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1, Report #1165800
Jul 29 2014
10:09 AM
rent a center employees pay Ohio
Thanks rent a center after all my years of hard work and now add more to do with cell phones. U are going to cut all of the company employees pay. Nice  thanks so much and u say it gives us more tome with our family wow thanks for the 3 extra hours.   One heart ya right u are just greedy
Entity: Ohio
2, Report #141467
May 04 2005
02:06 AM
Rent A Center Dumbies!!! Athens Georgia
Ok, I have been renting a living room suite from Rent A Center for about 10 months now, I would of ended up paying over $3000 for used furniture, now the tables are glass tops, well I put a vase of flowers on the coffee table and the glass broke, so I told them I was letting the furniture go back, that they needed to come pick it up. I made an appointment for them to come on a Friday between 3-5pm, well needless to say no one came nor did they call. It is now 3 weeks later, and I have new furniture, and I am not going to hold this furniture here forever. I told my husband if it is legal for them to charge us 3 times the amount for furniture then I don't see why it shouldn't be legal for me to charge them a storage fee now. It isn't my problem now that they haven't come to get their goods, and I am not their personal storage house. I kept my end of the deal, when I didn't want the merchandise, I told them to come get it. I have had this furniture for 2 months now, since the appointment was made. Anyone see a problem with me charging them $3000 for a storage fee :) Melissa Dewy Rose, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Athens, Georgia
3, Report #156677
Sep 11 2005
05:31 AM
Rent A Center racist Allentown Pennsylvania
i work for this company now for a year and in this year i have seen people quit asked to be tranfered some where else even try to get fired . but me i stuck it out thrue getting threats ,being cussed at,having dogs let loose on me ,and even going thrue knee surgery because it would affect his bonus to get a liftgate on his company trucks . but every time i talk to him or our district manager i get the run a round its not like thatyour taking this all wrongthis is a eoe companythere is always a way to excell and be promoted lol thats b.s. two of our assistant managers letf and still i dont even get asked if i want to try it out nope not me they put a lady who has been with the company 15 years in charge of collections but all i see is her family coming to eat . we get a half hour lunch but not her she gets two and a half hours and the new guy ha 3 damn months with the company and he gets to do shit all day but talk about sports with the store manager and sit in his office and play on the computers at work . but no not me im good enough to send out to other stores and do all the deliveries and take out trash and clean bathrooms pick up payments (which is her job)and do service calls for repairs (which he can do the new guy since he now is an assistant manager)but no they wait until saturday to tell me and the other new guy that we are to slow and need to get collections down but yet again this is some thing she can do ....oh wait sorry she doesnt have to do it cause she dont do truck drivin or ladders or know her way around but she wont ask or try to find her way around and the store manager jus does the same as the dm yell at the hispanic you have been here a year carlos you should know it all and do it all we get paid the big bucks to do nothing but give orders yeah its a team company lol b.s.all we get is $10.50 an hour but we have to work almost every day 8am to 9pm with only a half hour lunch and im the only hispanic so guess what if your on lunch and they dont speak english oh carlos,we are a team store and your the only one who can do it then damn it you should be more cinsiderate we cant have a social or intimate life working everyday but sunday i mean i do have a girlfriend and things i need to do beside be a team player Carlos pine grove, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Allentown, Pennsylvania
4, Report #116020
Nov 03 2004
07:38 PM
Rent A Center ripoff Lebanon Pennsylvania
We rented a bedroom suite and a stove from rent a center the mattress was dirty and stained it looked like they got if out of the dump and the dressers were missing hardware they had scratches and busted knobs the stove had a busted drawer when they delivered this crap i asked about it and they said they would fix it in a week well two months went by and its still not fixed so i stoped paying and then the phone calls came to me and my referces so then we talked to the manager told him to come get this stuff so he told my wife that he would be here at 2pm never showed then she called at 4 pm and he said he was on his way well he never showed the he called after 5pm and said he was on his way and she said i have to leave a 530pm and he said ill be there well guess what he never showed why do they hire clowns like this ... George FREDERICKSBURG, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lebanon, Pennsylvania
5, Report #94095
Jun 08 2004
11:50 AM
Rent A Center rip-off! Jacksonville Florida
The tactics used by the employees of rent-a-center are ruthless and illigal! I have been harrassed on the job, I am a Private Investigator and have been called from PRIVATE number, upon answering it was Carlos from rent a center. I WAS ON AN IMPORTANT CASE at the airport, which is not the best place to conduct any kind of investigation... just to have a bill collector call in the middle of it. I fully believe that the policies at rent-a-center should be INVESTIGATED for any other illigal activities!! Elizabeth Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacks9onville, Florida
6, Report #436181
Mar 21 2009
12:22 AM
Rent-A-Center Run around Homestead Florida
Well I am currently renting a laptop, It was working perfectly fine up until it got a virus. So due to their terms of agreement they would send it to Service Department and have me use a Loaner as they call it. The initial computer that I recieved was used.It was in fair condition except for the back which was scratched noticebly, i said to myself ok fine . The biggest issue was that after about a week or so I get the call back that the original laptop on the contract was ready. So I go into RAC to pick it up. I looked at it. It's working fine when I looked at the capacity of the Hard Drive it has 40 gigs. I'm thinking WTF. From 105 to 40 whoa whoa big difference. So I told the Nimrod of an associate who tries to talk all nice and fancy to you. Those people dont care anything about you...All they see is Dollar signs, mind the store manager has A BMW sitting right outside the STORE, talk about some sales comission. thats besides the case, oh he has one those thick Hispanic accents which I barely understand that's not the point. MIND YOU, I had a ton of Music On that HARD DRIVE... It looks like they were able to use an anti-virus... Clean it and keep the hard drive with all that music. They basically swapped it. That's what I figure... So what the previous complaints have said. they give the same B.S. policy about 90 days same as cash you end paying twice what of it actually cost. They totally Screw You Over Big Time. Because of the No Credit Checks they will try to suck your blood like a leech. Oh yeah Did I Mention That Its In Homestead Blvd. Art Homestead, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Homestead, Florida
