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76, Report #707427
Mar 17 2011
05:08 PM
Sprint rip off , Internet
I have an account with sprint and have had this account for about seven years. I have a shared plan-everything plan so I am already paying for data, well I added two lines to this already shared plan and now sprint is charging me and additional $10.00 per line for the data plan I already pay for. When I called Sprint to inquire about the bill I was told that all smart phones activated after 1/31/2011 will have this new charge. I was not informed of this when I purchased the phone and added them to my plan. I also Have a blackberry 8350I that has not worked in a week so I went to my local sprint store and was told the phone needed to be updated, now keep in mind my brother has the exact same phone with no problems, well I did the update as instructed because the store associate, she said it would take about an hour and a half but I could do this update at home, I did the update at home and two and a half hours later I still have the same problem. so thank you Sprint for ripping me off and giving me the run around.
Entity: Internet, Internet
77, Report #749828
Jul 06 2011
02:34 PM
Sprint Lynchburg, Virginia
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Entity: Lynchburg, Virginia
78, Report #893496
Jun 05 2012
11:01 PM
sprint rip offs sprint.com, Florida
We recently changed our sprint internet for our laptop we keep in our truck we had a plan with sprint that was unlimited they had been trying to get us off of forever,,,well finally had a problem with our blackberry and they convinced us to change our plan to a hotspot for our evo,,,,and they would save us some money,,,coool right,,,not exactly,,after getting on this UNLIMTED hotspot deal they decided to change there plan to 5 gigs,,,,,and out of the kindness of there heart charge me the same for 5 gigs as i was paying for unlimited,,,I called and the basically said too bad we did it so live with it then had the nerve to ask if there was anything else they could help me with,,,Why yes there is find me another carrier for my 7 lines I pay for,,,,,,,,And had nerve to ask did they do a good job helping me ,,,If that is sprint HELPING me then ive had all I can stand,,They lied to get me off a plan they didnt want me on anymore plain and simple
Entity: , Florida
79, Report #940344
Sep 12 2012
06:04 PM
Sprint Ripoff artists and liars , Internet
I had decided to go with Sprint Wireless as they seemed like a good deal for the family plan I wanted. I couldn't have been more mistaken if I had tried. After receiving a phone that literally heated up so much it burned my hand, I was directed to order support to return the phone. That in and of itself was a 2 week battle with them. When finally they agreed to send me a new phone the lady I was speaking to lied to me no less than 6 times stating that the new device she was sending (the LG Optimus S) was just as good as the phone I was sending in (the LG Viper LTE4G). I was also told if there were any issues with the new phone that I had 14 days to return it from the day I received it. Another lie. After spending 4 hours being tossed around from one supervisor to the next I was informed that regardless of the statements made by their representative, they would not be honoring them nor sending me out a phone that was either the same model or comparable to the original phone I had ordered. It seems to me that Sprint should be liable for the recorded statements that it's representatives state. Do not go with Sprint if you want a good experience. There are plenty of other companies out there that will not lie to you and rip you off for fun.
Entity: Internet, Internet
80, Report #942657
Sep 17 2012
06:57 PM
Sprint loss of discount Internet
In June of 2012 i bought 2 new Sprint phones & renewed my agreement. I did this based on the plan's pricing at that time. This was based on what my future bills would be. In July 2012 they took a 25% business discount away that i was not entitled to. I agree but it was a discount they were giving me so i didn't question it. In July they say they did a audit & did away with multiple discounts. I did not receive any notice of this until i inquired. Their mistake, not mine. Now they won't offset the loss of the discount and now my bill is more than i can afford. I can sell them my phones back EVO LTE's but i take a loss and buy new nonsmart phones. That is moving backwards, not forward. I can also cancel my insurance but between me & my wife we are on our 6th phones since the 1st 4 had to be replaced. I don't think it's wise to cancel the insurance since these seem to be non dependable phones. My state ATTY General Office can't help, Sprint Executive Offices told them no as well. I think this is a breach of agreement.
