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26, Report #872227
Apr 22 2012
06:18 PM
T-mobile ripped off Internet
T-mobile cut my phone & sent me a bill for $4,000.. I pay my bills on time and they said I made changes to my account that I did not. So 30 days later I have bill collectors calling my new phone over a bill I do not owe.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #877391
May 02 2012
06:04 PM
T-Mobile Billing Fraud Internet
I am typing this as I wait for a supervisor (54 minutes & 29 seconds and counting) for the third attempt to resolve a billing dispute. I like loyalty, so I stayed with T-Mobile for 7 years. However as a single mom for one full line (talk, text and web) and one basic line for my daughter I was paying close to $180.00 per month. In today's competitive market there is absolutely no reason for it. I requested to keep my mobile number as I moved to Sprint (after trying to get a reasonable loyalty plan with T-Mobile, unsuccesfully of course). The porting took longer than usual, and it threw me into 2 days of service after the billing cycle. So they politely sent me a final bill for $170.85 for services rendered for the whole month. Even though I have been out of a contract for the last two years or so there is a port out cost which is the equivalent of a month of service. WHAT SERVICE??? The supervisor will not pro-rate and when I asked for the escalations department or a corporate number, his best suggestion is that I mail a letter to some PO Box in Albuquerque NM and wait for someone to contact me in 10 days. My favorite part was the professionalism in his voice when he said no worries REALLY??? How old are you?   Still furious...
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28, Report #1101640
Nov 23 2013
06:56 AM
T-Mobile Hotspot Total Disappointment Internet
 Have been a loyal T-Mobile customer, even tho service is not available just a mile from my home in CO.  The lastb time i traveled the Hotspot was promoted for use in receiving computer service.  I then ordered 2.5gb and it worked fine for the month I was gone.  Decided to do it again this time, ordered the 2.5gb  at $30 as before.  However, after 4 days, Iwas told I had used up all my service and had to pay more money for service.  I never watch movies or do things that take up a lot of service - nothing more than the first time I used it.  It is a total puzzle why in 4 days my 2.5gb is used? I am on a fixed budget and don't have use for a cell phone or hotspot unless I am traveling.  Does anyone have a better solution to my problem so I can keep my expenses in check?      
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1092432
Oct 16 2013
04:06 PM
T-Mobile Water Damage California
 I to am a victom of the T-mobile water damage excuse.  Long story short.  I purchase my HTC8X in January of 2013.  I got the blue one.  About 3 months after owning the phone I notice it started to have black marks on the edges and back.   I did some research and a few suggestions were to try to clean it with a static free cloth.  I tried this but no luck.  I really love the phone adn was happy with T-mobile service that I let it go.  After about 6 months the discoloration was worse.  I did more research and had found that this was a issues with some of the HTC8X phones.  I contacted HTC and they said yes this was a issues with some of the ones that shiped and would be happy to replace it but as the phone was still under warranty with T-mobile it would be faster to go thru them.  I contacted T-Mobile and explained the problem and was sent a new phone and I returned the orig phne.   Well to my suprice 2 months later I find my bill 110.00 more then what is normal.  I contacted T-mobile and asked why and was told because it was a warranty issue.  When they looked into it they said the phone had water damage. I was also told the screen display was not clear.  I was outraged.  I took extra steps with this one as I love it, it had never seen a drop of water in it's lifetime.  On top of that I had returned it for the discoloration not for a issue with the display.  I explained this to the rep who said there were test they do and one was the sticker was coming off the back.  What kind of test is that.  I then said I'd take the phone back as it was a bit faster then this refurbished phone they sent me, but was told they could not.  I again tried to explain that this phone had never seen been near warter.  The rep put me on hold and talked to a manager.  After 2 min I was told they could not do anything other then give me a $50.00 credit.  I stated I would pay off my account adn leave.  After haning up and having to think about it I have been very happy with T-mobile and the service and I love my phone so I contacted them and took the $50.00 but expressed that this was a cheap way to steal money from customers.  If I have any other warranty issues I will be sure to take photos, video and have any additional information on hand if they try to pull this crap again.  I say to you T-mobile shame on you and your lazy quality control dept.
Entity: California
30, Report #1186859
Nov 04 2014
08:47 PM
T-Mobile Wireless phone Nationwide
T-Mobile advertises that they will pay Early Termination Fees ETFs. This is not true. As I just received my reject letter today, and all my codes and submitted paperwork, was perfect. After changing over two devices, and paying nearly $300. No benefit or cost deduction here. The second scam, Tmobile delays processing payments in order to receive an additional $20 per line for reactivation. The service is awful too, phone calls and texts can be delayed for hours or even days. 
