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26, Report #131457
Feb 15 2005
01:10 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff poor customer service Nationwide
A few days ago I wrote about a problem below concerning Sprint's failure to honor the replacement Insurance. It gets better.... Since they would not replace my phone, I bit the bullet and ordered a new one. I don't know why I paid insurance and hopefully the local government insurance dept. can help me recover. The new phone, a $650. list price phone, arrived from Sprint. The person at Sprint who took the order was helpful. The phone arrived in two days. The phone was locked. The unlock code was supposed to be the last four digits of my social. Well that did not work, so I spent an hour on the phone with Sprint trying to get this phone unlocked. After another half hour call to Sprint, they gave up and sent me to the local Sprint Store to have the phone reprogrammed. The technician at the local store asked where I got the phone and I said I ordered it from Sprint. Too bad, he said, we can't help you. I explained that I ordered it from Sprint because they didn't sell it at the local store. Too bad, he replied, next time don't order from Sprint. But you're the same company I said. Too bad he replied, we can't help. I called Sprint to arrange for a return of the phone and they said they could not send a replacement unless they billed me twice until they did the paperwork on the return. I went to a Verizon store and guess what. A technician there took care of the problem for free on his own time. If you ever had any question about differences in the quality of carriers I hope my experiences help. Thank goodness my new phone will also work on the Verizon system. I was appalled by the confusion at Sprint. There are some there who try to do well, but others destroy the efficacy of their efforts Rob Media, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #130850
Feb 10 2005
05:59 AM
Sprint PCS Replacement insurance coverage problems Philadelphia Pennsylvania
this is a copy of a letter sent to the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Dear Sir: This is a complaint against Sprint PCS cell phone service and their affiliate, Lockline Insurance. I am the owner of an expensive Sprint wireless phone/ pda for which I have paid replacement insurance in Pennsylvania for years. The phone broke. I expected a replacement according to the terms of the insurance. Instead, when I went to the local Sprint store as directed, they instructed me that my model of phone was no longer available, and they tried to provide me with an inferior model that did not have the same features as the phone I was replacing. Upon further urging, I was told that an exact replacement of my current model was available if I would upgrade my calling plan. I agreed, and an exact replacement was ordered. It seems that other stores and warehouses hoard the model of phone I have, and it took some prodding to have another store hoarding the phone in Maryland, mail it to our local store. When it arrived, I refused to pay more for a new calling plan, and the phone disappeared and nobody in the local store could find it. Furthermore, I have wasted hours of my time for a transaction that should have taken only a few hours of time, at most. When calling, I've waited in a calling cue and had Lockline transfer me to Sprint and Sprint transfer me to Lockline, neither explaining exactly why. I've had to wait hours in the crowded and noisy local store. Had I know that the insurance would not be honored, I would have sought outside insurance from a reputable Pennsylvania company. I might have used the insurance available on my credit card. I certainly did not expect the tactics and extortions that were applied. Nor do I seem to be the only one having this problem. I have discovered countless similar complaints on internet user forums; people waiting in the local Sprint store recounted similar trouble. Rob Media, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
28, Report #129457
Jan 30 2005
10:25 AM
Sprint PCS Genral Harassment Ripoff Loudon Kentucky
After not paying much attention to my bill , cause it stayed the same for a year and a half; my bill suddenly skyrocketed to 300.00. Paying 150.00 every two weeks did not satifsy these people. I recieved a text mesaage saying that I owed 292.00 by Feb 1st. I called and spoke to the lady, and she told me that my phone would not be shut off until Feb 2nd, so as long as they recieved their money , they would keep my phone on. I stared recieveing harassing phone calls, at least 4-5 a day. Each time, I told them the same thing, that they would get their money on the 1st. They told me thank you, and that they would leave me alone. problems was, they never did. I was recieving phone calls at 10pm. After making a collections agent cry on the phone, I asked for the cancellation dept phone number. Its pretty bad when a company has an entire department for cancellations. I told the guy to charge me the 150.00 and be done with it, and that they could have their half working, no signal, crappy service. David Matthews, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #161340
