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26, Report #17216
Mar 20 2002
12:00 AM
rent-a -center took a tower to my web pc logansport indiana
when i payed my computer off the tower went bad or something .I took it in to get rebooted like sam said to do . he had it for two weeks now. said it he had to send it off. now they don't know when i can get it back and said it would cost me. i don't think that is fair.they said it was new and was use. they lied to me.the c dive was not working right . that is what sam said to me. so i said i was going to report him in to dell. he said he did not sell me anything. he did he sold me a dell web pc. he is really a very mean i would like to know what i can do to get my tower fix for nothing. or get a new tower for my computer. thank you betsy lewellen betsy logansport, Indiana
Entity: logansport, Indiana
27, Report #406515
Dec 30 2008
10:41 PM
Rent A Center A total ripoff, they want paid twice! Scottsbluff Nebraska
I got a camcorder at Rent A Center in November 2004. I paid it off in January 2005. Almost 4 years later they are claiming that I didn't pay it off. According to the manager, I own $579.02. He told me today that I need to prove to them that I paid it off or they will proceed to small claims court. I got my income tax check back and cashed it at my bank. I took in the cash and paid to to one of their employees, got my receipt and left. I haven't heard a word from them until today when they say it must have slipped through the cracks of their system, but I must not have paid. Of course, not a single employee is the same from when I rented or paid off the stupid camera in 2005. The manager told me today that it's pretty much my job to find proof or I will need to come up with the money to pay it off. I have since rented and paid off more then one item from them. I will have a laptop paid off from them in Feb of this next year. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Heidi Harrisburg, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsbluff, Nebraska
28, Report #366338
Aug 24 2008
12:17 PM
Rent A Center RAC is a horrible place to work Springfield Ohio
I was the manager of Rent A Center's Cash AdvantEdge for a year. It was one of the worst years of my life. My job was constantly threatened by district managers. We had 4 different district managers over the course of one year. Every Dm would tell you something completely different. One time my job was threatened was when I was making collection calls and I hadn't checked my email. I received a call from the DM who told me if I didn't respond to the email within five minutes my box would be packed by the next morning. The RAC manager was a horrible person. He was constantly talking down to me and did it in front of employees. I even overheard him on the telephone with the London, Ohio store telling the manager he doesn't like me and he proceeded to talk about things that I had discussed with him that were related to our store. I was friends with his employees and I was told by them on several occasions things he had said about me. I worked by myself roughly 6 months out of the year, 6 days a week at least 55+ hours a week. I was told I needed to come in at 8 am every day to make field calls. RAC was told to make the field calls for me considering the fact that I was working alone. They refused and said that I should do my own because it wasn't their problem. That would make me work 70+ hours a week. The RAC manager also knew I wasn't religious so he would also place Christian music in the store. I turned the station after I couldn't bear it anymore and was screamed at by him saying he owned the store and I am not allowed to touch his merchandise. My DM told me I have no right to do that and I needed to apologize to him. I did not. I told her it was offensive and went against my rights. She told me that If I thought that was offensive then I'd better not want to work because that happens everywhere. She was constantly threatening me as well. She told me on a regular basis that I should be thankful I even had a job because our store was doing so bad. Our store was one of the best ones in the Dayton Region (Cash AdvantEdge). We went from 50% debt to 13% which is under the expectations. I was constantly told how great the RAC manager was and that it was just me that was causing all of the trouble. When I was hired I wasn't told anything about marketing, field calls or collections. I didn't learn about that until I was with the company for a month. We were expected to go alone (I'm a young lady) into the most dangerous areas of the town to collect money. Collection calls needed to be made 3 times a day to each customer and their 5 references. We're talking about a few hundred people plus field calls plus waiting on customers. It was a horrible experience and I found myself constantly with health issues from the job. Our store was roach infested and I watched them crawl on my keyboard, the walls and even into customer's purses. I wasn't allowed to inform customers of any of this. Many of them saw it and they were horrified. I called the corporate office, many of the people listed and even emailed them. I got no response EVER. The open door