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1000172
Jan 20 2013
12:18 PM
T-Mobile Denied rebate Internet
I would like to describe to you my recent experience in trying to claim my rebate from T-Mobile.  I felt I was deceived, deliberately misled, and seemingly lied to by T-Mobile employees. I ordered an upgrade to my phone on T-Mobile's web site on Sept. 9, 2012.  When choosing my phone, it was strongly implied that I was eligible for two rebates, one for $50 and another for $150.  I received the $50 rebate with no hassle. However, a few days after receiving that rebate, I got a letter indicating that the other rebate was denied.  The reason stated was that it had been activated at a location other than the one specified on the rebate form (see attachment). I had thought I had activated the phone from home when it was delivered to my home; however, later that day went to the T-Mobile store in town to have my old SIM card data transferred, and the service employee may have mentioned something regarding activation, so perhaps I hadn't actually activated the phone at home and it was done in the store.  Why that would make a difference to T-Mobile is beyond me, but I decided to call a few days after receiving the rebate denial letter to straighten things out. I spoke to a T-Mobile employee by phone on Dec. 19 (I think his name was Brian), who said that my plan was ineligible for the $150 rebate.  This was not what was stated in the letter (see attached). If you will also notice in the letter, there is no mention of account #, order #, plan, or rebate amount. After some back and forth with Brian, wherein I explained to him that these rebates were ones that their web site directed me to fill out, print, and mail  AFTER I had logged into my T-Mobile account (which has my plan information), he finally said he look up a rebate I was qualified for, which came to $50 (see attached), $100 less than what I had applied for.  I was at my lunch break from work and didn't have time to argue further, so I just let it go until I could go home and get a look at the rebate offer I originally applied for. On the T-Mobile $150 rebate that I printed and filled out (see attached terms and conditions), Offer Eligibility Requirements #4 states Requires Value Voice Plan and Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Feature or higher.  I have a Family plan, which any reasonable person, having been instructed during order process to fill out and apply for this rebate, would assume is a 'higher' plan than any 'Value' plan. Note that on the other rebate I did receive (applied for at the same time as the $150 rebate), it states in the eligibility requirement state 5. Requires Classic Voice and a 2 GB or higher Data Feature.  How is it my Family Plan qualified under this requirement, but not under the other? I next talked to 'John' at T-Mobile on Dec. 22.  Again, I explained to him that the T-Mobile website led me directly to these to rebates, fully implying that I qualified (I want to stress that this was after I had logged into my account, so T-Mobile knew all my customer details before I even go to the rebate site).  John still insisted my plan did not qualify.  I told him I would call back once I took a closer look at the documents I had. Next talked to Avery.  Same story, but when I asked how it is the T-Mobile site would lead me to fill out and mail a form for a rebate for which I didn't qualify, she said that the tmobilerebate.com site (seemlessy linked to from tmobile.com) was a separate site and for security reasons my account information could not be forwarded.  That's insane, as they're both T-Mobile operated sites, but aside from that, I didn't log in to tmobilerebates.com.  Which means a) they retained and transferred my login information when I clicked the link to the rebate site (which is all that's needed to access my full account); or b) when I fill out the new phone's IMEI #, phone #, and date of purchase, they at least get some confirmation back from their other web site.  Why not also my plan details? What security issue in communicating the type of plan the consumer has between web sites that they themselves host? Hung up with Avery, hoping to dig up some more documentation. Next talked to Brea.  Got a THIRD explanation as to why my rebate was denied, this time stating that I could not recieve two rebates for the same service.  Interesting, because Brian had sent me a second rebate, albeit for $100 less that what I had originally applied for. At this point I requested to talk to Breas supervisor, Lacy. Lacy again said my plan did not qualify. Read her the wording on the rebate form (Value Plan and Unlimited 4G Data plan or higher) and  asked her how my Family Plan would not be considered 'higher' than a 'Value Plan'.  Lacy said the Value Plan was a completely separate plan.  What does that mean?  She next told me I should have talked to a representative before making a purchase from their website! Had enough of the runaround by then and let Lacy know that I would be contacting the appropriate government agencies about my experience.
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #986617
Dec 24 2012
01:25 PM
T-Mobile inappropriate billing Internet
Once I cancelled my plan to switch to Sprint (T-mobile provided poor customer service in my opinion) my final bill was significant (greater than $500) I arranged with customer service to pay half in December (the month I was billed) and half in January (per Michael, ID #12511336). I mailed the appropriate check.  One week after I mailed the check, T-mobile debited my checking account the full amount owed; which was never authorized.  I called customer service again, was promised a return of the entire amount debited, because the combined amount of the debit and the check I mailed was 1.5 times the amount owed. I called on 12/18, spoke to Lisa (ID #17754340) and the supervisor Charlott (ID#17753964) and was promised a FULL refund (refund # 221843031). A week later, only half of the amount was refunded. I called again and spoke to Leon (#116802950), and again was promised that the remainder would be refunded (Refund #221696108). after my refund was NOT received in the timeframe specified by T-mobile, I called yet again, and spoke to YET another representative (John ID #1744971)who again promised a return of my money (refund # 221975292) As of this complaint I am stilled owed $332.68 by T-Mobile, a month after the original bill date.
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33, Report #1135436
Apr 01 2014
02:11 PM
t-mobile Nightmare Changing Plans Nationwide
I have been a t-mobile customer for about 8 years. I have had a family account with 3 individuals listed on the account.  I very seldom use the phone so I wanted to take my name off of the family plan and instead buy 1000 minutes for 1 year for $100.  This would save me about $1750 per year.  I am on a fixed income with a limited budget and this will help. I called the toll free number and after working my way through a series of electronic options that, for the most part, did not allow me to get to the right department finally got to speak to a live person. The long and the short of this story is that I spent over an hour on the phone was disconnected twice and had to call back and spoke to 10 different people being transferred from one to another because this department isn't the one that does that.  How do they stay in business if they can't handle a simple transaction--remove me from one account and set me up on a second one? So supposedly the new sim card will arrive tomorrow and I can set up the new account but there is nothing else to do today--I am off of the family plan and in limbo. The message here is--don't use T-mobile.  Their customer services sucks.  
