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1, Report #803532
Nov 30 2011
09:40 PM
SCORESENSE Scoresense Credit Score scoresense silent bank robber... Internet
I was looking for a used motorcycle from harley davidson dealer or used motorcycle dealer that carries used bike and I found the motorcycle i want and i saw form the right side of their catalog page where bikes pictures appear their advertising that says no credit,bad credit and has no credit and divorce apply for sure loan will work it i decided to try if i can be approve since i just got divorce and my credit score is really bad,so i click the said financing company,then as I was about to finish the application,there was this question for how much money do i want to loan so i put the amount and then when I click the icon for submission the score sense site pop up and on the front page it self,then the page was written question asking you if you know your score,And then it$ a $ a dollar can give you protection for one week,know your score before we can be approved.And so I submit mine and then the following day I called them and I cancelled my account from them.Then the lady on the other line told me that there's no problem,that they will refund my money.Then I ask for confirmation number and they told me that there's no need since it's still on trial period,and then the lady offer me that if i want she will give the same service but is not only 29.00 but much lower that the price i can imagine,and for only $9.00 i said that wont be necessary it's just a one time use and besides i going to travel that month and forget and that ask her to just give me the amount or send me the amount they took in my bank account.I ask her for confirmation and she told that she can do that because i am still the seven days trial period.but then last week they took again the same amount of the service they offer which is $29+ and a $ 1 for mo/fee.For the second time I call them again and the lady told me that yes her co worker put a notice on my account but was not able to activate for some reason,so she told me that she will fix and say she's sorry,and for the confirmation number of cancellation she told me that she will email it to me.nov.29,2011 i saw again that i was charge again for monthly payment and oner dollar i went to my bank and hold them,and possible trace them or my we can put them to a place where they belong.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #769671
Aug 26 2011
02:21 PM
ScoreSense SCORESENSE IS A SCAM! dallas, Texas
Score Sense is a scam. i had no idea what i was getting into until after my account was charged $29.99.I went online to view my yearly three credit reports, and made sure that what i was looking at was NOT any service with a trial period. Sure enough i ended up with a scoresense service unknowingly. No email, No warning saying you are signing up for something, nothing.I called to cancel and get my refund. they tried to sell me more stuff, and after arguing that i was not interested, they told me they had to submit a request for my refund. not only that but the reason i didnt get any email from them before is because gmail sends their address straight to spam.after i submitted my request for a refund, i received an email saying it was being processed.(Ha! straight to my inbox without touching any settings.) then today i get an email again saying my request was denied because im outside of my trial period.I called them back determined to talk to a supervisor or the owner if need be. they put me on hold to transfer the call, but before i even talk to the supervisor, they come back on the line and say that my refund was granted and i should see it in 3-5 business days, starting monday. so now i'll just have to wait and see if it really was that easy, or if this is more scamming.
Entity: dallas, Texas
3, Report #745575
Jun 26 2011
10:42 AM
scoresense scoresense should I say SCAMSENCE Dallas, Texas
scoresence aka SCAMSENCE I logged on for my 7 day free trial for $1 right after 7 days i was hit with a $29 fee so i called them to ask for a refund 2 days latter they aproved my wopping $1 and denied my $29 dollar refund,and my membership was terminated i called cack telling them sense I was denied a refund i want to fullfill what I was charged they gave me 30 day FREE trial come to find out from my bank WELSFARGO  i was charged $29 again SS charged me $29 on top of the 30 free trial i got because i was already charged so A TOTAL OF $58 i was charged within one month.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
4, Report #952304
Oct 08 2012
10:05 AM
ScoreSense OTL-ScoreSense Yet Another On-Line Deceptive Scam Dallas, Texas
As with many other complaints, Scoresense solicited with a pop-up offer for a free credit report.  In that offer, they asked for a credit card number to charge a $1.00 processing fee, which I gave them.  They are now attempting to bill a monthly fee of $29.95.  I have alerted my credit card company that the charge is not authorized, and have cancelled my membership to Scoresense.  I should be receiving a refund from Scoresense.  We'll see... Considering all the other similar complaints, why is this company stilll in business?    
