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76, Report #197070
Jun 19 2006
08:47 AM
Entity: BROOKLYN, New York
77, Report #321722
Mar 27 2008
05:08 PM
Rent A Center Serious harassment from account managers. Threatening bodily harm. Indianapolis Indiana
I want any and all of you to take heed to this statement. Rent A Center (RAC) employs felons, undereducated and violent people from society. They WILL come to your home if you are delinquent on payment of merchandise. Granted, I should make my payments on time. But does it warrant an account manager literally trying to destroy your door to get you to open it? Two men from RAC came to my door but not 15 minutes of me reporting this to authorities, 1 hour from reporting this on here. The two account reps continued knocking on my door for approximately 20 minutes, saying things like we know your in there, just open the door. After holding my ground, the demands turned into threats. Open this fuc*%ing door, or we will kick the mother fuc*er down. Immediately, I called my community security officer and local authorities. They cowardly rushed back to the RAC truck and sped away after I deliberately spoke loudly so that they knew what i was doing by making these phone calls. I can say that I took pleasure in seeing them hasting away from my property with a look of concern on there face. The security officer stopped them at the gate and asked them what was going on, they fed him a load of crap, a typical tactic of RAC. Not but 30 minutes later, they are at my door AGAIN! This time the security officer notified local authorities. Oh man, what happened next is priceless. The police officers showed up and actually heard the gentleman saying things like Dude, you better open this door or I am going to find you and take what is rightfully ours, i will come to your work, i will go to your friends and tell them how much of a low life piece of shit you are.... Then I heard a HEY! It was the cop. The officer said, you guys must really want to go to jail tonight. The security officer said that he indeed told them not to come back onto the property or they would press charges of tresspassing. They pretended that the officer said no such thing and was actually REFUSING TO LEAVE MY PROPERTY after the cop DEMANDED that they do so or they are going to jail. After about 2 minutes of bickering and saying things like thats our TV he has, the officer told them not to ever step foot on this property again or they will go to jail. Then I get a phone call about 7 minutes later, and its the guy that was at my door spewing these threats, he calls to apologize, and then says sorry.....we just realized your only 5 DAYS LATE! Can you believe this crap? To anyone considering renting from RAC, think twice. If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO RENT TO OWN, go to XXXXXX, they actually do criminal background checks on there employees. Come to find out, the dude at my door, was a repeat sex offender and the cop knew exactly who he was. I cant wait till the day that all RAC's close there doors forever, so people like you and me dont have to go through this garbage. Dave Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
78, Report #317954
Mar 14 2008
01:14 PM
Rent A Center Harrashment Englewood Ohio
I am renting a compact washer, computer and camcorder. I have been renting these idems since March 2007. I am payed $78.00 per week for these idems. I got laid off my job in January 2008 and continued to make my weekly payments on time. In March 2008 my finances had became very tight so I missed 1 week payment, which my payments were due every Saturday. Around noon on Saturday March 1 2008. They called me and asked me what time was I coming in to make a payment and I told them I didn't have the money this week and could I get a extention. They told me no. On Monday they called and left a message saying they need to schedule a time to pick up there merchandise. I told them that that was not fair because I have already given them a total of $4000.00 for those thing's in a year's time and all the thing's that I rented from them was used. Now they call me everyday, bang on my door (not knock politely). But, I have been ripped of mentally and financially. These people have no moral's for the honest and faithful customer's. Donna Englewood, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Ohio
79, Report #323363
Apr 03 2008
10:18 AM
Rent A Center Cash AdvantEdge Screwed Maysville Kentucky
Do not go to Cash AdvantEdge for your taxes,We filed on the 4th of March and the IRS said it was never received till the 25th of March..I havve called their customer service 3 or 4 times in the last 3 days and they tell me a mananger will get back to me and no one has yet to call they are avoiding me because they know they messed up..... Pissed in ky Tollesboro, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Maysville, Kentucky
80, Report #171105
Jan 09 2006
06:01 PM
Rent-A-Center RIPOFF Refuses Refunds Roseburg Oregon
I owned a nice laptop that I basically wore out. I wanted to buy another. A good friend told me about RAC and that they had several brands of newer, top of the line laptops that students rent for a few weeks at a time, for writing reports, thesis, etc. They rent for a couple of weeks and then they return the rented laptop. She thought that maybe I could get a good deal on a used, up-to-date model. I thought it bore looking into.... I went in to my local RAC to check out what they had to offer. They had three different ones, all had been previously used (I specifically requested used). I was also offered two weeks of free rental if I would pay for two weeks of the rental charge up-front. I was told if I wanted, I could also exchange each laptop out for another to try, if I wanted, upon return of the current rented laptop. And if I decided I wanted to return it, whatever portion I didn't use would be refunded in full. So far so good..... I was COMPLETELY open and honest with the sales-rep. in that I wanted to try it out, but was not sure if I wanted to go into a long-term contract by purchasing with them. It was purely, as far as I knew, a short-term rental. That I was on the fence as a new customer. The guy was totally cool and responded with, that's great! So if you decide to return it and only have it for the two weeks of free rental period, you'll get a full refund of the two weeks you paid, and you'll have gotten to try it for free! So I paid almost $100.00 up-front, IN CASH, for the pay two weeks and get get two weeks free option. This would, in essence, give me a full 4 week rental of the laptop; two weeks free, two weeks paid in full. I used it and loved it! My husband and I were not familiar with 'the rent-to-own' theory, so we looked carefully at the dollar figures. When my husband and I did the