7, Report #197622
Jun 22 2006
01:30 PM
Rent-a-center BS ripoffs Rockledge Florida
I rented a computer from rent-a-center I fell behind on my payments, I know I am not the only person in the world to do so. Well rent a center through this whole time harassed every single person I had on my contact list including myself and my grandparents who aren't in the best of health ever day until I finally had them come and get it, well I then went to walk out of my house one day and mind you I returned the computer a couple weeks after falling behind, no intentions on keeping it, just really busy, and also thought that I might be able to catch up on things, I get arrested for Petit Theft they said I never returned the computer, costed me 750.00 just to get out of jail two weeks missed of work, and a 2500.00 lawyer bill that doesn't even begin to explain the humiliation,and other things that it costed me. So after my lawyer called my witnesses my old boss who spoke with rent-a-center after they got the computer to confirm, and my roomate who was home at the time presented this info to them, they drop the charges, because they realized they had the computer the whole time. DO I have a cause for a lawsuit? Caroline Rockledge, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Rockledge, Florida
8, Report #170903
Jan 07 2006
10:17 PM
Rent A Center Harassment ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
I wanted to say that I have read a lot of everyone's complaints on here and I agree completely!!! I'm living on my own for the first time,working a full-time job,and attending school I made the BIG MISTAKE of going to Rent A Center to get some furniture. Well I have been paying on my furniture and Tv for quite some time, I've paid about $2,000 so far. Well I have always been on time for my weekly payments but christmas rolled around and so did rent so I was a little short on money! Well I told Rent A Center that I wouldn't be in until the following week and that I would pay for the week missed. Well needless to say obviously they don't get it when you say when you I will be in TO PAY the following week! And I guess they dont believe in payment arrangements. Well I got called 5 times a day by this a$$hole named ERIC who works at RAC,even after I made arrangements. I was left rude messages,I was threatened by this person, and most of all I felt harassed. Well after the first 6 phone calls I stoped even answering my phone calls from them, well that didn't stop Little determined Eric. He started calling my from a cell phone so that I would answer! So after about 2 days of harassing phone calls I let him have it, and I was satisfied by getting my 2 cents in!Well then they moved on to calling my references (My mom,dad,and sister) Well I was extremely humiliated that he would call my family and disclose my financial status to them!! That was probably ERIC's big plan, HUMILIATION. Well after calling my references they decided to start calling my work place and harassing me. After ERIC called the first time at my work, I told him to NOT CALL my WORK or my FAMILY AGAIN, I told him that if he wanted to talk to me to call my home phone or my cell phone! Well he called the very next day at my work so I started screaming at him telling him how rude and extremely unprofessional he was, and that what he was doing is considered HARASSMENT in the state of Indiana! Well the next day he called again at work I was extremely upset, so instead of giving him the satisfaction of yelling at him I just hung up. So he called my cell phone leaving about the 50th message that week, and of course rude as always. Needless to say I filed a Harassment report/charge on Rent A Center and this Eric guy, and I plan to take it to the Attorney Generals Office, and the Better Business Bureau!! If that doesn't work then I will file a class action lawsuit against them, after all if they want to play dirty little games so can I. I refuse for them to treat me like a criminal, I should be treated like a valued customer. Besides what ever happen to Customers First I think that making their monthly quota is more important! They need to remember that We the customers ARE the backbone of what keeps their crummy little Rip Off Business going. All they are doing is taking advantage of young people without credit or people with bad credit! They best advice I have to people who arn't going through RAC now. NEVER DO THEY ARE HORRIBLE TO PAYING CUSTOMERS! Emily Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
9, Report #191059
May 11 2006
01:00 PM
Entity: CONYERS, Georgia
10, Report #188845
Apr 27 2006
09:23 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Galveston Texas
I have been a customer of Rent a Center for years now. My first purchase was a binkbed set for my daughters and it was padi off in full. I was never late with payments or anything. The problems started I say in November of 2005 with this company. I purchased a bedroom suite back in 2004 and have been making payments on time and if late, applying the late fees needed to stay on track, but that just is not good enough for them. The workers are meana nd will literally argue with you on the phone. They have harssed me on my job many times evn after I put it in writing for them to not call me on my job. They have called my house blocked calls on the due date and ask me what time am I coming in. They are very rude and not very professional. Yes I do believe when they are a rip off. Then back in December of 2005, I was invited to a store celebration and was promised to receive three months off current price of new item bought so I went ahead a picked me out a living set for my family. Well upon making first week's payment and promised that furniture would be delivered to my residence on the next business day, never happen. Days lead into a week, tena week into weeks. They even wouldnot pick up calls from my residence regarding my furniture. So I asked for the time of not receiving furnture for a credit and that was never given. Upon due date for bedroom, they wanted furniture payment and then was told after a few payments to just pay it or give back all furntiure. So then to keep confusion down, I just returned the living room and only pay for my bedroom. But upon making a payment and authorize the amount to be paid, they took a much larger amount from my debit card and refused to talk to me about putting my debit account in a negative balance. They are very unfair people and something needs to be done to stop the harrassment and rudeness of the RAC employees. Tamala galveston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Galveston, Texas