Entity: Dallas, Texas
5, Report #1145455
May 09 2014
04:16 PM
SCORESENSE SCORESENSE ripoff, false credit report, false service. Internet
I used SCORESENSE to check my credit score for the car loan application. My mistake is the same the hudreds reported here. I did't notice YOU HAVE TO CALL US. BUT!!! 1.  My credit scores by SCORESENSE are far different with scores disclosed by my lender. 2.The SCORESENSE DID NOT send me any warningmessages about  the loan which was open on my name after SCORESENSE start their fake service. Bottom line is the SCORESENSE is  pure America greed company, wish CNBC  will put this on air soon.STAY AWAY FROM SCORESENSE. 
Entity: Internet
6, Report #798694
Nov 16 2011
01:42 PM
scoresense scoresence Credit report Internet
Scoresence refunded me the $29.95 for the service that was set up for on 11/04/2011 after I order a $1.00 credit report.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #823910
Jan 17 2012
11:05 AM
ScoreSense BEWARE Dallas, Texas
BEWAREScoresSense website is a scam. They charged me with a $19.95 on my credit card without my permission.After my contact with ScoreSense they sent me the usual letter After careful review of your ScoreSense account, we have determined that we're unable to approve your request for a refund for the charge of $19.95 that occurred on 1/7/2012. Your request was denied because you requested the refund after your initial free trial period expired or because there is not enough information to substantiate a fraud claim. Very misleading websiteBEWARE.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
8, Report #779474
Sep 21 2011
11:20 AM
scoresense charged my card Internet
jamie jimenez charged my credit card for 29.99 for his credit report.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #762817
Aug 09 2011
06:55 AM
Scoresense Credit Report misleading Internet
I contacted Florida Attorney Generals Office in Florida regarding this company.I was given the following information since this company is located in Texas.Texas Attorney Generals OfficeCapitol StationPost Office Box 12548Austin, TX 78711-2548Phone: (512) 463-2100Website:
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #826552
Jan 21 2012
10:05 PM
Scoresense Ripped Off Again Internet
I cancelled my scoresense account on Nov. 10, 2011. All I wanted was the dollar report that was being offered.  After almost 3 months there still taking money out of my account.  I called and they refunded my money( for the 3rd time ) which was great... and I decided to check my account today and there was another debt for$ 29.95 ( 01/21/2012) in my account even after they sent me a comfirm email that my account wan cancelled ... how do i fix this they wont stop!!!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #832281
Feb 01 2012
09:39 AM
scoresense automatic debit charge Internet, Texas
When I signed up for unemployment I was sent to a page that made you get a credit report to continue. I thought it was a one time charge and a shitty credit report at that. Today my account was charged $ 19.95 again. I called them and they wanted to sell more crap to me. I did get them to cancell the account and refund my money. OK if that happens.
Entity: Internet, Texas
12, Report #840950
Feb 17 2012
01:31 PM
scoresense ripoff try to scam you Internet, Internet
They advertise in low income housing websites offering 1$ credit checks. Don't do this. This is a way for them to charge you monthly for their services NOT a one time fee.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #781400
Sep 26 2011
10:06 AM
Scoresense Credit check fraud, Internet
Scoresense offerd a free credit score check. Said to pay $1.00 for a service charge (refundable). I gave my debit card # and they took out the $1.00 from my acct. After few days I found that they took the $1.00 out and then a few days after that they took $29.00 out of my acct. that I never authorized. The worst part I didn't even get a report!!!!!! Fraud !!!!!
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #733597
May 26 2011
02:25 PM
ScoreSense SCAM, Fraudulent, Internet
- Saw a listing on the Craiglist - Someone responded and asked me to fill out a credit report, which took me to - Identity Lookout and that took me to ProtectmyID which then apparently sneakily took me to scoresense.   - Apparently they charged me $1 for the credit score, which was fine but then apparently somewhere it says that if I didn't cancel within 7 days, they'd charge me $29.95 - but I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED OF THAT! - And now they won't refund me!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #870696
Apr 19 2012
07:24 AM
scoresense deceptive, fraudulant Internet
This Company is deceitful and fraudulent. They charged my credit card 29.95 for a service I never agreed to. Their ad was misleading and they need to be shut down. Legal thieves!