Oct 19 2005
02:05 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff Fort Wayne Indiana
I went there to get some phones, first I asked them if there were any deposits required and they said no. They gave me the phones activated them and i left with a receipt of owing zero dollars. 24 hours later sprint is calling my phone saying I owe them a deposit of $300.00 for the two phones. I told them to take the phones back and they were not getting a dime from me. Two weeks later I get a bill for $419.00 saying I used 39 minutes on the phones and $300 of it was for a deposit. RIP OFF Kris south whitley, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Wayne, Indiana
30, Report #163179
Nov 03 2005
09:27 AM
October 2004, Had a bill that was 30 days late with Sprint PCS, owing about $90. They turned off the phone. No problem. In November, called them, paid half of the past due, and they turned the phone back on -- FOR ONE DAY -- and then turned the phone back off. THE RIPOFF -- IS THAT SPRINT THEN BILLED ME $50 FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 04 FOR HAVING THE PHONE SWITCHED ON FOR THAT ONE DAY. SCREW SPRINT. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SPRINT ON ANY TERMS -- NEVER. I ADVISE THAT YOU DON'T DO ANY FORM OF BUSINESS WITH SPRINT. IN MY OPINION, THE COMPANY IS MANAGED BY TRAILER TRASH MANAGERS -- FILLED WITH GREED. SO FAR AS THE MONTH THEY BILLED FOR THAT I HAD JUST ONE DAY OF USAGE -- SPRINT WILL NEVER SEE A DIME FOR THAT. NEVER. Warren Mentone, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: CITY OF INDUSTRY, California
31, Report #74510
Dec 09 2003
08:52 AM
Sprint PCS ripoff Overland Park Kansas
I recently did an upgrade of my phone from the N400 (if you have it RETURN IT NOW and get a better phone, it's terrible) to the A620 (haggle with them for awhile and you can get the phone for a mere $30 instead of the $260 they are asking for it). Upon my purchse to the A620, the sales representative at the store informed me that I was renewing my contract and in this renewal I was receiving Vision free for 2 months. However, I did not receive the free Vision and was in fact billed for it at about what I figured out to be roughly $0.40/minute! I called the customer service line and spoke with two separate representatives who both were completely rude and unprofessional. I had one representative tell me I was the one who was wrong and was going to have to pay these charges no matter what! When asking to speak to a supervisor, I was informed that there were no supervisors in the building (I'm sure) and that I could have to fill out a form to speak with a supervisor and if he/she felt my problem was big enough he/she would then call me back within 24-48 hours. The customer service rep. told me that maybe I should call the store I purchased the phone from because even though it was a Sprint store it was a completely different issue and maybe they could help me! Talk about POOR customer service! If I did not have to pay a huge cancellation fee, I would leave Sprint before they blink an eye. J. Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
32, Report #64491
Jul 23 2003
01:56 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff Baltimore Maryland
Sprint pcs is still a big rip off as of 7/22/03. I received my pcs phone on the 10th of July, and received two bills before the 23rd of july, both for over $60.00. when I signed for the $39.99 a month plan. My phone has been turned off twice for some reason or another, the company could'nt even explain why my phone was turned off twice in only two weeks of use. And as usual, they refuse to turn my phone back on, until they get my payment for whatever they claim to be charging me for. Sprint is a real big Rip Off, and I feel that they should loose all their customers. They Lost me. Whatch out for Sprint PCS. Adrian bear creek, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
33, Report #97009
Jun 29 2004
06:14 PM
Sprint PCS rebate ripoff Alpharetta ga
I was having problems with my Sprint PCS phone. Since I live in a rural area I had to make a special trip to the Sprint store in Alpharetta, GA to obtain a new phone. The Sprint representative looked up my account and told me that I was eligible for a new Sprint cellphone ($150.00) that would pay for itself through the Sprint rebate program. I filled out the form and mailed it in. After two months I had not received my rebate. I contacted the Sprint Rebate Center and was told that my PCS plan did not qualify for the rebate. I explained to the rep that I was talked into getting this new phone by a Sprint salesman who had verified my account information prior to my purchase. He agreed that I should have gotten the rebate and advised that he would issue on 5/24/04. As of today I have still not received the rebate. I had called the Sprint Rebate Center four times between 5/24/04 - 6/29/04 to advise them that I had not received the rebate. Each time I was told to wait a few more days. I called again today and was told that they mailed the rebate to zip code 60115 instead of 30115. Each time that I have spoken to a Sprint rep they verified my complete address yet no one in their Rebate Center realized until today that they had mailed it to the incorrect address. They advised that they would have to reissue and it would be several weeks before I could expect it. Seems funny that they always have the correct address to send my PCS bill too. What a runaround!!! Carol canton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #105919