11, Report #210773
Sep 13 2006
10:07 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Athens Georgia
Rent A Center is very well known for their rude arguementive ways with there customers.They are nothing more than a con artist company reeling poor customers in and lying to there faces and trying to rip-off everyone. My story is pretty close to everyone elses. I had been doing business with them for several yrs. and always was a good paying customer I was suppose to be a valued Gold Member.Right, whatever that was suppose to consist of. Back in July my father who lives in oklahoma fell ill and I had to go and help him for awhile in oklahoma. So I made a payment on7/2/06 and right after that I got the call from my family that my dad was sick. So I called RAC a few days after I made my last payment (called on 7/5/06)and told them I would be going out of town a was unsure when I would return for them to just come pick my computer,washer,and dryer. Well needless to say they did 12 days later! Then just the other day, I was going to repurchase my washer and dryer which they did not have after I had paid 7 months and so I choose another one . Then after I was paying for the new set my cell rang and I was not paying attention to how much I was being charged on my debit card until I left. Then I call the store and asked them;what exactly did they charge me for since I only purchased $29.99 wk set. and he replied you where charged for past payment on the old set. And I told them that I was not liable for any payments since it took them 12 days to come pick up then old set. So he started to become really rude and arguementive and told me oh,well you signed the receipt so you have to pay.After he said that I told him I wanted my money back and to cancel my new order and my money back on that as well.His responds was; you can't get your money back. and hung up on me. So I tried like everyone else to call corprate but no luck. So I called my back and are having them cancel and make them dispute the charges for me. The hell with RAC, they really are rude,unorganized,and they truely lack communication skills. I went to Aaron's the same day and got the greatest customer service I have ever experienced. Rac is a rip-off prying on poor people. So good luck to anyone that can make them Pay!!! Angela bogart, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Athens, Georgia
12, Report #195597
Jun 09 2006
06:40 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Quincy Massachusetts
Okay< I bought a livingroom set and a bedroom set pay semi monthly, i only owe 4 more months and i own it. It took me almost 2 years to pay it off! I was desperate at the time! I pay semi monthly the automatically take payments out off my debit card w/o confirming! that is okay! The payments are always diffrent and they are not suppose to be! I complained they gave me$25 off my next payment Whippe they owe me hundreds!That is only one issue my next issue is for almost 2 months i complained the staples on my supposable ashley living room set was coming off and my bed is breaking! they sent domeone over 2 days later and told me the reason why the bed was broken like that is because they never gave me all the pieces to the bed! The nice gentleman told me they will have the pieces in in a few days ! a week goes by no call! I still made my payments ! I called they told me the bed and sofa has been discontinued! I said not my problem i owe only 4 months and i own it! they said they where working on a deal!I waited and waited and as a dedicated honest person i still made payments i kept calling asking what was going on no one would call me. I kept getting exuses so i warned them they need to do something or they are not getting anymore money! i was mad! no one still called been weeks ! finally i called a few days be fore me next payment and told them if this is not resolved they eill get no payment the gentleman understood! well days later no payment! they called all day harrasing me! I told them where is my livingroom set and bedroom set i want a new one! or call it even and i will have it fixed! he said he couldn't do that! so he said he will work out something! once agian called 3 days later that guy that was handling the issue no longer works there! so the new guy had no clue! I had to rexplain everything all over agian! no response ! I need help cause now they said i can lose my housing from theft and take me to claims court! i have everything documneted and all my proof of payments what do i do? Help Jennifer quincy, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Quincy, Massachusetts
13, Report #214298
Oct 05 2006
06:58 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
I've been with rent a center going on 3 years. My husband has cancer and is unable to work. I've done my best to keep my payments up with rent a center. I've had to give back a washer, dining room set and a tv. Now I have a lap top that the company knows my brother stoled from me alone with pawning a tv. I gave the pawn ticket to the manager at rent a center and still have not recived the tv back. Loaned my son a set of bunk beds that his children broke. I have a computer all of what I have is all under $800.00 to pay off. The company calls me all the time. I offered them $40.00 and they refused to take it. Now they want their money or there stuff. I've paid on this stuff over two years and they can't be nice and write it off. This company should be ran out of business yesterday while answering my cell in my car don't paying attention was in a car accident. Now they can do things my way there not but leagal rips offs and should be done away with nothing more then loan sharks. If they call my home again or send someone banging on my door again they will be hearing from an attorney. They don't care about you. All they want is their money Brenda Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1224852
Apr 25 2015
04:19 PM
Rent a center False advertising Blytheville Arkansas
 They used false advertising to get me in. The computer I originally was filling out for someone came in and broke a key off the keyboard they gave me a loaner until the laptop I wanted came back. When they got the laptop back in the laptop was still messed up so I had to pay extra for another laptop and tablet. The original tablet that went with the laptop did not work so they gave me a loaner for the tablet and it would not charge the battery and they tried blaming me for messing it up and didn't get me another tablet for 2 months but I was still paying for the original contract. Then my son accidentally took both laptop and tablet back when he was also taking my daughters laptop in to get worked on and I paid up to 2 weeks. When I called to pick my laptop and tablet back up they told me I had to do a new contract and they had rented the tablet out as a loaner and I would have to wait for them to get another tablet in. They told me they wouldn't reimburse me any of the money I had paid.