math, however, based on the contract terms, I would have ended up paying over $3,000.00 for a laptop that would cost me, brand new, only $1,200.00 I made, of course, the choice to buy the laptop from an electronic retailer, from whom I received a great sale-markdown, and on top of that, a large rebate which dropped the price down to $800 something. I returned the rented laptop, within the two-week-free rental period; with receipt in-hand, and the contract. I was anticipating a refund of $97.00. Upon presentation I was told we don't give cash refunds. Also that The refund will be for store-credit, only. They were keeping my $97.00 cash!!!! What kind of a high-end merchandiser does that kind of thing????? It's futile to go into how upset I was and am! We journeyed through a year of my placing phone calls with no production of the refund. They were rude on the phone, and condecending. I have never been treated that way by any business, that they basically anticipated or expected me to spend more money, in order to get my money back; I had to go about figuring out how to get my money WITHOUT spending more money. The end of the story goes like this: after calling them several times throughout the course of a year, demanding a lawful return of my money to absolutely no avail, my husband and I finally went into RAC. We didn't NEED or WANT anything, and specifically, we didn't need or want anything RAC had. But we knew we had almost a hundred dollars on the books and we were being forced to buy something or leave it behind. We decided we could maybe buy one new bedroom-lamp. They refused to sell a single lamp, that they only come in matching pairs. The pairs were all DRASTICALLY over priced with what I would call new merchandise pricing. They were very expensive pairs and would have forced me into feeding more of our hard-earned money into their food-chain. My husband, thinking logically, requested to see lamps that were previously owned. I was flabbergasted! Over half of the sets ALREADY on the show-room floor were used, but not one tag revealed that to the average customer! And the sets all had new pricing! My husband started negotiating the price of one previously-owned set, with the sales-rep. Because he couldn't give us the price we wanted, he pulled in the manager, and we all agreed to $97.00 for the pair, cash-out, take-'em home, done-deal. They, of course, did not realize that we were purchasing off our so called store-credit. The manager was NOT HAPPY when it was brought to his attention, as this cash-out purchase coupled with store credit required his approval for the sale! He seemed to have gotten a little frosted-up and became VERY cold, even turned and went into his office and shut the door without so much as a wave. Tough luck, eh big-guy???? LOL Chances are, when you go into any RAC store, anywhere, you are already looking at previously used merchandise, but with a new price tag. Establish with the sales-rep that you specifically want previously owned. You'll be amazed at how much stuff they have on their show-room floor that is previously used and they are selling as new! Suffice it to say that they lost a good customer with a solid credit rating and history! I WILL NEVER, EVER AGAIN, GO INTO THAT ESTABLISHMENT, AND IF I HEAR THAT SOMEONE I KNOW IS CONSIDERING IT, THEN I ENLIGHTEN THEM! It always results in another individual being spared the Rent A Center AMBUSH and sorry, sour, business practices they have to offer! Also of course, resulting in lost revenue for Rent-A-Center. Sooner or later, as you, RAC, are inclined to keep up the customer clientele of the desperate, naive (like me) and criminal, your doors are destined to close! You are, after all.... YOUR REPUTATION.... And I think yours is being served rightfully, given this forum! Gina Roseburg, OregonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: Roseburg, Oregon
81, Report #223389
Dec 02 2006
07:15 AM
Rent A Center Rip Off Bad Customer Service Practices Charlotte North Carolina
I'm a former employee of RAC in NC. I worked for them 4+ years. I just want to point out that EVERYTHING you can find on these rip-off-reports about RAC is TRUE. My ex-manager forced us to ram on customers that were late on their payments including but not limited to: Calling their references 10+ times a day using different names and discussing private information Going to their homes and jobs and talking to their neighbors or supervisors/co-workers Use false claims such as I'm coming with the police to your house we just filed criminal charges against you I will destroy your credit One day, my manager asked me to look at one customer's garbage and find out any information I could about her Also most managers keep RAC merchandise in their homes and they sale it on their own. It is not uncommon to see drug trafficking going on in some stores. I'm not saying that RAC approves this behavior, but they have NO CONTROL on their employees. Yes I know, I'm probably going to get lots of rebuttals stating something like you are probably hurt because you didn't make manager, etc. Don't bother, I was offered a manager position and refused it. My advice: DO NOT rent from RAC if you don't want your life destroyed Sherry Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
82, Report #225642
Dec 15 2006
04:43 PM
My husband opened this account with a big screen tv. I was not present when it was opened,so my signature is not on any paperwork,even though my husband had put my name on the application(or so I think!)I did sign for reciept of delivery. When we let it go,the people who picked it up were unprofessional to say the least! They ran over my neighbors trellis and hit our other neighbors drain pipe over the garage, and then took off! I filed a LEGAL seperation from my husband on July 1,2006. On July 31,he walked into RAC and rented a camera. The woman who helped him faxed his landlord for proof of tenacy. The rental agency faxed a letter back stating he hadent paid rent in 2 months! She tore it up saying,I shouldn't let my boss see this They did not follow up with me at all(I was in Oregan) My husband was arrested and extradited to an out of state prison. The camera was in the car,in the impound yard. Dustin from the Santa Rosa store called and threatened me saying You better not get caught with it in your possesion That they were going to report it stolen. I tried to help out. They wanted me to pay for it. But a legal sep. means his finacial is not my responsability. Dustin called 4 to 5 times a day! Sometimes just hanging up! Calling from different #s and at odd times of the day. He was also harrassing everyone on the reference list,calling them over and over,telling them the account business and threatening them! I found out where the camera was and how I could get it. My Mother passed away. My trip down to California was postponed. During this time RAC called and was explained the situation. They told me to get a hold of them in the next few days. I fell off the wagon. They had made contact with his ex boss and he said he didn't know where he was. RAC(Dustin) called and left a message saying that we were LYING. After recieving several NASTY calls from Manager Mr. Marshall I had to have my phone shut off. They continue to harrass everyone. They blow hot air and threaten when they don't have any clue what they are talking about Heather santa rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Santa Rosa, California
