it or change it.  I called the hotel and they said sorry it was PREPAID and whether I cancelled or not I would still have to pay for it.  This is 4 weeks ahead of the date I had booked.  I just want people to be aware that you may get a better deal calling the hotel directly.  When I called the hotel directly they offered me a better deal but I wasn not able to cancel the original booking.In other words, DON'T use Priceline UNLESS you read the fine print. I made the mistake of reading the hotel's cancellation policy instead of Priceline's fine print.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #747241
Jun 29 2011
08:09 PM Beware of Priceline Ripoffs, Internet
Priceline is no longer a legitimate deal.  Raised my price up to $75 and said median of rooms were $96.  Motel that it booked cost more on deal than it would have if I had booked at website.  Priceline doubled fees for bidding and made rooms more expensive than if I had paid outright.  This has happened more than once.  Priceline is no longer a deal but a ripoff for suckers.  Yes, I am a sucker. 
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #526683
Nov 21 2009
06:03 AM Price Lince Rip-Off, Misrepresentation Scam Internet
I confirmed an online order for a non-refundable hotel in which I agreed too.  After the confirmation of the hotel that I surely wanted, on the exact same page were car rentals listed for low prices.  I thought I was just browsing and clicked on the $10 car to see what came up. Guess what?  I booked a car! Without confirming the car or anything, Priceline booked a rental car and used the information I put in for my hotel to reserve it.  They took my money using the system to take the exact same date I reserved the hotel and used it to book the car without my permission! Moreover, I am not traveling to where this car is located and I don't need a car.  It's 4 hours away from my home and I have no need for it.  I have one of my own car. I contacted the customer service rep immediately and I asked for a manager.  They told me that they will transfer me to the escalations dept but they are going to tell me the same; no refunds or cancellations.  I was transferred there and yes, they refused to cancel the car rental also and said that they couldn't do anything.  They just took my hard earned money.  This is now a very expensive hotel.  I did write the another department they advised me of and now await a response.  I won't stop there. I won't stop until my money is refunded.  Times are tough.  I can't allow Priceline to rip any others off either that's why I chose to publish this. Priceline has designed their website to mislead, misguide, misrepresent, and take consumers money.  When booking the hotel reservation, the website is set up to keep your information and if the confirmation window isn't closedd, the information can process mistakenly selecting pressing the name your price key!  This is fraud and misrepresentation and I will not stand for this.I was told that there is nothing more Priceline can do about this.  This is not acceptable because they are a business and there is always something some one can do to remedy a problem with a customer.  I just received a settlement form of a class action lawsuit regarding a similar Online Travel Company.  They have set up links to accept coupons and discounts but lure you into a membership charging the credit card you used if not canceled immediately.  They lost and now have to pay those consumers.  Pricecline should be included.  No one else should be ripped off by them.  The class action should force them to redesign their website to benefit the interest of the consumers.  It should ask them to confirm their information before it goes through.  This will let the consumer know that they are no longer web searching the internet page but that they are actually making a purchase.  This will help everyone not to be cheated out of their money.BE AWARE OF PRICELINE.COM  - DO NOT BROWSE OR SEARCH THEIR WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE PROVIDED THEM WITH YOUR INFORMATION.  PLEASE.
Entity: Internet, Internet
46, Report #709812
Mar 24 2011
03:21 PM Bidder Beware Norwalk, Internet has a service where you can bid on a hotel in selected area(s) but without showing any names ofhotels until bid is complete and verified.I placed a bid for a hotel selecting only Clearwater Beach or St. Pete Beach/Treasure Island. My bid was accepted at which point I learned that my hotel is at a clearwater/st pete airport hotel. A 15-20 minute drive to the beach!I specifically avoided the Clearwater area because I knew that it would not include any beach hotels! Upon calling to explain what happened, I was told that refunds and/or changes were not allowed.My advise- never use this website for bids! You think you are bidding for a specified area but the truth is, they put you where ever they want and you cannot do anything about it.
