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26, Report #760917
Aug 04 2011
01:36 PM
Sprint Sprint Mobile Bait and Switch Scam Plans Reston, Virginia
I began my contract with Sprint in May, 2011. The first few weeks the service went well. However, the next few months that followed. The service (both customer and mobile) has seriously degraded. I have been in contact with Sprint over the last few months to get their help. You will see in the chat records below that they (Sprint) has offered me a deal that they ultimately admitted they would not honor (as part of my deal to stay) What I did not include is another conversation I had with a Sprint rep on the phone that told me there is 100% coverage in my area. He found this out by checking some tool. Although I don't have that recorded since it was a phone call. I do have the chat where another rep admitted to an outage. Below is only the discussion about the plan they offered but did not honor - Buyer beware...** By the way here is a link to Google results with multiple issues of the like:http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&source=hp&q=sprint+bait+and+switch&pbx=1&oq=sprint+bait+and+switch&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=s&gs_upl=29l1084l1l11947l7l5l0l0l0l2l320l987l1.2.1.1l5l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=7caaed5eb0414d97&biw=1004&bih=602&safe=activeBait and Switch (Chat logs about the offer they later refused to honor)*Chat have been edited for brevity but not the content except names and personal data**Your session ID for this incident is 3371941.TimeDetails08/04/2011 10:33:04AM Agent (Letoya N.): We are unable to setup an employee referral account in this chat session.08/04/2011 10:33:20AM JOHN: Then can you put me intouch with a supervisor08/04/2011 10:33:25AM Agent (Letoya N.): Sure.08/04/2011 10:34:02AM Agent (Letoya N.): Please allow me a few moments to check.08/04/2011 10:37:21AM Agent (Jena J): Hi John.08/04/2011 10:37:25AM JOHN: Hi Jena08/04/2011 10:37:30AM Agent (Jena J): Please allow me a few moments while I go through your concern.08/04/2011 10:37:51AM JOHN: Sure08/04/2011 10:42:11AM Agent (Jena J): I am sorry for the delay.08/04/2011 10:42:23AM Agent (Jena J): I am going through you account details.08/04/2011 10:43:55AM JOHN POWELL: I am merely trying to make use of&nbspthe offer that was presented to me when I signed up. This entails 1600 voice minutes (any mobile , anytime) with unlim data and text for $99 through Sprint referral.08/04/2011 10:45:05AM Agent (Jena J): Thank you for providing the details.08/04/2011 10:47:07AM Agent (Jena J): Well, as you were informed earlier, the referral plan can only be added at the time of activation and an existing plan can not be changed to a referral plan, however we have another plan with unlimited minutes, texts and data, which is for $99.99. You can&nbspget that plan if you want.08/04/2011 10:48:30AM JOHN: That is fine, I am not concerned what the plan name or discount or service is titled by. I just merely want to make the most use of this option. Only the two lines (xxxx and xxxx) would be using what you offered me above. The third line is a sprint airave&nbspthat I use to try to get signal at home08/04/2011 10:49:09AM Agent (Jena J): I appreciate your understanding.08/04/2011 10:49:20AM Agent (Jena J): Please allow me a few moments to give you some more details.08/04/2011 10:49:34AM JOHN: Ok, thank you for your time08/04/2011 10:52:54AM Agent (Jena J): I am sorry for the delay.08/04/2011 10:53:59AM JOHN: Thats ok08/04/2011 10:54:46AM Agent (Jena J): Well, the plan I offered you is an individual plan. There is another plan with 1500 anytime minutes. Unlimited Anytime Anymobile, texts and data. That would be for $129.99 for 2 lines.08/04/2011 10:55:23AM Agent (Jena J): With your existing employee discount, it will cost you around $115.00.08/04/2011 10:55:29AM Agent (Jena J): Will that be fine?08/04/2011 10:57:36AM JOHN: I appreciate your research. However, what I presented you with you told me was not available under the sprint association plan but could be offered for unlimited everything for $99 that you just offered above. Are you not able to now provide what you offe&nbspred at the price above?08/04/2011 10:58:08AM Agent (Jena J): I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. Please give me a moment while I research your issue.08/04/2011 10:58:46AM JOHN: I currently pay about $80 a month. This would be a just in $20 dollars if I take what I was promised to $99. Now, your telling me it will be $115 which is a jump of almost $40 ??08/04/2011 10:59:11AM JOHN: Again, thank you for your time08/04/2011 10:59:54AM Agent (Jena J): I understand John, however that is the plan available, which matches your requirement.08/04/2011 11:00:12AM Agent (Jena J): Thank you for your understanding. I really appreciate it.08/04/2011 11:01:26AM JOHN: Your welcome. I am certain that we will be able to reach a fair and just agreement08/04/2011 11:04:39AM Agent (Jena J): Well, there is no other plan available and I am sorry, systematically it is not possible to apply a discount against the monthly service charges.08/04/2011 11:04:52AM Agent (Jena J): I apologize for the inconvenience.08/04/2011 11:06:52AM