83, Report #225767
Dec 16 2006
01:01 PM
Rent-A-Center Criminal Actions Ripoff Houston Texas
I have never been a customer of Rent-A-Center. I moved into an apartment that the previous renter was a customer of Rent-A-Center and evidently took off with their merchandise. I had only been in this apartment for about a week when one evening someone started banging on the door. My 12yr old looked out said there was a rental truck outside. I look outside and saw the RAC truck and thought they had the wrong address. I have deadbolt locks and a chain lock so instead of opening the door up, I at first asked from behind the door can I help you he yelled he was here to pick up their merchandise and was Kim XXX home. I told him their was no one there by that name and he said 'your lying open the door and give us our merchandise' I attempted to explain to him that I was a new tenant and he must be looking for the previous tenant. He didnt respond so I walked away and about 5 minutes later he started pounding again. I asked him to check with Rental office and they could explain to him I was a new tenant. He continued to pound on the door. He then said ok if your not Kimxxx open the door so I can see you. I was so frustrated at this point that I went and found my copy of my lease and I informed him I was going to open the door so he could see the tenant was no longer renting and that I had just a week ago signed the lease. I opened the door leaving the chain lock on so it was cracked. When I did this, (I had the lease ready to show him) he reached down and grabbed my arm and was squeezing it hard. Now the door couldnt open so far. My daughter was screaming. She went and dialed 911. I reached up and unlocked the chain. Thinking he would let go instead when I did this he pushed the door back not knowing there was a mirrored wall right in this area the force of him pushing the door pushed me into the glass mirror and i fell to the ground. He and another guy walked past me and attempted to search my apartment. My daughter had called the police and they were on their way. The police arrived and in the end the rental office came onsite as well and the RAC employees where informed the previous renter had been evicted. I ended up going to the ER for a knot from hitting the wall. Charges were filed against the employee and the store that he worked at. He is no longer an employee there but I find this was totally unexceptable. I won the lawsuit against the store and was given a very large settlement amount but this was something I would not want anyone to go through Joy houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
84, Report #236141
Feb 16 2007
10:36 AM
Rent A Center Rac dishonest ripoff Revere Massachusetts
i had spoke with a sales person i told him if i was to pay a lot of money for a sofa i wanted all leather. he showed me a sectional and said it was leather. so we ordered it. about a year later while thoughly cleaning it i dicovered it was 75% polyurethane 25% leather. i called rac and explaned they said they would work something out 2 weeks passed nothing. so we ordered another sofa (not leather) because they dont have all leather sofas. another 2 weeks pass no word on the new sofa or an agreement on any compansation. so i cancelled the new sofa and told them i will finish paying for the one i have. after all ready spening a lot of money with less than a year to go. and do business else where. all the manager can say is it was'nt me. this company does nothing but drags their heels to correct problems but miss a payment and they are all over it. William revere, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Revere, Massachusetts
85, Report #273135
Sep 07 2007
03:18 PM
Rent A Center insurance fraud Ripoff Medford Oregon
I have purchased numerous items from rent a center and had gold member status when one of the items we were purchasing was stolen. I knew I would not be liable for the item because we had theft insurance on the item. they insisted i could not be released of liability but the item would be replaced. I continued to make normal payments on the other item we had in our possession and found out shortly that they would not apply the payments to anything other than the stolen item and if i didnt also pay for the furniture they would come and get it. they said i had to keep paying for the item that was no longer in my possession or i would be guilty of committing a class d felony. after paying more than a hundred dollars in payments to them since the theft of one item they still would not apply my payments to the property i still wished to purchase. eventually i talked to someone who appologized for the horrible treatment i was receiving and he had not realized I had been such a good customer to them and he would apply all payments from date of theft to the property i still had and wipe out my obligation for the stolen item. the very next payment i gave was again applied only to the stolen item. then began harrassing me and my daughter stating that they knew we were in possession of stolen property and demanded entry to my home. my daughter refused to let them in and they said they would be back with the cops in fifteen minutes. they never came of course but are continuing to try and pick up couches they say i have not paid for from my fifteen year old daughter who is home alone while i am out of state. Janiece medford, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Medford, Oregon
86, Report #289566
Dec 06 2007
09:03 PM
Rent-A-Center - Walter threat police harrassment lies bad business Los Angeles California
