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1, Report #11337
Jan 12 2002
12:00 AM
Ramada Travel Scam
I received a flyer in the mail in February 2001 advertising a vacation to south Florida and the Bahamas through Ramada Plaza Resorts. I laid down an initial deposit on the vacation of $249.00 on 2/23/01 through sales representative Bill Hanson. The initial sales call did not imply that a several hour timeshare presentation was required, and the salesman was very pushy, stating that I had to purchase the vacation over the phone at that time to secure the vacation. (These are both violations of Florida state vacation certificate laws). The inital flyer stated a choice between Imperial Majesty cruise lines or Carnival Cruise lines, although I was later informed that Carnival would require additional charges of over $400.00. I booked the actual trip on 7/20/01 over the phone, and placed an additional $821.00 on my credit card. Among these charges was $90.00 for a hotel upgrade to the AAA three-star rated Pompano Beach Holiday Inn, even though the original flyer stated first-class accommodations were already included. This in of itself indicates deceptive advertising on the part of Ramada Plaza Resorts. I was informed that I would not receive my itinerary until two to three weeks before the trip (which was scheduled for New Years week 2002). I was never given any assurance or guarantees, or photographic evidence by Ramada Plaza Resorts of the quality of actual accommodations. I was informed in early December that several states' Attorney Generals' offices had filed suits against Ramada Plaza Resorts for fraud and misrepresentation, and decided to cancel my trip on 12/10/01. I also discovered that Ramada Plaza Resorts was selling customers' names and information to a third-party solicitation list without customers' consent. Ramada Plaza Resorts refused to refund my money upon repeated requests, and in fact placed an additional $300.00 on my Mastercard to cancel the original travel dates. during our entire over the phone sales process, Ramada Plaza Resorts violated several Florida state vacation certificate laws. Mainly listed under 559.9335, these include provision (6) requiring credit card deposit to secure vacation package, provision (7) implying vacation package cannot be purchased at a later time, provision (11) misrepresenting price, quality, and nature of accommodations or facilities, and provision (13) not clearly stating that the vacation was an offer to sell travel. I am requesting a refund of the full $1370.00 that Ramada Plaza Resorts has placed on my Citibank Mastercard. Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Ramada
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
2, Report #138681
Apr 13 2005
12:10 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft.Lauderdale Florida
Hello, Acouple of years ago I was contacted by phone by the Ramada Plaza Resorts. I was surprised at the great offer they had. But given I had stayed at Ramada Hotels before, I was not immediately suspicious. I even called the Ramada Hotel in Vegas to confirm, that they were part of this offer, and they agreed. Therefor I went ahead finally after a lot of back and forth, and speaking to the two supervisors themselves, and ended having them charge my credit card for $398.00. Their names were David Lapara and Betty ?. They explained the package to me in this way, and told me that they would extend this package until July 22nd., 2005. Well, I have tried to contact them several times, and was not successful. The package includes; 5 days , 6 nights in Florida with a vacation tour from Ramada Resorts. 4 days, 3 nights in Vegas with a tour from Ramada Resorts. Ref# CD012203***** My choice of Hotels in Vega would have been; Holiday Inn or Imperial Palace or Sahara Hotel. To call Customer Service to coordinate; 1-800-203-9783 They also charged me $38.00 Processing fee for two people, given, I wanted to take two friends with me. This package was also supposed to include; 2 Bonuses, up to $200.00. Bonus#1; Alamo Car Rental, unlimited mileage, up to $25.00 a day. Bonus#2; @ tickets to Universal Studios. At this point and time, I feel like I have been had big time, and if there is anything , you can suggest, I am listening. I found out about your site, because I finally tried to contact them over the internet this morning, and by scrolling down, I noticed your site. Thank you! Gilda Federal Way, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Ft.Lauderdale, Florida
3, Report #127542
Jan 15 2005
06:41 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff, Ft. Lauderdale Florida
We signed up for this trip and 6 months later our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. i called the company to let them know we could not go on the trip and asked for our money back. of course they said no. they did offer to extend our trip and i told them we were still not comfortable with that because our daughter would be going through extensive chemotherapy for 21/2 years. still no. a year later, we offered the trip to a friend my husband worked with as a thank you for helping us do some fundraising for childrens hospital. she tried to book the trip but could not believe how many additional costs there were going to be and gave it back to us!! we could not even GIVE the trip away. the whole thing has been a nightmare and we want our money back. Kamie encinitas, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
4, Report #127075
Jan 12 2005
