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76, Report #583914
Mar 22 2010
08:18 AM
SEARS Sleazy advertising, deceptive practices Internet
Last Monday, I was buying a birthday present and went to the SEARS website to purchase the gas grill he mentioned he really wanted. It was on sale with an additional 10% off if I purchased the grill online and picked it up in the store. Great! You've got a deal!, I thought. So, I purchased the item and planned to pick up the grill the next day. The next day I called the store I selected online to make pickup arrangements and was told that they did not have my order. I called the customer service number and was told that the item I purchased--and, so I thought--paid for, was not in stock and my order had been canceled. I asked if there were any that could be shipped to me and was told that SEARS doesn't ship this item. I asked if there were any within 75 miles that I could pick up, and was told no. I was told to check back on Friday as most stores received stock then. I checked back on Friday, but the item was still not in stock. I checked back again today--and still--nothing in stock. I called back and asked if I could just order the item and when it was in stock I could just come get it. I was told that SEARS doesn't do this either.  I was told to pick another item, so I asked the customer service rep to check on 4 additional grills in the 0-$250 range and NONE of those were in stock either. I think it's a sleazy buiness practice to advertise items on sale--much less offer additional discounts on--that they obviously do not have nor have any idea when they might receive. Why not remove it from the website? Why not offer a raincheck? I am suspicious that they refused to let me pay for the backordered item.... I think that SEARS has no intention of honoring those sales prices!!!!  I am very saddened that SEARS has stooped to such low, slimeball business practices like the cheaper retailers. I feel very baited and switched since the rep today had plenty of $500 grills that he tried to sell me..... BUYER BEWARE!! Sears is no longer the fullfilling the customer service and business practices that we used to expect.  They are just as manipulatve and sneaky as your local discount store.  
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77, Report #659713
Nov 08 2010
05:39 PM
Sears Repair/customer service issues Chicago, Illinois
It started with a dishwasher I bought from them. I had them out 4-5 times while it was under warranty, for the same problem. It wouldn't stay latched closed during the wash cycle. Each time I  had to take a 1/2 day off work. They would replace the latch. Sometimes i had to take another 1/2 day off if they had to order the latch. When I threatened to return it, they made some calls and found out their computer had not been updated with the new parts for it. A different latch was ordered and now it is fine. But Sears feels no responsibility for any of this. All the money I lost in pay because of their faulty records and ordering the wrong parts.Then the fridge started having problems. About 2 weeks after the 1 year warranty. The ice maker quit working. Not too worrisome, I needed to wait to make the appt until I could take time off work. So I made it for a couple weeks later. Then about a week later, on a Monday, I took something out of the freezer and it wasn't frozen. I tried to call for an appt. They couldn't come out until Thursday  I tried to argue but it was outsourced and all they would do is read the script. So I had to take off 1/2 day. And they didn't show. I went on Blue Crew and confirmed the appt. Still no show at 5:30. back to Blue Crew. Now they deny the appt. Nothing until next Thursday. I tell them I already have one for Tuesday that I made a couple weeks ago. They say it isn't there. Thursday is all they have , next week. Now my fridge is also not working. I go back in my emails and get the confirmation # for Tuesday. They finally show on Tuesday. Have to order the part. I have now lost everything. The part comes in and another appt is made for morning. Again they don't show up. They think I am made of money that I can afford all these repairs and time off from work? I addressed this with them later and they said they don't reimburse for lost wages, no matter the cause. Anyway, I called Blue Crew and confirmed AGAIN and received a call about 2 pm telling me they were sorry but instead of being first on the list I got put last on the list. Nobody showed until 4pm. A whole day off work.Sears has showed no compassion, nor offered any help with the whole situation. They took no responsibility for their missed appointments and what it cost me in lost wages and job security. The number of times I have ha to take off have cost me dearly in both. But they say they can not make an exception for anyone or anything.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
78, Report #704198
Mar 08 2011
12:25 PM
Sears Customer Service is a Disaster , Internet