policy didn't exist. Anything you said was repeated. My DM even went to the point of having my assistant manager stand facing me and tell me exactly what she thinks of me. There was constant drama. The managers meetings were dreaded because it was obvious that everyone was going to be belittled and be made to feel worthless. There were monthly meetings for the Dayton area. The latest DM we got in made it very clear she didn't like me. She would pull the Assistant Manager into the office and talk to her. She never spoke to me alone. The previous DM went to the point of telling me he didn't like my style of clothing and thought I should go shopping with one of the girls from the other stores to show me what larger girls should wear. I was even told by him the the Regional manager didn't like me and neither did the Columbus area district manager and he was really fighting for me to stay because they wanted me gone. The last straw came when I ordered furniture from RAC. Brand new of course. I needed a money order to pay for the furniture. That's the only way they would accept it. I used a check to pay for the money order. I left my check and the money order in my cash drawer until the furniture was ordered. I didn't want to be stuck with a money order payable to RAC if they decided not to order it. I was fired for that. I was told it was a cash handling violation. Even though both of those things were in my drawer. I literally got fired over purchasing furniture. Even though I had my job threatened constantly I was never actually written up or anything. I finally got a hold of someone at HR and they said I didn't need to be written up to be let go. I would not EVER recommend someone working at RAC. It's too much stress on you physically and mentally and it's not worth it. By the time you get out of there your day is over so you really don't have any personal time. During my time there I witnessed several things that weren't legal especially when it came to collections and I even witnessed RAC not being able to sell anything for a day when the furniture was inspected by people from Sanitations. They weren't up to regulations. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from there unless you want to spend 5 times what it's worth and take home some little critters. Even if you're one day late they WILL pick up your furniture and they WILL call you, your job and your friends and family several times a day. Rentacentersucks dayton, OhioU.S.A. 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Entity: Springfield, Ohio
29, Report #224306
Dec 07 2006
07:48 PM
Rent A Center corrupted,company is a joke Worcester Massachusetts
i am writing in to for this simple reason, i have been employeed with rent a center for a couple of years now and i have never seen so much favortism in a company/market in my entire life. I cannot quite see how you work so hard for one company and you just get looked over. Though there are mangers in our market that can just loose desposits and still have there jobs. There was a point in my mind and along with my career that I respect the company. But when certain things get swept under the rug...something needs to stop. I agree with the employee from North Carolina our home office needs to take controll over their so called respectable employees. As of renting to own merchandise every cusotmer should know what they are signing, when they read the org contract...if you don't want to pay that much go to a regular retail store and pay cash...don't complain! stena bena worcester, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Worcester, Massachusetts
30, Report #44770
Feb 09 2003
10:02 PM
Rent-A-Center ripoff the business that doesnt give a dam Eldon Missouri
To finish what I had started on the proceeding page. I know that we was 5 days late. But rather then wait till the 18th of Feb to recieve full payment of $114.oo they wanted $25.00 for 1 week. Now You would thin after being a relatively a good customer, and paid on time for almost 2 years, that for me to choose between a 5oo dollar trip to say good by to a family member, or a $114.oo refigerator payment. I think I would put my family ahead of the refrigerator, even if the is dead. She still comes first.RAC could not wait 14 days for a make up payment. I will continue to rent from them but not with the friendship I thought we had with them. Tha so called friendly smile will leave a lot to look at. Eleanor MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Eldon, Missouri
31, Report #56301
May 09 2003
08:51 AM
Rent A Center false promises screwed others too consumer fraud Wheat Ridge Colorado