02:14 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft Lauderdale Florida
I recieved mail from Ramada Plaza Resorts; Orlando / FT. Lauderdale Vacations. It was titled Boarding Voucher; Passenger and Baggage Check Issued By: Ramada Plaza Vacations.. I read the whole letter and was highly unsure how they retrieved my full name and address. I am not listed in the phone books, nor did I sign up for any sweepstakes ETC. Anyways, the letter advised me to phone there TOLL FREE number for more information, so I did so. First, they didn't know my AGE. Which is 15! And yet they ask what 4 major credit cards I will choose to use for payments etc. And if I like gambling, it was kinda hilarious until I found out about this site and all the concerns/problems had ocurred from these people. How complicated it sounded when the person was stating the information and all and I just acted 'yeah, ahuh, okay'. So they sound like a rich company the way they tell it, and though they don't even ask or know the age of the person their phoning. They kept me tied up to the phone for about 45 minutes until finally my father said we're not interested and they hung up. I went basically through what everyone else went through until the payment part. Matthew Regina, SaskatchewanCanada
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
5, Report #158733
Sep 28 2005
05:38 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts-vacations ripoff Orlando Florida
I purchased the Ramada plaza vacation in 3-2003 and was told that I had 3 years to take the vacation. It sounded real nice and a package was sent to me. In the mean time, I moved and the package was misplaced in the move. I contacted the Ramada and was told another package would be sent to me immediately. I never recieved the package. Today, I received a call from a Tony, who refused to give me his last name. He also stated he was the manager and that I would have to pay another 698.00 for another package. He stated that I was suppose to pay the 698.00 because this was the amount due and that the package was for two people. I told him I was given 3 years to pay the remaining amount and that I would do so when it came closer to that time. Tony told me I had to pay today or would lose the whole package. I was not told this when I purchased the package. I was told I had 3 years. Tony was very disrespectful, condensending, rude, laughing at me on the phone and arrogant. I have never been treated so disrepectfully by a corporation. I asked Tony to send me the package that I originally bought and he refused. He also told me he was the manager and had a 6 figure income. WHAT DID THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING. HIS 6FIGURE INCOME COMES ALL THE PEOPLE HE RIPS OFF. I want my money back or the original package that I paid for sent to me. Cheryl Fargo, North DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
6, Report #162003
Oct 25 2005
09:55 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts, ripoff Orlando Florida
I have been ripped off also and I was wondering how to get my $698 back. It has been over a year for me and I know I will not be taking this trip. I had called then after 4 months and they told me I could not get my money back. They extended for free but I still want my money back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rick Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Orlando, Florida
7, Report #65812
Aug 16 2003
01:44 PM
Entity: FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida
8, Report #107084
Sep 05 2004
07:19 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Anyone thinking about taking this vacation beware! From the moment my family and I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at the airport we experienced the vacation from hell. We waited 1 1/2 hours in line for our included ALAMO rental car which I had already paid 70.00 to upgrade to midsize only to find out that our luggage would never fit in the midsize so I needed to upgrade to the mini-van. The upgrade and other fees and taxes ran me an additional 155.00 for my included rental (I paid 600.00 for this vacation). We arrived at the hotel in Ft. Lauferdale (actually Pompano) only to experience ghetto living at it's finest. WHAT A DUMP!! The place was run down and dirty! The pool hosted crackheads and local scum and the room smelled, had hot and cold running yellow water and 26 coatings of paint on everything! The hallways were dirty and full of food crumbs. I could go on and on, but I'll spare myself the memories. Do yourself a favor and AVOID!!! Anyone interested in a class action? Brice Washington, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
9, Report #107713
Sep 09 2004
05:51 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I just received a $1600 voucher from ramada plaza resorts. The person i spoke to made the package sound good. While talking to him i searched the web to look up the hotels and came across this website. I read one article and immediately hung up the phone. Well he called me right back and wanted to explain more about the packages and that i was going to get a cruise in the Bahamas. He then begin to tell me that the charge was $698 pp and the deposit of at least one occupancy. i advised him i would have to discuss this with my husband and call back. he then stated that since they were not licensed telemarketers he could not call me back and i couldnt call him back. Lashanda austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
10, Report #91442
May 14 2004
08:30 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft Lauderdale Florida