Rent-a-Center Is trying to call me a thief, I rented a Flatscreen LCD TV from them and have paid over $1,100.00 on it, Also a sofa set and paid 200.00 on it. I was laid off from my job and am waiting for unemployment. As soon as a payment was late, they began calling me at all times throughout the day and night, Even at one point making me come into the store at almost 10:00 pm to make a payment. They began coming to my home and banging on the doors, leaving flyers and what not. After talking with certain employees and trying to work something out, I returned the sofa set, knowing i didnt need the extra expense. Then I clearly explained the situation to the manager about it taking a few weeks to get my unemployment money and to catch up. Now they constantly harass me and tell me to let them hold the TV. I refused because i have too much money invested to let them try any funny business. Now this guy Walter is coming over at late hours and is telling me i refuse to pay?! Im speaking clearly when i say there is a difference between late payment and refusing to pay,He then calls me a thief and threatens me with being arrested for STEALING the TV. Rent_a_Center is doing the worst job of customer service ever. Upon my initial signup, the manager told me that if I was unable to pay for whatever reason that i would be taken to court. now some 7 months later when im late 2 weeks on a payment they are threatining me with arrest and jail! It has almost twice become confrontational with this jerk, I explain the situation at my doorstep, and he's standing there with a few goons like they are the mafia and about to start a fight. I will not tolerate this kind of action and will call the police in return if it continues. rent a center needs to re-write its policy to avoid lawsuits because of foolish employees trying to go beyond their jobs and acting like savages when ur a week late with a payment Pissed renter los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
87, Report #301603
Jan 19 2008
12:57 PM
Rent-A-Center stole my box springs and mattress Huntington Indiana
About 4 years ago, I put a brand new queen size bedroom suit and mattress set on a contract thru RAC. They delivered the items to my home. All left in the original boxes. We moved all pieces of furniture upstairs ourselves and set them up. I purchased these items for my son that was 19. This way when he moved out on his own he would have them. He finally moved out with his girlfriend with about 1 year left on the 2 year contract. He fell behind on the payments that he agreed to take over when money got tight. I tried to help him. Anyhow, they came and took the bedroom suit when he only owed about $200 cash on it. I went to the store and talked to them and they said if I paid the cash balance due he could have it back. I paid that amount and when he was suppossed to get the furniture back out of their storage room, they had accidentally sold his mattress set to someone else. I'm not sure how they could have done this as it was paid for and should not have been in their system to be re-rented. they promised to make it right. It is now 2 years later and they have done nothing about it. At the original time one of the male employees offered to give us a used set as replacement. it was not in good shape. they set my son originally had was brand new to start and still in all packing plastic. i feel the ripped us off big time. not only did we pay 3x what it was worth in the end.......we ended up without the mattresses Pam huntington, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington, Indiana
88, Report #301452
Jan 18 2008
09:59 PM
Rent A Center employee conduct Loveland Colorado
my fiance and i went to rent a center to get/pickup a desktop computer. after all the hoopla with paperwork was done the saleswoman went over to get our computer. she remarked that the mouse was not working, to which one of her fellow employees remarked it's a piece of sh**. i just stared at him. when he looked up and realized i heard him he just smiled a big, idiot grin. after this i realized that the saleswoman was the only doing any work and that the rest of the guys were just goofing off. this place is definitely a good-ol'-boy club where the only female does all the work and the men just play. i'm sure there will be more to report later Mr. scrybbler estes park, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Loveland, Colorado
89, Report #300876
Jan 17 2008
09:42 AM
Rent A Center No Service after the Sale Cleveland Ohio
O/a Late Nov 2007 I rented a 55 Philips TV offered to me by the subject store. The following day it was immediately reported to them that this TV would need a Lamp and the color was off even though it had just returned from service. I have been waiting for a Lamp and/or service since early December 2007 to no avail. Now the TV has been completely dead for the past three days and I have yet to receive any call backs and/or any satisfaction. I am returning this TV to their store today at noon and I refuse to lose any and/or all monies invested in this bad from the beginning item that I have yet to miss a payment on. I am ready to go to court with this to regain all monies lost plus time spent chasing after their representatives. Ramon Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
90, Report #286195
Nov 23 2007
12:43 AM
Rent-A-Center witnessing first hand the neglect and scams within this company Plano Texas
First off, being an employee at this company, I have my regrets. They start you out with outlandish promises of a great employment oppportunity and great raises and promotions. These are B.S. at best. You spend your first couple of weeks doing their stupid training exercises on a computer. After what seems like a bunch of pointless videos over those couple weeks, they expect you to fully know what you are doing and quickly put you on the truck. Pretty typical so far, right? You generally have to bug the people at the corporate offices for months before getting your competeive raises. The raise itself is less than .20 cents after your first full year. After a couple of months you turn into the house go-for. They could not care less about the safety or health of their employees as long as they get their money. I got very ill the day before my scheduled day off and proceeded to be repremanded for not showing up on my day off to make up for the day I missed, even though it was covered by sick pay. I have also had some bad injuries and was supposed to be on light duty but instead spent my time carrying appliances and furniture by myself. They rip-off customers on a daily basis. Generally they start by overcharging for their product by at least 4 times its actual value. They will harass customers to no end when they want payments, but cannot pay their own bill on time to other companies and suppliers. I have seen some employees go as far as refusing customers based on their appearance when they come into the store. They also rip people off with what they like to call Benefits Plus. One of the things that disgusts me is they say if you lose your job they will cover payments on your account for up to $1000 or four months. The only way it will help you though is if you keep your account paid until you have been unemployed for 30 days and then they will help out. They also like to take advantage of the customer with shady pricing. I have seen the companies remaining cost on a piece of merchandise go as low