I'm still dealing with this company. and will try to make story short. At this point have paid them close to $5000.00. Rented-2 recliners/1 36tv in 4/2002-May of 2002 needed refrigerator so fool that I was, rented 25.5c.f. frig. Frig arrived with only 1 shelf and 1 drawer in refrig area. Upon my complaint they ordered items needed, it took four(4) weeks to get them. They also told me the frig was only rented out for a 1 month prior rental and it was brand new. Once they got it to my home - you would not believe the dents bumps and scrapes, I told them about it- they told me well, they were already there, you just couldn't see them with the lighting in the store. About a month after delivery, the ice maker stopped working - called them. It took 3 weeks to get a working ice maker.(by the way when frig was delivered-they didn't even know how to connect the ice maker-and it didn't have the valve/pump to connect with) We bought the part and had it installed. OK so we have a working refrigerator again. I made my payments on a monthly basis-$429 a pop-In July/2002 I became ill (kidney disease and diabetes) and had problems making payments-I started running late, but managed to make the payments. Since 7/02 I have had dialysis, kidney transplant,and lost my husband-I'm back to dialysis 'cause the other Kidney is not functioning properly. Four weeks ago as of 5/8/03 The ice maker has not worked(yes again)I still run late making pmts, but make them + late fees. I've been told xxx was going to call to set up repair, never happened-then It would be repaired when payment was made-I make a payment- then told we have ordered the part-they were told four weeks ago it was the valve/pump-well, they sent just the ice maker. Was told when you make a pmt we will order the part. The part costs less than $20.00 to buy. Well, made pmt SO WHERE IS THE PART. I'm having to buy ice daily and do use a lot. I'm late with payment-their calls are harrassing and unending. including threatening to pick up merchadise-I have too much money into it and can't afford to loose that either. No matter how hard it is, I've managed to make payments even though they may have been late. Plus the fact that I'm paying for a refrigerator that is not in complete working order- They have said they were going to pick up the TV and Recliners today between 2 & 3 P.M.- (NOT THE REFRIGERATOR-DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY ARE BEING GENEROUS OR BECAUSE IT ISN'T WORKING COMPLETELY) I am filing with the attorney generals office today under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. If any one has any comments please do so. hOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP. W Wheat Ridge, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
32, Report #75953
Dec 27 2003
09:02 AM
Rent A Center RAC ripoff, racist acts, unfair business, third party disclosure, Jacksonville Florida
This paticular company is a poor excuse for the company . I never expericened such rude manners. Third party disclosure, unfair business tactic. And refused to follow up and correct matter. reps likes to call customers and play games excusing customers of theft or degrading me Frank jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
33, Report #75237
Dec 18 2003
10:27 AM
Rent A Center ripoff,dirty, dishonest, bad customer service Bloomington Illinois
I rented a couch and loveseat from Rent A Center for $26 every week starting on October 18, 2003. I proceeded to pay in good faith until on Thanksgiving day I had my family over to stay overnight, took the cushions off of the couch so they could sleep on them on the floor. At this time, I found a uncapped hyperdermic needle. There was no one to call that day since it was a holiday, so I put some gloves on and put the needle in a plastic bag so I could report this to them asap the next day. Remembering back when I signed the conract. I was told the couchand love seat were a good choice and they had just recently been clean. Which (I guess) was to reassure me that the furniture that they rent out is in good condition and clean, even with the fact that they are previously used by someone else. The next day I had my boyfriend call in. With the thought that a male voice would put a little urgency to the matter. My boyfriend told them if they wanted proof they could come in and pick up this needle right now. The manager he spoke with (Bob) advsd we could come in and switch out the couch or have them come out and clean it for us. In my eyes, with the needle being uncapped, I felt a little unsafe as to what else that was already splattered all over the couch that we didn't know about. With these 2 options in mind, we decided to go to Rent a Center in person. Julie Bloomington, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
34, Report #139870
Apr 22 2005
11:26 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Port Huron Michigan
We did furniture cleaning back in feb. 2005 and still have not been paid, everytime we call them they give us the run arounds. We own a carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Business. Everytime we call the 800 number they give us a new reason or excuse about the check. We rent things from them and everytime our bill is due they call a million times aday for payment.... Hey Rent A Center... We would like to get paid too... Than we can pay you... Mad In Michigan Trina Marysviile, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Port Huron, Michigan
35, Report #139670
Apr 20 2005
11:24 PM
Rent A Center ripoff, inconsiderate and rude Los Angeles California
