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76, Report #174259
Feb 01 2006
12:05 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff Dallas Texas
I just need to be assured if I should continue with my order I have in lay-a-way. Look out also for Nigerian Fraud, mircosoft Sweepstake winners. Valerie forsyth vounty, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
77, Report #178928
Mar 02 2006
10:30 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse RIPOFF!!! Dallas Texas
Thank you so much Rip-Off Report... I had my checks filled out and signed getting ready to mail them out to dallas.... I called the company initially, spoke to someone asked what was needed to send and he told me either the balance, or a minimum for lay-a-way. I then asked for some more info on the products ie. model numbers on either the computer laptop or the camcorder, he said he didn't have any of that information. Then I asked him about how long the process will take he said 'After we reciece the payment, it will take about 3 days to process, and then about 5-7 days for delivery. Thats when I asked about delivery, and he asked for my zip code and put me on hold.... then I got disconnected... so I went online to get some info and thats when I found this site... THANK GOD!!!! Alex West Windsor, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
78, Report #204186
Aug 02 2006
12:40 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse fraudulent service dishonest ripoff company Dallas Texas
This company sent me 6 vouchers for 400 dollars off of 6 different items telling me that I was a consolidation winner. So I sent the money in for all the items, thinking this was a good deal. I have never recieved anything! Not even a phone call. The items included a suitcase set, a watch set, a camcorder, a desk top computer, a laptop, and a home stereo system. This is a fraud, I hope noone else has to ever experience this. Kelli Stafford, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
79, Report #205656
Aug 11 2006
12:26 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff, false advertisement Dallas Texas
This company uses false advertising to get your hard earned money. They will usually send nothing in return or very torn up product. Sonya LAWRENCEVILLE, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
80, Report #205464
Aug 10 2006
12:22 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff Dallas Texas
we made 2 payments for our son a disable man computer and we never got nothing don't care for the money just want to save other potential victims this activity should be handled by the FBI and it sad that we are looking for terrorist activity in other part of the world if we have problems in our own back-yard. thank you Frank Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Crescentini Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
81, Report #319134
Mar 18 2008
05:52 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Recieved Junk Computer!!! Dallas Texas
Recieved voucher for $400 off Dell Desktop Computer, Paid $300 for Dell Computer plus $97 shipping Cost. Recieved a Computer that won't work at all, can't talk to a real person, company won't respond to E-Mails! Screwed! Kernersville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
82, Report #172703
Jan 21 2006
05:51 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse set up for television set Dallas Texas
was fake T.V. set winner pay 37.96 for shipping and handeling for t.v set won got letter in mail front of letter said Dallas Texas permit NO. 1015 inside address sweepstakes clearinghouse 1555 Regal ROW Dallas, TX 75247 Aaron Bangor, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
83, Report #173574
Jan 27 2006
01:31 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff Dallas Texas
Well i called them to find out what they wanted me to send them money for they told me that i would get the television set but it was only a 5 1/2 inch black and white tv with a radio. So im glad i called them because i can bye one of them here for the same price. They wanted $37.96. Richard Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
84, Report #165646
Nov 23 2005
07:23 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff on layaways Dallas Texas
Be cautioned if you try to put something in layaway with this company, they will rip you off. All I can tell you is that if you put it in laway make sure you are 100% sure you will pay it off. They don't tell ya when you put it on layaway that if you cancel you WON'T get a refund of what you have paid. We actually canceled a layaway there and never recieved our money thankfully it was just a small amount, but still we didn't get it back. We thought about canceling our current layaway on a laptop because we found a better one cheaper, but when we called this time they said we could cancel it but we would NOT get any of the money we have paid on it back. They said they don't give refunds on unpaid layaways. We had a hard time gettign a hold of the company because we had never been given a phone nummber for them. When we did finally find a number for them we called and asked for a balance statement and you would have thought that was wrong. They don't like sending statements on account balances. Today when I called I couldn't find the 1-800 number at first so I called the long distance number and when I finally got connected to customer service they asked for my account number and as I was giving it to the rep he started to say hello again and then hung up on me. I feel this company is a rip off and after I get this layaway paid off I will NOT do this again especially with this company. I just wish I had found this site and all the reports before I fell for their joke. Lori Logan, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
85, Report #221903
