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26, Report #979000
Dec 07 2012
08:38 AM
Scoresense FREE CREDIT REPORT Dallas, Texas
Basically, I thought I was getting a free preview at my credit score from the government.  After viewing my report for 1.00, i noticed a 29.95 charge.  Buried deep in Section 9 of a legalese document was an 'agreement' that i pay scoresense 29.95 per month.  At least that is what the rep told me.  I called to get a refund and they agreed - but they ONLY refunded 1.00 - gee thanks.  Guys are sharks - no they are scum.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
27, Report #964945
Nov 05 2012
11:49 AM
Scoresense Fraud...Thieves....Liars dallas, Tennessee
This company continues to take money even after they have been told to stop since June 2012. They claim that we do not call in and I have documented everytime we have called.
Entity: dallas, Tennessee
28, Report #1020326
Feb 26 2013
05:23 AM
scoresense Refunded using bank notification, Internet
Free Credit Reports: 1$ fee as shadow banking charge in order to follow up with 29.95 charge. I contacted my bank online fraud and they were able to get refund within 24 hours. Bank told me scoresense made a mistake. Yeah Sure!!
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #1315237
Jul 05 2016
06:19 PM
ScoreSense ripoff, scam, Dallas Texas
Here is how their scam works. First off, they have a number of loan websites. When you file an application for a loam from one of these, they redirect you to a page that will give you your creditscore for $1. You get the score and file your credit application which is of course turned down. Oddly, you will never recieve a letter stating the reasons why you were denied. One year later you will find a charge on your credit card for $39.95. If you dispute it with your credit card company you will discover that you subscribed to their service and you have to get ScoreSense to stop charging you. Or, you can candel your credit card. I have never seen a company with more internet complaints against it than ScoreSense. Another clue: GOOGLE their physical address:  4447 North Central ExpresswaySuite 110 PMB 406, Dallas, Texas 75205 PMB is your first clue. It stands for Private Mail Box. Google just the first part and you find that the building is a suite in which a UPS Store (formerly Mail Boxes Etc.) is operating.  The PMB 406 is the mailbox that ScoreSense rents at the UPS Store. This is another sign that you are dealing with scammers. Lastly, notice the rebuttles from the company on the numerous complaints here. It's the same cut and paste answer every time.  
Entity: Dallas, Texas
30, Report #1406036
Oct 13 2017
09:12 AM
ScoreSense unauthorized charge unknown Nationwide
Before I noticed the charge on my credit card statement for $ 39.95,  I never knew or heard about this website. This charge was never authorized or neither, I had'nt visited that website, or contacted by phone, because simply, I never knew about these thieves. 
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #822872
Jan 14 2012
04:33 PM
Scoresense Watch Out this Company will start charging Internet, Internet
I just discovered on my debit card a $29.95 charge from this company. Watch out public. They have been charging me since November of 2011. Said I started the authorization but then clicked out. I don't remember doing any of this but in any case they had enough information to charge me. They also said they sent me an email confirmation. I have my emails back to October of 2011- No Confirmation. Then of course it was maybe in me spam. Checked that no conffirmation. This a VERY aggressive company and they will keep pushing. Even my conversations to stop the charges were met with agressive sales tactics.
Entity: Internet, Internet
32, Report #785062
Oct 05 2011
12:06 PM
ScoreSense Score Sense Refuses to Refund Unauthorized Charges Internet
I responded to an e-mail message offering a free credit report from the company that provides Internet security for my computer.  I was required to provide certain information to process the report.  I looked at the report and thereafter starting getting daily updates, which I ignored.  Then I discovered that my credit card had been charged $30.95 by ScoreSense.I immediately complained to ScoreSense and asked that its service be cancelled.  It has said that it will cancel the service, but will keep my money.This is a rip off.