This package deal is a CROCK! They take money for accomodations that I wouldn't allow my dog to stay in. The whole idea of RESORT accomodations is nothing but a lie. It is a low class, ripoff. The presentation that you attend for the privilege of paying them to stay at their dumps is demeaning at best. Our only highlight of the trip was spent touring a Real Resort in Palm Beach. We were lucky because our Sales Rep their took pity on us and got us moved to The Sheraton Suites. He knew what a rip off it was and didn't pressure us to buy anything. The cruise was not much better. They put is at the bottom of the boat so I thought we were going to have to start rowing at any moment. The old saying you get what you paid for certainly applies. Never will we ever take advantage of a so called good deal.. Orlando was not much better..Since we didn't buy in Ft Lauderdale they told us we must do a Follow up tour in Orlando..Trust me they were not happy when we showed up at their tour.. We voiced our opinion loudly and they signed us out of the tour and let us go without a fuss. Carole Overton, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
11, Report #63142
Jul 09 2003
08:51 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft Lauderdale Florida
I just wanted to give an update on my situation. We purchased a package through RPR and immediately afterwards I did a search online resulting in finding this website along with others. I then called RPR and asked to cancel my package. Due to having a 3 day grace period they did agree to cancel it and credit our card. My husband called back later that day to make sure they were doing it and again we were assured that the card would be credited. A few days later they called us trying to sell the package to us again and keep us from cancelling. Again we told them to cancel it and then we got another call later in the day from somebody else trying to talk us into keeping the package. A t this point my husband told her that if the credit card wasn't credited immediately he would be contacting the attorney general. She hung up on him after that. Needless to say, we were credited the money on our card and received a postcard in the mail stating that the package had been cancelled. I wanted to post this so everyone could see that you can get your money back, at least if you call them back within the 3 days! Thanks to this site for all of the insight!! Vicky Ridgetown, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
12, Report #118900
Nov 19 2004
02:37 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I too got sucked into this trick. However, after I read about it on this website panic stricken I immediately called back. My experience getting a refund was a lot different then the reports I read from everyone. First I called the information center and they told me that the department that dealt with refunds was closed until the next morning. So then I called the sales rep who sold me the package and talked to the sales manager about it. I said that I felt really uncomfortable with the whole situation. He was very nice and said that I did have to call the customer information line again but instructed me when to call and said it shouldn't be a problem and to use his name if needed. He was extremely nice and left me feeling more at ease. The next morning after I worried all night because they had already charged my VISA I called back as soon as the call center opened. I talked to a man, sorry I forget his name?? I took the approach of being very nice and friendly and stayed extremely calm. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable with the situation because I was never told that I would have an authorization charge on my VISA for the full amount plus an actual charge and that now my VISA was overdrafted and I could not use it. I also threw in that my dog had to have surgery and that I needed to be able to put it on my VISA. He never once said it was none re-fundable he did try to give me other options so I could still book the vacation but I kept saying really nicely and none aggressively (being as sweet as I could be) that I just wasn't comfortable and really just wanted a refund and that I would continue to think about booking with them in the near future (LIE) but for now I wanted a refund. He put me on hold for a minute to talk to his manager and then informed me that I would get a full refund and that they were also going to give me a free 3 day 2 night in Fort Lauderdale just because. It was the easiest refund I have ever gotten and I was left confused after reading everything that people wrote. I checked today and all charges on my VISA have dissappeared so they didn't lie. I was pleasently surprised maybe they are changing their ways or maybe you have to play the innocent sweet girl and you will get what you want. I think if you get too aggressive then they get aggressive back and aren't as likely to help you out just because they have that power over you. Hopefully you all have better luck like I did. I can honestly say that I didn't encounter anyone rude and everyone was very helpful which honestly surprised so much that I figured they were just saying that they were giving me a refund and that they actually wouldn't! But they did! Good Luck to all of you out there I guess we learn our lessons the hard way sometimes... Ashlee Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #11733
Jan 16 2002
12:00 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Took advantage Of.