JOHN: So are you telling me that Sprint will not honor what I was offered and what you offered me in this chat?08/04/2011 11:07:35AM Agent (Jena J): Could you please tell me when was the original offer made and by whom?08/04/2011 11:08:38AM JOHN: Well, to bring things most current, you just offered me Unlimited voice/data/text for $99.08/04/2011 11:09:15AM Agent (Jena J): The plan is still available, however that is an Individual plan.08/04/2011 11:09:17AM JOHN: Then you tell me it is for one line. I thought I made it clear to you as you told me you were reading through the notes on my account08/04/2011 11:10:26AM Agent (Jena J): Currently, you are on Sprint Relay individual plans on both the lines.08/04/2011 11:12:46AM JOHN: With all due respect this is absolutely maddening. I have tried so patiently over the last few months to get issues resolved only to have offers made that are not honored or to have the details changed on me. I know precisely what Plan I am on and have ex&nbsppalined that to each and everyone in Sprint that I have talked to. I would be willing to accept the offer of unlimited everything for $115 IF you will continue to apply my discount and we can be finished here08/04/2011 11:13:33AM Agent (Jena J): I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience.08/04/2011 11:14:10AM Agent (Jena J): The plan I told you about is for $129.99, however after your current 11% employee discount it will be $115.08/04/2011 11:14:58AM JOHN: Can you not issue some continued credit in order for me to get the price offered at $99 or should I just give up and cancel my services?08/04/2011 11:16:00AM Agent (Jena J): I am really sorry. Had that been possible, I would have already told you about it and I am also sorry to know that you want to cancel your services. I would request you to contact our Account Service department once to discuss this further.08/04/2011 11:16:14AM Agent (Jena J): You can contact them by dialing *2 from your sprint phone.
Entity: Reston, Virginia
27, Report #790150
Oct 18 2011
11:03 AM
Sprint sprint now imposes a $36 fee for loyal customers! Internet, Internet
Everyone is up in arms over the BOA $5 fee, however there's no news on Sprint's newly imposed policy as of Sept. 15, 2011 for $36 activation fees for customers who've been with the company for over a decade. Sprint claims that when you want to change over your phone, it costs $36 for someone to type in the number. Loyal customers who request the fee to be waived (as it has in the past, apparently) are told that new company policy is that the $36 fee can no longer be waived. Not only that, but they argue that EVERY cell-phone provider now implements the no-waive policy. When arguing that $36 is more to a company than an 11 year loyalty with 4 phones, their argument: Why should you pay less than every other customer at the gas station? I responded: It's not comparable! I'm willing to pay for the gas like everyone else, I just don't want to be charged $36 to lift the handle off the pump first! Needless to say, I'm canceling my 11 year loyalty and 4 phones with Sprint.
Entity: Internet, Internet
28, Report #815273
Dec 29 2011
09:01 AM
Sprint 4G unlimited, bait and switch by Sprint Internet
I signed up for Sprint's internet data card which was 4G unlimited for $35 / month.  I confirmed with the sales associate as I didn't want to deal with any additional charges.  They assured me that as long as I was in a 4G area I would not receive any additional charges.  I looked at my bill this past month and discovered that Sprint charged me an additional $195.  When I called them they stated they changed my plan as they no longer offer the unlimited 4G service.  I asked them how they can just change my plan without my authorization and that person gave me the prepared script of how it is in the contract that Sprint can change my plan at any time.  I am still fighting them to try to get the charged refunded and I have to switch as I am 7 days into my current billing cycle and already maxed out on the usage they allow with this new plan.  Of course if I want to cancel the service they are right there informing me that I have an early termination fee of $170.  This is a bait and switch tactic to charge additional fees. 
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #810390
Dec 16 2011
02:22 PM
Sprint Sprint overcharges for inadaquate service California, Internet
Sprint has provided me with a defective phone and turned around and charged me 300 dollars for and refuses to remove the charge from my billl after failiong to tell me to return the phone months. They also use refused to send me a new phone even though I had insurance. After walking around with an android with a shattered screen for 3 months they still have billed me as if they were providing me with adaquate service. There represenatives are disrespctful, especially when informing them that they have breeched the contract because of their delinquency of providing me the service I payed for. After all this they still charged my account a 180 dollar early termination fee. They need to be brought to justice as they feel they are above the law. I wouldnt refer anyone to become a customer with sprint unless they plann on being ripped off.
