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26, Report #959379
Oct 24 2012
11:08 AM
Quicken I dont like them Internet
I dont like quicken.  They are a bad company because that is what i posting here.  this is a review and i really dont like them. The end.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #1112337
Jan 02 2014
01:35 PM
Quicken Loans Alexander Bozymowski Quicken Loans. Executive Mortgage Banker Engineered to Amaze? or to SCREW? internet Arizona
Alexander Bosymowski and Quicken Loans take advantage of people with promises and deposits of $500 to lure idividuals and famlies into attempting to finance their property when, in fact, it is not possible to finance their homes at all. Mr. B will make any promises in order to get the supposed Appraisal Fee and then not do the appraisal, and not refund the fee. Liaars! I can't comprehend how this company rated #1 on the J.D>. Powers list of mortgage companies! Rated Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Primary Mortgage Origination in the U.S., Three Years in a Row', they rate a zero in my book. Go to another lender for your mortgage.....someone who is more honest and doesn't try to finaigle you out of $500 for nothing!
Entity: Arizona
28, Report #404367
Dec 23 2008
01:09 PM
Quicken Loans Stole $550.00 from my credit card Nationwide
We gave a $550.00 deposit for a home refinance - We were told if we took the loan or not, the money would either be refunded or applied to the new loan. I just received an email from Colin Schroeder and he said that the $550.00 was to cover his expenses, and is not refundable. When we went over this process he said he was recording the call and on that recorded call no less than 10x he explained that I would not under any circumstances loose the $550.00 - I have contacted Capital One and am waiting on a response from them - www.quickenloans.com Alex Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #448653
May 04 2009
12:46 PM
Quicken Loans Dont waste your time!!! Cleveland Ohio
Where do I start?? I was a first time home buyer, found a house, and wanted to go for it. So I applied to quicken loans (before even reading any reports). Well lets just say I got sucked in and spit out basically. I had to pay 500.00 good faith etc. Which I did with a credit card, and that is when the fun began. The lady helping me was nice, and she did return calls, and my real estate agent thought she was good. So I thought I was in good hands. Well after I got approved, and they charged my credit card 500.00. They started to come back and tell me the following: 1) Appraisal came in low, couldnt understand why or even how. Now this guy worked out of Michigan (the lady that was working for us gave our info to this man and this is how he got involved he was supposidly a manager) He had the nerve to tell me that he wouldnt dare try to live in this house and that if he was my brother he would give me advice and tell me to walk away. Um ok did you see the house? Did you go to the house? He said no I live in Michigan I was just going off of the appraisal? HUH can I have the appraisal? Never received it by the way and they gave me a number to call to get the copy of it and it was a non working number when I tried calling. So I was pretty much outraged. Because I am suppose to get a copy and why didnt they have a copy at first is beyond me. so they were going to deny the loan unless; 2) Repair the roof in order for me to get the loan??? WHAT that could be actually illegal, so I called my agent and he said no, I cant do that. SO I did a three way call with the agent and this man that decided to call and tell me this. And my agent simply asked, if we repair the roof (get permission from the bank becasue it is bank owned) can you guarantee they will get the loan. He said no. So my agent asked, basically you want us to go in and fix the roof, (spend about 3,000-6,000) on a roof and still get denied the loan?? Are you serious? and he said I cannot guarantee the loan. So my agent asked will you refund the money back to them if they get denied the loan if they fix the roof? and he said no that is up to the people that own it. Well the bank owns it so we know that they wont let us touch it. So the man told us that he cant help us at the time. My agent called through to the bank and asked questions about the home and repairs about it, and he told me the bank laughed and said sure if you want to fix the house (sarcasm) basically if we are stupid enough to fix it so they can raise the value on it. So we called the jerk back and told them the bank is not going to allow us to touch the house and that we want the appraisal. It took them almost 2 months to get us the appraisal. but by the time we got the appraisal, I already had an inspector out there, and a new appraisal and was going to move in a couple weeks after. So when we got the appraisal. It was from a company never heard of with a non working number, they appraised the house at 95,000 stating the roof was horrible, and the inside was destroyed, best part my real estate agent called the banks real estate agent and he said that nobody requested to go into the house to inspect it, so it basically was a drive by inspection/ appraisal Oh they also said on the appraisal it was a 1 bedroom house, and 1 bathroom house. Um it is a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Nice huh, love how they did business. The bank wanted 140,000. So quicken loans was basically saying it wasnt worth it but yet they didnt do their homework. When I got a new loan, they sent out the inspector who went into the house, we were there, and the inspector did the inspection, thought it was a steal, and then got it appraised, without the roof being done it appraised at 190,000 the land itself is well worth it. (the home is on 2 acres) So quicken loans took my 500.00 never refunded anything, I sent reports to the BBB and now I am posting this. It seem like they have no experience and they are trying to get money any way they can. Fine take my 500 and shove it where the sun dont shine. But I am the one laughing in your face. And when quicken loans goes down, sucks to be them. The only prayer they have right now is the Cavs. but if they get stuck with this idiot owner for longer the are going to crash too. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY!! WHAT A JOKE. HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS COMPANY. Christa cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