Entity: , Internet
81, Report #942479
Sep 17 2012
01:38 PM
Sprint Ripped us off and damaged our business Internet
For the last month we have been having serious problems maintaining an internet connection, except for a few minutes at a time, and then it will take  anywhere from a half hour to hour before we have service again. This goes on all day, every day. Not only did we call customer service  20+ times and spend hours upon hours on the phone over the course of two weeks, but we even visited the Sprint store to have our Overdrive Pro replaced. No one would admit there was anything wrong with the tower, OR the device. We were lied to, mocked, escalated, told they would call us back, you name it. When we decided we were good and done with Sprint, they absolutely refused to let us out of our contract without paying early termination fees, even though we haven't been getting service consistently for nearly a month. We both work from home, and can only get our internet to work for small stints of time (ten/fifteen minutes) and then lose it for  an hour, get it for ten fifteen minutes and then lose it for another hour etc. This is CRAZY, and has been the absolute WORST experience I have ever had with a business, either American or foreign, and I will NEVER do business with Sprint again!  I highly recommend that you read the fine print before signing any two year contract with a  business. So as it stands, we're paying $80 a month for high speed internet 24/7 that we get maybe a total of 2 hours a day if we're lucky, and that's IN BETWEEN the hours of absolutely no service at all. Even dial up is better, because there is still service...slow...but you still have service. Several of the customer service reps (4 total, including so-called Supervisors, when escalated) claimed that they would look into the issue, research etc. and call us back. They never did...it was a ploy to lie to, then get us off the phone.They refuse to give you their supervisor's name, you have no way to get through to someone who can actually do anything. I think we spent a total of ten to fifteen hours straight of talk-time, trying to get through someone's thick skull that we were paying through the nose for a service we could barely get anymore, and yet they would not let us cancel their service without paying the early termination fees of $320. Is there a sane business on the planet who would NOT provide the service they are UNDER CONTRACT to provide, and then charge their customers an early termination fee of $320 for unrendered services? We are self employed and conduct all our business online. I am currently using a loaner Verizon MiFi in order to write this complaint. To all those customers out there considering Sprint. Read carefully what they did to us. 
Entity: , Internet
82, Report #191134
May 11 2006
07:30 PM
Sprint Pcs ripoff Internet
I Look at a copy of my credit report and got a suprise when i saw a collection from a company called Afni collecting for sprint pcs. I have never had a sprint account nor had a reason to have one.i called them and they then told me to call thier fraud dept.after all the horror stories i have heard im not going to send them my info. what should i do? thank you Reggie lk elsinore, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
83, Report #177971
Feb 24 2006
07:09 PM
Sprint ripoff Nationwide
I have had sprint for a little over a year and I have to call sprint every month because they always try to rip me off. There is 5 of us that has sprint and we have to call in all the time. Amanda Nevada, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
84, Report #191448
May 14 2006
10:20 AM
Sprint unexplained charges Ripoff National
Evry thing with sprint was going great until i called to cancel all additional fees(internet/textmesseging ect.) Next mouth a charge of 70$ arrives acording to them from one of the phonesn on my family plan for 127 txt.each text message suposebly cost 10cents so the cost is iracional.The next moth thing returnred to normal.Then 4 months later one of the phones was stolen that same day i called and asked for the phone to be disconnected by then they told me that the phone had a charge of 83 dollars of Wallpapors ringers ect. they also said they would not discount them.When i called to ask for the additional fees to be disconectad i also ask for all the phones to be blocked so that they can't acces the internet to buy rigntons.So i got a used phone from a friend i verefied the phone was clear and then i called to acctivate it they acctivated the old phone 30 dollars more of charges.Then their the txt charges that keep on appearing were the amount sent those not match the amount charges over just 8 months more than 300 of mystery charges Luis malden, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: 11300Corporate Avenue, Nationwide
85, Report #306131
Feb 04 2008
06:06 PM
Sprint/Nextel Customer Service Incompetence United States Nationwide