as $25 and when the employee types up their rental agreement the company ends up giving it to that valued customer for a price closer to brand new. These mark-ups generally go as high as four, six or even eight times the value of the merchandise at the time or when brand new. I have seen them go higher. I am at this time looking for new employment, as my most recent opportunity for promotion was thwarted by the companies practices. When I first came to the company we were putting in up to 70-80 hours per week. Then one day they came in and said they were making us a fourty hour a week test store. Needless to say, 9 months later the store manager position opened up and I put my name in the hat. They refused my request because they said that I was not putting in the required 50+ hours per week needed to qualify for a promotion, all the while saying I was qualified otherwise. They said I did not work enough hours within the company to qualify. So instead they took advantage of the sitiuation by temporarily giving me all the control and responsibilities of a store manager without paying me for the title. After all their excuses they brought in a person who had never worked for them. I will come back with more details of this horrid company after I get off of work tomorrow, as I am by no means done revealing what I do know about this companys abuse of employees and their practices in taking advantage of the customer. The great one somewhereU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
91, Report #89278
Apr 27 2004
11:53 PM
Rent - A - Center Fluctuating fees, abrasive phone calls, Ridiculous Accounting Practices Reno Nevada
PEOPLE..WE need to figure out a better way to buy things. WE SPEND SOOOO MUCH MORE MONEY THAN WE SHOULD.WE ARE MAKING THEM FILTHY RICH. AND WE definitely don't need to deal with the people they call ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES This company is what I would call a LOAN SHARK or PREDATOR type company. I would say that they are the Essence of what a BAD COMPANY IS. They charge so much in interest and fees that they should be absolutely ashamed...BUT THEIR NOT...I guess they need the money to hire some of the WORST PEOPLE I've ever meet.. the ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES; the knuckle dragging enforcer types that call you the day BEFORE your due just to remind you. THESE PEOPLE ARE SOME OF THE RUDEST, MOST SELF_IMPORTANT, HEARTLESS BUNCH OF PEOPLE I've ever dealt with ( NEXT TO ARCADIA FINANCIAL and DMV ) The Rent a CENTER ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES. I understand that they have a job to do, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. SEE PEOPLE, these types of companies make all their money FROM US! 99% of their business is geared towards people like you and me, people that may have had problems in the past with this or that, but good people that are only trying to be responsible, hard working, and trying to provide for their family the best way they can for the most part, I know there are people out there that just don't pay their bills...BUT NOT THE MAJORITY OF THEIRE CUSTOMERS. DO YOU THINK MACYS COULD GET AWAY WITH THIS WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS? NO NO NO! ANYWAY...THEY PREY on us because they know or THINK we can't go anywhere else. I have been with them for OVER 5 years (needed a washer and dryer) and have only been a week late at the very most, and they called me last week, I was 2 days late, and three of them called me at 3 different times that day and left WERE GOING TO PICK UP YOUR STUFF if you do not come in today. I go in an pay them today, and THEY CHARGE ME $10.00 late fee, which I've NEVER seen before...and said they were going to charge me a $200.00 new contract fee, but I MENTIONED THAT I WAS LOOKING FOR THE CORPORATE OFFICE phone number and address and did not mention it again. I guess because I came in and paid before they had to come get it. (Go figure) PEOPLE, I know it is hard to make ends meet, and we all want our families to have nice things (EVENTHOUGH THEIR MERCHANDISE LEAVES MUCH TO BE DESIRED), but we've got to find another way...IF you don't believe me. get your CONTRACT and look at the TOTAL of PAYMENTS ( for a computer I rented for 2 weeks, they wanted a total of $5000.00) I kid you not! LOOK NEXT TIME YOU MAKE A PAYMENT...SEE how much they charge for a $179.00 XBOX..$800.00.ARE THEY CRAZY? IS THERE NO LAW AGAINT PRICE GOUGGING? IS THERE NO LAW AGAINST EXCESSIVE FEES? P.S. THIS letter is for the Company philosophy and Account Executives that FIT THE SHOEI NEVER SAY EVERYONE or ALL because it's not fair. I've dealt with a few really decent people with the company, not many, but there are some. Dre Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
92, Report #32175
Oct 09 2002
05:16 PM
rent a center ripoff wanta be thugs lied swindled cheated decieved to intimadate orlando Florida
On or about the 03/04/2001 I intered in an agreement to purchase a 2pc living room group, At that time under other management to buy the above mention items....approximatley 6months later new management arrived.The immediately distoyed my trust and delibrately lied about due dates. Deposited checks up to 4 to 6 days without my prior knowledge or consent which also changed due days.....which they blamed the fault on my bank than me.....After recieving another check which i could not stop in time...... because first i was told that they did not have it....but i was looking at it on my online statement. After arguing this fact for an hour long distance.....I was told it was found and what did I want them to do with it.... I replied Do Not Present To Bank I was told dennis will make sure of this. That he would give this check to Mike his store manager for safe keeping. Until I arrive back in town from that saturday to Monday..... Well I arrived at rentacenter that monday morning, Dennis immediately reconized me, and recieved a waterfall of explainations without any reason or sanity, but with the intent to decieve and lie of an account that was already current and up to date. spoke with mike the store manager about this attempted, fraud and deciet and attempted in good faith will all monies recieved. Therefore changing my payment schedule from bi-weekly to monthly which at that time all monies collected brought me to the 2nd of the next up and coming month....which there was an attempt made in good faith to payment. And was turned down. because they exclaimed no personal checks accepted. I advised them that I was leaving at that moment for a run outside of the state and where on my way to work.....this was the 30 of september knowing i was scheduled for the second....The check regardless was refused!Three days the morning of my return I made this payment and was charged a late fee.... And to my dismay someone has changed my due date to the 30th in stead of the now arranged 1st of the month. With more lies and deciet.... Now octobers payment was due on the 1st.....found myself out of town again, however elected without notification to add a late fee in this payment and approx. $18.00 for my tartiness. In the intrium been harrassed at work,virtually called a liar and tony and mike proceeded to provoke and intimidate me at my residence on the seventh of October..... which I was showing the have recieved this payment! Now I am being herrassed again to give up the contract they no longer wish to do business with me! Through an intimidating manner.....I have alot of monies vested in this cause can you help!Because it seems to me they are trying to intimidate me out of this contract because they are more use to rental than buying! Lee orlando, Florida