30, Report #411528
Jan 13 2009
11:20 AM
Quicken Loans They fire without research Scottsdale Arizona
Quicken loans has a policy of a call back to every client every time no exceptions no excuses. This is very hipocritical. There was an arizona banker with three call complaints and he was okay for a while then after a year he had a client that called who he closed about seven months prior and thgey fired the banker over it. On the other side is a Michigan banker that has over eleven call complaints and is still working there. THe lack of continuity in the policy has resulted in a large lawsuit brewing in which the banker that was let go found a large law firm that is handling the case and also a complaint that has been filed with the corporation cmmission. Watch and see when the smiles on the faces of Dan Gilbert, Pat Mikinnis, Jay Farner, Bill Emerson when the law suit with over 100 past and current employees surfaces. MORE TO COME!!!!!! Matt Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
31, Report #442761
Apr 11 2009
02:56 AM
Quicken Loans Worst Experience of my life!!! Internet
I was attracted to Quicken Loans after reviewing their website and seeing that they were the number 1 online lender. I also noticed that customer reviews (all 52 pages of them) were either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars in satisfaction. My experience with Quicken Loans has been HORRIBLE. They have truly taken the joy and excitement out of buying my first home and replaced it with anger and frustration. Anthony has been my mortgage specialist and I used quotations because if you ask me he doesn't know his butt from his elbow! He never returns phone calls. I would call and leave multiple messages on his voicemail and not hear anything back from him until he needed something from me, and then he would call. When I would bring up the issues I left messages about, more often than not he didn't have the answers and would leave me with empty promises to call me back. Dropping the ball and dragging our feet seem to be the name of the game this man plays. That is all he's done throughout this entire process. He called me to tell me that in order to secure the FHA Financing, there were a few repairs that needed to be done. When I asked him what the repairs were, he said that there was a missing handrail. I knew from my realtor that this was something that could keep us from securing the financing, and we seen a lot of homes with missing handrails going to the basement and I knew for a fact that this house had no missing handrails. So I asked him where the missing handrail was. He gave me an attitude and said I thought you would know what I was talking about! I'm going to have to get the report and call you back! After not hearing from him, I called my real estate agent to see if she recalled a missing hand rail in the house. She was actually getting ready to call me because she spoke to the closing company. A closing company I might add that wasn't supposed to be doing the closing!! I told Anthony that I was having my real estate agent's closing company handle the closing and I told my agent that as well. Apparently no less than six phone calls to Anthony and others with Quicken Loans to gain information to begin the closing went unanswered. All of a sudden out of the clear blue sky this company calls my real estate agent and says they are handling the closing. Sounds REAL shady if you ask me!! In a matter of picking and choosing your battles (as my mother used to always tell me), I decided to let Anthony win this battle and use his closing company since they already had things started. My real estate agent left me know that per her conversations with the closing company we had to paint the handrail outside and the cement block around the foundation of the home. She also stated that we needed to get in touch with Anthony to ask him for a full list of repairs that needed to be completed so that there would be no problems when they came back out to re-inspect the house. It took over a week between my real estate agent calling the closing company and me calling Anthony to get a list of repairs that needed to be done. I started with my initial conversation with Anthony on a Monday (where he would have to get the report and call me back), and on Thursday I told him that my agent told me of some painting that needed done. He completely snapped at me on the phone with an attitude Well if that's what she says needs done, then that's what needs done! I don't have the report in front of me!! I went to the house and did the painting the next day (Friday). On Saturday, Anthony called me back to ask if I did the repairs yet! I stated to him that I did the repairs that my agent told me needed done, but I was still waiting on him to get me the list of repairs that I needed to do to make sure that I did everything. He again stated that he didn't have the report and that he wouldn't be able to attain that until Monday. On Monday, Anthony called me to request paperwork. It wasn't because he had the decency to actually get the report and call me back. It was simply because he needed something from me! I asked him AGAIN about this list of repairs as we are now about 2 weeks away from our scheduled closing date. He gave me the innocent Oh my God! We haven't gone over that yet?!? I'm so sorry, I thought we went over that report!! I admit that I completely flipped out on the phone at this point, and he told me that the painting was enough. Well, imagine my anger and frustration when he called me back not more than five minutes later to tell me that we needed to install a new outlet by the kitchen sink. So I'm 2 weeks away from scheduled closing and I have to find an affordable electrician to do this! ARGH! After ranting to a friend of mine online, he left me know that he did electrical work while in college and would be able to come over and help me out. I called my real estate agent to come unlock the house and let us in to do this. I called