Entity: California, Internet
30, Report #813369
Dec 23 2011
10:50 PM
sprint pcs sprint rip off, Internet
on dec 27 i bought a cell phone and home connect for my house , went home connected the home connect didnt have any issues till a about a week later i would get calls from the bank or any one in general and they will tell me that they couldn't hear me so what i did i moved the sprint connect from the bedroom to the front room think it will get better reception at around the 6 of dec i was still having the same problem i called sprint and i told them the situation they told me just to reset it and that should take care of it i followed the direction like i was told and eveything was fine on the 14th of dec still having the same issues drop calls and choppy conversation i called back sprint this time i talked to sprint tech support the rep told me that i wasn't getting a good enought signal that it was week because my cell will only have  1 bar and it will also roam in my bed room or any part of the house so the informed me to get the air rave a booster signal for my house house and cell phone i received it like 2 to 4 days later on the 17 th connect it to the dsl line did the proper connection and follow the direction i got good reception on my cell phone i got 4 bars but still didn't work for  my home phone that works like in home cell phone called a again sprint went through all the prosidures with the rep and i was told thst the air wave does not work with the house connect that thats what all i can do i was still having the same issues from the 20 tru the 23 called sprint i had enough i canceled the the connect at home service from having a faulty product .now to top it off the want to charge me a early cancellation fee of 200 dollars cause their product didn't work .i made complaint after complaint and they still wanna charge me 200 dollars i think its unfair that they will do that to me after i went thourgh all the directions i was told to do because i passed the 14 day return policy i wll also file a bbb report on this and a complaint with our local news for bad customer help  my email is (((email redacted))) name is marcos thank you for your helpCLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #864191
Apr 05 2012
06:27 AM
Sprint Sprint Cellular Service Provider Overland Park, Kansas
 Sprint decided to upgrade their towers in the my area (west of Chicago) and my service went downhill.  I can't make phone calls becuase I can only hold a signal for 30 seconds of less.  A when I do get through I only hear every 3 word.  Text messages are not making it their destination. I have to resend and resend.  I have called twice to ask Sprint to get out of my contract.  They refuse to let me out. They say that is not their policy.  Well let me tell you, my policy is not to pay for a service that does not work.  This should be illegal... They are not living up to there end of the contract and something needs to be done when huge corporatations like Sprint aare ripping off their Customers...  Come On Sprint... Wake up and smell the roses...
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
32, Report #865446
Apr 07 2012
11:03 PM
Sprint 4g sprint pcs unlimited 4G was fraudulent. Internet
had unlimited sprint 3g mobile wifi card for couple of years.  was contacted early 2011 by sprint to upgrade to unlimited 4g mobile wifi device and did so.  use the device with a mobile usb router so I can share 4g at home.  had it for several months up until late 2011.  received a letter from sprint threatening me to reduce my usage or they're going to discontinue my service.  I reduced usage and still, couple weeks later, couldn't connect to 4g.  called sprint and they had discontinued my unlimited 4g service.  tried to sell me 5gb/month and I refused.  they essentially had defrauded me by selling me unlimited 4g service which was completely false advertisement.  frustrated and felt I was wronged, discontinued all sprint service immediately.  also filed a report with the fcc and had gotten no response yet.
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #859089
Mar 25 2012
10:45 AM
Sprint Do not use Sprint as a phone service provider. Internet
I am writing a brief summary of my recent experience with Sprint in hopes of saving others from the misfortune and frustration that I encountered at the hands of this company. I had been a customer of Sprint for many years and thankfully transitioned my family plan to Verizon, which offers lower cost, greater coverage, and far superior customer service.I had recently tried to upgrade Spring family plan to iPhones and while the Sprint store located at 254 Danel Webster Highway, Nashua, NH charged me down payments for the phones, they effectively refused to sell me the iPhones. Over the course of one month, I tried unsuccessfully to contact the branch by phone and e-mail in hopes of converting my plan. Finally after nearly one month, I sent an e-mail to Sprint asking for someone willing and able to assist me with my plan upgrade. After once again receiving no response, I moved my family plan to Verizon. Sprint indicated that they would charge me early termination fess despite the fact that they made no attempt to fulfill my plan upgrade requests.I then tried to contact Sprints executive customer service at 877-639-8351 and was initially told that someone would contact me though no one ever did. On another call, the Sprint representative immediately hung up on me. Finally, I was able to reach two individuals, Sonya Corona Brown (866-727-0665) and Billy Youngs (817-215-3680). Neither individual made any attempt to review or resolve my case. Mr. Youngs ultimately admitted that Spring is completely at fault and that I should not be charged early termination fees. He said however, that Sprint has to charge me something because they need the money. It became clear that Sprint is still taking in new business but no longer has the manpower or financial resources to offer any form of service to its clients.Sprint actually did me a favor by compelling me to move to Verizon as Sprints network is becoming obsolete. Apple neglected Sprint when selecting carriers for the mobile versions of the new iPad. Apples choice to use Verizon Wireless should not have come as much of a surprise given that Sprint does not have a working LTE network and the new iPads key feature is its 4G LTE capability. The relative benefits of Verizon translate to their share price, which as of this writing was roughly at $40 versus Sprint which is trading at less than $3 per share.I am strongly recommending anyone considering a phone plan to chose Verizon over Sprint. I have no vested interest in Verizon but am simply hoping to prevent others from suffering through a similar situation with Sprint. Sprints ratings are currently being downgraded by almost every analyst covering the firm and likely will cease to offer any form of service to its clients whatsoever. I would welcome any commentary by Sprint if they feel that my assertions are in any way inaccurate.