Entity: orlando, Florida
93, Report #134322
Mar 09 2005
11:10 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Pontiac, Waterford Michigan
I was a customer of Rent-A-Center and I purchased a washier and dyer from them some years ago and I brought and Paid for the Merchandise and it is now mine. I went back to get a Livingroom set and a Diningroom set and I was making payments on it and it was almost mine as well and I fell on hardtimes and I was not able to make payments on my Merchandise, so I asked them to come and pick it up. At the time their Store Manager was a very Good Manager and was loved by all customers, but then he some how left the Company and they have had many turn overs where employees just don't seem to stay with their Company. Well to try to make a long story short. I got the Merchandise back and there was like only $300 left on one thing and $500 on the other one, well I was making payments and got behing again because one of their employees was taking my payments and not applying them and then there was also another employee that came to my home and picked up $200 dollars from me in cash and then they want $200 dollars more in another two weeks so I told them to come and get it because I had just paid them $200 dollars and then gave them $188 dollars when they claimed that I was late again and then the employee at that time said that he would make arrangements with me so that I wouldn't be due until Dec.4, 2004, But some how he was either fired or quit the company and then they would not honor what he had promised me verbally. So once again I told them to come and get it because they wanted another $200 Plus dollars for my Mercahndise that was almost mine anyway and now they will not allow me to redeem what was already just about mine anyway, after they sent me coupons to say that I could have my Merchandise back and they would give me that money that was on the Voucher to go towards My Merchandise. So now I have spent I would said a thousand dollars Plus with them and all that money has been wasted because they will not give me my money back and their employees were messing up my accounts by not putting the money towards my accounts and by their Managers making Promises that they were not Authorized to make. I also had to deal with them coming to my home threatening my Children when I was not here tryning to get more Money from me. So I thought People should be aware not to do Business with this Company and if they do PLEASE KEEP UP WITH ALL OF YOUR PAYMENTS AND YOUR RECEIPTS BECAUSE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. Tonderlayo Pontiac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Pontiac, Waterford, Michigan
94, Report #150929
Jul 22 2005
07:05 PM
RAC Rent -A- Center ripoff Buena Park California
First off let me say I used to be a satisfied customer with RAC up until last year. We have purchased 2 refrigerators, 2 washers and dryers, Stereo System, Microwave, printer, 4 computers, a couple of TV's, a big screen TV, a bunk bed , queen size matress set and we have rented a couch. I'm sure there is more but I am too livid to remember all of it right now. The trouble all began when I purchased a Dell Computer from RAC. We paid 45 dollars plus some change weekly for this. Well the first computer I crashed and was able to call Dell to have them walk me through fixing it. It was great, but then the second time it crashed Dell told me they could no longer help me with my computer since RAC still owned it. So I was advised by the manager Traci to bring it back. She would send it out for repairs and I would have it by the following week. Meanwhile she loaned me a Hewlett packard tower. I went in several times and the computer was not there yet. Traci left her job and Kendall took over. When I went in to see Kendall about my computer he told me Traci had switched it out, which meant they lost my computer! So he says to me no problem we can have another brand new one here next week. I had been renting it for quite awhile and only owed 500 dollars on it. He says we will get you a new one and you can just pay off the 500 dollars. That was the second week of June of 2005. I came home told my husband RAC had lost my computer and that Kendall was getting me a new one and that we would just resume payments when it got her. Meanwhile I'm still renting the loaner. So my husband calls Kendall and Kendall says Oh no I never told her that but we work something out. I was so livid I took the loaner back and told Kendall I was done. Kendall then told my husband he would get the new computer in a week and told him the same thing that we could pay off the 500 dollars we owed on the original contract. Now meanwhile my son is renting a big screen TV from the same place. my son lost his job because he got real sick. He lapsed on his payment (He lives with me) Because he lapsed on his payment they would not reduce his payment while he was so ill. Even though he had paid on the thing more than 3 quarters of what was owed. In fact there was only 800 dollars left owing in it. I went in while my son was in a recovery home and made the payments, caught him up, explained to them what was happening with my son but they never lowered the payment. Now I had the money to pay off the TV. I forgot when the thing was due. It was due on the 2nd of July and I flaked. So they came while I was not at home and TOOK THE TV. That was last Wednesday. Yesterday we went in and I handed him my ATM card and said pay it off! Kendall then said oh please keep it open because it looks better on the store. So I said okay fine. Kendall said they would bring the TV here between 11 and 1 today. When it did not arrive I called the store. Herman who hates my guts said I can't deliver the TV to you because you have to pay it off. I said Let me speak to Kendall. Herman never said a word just put me on hold. 5 minutes later he comes back says Kendall is on a nother line and said the corporate office wants it payed