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1333239
Oct 14 2016
06:49 PM
T-Mobile Nationwide
I switched to tmobiles 2 months ago. I have in writing where they said my bill would be $129 per month plus tax period. I have talked to them on many occasions and every time I talk to them my bill changed. It changes 9 times in 1 day! Last month it was $318, this month it's $173 next time I talk to them who knows what it'll Be? I was told I was on a payment plan for the $318. I paid $ 200 before I went to bed and got a confirmation text. I went to bed and woke up the next morning to find another text confirming another payment of $118 . What? Really? I went to their fb page and saw countless people complaining about similar experiences.. along with gobs of other complaints. I was fine til I got my first bill and saw $ 318. I was past my 14 day period so I couldn't return the phones without paying a ridiculous amount of money. They wait til your 14 day period is up to give your first bill so you're forced to buy the phones. I'm a businessman and if I treated my customers that way, I wouldn't be All I want is to return my phones and go back to (((REDACTED))) without hurting my credit. But after all I've been through with T-Mobile I'm taking the ding and going back to (((REDACTED))) tomorrow.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1367028
Apr 11 2017
06:08 AM
T-Mobile Over charges Nationwide
 Ok so when i first signed up i was quotes $140 a month with tax and fees included. After 1 st month i got charged like $220. I called 611 like 4 times and at the end i had to talk to someone from corporate and she said the i was quoted wrong and she will put me in a plan for $150 everything included. Now my bill $330 every month and every month i have to call visit the store talk to you guys online to fix it, I am getting over charged about $60 every month on my accoun.t everytime i call customer service i get a different answe.r now i went to the store and he totally gave me a new reason and every month i have to spend at least 1 or 2 hours off my time to fix these overcharges. i need a permenant sloution. Last thing i spoke with a manager on saturday and he said i was getting over charged for the last three month but the system is down and he will call me back Monday 8 pm which he didnt as excpceted .
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #395851
Nov 28 2008
08:07 PM
T-MOBILE 1877822spot(7768) PO Box 37380 E-mail: https://support.t-mobile.com/caseSubmitForm.html Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380 Es cliente actual y desea hacernos algunas preguntas sobre su telfono y/o servicio? Marque el 611 desde su telfono mvil o marque el 1-877-453-1304. T-MOBILE HOTSPOT ABOMINATION: THE INTENT IS TO DECEIVE Many motels, hotels, coffee shops etc, have a deal with T mobile and offer the T mobile hotspot card, sometimes labeled powered by Fast Card. It is a heinous ripoff. The language of the card is aimed to deceive. There is fine print that states: your prepaid account will expire 24 hours after the first login at a TMobile hotspot location or one year from your purchase date, whichever occurs first. Obviously you could read that one of two ways in the English language: 1 - You could interpret it as you have 24 hours of acccumulated use and you don't run out of minutes on the card until you have surfed for a total of 24 hours and the offer is valid for one year. 2 - You lose the 10.50 {depending upon tax} within 24 hours. Obviously, those who speak and grasp the English language will interpret it the former. I was logging off quickly and only used about 15 minutes on the card because I understood that you had a year to use up the 24 allotted hours on the card. Furthermore, you would never feel that any reputable, established business would do business with the intent to deeply deceive and steal from the purchaser. If you interpret it the latter way, TMobile should have a sign in ENORMOUS letters stating YOU MUST USE THIS CARD CONTINUOUSLY FOR TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CARD IF YOU ONLY USE THIS CARD FOR YOURSELF. It is obvious that the only way the card would be of any use to the customer is if your family works in six to eight hour shifts because you will not have access to the internet within 24 hours from the time you log in. You still are ripped off: you do not get your money's worth as, extended out, you pay 300/month for internet access!!!! Logging in is aggravating enough because the card usually will not work. You have to call customer service, which is no easy task because the number is printed so infinitesimally small, you can scarcely read the number. My recommendation is to NEVER use a so-called service to the consumer that directs you to a TMobile or any advertising webpage. By the way, I confirmed with customer service that you get 24 hours, even if you take a year to use up the 24 hours allotted. Therefore, customer so-called service lied.You should be able to go directly online without having to put up with a third party website before you can use the internet. The intent of TMobile is to deceive. This is a scheme to skim the buying public. All motels, hotels, coffee shops, hostels, restaurants, etc. are put on notice to never make a deal with TMobile. You will get a reputation as a ripoff joint. Of course, some places don't care. A good example is Starbucks. Starbucks advertises that you have free internet access. After you have bought your coffee and cake, you try to connect and find that is in cohoots with TMobile to get $30.00/month out of you. That is lying!!! Doubtless, there are many victims of this scam by: 1 - you couldn't get online but TMobile said you were logged in and all of your minutes are gone in 24 hours. 2 - You used the web for ten or fifteen minutes. Twenty-four hours later, you can't get online. 3 - Before I forget, customer service will LIE to you saying it states clearly.... No, it states clearly that you have a year of usage so long as your 24 hours of purchased internet accesss are not used up. We know the English language. TMobile uses the English language to deceive and bleed the public. A further abomination by TMobile is the obvious callousness involved. What if you need the internet? Tmobile does not care. Power outage? Tmobile does not care! This scheme is as evil as the mob. TMobile's intent is to bear false witness and skim consumers. You've been warned: DON'T USE THE T-MOBILE HOTSPOT CARD OR ANYTHING T-MOBILE OFFERS UNTIL THEY REFUND ALL THE CUSTOMERS THAT THEY HAVE SURREPTITIOUSLY AND SLEAZILY STOLEN FROM!!!! This is a scam. If tmobile did this in China, tmobile heads would be charged, tried, convicted and placed before a firing squad. Tmobile is a scam. Consult the rock MANASSAS, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on T-Mobil