Anthony as the work was being done and reported that it was completed so he could get the inspector back out there to re-inspect it. It took Anthony nearly two weeks to get someone to do the inspection. He claims that he was calling and e-mailing the appraisal company to let them know it needed done. I have my doubts! The inspector never showed up until the day we were supposed to close. I knew we wouldn't be able to close that day, but had hope we would be able to close the deal the next day. My hopes of closing the next day were shattered when I received a phone call from my real estate agent (who was extremely frustrated at this point) and was informed that the closing company waited until the day of the closing to mail the documents requiring the seller's signature to the seller who lives on the complete opposite coast in Washington state. I live in Pennsylvania, so imagine how long this will take! Because of Quicken Loan's constant ball dropping and Anthony constantly dragging his feet on this process, I'm now left sitting here in my rental unit with all my stuff in boxes not knowing when I'll close the deal on my house. More than all of that, I'm now being forced to pay an additional month's rent on my current home because I will not be able to move out in the time I promised my landlord. It is my final plea to all of those looking to purchase a home to beware of Quicken Loans!! They are nothing but slime balls who are out to make a dollar without caring one iota about the clients. I guess the way to rising to the top and being The number 1 online lender is taking advantage of first time home buyers' lack of knowledge. Joe Charleroi, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #817349
Jan 03 2012
01:23 PM
Quicken Loans Watch out, they lie! Detroit, Michigan
Quicken Loans contacted me about lowering the interest rate on my home loan. They told me there would be no cost to me. I was about to do get started with this process with one of the local banks in New Jersey. Since we had arranged our last mortgage through Quicken, I felt like we could safely use them again. The deal (as it was told to me verbally over the phone) was that there would be no out of pocket expenses to us, and we would be getting a 4.25% interest rate, .5% lower than our current rate. I took the bait. To secure this rate I was to give them a $500.00 deposit which would be refunded to me upon closing the loan. After they sent an appraiser to our home, he sent them an appraisal that was $250,000.00 lower than the one a year and a half earlier. They then told me that there was not enough equity in the house for us to get the loan. They kept the $500.00 that they were supposed to refund to me. I  got ripped off by Quicken. PS> the city assessed the home at $150,000.00 more than the guy that they sent, a guy that siad he had no idea what the house was really worth. 4
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
33, Report #864731
Apr 06 2012
08:37 AM
Quicken Loans : Rudest, most unhelpful servicing team imaginable! Internet
We contacted Quicken Loans to refinance an existing mortgage. Our initial conversation with Quicken Loans was positive. I was pleased at the rate we got, and it seemed that the process to close would be fairly quick and simple. We paid our deposit, and got our loan in process. Actually getting the documents together, getting our income verified, getting a closing scheduled was so frustrating that we almost walked away and let them keep our deposit. We should have. But I'm willing to say that the treatment that we received during that process was the product of gross incompetence and not a calculated desire to rip us off. And it certainly pales in comparison to how we've been treated now that the loan is closed. We want to sell our home. We have found a buyer for our home. This potential buyer would like to assume our mortgage (the ability to allow someone to assume our mortgage was the main reason we chose to go with an FHA mortgage, even though the closing costs were higher). All I want from Quicken is for someone to tell me, yes or no, is our mortgage assumable, and what we need to do to get the process of assumption started. I thought it would be a simple question to answer. We signed paperwork that said that our mortgage is assumable. We were told specifically that that was the major benefit of an FHA mortgage loan. But it has been 2 weeks since I first contacted Quicken to get that question answered, and I still have not received a response. The first couple of times that I called, I was told that someone would have an answer for me later that day. And then it was later in the week. Now, nobody is willing to even give me a time frame for an answer. All that they can tell me is that there is a process to determine whether or not the loan is assumable. They refuse to tell me (and I've asked) what that process is, what information they need, how I could help to expedite it. When I ask, they refuse to even tell me what a typical assumption process looks like, how long they typically take, what the typical fee structure is. When I press for answers, I get hung up on, or transferred back to the main, automated customer service number. Is it even legal to refuse to give me information on my loan? It shouldn't be. I'm going to lose this potential homebuyer if I don't have an answer for him soon. And because I, unlike Quicken, have something to lose here, I can't just hang up on him when he asks for answers. I have no power, no bargaining chip. They can treat me as poorly as they'd like with no recourse. I can't just take my business elsewhere without paying thousands in closing costs to refinance with someone else. I can't just stop paying my mortgage-- I would lose my home and destroy my credit. All I can do is find every avenue that I can to beg and plead that you save yourself a massive headache and do business with a local company, one that invests in your community, one that has real people that you can come in, sit down, and talk to. This faceless internet-business model is fine until you have a problem. Then you realize that your livelihood is completely at the mercy of a call center that can just hang up on you if they don't like what you have to say.