Once my payments starting gettin close to getting almost finished on these over priced couches that I brought, I lost my job. I was having a hard time trying to make my payments on time but I made them. The later you are the meaner they get. I have been paying for these couched now for 2 1/2 years and I still owe $276. for a $2000.00 couch set that I could have gotten cheaper at rent to own which is a family business that works with you. Rent a Center does not work with you. The reason why they call so much is that, they explained to me is because the corporate office yells at them and they get in trouble for us not paing on time. Even if you tell them that you will make the payment at a certain time. Now Rent to Own is a different company but they are family operated and they work with you in such cases like mines. They do not barge up tp your residence threating to call the police on you nor do they pester you with phone calls. What they do is ask if there is something that they can do to help with the payments. RAC needs to take ta step back a look at that company that is right accross the street from them. Genielle los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
36, Report #156879
Sep 13 2005
07:09 AM
Rent-a-center ripoff Galveston Texas
not what they seem to be! Jeneen galveston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Galveston, Texas
37, Report #127467
Jan 15 2005
04:32 AM
Ashley Furniture/Rent A Center ripoff Honolulu Hawaii
A few days ago I went into Rent A Center to purchase furniture. This is my first brand new set of furniture that I purchased. It arrived today. The furniture I purchased was an Ashley Durapella Sage Sofa and Love seat First the delivery people were over an hour late. Then They Scratched & peeled the paint on the door of my house on the way in. Third they brought a drill which the battery was dead, so my coffee table and end tables are sitting in a box in my livngroom and they have to come back tomorrow to do that part. I started looking over my sofa tonight. At the very top edge on the back of the sofa there are 3 or 4 upolstry staples sticking out that have come loose, the stitching on the sofa is all uneven and not strait lines at all, One corner on the top of the back of the sofa is scratched about 3 inches long, 1 cushion has a scratch mark about the size of a dime on it. I paid the NEW price at Rent A Center. They didn't have what I origionally wanted. And they told me the closest thing they had to what I wanted is the Sage Durapella and they had 1 old one and 1 new one.. I wanted the New one which I paid for. I have a feeling they gave me the old set. IT looks kinda dirty and with all the things wrong with it.. How could it be new. I have 7 days thank goodness to cancel this whole deal. Hopefully they will give me a 30% or 40% discount tomorrow or they can take their furniture back. Personally so far I am not impressed. Dedra Honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Honolulu, Hawaii
38, Report #127984
Jan 19 2005
03:08 AM
Rent-a-Center ripoff argumentative rude unprofessional Danville Illinois
11/03 I rented to own a washer and dryer from rent a center. 08/04 I received a call from the store manager about being 2 days late with payment I attempted to explain to him that I had been Ill and would be in first thing in the am to make payment. While on the phone the manager wouldnt listen to me he just kept repeating the contract states if your late contract is broke and could have cared less about the fact I was telling him I'd be in right away, or the fact I had just owed 100.00 and the machines would be paid off.He just had a very unprofessional tone and kept rattling about the contract not listening to me. At the time I had a migrain, so I finaly said dadadada and hung up the phone. After cooling down I called the store and asked for pay off amount which they gave me. Explained Id be in to pay off the merchandise right now. I assumed this would be the end of the situation, however I was assuming wrong. Went to the store with my debit card and the manager continued to badger me, this time about the dadada comment, I told him were through, take the payment and thats it. Heres the unbeleivable part. And a store employee witnessed this. The manager said darn right were through, and although he had allready swiped my card he threw it at me accross the counter and said take your card and get out of here. Im comming to get our merchandise. The next morning he showed up with truck to pick up the machines. My boyfriend went ahead and told him he would make payment so my boyfriend went to the store and finished paying off the merchandise. that manaager told my boyfriend I was banned from that store for ever! Of course I dont care but WOW what an ordeal that all was! My sister who has dealt with this manager and the same store said this paticular store is famouse for this type of thing that when customers get close to paying off their items the manager provokes arguments so they can take back the items and resale for big bucks again. I was due a free month of rent on a new item. needless to say I do business elsewhere now and Aarons is a milllion times better with their customer service policys. I had tried to contact corporate about that managers bizarre behavior but I missed their return call. End od story Donna Danville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Danville, Illinois
39, Report #147750
Jun 28 2005