I have been a nextel customer for years. I deceided I wanted to purchase a new phone as I had my other one for 2 years and it was not working as well anymore. I went online to see what kind of deal I could get and saw that I could get a phone for free due to my allowence credit. I purchased the phone online and had it sent to my Bill To address, where I get my monthly bills. After 2 weeks I didn't get the phone and called customer service on my phone. I was transferred to someplace overseas and explained the situation to the represenative who told me that it was returned back due to there was no apartment number included. I explained that I didn't know how that could be but advised that I would like them to reship the phone and confirm the address is correct. He stated that they cannot reorder the phone since it was back in the warehouse and I would have to do it myself. After fighting with him for about 1 minute I requested his supervisor. I spoke with the supervisor and he advised me that I would have to go online and order the phone myself again. I finally gave in with the supervisor on the phone with me & attempted to re-order the phone. When I tried to it had now stated I had to pay for the phone. I advised them of this and he said wellyou pay now and get a refund later in an accent I can barely understand. I told him NO I will not be doing that cuz when I purchased the phone it was FREE and that was the whole point. The supervisor stated there was nothing they could do for me. I told them to clear my account making sure my contract didn't renew and cancel the order and send me confirmation in writing. They agreed, however I never received anything. About 3 weeks later I went into a store to look at phones again and when I wanted to purchase one, they again told me I had to pay full price as I had just purchased one and wouldnt be available for a credit until October 2008. I immediately went home and contacted customer service and explained my situation to 7 different people before someone told me that they can't help me because I have a corporate account. They transferred me there and while I was explaining my situation, the represenative was not listening to me at all and asking very stupid questions about the matter. I finally asked for a supervisor who I got who updated my account and put the ability of my credit back on the account and advised that if I called in they would give the credit towards a new phone. Finally, I thought it was resolved. I called the next day to purchase a phone and went through the process and paid. The next day I saw that they had debited me twice instead of once and had to call again and speak with 3 people before a credit was issued. All is fine I get the phone and call to activate it and its working fine. About 2 weeks after reciveing the phone I started getting text messages from Sprint stating that I am past due on my account and owe money, which was odd because I had paid last months bill and a month hadn't even passed yet. It wasn't due for about 5 more days, So I went online the next day just to check and figured I would make my payment now, when I saw a bill for $598.00. My monthly bill for two plans never goes over $124.00. I immediately got on the phone and got someone who actually took the time to research the account and found out that 2 new accounts had been added when I purchased this phone and they stated that I had usage on it. NO way!! The person who sold me the phone screwed up big time and I was being held accountable. We finally got it straightened out and their accounting department removed everything, including the monthly portion that I owed, which I know they did it on accident because they really just don't know what they are doing. Its nice to know I can count on a company like this. After this contract, I AM DONE. Nextel used to be a great company and Sprint has damaged them. Beware when you are doing business with them and if you are purchasing a new phone, use a Visa Credit Card for protection. They don't know what they are doing and don't care because its not their money. Kudos goes to the one represenative who actually took the time to help me. At least you will know that 1 in 10 times you call you will get someone that actually cares. Anonymous Elgin, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
86, Report #318232
Mar 15 2008
04:19 PM
Sprint Deceptive Practices Atlanta Georgia
I have been a customer of Sprint for the last 10 years. I never had a problem until I got a family plan. The first problem occured in 2004, when I added my son. Instead of putting him under my plan, they sent a 69.99 bill for the family plan that also included a separate plan of 69.99 for him. I immediately called and had them correct it. In doing so, they changed my contract date. I was unaware that they had done so until later on. That was the first time. In 2005, I added my daughter. She received a free phone that barely lasted over a year. I replaced it with one of my old phones and called Sprint to activate it. I was specific in telling them that it was not a new phone purchased but an old replacement phone of mine. Once again I did not know they changed my contract date. That phone broke, and my sister gave me another old phone for my daughter. I followed the same procedure that I had when I replaced her original phone. I told Sprint it was a replacement phone. They once again changed my contract date. I added my oldest son to the plan and everything was fine for about a month, when I started getting charges for features that I specifically told Sprint that I did not want