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico, New York
37, Report #578254
Mar 04 2010
05:26 PM
T-MOBILE Conveniently Confusing Measurements of Mobile Usage Internet
On January 13, 2010, I decided to purchase a T-Mobile internet stick for my laptop, because it was necessary for my work.  I got the stick for free when I signed a year-long contract for 5GB of service for $49.99 per month.  I was warned by the salesman not to go over the 5GB limit, and when I got home and saw the Usage Meter on the Web Connect program, I didn't think that would be a problem.Throughout our usage of the service, we have always kept watch on the Usage Meter to make sure that we would not go over, and we have never gone over the monthly usage limit on the Usage Meter.On today, March 4, we received our second bill from T-Mobile - totaling 412.14!Part of that was a late payment of a total of $57.84, and I accept full responsibility for the fact that it was late.  I went online and paid for that immediately.  (T-Mobile got to charge their additional fee for a late payment, so it's not like they have any reason to be unhappy about it.)There was also the (normal) monthly charge of $49.99.However, $304.31 of that was assessed as a usage charge because, according to them, we went over the limit by about 1545MB.First off, let's break down the ratio difference of what they are charging here.  For the normal plan, they are charging $.0098/MB.  Once you go over 5MB, though, they will start charging you $.2/MB.  That's not exactly a central point for me, but I think it's worth pointing out.Now, if we were always watching the Usage Meter so closely that we never went over, how was it that we went over so egregiously far that they slapped us with an extra $304.31 on our monthly bill?Well, first off, despite what the sales guy had told me, the monthly billing cycle started on the 24th rather than the 14th, when I bought it.  And naturally, the Usage Meter was naturally set for the 14th.  Thus, according to the Usage Meter, from January 14th to February 14th, we were about 1GB below the limit for total usage.  However, little did we know that the billing cycle was actually cut into a smaller chunk (1/14-1/24) and then a whole month from January 24th to February 24th.  Because it was cut the way it was cut, our usage went over the limit by 1545MB for that month.As I said, though, we were never aware of that until we got the bill today.  This was because I had never set the Usage Meter for the 24th - mostly due to the fact that I had never been told to do so.Of course, when I called T-Mobile, it was my fault for not going to their website to check there.  Instead, I had made the mistake on relying on the software that THEY HAD PROVIDED on my computer.After about two and a half hours on the phone, we did manage to get a bit of a reconciliation - in that they agreed to take the usage charges down to $150.  how charitable they are.Why does T-Mobile provide two different ways of measuring usage, in such a way that it can cause confusion and lead to even the most conscientious of consumers to get $304 added to a monthly bill of $49.99?  Well, the answer is in the question.
Entity: Internet, Internet
38, Report #1022126
Mar 01 2013
12:51 PM
T-Mobile Mobile phone service excess fees seattle, Washington
This is a warning to any person or business who might choose to engage with T-Mobile for mobile telephone services. On the 22nd of February I received an expected and automated SMS from T-Mobile informing me of the need to make a routine monthly payment to continue my pre-paid mobile service. I made an online payment of $50 for a month's pre-paid phone use that day. On the 25th of February I decided to add International talk & text, for $10, to my service list before I made a call overseas to my elderly mother (cue sad violin music now). I spoke to a representative who said I must be transferred to another department to make the upgrade. The next person took my credit card details four times (he seemed confused and repeated his request for my card number four or five times, at one stage telling me that I was giving him an incorrectcard number - I was not) and then said I was paid up and good to go and thank you very much. I received an instant automated SMS from my debit card company saying a payment had been made - they're good like that. The next day I rang my elderly Mum overseas to wish her a happy birthday. Part way through the call (about ten minutes) the phone died and I instantly received an SMS from T-Mobile stating that I needed to pay for additional services. Needing to complete the call I went to T-Mobile's app on my Android device and noted that I had (curiously) used up my allotted amount of time/money. I needed to complete the call so I applied a second online (via their app) payment of $50 to my account and continued with my call. Surprised once again was I when my call was terminated mid-way. I checked my T-Mobile online account and was surprised to find that instead of removing $10 for Int'l Tlk&Tx, T-Mobile had simply removed $50 and not added the required service. I rang them today and spoke to a somewhat helpful but slightly too efficient person (with a heavily-accented English that required great stamina to comprehend) who insisted that T-Mobile had done what I'd requested. She then informed me that through her records she could see that not only had they removed $50 from my debit card each time but in fact they'd removed an additional $50 instead of the $10 fee for Int'l tlk&Txt and in fact had not added that service. She offered no quarter in her insistence that they'd done what I'd asked for. I told her what I thought of their practices (this was not the first time I'd had to clarify payment or service or register a complaint with them about their not fulfilling an agreement. Finally, exasperated, I politely told her I was going to hang up and vowed to switch carriers the same day. The end result is that T-Mobile removed $50 from my debit card with a space of five days, did not give me the service I'd clearly requested, and offered no apology or explanantion for the additionbal fees other than they had no record of my request and that I was the one using up my alloted time. How can one trust a company which does n ot do what they say they will do (and takes a fee too) and then says thye have no record of the request or transaction. Buyer beware!?
Entity: seattle, Washington
39, Report #1162506
Jul 16 2014
10:50 AM
T-mobile Mobile crooks Nationwide
T-mobile are cell phone crooks, they keep charging my account downloads I never did. Thought I had it straightend out I payed $300 2 weeks ago now my account is $600???? They won't credit me anything I get bounced around on the phone from department to department with no help.  