Nov 22 2006
10:04 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Total Rip Off Dallas Texas
Well my husband and i just recieved this so called vouchers for 400.00 each from sweepstakes clearinghouse and ummm its funny because my instinct said check it out online first i have seen nothing but bad things about this company, true true on their checks and paperwork there is nothing written about contact numbers or anything. the only thing that there is is their address and some shit about prize headquarters, the guy name on check and letter is J. Johnson suppossed authorized signature. the brochure is cheaper than ones that i made in high school, the lettering is blurred in some areas. My check said void after december 11 2006 but i received the dumb thing in todays mail but it says on his letter that it was sent last month. there were 6 vouchers for 400. i for a Panasonic Laptop computer with FREE internet Balance due 279.95 IBM Desktop computer with FREE internet bal due 299.95 Ultralite 5-piece expandable luggage collection bal due 79.95 Masterpiece Diamond wristwatch set bal due 69.95 DVC 6.6 MP digital camcorder package balance due 149.95 RCA surround Sound 5 cd home stereo system bal due 179.95 To everyone that recieves these in the mail or any like these please dont waste your saved money trying to turn the item Jessica BELLINGHAM, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
86, Report #221561
Nov 20 2006
08:00 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Thank you Rip off report! Dallas Texas
I am so glad i went to this website first before ordering anything form this company. I also found this article: http://www.state.ia.us/government/ag/consumer/press_releases/sweepsy2.html I hope every state will file a lawsuit against them. Then they will stop fooling people. She Vallejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
87, Report #222418
Nov 27 2006
12:43 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Rip-off of overpriced merchandise Dallas Texas
It is November 27, 2006 ... yes, two-thousand-SIX. Keep reading to find out why I am stressing the year ... Today I got a mailing from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse, and at first thought this was something nice. My parents used to get them several years ago, and many older people think they are a really nice bargain, or are consolation prizes from a national sweepstakes (which is what they openly claim). One of the items offered got my attention, only to read the fine print. They are offering a desktop computer, and a laptop computer! But what is the problem? The desktop is a 500mhz with a 6 gigabyte hard drive, and the laptop is a 300mhz with a 6 gigabyte hard drive. After the $400 voucher is applied the remaining cost for the desktop is $299.95, and for the laptop $279.95. For those who aren't completely up on their computers those specs are for a computer from EIGHT YEARS AGO! You can find the same thing on eBay for barely $50. IT IS A CRIME to take advantage of the naivete of an uninformed person to sell them an eight year old refurbished computer for $300 when they could buy the newest top of the line from a major company for the same price. This ANGERED ME TO NO END! I cannot believe this company is getting away with this. I am contacting their local better business bureau and attorney general because this is a CRIME, often perpetrated against the elderly. Dov Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
88, Report #224310
Dec 07 2006
08:35 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse playing games Dallas Texas
I got the coupons for 400.00 dollars, and sent them in for the laptop, stupid me should have known better.payed off the lay-a-way for one laptop and was instead sent some ibm desktop that was about 10 years old. I contacted a guy named Gary and after i was on hold for a half hour. Told him the problem said he would send out return lables to send it back.2 weeks later still waiting for those return lables. I want a refund, We will see if and how long that might take. I am going to hound them till i get my money back!! Amie Belchertown, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
89, Report #277841
Oct 08 2007
08:46 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse cod scam Dallas texas
got six vouchers used 3 of them sent them and 3 money orders for 860.00 ups delivered didnt have cod money. they got sent back. called and confirmed they were sent back.told we could get them sent back and pay cod.we called on oct4 found out the account #s do not exsit anmore so we are out over 800.00dollars and mad as hell. how do we get our money back Dawn Rumford, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
90, Report #98212
Jul 09 2004
08:31 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse ripoff, fraudulent billing, thieves Dallas Texas
I had ordered some chinaware from this company, unfortunately I did not know I had to not only pay $60 dollars for the chinaware but $40 from shipping and handling. The address I had placed as shipment address was where two elderly people were in bed and taken care off therefore there is always someone there...this company had supposedly sent the chinaware there and since no one answered they took the chinaware back. Later I called the compnay and not only did I have to pay for the shipping and handling, but I also had to pay the chinaware again. So I decided I wanted my money back and according to them I had the right to receive only $17 because the rest was used for the shipping and handling. Now please explain this....isn't this stealing from a consumer. Sooner or later there will be someone who will not only file a ripoff report but just like other companies like Enron...was caught doing fraudulent activities. Between the sky and earth there is nothing hidden except fraudulent companies like Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. Angela Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