accessible on the phones. This went back and forth for about a year and a half. I refused to pay for services that I told them I did not want nor had I or my children used. I refused to pay until they adjusted my account, so they suspended it each time there was a dispute, but eventually admitted they were wrong and I received the credit each and every time. Once again my daughter's phone no longer works, so I called Sprint to get an upgrade since she has never had one since I had the family plan. Her contract expired in 2007. That is when I found out how far back they set her contract date. July 19, 2009. Needless to say, I hit the roof. Not only did they change her date, they changed the dates on all the phones on the plan without my knowledge. I had evidence of all the phones, when they were purchased so they adjusted the dates except my daughters. They even looked at their records to see when she got her original phone, which I still have, as well as both replacements, and they still will not adjust her contract accordingly. Sprint has some deceptive practices that have to be stopped. Sharon Willingboro, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
87, Report #324812
Apr 09 2008
11:58 AM
Sprint Early Termination Fee Atlanta Georgia
I went into a Sprint store to get a month to month contract because I knew our company was going to get a business plan. I had my own handheld and I told the salesperson this and he was ok with a month to month. I signed the contract and when it came to signing a 1 or 2 year agreement, I told him I wanted a month to month again and he said don't check either box. When I went to cancel my Sprint service I was hit with a 200 early termination fee. I have a contract that doesn't show me having a 1 or 2 year agreement. I went to the store and argued with another employee there because the guy that signed me up no longer worked there. I agreed that I would pay an early termination fee if I signed a 1 year or 2 year agreement, but since I didn't agree to any term agreement, I shouldn't have to pay anything. I asked him several times to show me where I signed a 1 or 2 year agreement and he couldn't because I didn't. What a crooked company. I faxed my contract to someone at corporate and I have not heard from anyone since. Way to go Sprint. Lie to people to get them into contracts they don't want. Tsimpelaar Dunwoody, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
88, Report #332422
May 14 2008
10:50 AM
In April, 2008, I purchased two phones via the phone from sprint. I paid for the phones with my credit card. Sprint did not apply the money for the phones to the purchase of the phones, but applied the money to my service bill. I know this is unethical because when I authorized payment for the phones I authorized payment for phones. How can a company take my money and do what they want to do? This is not good business. Now my bill is $574.86. In addition, I was told I would receive instant rebates for the phones when I called to activate the phones. I did not receive a rebate at all. When I called to dispute their actions, I was told that the rebate was a mail in rebate. Well, that is not what I was told! So now the boxes that the phones came in are thrown away, and I don't get a rebate! I had faith in teh company representative to tell me accurate data. This is totally crazy! I believe they did this because they figured out how to maximize the amount of money they get from me. It appears that sprint is money hungry and they will do whatever they can to make as much money as they can. Just like billing customers one month in advance. For what? Bill people for what they have used. The executives have lost focus of what's most important and that is the customer. And, I feel raped by these people, forced to bend over and be taken advantage of. Robyn Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
89, Report #168352
Dec 17 2005
08:10 PM
Sprint ripoff Cincinnati Ohio
I baught my cell phone on November 23 2005 and recieved a bill on December 13 2005 saying I owed them $97.86 for my new phone. I call them to asked them about it, That told me there was a problem on there end and thay took off sum money and I thought it was over . Then thay sent me to collection because I was late on my payment and I talked to them because I have only had my new phone for less than 25 day's and on December 17 2005 thay turned off my phone, I called them again asking them why thay did this and thay told me it was a computer problem but still I have only had my cell for less than 25 day's. I am in contact with them by of E Mail and thought it was taken care of but I still having problems with Sprint. Jeff Granger, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
90, Report #217311
Oct 23 2006
08:33 PM
Sprint ripoff Dallas texas
Sprint has the worst customer service ever. I wish I never signed a contract with them because their customer service people are liars. I called numerous times and kept calling back because of dropped calls imagine that a dropped call from sprint! Each time I spoke to a customer service rep they told me something totally different. ALL employees of sprint should remember we are your customers and we pay your salary! It's time for all sprint employees to get one handbook and learn the rules of the company. The service on my phone is horrible ! If I see more than 2 bars my eyes bulge from my head! (laughing) Thanks for the horrible service; I can't wait for the end of my contract! marie cocoa beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