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34, Report #938692
Sep 09 2012
10:57 AM
Quicken Loans Please learn from my experience! Detroit, Michigan
As a first time buyer, I decided to use Quicken based on family and friends saying that it was rated so well by consumers and advertised on TV. I wish I had been more informed before making a decision.  First of all, they were all too eager to get their $400 deposit. My broker was smooth talking and seemed to be very knowledgeable. He pretended to want to help me through the process. DON'T BE FOOLED. They are schooled in how to talk to you. As a matter of fact, out of curiosity, I looked up this guy on Facebook. In his profile picture, there was a screenshot of his computer screen, and below that showed his little guide book giving him an EXACT dialogue of how to deal with problem customers. So don't let their fast talking and quick answers to everything trick you into thinking they really care about you. You are just another pre-determined dialogue. I've included the photo showing this guy's book so you can see for yourself! Being a first time buyer with minimal funds to go down, he fed me a line about my interest rate. When he locked me in at a higher rate, I was confused, and questioned it... another smooth line to fool me into thinking this was temporary. It locked in a range of rates, he said, and I can change it before closing. He failed to explain what a PAR RATE is, and what POINTS are. When I got paid again almost two weeks later, I discussed changing the rate because I no longer needed a lender credit. That's when he said I COULD get a lower rate, like he told me, but I would have to pay dearly for it in points. So, they were trying keep me at 4% when FHA rates are going for around 3.25% right now for only a $1500 credit. For their PAR rate at 3.75% (still higher than what FHA loans have been), it would have cost be almost $6,000 MORE at closing.  So, being wary of this, I discussed it with my financial advisor friend. He said it looked sketchy to him that the rate was so high when FHA rates are generally lower than conventional loans, and conventional have been around 3.5%. We took it to a banker friend of his, and she made me a sheet with what it would cost to go through their bank. It was SO NICE to speak to someone face to face. AND, even better, she worked it up for 3.25% PAR RATE, NO POINTS, and almost exact same closing costs WITH Quicken's credit. After presenting this to Quicken, they refused to make any changes. (Hey, they already got their $400, they don't care!) So I politely told them that I would be using someone else and withdrew my application. I am out my $400, but let's be real here... That will be made up in a matter of months with the lower FAIR, CORRECT interest rate.  So, sorry for the long review. I just want people to be wary before they pay $400 Good Faith deposits and RESEARCH well before you lock in their rate. MAKE SURE they give you a good faith BEFORE you give them any money! My new lender did not ask for a single penny prior to providing a good faith estimate and locking. Keep that in mind. If you don't know what you're doing, beware. They will take advantage of you. I have learned so much during this process and NOT trusting Quicken is one of them!
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
35, Report #950871
Oct 04 2012
02:00 PM
Quicken Loans WORST EXPERIENCE EVERY Southfield, Michigan
Started my loan process with Quicken loans at the beginning of June 2012 with the understanding and plan to have the loan closed by the end of the month.  Here we are over 3 months later and absolutely nothing!!!!  They we incapable and clueless throughout my experience.  Here are the facts to my experience:Loan process started on June 4th and all requested documentation was provided upon request with no delay'sI had four (4) cleint care specialist throughout my process. Two were promoted, two left the company and I was left in Limbo several times.The people are so green and new because of the turnover rate they can not answer a question.  People have to continually transfer you to someone else who can only answer part of a question.There was no personal attenion taken to the loan process and I was just a number.  I made all the efforts to communicate no one reached out to me.They took over 2 and a half months (The reason they site caused all the delay) to obtain a subordination agreement.  They had to make four or five request.  They noted for over 2 months that they needed nothing else from me and the day before I needed to close (For the third time) they request additional information and noted I would not make the closing deadline that I had set for them.I was the only one impacted by thier failed practices and policies.  Then they have the nerve to want to keep your good faith estimate deposit (I did recieve the majority of it back but, I shuld have recived it all based on the course of events).Thier client relation department is a Joke!!!!!  They took over a week to contact me back to tell me they would contact me again in 7 - 10 business days and I had to call them to remind them of the first deadline.The main reason I decided to post this report is due thier lack of acknowledgement that they failed during this process.  Their solgan Every Coustomer Every Time No Exceptions No Excuses  is a far fetch dream based on the way they are structure and how they execute there processes.  I was told that the ball stopped in cleint relation and I could no elevate any higher.  Well I hope someone in that organization cares to give me a call to discuss.  I would hope Dan cares how people are being treated by his company.  Feel free to call (((REDACTED))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