When I was call about this package deal at the time I just lost my mother and was going threw a hard time dealing with it. I wasn't told that it was for two people only,because if I was I wouldn't have purchase the trip. I talked to three people who worked there and everytime I told them I will be the only person coming they didn't say a thing and now they no longer work there. I should have checked into this before buying,but for a person who havn't been on a plane or to other city before didn't know no better. I wrote the consumer affair in FT.Lauderdale and they don't make them return the money. They wrote and took them that they refund me back my money which is a lie. Something have to been done with this company and soon. Aritia Highland Spring Virginia Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Ramada
14, Report #40411
Jan 07 2003
08:44 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff orlando Florida
I received a first class envelope in the mail with a $1600.00 voucher that would be used for a 3 day 2 night stay in Orlando, FL; a 2 night cruise to the Bahamas; and a 2 night stay in Fort Lauderdale upon return from the cruise with a car rental for the duration of the offer. I called and was given the detail and honestly thought this was the Ramada Inn Resorts. I'm very skeptic so I chose not to use the phone they gave me for verification, but chose to look up the 1-800 number for Ramada Inn and called and did my own checking into the validity of this offer. I was assured this offer was valid by Ramada Inn Resort reservationists. I accepted the offer with $87.00 down on my credit card with a monthly payment of $67.00 for the next 9 months. I was excited and decided the next day to search the web for all these wonderful destination I was promised. I stumbled upon these rip-off reports and begin to look a little further. I got specific and began to look at the Ramada Plaza properties and began to see they were truly different. I was horrified by the testimonies and immediately began to cancel my travel arrangements and credit card transaction. When I called, I held the phone for 15 minutes before someone answered. Then I was immediately transfered to a specialists where I held for another 15 minutes. Upon talking to the specialists, the hard ball tactic I was given to try and cancel with my law given right of 3 days. My call with them was 50 minutes rudeness gestapo practices. They finally agreed to cancel my transaction, and I did mention at on onset that their call was being recorded also. Because Ramada Inns allow, for whatever reason, Ramada Plaza Resorts to use their name, I do believe that they are a part of it and after my dealings with Ramada Plaza, not only will I not stay at a Plaza property, but you couldn't pay me to stay a another Ramada Inn property also. Janice Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: orlando, Florida
15, Report #40559
Jan 08 2003
07:36 AM
I was not told that the money was a deposit, and not a downpayment. They misrepresented the value of the package. They pressured me by creating a False sense of urgency to make a decision immediatley on the phone. Mark Victoria, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #9045
Dec 11 2001
12:00 AM
17, Report #200568
Jul 11 2006
09:29 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
Around 4/05, I received the infamous $1600 voucher and called into the one time only phone call. So, as not to miss the deal which looked sensational, I too put down $698 like many of you had done and didn't bother to start researching anything since I knew I had 18mths. Now, that I wanted to take the vacation on 8/06, after researching on the web, I realized that the hotels, including the cruise ship are beyond substandard. On the voucher, the impression is given that you will get either the Imperial Majesty or the Carnival. And I'm sure most of us that purchased this rip-off thought that we were going on the Carnival. However,the cruise reviews of the Regal Empress swayed me totally. There's complaints left and right about how old and crappy this ship is (a 50yr old liability that should be retired). Upon seeing all the bad reviews, I called the 1-888-217-2620 customer service number whereby I spoke to this guy Ranjie. I told him that I had read alot of negative reviews about this ship and wanted to change to Carnival. He told me that it would cost me as follows, $450 to upgrade, $345 additional for the child, $200 upgrade costs to an outside room and then of course, I still owed them the rest of the $698-- bringing the grand total to $1693 (and if you add the $698 that I had already deposited then it came to $2391 for 2 adults and a child. I decided to research with Carnival and they quoted me an outside room for 3 on their level 3/4 deck at $978.85! Also the hotel rooms cost in the vicinity of $62-$75 if you have AAA and a sub-compact car for a week could not possibly total to $2391! After computing the costs, I began to think that this looked like a scam. After all if I was paying another $995 to transfer to Carnival. It didn't seem right that $1396 of the rest of the monies was going towards 5 nights hotel and 1 subcompact car. I am now going to book Carnival on my own (since I owe my family a vacation) and follow the letter of Arpine, North Hollywood (submitted to the website on 5/22/06) with some minor changes to file a letter of refund. Shobha Belmont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
18, Report #200640
Jul 12 2006
09:51 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft Laurderdale Florida