04:25 AM
I have read many of comments and rebuttals. Now the people that work for RAC seems to think that the policies and practices of this company is fair and have repeatedly condoned how RAC has treated their customers. I have also heard from the customers that have every excuse in the book why their account is not paid up to date. Now yes I do agree with some that say most people that rent from these types of companies do have bad credit but I do not agree with all that say how their credit got to be where it is and yes if you do come upon hardship and can not pay for the merch you are currently renting yes by all means do return it is less stress for you. (ALL PEOPLE THAT RENT FROM RAC DO NOT HAVE BAD CREDIT NOR SHOULD BE CATEGORIZED FOR NOT PAYING THEIR BILLS) Let me tell you a true story of what I experienced with RAC. I started to renting in 1999 at that time my credit was not bad were I could not have credit else where but because I was boosting my credit score up and did not want anything to surface on my credit therefore I thought that this would be good for me. I continued to rent things from RAC and by the way I was fortunate to get all new items that I picked from their catalog whether it was on the show floor or not and it always ordered and arrived in original packaging now don't get me wrong there had been times that I had to wait for what I ordered to get it but nonetheless I got what I wanted. I too have seen transit employees and rude ones along the way but never to me. Now wait here it comes Rudeness came about 2 1/2 years ago when my employer closed it's doors and I found my self out of a job I had 8 months prior signed a new contract and no I did not want to return the merchandise due to the amount of money that I had paid into the contract I pondered over this thinking ok I have been with this company 4 years with a good paying record and a lot of money paid out for what I wanted. I called and talked with the store manager and explained the issue and we both came up with a compromising solution he state to me that he could renew my contract to start anew or keep the current contract and if I paid late that he would understand as long as I agreed to the late charges that would have been fine too. Now as time went on and started having the slow pay syndrome there became and issue the harassing calls started to come even when I came in to pay w/o the in store communication I got a call wanting to know about a payment that had already been paid now I am getting pissed off because they are being IDIOTS so I got to the point I told them to come pick up there merch scheduled several times no one never showed up. For all you RENT A CENTERS CONDONERS I called the store and told them that I was moving and to come and pick up their stuff NO SHOW. Now after 2 1/2 years I have moved away it seems with RAC when you want and try to do what is right they still cannot get it right. Now for you people that ended up with merch from RAC that they failed to retrieve and you have made attempts to return with documentation then that is on RAC... But for those that intentionally did not pay for your merch and do not see the wrong in that regardless of how RAC conducts business well you know you will have to pay one way or the other eventually. RAC if you put as much energy into your employees customer service skills and keeping your word as you do in collections and retrievals more people would respect your company more and would not grip about the 300-400% markup they would come back. But to all of you no matter how many complaints or rebuttals that will be placed here there will always be RTO due to the high rise in credit debt and just unawareness of rights. But in this case RAC lost by their stupidity not I being untrustworthy. Marie chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
40, Report #81434
Feb 23 2004
03:04 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Port Charlotte Florida
My husband and I rented a stackable washer and dryer from rent-a-center about 2 years ago(with NO late payments)and due to be paid off in 3 months. We were late by ONE week and we had an agreement to pay late. Well we asked if we could paid one week now and pay double next week, which would be pushing it back somewhat to two weeks, they said NO and they would be at our door in an hour to collect payment. We paid and two weeks later paid it off so we wouldn't have to deal with them any longer. Then a couple of months ago we decided to try a local furniture store to get credit so we wouldn't have to pay the OUTRAGEOUS prices at rent-a-center. We had to use RAC as a credit reference and when the local store called them, RAC had the nerve to tell them they've had better customers with better credit. We were only late ONE time. But I guess they knew they lost a customer because since we've paid them off they've called to try to get us to come back and oped a new account (but, we have such bad credit why would they want us back)!!!!!!!!!! Kelly port charlotte, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Port Charlotte, Florida
41, Report #67186
Sep 18 2003
06:10 PM
Rent A Center Doug ripoff Fort Worth Texas