91, Report #186190
Apr 11 2006
10:44 PM
Sprint ripoff Nationwide
i have been a sprint customer for 4 years or more over the years i have been over charged on numerous accounts have had the acc out adjusted on numerous accounts i just brought a new 300.00 phon from sprint had called several different times about the phon constantly dropping calls the last time i checked my accout balance i had a credit of 32.00 dollars about 2 to 3 days later i had a balance of over 200.00 dollars i talked to several different reps from the tellin me my pass word wasn't right to i had redone a verbal contract to finally i had downloaded 5 to 6 different ring tone the last lady i spoke to was so rude and she was just going to make me have done the downloads and to verbally renewing my contract hat i finally had had enough i said to just cut the phones off not to mention the phones had even been cut off before for no reason at all this has been going on for years. Why did i stay with sprint so long because all my family and friends have sprint but i have had enough of sprint can anyone please help !!!!! Tracy Dalls, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #257388
Jun 28 2007
03:19 AM
Sprint PCS Ripoff Nationwide
I bought 2 cell phones on my good credit w/ a friend of mine so we could keep in touch. This so called friend agreed to pay 1/2 of the cell phone bill. For months I never recieved my part of the bill: Sprint had both bills being sent to my friends address. To make matters worse, this so called friend never paid thier part of the bill. So I called to immediatly have the friends service shut off. I paid outrageous late fees, cell phone calls, PLUS the 200-some-odd dollar amount for the early termination fee. I was so desperate to get this mess all behind me, that I paid the fees. The rep for Sprint PCS promised that the friends phone was turned off. I thought that the pain of this experience was all behind me, when 6 months down the road, I recived a phone call from a collection agency saying I owed over $800.00 in cell phone charges: THE PHONE WAS NEVER CANCELED!!!!! Sprint allowed thisfriend to make very expensive international phone calls, among others. Sop basically they took my 200 dollars and ran but never cancled the phone. It took almost 5 years, alot of pain & not mention alot of $$$ to pay it off: and i am still bitter about it. needless to say i will never do business with them ever again. NEVER trust Sprint to to what they say they will do. D. Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #275015
Sep 17 2007
03:39 PM
Sprint Complete lack of contract Sherman Texas
Sprint is a completely dishonest and corrupt company. They are unable to even respond to a coherent letter that follows their own guidelines set in the monthly statement for dispute resolution. They cannot produce a contract or written document with me agreeing to a change of my existing contract which terminated in November 2006. I was on month to month and they insist on billing me a cancellation charge even when their own operator agreed I did not need to pay. Please see below for the past three letters sent to them: LETTER 1: 07-23-2007 Account #013******** RE: Sprint Service Bill Dated May 7, 2007 Sprint PO Box 79357 City of Industry, CA 91716 1-888-788-4727 Dear Sir or Madam, This is the second time this letter has been sent to you. Please do not continue to send me a statement without further looking into the following matter: I received my final bill for my Sprint Services, originally started on 11/2004 and canceled by your operators in 4/2007, and it has listed an 'Other Charges' of $150.00 and additional charges of $21.11 for taxes and surcharges. I hereby dispute these charges as they are not valid and have no basis for billing. As listed under 'Other Important Information', this notice shall be considered my dispute of the erroneous amount owed prior to the 60 day requirement. I further consider my account closed and paid in full as the appropriate billing charges of $43.00 for the service period of 4/07/2007 to 5/06/2007 are paid in full via electronic transfer on 5/02/2007. Please update your records on my account. My account was closed, no contract exists between myself and Sprint as of 4/2007 when the account was terminated. Sprint does not have any legal signature or otherwise, verbal / electronic agreement, to amend my contract beyond the original close period of 11/2006 therefore my account is not subject to a termination fee. Regards, Mar***** LETTER 2 08-25-2007 Account #013********* RE: Sprint Collection Notice Dated August 10th, 2007 Sprint PO Box 2307 Sherman, TX 75091 1-888-788-4727 Dear Sir or Madam, I completely dispute the balance you have listed in collections of 190.10 as it is for a cancellation charge of 150.00 for which I am not liable. I am not under contract with Sprint, nor was I under any contractual obligation at the time of my cancellation of account. Not only was I not under a written contract, Sprints