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #873039
Apr 24 2012
11:03 AM
Sprint Sprint does not guarantee service Internet
So, after almost 2 months of being unable to text my daughter on our Sprint plan, the time I spent with on-line technicians guiding me through failed fixes, and the 50+ miles I drove to and from the Sprint Center, will not be compensated because: Sprint does not guarantee service. Yes, that's a quote.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #903776
Jun 27 2012
03:02 PM
Nextel/Sprint Nextel/Sprint Bate & Switch, Internet
Beware of Nextel/Sprint Bait & Switch tactics I have had a Nextel plan for several years.  Recently I have been experiencing loss of service in areas that I have always gotten service.  When I checked with Nextel, I was told that is because they are merging Nextel and Sprint and taking down the Nextel towers.  I was told that I would have to get a mew phone and change to my plan to sprint.  I do not go on the internet, nor do I text, so I do not need those services.  I was told there was only one phone that would go on the plan that I have.  He said it would be no problem, they do it all the time.  Since my wife and I are on a share plan, we had to get two phones.  The Customer Care Rep assured me that I would only have to pay $.99 ea. for the phones, and since this change was required, not by fault on my part, the $35.00 activation fee would be waived, but I would have to agree to a two year contract.  I received the phones, yesterday, and called to activate them, today.  I was told that the plan I have no longer exists and I would have to take another plan that will increase my bill by $15 - $20 per month.  I told them that I expected them to honor what their employee quoted, and I was told they would not.  I even spoke to a Customer Care Manager, who just kept regurgetating the same thing.  I was told that I could return the phones within 14 days, and get out of the contract.  When I showed interest in that, the Manager made sure that I realized the 14 days started when the order was placed, so I now have only 6 days to cancel, with a week-end and a holiday taking up 3 of those days.  Not much time for shopping.  At this point I can only hope that they honor the price for the phones and waived the activation fee, but it is clear that they do not stand by what their reps. tell the customer, and they do not care what the customer thinks.  Customer Care is a joke with this company, but they can rest assured that I will let everyone I can about their Bate & Switch Policies.  A wise retailer once told me:  A satisfied customer will tell a few people, a dis-satisfied customer will tell everyone they can.
Entity: Internet, Internet
36, Report #202367
Jul 22 2006
05:05 AM
Impossible to have a decent talk with real solutions w/ c.s.r. Sprint adds services and charges without customers consent. C.s.r. hungs up on customers with serious complaints. Hidden charges on bills are a constant event, double charges, if customer makes mistake of not keeping receipts. Decio lowell, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #278477
Oct 11 2007
03:28 PM
Sprint Sprint is a rip off - scammers Temecula California
Have been ripped off every month by Sprint. Bogus charges appear on my bill for SH** that I can't even use. The 2 phones I have with sprint are really old phones which have no internet capability yet I get charged for using internet? Hillarious ................ Every month there is a different charge, if it's not internet it's picture mail. If it's not picture mail it's international calling, if it's not international calling it's roaming (which there is no charge for on my contract which I have read over 20 times and CLEARLY understand) I get billed for things I don't sign up for. THEY SUCK! 90% of the CSRs that I have spoken to speaks terrible english, most of them I can't even understand 1/2 of the things they say. Always blaming the customer for things that make no sense. Now let me tell you I'm not one of those BIT**ES who call up yelling at them, I am very calm and clearly explain to them what the problem is and politely ask them to PLEASE explain to me what is going on. FOR SOME REASON my plan got changed from 2100 minutes over to 400 minutes a month--- WHICH I NEVER AUTHORIZED. Then my child was being blamed by the person on the phone who said that she had done it, DO THEY MEAN TO TELL ME THAT A 1 YEAR OLD BABY WOULD BE ABLE TO CALL & SWITCH MY PLANS........... HOW STUPID!! Even if my kids were older (eventhough they are not) ............ how would they ever get a hold of my password and ss#? THEY HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER have access to that type of information. I am willing to be part of this class action law suit any day .............. Ng951 Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #300831
Jan 17 2008
07:56 AM
Sprint PCS Sprint Customer Service Blues Internet
SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE BLUES DAY 1-1/02/08: I had decided that it was time for me to get out of the 'dark ages' and purchase newer (better) high technology phones with the camera and web/email access. I had a been a satisfied Nextel customer for years and upon searching the Internet, I had found phones for myself, husband and son. The M300 Samsung were 'free' w/plan and since it was the holidays it was agreed that we would get a more fancier Katana DLX by Sanyo phone for our son as his belated Christmas present. It had an web special price on it along with a $100.00 mail in rebate! So, upon calling in my order via toll free number. It was found that the phones I was interested in purchasing did not have the walkie-talkie Direct Connect features. And since I was a Nextel Customer, all I needed to do was to have my Nextel Account transferred into a Sprint PCS account which was