Ihave rented from rent a center for many years and paid off many things a few weeks ago I was late on a payment(2 days)and they started calling me at work and home my family and ref. I used that they never called In the past even for a ref. they were very rude they liked calling me a thief I would not ever rent from them or any one like them again!!!! James Ftworth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
42, Report #104537
Aug 19 2004
08:51 PM
Rent-A-Center ripoff, fraudulent billing Clarksville Tennessee
In July 2002 I entered into a rent-to-own agreement with Rent-A-Center. I have made payments for 24 months and consider my obligation to Rent-A-Center to be fulfilled. However, they continue to call my phone and my job every single day demanding money. I refuse to pay them another cent or return the merchandise for which I have certainly paid 4x the market value. Do they expect me to keep paying forever? What sort of recourse do I have? Apparently theyre going to call me everyday forever barking into the phone asking for more money. Mike Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
43, Report #16366
Mar 09 2002
12:00 AM
Rent A Center ripoff mistreated and ripped off Tuscaloosa Alabama
haveing four children and a need for a washer and dryer I went to rent a center the original terms were 75.0 weeks at 91.12 a month after haveing the washer and dryer for 7 months I called to ask if I could return the dryer because my grandmother had given me one Iwas told I could and went to the store to redo the contract when the salesman I was dealing with appeared to not know what he was doing he was trying to make me have a longer contract I ask for the manager and was denied the right to talk to him after several more minutes he came to the front and I asked if I could speak to him my self the salesman then became enraged and began to scream at me the manager sat there as if he didn't here him I asked for a copy of the contract and he informed me I'll just have to wait because he was going to lunch I once again asked for the manager and was giving the same nasty treatment I wrote down the customer service number and left after 3 days of calling the customer service number somebody called me back and informed me I was right and they were wrong But I am still paying a total of 700.00 for a washer when I could have gotten the whole set for lesser than that Adrienne Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Entity: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
44, Report #36319
Nov 26 2002
09:35 AM
Rent a Center ripoff New York New York
I am now renting from rent a center. I have been paying for my livivng room set for over a year now. I do not advise anyone to ever rent from them again, there call family and friends and tell them to tell you that they are going to come and pick up there suff, When they know that I never missed a payment. However sometimes I might work on staurdays and can not come in on that staurday they will call nowing that I will be there on Monday. There stills are over pice they make you pay three times what the suff is worth. I have asks some many times to but my thing out which I feel is a rip off because there are still robbing people I really hope and pray that these people get stop in there traps. PLEASE MAKE THIS MADNESS END!!!! Tammie bronx, New York
Entity: New York, New York
45, Report #34341
Nov 05 2002
06:09 PM
Rent-A-Center #1021 ripoff liars Tuscaloosa Alabama
I went to ent my son an addittional computer. Was told the one I wanted was not in stock. When it finally came in two weeks later, they raised the price $60.00 a month. So I took the next size down. It worked for two weeks....Keep in mind when I got this computer, it came with No mouse, No speakers, No disks. All of which I was promised asap Computer worked for three days. Took it back. About 8 days later I called them and they said yes it is in When I got there, they had no monitor for me to go with it. Three months after I got computer I finally got speakers. (mouse I had to buy) Again, computer goes down. I take it back. MaryAnn Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Entity: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
46, Report #35132
Nov 14 2002
06:22 AM
Rent-A-Center Lousy Service - Ripoff Serious Management Problems Newnan Georgia
I am a gold card customer of Rent-A-Center in Newnan, GA. Two weeks ago Rent-A-Center decided to take upon themselves to come and take a big screen television which was honestly a piece of crap that I would not recommend purchasing. When I first did the contract on this television I was supposed to have 1 weeks free rent due to the fact that I had paid out my computer which I also purchased through them among the many things which furnish my house. To my surprise two weeks later my payment included two weeks on the television, & my usual on the washer & dryer. Not to mention a late fee! I held off and called them regarding the television as I didn't have the funds to pay on the tv off hand and usually they are flexible and courteous. This time I was told that because I picked up the tv I needed to return it My truck was messed up so I made them come to me one and a half hours away to pick it up. In the process, the store