36, Report #259592
Jul 09 2007
11:08 AM
Quicken Loans Appraisal Ripoff Parsippany Nationwide
We too, were scammed by an appraisal (already paid for with a hit on our credit card before he came). Three years ago our house was appraised at $375,000. Since then, we have completely remodeled two bedrooms to historical-preservation standards, upgraded new carpeting and paint in the basement (adding more living space and a family room), increasing the value of our home by at least $50,000. To our dismay, the appraisal done recently came in at $325,000. Thus, the Loan to Value ratio was not there to make the deal work as orginally planned. Over the three year period our home appreciated in value without any improvements, as did everyone else's. Although the market has slid back some from a higher value last year, to tell someone that their house is worth less now after doing improvements is ludicrous and un-professional. Margaret Parsippany, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #150005
Jul 16 2005
12:58 PM
Quicken Loans ripoff Livonia Michigan
i applied online for a home purchase loan. i got a reply that i was approved. i asked for a certain loan amount and they said they could do that. i told them that i only had x amount of dollars to put down as a down payment and closing cost. they agreed and told me that they had the perfect loan at a responible payment. then they told me that i will have to give them a credit card number for the appraisal incase something happens in the closing. they told me the appraisal would cost $350. this would be included in the closing cost so we didnt have to have it upfront. so after all this we agreed that we would go ahead and do this. i talked to the rep and he told me that everything was going fine and that we would close the loan in 3 weeks max. we tought this is going real smooth until he sent us the papers to sign and send back to them we got to looking at them and the closing cost and the down payment as well as the appraisal went up in price. i told my wife that we are not going to do this. i said number they are a very dishonest company and they are not true to their word. i will never deal with this company ever again they are very dishonest and very unprofessional. if a deal sounds real good always check into it before going for it. william Union City, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Livonia, Michigan
38, Report #330566
May 05 2008
08:35 AM
Quicken Loans The Sweat Shop Troy Michigan
When reading many of these ex-employee responses I must agree. Quicken Loans is a legalized sweat shop. They have a great bait and switch interview process. I was told 40-50 hours a week, but that soon turned into 60-70 without breaking a sweat. But of course the free popcorn, slushies and coffee make it ok. I forgot about the Hoilday Party as well! The reason Quicken is able to do this is because they keep 3-4 points of mark-up on each loan! So that means nothing for the people how do all of the work! I could sit here and go on forever about this so called #2 Best Place To Work For. I think that this company needs to be investigated and shut down! The fact of the matter is that I believe Dan will sell the company ince he moves downtown and wash his hands of everything and walk away golden!! For anyone thinking about working at Quicken Loans, please think TWICE!!! Again as I said in the begining, I agree with all of the ex-employee responses! Quicken Loans is a Sweat Shop and needs to be put out of business!! Anonymous Roseville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
39, Report #1173163
Aug 29 2014
09:43 AM
Quicken Loans Horrible experience with mortgage michigan Nationwide
We have had a horrible experience with Quicken Loans.  We are now going to lose out on our dream house because of their inability to keep their stuff together.  They have continuously strung us along for a month now and 4 days before our closing date they are pushing the date back.  The thing is, the company that owns the home that we are trying to purchase will not give an extension and Quicken has known that from the start.  They have not tried to speed it up in anyway.  They work on a team and each team member tells us something different.  We are absolutely qualified for our loan and would never had such a problem with any other mortgage company.  Please save yourself the frustration and heartache and look elsewhere for a mortgage loan. 