Entity: Blytheville , Arkansas
15, Report #335159
May 28 2008
02:12 PM
RENT A CENTER Burglerized by Theives, Victemized by Rent A Center London Kentucky
On May 6th of 2008 my wife and I were in the process of moving into a new home and had been shopping for a Washer and Dryer unit in an attempt to forever avoid the wasted time spent at the Laundry-mat.. After a half day of finding nothing in our price range I decided to listen to the advice of a friend who had told me that Rent-a-Center had some fairly new (albeit beat up) units for sale at a fair cash price. We purchased a rather decent set for $400 which was actually a bargain since they were almost new and the only problems with the set were cosmetic in nature (I.E. scratches, etc.) I also (against my better judgment) purchased a very nice Toshiba LCD television set on a rental agreement . Our merchandise was delivered on the following day (as that was the date we were set to move in) and unfortunately when our water was turned on we found we had some unforeseen leaks and decided to spend another night at our old house and let the plumber work his magic.. I am sure you can see where this is going. Our home was burglarized that night and we were to soon understand that we were going to be victimized far worse by Rent-a-Center than by the thieves who violated our home. Upon bringing the police report to the Rent-a-Center showroom, my wife was threatened, bullied, told that we were responsible to continue making payments, that our mandatory insurance had not kicked in yet and thus there was no insurance on the Television (but they sure as hell charged my debit card for insurance on May 6th ) that the police officer had written the report wrong and it needed to be changed and that their own internal investigators were on the case and essentially we were the suspects. She was asked if she realized that filing a false police report was a crime I was so angry when she came home in tears that I decided that it was best to just cease contacting them as I would have very well ended up with charges on me. How dare they. (my wife is also a 40 year old woman with absolutely NO CRIMINAL HISTORY. Not even speeding tickets.) Long story short (and you wont believe this- But its all true and documented) On the 22nd of May charges were filed against 2 people (I cannot at this time give specifics on the case as it is still ongoing) and a third person recovered the Television.FROM A PAWN SHOP LESS THAN 40 MILES AWAY. Yes, thats right folks, apparently (much to my surprise) there are counties in Kentucky that do not require Pawn shops to run serial numbers through the National Database that lists stolen property. OR even require ID to pawn things WOW. At that point I was so angry that the investigators at Rent a Center had not even called around to the Pawn shops in a 40 mile radius (there are only 7) considering that they must have known that there was no serial number check and thus no way of recovering stolen property that had been pawned unless they were to call and ask hey, anyone pawned a 32 inch LCD Toshiba, serial # blah, blah, blah. In the last week or so?..No, their investigators were not there to recover the TV, but to make us responsible and that is all. But wait, it gets better. We took the TV immediately back to those idiots and then called the cooperate office to demand our first month payment be returned ($135.83) as we were specifically told upon purchase that if anything happened to the TV we would get a replacement immediately while the issue was resolved. Our house was burglarized, TV stolen and the only thing we got from Rent-a-Center was accusations and threats. No TVThey put us in contact with the most incompetent fool of a district manager who said our money would not be returned because the Police Report never said there was evident signs of forced entry (it said possible signs- Apparently not good enough for Rent-a-Center). I asked if a copy of the detailed confession would be better to go off of than the Police report as it explained how our door was pried open with a screwdriver (since recovered) or if a call from the Detective (who he had already spoken with. We knew this but played dumb.) would help as he would explain that yes, our house had in fact been broken into and felony charges were brought against 2 people and we were in no way complicit in anything.. I am not going to change our policy to make you happy says the jerk This guy said we did not qualify for the Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back pledge because the TV was not in our possession during the first 7 days (because it was sitting in a pawn shop that the Rent-a-Center investigation team had neglected to call,. LOL) and so basically he told us to go to hell. Well, fortunately for me, I am a resourceful individual who runs a website and has a friend who is a talk radio host on a morning drive time show here in KY (who has since pushed for Rent-a Center to be turned over to collections for owing money for advertising ROTFLMAO) and when I spoke with the regional manager I used terms she could grasp. No longer did I talk about its the right thing to do. now I used threats more akin to their shoddy business practices. For $139 I said I am going to hurt your business relentlesslyI will build websites, I will fill out all customer feedback, I will pass out flyers in front of your store with the truth of how you people treated us.Oh, and my wife is a bartender and will recount our horror story to every customer, and make sure to tune in tomorrow to XXXXX radio station. and I hung up. Less than a half hour later we were called by the store manager and told this was a misunderstanding and upon re-reading the police report they have decided to refund all of our money. Oh, and he apologized for the first and only time throughout this nightmare The moral here, is not to deal with these charlatans at all, but if you do, the only way to protect yourself is to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. Thank you, Todd london, KentuckyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: London, Kentucky
16, Report #623964
Jul 16 2010
04:38 PM
RAC - Rent A Center Beware of Rent a Center , Internet