manager told his driver to go ahead and pick up the payment and the washer and dryer also! Keep in mind separate contracts are made up on each item you intend to rent. This manager thought he was going to get two for the price of one! Well he didn't, I paid on my washer and dryer when the driver came to pick up the tv. This saved me the one and a half hour trip to this store. I plan to pay out my washer and dryer just as soon as I can then NEVER do business with any Rent-A-Center franchise again as by example and other incidents with this particular store their management and customer service is lacking in professionalism... A word of advice to Rent-A-Center....if they can't count past 10, or do not posess what it takes to be a manager don't hire them as you have been through too many managers this past year at this store people are getting confused and don't know who the top man on the totem pole is there is such thing as a customer service line and I plan to pass the word on to head office about the crappy service that has been given by this particular store. John Locust Grove, Georgia
Entity: Newnan, Georgia
47, Report #28913
Sep 03 2002
07:33 PM
rent-a-center false ads ripoff deceptive rude tricked and lied slime-ball Covington Kentucky
i previously rented a washer and dryer from rent a center i recieved a letter from them saying that they appreciated and missed my business along w\ the letter came a voucher for the use of applying money from the washer and dryer to a previously rented item when i took this voucher to the store i had already rented a computer from them i asked if i could apply the money (they so generiously returned to me in the form of a voucher) to the computer i was told no i told the rep behind the counter that the voucher clearly stated that i could use the voucher tward any previously rented item the computer being a previously rented item i thought i could aply it there but noooo it had more terms they were not on the voucher form but they are made up as thw employee's of rent a center see fit nicole covington, Kentucky
Entity: covington, Kentucky
48, Report #26799
Aug 13 2002
08:42 AM
Rent -A-Center ripoff abused & mistreated Irving Texas
I'm not writing about a rip off I'm writing about the treatment and harrassing telephone that I receive on my job. I have a home number and I do respond back when they call to let me know when I'm due for a payment. I owe $205.00 on the merchandise that I am renting. Okay, I will admit that I have been late on a few occassion but I'm in the store every Friday what ever late fees I owe I pay. My buy out is $105.00 and I will take care of this on August 16, 2002. But the customer service treatment I have received is unbelieveable. I don't have all the names but I will get them. Management change every 90 days. I can take the phone calls at home for being late with a payment but not on my job on a daily basis. So Mike Stop calling me at work. Cheryl Irving, Texas
Entity: Irving, Texas
49, Report #43801
Feb 01 2003
09:35 PM
RENT A CENTER abused & mistreated consumer fraud ripoff false promises BRONX New York
On Janury 18, i signed an agreement for a bedroom set,since i was moving. Said bedroom set was to be delivered on a later date: On Jan 25,informed them to delivery it on monday the 27, was told no problem. I made them aware that i was throwing my bedroom set away. The rest is became a nightmare. MONDAY-no one showed up. TUESDAY, was told bedroom set on truck, again no one showed up Was told driver couldn't find address. WEDNESDAY, finally they showed up 7pm, but they left the screws, and couldn't assemble unit. Told be back early next morning. NOTE: I NOTICED THE MATTRESS FUNNY, I UNZIPPED THE MATTRESS AND FOUND OLD ONE INSIDE. THEY JUST COVER IT UP WITH A NEW COVER. ( THURSDAY, Notify them of mattress and screws, was told they will come over. again, no one showed up. Friday, was told, lied again, about someone going home. no one showed up, their employee went home with screws. Saturday, was informed, they loss the screws, took taxi, went to stored, sign up for another bedroom, again was promise, delivery same day, and here i'am, it's 11.30pm, burning inside,from the abuse, the lies, the false promises, the fact i'm still sleeping on a sofa, the fact they send me and old, used mattress, instead of a new one. Wife piss off, loss appointments, and time. GOD ony knows how many calls i made thru out the week, and still no results. just fake, promises. and all these people could say, are lies, after lies. so please stay away, from this company,unless you want to end up with a heart attack. lies after, lies after lies. Luis; BRONX, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: BRONX, New York
50, Report #43050
Jan 28 2003
04:47 AM
Rent-a-center ripoff business from hell Huntsville Texas
Rent-a center has the worst customer service of any company i know, you think WalMart is bad, they are saints compared to this company. The employees harass you, they call you a liar and are overall arrogant. I would not recommend this company to my worse enemy. Anita livingston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Huntsville, Texas

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