In Feb 2011 I purchased an E-Tour Bikes Quest -Silver-Step Through Electric Bike from On the website the bike was pictured twice and both pictures showed a front basket. When I received the bike there was no front basket. The instruction manual clearly shows a front basket as part of the bike and there was a front bracket for the basket. The instruction sheet also stated there were wrenches included however, they also did not arrive. I contacted Sears customer service by phone and E-mail. On the phone the girl told me UPS would contact me and to ship the entire bike back. A day later I was contacted by E-mail and told that the front basket was not supposed to be included and if I returned the bike it would be at my expense. I do not want to return the bike - I just want the basket. A day later I received an E-mail from sears customer service and they apologized and told me to take the bike to any Sears store for a full refund. I do not want to return the bike- I just want the basket. A day later Sears customer service again contacted me by E-nail and said the basket was not supposed to be included. If thats the case then why did I receive a rear rack on the bike when the other Quest bicycles don't show them as included?  I have had four seperate answers from customer service and none have been to my satisfaction. The reason I bought the bike through Sears was because I thought they would stand behind their products. Apparently this is not the case. It should be noted that the total cost was $750 and the bike came from Arizona to Florida. Rather than give me a stock basket for approx $20 Sears customer service would rather I send the entire bike back to Arizona at a cost of $90 UPS ground. I have cancelled my Sears account and I will never shop there again. If they think they are good at customer service they are definitely wrong!!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
79, Report #726015
May 05 2011
10:13 AM
Sears Deceptive waranty Gas Grill Internet
We bought a Kenmore Elite Gas propane grill from our local Sears store. Two years later I was cleaning out the grill for another season and noticed two of the main burners had cracks and were rusted through. I checked my owners manual and noticed that the burners had a five year waranty. Although only the first year was labor to replace them also included. So I called Sears and then got the run around from Part to Waranty and back to parts. The problem was that Sears wanted to send out a repair person at a cost to me of between $70 and $120 to replace a part that costs $8.99 each on their own web site. I ask them why they could not just send me out the parts and I would install them myself? In fact I even offered to send Sears the old defective burners back to justify my waranty. They did not know how to do this. Each person I talked too, it was about 4 people could not just send me the parts. They wanted to set up a repair appointment. I spacifically bought this grill because the salesmen stated the 5 year waranty on the burners. Its sad to see that Sears is basically trying to get money out of you even with a waranty claim. I ended up buying the burners myself which ended up being about $44. It was cheaper then having to pay a service tech from Sears to do it. I don't plan to buy anything large items from Sears anymore. I have become acustom to asuming that after the first year waranties mean absolutely nothing.
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80, Report #684554
Jan 19 2011
09:03 PM
Sears Price Increase after Sale Internet
I ordered a set of five plyometric boxes from for $66.00. The transaction was processed and my credit card charged for the amount including shipping. The next day, I received an email that my order was canceled and my money refunded because the item was no longer available. I checked on and the exact same item is still available (same description to the letter), but with a different item number and for a higher price of $449.99. Sears just changed the item number to show the old price was out of stock and raised the price on the item. After pointing this out, Sears told me that I could re-purchase the item (contradicting their claim the item was out of stock) for the new price of $449.99. I told them that was unacceptable as I already ordered it for $66.00. Sears replied that the website shows it is in stock (again contradicting their claim it was out of stock), but for a specific area store and not general website purchase. I checked again online and saw the item was in stock and "available for ground shipping." So the item was in stock, could be shipped to my area, but they did not want to give me the item at the price I originally paid. Now Sears is directing me to talk to the manufacturer of the item. I don't understand how they can process my payment for an in-stock item, then cancel my order so they can try to re-sell me the item at a higher price after claiming it was out of stock. All I want is the equipment I ordered at the price I originally paid. Sears clearly has the item but is now trying to get me to pay a higher price for the same item.
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81, Report #803105
Nov 29 2011
10:28 PM
Sears Price Matching Internet
Trying to get Sears to price match local BestBuy ad conversing thru their Chat Service online. I provided the link that matched the units exactly. The Sears rep stated they did not honor BestBuy ads. When I tried to get a list of stores they did honor - the reply was that they do not provide such a list - OK, ended the call and left very negative feedback.Then I started another Chat with another representative, who acknowledged that they do match BestBuy, but they considered BestBuy's ad to be an extension of the Thanksgving Cyber Monday sale, although I reminded them it was Tuesday. Their reply was to check tomorrow....I really want to use Sears, but they are making it hard. If they do not honor it tomorrow, which is 2 days past Cyber Monday, I will be visiting BestBuy....