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #1169273
Aug 12 2014
11:32 AM
Quicken Loans Bait and Switch rates Nationwide Nationwide
 I have a loan through Quicken Loans and was contacted by them in early June about a loan modification on the same loan for 1/8th lower.  They added that it would be Absolutely no cost to me.  I confirmed no cost meant no cost and was told by Kevin Young that this was correct.  I said Yes and the process began. Via email I was asked to supply a series of documents that are common in a finanace. I did this the same day.  I followed up with an email asking if all were received and was told that Yes they are all here and had been sent along to the Numbers guy Nick Pason.  (2) days passed and Nick contacted me stating everything was in order and they wanted to schedule an appraisal.  This was done within 3 days and we were moving along just as they said.  (they said the loan would probably take no more than 2 weeks at the outermost BUT we had a rate lock until Auguest 2.  The appraisal was completed within 3 days coming in at $850K. The amount I was financing was $402K. (just saying!) Expecting the final papers to come through at any time, I asked for a payoff update since I had made (2) mortgage payments since this process began. When the GFE came through it was over $6K off and NOT in my favor.  I called Kevin asking why the descrepancy and he told me that the payments had not been posted yet.  I faxed my newly received payoff/mortgatge statement which showed a payoff of $404K+.  I followed this up with a phone call and he began to double talk me but did send an accurate payoff within a day.  To this I said that we were a go, but I would not sign anything until I had an accurate complete set of documents.  As time is ticking, I got a call from Nick who definitely started the double talk stating that there was going to be a $1K fee for my loan NOT being an escrow account.  I asked why, that my original loan with them was only 1 year old and nothing had changed.  He became a little short with me and I responded with Do not double talk me. He said that this would be the only fees and I would be getting the final documents within days.  2 weeks passed and nothing.  NOW August 2 is within 2 days so I called inquiring about closing.  Nothing.  I let it ride and 2 days after (August 4th) I got the documents showing the pay off at $407+.  I contacted both Kevin and Nick and said they were wrong.  Kevin emailed me back the following day saying he would contact Nick to find out what happened.  Nick emailed me stating he would get back to me the same day.  (2) days elapsed and I heard nothing so contacted Nick to see if there was resolution.  He said he had tried to Reach-out to me and left me a voice mail.  I told him he had not that I was constantly monitoring it. (2) more days passed and Nick emailed me saying he was meeting with his supervisor to resolve the matter and get back to me the same day.  (2) more days and Nick emailed me saying there was nothing they could do, the rate lock had passed and if I wanted the loan at 3.18 (my prior one is at 3.25 I would have fees totaling over $3,500.  As you can tell, I said NO and that I would make it my goal to tell the public/anyone that would listen of the scam they are pulling.  PLEASE feel free to contact me, I have ALL emails, GFE's and documents to support the above
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1172449
Aug 26 2014
01:15 PM
Quicken Loans Used Bait-and-Switch Tactic Detroit, Mi Nationwide
  I applied for a mortgage loan with Quicken Loans. Originally my fiancé and I were both supposed to be on the loan but since my credit score is much higher Quicken recommended to remove him from the loan and have only me on there even though I make much less money than him which we pointed out to our Lender who insured us that it would not be a problem. We submitted all the documentation they required (recent paystubs, W2's, bank statements and so on) and they also ran our credit reports. After they pre-approved us/me we picked out a home and made an offer and came to an agreement with the seller. We immediately submitted a copy of the contract to Quicken. Quicken sent us the Good Faith Estimate showing that our closing cost would be $16,264.00 and our monthly Mortgage Payment will be $1,311.36 plus $175 for the HOA fee. The seller required a $5000 down payment which we paid right away, we also paid $500 to Quicken for the appraisal and paid another $515 for the home inspection which according to the contract had to be done within 10 days. Now we're 3 weeks away from our closing day (September 15th) and the underwriters at Quicken are telling us that I don't make enough money to qualify for the loan, something we had already brought to their attention BEFORE the entire process started and were told that it would be ok. They said that they forgot to add the HOA fee which is ridiculous because it is clearly stated in the contract and even in the Good Faith Estimate Quicken sent to us. Now they're saying that they would have to add my fiancé back on because of my debt to ratio income being to high (after they added the HOA) but due to his lower credit score we would have to get a different loan, one that has a PMI (we had told them from the very beginning that we did NOT want a PMI). After adding him back on last week they sent us a revised Good Faith Estimate that has now $20,815.17 as closing cost ($4,551.17 higher than the first estimate) and a Monthly Mortgage Payment of $1,476.47 plus $175 HOA fee ($165.11 higher than the first estimate) and a $25 a month lower insurance rate (they made us adjust the homeowner's policy to reflect a higher deductible to safe some money). The PMI is listed as $206.13. With all the numbers having gone up like this we no longer can afford the house, we were going by what was originally quoted to us. Not only are we going to have to back out of the house contract but we don't know if we can get the $5000 down payment back and there is also the $500 appraisal fee and $515 for the inspection that we know for sure we won't be getting back, that's over $1000 lost for sure. We're also in a time crunch because our lease at our current place runs out on September 15th, after that we have to go month to month at a higher rate of $242 a month. Since we have no house now which is devastating enough and have to start the entire process all over again it will cause additional hardship having to go month to month for several months until we find another house and can close on it. I don't know exactly what our rights are here but it seems so very wrong that they can change the numbers like that after we had provided all the necessary information and were given an estimate. They knew exactly how much money we're making and what our credit scores are before they sent the first estimate. Nothing has changed since then and yet they all of a sudden decide that we or I don't qualify after all and that our closing cost and monthly payment will now be much higher. We were in almost daily contact with Quicken throughout this entire process and they kept reassuring us that everything is fine. Is there anything we can do short of having to take legal actions? I find it so hard to believe that they do not have to honor the estimates they give. There has to be some kind of consumer protection against something like this.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1181282
Oct 06 2014
02:39 PM
Quicken Loans Bait & switch Misrepresentation Detroit Michigan
On July 17, I spoke a Ray Nowden reference a refinance.  He told me that the new payment would be $890 per month, there would be a closing cost of $700.  I signed the contract for that amount.  I also authorized them to charge $200 on my credit card as a good faith payment.  The next thing I know there is another contract sent for me to sign that stated the payments would be $1100+ per month and that I would need $4000 for closing.  I sent them an e-mail on  July 26, stating I no longer wanted to do business with them because of misrepresentation.  They refused to stop the process and harrased me for months over the loan.  They actually said the loan was still active on Sept 14.  and now are refusing to refund my $200 with this as an excuse.        