operators canceled my service in April of 2007 with my consent and no obligation beyond normal charges for service. Your charges are not valid and have no basis for billing. This notice shall be considered my dispute of the erroneous amount owed prior to the 30 day requirement. I further consider my account closed and paid in full as the appropriate billing charges of $43.00 for the service period of 4/07/2007 to 5/06/2007 are paid in full via electronic transfer on 5/02/2007. Please update your records on my account. My account was closed, no contract exists between myself and Sprint as of 4/2007 when the account was terminated. Sprint does not have any legal signature or otherwise, verbal / electronic agreement, to amend my contract beyond the original close period of 11/2006 therefore my account is not subject to a termination fee. Please note enclosed letter which has been forwarded with the past three billing statements. Regards, LETTER 3: To Collection Agency 09-17-2007 Account #013********* RE: Sprint Collection Notice - 9/10/2007 GC Services PO Box 7850 Baldwin Park, CA 91706 1-800-811-0626 Dear Sir or Madam, I completely dispute the balance you have listed in collections of 190.10 as it is for a cancellation charge of 150.00 for which I am not liable. I am not under contract with Sprint, nor was I under any contractual obligation at the time of my cancellation of account. Not only was I not under a written contract, Sprints operators canceled my service in April of 2007 with my consent and no obligation beyond normal charges for service. Your charges are not valid and have no basis for billing. This notice shall be considered my dispute of the erroneous amount owed prior to the 30 day requirement. Please provide me a contract or instrument bearing my signature or concurrence with the terms beyond November 2006 whereas my original contract with Sprint Company terminated. As I am sure you are aware the Fair Credit Reporting Act, (FCRA) does not allow mis-leading or erroneous information to be posted to my credit file and allows me certain restitution against such reporting. Please advise Sprint that they need to follow up with those that follow their own guidelines for disputing amounts owed, rather than completely ignoring now a total of 5 follow up letters. Please note enclosed letters which has been forwarded with the past three billing statements as well as to the collection notice on 8/10/2007 to Sprint. Regards, Mar****** CC: www.consumerist.com : www.ripoffreport.com BBB of Greater Kansas City 8080 Ward Parkway, Suite 401 Kansas City, MO 64114 Enc: 2 Emon Broomfield, ColoradoU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Sprint
Entity: Sherman, Texas
94, Report #288622
Dec 03 2007
02:04 PM
Sprint worst services Dallas Texas
i have brought a phone from sprint and i had to pay for a deposit. so, i gave sprint my account number so they could get $100.00 deposit.so,they sent me a text message,said they was going to cut my phone off. so, i called them they say,they didn't get my deposit. i had a bad times for them to get my deposit and they have the worst customer service. i want to talk to the supervisor, he going to tell me,he is the supervisor. i didn't know sprint was like that. i adviser people to go another cell phone company. i am really displease with sprint. i don't ever want sprint service no more. Roosevelt memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
95, Report #302694
Jan 23 2008
02:32 PM
Sprint overcharges Atlanta Georgia
Sprint employees have no clue what they're doing!! It took 3 months for them to correct the name on caller ID once I had the bill put in my name. I paid my bill last month online, but their website never took it, my bank statement shows SPRINT with a $0 amount. Now they won't remove the late fees! I'll give them their $2 but I surely won't renew my contract with them, or will the rest of my friends & family!! Have they no idea about the customer is always right? Too bad they loose in the long run, how pitiful! Sharon Coral Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
96, Report #54023
Apr 22 2003
11:57 PM
Sprint ripoff Shawnee Mission Kansas
I am reporting the ripoff of Sprint's charging casual billing rates for direct-dialed phone calls both local toll and intra-state after I called Sprint telling them that I no longer wanted them to be my long distance carrier and that I no longer wanted them to handle my local toll calls. Since no one at Sprint told me I would be required to also call my dial tone provider(SBC)ordering them to remove Sprint from the switch this LEGALLY allowed Sprint to charge casual rates for any direct dialed calls from that time forward. I had a Sprint section of my phone bill go from about $120 down to $7.11 after SBC adjusted it this month. The irony of the matter is that the C.P.U.C. approved these tariffs. Very simply stated, this excessive, yet LEGAL billing should not exist ANYWHERE in the U.S., but it does. Marlin Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Shawnee Mission, Kansas
97, Report #25152
Jul 23 2002
06:20 AM
Sprint slamming Woodstock Illinois