I will start by saying I had been a Rent a Center customer for roughly 10 years before any of this heppened.  And had paid off many things.  I had to start traveling for work so I thought I would furnish my travel trailer with a Computer, TV, And PS3.  I asked them if it was ok if I was to do that.  They said it was fine (because I was a long time customer).  For about a year everything was going fine until while working a 20hr shift my trailer was broken into.  A police report was filed, and plent of pictures were taken.  I informed them of the problem, and they told me I had to just keep paying.  I asked them if the insurance (i was paying extra for) would cover it.  They said no.  My trailer insurance would not cover it either.  So for 6 more months I kept paying for the items until I lost my job and simply could not afford to pay them.  So I start getting the usual harrassment.  Then one day I get a knock on my door and it is our local RAC employee saying that if I could pay 1100.00 we could settle this issue.  I told him it is unlikely but I will try my best.  It did not happen and a month later I get a summons, and they are suing me for 5000 dollars!!  I could not make the court date due to me getting a new job and having to be out of state.  When they start garnishing my check I fill paperwork to get it lowered.  On that court date the freaking scumbag tells the judge that I stole from them and that it should not be lowered.  Then he tells the judge that I pawned the TV 150 miles from where I was.  I asked the employee if they checked with the pawn shop and got a name.  He said no.  I ASKED him if I could get the info and he said NO. So I cannot even go after the poeple that probably broke into my trailer.  I told the judge he is charging me with a whole new agreement and that I only had six months left.  But he said it was my fault for not making the original court date.  And I did agree.  My last garnishment came out today.  I paid 10000 dollars for something that should have cost me 5000 dollars for 24 months worth of payments.  I have all the proof and the original contracts and I plan on getting half my money back. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #319633
Mar 20 2008
10:07 AM
Rent A Center Shawn / Scott/ Daren RENT A CENTER DECEPTIVE Spokane Washington
This is my second complaint. the first one was, they promised me that they would have the couch i wanted in there store in 3 days, it was coming from Idaho. ok i can go with out a couch for 3 days well that 3 days turned in to 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks,WE finally got the furniture that we have been waiting for for over a month , the guys dragged in dog s**t on their feet and laughed about it said oops! was that your dog hahahah funny (I dont have animals), I had to get my carpets cleaned, the pillow's that go on the couch have holes in them , the couch is covered in animal hair and smells like dog. WE CALLED THEM THE SAME DAY AND TOLD THEM WHAT HAD HAPPEND. we were supposed to get a Bran NEW couch..&..A matching Chair. They told us to keep the couch until the new one got here and that we had to pay nothing. Well now they are saying we stole the couch turned us in to the police for theft, and that we will never be able to use a rent a canter again. GOOD!!! those people are a joke, and that's store needs help. we Still have not got the NEW chair or couch, you see when we asked about it they said we never had that talk, and we are not ordering you anything we cant get that new .They need to fix who runs the store in Spokane on Francis. I know others who have had problems with this store. At this time I don't want the couches, or the s***y services. I will not send any one to this company. This is bad service and a big mistake, turning us into the police for theft that was crossing the line. I have not called a lawyer yet but sure am thinking about it. I contacete the BBB and asked If they could PLEASE fix this problem that would be great. I also contacted the head peopla at renta center i sent them this same e-mail and told them I f you can't fix this problem Than come and get your property promptly that was days ago still no response.... I guesss im just going to go drop it off on the side walk in front of the store my self . DOnt do renta center. its a bad idea. Misspissedoff spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Spokane, Washington
18, Report #328251
Apr 23 2008
06:12 AM
Rent A Center, rent A Center liars liars liars WOODHAVEN New York
I got a computer from rent a center back in jan. 08. The computer was damaged from day 1. I called the store 5 mins after the they dropped it off, and part of the rental agreement they are supposed to put the computer together but they told me they donyt have the time to do so. The computer came in a plastic crate. It told that i was getting a BRAND NEW computer. Lie #1. I paid for the extra service protection and it took them 3 months to fix the to fix the problem. The only reason they fixed it, is because i stopped paying for damaged goods. Lie #2 the re-wrote my contract and told me that it was like i just got the computer so i had to pay 1 week and was supposed to get one week free, when i mentioned that to them the said thats not true and closed my account and want the computer back. They did this ONLY after i called rent a center's corp. office in plano texas. I guess that is how they deal with upset customers. i think that everyone how has been treated poorly from this company should start a class action siut against them to shut them down for good. Every call ur local congressman/woman an file complaints beacuse they sure dont listen to us. Irate in new york forest hills, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: WOODHAVEN, New York
19, Report #289691
Dec 07 2007
11:51 AM
Rent A Center Harrassed by Rent A Center Fredericksburg Virginia
My fiance and I went to rent a center over a year and a half ago to purchase some items for our home, namely a couch, computer with desk, tv, bed, and playstation 2. We initially went to one store and purchased these items. The staff at the time were friendly and willing to help. We got these items on a Fri and were told they would be delivered on the following Tues between 10 and 12. I waited, and finally got a call around 1 pm from the manager stating that the items could not be delivered that day. She went thru many explanations why it wasn't her fault, but never actually aplogized. I finally got the merchandise on Fri. The TV turned out to be used, and the mattress we got was not the one we ordered in the store. Also, the playstation 2 was missing the controllers. I asked about this, and we were told that they would get it. After 3 weeks of no controllers, the manager told me to go buy them myself and to bring her the receipt for reimbursement. During our experience with that store, we came to find that if we were not there on Sat in the morning, our phones would be inundated with calls from them (1 an hour) stating that we must come pay. Every time we were unable to make it on Sat we would call, and would be told that we had to come pay now. We grew tired of the harassment and the apparant non-existent cumstomer service we were now receiving since we already signed the contract paperwork. My fiance made a complaint to the regional manager. After listening to our complaints, he apologized for this and transferred our account to another store. The manager at this store told us we would be getting excellent service from them, that they knew about the problems at the previous store and assured us that they would not be like that. We told them that we did not get the mattress we ordered, and that the used TV