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #344793
Jun 26 2008
08:14 PM
T-Mobile Thief Mobile or T-Mobile Dallas Texas
PLS DO NOT BUY A T-MOBILE SERVICE OR EVEN TAKE ONE FOR FREE, YOU WOULD REGRET IT. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE. It may amaze you, but the greatest thief of the century is a company that takes money from you to provide you services but do not provide a good service and insist that you have a contract. This is the case for T-mobile. I was made just like nearly everyone to purchase a 2 year contract (in hell) my service does not work from my home. How about the fact that I purchased a service that would not even work consistently within 10 mile radius of my home. Not just that my self and my wife purchased a family plan. We have stayed in this Thief-Mobile debacle from 01/04/2007 to date. We have made an average of two reports a month but they told us we can not come out of this contract. They would not cancel it. They would not pay us compensation for exploiting us. They repeatedly asked us to take some wi-fi phones and pay extra $149 x 2 in addition get a 2 year extension of their Thief-Mobile Services but we turned them down. This is the worst telecom services in the whole world. It is a Rip -Off, No telecom company should be allowed to have more than a 6 months contract and we consumers should be able to give a month's notice to depart from these Hell- contracts. I want everyone to know that Thief Mobile - T-Mobile does not care about any of their customers , all they care about is fir you to sign a contract. Can you imagine this rip off? You can not make a call at your own home and you have the frustration of dropped calls twenty or thirty times a day ? They lied that they do not maintain a record of dropped calls. I work from home and lose money everyday They lied that they allow you to leave these contracts if their services were deplorable They are hard sales people there only to sell extensions. T-MOBILE IS A ROUGE COMPANY RIPPING OFF EVERYONE THEY CAN Cash cedar hill, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
41, Report #476432
Aug 04 2009
04:04 PM
T-MOBILE t-mobile T for theives Cincinnati Ohio
On June 19, I closed my T-mobile account. On June 21st, I received a text message stating that my account had been cancelled. Then on July 18, T-mobile withdrew $111.43 from my debit card. On the 19th I spoke with them and they assured me that a refund would be approved and sent to me. At that time I requested that the refund be sent to my bank account that they withdrew the funds from. On the 20th I called and they stated that the refund had been approved and would be sent in 1-3 business days. At the end of 4 business days, no money had arrived at which time another call was made to T-mobile and was told that a paper check was mailed out on the 21st. That it would take 2-5 business days for me to receive it. At the end of 5 business days nothing had arrived. Another call was made to T-mobile at which time I was told that I should have it within the next day or two. At the end of 2 days nothing had arrived. Another call was made to T-mobile at which time that an electronic transfer had been made to my account. I assured them that I had not received it and they said that they would take care of it and a representative from the TEAM would be in touch with me by 9am the next morning. No call was received so I made another call to T-mobile. I was then told that a paper check had in fact been mailed on July 21st. At which time I stated to them that I had been told the previous day that an electronic transfer had been made to my account and was, once again, assured that they would take care of the problem immediately and would receive the money the following day. The following day still no money in my account. I made another call to T-mobile at which time I was told that a paper check was mailed on the 21st again. At which time I stated that I had been told that an electronic transfer had been made to my bank account. The representative assured me that the check would be cancelled and an immediate transfer to my bank account would be made and to check my account that day or the following morning. She also stated that she would call me by 9am the next day to confirm that the money had been received. She stated that if I had not received the money at that time, that by the time we were finished on the phone it would be in my account. So I waited until the following day and once again, no phone call and no money. So I phoned again, this time the representative told me that she could put in an escalation, but that it would delay the original claim but that I would received money by Monday morning and that she too (promised) that she would call me back by 9am. 9am came and no phone call and no money. So I called them again this time I was told again it would be 24 to 48 hours. 48 hours passed and once again no money. I phoned again this time I was told that they never received a payment of $111 from me. So I demanded to speak with a supervisor. He stated that I would have to wait until August 21 before they could reissue a refund. So on that note, if anyone is interested in joining me in filing a class action lawsuit against T-mobile, please contact me. I can be reached at (((REDACTED))) Lemonade138 milford, MaineU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
42, Report #408440
Jan 05 2009
07:17 PM
T-Mobile T-Mobile: A Team full of LIARS and a Corp. of Thieves. t-mobile.com California
As I sit here after 6 days in a period of a month and each day taking more then 7 hours of my time. I finally canceled T mobile and feeling like I've just wasted five years of my time with a horrid company. Their customer service is like dealing with untrained monkey(s) looking for a already peeled banana. I tried to upgrade our family phone plan and we got a really nice lady named Sarah and then one called Wendy. They both blew nice 'fairy dust' of BS saying they would do a monthly plan to pay off the phones of $40 per month for all three phones until paid off and she was the one that mentioned this first. So we took it and they sent us the phones. Our absolutely beautiful Xmas gift from T-mobile was a $700.00 dollar bill for phones that are Not EVEN close to that amount on their website nor in their stores. Granted after having to deal with our other problem which is our mortgage (another report for that coming) dealing with T Mobile is a damn nightmare. So when we tried to cancel them on Christmas they first started out with a termination fee of $600.00 dollars on top of the $700.00 dollars already owed. That would be a total of dollars to pay $1,300 dollars even after sending the phones back. After they did the 1300 dollar amount they apparently had problems with their phones for the 10th time during that day and they were going to call us back. They hung up and didn't call us back. We had the day off and were suppose to be relaxing. We started with their customer service at 8am and didn't get off the phone with them till 1045pm at night. If it wasn't for being pissed and pure determination to get lies straight.... we wouldn't of wasted our time. Now for 6 days (within the month of Dec. 2008) this 8am till 1045 kept on going. I could deal with one faulty phone drop once.. But! they had 10 BS phone drops. I truly doubt they had that many phone drops and I'm completely mad that they NEVER even tried to call me back. When I did get back with them they said my phone was busy. Really? I have call waiting on the thing and it was sitting on my nice table waiting to get a ring. On the last time dealing with this company they called me and my family liars for a DEAL (or steal in their words) that they offered... Yes, I did say FAMILY because we all got on the phone to listen to her speak.. Because we're all using the phones and we don't make a choice unless it's together. Times are rough and T mobile apparently loves to screw you in the rear for a dollar. Well... I'm not enjoying it and I'm not gonna lay down without my words being read. I have a outrageous mortgage payment due and there is no way in hell I'm gonna give TEAM THIEVES a damn dollar. They owe me (and my family) for the time I spent trying to deal with them. Now, when I ran into a T-mobile Zealot (customer service) they can preach their power and how wonderful their company is.. I don't want to hear how great they are after spending a whole day chasing the 'white rabbit' called corporate. We've been with them for five years and only once upgraded the phones before this. They told us we had some BS credit that apparently doesn't exist. I'm sorry NO phone is worth that amount and I don't care how much you talk on the thing. Neither is dealing with the painful migraines that come with dealing with their scripted staff. Yes--I'm mad and it's like kicking a dead horse repeatedly.. I'm tired of dealing with liars and thieves. It's exhausting. Isn't there one honest good company out there? Is there one that can actually keep their word? T Mobile isn't worth the hassle or HUSTLE they give you... M. Noel Fullerton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