Entity: Norwalk, Internet
47, Report #928849
Aug 17 2012
05:49 PM Bait & Switch, Connecticut
I bid for 6 rooms in Las Vegas with (four nights per room) I was prepaying for 24 nights of hotel service. In my bid, I specified 4 star rating on the strip- hotels like Venetian, Treasure Island, Belagio, Wynn's, Mirage, Paris are in the 4 star range. What I got was Tropicana, a run down, hotel from the rat pack era, that is overdue to be torn down. Tropicana is not even 3 star, no way in the world, is it rated 4 star by anyone except the people who misrepresent their hotel guidelines, Priceline. I contacted an associate from Priceline, who cut and pasted canned propaganda, claiming Priceline can award star ratings as they see fit, they refused to make changes, took my $2400 and told me, politely, to go to hell. When you bid hotels on Priceline, they can start at 1 star, then two, three, three and 1/2, then 4, then 5 star. Tropicana is no 4 star hotel, I prepaid for something that was pure deception. Is there a recourse? 
Entity:, Connecticut
48, Report #889527
May 28 2012
02:31 PM Scam, poor customer service Internet, Internet
I made a reservation for a hotel stay for 7 days using Upon checking in, I was informed by the receptionist that since I was staying more than 4 days my rate should have been lower and she was unsure why. The hotel did have vacancies. I called asking them how is it that I got a higher rate. They said that I had to check with the hotel after making the reservation on priceline and let them know within 24 hours for the price guarantee to work! If I am going to contact the hotels and compare prices, why would I even use! To make matters worse, they told me that they cannot refund any part of the money if I decide to check in early. That is, they had charged me for the full stay and they had already disbursed the money to the hotel! If they had at least allowed me to check out the next day, I would have literally checked out and checked right back in and I would have obtained a better rate. Furthermore, if I had completely ignored and gone ahead and made reservations with the hotel directly, I would not have been on the hook for all the 7 days right off the bat! Most hotels bill you day-to-day and you are allowed to check out early without being billed for the entire period. Give or take a day or two!  The whole thing stinks and comes across at worst, as a scam and at best, as gross ineptness in running a business! Rest assured priceline has lost a long time customer. I will never be coming back to them again and I will make sure I share my thoughts in as many internet message boards and with friends as possible.
Entity: Internet, Internet
49, Report #198103
Jun 25 2006
02:40 PM ripoff Norwalk Connecticut Internet
I have read almost all the reports and understand that many are angry because they cannot change the status of their commitment to a Priceline bid. My problem is, and buyer beware, that Priceline inflates the star rating of a hotel. When I tried to explain this to Priceline they basically said they have their own star rating and I have to accept that. Okay, I got tricked by them and will never, ever use them for anything and will tell everyone I know their game. But the biggest problem I have with them is their fortified defense against ANY complaint. I will never do business with a company who refuses any type of adjustment to a transaction. I feel sad for anyone who has the misfortune to work for them. If you do, be careful about naming your employer at a party, especially if I am there. Don Athens, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
50, Report #193614
May 27 2006
09:50 PM Incorporated ripoff, misleading Stamford CONNECTICUT Internet
I was ripped off by on June 30, 2004! Yes, it's been almost 2 years, but I'm still quite mad about it!! I understand Priceline's policy regarding tickets not being refunded, exchanged, or transferred; however I'm not sure I understand why states that on ALL DOMESTIC FLIGHTS, they will book departure time between 6am - 10pm. Why is it that my tickets were booked to depart at 10:09pm? Nine minutes may seem like nothing to most people, but the bottom line is that 10:09pm it's not between 6am - 10pm!! Also, I feel that Priceline was misleading, due to the fact that I was able to input my departure day/time and then I had to wait for them to see if an airline will accept it. Now, the problem I had and still have is that would not allow me to see my itinerary without purchasing my tickets, which led me to believe I was purchasing the tickets based on the times/days I put into the system. I named my own price/times/days. To make a long story short......I was out $692.90 and was left with tickets I could not use!! What did Priceline do with my money and the tickets I was not able to use? I'm really upset about this, as I don't have $692.90 to give away!!! I feel Priceline should have compromised with me, since they did not hold up to their end of the bargain (ALL DOMESTIC FLIGHTS are booked between 6am - 10pm) and I did not obtain the itinerary I originally input into their system. Today, May 27, 2006, I checked and learned that they now allow you to see your itinerary before you purchase your tickets. This really makes me upset! I went through the trouble of trying to get my money back and in the end......I was left out in the cold. Shayla Williams, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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