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
43, Report #1191592
Nov 26 2014
02:37 PM
Quicken Loans Closing costs.... amusing me. Cincinnati Nationwide
So ok right now having good fun with Quicken Loans rep... wanted to lock me in and get money today.  The funny part is they want closing costs of $ 3,000 dollars on a 60k refinance which is completely insane.  I have decent but blemished credit... a steady job with an income that would qualify me for a $ 220,000 loan at most banks yet they think I am going to just jump at the chance to pay them $ 3,000. Yes certainly it would lower my payment... and probably make up those closing costs within a year but I am sorry it takes them just a few hours at most to write this stuff up and get the paperwork/check out.  Even if it took them 10 hours to process all this I wouldn't pay a banker $ 300 an hour. Most lawyers charge less than that... Quicken is just in it for the churn and maximizing your closing costs which is just gravy income to them. The other thing is I have never declared bankruptcy and have been paying this loan for 20 years now. Don't bother with them.... funny thing is the guy said he was going to call me back this evening and he hasn't. I guess he figured out I am not a sucker.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1040086
Apr 02 2013
02:52 PM
Quicken Loans CONSUMER BEWARD Detroit, Michigan
This company has no soul.  They care nothing about people.  The only thing that matters to them is the almighty dollar.  I have wasted four months dealing with this company.  They don't know their business.  If you are looking for a mortgage or refi, please do your research and avoid being scammed by Quicken Loans.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
45, Report #1035122
Mar 15 2013
05:13 PM
Quicken Loans Overcharging my escrow account, Internet
I refinanced with Quicken in late 2012, and had no issues until this year when they calculated my monthly escrow deposit based upon an inflated quarterly payment. It was inflated because my home was a new construction home, and the city dragged their feet to reassess the property with the building on it.I sent a copy of the real estate tax bill that shows the actual real estate tax for the fiscal year, of which the escrow should be calculated on, but that was not sufficient. I offered to make a deposit into the escrow account and have them adjust my monthly payment so that it'd be based on the actual annual tax and they would not adjust. The customer service team was no help. I spent hours on the phone and got nowhere.They are able to overcharge me and I can NOT make a payment of the amount of the bill without dinging my credit, so I'm forced to make an inflated monthly payment. I can afford the payment but it's the principle. My money would be best served in my hands to pay other bills, not to sit in an escrow account earning zero interest. I'm disgusted with the entire company, and feel like I'm being robbed. I would stayed away. The customer service team is full of incompetent people.