off before we can deliver it to you. I said Kendall wouldn't let me pay it off when I was there last night. He says well that's okay, you can pay it off now. I said I'm not dealing with you people you can deal with my husband. And I hung up. I still don't know what I'm going to do about this or if there is anything I can do. About harrassing customers. Let me tell you something that guy Herman is a real piece of work. I became disabled a few years ago and had 2 surgeries. My husband is a flake so he hardly ever made the payments on time so of course I would get phone calls. I'm not talking one phone call I'm talking 3 or 4 a day! I begged them to call when my husband was a home and please don't call me I'm very ill. Herman went out of his way to harrass me with 3 phone calls a day for over 3 months plus other people in the store would call until I was forced to change my phone number. Now that's just not right. I wish there was something we could do about it all. We have been very good customers to those people. We are the working poor so we dont have a lot of options for owning anything. It's just not right what they did and still do. Janet buena park, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: Buena Park, California
95, Report #1187971
Nov 11 2014
09:27 AM
96, Report #1184417
Oct 22 2014
09:29 PM
Rent A Center RAC STALKED me, deff not in the contract Milford Ohio
okay, I decided one day that I was gona rent some furniture and a washer, both things were on special and it was cheap at first, but after the first couple months of payments,  they went up, there was no reason for that no fine print... their excuse was late fees, except id pay a few weeks at a time... anyways, my hubbys a truck driver and there are times where we dont make any money at all for a week.. I was a few days late and RAC came by my house on a Monday, which they were parked in a driveway next door and pulled in after me which struck me as very odd considering I have ALWAYS answered the door for them and have never hid from them cuz frankly I never cared if they took my stuff. well ibtold him the situation, and flat out said if you gotta take my stuff go ahead I understand its fine.. he said nobits okay I will be back in a week to get the payment no problem... so... Tuesday the next day im a work I wrk in fast food, and the phone is ringing off the hook during lunch rush my manager finally answers it and its them asking for me n shes agruvated cuz were busy I told her unless its my mom (who watches my two year old during the day) that its not important anyone else can wait till im off work... not ten minutes later Iook out my fdrive thru window and theres a RAC van sitting across the parking lot facing me... they sat there upbuntil I left but never followed me home.. so I figured RAC is actually in that parking lot next door MAYBE im being paranoid n they just happen to park there.. so Wednesday I go about my business I swing by mybwork around noon to drop something off... i get back in my car and who pulls in but a RAC van.. I tell myself they must just be getting lunch, they arent allowed to show up to my work that isnt where the merchandise is besides I had already TOLD them to take the stuff if they had tpp that I was late and they could have it back why follow me around.. well I see them staring at me in my rear view and they whip it around and come SPEEDING after me cut out infront of another car and everything and proceed to follow me tp my friends house... at which point I am so pissed I call and say look I talked to the guy who showed up on MONDAY and he said hed be bck in a week for my payment, if you guys cantwait TWO more days just COME AND GET IT I TOLD HIM TO TAKE IT ALREADY IF IT WAS GONA BE AN ISSUE.. he tries to get 70$ out of meand keeps pushing me and threatening me theyd come n get the stuff I had at that point told them twice to come pick up.. I told him there was nothing I could do that me n my husband had a damn good check coming that I can either pay them off in less than a week, or I can give myoney to someone else and get different furniture. they apparently couldnt wait so I said ill be home soon comebn get it... so I go home get my old furniture ready to go, and wait and wait, so I start calling them asking them where they are that they needed to come n get it I had shit to do I couldnt sit here all day waiting on them, I mean not 2 hours prior they were stalking me following me around, they seemed in such a hurry to pick up the stuff... he says that he will send them out right then... another hour passes I decided to call them again getting more n more agitated bcuz the RAC store is 5 mins from my house... I call I figure they call me all the time n show up at my work, so ,  I call and I say yet again I have things to do come n get the stuff... he says theyre on theirbway... 3 minutes pass and the assistant manager calls, hes super sweet and says to me he would take any amount of money at this point and it would keep my account open.. wrll no first he says even 20$ THEN I explain further the situation and explain I can pay him off in one week but that I have no money and then he says at this b.s. pointbhed take ANY amount any amount at all... his guys show up while were on the phone I get off the phone and realize I got ten bucks n I try to call eric back and the manager brian picks up (the one who was mean and sent them to stalk me in the first place, also the same man who everytime I came in or called in a payment told me how beautiful I am and how I can have any man I wanted that I was georgeous n blah blah blah) well he answered and I asked well eric said hed take any amount of money define any amount I might be able to come up with a little bit n I get paid in 2 days I can finish paying the 70$ then.. and he says 'oh hell no I will not accept anything less that 70$' so I said oh yea well like I said ten tines in the past 3 days TAKE IT douchbag. I understand I was the one who was late on my payment... but the part that got to me was I flat out kept telling them to take the stuff and they kept refusing to take it and then started following me around and stalking me, and even if I had the money once I felt harassed and uncomfortable and scared bcuz they were trying to intimidate me by staring at me while im wrkibg and hiding next door and watching and waiting for me to pull into work so they can follow me into work, when I was NEVER trying to keep their shitty merchandise fron them at any point.. thats when I decided I was gona go somewhere else for furniture.. somewhere, where they understand peoples right to privacy and not bullying them for money... yea I signed a contract, my contract stated that Ihad to return the merchandise if iI didnt pay... well I tried to give them the stuff back, and they still stalked me days later. 