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #807656
Dec 10 2011
01:58 PM
scoresense Took $30 from my bank account without my knowledgeInternet
I needed credit report to apply for rental app. Most offer the same: Free credit report, give bank acct.# so they can take out the $1 to varify an acct. Then they usually will say after the 7-30 FREE trial you need to cancel and you won't be charged, otherwise they will keep the fee (in this case $29.95. I am very careful not to let the FREE time elapse and usually will cancel as soon as I get the info requested. Some places you can't find a phone # to cancel. Well Scoresense took out $29.95 and not only did I not ask for the service but I never received a score! Because I was careful  with my future rent (1st/last/deposit) I knew how much I had, wrong, because of there $30 rip-off I not only overdrew from my acct. but lost the apartment because the check bounced, how embarresing and how angry I got. Called today and they said I may not get my money  back.
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #805643
Dec 06 2011
11:35 AM
ScoreSense Fraud Protection Doesn't Protect Against Fraud; Cheap, Worthless Company, Internet
I fell under the same fraud as many of you, not realizing about the initial monthly charge after filing a $1 credit report.  As its in their Terms of Service, and I accepted it, they had no legal obligation to refund that first month.  Fool me once, shame on me.  This was September. So in early October, I try to have them cancel the account.  They practically force me to take a free month from them, as the lady on the phone wouln't take Ma'am, I don't care, cancel the account as an answer.  She tells me the next charge will be early December, as the month won't start until my paid month ends.  Whatever, maybe I'll use it, maybe I won't. Forward to Nov. 29 (Tuesday).  I call once more, having them successfully cancel my account this time.  I felt like I was going to be done with this sordid business, as I had called before the next charge was supposed to occurr.  Remember, as of Nov. 28 (Monday) I still had paid service, according to them. Dec. 1 (Thursday), my bank's fraud dept. calls me, alerting me of two fraudulent charges occurring on Nov. 27 (Sunday).  I pull out cash for the next few days, have them cancel the card number, and request a new one.  Unfortunately, I live in Riverside for school, but bank in my home town of Cathedral City, and it was the first week of finals;  I couldn't reach home until Dec. 4 (Sunday). So on the 1st, I go to my online bank statement to print a copy for the bank for my planned fraud dispute, when, lo and behold, I have a charge from ScoreSense, having been made on the 28th.  This was before the deadline I was told! So today is Monday to 5th of December.  I call them yet again, asking why they charged me, and telling them I had fraud and demand payment for it (as according to their Fraud Protection and Fraud Insurance programs).  The agent tells me that he can't help me, because I had canceled my account.  I tell him the charges happened while I still paid for their service, and the fact that I canceled my account should not matter.  He again repeats that he can't help me because the account has been canceled.  So I ask for a refund, which he forwards to his superiors (supposedly), and we conclude our conversation. Based on others' accounts here and elsewhere, I fear that I may never see that refund.  To be honest though, they should owe me the full amount of the fraud, as the fraudulent charges were made two full days before my account was canceled. I'm taking this all to my bank today, to not only take care of the original fraud, but to report ScoreSense and its fraud to the bank (and therefore the FDIC) and the SEC.  Wish me luck.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #855483
Mar 17 2012
11:21 PM
SCORESENSE totally inaccurate; waste of time and money Internet
I was willing to pay $29.95 monthly while i cleaned up my credit.  They were of no use.  I corrected items by snail-mail that scoresense didn't have in their reports.  Don't waste the money.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #916841
Jul 24 2012
03:51 PM
ScoreSense Lies, Scam, Suck You Into Other Offers Internet
I was looking to find out my credit score when I came across  The site offered a $1 refundable processing fee, to receive my 3 free credit scores, and begin a trial membership in ScoreSense credit monitoring. At the end of the 7-day trial period, they said that my credit/debit card would be charged $29.95 on a monthly basis unless and until I call to cancel my membership in Score Sense. I was charged to the full amount from my account 3 days later.  There was never a $1 fee charge. When I called, the gentleman whom answered, although trying to be nice about the situation, said he could give me a refund if I didn't cancel my membership and just use their monitoring service of $2.99/month. I told him I didn't want the service, just wanted to cancel and how I was upset about the charge.  He then asked did I not get to see my scores, like saying to me well you have to pay if you want to see them.  I told him that wasn't the point.  He kept trying to wiggle around the fact I wanted to cancel by offering other services. I finally told him firmly to just cancel my membership, keep my dang money, and erase my debit card and phHAVING TROUBLE WITH THIS FORM? Are you using an iPhone or mobile device? Click here to use our simple text number.   They need to be honest and let people know they will charge the full amount immediately.  There is nothing free about looking at their site.  