In 1997 I was slammed by Sprint. It all started when I received a phone call from my local cable company. They asked me if I would like to switch to Sprint and in return I would receive $5 off my cable bill every month. I said No thank you . About a month later, I received a bill from Sprint. I called Sprint and asked them why I have a bill from them, as I never requested their service. They told me they were authorized to switch my service through my cable company, due to the special promotion going on at that time. I told them I received a special promotion phone call from my cable company and that I had refused it. I was then told that I needed to call my cable company to dispute this. I called my cable company and was told that they had no authorization to switch my service and I needed to call Sprint to resolve the matter. Realizing I was getting the run around, I called my original phone service provider, (AT$T)and they told me to pay THEM ( NOT Sprint) and they would take care of the matter for me. AT$T,My original provider said I had been slammed and they would immediately switch me back over. I was immediately switched back to my original provider and I paid the amount owed. To this day, the bill is still on my credit report as delinquent. I now have attorneys sending me letters for collection. I have called the AT&T and they tell me they can't help me, because the account doesn't exsist anymore. I have tried to call Sprint, but cannot get hold of a live person. I have called the cable company, but they say they cannot help me. I have also called the attorney's office that is sending the collection letters. After relating the story to the young lady that only deals with Sprint collection accounts, she told me she just doesn't know. After asking her if there was anyone there that MIGHT KNOW SOMETHING, to HELP me resolve this matter, she replied Well, I am the only one here that deals with Sprint cases, and I just dont know...giggle giggle...I have never heard of this kind of thing before in my whole life. After several more I just don't know's and stupid giggles, I thanked her for her help and hung up. I AM AT MY WITS END WITH THIS SPRINT BS!!!! Andrea Woodstock, Illinois
Entity: Woodstock, Illinois
98, Report #1111177
Dec 27 2013
09:00 PM
Sprint WORST COMPANY EVER!! Humble Texas
 Okay, so long story short this company has receptionists that they call Customer Service Agents, liars they call Supervisors, and quacks in the corporate office. A few months ago my husband was just short of an upgrade, and his phone was not working properly but only had Geek Squad coverage. We exchanged it a few times, and the problems with his connectivity persisted. We thought it was because he was hard on phones, and so we requested that he be allowed to upgrade early. The customer service agents refused, their supervisors refused, and so I filed a complaint with corporate via email. The lady said, Oh I see you have spent over $3,000 (4 lines of service) in the last 12 months, you have been with us for several years, and you  haven't had any adjustments in 12 months. I will try to push this through, but I can't promise you anything. They pushed it through and I purchased the iPhone 5, which I didn't get until he was eligible for an upgrade in the first place.  So then I call back, because other lines on my account begin experiencing problems. By now I realized it was a not a phone issue, but a network problem. Just to rule out phone/handset issues I brought the device to 3 different Sprint retail stores. They all looked at the device and said it was fine. Thankfully, the 3rd location told me about a ticket that was out in my area and was the entire reason for my issues. I was told that the towers were being upgraded, and that I should have connectivity restored soon. She said she put my address in the system as a problem point, and that myself and my Sprint neighbors would receive a resolution soon. We didn't...So I contacted Sprint like 5 times to talk about this and was promised an infamous credit. I never received it, and then I was robbed at my place of business. I called requesting an upgrade, because I too only had Geek Squad coverage and they helped me before. I was refused repeatedly through multiple levels of customer service supervisors, who all stated they couldn't help me. OK, so now I am LIVID. Your service sucks, I pay you $3,000 a year, and you won't even let me upgrade my service when I was robbed at work (police report number handy by the way)???? REALLY? Okay, so they had someone else talk to me, and he had the NERVE to tell me, well ma'am this is why we encourage warranty's. Are you freaking serious? Your customer gets robbed, and in addition to crappy service you insult her???? Okay I am on the roof by this point. So then a very nice representative calms me down, and I mention all my frustrations from the very beginning. Like an idiot I believed she would call me back with good news on my credit, even though I knew that I wasn't going to get an upgrade. She never called me back so I chatted with a rep online, and after being asked all the same questions all over again she said she got her supervisor to authorize $30 credit. Maybe $30 would be okay if they offered it to me from the beginning, but after all this they should be happy that i haven't agreed to an early termination fee and taken my business elsewhere (looking into that option now). 