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #919614
Jul 30 2012
09:46 AM
scoresense Steal's people's money, Internet
I was under the assumption that I was to pay $1.00, to view my credit report. Then a few days later I was charged $29.95 for a service fee, that I didn't approve of.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #892081
Jun 02 2012
10:36 AM
Scoresense Credit score scam, Internet
I went to scoresense a few months ago to get a free credit report that cost $1 for the fee. Apparently there is some small print somewhere about once you get the score if you don't call them in 7 days you become a 29.99 a month member... No where was that clear.. it's a very decpetive practice that has cost me $140 . I have seen multiple other complaints on this sight and practice. Also it took 40 minutes to get a rep on the phone who was NOT friendly at all. She also would not give me a supervisor or would not give me her full name or employee number.  Don't get burned by these people, better offe to go to one of the big 3 credit companies and pay your $20 .
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #938711
Sep 09 2012
12:25 PM
scoresense cancelation of services Internet
I wanted to report that after speaking to a scoresense rep. I was able to cancel my subscription to a credit report. I did not contest the 29.95 charge for the free credit report as I believe it was my negligence for not reading the fine print which cause the initial problem. Consumer beware, especially when it comes to free stuff. Apparently it's true that there isn't any free lunch.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #956761
Oct 18 2012
12:34 PM
ScoreSense Unauthorized Charges, Internet
This company provides a free offer for a credit report. There was no mention of a monthly subscription on their website. I've been charged for both the month of September and the month of October in the amount of $29.95 each time. I contacted the company for a refund because I did not authorize these charges, and received an email on October 17th, that they would not refund my money because I contacted them for the refund after the billing date for each charge. Here is a copy of the exact verbiage from the email: Dear Francis, Thank you for contacting ScoreSense Customer Care. After careful review of your account, the following refund requests have been processed: Transaction DateBilled AmountRefund Status                   09/15/2012      $29.95    Not Approved                   10/15/2012      $29.95    Not Approved Important Refund Status Information: Approved: The refund should post to your credit card or bank account within 3-5 business days. Not Approved: The refund was not approved because you requested the refund after your communicated billing date. If you have any further questions about your ScoreSense membership, please call us at 1-800-678-5464 (Monday through Friday 8 AM 8 PM CST, Saturday 8 AM 5 PM CST or Sunday 12 PM 6 PM CST). Sincerely, ScoreSense Customer Care Like I said, I did not authorize these transactions. There was no clear mention of these fees contained within their website, nor did I receive an email from this company as notice of this service and the monthly fees involved. I contacted the company for a refund and to cancel this service. They use extremely deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting free-credit-report seekers into providing credit information so that they can create a pricey monthly membership scheme. I didn't even realize I was a member of a subscription until I received the second charge. I only used the service during my initial visit to the website, and thought I was being charged a one time fee, which I then disputed because, as they stated on their website,  the offer was for a free credit report. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #955790
Oct 16 2012
02:45 PM
scoresense big time rip-off Internet
I was ripped off by  i called a number 800 678 5464 to cancel the account.  a number i was given online.  i called and got a cancellation number.  i thought it was taken care of - but guess what - they charged me for 2 months.  the number i called obviously had my name and account number listed in their data base because if it wasn't the right company - i would have been told so at the time.  they gave me a cancellation number.  i thought i was fine.  low and behold my credit card has been charged 2 times.  i entered the phone number and here is the site associated with it:    notice the first part of the website???  that website and have the same trademark green and black
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #930134
Aug 20 2012
07:57 PM
Scoresense rip off seniors Internet, Texas
       A few months ago I thought I needed to know my credit rating.  I looked on Google for an address and finding what I thought was a credit rating service I clicked on it.   Living on Social Security I'm careful about not running up any bills.    Checking my bank balance on line I have been seeing something that said Scoresense and wondered   about what it was.  I finally got around to checking into it and was amazed to find out that I am being charged $19.95 a month for a credit report that I have not received.  I tried calling on the phone with no  success and tried emailing them which turned out to not even going through.  I have tried to unsubscribe with even less results.   I am going to my bank tomorrow to try and get a stop payment put on the whole thing.  I don't know how much a stop payment is but it will surely be cheaper than $19.95 for the rest of my life.