Entity: Milford, Ohio
97, Report #1043040
Apr 13 2013
02:50 PM
Rent A Center R.A.C. Not really Free Two Weeks Jamestown North Dakota
We needed a table, but we did not have the cash on hand to buy one sooo we decided to check out RAC/ Rent A center because they were running a special. The Special? Your first payment free on us. It is not really free. My last payment should have been 04/01/2013. After reading the contract and arguing with the manager at our local Rent A Center in Jamestown North Dakota he admitted that the two managers before him including himself and the local manager in Bismarck North Dakota did not realize the two weeks free means they will NOT charge for the use of the product and that does NOT come off the price of the rental, are telling people that it comes off the purchase price which is not the case. The other thing that people need to be aware of is the final payout of the rental you are getting. it is HIGH, but above the price in the paragraph it states that this does not include the tax or waiver fees. So the contract reads your total payout is $XXXX.XX. It is very deceptive because if you do not read the whole contract and are only interested in what the final price of being poor will cost you it will cost you at least $150.00 more. Also a warning if you pay more then what your weekly agreement is it does NOT come off the purchase price they put that in limbo.
Entity: Jamestown, North Dakota
98, Report #1034276
Nov 25 2008
08:33 PM
Rent A Center deceptive, unhelpful downright ripoff company Douglas Georgia Douglas Georgia
I went to rent a center to purchase a computer and was told i was getting a new computer under full warrenty,but in fact it was used .Then about 3 months of paying on it i started having problems with it freezing up and the screen going blue with error messages so i called to tell them and there response was i wasn't letting my computer warm up so i totally rebooted it well a month later it did it again so i rebooted again then in the last weeks before i was to pay it off it went completely out and would not come on so i let them send it off to be fixed and a week later when i got it back it was in worse condition and when i called to complain the remark they made was it was working fine when i got it no it wasn't so i threatened a lawsuit and finally they signed it off to me without another payment since i had to take it to be fixed for over $300.00.there were a couple of times i was late on my payments but i allways made double payments the following week and with late charges added ,but they are regular hounds about the payments even if you call to let them know you are going to be late or make arrangements they still call several times a day and come out and walk around your house looking in your windows . This is an invasion of privacy how can they be allowed to do this, and since they have hired a spanish speaking employee they would allways send him to intimidate my husband when i wasn't there.I would not recommend this company to anyone and i will never buy or rent anything from them again. Not pleased in nicholls georgia nicholls, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Douglas, Georgia
99, Report #1094367
Oct 24 2013
02:32 PM
Rent A Center Slander and giving false statements Colorado Springs Colorado
I have been renting from RAC for over three years. I am currently current on my computer payment However I found a company who offered a lower rate for the same products so I decided to rent from them. While filling out the apllication they asked have you ever rented anywhere else so being honost I said yes rent a center. Well they called rent a center and whoever they spoke to there told them I am currently behind in my payments and am always late with my payments and having to turn things back in to them along with other lies and untruths. It is the company policy of rent a center that you can return products and they will hold them for you for 30 days which I have done in the past but am not currently late on any payments so this was a flat out lie. I guess if you try to leave rent a center they lie to anyone else you try to rent from to keep you there so take my advice shop around first do not go to rent a center.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
100, Report #1428014
Feb 08 2018
10:48 AM
Rent A Center Milton, PA Harassment Milton Pennsylvania
We moved into a new place last year, that required us to have our own fridge. So, we went and got one from RAC, never had rented from them previously we had no idea what we were in for. We were on the weekly payment plan, on Saturdays. My fiancé worked nights and as far as RAC goes, they opened at 8 am and closed at 7 PM on saturdays. Every Saturday he would get woken up at 8 AM from Jesse, demanding we come see him because of our missing payment. 8 AM.. on the DAY it’s due. Still had 11 hours left of that stores day. Not only would Jesse call him, he’d call me and ALL our references. One right after another. And the payment wasnt technically “late” yet. This happened weekly despite going in and speaking to them about it when we paid that day. I got tired of it and just paid it online days earlier. We still got phone calls regardless. Fast forward almost a year later, two weeks ago we got notification when my fiancé’s taxes would hit our account, paid that week payment then the $$ was to hit on the the weds after next payment due. So, 3 ish days “past due”. We decided to just wait for the taxes and pay the fridge off. Despite the 8 phone calls received on Saturday between me and my fiancé, and our references (3-4 times each person) Monday, we get a Big Bang on our door. RAC. They came to our home not even 3 days past due! We answered and told them that we were paying it off Weds and it made no sense to use to drive and pay 28$ just to pay $480 on weds to pay it off. They left pissed that we didn’t give them any payment. We did tell them if we have to pay the 28$ then fine...whatever, but we still wer paying it off weds. And they huffed and puffed away not taking the 28$. My fiancé paid it off yesterday, they tried so hard to get him back into an agreement, offering 100$ off. He said not a chance and then they said to come back tomorrow and they would give us 50$ off a new agreement. He again, declined and said he wouldn’t do another agreement again. Now we are getting phone calls telling us to come do another agreement. They don’t like when someone pays something off, and yet still bother them! Ridiculous! Save yourself the headache, and money. Don’t rent from RAC.
Entity: Milton, Pennsylvania

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