This is the classic bait and switch. If you follow the smooth talking caller, who will then yada yada yada you, then guess what? For an additional $700 or so he would be pleased to file your free vacation for you! This one was truly lame. I hope you get some fun from dreaming of going to those places, I know I did but I caught onto in time and only wasted a little while in figuring it out. Perhaps this entry will save others from this RIP OFF. Stephen Lawton, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Laurderdale, Florida
19, Report #89614
Apr 30 2004
06:41 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff FT Lauderdale Florida
2419 E Commercial Blvd Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308 Re: Ramada Plaza Resorts Complaints Department, I am writing in reference to Reference Number PM100303-001TK on behalf of we. On September 29, 2003 Jerry received a phone call from Carol Gardener from Ramada Plaza Resorts at 1-800-635-8523. Jerry was told that the it was for discounted hotel rates at Ramada Plaza Resorts and that in paying the fee over the phone he would receive 3 nights stay at various locations around the U.S. and also be receiving a set of Bonus Vacations including a cruise to the Bahamas. During this phone call, Carol Gardener mislead and misrepresented your company by stating that if $500 was paid during the call that the vacation packages were his to use as long as he made the reservations through Ramada Plaza Resorts Customer Service. Jerry specifically asked if there were any additional charges and was told no by Carol. Carol also offered to extend the length of time that we had to use the vacations because we were expecting our first child and knew we wouldn't be able to travel much over the next year. Thinking that this was a great deal, Jerry paid the $500 on his debit card and Carol mailed the packet to him. After receiving the packet we looked through the vacations listed and prepared for the birth of our child. It was on a phone call in January that I made to book a vacation to Ft. Lauderdale that I was informed of the additional $500 that was due before we were able to use any of the vacations. I spoke to Jerry about this and he re-confirmed that he was told that there were NO additional charges due other than the initial $500 that had already cleared his bank account. I was told that the $500 was non-refundable, however it was transferable. The Ramada Plaza Resorts rep suggested that I stop into a local travel agent and see if they would be interested in purchasing the package from Jerry and paying the additional $500. By the time you pay the $500 and receive the packet, it is too late to be refunded or even question what you have purchased. At this point I knew I was being scammed and I was not willing to approach a travel agent to purchase this package. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that a manager was not available and repeatedly told that the package was non-refundable. I asked to be refunded the $500 and also wanted to know what else was required of us while taking these trips and I was told that nothing else was required and that this was a great deal on vacations. I was assured that these were discounted rates at Ramada Resorts. After weighing the pro's and con's of already paying $500 to this company, reluctantly we decided that instead of losing the $500, we would pay the additional $500 in order to use all of the vacations and attempt to get compensated. We felt that getting the rental car for one week and 3 nights stay would be equivalent to the amount that we would have lost, had we not paid the additional $500. Therefore, I made the additional $500 payment over the phone and was able to book the Ft. Lauderdale vacation. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale on March 1, 2004 and were told in advance that we needed to go to the South Florida Welcome Center, which we were lead to believe was located in our hotel lobby. Once arriving at the South Florida Welcome Center we received a voucher for one night and were told that we would be staying at the Paradise Beach Resort. In addition, that we were required to attend a seminar the next day on March 2, 2004 at 12pm in order to get the credit voucher for the next 2 nights stay. We were outraged that none of this was disclosed to us by Carol Gardner or the numerous customer service representatives that we had spoken to. On March 2, 2004 at 10am, I called Ramada Plaza Resorts customer service at 1-800-635-8523 and spoke to John. I repeatedly asked for a manager and was told that there was not a manager available. I asked why we were not told that this was a timeshare scam. I explained to him that were we not interested in purchasing a timeshare and had we been informed of this we would have never paid the initial $500, nor would we have paid the additional $500 to book the vacation. I explained to him that in order for me to be inconvenienced on my vacation I should not be paying them, they should be paying me! I asked with whom I could speak in attempt to get refunded and excused from the timeshare presentation that we were scheduled to attend in less than an hour from that time. John said that I would need to speak directly to the South Florida Welcome Center and I told him not to transfer me to the Welcome Center because we had paid our money to Ramada Plaza Resorts, not the South Florida Welcome Center. The customer service rep suggested that I write into the complaints department and resolve my issues this way. I also asked for the CEO or CFO of Ramada in order to attempt to contact him/her along with the complaints department to get a refund. Every employee that I spoke to told me that they did not know who their CEO was nor was anyone willing to let me speak to a manager. When calling in to the Ramada Plaza Resorts the recording states that all calls are being recorded, so I asked to listen to the tape of the initial conversation, along with every other conversation because I hope all of my calls were being