43, Report #406365
Dec 30 2008
03:23 PM
T-Mobile T-Mobile, Yeah More Like T-MAYBE Las Vegas Nationwide
There are many people in this world who have had bad experiences with T-Mobile. Well, I am one of them and I'd like to share my story as well. I used to live in Pennsylvania, in a place where T-Mobile does not work, does not have coverage. So, a little known fact with most cell phone companies is that is their service does not cover an area that you are living in, you can cancel your contract with no cancellation fees. Now, we all know how much these cancellation fees can cost. Mine, at the time cost $200.00, so I was pretty excited that they actually upheld this little known service to me. Well, I move to Vegas and decide, since I have T-Mobile has coverage in Vegas, I'll go back. It all went downhill from there. Each and every time I called up to tell them about a mistake they made on my bill or that they didn't send me the right free phone, the problem wasn't handle or even noted on the account and I was charged double on the next bill. Each time I tried to handle a situation with any of the customer service reps, it took several hours, several xanax pills and finally 4 months after each initial problem the situation was handled, however, what I wasn't aware of, was that everytime they handled a situation for me, they extended my contract. Now, normally, I would say, ok if I received different services like upgrading my contract, then I know that the extension of my contract was possible, but when I call you because you charged me $300 for an advertised free phone and after 4 months of constantly being on the phone with the moronic customer service reps, you then extend my contract because you fix your (T-Mobile) error? Pissed me OFF!! So, Vegas didn't work out and I decided I was going to move back to the place in PA that I came from, so I called up T-Mobile and told them that I was moving to an area and did not have their service. Again, they let me out of my contract and waived the cancellation fee. Now, almost 4 years after the fact and a completely new cell phone carrier later, I get a call from a collection agency, on my work phone, telling me that I owe T-Mobile $200.00. At first, I had no clue what they were talking about. Mind you it has been almost 4 years since I've had to deal with the idiots over at T-Maybe. She this unpolite collections woman claims that I skipped out on a bill for T-Mobile and that I owe them now $200 plus interest. I politely explained to her the situation on why I didn't owe, how this was from 4 years ago, but that I couldn't discuss it right then because she had called my work phone so to call me on a different phone number since she was able to access my personal records somehow and find out where I worked and how to get a hold of me 4 years later. She begins to tell me that she is going to record the conversation and starts harrassing me about why I can't pay the bill. I, again, asked her to call me on another phone number and she tells me that all I'm trying to do is skip out on handling my responsibilities. The nerve of this collections woman. Who the hell is she to tell me about responsibilities? Does she know me? No! I get up off the phone and close my office door and begin to rip her a new one. Remember, I'm from the East Coast originally, so I know how to put a person down. I threatened this woman so much she hung up the phone crying. I then preceded to call T-Maybe to find out what the hell was going on. It took them 30 minutes just to figure out who I was because I couldn't remember my old phone number, I had changed my last name since 4 years prior and they couldn't find me in their system. Finally, they pull everything up and precede to tell me I owe them $200.00. I, again, ripped them a new one. After all this yelling and screaming, I decide to check my credit report and low and behold, the son of a bitch is on there. So, I call T-Maybe back up and tell them to get that off my report and fix this problem ASAP. However, I think I threatened too much because it's been about 3 months since those phone calls and I haven't heard from either the collection agency or T-Mobile. Bottom line and moral of the story.... T-Mobile is a rip off and will take you for all your worth. They aren't worth it and will cause you problems and frustration. Iekoop Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on T-Mobil
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #708431
Mar 20 2011
02:46 PM
t mobile usa t mo T Mobile need to resolve this matter ASAP bellevue, Washington
when my new g2 just went blank for no reason.due to the warrenty t mobile sent me a replacement htc G2 during January. and once i recieve the phone i sent back the phone in the box with the returning ups label to the TMOBILE National return center. i just give to the ups guy who picked up all the shippment for my work everyday durin the week of january 17th. 2011. (i have sent out many ups package this way it never has any problems all thie year) Around end of January. i called to follow up my return old handset.since i knew that if they dont receive it within certain time i would get charge for a restocking fee and the customer representative told me that it doesnt take that fast for them to recieve it right away. and told me dont worry about it. During Febuary 2011.i got the reminder text msg from tmobile about returning handset. so i called customer service again. and they asked me when i sent it back? and they told me since they are moving warehouse. it might take longer than usual. the following weeks i got more reminder text msg.so i started getting worry. so i called again. and they told me just in case,they gonna file a research investigatione paper, to find out what happened and they will get back to me. however by the end of febuary i didnt get any call back or text msg from tmobile anymore. so i assume tmoble have resolve this issue and they have receieved the return handset On March 17th 2011. when i check my tmobiles account i have found out that they charged me almost $500 of restocking fee. and i have called them multiple time these couple days regarding this issue. since i thought they have already receive the handset. so i have threw away the return tracking number. and due to that they can not find the unit and only it only shows that the wearhouse still havnt recieve it yet for 60 days. and i also have found out that they did not submit a research investigate paper that they said they were going to during Febuary. since all research require a return tracking number which they dont have and they did not ask me. they only communicate with the wearhouse to see if they have it. and no claim was involve. and i have also called ups couple times they can not help me without tracking number since tmoble doesnt have any reference number for shippment either. however UPS told me they have to have the return tracking number since all shipper who work with ups should have a record of the label printout. im feeling that T mobile knew that i have sent out the handset.i have followed every steps and things that i suppose to do.however they do not offer any sincere help to solve this issue. i think its unfair and its not my reponsibility to pay for the mistake and errors that they made.