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #891486
Jun 01 2012
07:33 AM
Scoresense Scammed me for $29.95 a month Dallas, Texas
I went on line thinking that I could see my FREE credit report. The next thing I know a charge of $29.95 each for two months shows up on my credit card.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
38, Report #887305
May 23 2012
08:41 PM
To whom it may concern,I present my complaint acknowledging what I say is true to my knowledge and is reference to my character. ScoreSense is a total rip off. PLEASE PLEASE monitor your credits card daily.. There manager/Suervisor was so un professional and rude. They charged my account $29.95 twice without my permission.  This is truly mordern day ROBBERY and these people have truly deviced a plan on how to legally take money away from innocent people.PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE THEIVES.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
39, Report #951546
Oct 05 2012
11:40 PM
ScoreSense Charged for service I didn't sign up for. Dallas, Texas
Charged for credit protection service that I didn't agree to.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
40, Report #946683
Sep 25 2012
08:14 PM
I did not agree to the membership of SCORESENSE only to the charge of 1.00 (refundable) company refusing to reimburse 29.95. They are stating that I did not cancel before the due date, I had not idea there was one. THe money had not been processed and now they refusing to give me my money back.
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #942825
Sep 18 2012
07:27 AM
scoresense BIG A** RIP OFFS!!!! Dallas, Texas
I was on searching for homes when i needed to find out my credit score i had seen scoresense.  So i went and did it for me and my mother since it was only $1.  Low and behold i was charged Twice @$29.95  I emailed them and got nothing so when i was going over my bank statements online i seen 2 pending purchases.  I called to complain and closed both mine and my mothers account and was told that since i closed it before the payment was taken from my account i wouldnt be charged. lies!!!!  Went and looked at my account and sure enough it was gone!!!  So i called scoresense and they argued with me about when the money was taken from my account.  I have receipts of the withdraw so who were they kidding!!!  So after a few choice words with them they decided to tell me they would put in for a refund for the payments withdrawn from my account and id get an email from them in 2 days.  So we will see!!!!  If no email and no money i will surely be calling everyday until i get my money back!!!!  I hope everyone looks into scoresense before using it bc they are nothing but ripoffs!!!  And to make matters worse when i went to get my scores they didnt even have it due to technical issues!!!! Pisses me off!!!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
42, Report #894650
Jun 08 2012
08:06 AM
Scoresense Just another reptitive billing ripoff Internet, Internet
For their free $1 report (???) you get nothing.  They need the $1 for the free report so that they get your credit card number. Then you start seeing the recurring monthly billings. In my case, it was $19.99 per month, others have claimed higher. When I called, I was told that the recurring fee statement was obvious. Whenever I (rarely) take advantage of any low fee item that involves a credit card, I always carefully read the contingencies; I read about 5 contracts a week for business, I know how to read contracts. Their obvious contingency was not evident, I am certain of that as are, apparently, many other on this site. When I called to complain (I will give them credit, they answered relatively quickly) I was told that we don't actually give reports, you go to for that. Huh? In any case, I cancelled via calling their toll free number (800-972-7204) and was sent a confirmation email shortly after the call. I'll follow up if they continue to bill.