documented on our account, therefore they new the date and time and could easily pull the tape. Once again, all reps that I spoke with were unwilling to process this request. After a lengthy dispute he placed me on hold and blindly transferred me to Albert at the South Florida Welcome Center. I then had to explain the entire situation to Albert and told him that we did not want to attend the timeshare presentation and were scammed into this whole vacation package. On top of it all, I explained that the Paradise Beach Resort hotel that we were staying at was disgusting. The shower did not drain, the ice machines were broken on every floor and we were told by the staff to go to the store and purchase our own ice if we wanted it. Also, the elevator only stopped on the 2nd floor, which made it very difficult to get to the room with a 2 month old baby and our luggage. The air conditioning in the room was either on or off, no in between setting and there was no parking in the lot so we were forced to park across the street and cross A1A to get to the hotel room. Albert then informed me that the location of the presentation was over an hour away. I told him it would be impossible for us to make it on time and in addition we were traveling with a 2 month old child. I told him that after all of this there was absolutely no way I would ever purchase anything bearing the Ramada name and that I would make the presentation miserable for everyone in attendance. He asked for my number at the hotel and said he would try to get us moved to another hotel and move the location of the timeshare presentation closer to us. We packed up our belongings, got the baby in his car-seat and were ready to pack the car when he called back. He was able to get us moved to the Qualilty Inn and after voicing my opinions about Ramada Plaza Resorts, him being associated with this company and how our entire vacation and day was revolving around what he decided in the next few moments, Albert eventually waived our attendance at the presentation and faxed the voucher to the Quality Inn. This experience ruined a portion of our vacation in Florida due to being so irate from being lied to repeatedly and scammed by such a large reputable company. After returning home and researching the name Ramada Plaza Resorts on the internet, we have found that many people have been scammed by Ramada Plaza Resorts and class action law suits have been filed and settled in numerous states. For the rest of my life I will educate every person I know about this scam and I will boycott, and persuade others to boycott, any entity bearing the Ramada name. Along with any company associated with or doing business in conjunction with Ramada. I am requesting a full refund of $1,000, the amount that Jerry and I have paid to Ramada Plaza Resorts. It is unfathomable that a company would jeopardize their reputation by blatantly lying to consumers. I hope every person who has been scammed makes a huge scene at these timeshare presentations and eventually Ramada is forced to stop these unethical selling practices. I have contacted the Ohio Attorney General and will continue to contact attorneys, organizations and Ramada affiliates until this scam is stopped. Stephanie Hilliard, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ramada
Entity: FT Lauderdale, Florida
20, Report #96856
Jun 28 2004
07:18 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Toronto Ontario
i just got this call from a tyrone robinson 783 stating i had just won the dream vacation i signed up for in toronto this weekend for pride. he told me i was going to spend a few days in florida then on a cruise trip to bahamas then back to orlando with a rental car alamo included. all i needed to do is for him to send me his brochures and tickets and provide him my credit card numbers. i was skeptical at 1st then i asked for the phone number he gave me 416-633-6201 so i called at same time with my cellphone and a guy answers greeting ramada plaza resorts and i hung up. i told the rep to call me back in 10 mins. i called this number, spoke to the guy and this guy gave me the same info as the rep. i checked the net and i typed : ramada 416-633-6201 and i found this website. i read it all and i laughed and couldnt wait for the rep to call me back and show him this. on the site theres a 654 number. when the rep called me back i asked him if he had a website and he gave me http://www.vacationmoments.com i checked that out while on phone with him and that looks legit then i asked him what this 654 number is, he said he didnt know, i said i did, its a phone number in florida for ramada plaza resorts. then i told him about this website and then i said why should i believe you? he didnt know what to say and i told him to get another job and he will not get my credit card number. it was too funny, he absolutly did not know what to say, he kept on repeating that i was the 2% lucky winners. poor guy, he didnt make his sale from me anyway so dont be fooled by this. :) Vince montreal, QuebecCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
21, Report #98196
Jul 09 2004
05:20 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