all nicely arranged and done. I got an email confirmation order sent to me and the phones were in within the next business day! Wow! What services huh? Wasn't that easy enough to do? READ ON. DAY 2-1/03/08: Phones come in! Here you go everybody...charge them up! Read the instruction manual, take pictures and just basically play with it a little to get familiarize with it. And tomorrow when I get home from work I'll get them activated and working! Yippee! Nice phones! Camera, web, email! Wow! DAY 3-1/04/08: 6:00pm I call the Sprint Toll Free number to get the phones activated. Remember now...I have 3 phones. Which means 3 numbers will need to be transferred from the Nextel to the Sprint PCS account. Caller was kind courteous. I was placed on hold several times because they had found that I was Nextel customer and I needed to have the account transferred into a Sprint PCS account. HUH? I thought I already had that done when I ordered the phones? Oh, well...let's do it then...We then go through all three phones and the cell phone numbers that are to go with each phone. I was told that I will have to wait 4 hours before we can use the phones. So I look at the clock and it's after 6:30pm. Okay...I told my son & husband we have to wait 4 hours to use it. 4 HOURS PASS: So, I try calling my husband's cell phone number and I get a message about not having access or authorization to this number and something about the something & I hang up. The call didn't go through. I call the Sprint Toll Free number again. Come to find out....the representative didn't show that I had an existing Sprint PCS Account and that I was still showing that I was a NEXTEL customer. So, once again...I'm placed on hold, transferred, placed on hold...we then go through ALL THREE PHONES TO GET THEM ACTIVATED READING OFF THE LONG-LONG NUMBER ON THE BACK BEHIND THE BATTERY. And then I'm told again that I have to wait 4 more hours before I can use the phones....By that time after the 4-hours it will be way pass midnight and I was exhausted and going to bed! Before dozing off, I think to myself how great it will be to FINALLY be able to use our NEW CELL PHONES! DAY 4-1/05/08: I wake up, grab my cell phone and dial our home telephone number. It rings! It works! But after a few checking in voicemail and calling the number on the other two cell phones. I found out that my M300 had been assigned my husband's cell phone number! And the other phones had not been activated! So, again...I look up the Sprint Toll Free number to call them. I get a really cheery and courteous young man. He spoke clearly, I understood him, and he understood me. He found out that the account had not been transferred from the Nextel account into a Sprint PCS account. He managed to straighten that out. Then we corrected my phone and got that to work. He then very accurately and efficiently got my husband's M300 and number activated. My son's Katana DLX took a little longer to activate but he successfully got that activated! All the frustration in the past days of being placed on hold for minutes and the hours of waiting and then calling again to be placed on hold and transferred was FINALLY over! But we have to wait 2 to 4 hours to use our phones... I found out later on Day 3 that my son's Katana DLX the ear piece was defective. He has to place his callers on speaker to be able to hear them! We turned up the volume and I checked through the instructions. We were doing every thing correctly...and still we couldn't hear the caller on the other end unless they were placed on speaker! DAY 3 continued...Katana DLX saga: I call the SPRINT PCS Toll Free number...like I should have the number memorized right? NOT! Believe me...this is one number I DO NOT WANT TO REMEMBER! I tell the rep about the Katana DLX earpiece. She has me go through the prompts, turn the volume up...nothing...Then she has me turn it off and on. Nothing. Then she has me hang up and told me that she was going to call me back. She does. Nothing. So her advice to me was to go to the nearest SPRINT store to repair or have it replaced. She graciously offers her assistance in helping me to find the closest SPRINT retail store or provider after I give her my zip code. She directs me to ROE-Comm Inc. located at 2932 Niles Avenue in St Joseph, Michigan 49085. I hang up to look up the number so that I could find out what time they close and where exactly they are located. I get that info, box up the phone and tell my son to get in the car. We drive approximately 25 miles to ROE-Comm Inc to find that they do not take trade ins for replacement especially since the phone was ordered online directly through SPRINT. I will need to contact the TOLL FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER to have them send me a NEW KATANA DLX PHONE. THIS WAS WHAT I WANTED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE! So, I get home....I call the SPRINT TOLL FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER. I explain what I'm calling about. The defective ear piece on the Katana DLX. They tell me that I have to take the phone to the nearest Sprint Store or retail Sprint provider. I told them NO. I already did that and told them that I have to get the phone replaced through them. They place me on hold several times...transfers me several times...each time I get someone I have to repeat myself. FINALLY...I get TO THE RIGHT PERSON. The phone is ordered...BUT he needs to put me on HOLD to get authorization for OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. I wait for several minutes...maybe 10 minutes....then I GET DISCONNECTED. I call the TOLL FREE NUMBER AGAIN. And get placed on hold, transferred and again, explaining myself about what happened only to get DISCONNECTED AFTER BEING PLACED ON HOLD. Then I call the TOLL FREE NUMBER AGAIN, PLACED ON HOLD/TRANSFERRED, EXPLAINING