Entity: Internet, Texas
22, Report #929870
Aug 20 2012
12:08 PM
scoresense scam, unauthorized debit Internet
i noticed an unauthorized debit from my checking account in the amount of $29.95 from scoresense.  i have since cancelled that auth. yet i never signed up with scoresense.  my wife did, without informing me.  here's the point: from what i understand, a credit request--in this case, equifax (i think)--can be made for free, as long as it was a first-time request.  no other requests have been made. my estranged wife did this one time.  with my banking account info.  but she was never read the terms and conditions of enlisting.  (despite our problems, if my wife says something like this, it's the truth.  i mean, gospel truth.) this all may seem rather confusing--and i don't have more time to devote to this matter--but i am beyond enraged by this episode.  and, as you may think, you probably may understand who gets blamed for this debacle.  and it isn't equifax, scoresense, etc.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #929760
Aug 20 2012
09:25 AM
Scoresense Credit reporting agency Dallas, Texas
Signed up for a free credit report from this company and they have been making withdrawls of 29.95 ever sense then. I had not been using thet account they were withdrawing from for months and clearly remember closing my account with them, a while after i put some money back in the account i checked it. they had taken 2 more fees from the account.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
24, Report #930057
Aug 20 2012
05:23 PM
ScoreSense Credit repair rip-off Dallas, Texas
This company is a complete and total RIP OFF!! I was guided to them to get my credit report(s), so that I might see if any errors existed, to try and approve my credit. They, (this useless company), requested my credit card info, to verify who you are and to pay a $1 fee to get all 3 reports. I obliged, got the reports and went on my way. About 2 weeks later, a charge of $29.95 appeared on my card. (Huh??) As soon as I noticed it, I filed a refund request, and was told that I received an email telling me that I would be charged AFTER the trial period expired. I NEVER RECEIVED THAT EMAIL!!! Needless to say I was more than annoyed. The customer service rep assured me that he would process my refund, and proceeded to try and get me to sign up to lesser packages that the company offered. I fended him off, and was told that my refund was processed and should appear within the next 5 to 7 days. Well, I just got an email, (oh, THIS ONE I received), telling me that my refund was NOT approved, because I did not request it within the required time. The required time is defined as before the trial expired. I repeat, I was not AWARE of a trial period, so how could I have possibly replied within it? So, I fired off an email, and since I am a web designer, I looked into several, shall we say, alternate versions of their name. Well, all the ones I tried were taken already.., by guess who?? You got it, the parent company of these rip off artists!!! So here I sit, $30 poorer, calling my credit card company to request a new card, just in case these people try and do anything in spite of the fact that I cancelled, (AND received a cancellation email), from my membership. At this point, who knows what they are capable of?? Companies like this are what keep people like me - people with bad credit who are TRYING to repair it, TRYING to rebuild themselves in this economy - down. This is just a reminder for others. I have been burned, so please beware of this SCAM, before it's too late!!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
25, Report #907662
Jul 06 2012
12:12 PM
scoresense Lowlife Liars , Internet
I too have received the royal run around from Scoresense. I fell for the $1.00 routine. Woe is me for not reading further about the 7 day cancellation. But I did stay on top of it. I cancelled in March, April it did not show up on my statement. But in May I had it show up with the $1.00 fee and a week later the 29.95. When I called to cancel they told me I signed up,with a different account #. So for May, June and July I spoke to 5 different people and 2 so called supervisers. Alway they said it was fixed. Sure enough there's the !.00 again. Then after cancelling again.I would get a e-mail stating I canceled to late. Bottom line, call your bank. They know about this business and the tricks. Your bank should give you satisfaction.
Entity: internet, Internet

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