Aug 28 2004
08:11 PM
Sprint Pcs ripoff London Kentucky
Sprint pcs made an unauthorized debit amount from my bank account and caused numberous overdraft fees to my account and I can not get anyone to respond this issue. This error is going to cause several hundred dollars that I need to purchase much needed medication for my spouse who is a diabetic as well as had a cardiac condition. I want to be notified of the Class action suit in progress at this time. Julie lincoln city, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: London, Kentucky
35, Report #92453
May 21 2004
01:50 PM
Sprint PCS Porting Issues ripoff Nationwide Oregon
Sprint does not have capable customer service. I have been trying to port a number from SprintPCS back to AT&T. It has been delayed by Sprint now for 37 Days. Every time I have spent over 10 hours on the phone, conferencing Sprint with AT&T and Sprint can't seem to figure out how to port the number back to AT&T. Every conversation is ended by we have escalated your request and it will take 7-10 days to sort it out. Well it has been 37 days now and it still isn't taken care of. Oh by the way, thank you for using SprintPCS, in the future you can log onto www.sprintpcs.com with your customer issues. Bradley 97378, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Natioinwide, Oregon
36, Report #67744
Sep 28 2003
07:32 AM
Sprint Pcs ripoff Louisville kentucky
Sprint pcs has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I have been with sprint for nine months of hell.My first problem I had with them they called to collect on a bill that wasnt even mine.I told the women on the phone that my account was not passed due and i wasn't due for a payment until the 18th. she told me if I didnt make a payment she would cut my service off.So i gave her a check buy phone in the amount of 60 dollars. The next day my phone was shut off and i called csr they told me that I had never made a payment.Then i explained that this women called on my sprint phone and i gave her a check.They said they had no record of this.The next day I had called my bank and the check had cleared. I called sprint back and they said they would open a case and temp. put my phone back on. About a week later i got my statement back from the bank and the check had someone else name on it where my name was supposed to be.the person lived in vegas-i live in nj.i called sprint back very upset they said the accounts somehow got mixed up.then said they would give me 50 minutes free,I told them iwant to cancel and told me 1 would be charged 150 dollars,so i didnt cancel. The second problem i had was the 1010 phone.sometimes i would be on the phone and i could hear but no one could hear me,or i would have no service outside of my home or job.then one day my charger stopped working so i had it.i called sprint and they told me the 1010 phone has alot of problems that they would replace it with the 1200 but i had to go to a sprint store.The closest sprint store to me was ny,ny so i went all the way there to be there for (1 minute!!!) something that really could have done over the phone because they wanted me to mail my old phone back.3 days later i got my new phone but with no charger or instructions,how did they expect me to use it!i called them for 2 days arguing with them they finally agreed to send me a charger so i waited it never came. I called them back they send their was no order in the system. i argued again for 1 day they tried to send me back to a sprint store i told them no so they put me on the phone with some special deptmarment ussa and they said they would send it.It came and guess what it was the wrong charger it didnt fit my phone.IT took me another 4 days to clear this up and they told me the only way they would send it if they could charge it on my accountand then credited me back. i finally got the charger and im still waiting for my credit. I spent three weeks to get a phone and a charger.I dealt with some of the nastiest csrs and some of them were just plain stupid.I had one hang up on me when I asked for a supervisor,another tell me its a 45 minute wait,and another tell me a supervisor will call me back in 24 hours.I was transfered around over and over again.NO one would help me-sprint hires the worst customer service,they scam you,and they wont even help you when its their fault.They suck and i cant wait for my year to be over.I want to sue the bastards-i want to get in contact with cory from houston,texas and join the class action. Jessica bloomfield, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #67776