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82, Report #811795
Dec 20 2011
10:45 AM
Sears will NEVER get another dime from myself, my friends, family, Facebook Friends, and Blog readers again. I purchased a refrigerator on November 28th 2011 and cancelled due to the fact I was gifted one by a friend. I cancelled my order on December 3rd 2011. I have called numerous times and have spoken to managers that have told me anything from It has been sent out to It hasn't even been cancelled. The refrigerator was never delivered the money was taken from my account and I cant even get a clear answer as to where my refund is. BUYERS BEWARE AND SHOP ELSE WHERE PLEASE. It is the Holiday season and I am out of $500 dollars until SEARS can see it in there heart to Refund me.
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83, Report #929515
Aug 19 2012
03:48 PM
WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLIANCE FROM SEARS AGAIN!!! Late on Friday July 27th our freezer died and we were going to loose a side of beef unless we purchased a freezer within 24 hours..  We went immediately to the Puyallup Sears store at 9 a.m. on the 28th.  We asked to buy the floor model of this Frigidaire 20.6 cu.ft. upright freezer. We had researched this Frigidaire freezer on the web and discovered that this was a highly rated model. The clerk in the appliance department said Sears won't sell the floor model.  We requested to talk to the manager of the store and a person who said she was the manager (We later found out she was not a manager.) confirmed that Sears won't sell floor models but assured us that she had this exact model in the Kent warehouse.  But Sears couldn't deliver the freezer until Tuesday.  However, Sears said we could rent a trailer and pick up the freezer ourselves the next day, Sunday. On Sunday, we rented the trailer, picked up the boxed up Frigidaire freezer in Kent and returned to our home in Puyallup.  We cut open the box only to discover that while the carton was labeled Frigidaire Model Number FKFJ21F7H, the freezer in the box was a Crosley brand freezer and not a Frigidaire. We immediately took a digital photo of the freezer door that said, Crosley, and went right back to the Appliance department at the Puyallup Sears.  None of the store clerks we dealt with on Saturday including the manager were in the store.  So we had to explain to a whole new set of folks what happened.  In the meantime our meat was rapidly defrosting. After a couple of hours of discussions and phone calls on Sunday Sears agreed that we should keep the Crosley freezer for the next few days and load our meat into it until Sears could figure out what to do. Sears continually insisted that they dont sell a Crosley Freezer and had no idea how one got into a Frigidaire box with Frigidaire labeling.  In fact on closer inspection we found that while the freezer door was a Crosley brand the actual body of the freezer and the motor were made by Electrolux.  Yet all of the warranty paper work and operating books were labeled Frigidaire. By Tuesday Sears suggested that we just keep the Crosley freezer and dont worry that it wasnt a Frigidaire.  Since we paid nearly full price for a Frigidaire, we wanted a Frigidaire.  Additionally, since Crosley is made by Whirlpool, we knew that this freezer would have no manufacturers warranty because we didn't buy it from an authorized dealer.  Sears told us that we should just buy their extended warranty and not to worry about the manufacturers warranty!!!  We refused because the Crosley freezer door with an Electrolux body would void any warranty that Sears was trying to sell us. A week later Sears delivered the correct Frigidaire Freezer but they tried to take back the Crosley freezer before we even plugged in the new Frigidaire Freezer to see if it would work.  We refused to release the Crosley freezer which held our side of beef.  Once we determined that the new Frigidaire Freezer worked we transferred our meat and called Sears to schedule a pick-up of the Crosley freezer.  Sears was unwilling to pick up the freezer for another week. To insult to injury, the Frigidaire Freezer was missing the shelf bookends which we paid for and they are on order.  To date (August 17th) we havent received these bookends and dont know if we every will.  Sears ordered for us around August 1st. In the numerous Customer Service phone calls to Sears we never spoke to an American based call center.  All call center representatives were in India. In multiple phone calls to the Puyallup store and in multiple trips to the store we never spoke to the same person twice.  In fact we never again saw the lady and man who wrote up the initial sale and charged our credit card! Sears never offered us any compensation for our rental trailer or for even Im sorry.  There never was any follow-up by anyone to see if the Frigidaire freezer was working or to see if we were satisfied customers!  In fact after Sears charged our credit card/made the sale, they acted like they didnt care if we ever come back in the store! Weve been Sears customers for over 40 years but well spend our money elsewhere after this experience!!!