91, Report #251970
Jun 03 2007
07:51 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Consolation Prize Winner Scam ripoff Dallas Texas
I received an official looking correspondence from this company staing that I had been awarded a consolation prize in the TEN MILLION DOLLAR SWEEPSTAKES CLEARINGHOUSE GIVEAWAY. I was instructed to send acheck for the remainder of the cost of the item I chose (Dell Laptop). The amount I wrote the check for was $379.95 and the check was cashed through my bank on May 7,2007 and I still have not received ANYTHING from them. When I try to check my acct status on line it ask for my customer number which I never received. I e-mailed the co. and never got a reply and the automated phone system does not give you the option of talking to a live person but I did leave a voice message but never got a response. According to the fine print in the literature I received from this company, after receiving my check my merchandise claim is shipped promptly, and while some selections may occasionally be unavailable the the time of order, you will be notified immdediately of any delay subject to your satisfaction guarantee. I talked to my local Police Cheif and he suggested going to the Better Business Bureau which I am in the process of initiating. Debbie L'Anse, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
92, Report #253028
Jun 07 2007
02:51 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse took voucher and check ripoff Dallas Texas
I sent in the voucher for $310.00 and a check for $99.95 on April 14th,2007 for the health glider gym. The check was cashed on April 24th,2007. So far I have not recieved the gym or my refund. It does not take this long to deliver anything. Please help! Grace evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
93, Report #982662
Dec 15 2012
06:27 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Out and out thieves Dallas, Texas
I purchased a laptop computer from subject company on 12/12 and cancelled the same day due to absurdly high shipping charges. They acknowledged cancellation but dunned my credit card in any case. Since then, they have been completely obfuscatory, baing extremely evasive in the one call that got through. I get continuous mailer daemons when attempting to contact their customer service. In the meantime, yhey are walking with my $300.50 ($61 SHIPPING!) paid in full. I have no confirmation of a refund and have filed a complaint with the PA AG, Bureau of Consumer Protection. I'm vary angry,much at myself for being conned in the first place. I'm seeking restoration and possible damages.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
94, Report #1033382
Jun 11 2007
11:50 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse dishonest shipping charges Dallas Texas
This morning, a UPS guy showed up at my door with a package that I had been expecting. Great! The pretty floral dinnerware that I had ordered from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse had arrived. Note: I have bought things from them before with no problem. However, this was back in 2000. Well, times change, I guess. The man informed me that he could not leave my package until I gave him $51.25 for a COD charge. Um, suck what? I explained to him that I had already sent a check for the merchandise. He explained that he really couldn't leave the parcel without receiving the money, but he could send it back and ask them to send it non-COD. Okay, fine, not his fault. I asked him to send it back. Then, I came back up to the apartment to find out what the F was going on. My checkbook register confirmed that I had written the check on May 17th. So, it had plenty of time to get there and clear. That meant a phone call was in order. Joy. I found the original envelope I that had contained the offer for the dishes as well as the merchandise vouchers. An address for the company was listed (it's in Texas), but no number. I had to find that on the Internet. Oh, and it wasn't a toll free number either. (I can't wait to see that charge on the phone bill. :P) Anyway, after playing the runaround game with the automated system (that still had my account balance from 2000, but no info on my recent order), I finally reached a CSR. I explained the situation to her and she told me that the COD charge was for delivery and insurance (and handling, I think). I had assumed that some kind of shipping charge was already figured into the price as there wasn't anything in that envelope to tell me differently. If this information had been in the literature when I ordered the dishes, I wouldn't have been as pissed off (I probably wouldn't have placed an order, either). I didn't like having it thrust upon me out of the blue. They didn't do this when I ordered from them before. That was when I told the CSR that I didn't want the dishes, but a refund of the purchase price ($59.95). She said that I would have to call back with my request when they received the package. Fishy. Tracey Randolph, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
95, Report #1148264
May 20 2014
12:37 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse $400.00 certificate for cookware 7 Quesinart Dallas Texas
 We got several coupons for 400.00 off.  We sent for the cooking set with quesinart.  It has not come yet, but we got a letter saying that after paying the $89.95 by credit card, we would also be charged $31.18 for shipping and handling.  There was NO mention of shipping costs on the add.  We checked thouroughly before orderibg.  After visiting this site, I am worried that we will receive junk in the mail and wind up paing 121.15 for it.  Has anyone out there ordered the cookware from them?  What happened?