we got was acting up (a green spot had formed on the left side of the screen). They advised us they would take care of it. They came with another mattress which was used, and took the TV, but left a loaner for us. I asked about the TV for 2 months, and was repeatedly told that I would be called the following Tues about it. I finally just stopped asking. Despite the assurance of better customer service, nothing changed. If we did not show up on Sat with the payment, we were constantly called at least once an hour on both my phone as well as my fiance's. She got tired of it and went to talk to the manager. This did not help one bit. The manager there happened to be an ex-girlfriend of a woman we both work with. They ended up on bad terms, so she decided to take out her anger on us simply because we worked at the same place that she did. In the middle of the store, she told my fiance that we can't pay because we are always out at bars drinking! My fiance did not take kindly to that, and went outside and called the regional manager to complain. Fortunately, 2 other customers who happened to be in the store when this happened. They came outside and also spoke to the regional manager and explained what happened, one who was going to be a new customer but stated that he would never come back to this business again. He then spoke to the manager, who lied to him about the ordeal. He reprimanded her. She stopped acting like this, but the other employees continued on her behalf. She is now a regional manager for the company herself. I was later was called (several months later) and asked when I was going to have the fixed TV delivered because it had been sitting in their store for a while and I needed to take care of it. At this point, being just frustrated at the lack of customer service and the continuous rudeness of the employees, gave him a few choice words and advised that I had never been called to be informed that the TV was back from the repair shop, and that I myself had asked mutiple times about it, but was told we will call you on Tues. I advised that I was busy with work and that I will get to it when I was ready. During this time, the harrassement about payments continued. I was actually called by the asst. manager at that time and he left a message on my phone stating that if I did not come up with some money that day, that he would personally come to my house and take his stuff back. I then spoke to the manager and complained, advised that I was not going to be intimidated, and since I was a law enforcement agent, I took that as a threat as well as a voiced intention of breaking into my residence. I advised her that I would use any available service item in my house, and would not be discriminatory about what caliber said service item happened to be. After that, the manager spoke to the asst. manager, who lied about it. But with him recording his threat on my voice mail, he had nothing further to say. The store is now run by a different set of managers, with a whole new set of employees. The tradition of non-existent customer service, however, runs on. After receiving my TV back, another green spot appeared on the screen a month later. I called and they picked up the TV again, leaving a loaner TV for us. Later, my fiance went in to make a payment, and was again asked in a very rude tone, when we were going to have the TV delivered, as it had been sitting in the store for a while and we needed to take care of it. Again, a few choice words were given to the employees, and were informed that they had never called us to inform us that the TV was ready. During this time, the same harrassement about the payments continued. At one time, my fiance's uncle died. She went in the next week with the payment and apologized for it being late, but she had a death in the family. She was informed by the ever-so-caring and customer service-oriented employees at Rent-A-Center that she need to get her priorities straight and that this payment was priority number 1. At this point I called the store and was not as kind as I had been in the past about expressing my opinions to them. The person I spoke to stated he was sorry and wanted to make things right. I asked who he was, and he stated he was the asst. manager. He made the above offer, but in doing so stated that I needed to be a better customer with my payments and that I needed to take care of the TV issue. He also stated that when he came with the TV you better have some money for me or else. I then spoke to the current manager and explained my outrage at what the asst. manager had stated to me. I advised that that person had better not show up or there would be police involvement. I advised I did not want any of their items anymore, and I was thru doing business with them. He then asked me what he could do to keep my business, and I told him nothing. He then later called back and stated he was sorry for the problems. He stated he was employeed at that store when we first came to that store, and he has seen everything we had gone thru. He stated he wanted to do something before, but could not as he was only a clerk.He stated he would hate to see us give up the merchandise because only had about 2 more months of payments and all the items would be ours. He stated that he would waive that weeks payment for us. He further explained to us that the person who I spoke to the night prior was not an asst. manager, and he would take care of him for lying as he did. He stated that he wanted to take care of us and even offered the asst. manager position to my fiance. We felt great about this turn of events, and felt that maybe this one would be better. I arranged for the TV to be delivered, and the bed to be picked up as we were moving and had a bed waiting for us at our new residence. The person who came to pick it up was a heavy set woman who could not lift anything, and she brought her boyfriend, who was not a Rent-A-Center employee. When they came, they acted as if they wanted my friend and I to move the bed and TV for them, stating that her boyfriend had just gotten out of surgery. My friend and I ended up moving the bed to the truck. During this, my friend twisted her ankle and fell. After getting all the items, the person stated that I was supposed to give her money. I asked for what, and she stated the manager told her to get money from me for the past week's payment. I advised that he waived that payment. The boyfriend called him and asked. He then gave the phone to me. I told him he had waived the payment. He then told me he could not get it approved thru his boss. I advised that I did not care, he made a commitment to me, and he was to keep it. He did not state to me that it was pending any approval. He that stated he would take care of it and hung up. My fiance called the regional manager and stated her concern about having been told about the waived payment and then being asked to pay. Also about our friend almost hurting herself because