Sep 28 2003
09:21 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff, Rebate Omaha Nationwide
I bought a cell phone from a Sprint PCS dealer back in May. The phone i bought was 180.00, more then I wanted to spend, but there was a 100.00 rebate. The salesman said I would get the rebate in 8 weeks. That was fine with me. Since about the 4th week after I sent in the rebate, I started checking the status online. All it kept saying was it was being processed. Finally at the end of July, it said it would arrive in 10-12 days. It is now almost October 1st, and it still has not apperaed. I have called several different times (like 10-15 times), and they treat me horribly. I have been calm, reasonable, and have yet to raise my voice, even though they employee such stupid people. Then, on a totally different matter. My husbands bill (we have them on 2 seperate accounts, since I get reimbursed for my airtime for work)., has never came to our house. He has called twice to get it changed, and thought it had been, but it never showed up. I checked online, and saw it was due. I called Sprint, and tried paying with a credit card on the automated machine. It denied it because the addresses did not match. I talked to a person, same thing. This was at 6:45, and I was irratated, so I rushed to the store which closed at 7, and was a little ways away. I got there, and explained the situation to them. I gave them my husbands password, and they were more then willing to help me. The manager had no clue, and i started getting upset, so a hourly employee came over, and helped me then. He looked on the account, and told me they only changed the address in 1 screen, and that it had to be done in 3 different screens. It still did not want to take my card then. He finally after about 25 minutes, got my card to go through. There is 1 decent employee in the company I have discovered. Though he had no clue what to say about the rebate. Chassidy Papillion, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nationwide
38, Report #63509
Jul 13 2003
01:40 AM
Sprint PCS Bad Business deceptive ripoff company Clarksville Indiana
Sprint where to start. My husband is a truck driver and needs a phone, so we went with sprint. That was out first mistake! They tole him that there would be deposit. Well in 2 months time he was shut off I know 4 times. He wasn't using over his minute but yet they kept making his plan higher and higher. Then one of the VERY few kind soles that work in that hell hole informed us that he should have never been put in a plan greater than his deposit. That was why he was getting shut off. Well all this and the coverage SUCKS. I have a prepaid cingular phone and it is much better. Well we managed to break our contract with out getting charged because: A. If they type in your zip code and you don't have coverage in that area they can't bind you in a contract and B. Each time they changed his plan he had and additional 14 days to cancel. Just a little tid bit to help out. Tina Lexington, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #117365
Nov 11 2004
03:59 PM
Sprint Pcs ripoff Rotterdam New York
and law student. 3 weeks ago i signed up for Sprints free and clear plan. The person selling me the phone said due to no credit history i would need a 125 dollar deposit. I paid it. He said that 500 minutes with unlimited minutes after 9pm would be adequate. I signed the contract. On my contract has the deposit marked off. Underneath it has a 125 limit spending limit with either a yes or no check mark. I had none. My estimated monthly bill was rated at 47 dollars due on November 22nd. Okay. 2 weeks later i get a text mail alert late at night. It says my phone service has been shut off till i pay the bill. I only had the phone 2 weeks! I was not even near my bill due date or late! I called them. the first represenative was rude, yelling at me, calling me names, and hung up on me. The stress caused me to go into preterm labor. I spoke to another represenative who told me to look at the fine print. What fine print? Nothing was explained or written about me having no 125$ spending limit. Now with me being in school or work and not being able to use the phone often how could in two weeks i be over 125 dollars anyway with 500 minutes and unlimited nights. I would have to be on the phone all day and night to accumulate those hours. What happened to 40.00 a month billing anyway. here i am locked into a 2 year plan where my phone bill will be 150.00$ every two weeks and shut off. That is ridiculous! They wont send me a phone bill so i can see where i could have possibly obtained that usage, nor can they explain it. She did though apologize for the rudeness of the other worker. She then reinstated my phone service and supposably credited my account for the misunderstanding. She told me to go into the Sprint store within ten days to pay my bill and i would be okay. She gave me a number to call the Sprint PCs to change my plan to a more suitable one. I tried. No one could explain a better or more suitable plan for me, or explain the high bill. Well two days later again i was shut off. Before the 10 days i had to go pay my bill, and still 13 days before my bill was even due to be paid. I called them again. I was shifted from one represenAtive to the next to frustratingly enough have to repeat the story. No one would explain why i was shut after being reinstated 2 days earlier for something obviously not my fault. Well here it is November 11. 