Entity: bellevue, Washington
45, Report #98488
Jul 11 2004
08:57 PM
T-Mobile Slammed off of T-Mobiles Customer Website by T-Mobile Albuquerque New Mexico
I am been a member of T-Mobile for several years now. Actually, about 8 years because before they were T-Mobile, they were Voicestream and before that the pay as you go phone company. Anyway, on June 10, 2004, I received my monthly statement in the mail from T-Mobile. I went to open and pay it and my balance was $832.00. I about fell out of my chair because I was only epxecting what I normally pay and that is $69 to $75 dollars a month for my 3000 anytime minute plan. Well, that was not the plan on my bill it said GetMore 1000 +n&w. I immediately called the customer service number and explained to them that there had been some mistake. The rep pulled up my account and said No, ma'm, you changed your account on line last month by going to our T-Mobile website using your phone number and password. I told the Rep that was not true. I did not authorize this change and could not explain who did. I then asked the Rep if T-Mobile sends confirmation emails to their customers authorizing the change? The Rep said No, we have entirely too many customers to do something like that. I told him that was crazy. I have never had my service disconnected with T-MOBILE, I have always paid the full amount by the due date or within a couple of days. I have tons of phone usage every month being I use my cell phone for business. Had they of gone back when this request was made and seen that I have never had a bill under 1000 minutes in all the years I've been with them, why would I want to change my plan of 3000 anytime minutues for $49.00/month to some God Awful account of just 1000 minutes for $39.00/month. What is $10 dollars versus $800.00/month in over usage charges? It does not make sense. In conclusion, T-Mobile has told me that I am liable for the charges and If I cancel my contract (which I have about 1 year and 6 months left, then I am responsible for a $200 early termination fee bringing my total to $1032.00. T-Mobile is ripping their customers off because they gave away too many promotional packages to draw 1000's of customer's their way, but now that they are probably financially struggling, they are slamming the customers by saying they changed their accounts on the t-mobile website, but we have NO PROOF, ONLY THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suggest never using T-Mobile unless you plan on someday having an outrageous bill with a ridiculous plan at your expense. Stacia Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
46, Report #570987
Feb 19 2010
06:55 AM
T-Mobile, Tmobile, T-Mobile USA Sent final bill then try to charge me for another month Internet
February 17, 2010T-MobilePO Box 742596Cincinnati, OH  45274-2596Attention: Administrator CapacityRe: Final Bill To Whom It May Concern:I have been a customer for over 5 years with T-Mobile and recently changed my service due to not only your customer service representatives, but also due to the fact that your accounting is horrible.  I have not been satisfied due to being overcharged with incoming texts that I had blocked and were allowed to be billed to my account, (which I realize that you are in a Class Action suit over that one), unauthorized ringtones and I now have a problem ending your service. I called to see if your company would compete with your competitor on pricing for two phone lines that I have paid for over two years, and my single line for more than 3 years.  I previously had your pay as you go phone for two years because I didnt need a cell phone with many minutes.  Then my situation changed and I needed one with more minutes.When asking if I could get a rate that was competitive my result was that they could do $79.95 for two phones plus taxes that only included phone service for two phones.  NO text, NO web, NO email, just not what I needed so I changed service.  By the way your competitor had all those services and I am only paying $40.00/per mo. Which after taxes costs me only $48.02 a month.  BIG difference!The first phone line I had disconnected was the 816-200-9239 phone number and that occurred around December 23, 2009 after the contract ended on December 18th.  (Which I believe was another class action law suit regarding all the phone companies trying to pull that one, and then the Supreme Court of the United States made that practice illegal) Then because you could not compete with the amount I was going to be charged by the other company with providing the other services I turned my service over to your competitor on December 28, 2009. I received a letter for my Final bill dated January 4, 2010 stating I owe only $69.05 which should have only been for $59.05 due to an unauthorized ringtone that I was being billed on the previous months bill that I never ordered.  As you can see in my history I have never ordered one in the entire history of my time with your company.  Then I receive another bill after I received a final notice for $218.95.  When I called to talk with the customer service representative Eric L. Employee number 3181800 he stated that now my bill was $218.95.  So as I could see I wasnt getting anywhere with him I talked to his supervisor, Erica, Employee number 1270371 she was trying to tell me that I didnt pay a bill back in July and that it was from that.  Which as I explained I had all my receipts in front of me as well as your bills reflecting my payments being paid she did the big back stroke and then stated we bill in the rears.  I asked then why did I have to pay a month in advance when I switched and upgraded and bought the popular Razor when I stepped up from the pay as I go phone? (Which by the way I didnt get any credit for my remaining minutes when I switched my service to monthly billing) Then again she did the big back stroke and stumbled all over herself.  As I see it I owe your company only the $59.05 stated in your Final Bill.  So that is all you are going to get.  I will dispute and prove my side to any credit reporting agency.If your company had their scruples together, were competitive and had better customer service representatives you may not be losing your business to your competitors.  If you take a lesson from what Sprint has done to lose customers by their lack of customer service, and competitiveness then you will see how the public is now viewing your company.  I would immediately turn my practices around before your company no longer exists.  I have seen the pages and pages of T-Mobile on RipOffReport.com and your company has a long list of customer service problems as it looks for years now with no resolving these problems.  As I see it your company has no intention of taking care of customer service problems.  So if I find that you have reported the difference of what I think I owe and what you think I owe I will be also filing a lawsuit in court and I believe I will have plenty of people to go along with yet another CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against T-Mobile just by all the people on RipOffRiport.com. Just a little FYI from a small business owner! 