MYSELF TO 5 different customer reps when I am placed on hold again and this time, I hang up before getting disconnected. I'm exhausted. I'm stressed. I'M JUST BASICALLY OVERALL FRUSTRATED OVER THE WHOLE THING. I've been repeating myself and the problem for an unknown amount of times and this time I'm tired. My weekend was wasted...all I wanted was to get the defected phone replaced... DAY 5-1/06/08: REST. DON'T WANT THE HASSLE or DISTRESS. NEEDED TO TAKE A DAY OFF TO COOL DOWN. DAY 6-1/07/08: ATTEMPT TO REORDER NEW KATANA DLX: It's lunch time at work and I go into one the empty offices to use the phone and CALL THE SPRINT TOLL FREE NUMBER. I explain my weekend dilemma and the frustration and problems. They process the order. Then I was asked if I wanted to have a bubble package kit sent to me? I told her yes since I didn't have anything to place the defective KATANA DLX in. She orders my son's new Katana DLX in silver color. Transfers me to another person so that I could get the bubble package kit ordered. Everything is fine...I'm sort of...okay. But worried that I may have more problems. 1/08/08 TO 1/12/08 FIVE-DAYS PASS, NO KATANA DLX. BUT THE BUBBLE PACKAGE KIT CAME IN!!! 1/12/08: I called the TOLL FREE NUMBER to let them know that I got the Bubble Package Kit but no REPLACEMENT KATANA DLX PHONE. She places me on hold and then comes back to say that she found that the bubble kit order was placed but no KATANA DLX. She then told me that the people in that department only work Monday through Fridays and since this is a Saturday I will need to call back on Monday. She then promised me that she will PERSONALLY call me ON MONDAY 1/14/08 to process the replacement order for my son's Katana DLX. I told her...okay and hung up. I HATE MONDAYS 1/14/08: NO CALL FROM REP WHO PROMISED SHE WOULD PERSONALLY CALL ME AND HELP GET THE KATANA DLX ORDERED. 1/15/08 TO 1/16/08: DECIDED TO WAIT AND SEE IF I WOULD GET A CALL. NO CALL. 1/17/08: Searched on Internet related or similar complaints and/or existing law suits against Sprint PCS. Located Cory from Texas on Rippoff Report Website. Signed on as new customer and filed report. Iris Sawyer, MichiganU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Sprint
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1089904
Oct 06 2013
04:19 PM
Sprint Sprint PCS HORRIBLE service Sharon Pennsylvania
I have had the WORST service in the past 8 or so months.  I have called customer service so many times I have lost track.  NOBODY will help me, I have dropped call after dropped call.. Missing txt messages and bad reception.  I have been givin multiple excuses and have had horrible rude customer service associates. Ive had enough. I need to find out how to get my contract termintated and not be charged an arm and a leg.  I would do better with 2 tin cans and a string.  PLEASE help...
Entity: Select State/Province
40, Report #1202506
Jan 18 2015
10:15 AM
Sprint Don't trust Sprint Los Angeles California
My husband and I are very disappointed with Sprint, our contract was for 2 years and will would alway pay on time. Now that our contract is over we decided to Not continue with them. One reason was because their cell phone services where horrible. The calls or texting where really bad. Now sprint is sending us a bill for $111.61 that because we extended our contract which is BS. My husband spoke to the customer service and they told he needs to pay or they were going to send the bills to collections. My husband told them that he will not pay the bill because he don't owe anything, well the lady who he was talking was very unprofessional that she hung up the phone in my husband. These days $111.61 is a lot of money to pay for something that we don't owe, having 3 kids and one income its a bit hard. We will never recommend sprint to anyone.
Entity: Los Angeles , California
41, Report #1005603
Jan 29 2013
02:53 PM
Sprint Sprint cell phone service is a ripoff Internet
Sprint's cell phone service Sucks. I have been with them for over 3 years. I just upgraded with them in October of 2012 because they gave me a discount of 18% off my bill. This is due to where I work. I was told by their rep at a Sprint store that the discount should not change. Well low and behold I get this months bill and they dropped my discount down to 10%. I was told that my company renogiated their discount down to the 10 %. BULLSHIT!!! This is another attempt at extorting money from the average citizen. I have previously had to call them to correct my bill in the past but thought that they would be improved in the billing area. WRONG. I can only imagine how many people pay the extra on their bill without even questioning it. SPRINT SUCKS and as soon as I am able will be dropping them also. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE SIGN UP FOR THEIR SERVICE...
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #1061740
Jun 24 2013
04:37 PM
Sprint PCS Sprint Vent  Internet
   I have been a Sprint customer for 11 years with now with 4 devices and a average $250 bill monthly. Sprint has received several calls/chats regarding their constantly interrupted service with the same explanation of Upgrading Towers in my area for months now. Everyone I know with Sprint is disgruntled and today someone said, ewe you have Sprint? and it led me to this Sprint vent. Like a gang, you are jumped in and out with contracts and they don't seem to have any resolutions. I told the last agent via a chat complaint to inform the CEO, not the sup or mgr, but the CEO. They will be losing customers soon if they don’t fix their never ending problems with Roaming, no signal, dialing with no connection and dropped calls. We cannot even get reception in our own home or neighborhood. Is $3000 a year not a loss to the company? Or do they bank on the exit cost to hold us in the contract? What should we do?