Entity: Dallas, Texas
96, Report #1147870
May 19 2014
09:46 AM
Sweepstakes-Clearinghouse Deceptive Cancellation Policy Dallas Texas
I recently placed a Brother sewing machine on lay-away with Sweeptakes-Clearinghouse. When I changed my mind about the item and wanted to cancel the order, I was told that I could not get my down payment back--I could only apply it toward another item. Perhaps this little detail was somewhere in the very, very fine print, but I do not recall reading it.  Since I do not want any other item, Sweepstakes Clearinghous will continue to take a $1.00 service fee out of the down payment until it is depleted!  I am being forced to lose the money I gave them for nothing or purchase something I do not want.  Furthermore, the shipping charges are not given prior to placing an order, so what appears to be a good deal ends up costing a lot of money in the end.  I will never use another wonderful discount coupon from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
97, Report #1294429
Mar 17 2016
11:32 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Treacherous low down thieves Arlington Texas
I have been receiving vouchers from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse for years. I never bought anything, but  I trusted that this company was legitimate. They just keep sending me these vouchers that sound to good to be true and I guess they were to good to be true. I just received my income taxes and I was going to get a small tablet for $100 dollars. I bought it the first week in March 2016 and  still have not recived it. I went online to find a phone number to call because there was no number on the paper that they sent. As I was searching for the number I started to see Scam reports, rip offs about the Sweepstakes Clearing house, so I knew that I have been scammed. It do not take 3 weeks to send a tablet.    I wish that I would have investigated this company before I sent them a money order. I am so glad that all I  lost was just $100 dollars.  But it really is the principle behind it, I trusted them and many others who lost more than me trusted them.  That is why I call them treacherous thieves.   I think that they should go to jail for their crimes, and be order to pay everyone their money back. Somebody has to stop them before more people get scammed. They need to be put out of business immediately. These people are stealing and people go to jail for stealing. Why is no body stopping them?   Their address is 2000 E. Lamar Blvd. Suite 600      Arlington, Tx 76006 Signture of Approval is J. Johnston            I hope that this madness end soon!!!!!                                                                               
Entity: Arlington, Texas
98, Report #1271184
Dec 01 2015
07:00 AM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Ripped me off of $279.95 Arlington Texas
 I received six credit vouchers from sweepstakes clearinghouse in October 2015. For some reason I had mistook this company as Publishers Clearinghouse. Anyway, I was going out of town a few days, so I purchased a money order in the amount of $279.95 which was the balance due included a $400 credit voucher for a desktop computer and monitor with internet. I mailed the money order and voucher on Nov. 3rd, 2015 and still have not received the computer as of today, Dec. 1st. I tried calling this company but cant get thru.
99, Report #102801
Aug 09 2004
12:41 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Don't shop with Sweepstakes rrip-off Clearinghouse Dallas Texas
I ordered a computer from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse on layaway. After making a number of payments I couldn't afford the computer so I called and asked for a refund. They said they did not give refunds, however I had a $217.00 credit I could use. They said they would send me a brochure of what I could order to replace the computer layaway. After receiving the brochure I ordered a his and hers leather jacket. I waited 2 months and received nothing. I called back to inquire about the jacket. They said the jacket was out of stock. I asked if I could change my order. I ordered a VCR/DVD combination which was $149.95. It left me a balance that I asked to have go toward a leather executive office chair. The chair was $89.95 and I agreed to pay the balance on the chair only. The credit I had covered the VCR/DVD combo. I inquired about the shipping date. The young lady (Estora) said she would check availability. She said it was not in stock. I called 1 month later to check on the shipping date. The lady I spoke to was very rude and told me I did not have a credit and I owed them $28.00 on the DVD/VCR Combo. She said I other several other accounts with them. I told her to cancel all accounts accept the DVD/VCR combo. She said she would send out a payment booklet. I asked how are you sending out a payment booklet when I don't owe any money. She got very loud and indignent. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She said she would have one call me back in a snotty manner. I said there are no supervisors available? She said they are all on another line. I told her I would hold until a supervisor is free. She told me I could not hold up her line. All I want now is my total cash refund of $217.00 and nothing else to do with sweepstakes clearinghouse. Just a added tip supervisors at sweepstakes clearinghouse should monitor their employees calls to insure customers are treated in a courteous and professional manner. I wish I had asked the name of this person I would request that they be fired. Be aware of Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. Denise Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
100, Report #690325
Feb 03 2011
12:28 PM
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Shipping Office . Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Fraud in offering a OMNI -2 Camera package Dallas, Texas
Voucher received. Item waiting to be shipped to your home. Enclose $27.38 (check or money order) along with voucher for immediate delivery.Checked on such a camera. Omni-2 Digital (plus LCD status screen, 150 Photo storage, PC connections & software package, also a webcam). Unknown by popular camera retailers! Fraud.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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