Entity: Internet, Internet
43, Report #925152
Aug 09 2012
08:51 PM
scoresense cheated me out of 60 bucks Internet
took 60 bucks from my checking account, never showed up anywhere on their site it was 29,99 a month was supposed to be 1 dollar each for mine and my husbands credit score, wouldn't refund my money because they said I didn't cancel before  3 to 5 days, it didn't show up until on my account  9 days later very convenient. How could I cancel when I didn't even know I had signed up for it . It's  a shame to rip old people off like that.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #925559
Aug 10 2012
03:36 PM
scoresense BOGUS NUMBERS.Their numbers are far from accurate. Dallas, Texas
I checked my scores with 3 different companies on August 8th 2012.The scoresense numbers were much lower than the 2 other companies. When I contacted them to dispute the numbers, I was told they would not do anything about them for 30 days so I cancelled my membership and Scoresense refuses to refund the $29.95.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
45, Report #934869
Aug 30 2012
01:08 PM
ScoreSense Hidden GOTCHA terms and NO WAY OUT Internet
Like the many others who've been ripped off by these scammers, I unknowingly got locked into a monthly subscription that is well hidden under many layers on this black hole of a website. This company (of thieves) advertises on web pages for senior housing--the implication being that an applicant must get a ScoreSense credit check in order to apply. Point-of-sale, spur-of-the-moment, and advertised as FREE. I never saw the obscure, ass-covering small print that said it was a one-week free trial, after which ScoreSense would be FREE to drain my bank account. Free for them, costly for me. Okay, I didn't pay enough attention to my credit card statement, or I would have noticed the repeating monthly charge back in May. Now they won't give me back the $120 they've taken since then, even though I never knowingly agreed to pay them one sent. Beware ScoreSense--and learn from my mistake!
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #908131
Jul 07 2012
12:53 PM
Scoresense Classic bait and switch with short fuse for canceling , Internet
The customer care center is a front for non answers, they placate you that's all, and try to sell you on how great they are, and provide you with a million dollar protection BS.Stay away from this not subscribe!I wish I had checked RR before I fell for their $1 credit reort bait!STAY AWAY FROM THEM! LIARS! DECIEVERS!
Entity: Internet, Internet
47, Report #978065
Dec 04 2012
05:23 PM
Scoresense should be Dallas, Texas
A Free trial was  on a pop-up ad.  Just curious, I checked it.  I really didn't need a credit report.  I started getting bills on my credit card for $29.99 a month.  I tried to cancel on the internet and they didn't make it easy but I finally found a cancellation site.  They said I had to cancel by phone but they had limited days and hours.  The line was busy several times when I called as well.  When I finally talked to someone on Dec 4, 2012 a young man told me that I had been informed when I signed up that I had 7 days to cancel.  I don't remember seeing any such information.  I had gotten my credit report in Sept. 2012.  I had been charged for three months.  I told him I would not accept a bill for December.  (This was on the 4th)  He said I was billed on Dec 3.  If I wanted the charge taken off, I would have to go through the Billing Dept. I hung up on him.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
48, Report #977708
Dec 04 2012
06:49 AM
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #974533
Nov 27 2012
02:59 PM
ScoreSense Refused To Refund - 2 Hours To Late! Internet
When I called to cancel after a 1 week trial, I was told I called 2 hours to late!  I was auto billed $29.95 because I had to call by 11:30 am and I didn't call until just after 1:00 pm. THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS AT ALL!!!
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #976154
Nov 30 2012
01:20 PM
FRAUDULENT CHARGES made by ScoreSense. They offer a credit report For $1.00 for 30 days access but only give you seven days and charged $29.95 without notification. The report received was inaccurate and incomplete. Upon my complaint, they refunded the $1.00 (whoopy!) and kept the $29.95.  I cancelled the same day (less than 24 hrs.) that I asked for the report, and they denied having a record of that call. Upon seeing the unauthorized charge in my bank account, they denied the 30 days of free access for $1.00 and said it should have been 7 days. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
Entity: Internet, Internet

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