3 weeks after buying the phone i needed to get in touch with my husband and doctor for a complicated pregnancy emergency without service and a chance to pay my first bill still not knwing how my bill became so high. What and how this 125 dollar spending limit works or even how to keep an eye on it added without my knowledge or agreement before buying into service. Where are my consumer rights, and i want to take this to court, other consumers, and be treated fairly and with respect. I feel cheated, and decieved, as well as humiliated by the treatment of Sprint PCS phone reps. A Schenectady NY social worker,and law student Christine schenectady, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Rotterdam, New York
40, Report #115854
Nov 02 2004
08:36 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff Hampton Virginia
Sprint PCS is a rip off!! Sprint PCS says that when I changed my service I entered into a new contract. When I terminated my service, they charged me an early termination fee. I would like to be contacted if someone gets a class action lawsuit started T Hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Hampton, Virginia
41, Report #117117
Nov 10 2004
01:48 PM
I terminated my own services with Sprint PCS, after getting outrageous overage charges. When disconnecting, I called Sprint's customer service and talked to a guy who said he took care of it. A few weeks later I get a bill from Sprint with an amount due of over $160. Now this is after my full amount of my bill was paid. Here again, I called there 800 #. After being on hold forever, I finally talked to a lady. She said, that my services were cut-off due to past due balance, I argued that I disconnected them myself and that I don't owe them anything. She hung-up. Well after a week or so, I didnt think about it anymore. Then I get a letter from a collection agency. I called them, they hung up on me also. Finally, I got to leave a message for a supervisor. They called back I told them I disputed this bill and even wrote a dispute letter. Still after all this, the collection agency still is hounding me for this $ that I shouldn't even owe. My contract started in Nov. '01. Well over my year I agreed to. Jason Hamilton, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #94709
Jun 13 2004
09:00 AM
Sprint Pcs billing ripoffs Cincinnati Ohio
I had heard that sprint had terrible billing practices but i did not believe until i experienced it for myself. I work for a large company and sprint gives us a very good discount on our bill, so i decided to check them out, even after i was warned by a fellow employee not to do so. I signed up, received a free phone and was taken care of very nicely by one of their reps, my problem is not the customer service its the stupid billing system. I was supposed to receive a 25% discount and when it was all said and done my bill was to be 41.25 per month with some 2 mth free perks (web access)well, when i received my first bill it was for 122.00, i said to myself ok, i all need to do is call sprint and have them correct this. Thats not the way it works, the rep went on to explain to me that they bill 2 months in advance and that i should have been told this, ok i wasn't told this and its not in the contract i received (for you people that say READ YOUR CONTRACT) And my 25% disc was not on their, she proceeded to give me this cock and bull story about unable to apply the discount and all this other crap..so after paying the 122.00, which i am not happy about, i get to speak to a very nasty supervisor (at mey request) The supervisor goes on to tell me that they had a problem with billing and my discount was not applied due to an error on their part and it would be reflected on my next bill. I then said to her, okay then i will be receiving a 50% discount next month right? She says NO!..you will receive 25%..i said what about the percentage that was supposed to be taken off this month, she said its not happening...i said what kind of S#% is this!! I have had sprint service for 5 months and every month there is something wrong with my bill and i all i ever hear is it will be corrected on your next bill, if they bill you in advance why the hell can't it be corrected on my current bill. Sprint billing system sucks and i don't care what anyone says. Kelli cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
43, Report #13376
Feb 05 2002
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS rip off and unethical practices.