the people who came out could not move anything, which is supposed to be part of their service. The regional manager stated he knew nothing about this waived payment promise, and was enraged that a non-employee was in their truck and that we had to move the items. He did waive the payment and fired the girl who came out with her boyfriend. While my fiance was speaking to the manager about the asst. manager's job, he expressed that he had a thing for her best friend (who happened to be a customer of their's as well) and asked my friend to help him holla at her. She stated no. After this, he suddenly had another asst. manager, and became very rude to my fiance. Come to find out, all his being nice and promise making was just to try to hook up with my fiance's friend. This past week, my fiance was in a sports bar with her friend watching the football game. The employee who tried to pass himself off as the asst. manager was there and began to verbally assault my fiance, calling her all sorts of degrading names. During this time, he began to yell out in the bar about our account with Rent-A-Center and stating that we owed him money. He was subsequently removed from the establishment by one of their bouncers. I am just horrified about my experience with Rent-A-Center. They do not deliver what they promise, and their customer service is non-existent. The only reason we still deal with them is because I have only 3 more payment left and all the items are mine, minus the bed which I returned to them. I am extremely displeased with their deceivences, and the fact that an employee would put out our personal company business in a public place. I am going to find out what the policies are about assaulting customers and stating our personal business in public. Tired of rac dale city, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: Fredericksburg, Virginia
20, Report #299458
Jan 12 2008
01:24 PM
Rent-A-Center Rent A Center Liars Greensboro North Carolina
Hi I moved to North Carolina thinking that it is a good state and good mannerd people, I moved from michigan and relocated here. I went through a Rent-A-Center in Alma Michigan and they were wonderfull , with that thought in mind I went to a local one in Greensboro NC and little did I no they were the rudest people I have ever dealt with in all my life. I went there to purchase a bed for my mother for when she came here to live after finishing her college , so to supprise her i went and signed a contract with RAC for a used queen sized bed , this was on 12-21-2007 and it was to be deliverd on the next day 12-22-2007 which I was on my way to Michigan to get my mom to bring her home to a nice home with a great bed to sleep in, when we got home I was so excited to show her the bed , when I got in the bedroom to show her the bed was ripped massive beddwetting stains it was all collapsed, remind you that I paid 487.00 for this piece of trash , I was then very angry and unsatisfied with the bed so I called and talked to a lady named denise and she told me that she was sorry and asked me if I would like them to pick it up and if I wanted a new bed, I said what are my options , she said that they had a bran new sealy queen mattress and box spring set for 563.00 if I wanted that one i could have it. I told her i would think about it so i ended up calling her back and telling her ok on the bed and ill take . so my payment went from 30.00 to 19.00 for a newer bed and when i got the lease agreement the bed only cost 444.00 (the new one that is) so for one they charged me 487.00 for a nasty mattress that should have never been sold to anyone for that price and brought me a bran new mattress still in the package for 444.00. meanwhile today is 1-12-2008 and i just recived a call from them asking me if i was going to come in and make my payment i replyed that i could not make it today and i would be in on tuesday to pay the payment , she replyed back to me in the rudest way no you wont its due today and remind you i have never made a late payment . i tryed to explain why i would be late and she cut me off rudely and asked if i would like to speak with a manager i replyed yes and i got transferred to a man named Scott he then got on the phone and told me that in the state of north carolina they do not have a such thing as a late payment . i then said well on my agreement it says that its a 5.00 late fee if payed late , he then tryed to fill me with crap and tell me that was somekind of reinstatement fee , and i told him sir i can read i did graduate highschool and it says here that a late fee is 5.00 and he told me that i did not no what i was talking about. by the time i got rude and threatend to take my bussniess else where because i payed 30.00 payment on a bed that i had for 1 day and they brought me a new one and never credited my account the money that i had already paid i got rude and he told me that paying late was unexceptable and will not be tolerated. so by the end of the conversation he then credited my account the 30.00 and then told me that i owe for the next saturday a regular payment. so in other words they tryed to scam me of 30.00 and tell me that i could not make a late payment or they would come and get my merchindise. I WOULD NEVER RECOMEND ANYONE TO USE RENT-A-CENTER UNLESS YOU HAVE FOUND ONE THAT TREATS YOU AS GOOD AS I GOT TREATED IN ALMA, MICHIGAN IF I HAD A CHOICE I SURE WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HAVE WENT THROUGH THEM. Amandaf Greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
21, Report #1079984
Aug 28 2013
07:35 PM
Rent A Center Rent A Center gave me bed bugs!! Elyria Ohio
I purchased a sectional couch from rent a center in may 2013 a few days after recieveing it i also purchased a bunk bed set .I called rent a center with a concern with the hideaway bed in my sectional and they came and picked it up and brought me a loaner couch. I immedialty called them within two hours telling them when i sit on the loaner couch i am being bite by something . They came the next day and sprayed the couch and removed it from my home. I still had to wait three more weeks to get the other portion of my sectional back.In the mean time i complained multiple times about still getting bit when sitting on their furniture and was told that they sprayed it already and killed what ever was on it.I am now infested in every room of my house with these bugs!! They are denying any involovement and even lied to their insurance company about spraying and removing the rental couch. I have no where to go for six weeks and have two small children and my ill in-laws to put up in a hotel because my 4 year old and mother in law both have breathing conditions and can not return to the home. There insurance company is rude and nasty and do not care what is happening to the consumers... I have hired and attorney, contact the health department, and also called the news.. This is one consumer they would have wished they settled with!