Entity: Puyallup, Washington
84, Report #952376
Oct 08 2012
12:00 PM
Sears Unbeatable Return Policy Internet
Think twice about Sears. Ordered from Sears which when returned product to store, we were told it was a third party vendor. Called third party vendor, and wouldn't take it back.  They said it was received 8-29-12 and we called (Sears third party vendor) on 9/24/12 and they said it was passed 30 days.  The person talked to was Glen and they just kept saying it was past the time when pointed out it wasn't past 30 days.  I'm stuck with the product after calling Sears customer service and talking to the case supervisor, Maria.  Sears are changing by using third party careful ordering from Sears for the holidays.  I've made a formal complaint with the Attorney General.
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85, Report #940453
Sep 12 2012
11:57 PM
Sears Bad Customer Service - Delivery Internet
We ordered a refrigerator for my daughter because hers went out.   We went into the Laguna Hills store on Sunday.  They said the soonest they could have it delivered would be Tuesday.  My daughter had to take the time off of work to be home.   They called during the delivery time that was scheduled and said they would have to reschedule to Thursday instead.  There was a dent in the refrigerator.   I called them and told them that she had no refrigerator since Saturday and has 3 children!  I asked if they could leave the dented one until they could deliver a new one. It didn't seem to matter with them.   I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was put on hold for 10 minutes.   Finally, she came back on and said they are still researching it and would call me back.  NEVER did.  When they said they wanted to reschedule for Thursday, my daughter told them that it would have to be after 4:00 p.m. because she could not take off work again.  They said they could arrange that.   They called tonight, Wednesday and said that they would deliver it between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.  She explained that she was told 4:00 was o.k. when they last talked.  The lady said that it the scheduled time (1:30 - 3:30).  My daughter asked to speak to a Supervisor and they hung up on her.   So I called and explained the situation and was put on hold.  No one ever came back.  So I called again and talked to another lady.  After a very long hold, was told that they could deliver it @ 3:30.  I explained that it would have to be after 4.   She said that is the best they could do and  hopefully, the delivery would be  @ 4:00 - that sometimes the drivers are late.    I am so disgusted with Sears and the bad customer service that we encountered.   Will NEVER shop there again. 
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86, Report #905802
Jul 02 2012
02:45 PM
Sears Restocking fee Pensacola, Florida
Recently bought a 42 inch plasma tv that had just arrived. The model was not set up for display and the salesperson could not say when or if it would be, but assured me it was similar to another model on display. Took it home, saw the picture was much darker than the display model shown and research confirmed that particular display was technologically inferior.No problem; I decided to exchange the tv for one that cost 60% more. I brought the tv back fully repackaged as I received it. The salesperson said great he would take care of everything, left for a minute, then came back and said there would be a 15% restocking fee. I was floored; had no idea big box retailers still charged restocking fees. I returned a 500 dollar camera from Sears in 2009 with no questions asked.The area manager said Sears only marks up their entire tv line by 1%. It didn't matter how much I spent on a better model. I asked her how Sears hoped to compete with Best Buy and Walmart, but she feigned no idea other retailers had done away with restocking fees.I pointed to the large sign on the counter that said satisfaction guaranteed, returns up to thirty days, but she pointed out a smaller sign hidden between the register and a counter that detailed the fee. I tried to explain how long I've been a Sears customer, but would have a hard time choosing Sears over other retailers for my appliance purchases after this experience. She said nothing but fine and walked away with her handbag and a creepy smile.I ordered all my clothes from a Sears Roebuck catalog as a child. I bought all my appliances from Sears. I've probably spent 30,000 dollars there in my lifetime. They gained a lifelong enemy over 74 dollars.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
87, Report #200129
Jul 09 2006
03:04 PM
Sears dangerous - faulty mower Cartersville Georgia