About a year and a half ago, my husband and I purchased a Sprint PCS phone from Radio Shack. We paid a $100.00 deposit for this phone. We told them to make sure the number was local for the Vancouver,WA area. We got home after the phone had been programmed and I tried to call the cell phone from the house phone and found out it was long distance. My husband called Sprint and he was told that the number couldnt be fixed until the next service period a month away. It took 4 hours, but we got it fixed. He had a $400.00 limit on his usage per month. Everything went fine until he got his phone deposit back after the 1 year contract. For some reason, his limit was set back to $125.00. We would pay the bill and a week later, the service would be shut off. Come to find out, they were charging the monthly service fee of $75.00 before the service period was up. That left my husband with only $50.00 on his monthly limit(of which we knew nothing about in the first place.) My husband is a long haul trucker, so I need to be able to get ahold of him. After 3 months of this nonsense, we finally shut the service off and went and got a different service. Do we still owe them money? Yes. Will they get it? In my own sweet time.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #21841
May 30 2002
03:07 PM
Sprint PCS poor customer service Dallas Texas
Poor Customer Service! I have been a customer of Sprint PCS for over two and half years. On Thursday 05/23/02, I visited the Sprint retail store at 17604 Dallas Parkway in Dallas to pay my bill. At the time I walked in to the store I asked a clerk if I could talk with a manager. Not only was I asked why but also I was denied. I was told that since I was a customer I had to use a red phone (customer care). The red phone disconnected me twice and I gave up. I then tried to pay my bill with a payment machine and it did not work after two attempts. I then talked to a Alex Chavez to ask why the payment machine would not work and was told to turn the check around. I stated to him I tried that. He made no attempt to assist me if fact he was rude. I finally was able to get the payment machine to process the check. I then went back to Alex Chavez to inquire about an upgrade of a Cell phone and asked why I as a customer was unable to purchase a cell phone at 50% off price like non-customers were able to do in that store. He made no attempt to explain anything to me his only statement was sir I don't have time for this and you need to leave. Why did I need to leave? That made me angry. I was paying them my money, They are rude and show me the door. That's not right. I refused. He called the police on me. Is that SPRINT PCS CUSTOMER CARE? The Police were shocked at this clerks behavior and recommend I file a better business complaint. I was then told by a customer service person on the phone that Alex Chavez stated in my account records that I asked for it. He then lied on my account records that I called him back and stated I was going to have him fired. This was never said. In fact the person was so unhelpful that he was the reason this incident happened. In my 44 years I have never been asked to leave anywhere. I was not given any help whatsoever by any person in that store. Any customer would want proper customer service and would want a person to be helpful, but I was never given that type of respect by this Sprint PCS store. I spoke with the company and they did nothing about this incident. At that time they ask me to pay a bill I had not yet received. What is it with this Company? Are they so hard up that they would try collecting from a customer before the customer has a statement? I feel this company has a lot to learn about customer service. They have treated me such a lack of respect as a customer that I am going to taking my business elsewhere. cortland addison, Texas
Entity: Dallas, Texas
45, Report #36241
Nov 25 2002
03:44 PM
Sprint PCS Complete Ripoff Richmond Virginia
I have had sprint for a year and its been total hell. I have payed $4000 this year in total fraud charges that were never disputed. Sprint has constantly ripped me off and I wish someone could do something about it. A few weeks ago I payed a $540 fraud bill and two days later my bill was up to $1280. This is ridiculous David Houston, Texas
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
46, Report #27229
Aug 18 2002
09:51 AM
Sprint PCS identity theft ripoff victimized many consumers Internet
Sprint PCS opened an account for someone using my personal information and now I'm being billed for $1,560.00! With all the publicity about identity theft why is this continuing to happen? Apparently Sprint PCS doesn't verify information well enough to catch thieves. All they care about is opening another account. I live in California and this thief used a New Jersey address so why didn't a red flag go off??? Toi Gardena, California