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1315990
Jul 09 2016
08:35 PM
Sprint PCS Sprint BuyBack Program Fraudulent Terms Nationwide
On May 11th, 2016 Sprint PCS solicited me to switch my cell service from Verizon to Sprint, the terms were as follows:Sprint would pay $75/line that was ported over.  4 lines total were ported.Sprint would pay up to $650 per phone to buy out any contracts I had with Verizon, had 2  iPhone 6Plus 64 GB and 1 iPhone 64GB with Verizon that applied.  In return I purchased:3 iPhone 6s Plus 64GB1 Samsung Note 51 iPhone 6s 64 GBThis transaction was completed at the store in Avondale, AZ via the web.  The clerk did everything to maximize promotions that were online but not available in the store.Sprint did provide 4 $75 credits towards the account for porting the lines on 07/01/16.As of July 9th, 2016 Sprint has not made it possible for me to upload the serial numbers of these phones and my final Verizon bill to receive the American Express card to pay off the Verizon contract.  I have placed numerous calls to Sprint to be told I have to speak to a specific department:  The Backroom.  Yes, that's what they call it.  Now, I am on day 59 of the 60 days, can't upload any info, sitting on hold with Sprint for 50 minutes so far as I type this.  It turns out sprint has multiple pages for uploading these serial numbers, but none of them are available while you are logged into your Sprint Account, now I'm waiting again, as I have on 8 other calls to be given this secret information.In my personal opinion Sprint PCS makes what should be a simple thing, they tell you how you just go online, provide the serial numbers and upload your bill.  They give you a label, ship them the phone and they take care of the rest.  If this is so easy why does it take so many hours to get the page your supposed to upload to?  The reason is simple, Sprint knows they lose money on these deals and therefore really don't want you to upload the serial numbers.Current page they say to upload to is:  https://promo.sprint.com/Registration/submitCBO40LandingNope, that page doesn't work for my special.  Seems that page is for when you do the deal in the store and the store rep has already uploaded your phone and taken it, us online customers have another top secret page.  
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1205280
Jan 29 2015
11:14 AM
Sprint sprint tells 13 year customer we won't help you Nationwide
I have been a customer with sprint since may 2001 and not had a problem until now. Me and my wife went from the galaxy note 3 to the nexus 6 our original intent was to get the note 4 but we were talked into the nexus. The phone started not getting phone calls while in WiFi. Then my voicemail completely vanished. If you called my phone you would get a carrier error message. These issues started on day 14 with the phone and I couldn't get to the sprint store where we got the phones to exchange them. I called sprint that night they wanted me to pay a 35 restocking fee for each phone which I felt I shouldn't have to pay. So I went to the store next day to get this done. They refused because I was over the 14 days I again called sprint and the rep who answered the phone gave me the run around for over an hour. I called the next day again to see if they would send us the note 4 and we just pay the difference after 2 more hours I finally got the girl to have this happen but we couldn't pay the difference until we got paid a few days later she gave me her operator number and assured me she would call me at 3pm that day. By 6:30 I hadn't gotten the call so I called. On hold for another 45 and was told that only that operator could complete that so I was hustled off the phone again and quiet angry this time. Around 8 pm I called back and demanded to speak to her by name and operator number. And I was shuffled to someone else then again to someone 2 hours layer I finally got them to send a mailer so we could send the nexus phones back and we would have wait to they were received before they would send us the note 4 which they said would be 7 to 14 days and there would be no service credits given because of the extent of service they were offering. I then stated I was recording the conversation the rep quickly hung. The next morning I called back to the same department. And was told I am beat there is nothing more they do for me after being a loyal customer for almost 14 years I'm done with sprint already called T-Mobile and should receive our new iPhone 6 plus in a couple days ...DO NOT GET SERVICE FROM SPRINT  WOrst EXPERIENCE ever 
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1385939
Jul 16 2017
12:10 PM
Sprint Sprint has the WORST customer service ever Internet
 I bought a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note Edge secondhand through a Repair store in town. I checked everything to ensure that it wasn't locked, blacklisted, stolen, still owed a bill etc.... Even had it checked through Sprint. The phone was totally free and clear. So, i used it for a few months over wifi while i got used to it.. I decided to switch companies and was told that they could do it because the phone was in good standing. When I called to ask for an unlock code, I was told There is no such thing as an unlock code. Seriously? I know that until recently there wasn't for domestic phones but no such thing? Then he laughed at me and hung up the phone. I have already spread the word to everyone i know. The town of West Monroe will never use Sprint again. And I still don't have the unlock code :(
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1394663
Aug 22 2017
02:01 PM
Sprint Sprint wireless Buy out program Carol Stream IL Nationwide
I have been dealing with Sprint on a buy out program. They promised that after we returned to phone's that they would send visa gift cards to pay off old bill and buy out the contract. So now the bill is in the 1,000s and they send up to this place the n to another. Have spent to much time and gas on this issue. I have talked to many different people that Sprint has done this to them. Something needs to be done to stop what they are doing to people. I also had to get the old bills and mail them to them and nothing was done. Never received the gift cards. This is now one mu credit report and they are calling me all the time. Why should my credit get destroyed because of Sprint. I'm locked into a contract with Sprint so stuck with them.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #78016
Jan 24 2004
04:52 PM
Sprint PCS Number Portability Nightmare Nationwide