August of 2003 RPR called my cell phone and offered me a deal in which I THOUGHT was the perfect get away for my husband and myself; being that we had been married for three years and never been on a vacation, due to the military. I was fresh from the army and my husband was in Iraq serving our country; instead we got served I perchased the package and was planning to head out after he returned. Well he finally came back around the end of 2003 and I recieved a call from them one morning in June, after they called me every morning around 9:00am for thee weeks straigt like some sort of a bill collector. The rep asked me if I wanted to complete my package with a monthly payment of 89.00. I told him No. I told him that they told me that I could pay thy other half of my package whenever I was ready to leave for that vacation. May I mind you I had already paid a total off 698.00 I was not about to go broke just to rush somthing that I was not ready to take. I told the rep that I was in the store at the moment and I did not have a pen, and that I would like for him to call my husband at home; since he was my vacation coordinator, and give him his name, number and extention so that I could reach him later on when we were ready to take the trip. Oh he called my husband alright he called him and told him that he had just spoken with me and I told him to call and get the credit card number so that he could charge the account 89.00 a month until the balance was paid off after I told the rep that we were not ready to take the trip or pay for it. I went to the computer and looked at my bank statement and saw a charge for 932.00 boy was I teed off. I went to the phone to call them and aske them why did they charge me so much because I knew I probably could not do anything about the 89.00 due to the fact that my husband did give them the account number. They then replied with my husband did authorize the trans and he also asked for a upgrade. I asked my husband and he said all they asked for was a monthly payment of 89.00. next thing I know the guy on the phone says your husband needs to fees up and be a man, I never said anything about a monthly payment, I only asked him about a due balance of 689 and a upgrade of 243.00 I asked him to please help me understand why did my husband know about a 89.00 monthly payment if he never said anything about it. he was then quiet. I asked him to please put his manager on phone in which was even harsh then him. I screamed and yelled with these people for almost an hour. this fight has been going on now since June 24 2004 I still have get recieved my money back and they still refuse to let me hear the tape that was recorded the day of the initial conversation. This company has hung up in my face on the three different attempts with three different (supervisors) not salesman, but superviors and floor managers this company needs to go down and I will fight with all of my might too bring them down. This is not even the half off the story, but I will be preparing a lawsuit for these scam artist's. Terra Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
22, Report #99314
Jul 17 2004
09:43 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
My wife purchased the prepaid trip of $698 now and the rest when you book the trip. We tried to cancel and get a refund but they said you have to talk to a different deptment and that they would transfer us. Every time we called it was the same thing, only the tranfer was to an auto hangup. Now I try to book and told I owe the rest and the offer has expired. Nicholas portsmouth, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
23, Report #123987
Dec 22 2004
05:41 AM
Well, I too bought this too good to be true package. Didn't find out what they were really like until I tried to cancel - which I have written a letter directly to Dan Lambert stating if I don't get a full refund, I will be going to the Florida department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, T he Better Business Bureau, The Florida Attorney General and The Fexeral Trade Commission. I am waiting for a reply. The representives are so rude - one hung up on me - this was a Manager, when I started questioning about their hotel status and all the negative reviews I've heard. Another Manager was even ruder than the first - that's when I KNEW it was a scam - noone in an honest business could treat customers the way they did. I am writting this to help others and I encourage others to do everything you can to recover your money. Thank god there are agenices that protect victims of people like this - you just have to look into it! Also, going to your local newspaper and writting an article is a fast and efficent way to get people's attention about their scam. I realize a lot of their clientel are elderly - how many elderly people do you know who can use the internet? Or, know about their rights in a situation like this?? I hope this has helped. Carrie saskatoon, SaskatchewanCanada
Entity: FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida
24, Report #137056
Mar 31 2005
01:21 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ramada Plaza Resorts A Visual Ripoff Toronto Ontario
I was until very recently an employee for Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando Ft. Lauderdale Vacations, and I sold an absolutely fabulous package to Florida and the Bahaman's. This package is not a really a scam as it is a true rip off. So before the Director of Promotions talks you in to buying this horrible package, please do take a minute or two and read the following, you will not regret it. Now when you are called and are told that you are now speaking with a 'Promotions Director', do not believe it for even a second. It's a crummy call centre with about 45 Directors, and you are speaking with someone who probably has no idea about what this wonderful company is about. You are at no point, selected demographically. The only demographic requirement you really need is a valid credit card. Every single person at the particular show where you filled out this form has/is going to be called, this I promise you. Your $3085 vacation package is not even half of that value of this package, think about it! Your package infect is only worth $698. The price you are paying. If you ask the agent how many stars is the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale? The answer you will get is, that Ramada Plaza Resorts offers