Entity: Internet
47, Report #20090
May 02 2002
08:36 PM
Sprint PCS is a ripoff. Kansas City, Missouri
I had called sprint pcs mobile phone company at the ending of my billing cycle in march and ask to change my plan from 1000 minutes anytime to 2000 minutes anytime. They did the change, after fews days my phone was cut off, and I called to find out why my phone was cut off, the customer service person told me it was due to the upgrade, that my spending limit was too low for the new plan. Then I asked to be switched back to 1000 minutes anytime but was told that it is too late because the new cycle had already started. The customer service person told me that they can switch me back to 1000 minutes anytime at the next billing cycle starting in april 29, that I have to stay on 2000 minutes anytime untill next billing cycle, I accepted. On May 2nd, My phone which is the only source of connection for my business was cut off. I spoke to four different individuals from sprint customer service that accepted that it was a misstake, That the company thought that I was switched back to 1000 minutes anytime in march, which means that I had overage of 1000 minutes. They promised to correct it immediately and turn my phone on. Unfortunately, for more than five hours this was not done, then I made another call, a supervisor by the name Mr. Tate who refused to give me his last name told me that the bill has to stay. I tried to tell him that it wasn't right. He told me that he is the finally say to this bill that I have to pay it. Now I can't reach my customers this is realy messing my business up Emeka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entity: kansas City, Missouri
48, Report #39063
Dec 23 2002
03:24 PM
sprint pcs ripoff dirty SOB's cincinnati ohio Internet
I have only been with this company 4 months and has paid a total of almost 300.00 a month for a package plan that should have only costed 147.00 a month. There is not anyone in the company that can assist me with this bill as to where the extra money is going to,but there is always one hundred people to let me know that I owe. They at first offer you free *2, now they apply charges and denie it. I actually spoke to one rep. named john and he told me that they don't charge(my ass). Sprint also fails to send out monthly billing statements on time. I have been with sprint for 4 months and i have only received one bill from them, and that was for the month of oct-nov. I am constantly on the phone to tell them the problem, but they are still not getting it.I spoke to a supervisor that was kind enough to give a credit for my troubles(barbara) until my statements had arrived, but they never came and the credit she applied left me owing more now then i did before she applied one(97.00 before 187.00after). Sprint has done one thing for me this X-mas season, and that is assure me that as off 2003, with sprint is one place i'd rather not be. tracy tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #44296
Feb 05 2003
04:27 PM
Sprint PCS rip-off Kansas Missouri
Sprint PCS. I have sold cellular phones and equipmet for a year and a half. I have sold Verizon, Cingular and Sprint. Sprint is the absoulte worst. They rip customers off royally. They are always behind in their billing. Their system is always down and reps always lie. You ask for an amount on your bill at 10am pay that and then at 11am your disconnected. You call back at 11am and you owe more money. Its ridiculous. I am going to collect contact info, names and numbers, so that we may start a clas action lawsuit against Sprint PCS. There was on against ALLTELL, another cellular phone company, in Virginia. I was apart of that. They lost and we the comsumers won , the cash was not given to us, instead they credited our bills. JOIN ME IN THE FIGHT TO BRING DOWN SPRINT PCS. Ronald Halifax, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas, Missouri
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Mar 31 2003
04:35 PM
Sprint Pcs ripoff ripoff business from hell Tampa Internet
Placed an order with them for a cell phone*** no problem*** rcvd phone used phone a few days 4 to be exact then rcvd a cutoff on phone. 2 days later rcvd billing invoice the mail for $200.00 for 4 days.. service didnt even work in my area kept dropping calls... called cus ser yeah right .... no help 2 hours 3 supervisors now on my credit report for $400.00 for 4 days.... i cant believe they get away with ruining your credit with poor buisness ethics like this ..... Bridgette seffner, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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