Much like Joey from Lisle, my number port with SprintPCS was a total nightmare. I ordered a port of my SBC business landline to my existing SprintPCS cellphone on November 24th. I was told it would take up to 4 hours. A month later it still hadn't happened. During the process, I made at least 25 calls to Sprint and SBC. I spent about 20 hours total on hold. About half the time I would be lost switching to other reps. In the final analysis though, none of them, even tier 2 and supervisors, knew anything. To make a very long story short, on January 16th at 10AM, the port finally occured, at which time both my business landline AND my Sprint cellphone stopped working. Frantic calls to Sprint yeilded the same results. Nobody could do anything, and they estimated that the phone would come up in, (respectively on different calls) 15 minutes, 4 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, and finally, 24-48 hours. This with no way for customers to contact me. About 50 hours after the phones went down, it finally came up and seems to be working. That last day, I was finally whipped. Sprint had beaten me. If I wasn't going to have a business because of Sprint's ineptitude, so be it. I'll just lie down here and die. Apparently they sensed the victory, decided there was no more fun to be had, and turned the phone on. Life is good...till next time. Steve Newark, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #75476
Dec 20 2003
07:24 PM
Sprint ripoff Rochester new york
my sprint phone and service have been active since october 2002 the bills paid on time and the phone maintained, after only one year the phone no longer works, it searches for the service but never finds it i was told that it was in roaming mode, of course since i did not purchase an extended warranty, no one can help me, they do expect me to pay for a phone which i have not been able to use for the past two months. the phones are junk phones which i am told by their own reps, it would be easier and cheaper to replace than to repair. Catherine fairport, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #126794
Jan 10 2005
09:03 PM
Sprint Pcs ripoff Dallas Texas
I recently had a eye opening experience with Sprint Customer Care and I am livid- this is a copy of the email I submitted and a copy of the email I received back. I have dealt with their incompentance for 3 years but this is the last straw. I am in call center managment for a living and I know that this can be done better. Customer Name: Kimber Sprint PCS Phone Number: ### Account Number: ### Form: Ask A Question-Manage Topic: Other ========================================================= Question: In december I contacted Sprint to order a new phone. I was informed then that if I added an additional line (AT NO COST) That qualified me for a $150.00 credit. I signed up for that paid the 29.99 difference for the phone. The first phone that you all shupped you sent to the wrong address. I finally got the phone last Wednesday, on Thuresday when I called into activitate the new phone I am not sure what happened. 3 hours later I was on 5 inches of solid ice with my 2 small children in my car and my services was turned off. For 3 hours my husband was worried to death we had slid off the road and we were hurt. I am not sure what You did to my bill, but I want it fixed. I had a to make a paymen to get the service restored and I didnt even have a bill due at that moment. I called into your customer care center 5 times and spent a grand total of 9 hours explaning what was happening to your incopentant agents only to be transfered to a differnt department and disconecteed to being told this wasnt their problem and I just needed to wait. This leval of customer service sucks and I will be reporting you to the better business bureau FIX MY BILL Kimber L Seal This was their response to me. Dear Kimber, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. You activated the new subscription as of December 29, 2004. The phone in the amount of $179.99 for this subscription was charged to your account. This resulted in the estimated due balance on your account to exceed the $200.00 account spending limit and the services got suspended as of January 06, 2004. The credit of $150.00 against the phone charge will reflect on your next invoice. So, in total you will only be charged $29.99 for the phone on the next invoice. Be assured about that. Please wait for your next invoice to be generated and write back to us if you find incorrect charges on it. Also, I noticed that for the inconvenience you have experienced, you have been given the 50 percent discount on the monthly service charges on the primary subscription. This credit will reflect on your next invoice. I appreciate the time you've spent to write to us and I am sure that I have sufficiently provided you with useful information about your concern. However, if you need any further information, please feel free to contact me. It is our pleasure to serve you. Have a great day! Detra A. Sprint eCare Kimber Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #126973
Jan 11 2005
08:56 PM
Sprint ripoff Shawnee Mission Kansas
I received a letter from a collection agency (Cavalry Portfolio Services) stating I owed Sprint around $432. I called Cavalry and spoke to Derrick. He said Around $232 was unpaid bill and on 01/15/03 Sprint cancelled the service and applied a $200 cancellation fee. What is this? I haven't been living there for a few years now. My roommate still lives there but has used Verizon since 2001 for long distance and can trace it through checks. I called Sprint and they had no record of me. Since it is over 2 years old, they say I have to write this Sprint address and see if they archived it. My credit history is clean. This seems unfair to have this thrown in. Why did I never get a bill from Sprint saying I owed anything ever??? If we or he ever even tried Sprint and switched back or something, we have always paid our bills. And what is this $200 cancellation fee. They claim they cancelled us for not paying? First, we pay our bills. My credit history is clean. Second, why no letters sent to us saying we ever owed anything? Third, since when can Sprint charge a home phone long distance a $200 cancellation fee for them cancelling us? It seems when I look all over the net, Sprint does this to cell phone users. Shame on Sprint! There actions disgust me. With all the terrible things going on in the world, these greedy jerks will karmically pay one day!!!!! What can I do? It seems I am powerless and can't get any details. I can't believe collection agency or Sprint can't give me any other information. I have to write snailmail to find out about these charges? It seems they make it hard for you to see how they are ripping you off. This threatening me by ruining my perfect credit is harassment and had caused me tremendous anger and anxiety. I work so hard, like many other people, to live a good life. Sprint you suck and should go out of business! Sincerely, Elizabeth Schenectady, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Shawnee Mission, Kansas

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