the following is a copy of the complaint i filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding a faulty gas tank and a RIDICULOUSLY unsafe sharp edge on a mower deck housing on an LT1000 riding lawn tractor.....also, the manamagement at the store here in Cartersville GA, was rude, disinterested, unreliable..... i incurred financial loss, as well as pain and personal injury from this product, and WILL be taking legal action against SEARS to recoup my losses as well as being compensated for the pain and discomfort i have suffered.. this is my offical complaint.... On 05-19-06, i purchased a Craftsman LT100 riding lawnmower. I used the mower twice w/o incident. On the evening of 06-19-06, my wife awakened me to tell me that there was a problem with the mower...As the mower had been sitting idle on my carport, I had trouble envisioning what sort of problem there could be. She then informed me that it was leaking gasoline and that the fumes were almost overpowering. I immediately decided that the first order of business was to get the mower away from the house and off of the carport..I reached over and put the mower in neutral, and while standing on the LEFT side of the mower, attempted to push it backwards...the bottom edge of the mower deck housing rubbed against my foot about 1 inch above my left ankle, lacerating my foot to the bone...There was blood everywhere instantly....I immediately grabbed a towel and applied pressure to stop the blood loss....i refused to go to the emergency room after once the bleeding was stopped, but i DID go to my regular PCP the next morning for a tetanus shot and 3 stitches..As i see it, there are 2 problems with this mower.....a faulty leaking fuel tank, and a ridiculously unsafe, razor-sharp edge in an area where a person is repeatedly required to place their feet. after a bit of research on the internet, as well as reports on the news, i see that Sears is no stranger to legal action being taken against them...whether it be for alleged dishonesty in the automotive reapir business, or a $500,000 fine for not reporting problems with OTHER fuel tanks.... i had hoped that Sears might take the high and offer to take care of this matter WITHOUT being sued...but i see no evidence of that. Tim Cartersville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cartersville, Georgia
88, Report #201818
Jul 19 2006
04:24 AM
Sears Damaged Goods ripoff Eau Claire Wisconsin
I am remodeling my kitchen and needed a new fridge, so I ordered one from sears. To save money my husband picked up the fridge and brought it home. Our kitchen wasn't quit finished when we got the fridge so we left it in it's packaging until we were ready for it. The day we were ready for it, we started unpacking it and the first thing we noticed was the handle was on the wrong side. Why did the sales person ask us what side we wanted the handle on if they are just going to put it on any side they want? Secondly, after taking the taped instructions off the door we noticed a huge dent in the front door of the fridge! I called the store and told them about the dent and the door being on the wrong side. He told me to bring the fridge back and he would order another one that we could pick-up the following week! Why do I have to bring back the damaged goods that they gave? Why don't they come and get the junk they sent home with me? Why do I have to pick up the new fridge! This is how I see it. If Sears had good customer service they would have come to my house and picked up the damaged fridge and also delivered the new fridge, but Sears doesn't have good customer service, so my husband who was extremely irritated, did it. This will be the last thing I purchase from Sears. Tracy altoona, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
89, Report #204498
Aug 04 2006
08:01 AM
Sears ripoff service charges Lafayette Louisiana
We lost our home,our cars everything we own to Hurricane Rita. What the hurricane did not get looters took. I paid $300.00 to sears in May thinking it would almost pay off balance. We were not able to get to our mail, we were evacuated about 40 miles from our mail box. When I did manage to get to the mail there was a collection notice from Sears saying we owed double what the pay off was. I immediately call sears to let them know what our situation was, it only got worse. I ask the charges be stopped. They were not.I soon started receiving threating calls all hours of the day and evening, my family members were called and my job is now in jeopardy due to the numbers of calls at work. My cell phone bills are also high. I requested they stop the calls and contact me by mail only. I even sent them an email. They have not stopped.They are going to force me into bankruptcy. I do not have a bed to sleep on or a table to eat at. We had no insurance and recieved no help from outside sources other than the red cross and evacuation fees from Fema. Think twice before you deal with Sears. Carolyn Abbeville, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Lafayette, Louisiana
90, Report #209611
Sep 05 2006
05:34 PM
Sears ripoff St Joseph Missouri