Entity: Elyria, Ohio
22, Report #381007
Oct 14 2008
07:40 AM
RENT -A-CENTER Never Rent A Wii from Here!! Tallahassee Florida
Rent-a-center called me the other day, apparently desperate for customers to come back. They said they were having a sale and that they were doing some kind of special where you pay for a week get a week free. Pay for two weeks get two weeks fre and so on. The guy asked me if I was interested. I said I'd be interested if they had a Wii fit. He said oh sure! We have two!! I said what are they going for (knowing they go for $100 in the store when you can find them)? He tells me $799.99. I said You must be joking...they go for $100 in the stores He says well ours come with two controllers. It was at that point I realized we weren't even talking about the same thing. He was talking about the Wii gaming system. I brought this to his attention. I told him that the Wii gaming system sells for 199- 250 bucks in the stores. This ignorant SOB has the nerve to say well ours is different. It comes with two controllers. I said Listen here. Believe it or not the Wii I purchased was for myself not for my kids. I happen to be a gamer. I play video games religiously. Do you think I'm stupid? If I'm going to pay 799.99 for a system it better be a fully loaded PS3 with two controllers and a game! I mean really who does this guy think he's dealing with? I still have my nintendo 64. He says corporate makes the prices not I tried to gt ahold of corporate. Can't find any contact information for them. My question is who the heck is that stupid to pay 4 times the amount for a gaming system? And how can they justify jacking the price up that high? I'm so pissed!! Missheard Tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
23, Report #218687
Nov 01 2006
06:35 PM
Rent A Center, Rip U Off Center, Overcharge Center RENT A CENTER. UNFAIR WORK PRACTICES COMPARABLE TO SLAVERY denton Texas
type of people they hire. Jedi MindTrick Masters who manipulate its employees and its customer. They like to hire people they think dont have anything going for themselves so they can lord it over them. How do you feel selling something that you know is not worth the asking price? How do you deal w/ going into wal-mart to shop and you see the same T.V. that you sold or rented a customer for about 800 dollars less AND you see the customer in the store in the same section. How do you look them in the eyes? Thats what ive been battling. I've even had guns pulled on me b/c a cust felt that we screwed him out of hundreds of dollars. I didnt go to the police b/c i knew in my heart when I sold it we were wrong, but because we gotta get that 7.9 close friday, 5.9/2.9 sat, 20.*9 on monday open and have to be up on sales or you GET YOUR JOB THREATEND you have no choice. I used to be a door banger!! For hours on end. Yes, Im ashamed but its true. Thats how they teach you but tell you to deny if anyone asks. They tell us to go next door and slander the cust. to a neighbor or two. Sit outside the house and block the car in the garage before they go to work so you can clear your credit. Come on, If im lying im dying man. Ive had my job threatened on a hourly basis. I was motivated by fear of losing my job or some new commer being promoted over me so, YOU GO INTO SURVIVAL KEEP YOUR JOB MODE AND DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. LOOK at all the MKT. MGRS. of today and they are the past of rent to own companies in the early days when you could kick a door in and break a windo and get ur stuff. MODERN DAY SLAVERY I TELL YOU. Shameful long hours. Sunup to Sundown, or when ever your done while the store MGRS. go home to their families and have a blast while your still on the truck thinking about yours. Unloading and heading back out. At the stoe I worked at we went on deliveries after 10pm if we didnt get enough deliveries in the day and youd better not say anything. Even if you did, who believes you? but i feel your pain. peace. should've made this one my own personal contribution. sir jon the TRUTH. JON THE TRUTH addison, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
24, Report #94463
Jun 10 2004
07:02 PM
Rent A Center ripoff Getting screwed over a 32 inch Sony TV Chicago Illinois
90 days ago I decided to buy a 32-inch Sony TV from yours truly Rent A center. The TV in best buy was the same price as it was in my local RAC. So I made the grave mistake of buying the over priced TV. Prior to that so many of my friends told me not to let this company molest my wallet. In addition my girlfriend gave me the same speech about what I was getting my self into and how it would be better if we just got a cheaper TV: I mean we are only broke college students and all. So like a pig being lead to the slaughterhouse I walked into RAC and go the TV and felt so proud. Now if your reading this you may wonder you I did not take my friends advice. UMMMMM..... The little tag said only 15.00 a week plus tax waiver fee and another tax, grand total 20.42 per week of each Saturday. Not bad and very affordable. Ohh yea when I even got behind one day late on my payment I received 4 or 5 phone calls per day and one phone call to remind when my next payment was due. Also these leaches would call my 4 refences too. How embarrassing is that. So why am I writing this if the TV was so cheap. Now comes the good part. ******************ATTENTION PLEASE READ THIS********************* This is how I got ripped off. The store manger kept telling me about my buy out plan after 90 days of June 10 and if I did the by out option I would not get charged the Proj-opt price and get charged double for the TV. What this m-f did not tell me was that the time I start making payments on the item was my 90 days to pay the Fair mkt value of 701.64 and if I had the TV any time after that only 55% of my payments would count towards this TV Lemon Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
25, Report #25754
Jul 30 2002
06:45 PM
Rent-A-center is a ripoff that abuses & mistreats consumers. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
I have been dealing with Rent-A-Center for 2 to 3 Years, they don't do what they say they are going to do. I was renting a computer from them, there contract sayes they fix what they sell and that is a lie. they don't fix what they sell. Rent-A-Center is not certified to work on anything they sell mainly their computers, The computer I was renting had problems with it and they would not fix it just because it had windows xp on it and it was a COMPAQ. I had to put alot of money it the computer to get it working and could not pay on the computer. Plus they would not work with me. Rent-A-Center was also called all of my relitives and friends who was on the list. which is against the law in the state of PA, I took everything back and told them to shove it up their ASS. (not in there word). the Person that was having problems with there is Amaury Rodrigues (Mario)( Exective Mamager)is his title. and would not work at all with me. I have turned them it to Comsumer Protection Bureau, Microsoft, and the Better Business Bureau. and I am ready to get a lawyer if nothing is done about this problem. I would like to be contacted about this problem and get my computer back free and clear and this other one to that belongs to JIM BLACK. If not a lawyer is going to be stepping in with oin 1 week. and will cost Rent-A-Canter a furtune. and to get ride of the person I am complaining about. thank you for your time And I better Get a Reply with in 1 week . Brian Duncannon, Pennsylvania
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

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