Entity: Internet, Internet
46, Report #1033957
Aug 26 2007
03:32 AM
Quicken Loans Stop Getting Ripped off Livonia Michigan
Here's what you need to do: 1. Call the New York Attorney General at (585) 546-7430. Let them know how you were treated. 2. Contact the Better Business Bureau at bbb dot org 3. Most important - call Visa and dispute the charge. If everyone that got ripped off would do this than Visa and MC would cut off thier account with Quicken. 4. Call Bill Emerson at (734) 805-7474. Tell him you name is Joe Paterno and he is guaranteed to answer. 5. Contact Teresa Drexler at NKA at 612.256.3268. They are in the beginning stages of a class action law suit against Quicken Loans about this very thing, bait and switching loans, not disclosing fees etc. If the APR that they quoted you is more than 1/8th off - they HAVE to get you all new paperwork. They are excited to hear from you. 6. Demand to see the invoice from the appraiser and demand the difference back. And do NOT pay for any QLSS or any other junk fee. Screw it, call the appraiser direct and ask for a copy of the invoice. 7. Tell your friends and family not to do business with them. 8. Root against the Cavaliers. Your $500 is paying for LeBron to shoot jumpers and for Dan's lifts in his shoes. Yeah Livonia, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Livonia, Michigan
47, Report #1072938
Aug 04 2013
11:56 AM
Quicken Loans Dishonest Misleading Detroit Michigan
 This complaint is in regard to dishonest and misleading business practices by Quicken Loans client representatives.On July 1, 2013, I contacted Quicken Loans to inquire about getting a mortgage for a vacation home in Michigan. The property is a single family home that was used as a camp. The home has power and water, but doesn't have a septic system. Our plan for this home was to install a full bath inside the home after we closed on the loan. I was also aware that some lenders will not issue loans on properties without a bath. So on my initial call to a Quicken client representative (Eric Donaldson), I specifically asked if there would be any issues regarding the lack of a septic system, and he assured me that it would not be a problem. To be sure, he asked me to email a picture of the room set aside for the bath, which I did. After that, the loan application was accepted, I paid the $500 application fee and submitted all required documents over the next three weeks.At this point I was under the assumption the loan process was going smoothly. Quicken client representatives (Eric Donaldson and Tom Putvin) kept me informed of what they needed and there was never an indication the loan may be in jeopardy because of the lack of septic system. The closing on the property was scheduled for July 31, 2013. On July 27, I was informed by a new client representative (Hermon Barbe) that the property appraisal could not be completed because the property did not include a bathroom/septic system, and because of that, the loan could not be issued! This was four days before closing!I feel like I have been duped and misled, which has resulted in a waste of my time and money, and the seller's time and money. I feel it is outrageous that Quicken representatives do not know their own basic lending rules when it comes to properties such as this. Now I am forced to find another lender to start the loan process over, and the seller has to wait, all because Quicken was dishonest from the start!
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
48, Report #1140430
Apr 21 2014
11:00 AM
Quicken Loans Did a bait & switch Cleveland Ohio
 To Quicken Loans: I feel like I got a bait & switch: I called in from a mailing you sent me on my property in Ft. Myers FLA. I called the number on the mailing 800-816-8244 a Mr. Tom Carlson asked a few questions, then he said he couldn’t help me with my Florida property, then asked about my Ohio properties, After several minutes, I gave him the OK to look at my credit score & file. He asked several questions, one of them was, what is this Advanta account, here on your report. I proceeded to tell him I never opened that account. He never said this would be a issue and when on with reviewing options to refinance some properties. After spending couple hours getting all the information he asked for, a couple days later I get a call from another office, asking to get a letter of release from Advanta. I do not have one and now you’re telling me that is a issue when it wasn’t in the 1st phone call. If your not going to approve this loan, being I did everything I can do, I think you should refund the $500 you transferred out of my account. P.S. I have never been contacted by anyone authorized to discuss the Florida property as promised in the original phone call pertaining to the letter you sent me.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1131555
Mar 18 2014
11:59 AM
Quicken Loans Unfair deposit practices Detroit Michigan
I have my mortgage with quicken loans.  They called me to refinance while I was at work.  At first I told their agent that I didn't think it was time to refinance my home.  He was persistent and I agreed for him run the numbers.  When he called back with the numbers he said he could save me $50 a month and do a loan at no cost to me.  He was not up front with me that he would be collecting a deposit.  When he asked for a deposit I asked what it would be for.  He said don't worry about it the deposit would be refunded at closing.  He did not mention that if there was a problem with the loan, the money would not be refunded.  The loan did not go through due to a lower than expected appraisal.  When they called me back and told me that they would not be able to do the loan that is when I found out that the deposit would not be refunded.  After several phone calls with Quicken loans they still refuse to refund the deposit.  They refuse to even refund half the deposits.  After all of this I looked up online reviews of this company and this is a very common theme with their deposit practices.  They never mention that you will not get the deposit back if there are any problems.  The only place where this is listed is on the paperwork that they have you e-sign.  Even when I asked the agent directly he does not mention under what circumstances that you would not get the deposit back.  Now all I am left with is a credit card with a $500 balance and an appraisal that I do not need.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
50, Report #1317584
Jul 18 2016
03:06 PM
Quicken Loans Sold mortgage Detroit Michigan
I currently have my mortgage through Quicken loans.  I have been a customer for tears.  I received a letter in the mail (7/18/2016) stating that my mortgage has been sold to Fifth Third Band.  Remember Fifth Third Bank used to be GMAC General Finance until it went belly up.  Well, it states that my next mortgage is due with this bank on 8/1/2016.  That's 2 weeks from now.  I have no new loan number to tie a payment too.  2 weeks, get real.  VERY disappointed with Quicken.  Used to be a big fan of them.  No longer.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan

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