I purchased a washer from Sears on August 25th but it was not going to be available for us to pick up until August 31. My husband picked the washer up and brought it home. He is a service engineer for an office products company and he knows how to install an appliance. We were able to wash one load when the washer quit spinning. We let it sit for a day and tried it again, and the washer wouldn't work at all. When I called Sears repair center, the customer service man who answered asked me what I had washed. I told him a blanket. His response was maybe you will need to take it to an industrial washer next time. I am a 55 year old woman who has had my previous washer for 14 years, so I think I know what can and can't go into a washer. He then told me he could not schedule anyone until Saturday September 9th and at that it would have to be between 9:00 am and 5:00 p.m. I indicated that since this was a brand new item I wanted someone sooner than Saturday, and he told me that he couldn't do any better. I called the store for the fourth time, and got the store manager and she indicated to me that she could not do anything about it as the service center doesn't even listen to her. She did say she would see if she could find me a local technician and call me back I never heard from her again. I had to make four calls to Sears to even find out who to contact. This is unacceptable to me and they didn't show the least bit of concern in getting this repaired sooner. I am sending the washer back, and canceling my accounts with Sears and I urge everyone else to do the same. Sears is staffed with morons!!!! Kathy St Joseph, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: St Joseph, Missouri
91, Report #208406
Aug 29 2006
07:12 AM
Sears Lemon Madison Nationwide
My Wife and I purchased a side by side Refrigerator from Sears in November of 2004. It's worked to satisfactory up until this past May, 2006. Since May we've had 4 Service Tech's from Sears at our home to look at the problem. The Problem is that it's not cooling. The Freezer is working ok, but has frost build up on the back panel. We lived out of a cooler 4th of July weekend because it was 5 working days before someone from Sears could get to us. Now, we're living out of a cooler again and just brought home our new born son who's all of 6 days old. The first time the repair man defrosted the freezer. The second time, the tech stated hot air was coming in from the ice and water part on front of the fridge. The third tech said that nothing was wrong, that I should turn the thermostat down off factory setting, from 37 to atleast 35. Well, it's on 33 right now and is still luke warm. We're expecting a service tech tomorrow. It's hard to imagine what this fool well tell us if he's like the other clowns they've sent out. Sears keep saying we'll only get a replacement fridge if 4 of the same things go wrong in a years time. Or, if it is deemed un-repairable. Please be aware of Sears and not only their product, but their Service and Tech Department as well. Timothy Madison, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #210841
Sep 13 2006
03:02 PM
SEARS ripoff Hoffman Estates Illinois
I've owned a Sears water softner for the past seven years and have religiously purchased the maintenance agreements. On 9/7/06 I contacted Sears warranty for my annual inspection for a service technician (Sears private contractor) to carry out an annual inspection as provided in my Sears policy. The following events occurred on 9/12/06: The techncian called informing that he'd be at my home, Weatherford, Texas between 1P and 3P. I told him that I most likely wouldn't be home and described the outside location of the softner. About 2:30P, I called the tech asking what he'd done. He informed me that he'd replaced the ventori (sp) and other attendant parts and recycled the system. He said everything was O.K. I challenged that he hadn't actually been to my home as I had been there about the time he would have conducted this service. He began to say that he return on Friday. He couldn't describe my home, dog, etc. I pressed him to just tell me the truth. The tech eventually hung up on me! I was FURIOUS! I immediately called Sears Customer Service. Informing them of my suspicions. They contacted the private contractor owner who said he'd look into the matter and would have another attendant out on Friday; I was incredulous! They were treating this as if the tech had merely missed an appointment. I told the owner if tech had lied and worked for me, I'd fire him! He was not only lying but was stealing from me and Sears. The tech ultimately called me, admitting that he had LIED and had not been at my home at all, apoligizing, and commenting that he'd be out on Friday, 9/15/06. I told him not to set foot on my property. The tech went on to explain how easy it was to do the inspections on water softners, rarely was there a problem, and most customers never knew if he'd been there or not; He claimed that I was the one and only time he'd ever lied about this service scam, and that he was actually a great employee; employed as a tech for the past three years. I recontacted Sears and informed that the tech admitted to lying to me and no service was done on my softner at all. I informed that I wanted a refund of the current warranty, about $118 for the past year, and past years. I was concerned that I'd been lied to previously, as no one was usually present when the service was allegedly done. Sears said they would conduct there own investigation. They asked me the location of my water softner and if the tech knocked on my door? I replied, Don't you understand! He just called me and