Entity: Humble, Texas
99, Report #1202439
Jan 17 2015
06:23 PM
Sprint the Worst Provider Denver Nationwide
On November 17, 2014, my daughter talked me into leaving Cricket for Sprint.  I had perfect service with Cricket for 6 years.  Even driving to California and New York, I encountered little service interruption on Cricket. I paid $120.00 every month for unlimited everything for five lines.  Why would I leave? My daughter insisted Sprint was better. BIG…HUGE MISTAKE! On November 21, 2014, I received my new phone. An Iphone 5C.  I had an Iphone 5C on Cricket. I loved it. So, I figured I would be fine on Sprint. On November 23, 2014, I called Sprint to tell them the phone they mailed me didn’t work. I quoted Colorado consumer law and demanded a new phone. I was told it was my location not the phone.  All my calls dropped or I had no service, my internet and email did not work  unless I was in a WiFi, and my text messages came randomly. Over two months and 11 hours and 47 minutes of calls to Sprint, a man injured with third degree burns on the job because he could not understand me over the phone and two trips to Sprint stores, I still could not get a phone unless I paid for one through insurance which is fraud because the original phone NEVER worked and required a replacement by Sprint under Colorado law or I drove 45 minutes away to have it looked at by a special Sprint store.  I demanded the customer service representative issue a refund for the service.  The supervisor at Sprint said I would receive a refund and my phone would be free. Neither happened. I called Sprint again and was told there was no record of the call or refund.  I was told I would receive only a refund for $50.00.  l said that I had been promised $73.00.  After and argument, I was given only the $73.00.  Corporate called me the next day.  The gentleman was rude and gave me nothing and called me a liar. I went to Apple and received a new phone.  The Apple agent said this is typical of Sprint.  I went home with my new phone.  Now, the phone won’t charge.  Unbelievable! Sprint is the worst provider and their customer service is atrocious. NEVER EVER change to Sprint!
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #1156042
Jun 19 2014
12:38 PM
Sprint Not Good ON Their Word!!! Nationwide
Sprint.com changed my plan several times, I tried to work with this company as Iwas a long time customer. On February 3, 2014 I requested a rate change to my plan and inquired on my contracr expiration date. The Representative Alec advised me I was no longer in contract. I was delighted to hear this great news, but thought with the new plan things would improve with my service. After several months, in June, 2014 I had had enough and signed up with T-Mobile. I had a remainig bill that I planned on paying with my next check on June 20, 2014. On June 17,2014 I received a bill for the ballance due and an additional charge of 220.00 for Early Terminatioon Fee, very confused I called the customer service line. I spoke with a lady by the name of Kalla and was told she did not have this in her notes that she could request a copy of the phone transcript from Februaury 3, 2014 the date that Alec informed me I was no longer in contract. Kalla said this process takes upto 72 hours and someone would be in touch. I tolod her that I would be happy to pay the bill at this time and hope to resolve the ETF amount. On JUne 19, 2014, I received a call from a collection agency. Sprint turned my account ovrer to collections!!! WHAT!!! I was outraged, and called SPR(INT BACK, only to be told there is nothing they can do for me cause I was NO LONGER A CUSTOMER!!! There was a due date on my bill of JULY, 3 2014, and when I aske why I was sent to collections prior to the due date. I was told by Alexis that the DUE DATE IS NO LONGER IN EFFECT BECAUSE IWAS NOT A CUSTOMER!!!! This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had.   Distraught, Traci- Dallas, TX Company is SPRINT a nationwide company
Entity: Nationwide

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