Entity: , Internet
47, Report #988697
Dec 29 2012
05:16 PM
T-Mobile, T-Mobile USA Being charged $200.00+ additional fees for a contract I did not agree to or aware of Internet
I have been with T-mobile for over 5 yrs. now and on December 28, 2012 I switched over to another carrier. Much to my amazement I learned that I was now going to be charged a $200.00 cancellation fee for a contract that I did not have with them and that in addition to this I would also have to pay for the month service that I am not using because I am no longer with this company.  I spoke with several representatives via phone today and between 5 persons 2 of which where supposed managers there was no resolve. One mgr.  Charles admitted that there was no signed contract nor verbally either. To which my response was how then can there be a contract?  Apparently when my niece took over ownership of her own phone line on a family plan and went on to another they charged it to my phone without my consent. Then the next explanation is that because I am no longer with them and I am keeping my number with another carrier, they have the right to charge me for a full month of service when I am no longer with them. If that ain't bad business and wrong, than what else could you call this. I started with this company in  2007, the only contract I had was the first 2 yrs. I have not asked for any upgrades or renewal of contract. I was on a month to month unlimited talk and text to which they have charged me for and continue to do so and when I inquired of this they directed me to customer support which gave No answers , they were completely rude and would not give a straight answer and declined to assist me. I have written request and to no avail. I am quite dissatisfied and I don't see how these big businesses think its alright to make a contract with out QTIPS, there is no meeting of the minds nor was consent given or authorized. Beware of this scam, they lie to your face and make it sound like its a good deal and then they get you from behind!
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #1358783
Feb 28 2017
06:26 AM
T-mobile or Vesta t-mobile Unauthorized electronic transaction- fraud Internet
I noticed a transaction on my bank statement from T-MOBILE 8882783397170223 for $10.60.  I dont have nor have I ever had T-MOBILE so I called thew number and they said they were VESTA a 3rd party billing for T-MOBILE pre-paid but since the transaction label didnt say vesta that it was not them, and that I should call T-mobile.  Called T-mobile they said they couldnt do anything since I dont have a tmobile account.   Tried to dispute the charge at the bank and they said they couldnt do anything since it was done using my name and checking account routing number. So tried tmobile again and they said get print out from bank and take it to  a tmobile store... so I did and they said they could not trace the transaction and that I should file a dispute with the bank.  WTF.  8 phone calls with more than 10 minutes on hold eacjh time and two trips to the bank and one trip to tmobile store and still unresolved. Now I'm seeing that others are having similar problems for several years is anything being done to stop this fraud how many other fraudulent transactions have gone unnoticed or unreported.    
Entity: Internet
49, Report #136306
Mar 24 2005
06:32 PM
T-mobile ripoff Chico California
My husband and I have recently HAD ENOUGH of the lack of service with our new T-mobile phones. We have had poor service since the beginning of our purchase. My phone wasn't so bad in the beginning but he was rarely able to either make or receive a call. Realizing it wasn't the bad weather...We tried going to the store where we purchased the phones...We tried going through customer service on the phone...Several times taking there suggestions to remedy our phone dilemma..They sent out another phone to fix the problem...It didn't. Well in the mean time, what little service I had on my phone was only becoming more limited...I was losing work because of it....We tried several more times to remedy the problem with customer service ....We either want the service we signed up for or cancel the service (with-out penalty) We should not have to pay for a service we did not receive...!!! When we called customer service they transfered us to up to four different representatives and one even hung up on me!!! We were not rood...We didn't yell at anyone...We just wanted our phones to work!! We shouldn't be required to pay for something and then be penalised for T-moble service we didn't get! Most recently I went into the store where the service was purchased and the lady was rood and basically called me a liar when I described the service we had received.(or rather the lack of service)When I finally left my two phones with her and walked out,I was very upset...still am. We just want what we paid for...No more no less. At this point, it seems to be time for a law suit...and we recommend to everyone Not to purchase T-Mobile!!! T-mobile hasn't honored their end of the contract. We are very disapointed not only with the poor service but also the response of the T-mobile representatives and policies. Judy chico, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Chico, California
50, Report #143186
May 18 2005
09:53 AM
T-Mobile ripoff Bellevue Washington
I have been with T-Mobile since June 1, 2004, and everything was fine until January 15, 2005. I contacted a T-Mobile rep and requested the 1000 text messages per month. She told me that it would take 5 to 7 business days for this plan to kick in. YEAH RIGHT! They didn't add the plan until after February 22, 2005, then they had the audacity to charge me every month for supposedly going over 300 text messages. Then there were charges from some crap called Jamsters, that my cell phone which is a Samsung R225m, and cannot get screen savers and ringtones added as they advertise. I can only get ringtones from T-mobile at there website. Then in January 2005, I noticed that they began to charge me for incoming and out going AOL messaging, so I checked my contract, My contract clearly states that the AOL is free of charge to those whom have AOL or AOL's AIM. So where do they get off charging me? Plus there have been other issues since January that I was told on April 29, 2005 was resolved and corrected. Not even the case. They tell you that they want you to be a satisfied customer, but when you try to talk to them they don't listen nor do they hear what you are saying to them. I felt like I was dealing with Sprint again. Angela Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington

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