admitted that he lied and didn't do the service. It doesn't matter where my water softner is located. Again, I couldn't believe what I was hearing from Sears. They were rather indignant and seemed skeptical of my claims of tech lying. I strongly urge anyone who has or has had a Sears water softner service agreement in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. or elsewhere, to insure they have not been a victim of a lying technician. And, most importantly that their water softner has been properly maintained. This past evening I cut up all my Sears cards and cancelled out my Sears accounts. My wife and I made our first major purchase of a Sears washer and dryer in Birmingham, Alabama in 1972. We'd been loyal Sears customers as we have many major Sears appliances in our Texas home. No more...never again will I darken the doors of a Sears. I anxiously await the results of their investigation..... Steve Weatherford, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
93, Report #196873
Jun 17 2006
11:02 AM
Sears ripoff Oklahoma City Oklahoma
I bought this Elipical Exercise maching from Sears in South Oklahoma city and it broke down in a few months. the console wasnt showing any nos. just a blank blue screen. i took the console to Sears and the customer service was pathetic. there wasn't an element of compassion and/or politeness. a clerk there told me that either i have to bring in the whole unit (not the console alone) to have them check it. To have someone come out and look at it, i have to pay $99.00 and then for labor and parts, extra. this is ridiculous. this is the worst customer service i ever had. Stan Oklahoma city, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, klahoma
94, Report #195768
Jun 10 2006
05:50 AM
Sears ripoff Baltomore Linthicum Maryland
Today, on June 8th 2006, I had Sears Carpet and Upholstery Care scheduled to come and clean the ducts in my house. I have a few issues, which I feel I need to address; 1. I needed to re-secure the vent grills myself after the duct cleaning, as they had been reattached haphazardly . 2. The vent latches would not work after the technicians had replaced the grills 3. The vent in my office was not cleaned 4. I was charged for two additional vents, one never cleaned 5. The technicians were in a hurry and did not perform a proper service 6. The technicians did not clean after themselves 7. The paint work around the grilles was damaged (beyond any reasonable amount of damage, and as a consequence I will have to have some plaster work done) I called your representative, Ms. Jessica Kelly, to voice my complaints. She stated, I'll have a manager to call you. I feel that after the price I am paying for an unsatisfactory vent cleaning, I should not have to wait to speak to a manager. I was also dissatisfied wit the additional surcharges, which had not been disclosed to me prior to ordering the service; TTC trip charge carpet for $8, and something illegible (document not clear) for $9. The other charge seems to be for gasoline, according to Ms. Kelly. Why should the consumer pay for the gasoline? And what is the fee for carpet when I do not even have carpet in my house? I have been a satisfied customer of Sears for quite a while, but this incident really makes me consider other options when considering further repair work in my house. Simply put, the work was substandard and performed in a hurry. Roy Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Linthicum, Maryland
95, Report #195656
Jun 09 2006
12:12 PM
Sears ripoff Noblesville Indiana
Purchased a new dyson cleaner that had a 10% rebate, filled out paper work the next day, and several weeks later was sent a letter stating the the time period had elapsed. Contacted Sears, told there was nothing they could do. Rip-off Ron Noblesville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Noblesville, Indiana
96, Report #307459
Feb 08 2008
07:31 PM
Sears ripoff Sanford, NC Nationwide
My wife purchased a kegorator for me for our anniversary from on 15 January for a Superbowl party on 3 February. Product was to be delivered on 1 February to a local store. When we called, we were told that the product was backordered. When I called they stated that the product was delivered, but no longer in stock. Basically the store received the a kegorator and sold it to someone else, then told us it was backordered, basically guaranteeing 2 sales. When I confronted Sears they stated that they couldn't verify that the product was sold. This is 2008. Why couldn't they verify the information. The truth is they chose not to and they didn't care about me. Bottom line, they don't think the consumer can influence others. Brownjc97 Sanford, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #310728
Feb 21 2008
05:43 AM
SEARS Service Contract & Sevicemen Orlando Florida