Gold Key accomadations. The reason you are told that is because, according to the Tourism Board in Florida, the hotel is a one star resort. If you look up the rates for the hotel in the off-season, the room is actually $54 net a night. You do the math. You will be getting your 3rd and 4th traveler at no additional cost. Lets be clear, this is not a 2nd room, it will just be you and your other three travelers in a room with two accommodating beds. So basically, what Ramada is providing you with is two free pillows and a couple of towels. (Not the romantic getaway you quite imagined) Oh, you can go on the cruise too. Your Port and Departure fee of a $198 though, is a little too high, don't you think? It is actually the highest fee for any cruise out of Ft Lauderdale. So your full dining and entertainment is not actually included, you do pay for it. Is the cruise worth is? Absolutely not. The Imperial Majesty is in fact a rust bucket, with a tea cup for a swimming pool. The ship was christened by the queen sometime in the early 60's and had not been in active service for a while. Then the Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines (Ramada) bought two ships a few years ago (sister ships). The Ocean Breeze and The Regal Empress, the former actually sank and now lies somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. After the 'Ocean Breeze' was officially out of commission the wonderful Regal Impress was brought back out of retirement. The State Room that you are provided with is a jail cell, with no windows. An upgrade however is always available. The Ramada Plaza resorts in Orlando are the offical Universal Studios destination hotel They actually do have a few and most of them are a lot nicer. The Ramada is a poorly maintained resort that actually backs in to one of the bigger highways in the outskirts of Orlando. Of course, while you are on vacation, you are provided with a car from Alamo for a week with unlimited mileage. However you do pay for insurance, and if you are below the age of 25, be very vary, you will be paying a healthy surcharge. Your car in fact is a sub-compact (something the size of a Geo). It may prove a bit of a problem to seat four adults with ease for an entire week. In addition to that, when you do go on your cruise, you will most certainly be paying some good $$ for parking. You will also receive two bonus vacations at 'no additional cost. Not true! There are all sorts of taxes you have to pay, and Ramada will make up for that cost when you get to either Nevada or Mexico. And once again you will be staying is some fantastically crummy resorts. Now you will be required to of course visit an off site resort, this is in fact time share and they will do every thing in their power to try and sell you a suite/villa at a real resort. They make you stay in a dump and then show you the grass on the other side, there is a reason you are being offered this vacation. All your questions about the resort are answered by the director in a very simple manner; they read it off the three tiny walls that surround the so important Director. Towards the end of the call, you will be put on hold for a while as your tickets are being printed No they are not, you are put on hold so you can hear the fantastic details that make Ramada Plaza Resorts sound like a palace. The agent in fact is sitting there and just waiting for a little while. That's the level of professionalism that Ramada demands from contracting companies. If the agent tells you that he/she is being paid by the hour, that is also in fact a lie, not only do they get paid on an hourly basis but receive commission on every sale they make. But it's really not their fault, they are told what to do by the managers of the call centre. You see, this wonderful script, is actually a very successful one. It has been perfected, and every negative piece of information you receive is actually followed by three or four pieces of some positives. Finally, your verification call. Now this particular formality is only completed to make sure that once you have authorized the charge of $698 with Ramada Plaza Resorts, you have now officially been ripped off. That call is done not for your protection but in fact there's. You will also be pitched another vacation during this time, so at no point should you feel special, you and every single registrant from the show who signed the registration form will be called in the next few days, and they will only stop calling you when you tell them you are not interested. So that's, your wonderful package. If you do purchase it, be prepared to be disappointed. When I worked at Ramada, everyday before our shift we were told to provide the registrants with a fantastic visual image, I was told to put on my acting hat. That was my job. So be wise and vacation with a more professional and honest establishment. rick toronto, OntarioCanada Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ramada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
25, Report #117719
Nov 13 2004
08:56 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts - Vacations Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff scam Ft Lauderdale Florida
I too fell for the same scam as reported. I hope to get back the $349.00 I sent in Oct. Me and my fiancee were expecting a wonderful honeymoon in Florida a package to good to be true.... I surley will not send the additional 938.00 monies they are expecting from us and I am going to expect they money they took from me back!! I cannot believe there is no cancelation I was never told of this... and I cannot locate this information in MY packet Thanks for the heads up... you save me time and money.. HELP!! Henry Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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