I purchased a Sears warranty contract, for the second time. The first year of the contract all was fine. The second year of the contract was horrible. Customer Service appointment makers lie. When you call they promise a certain day and a window between 8am-12pm. When they call to confirm the appointment they give a window of 8am-5pm and the serviceman shows up around 6-7pm. Customer Service tells me the parts are on the service truck. Lie. My part had to be ordered and it took a week for the part to arrive. After arrival I'm told to call back for an appointment, which takes another 3 days and Customer Service gives me the same lip service regarding the 8am-12pm window, and when they call its the same window again 8am-5pm. The part is replaced. Two weeks later the entire washer shows F which means brain is dead and nothing works on the washer. Call Sears again. Get the same lies and run around. The Serviceman arrives and can't find the problem and calls help. Decision is brain but part is not on truck. No problem the part is at a local store. So serviceman tells me he'd pick up the part and PROMISES to return the very next day with the part and finish fixing the washer. Next day no Serviceman. Call Sears again and am told part is on truck however my appointment was set for three days later. I advised Customer Service what the serviceman promised and the part is on the truck so why can't he keep his promise. Customer Service won't budge. Appointment in three more days. However they will file a complaint with Customer Relations and a Customer Relations person will call me to resovle the complaint. No call from Customer Relations. Sears is a LAIR. Appointment maker are LIARS. Customer Service Reps are LIARS. Serviceman are LIARS. In the mean time I've taken three days off from work without pay and had to wash my clothes ate the laundrymat. I will never purchase a product from Sears because of the Service Warranty. This is just a short version of what I've really went through with Sears Service. BUYER BEWARE !! Patsy Winter Park, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
98, Report #171020
Jan 09 2006
07:45 AM
Sears Dishwasher Repair and Parts and treatment ripoff Nationwide
In September of 2005 I purchased a Kenmore dishwasher from my local Sears store. Just after the holidays the lower spray arm on the washer broke off during a wash cycle and melted a bit. I called the 800-4MY-HOME number for Sears and ordered the new parts that I needed and set up a repair appointment for the following Saturday. The following events occurred when the repairman never showed up: A repairman from Sears was supposed to be at my house between 8 and 12 am last Saturday. When 12:30 pm rolled around and he had still not shown up, I called the 800 number for Sears to see what was happening. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes, a woman answered, and I told her my problem. She said that my status was incorrect in the system and that she would transfer me to the routing department, but the call was cut off. I called back and spent another 20 minutes on hold before another woman answered. I told her the story; she tried to get a hold of the routing department, and after another 10 minutes came back and told me there was nothing they could do. The servicemen had all their appointment slots full. After I told her that I work during the week and Saturday was the only day I had open, I asked to speak with a supervisor. She said there were no supervisors and that the customer service department wasn't open either. I kept pressing for a response and she put me on hold. She came back and said she could put me through to customer service, and did so. The customer service woman tried to contact the technician and said she'd call me back. After another 20 minutes she called back and said he couldn't get there (even though he was just in Knoxville and could have stayed on the job for the 15 minutes extra it would have taken him to fix my dishwasher!). All in all, I spent over an hour and a half on the phone for nothing. The clincher to this whole story is that the dishwasher was only three months old. And I noticed later that Sears only sent me one of the three pieces they said they would. Jessie Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #260102
Jul 11 2007
08:45 AM
Sears Refrigerator Warranty Ripoff Timeliness Nationwide
We bought our refrigerator from Sears less than three years ago. Last night, I noticed the freezer wasn't freezing. I called Sears Repair. Earliest appointment is six days out. Maddening, but only an inconvenience as we do have a larger freezer in the garage. This morning, realized that the refrigerator part was ALSO not cooling. Called Sears back, assuming they would up the repair date since a family can't live without a refrigerator. NOPE. Sorry Charlie. That's the earliest date. They do it first come, first served, no matter level of importance. To top it off, I then respond, so my only choice is to pay a repair person to come out and fix it? I was told that to do so would VOID our warranty. So, we're stuck. Our only REAL choice? I went on Craigs list and found a cheap refrigerator to buy for the garage. Don't shop Sears! And if you do, don't bother with the service agreement.... it's worthless! Jill Kirkland, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #237223
Feb 27 2007
12:52 PM
Sears RIPOFF OVECHARGED Portage Indiana
Entity: Portage, Indiana

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