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76, Report #537736
Dec 11 2009
09:05 AM
T-mobile None So Called Equal Opportunity Employer Internet
Like all other companies that claim we are EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER so t-mobile claims the same. I am a sales manager by profession. I applied as an assistant store manager's job at couple of t-mobile locations. One of their store manager saw my resume on a website and called me for interview. He was quite excited and friend while interviewing me. After interview he asked me if i have any question, so i asked him can you tell me how was my interview, was i able to impress you.  He told me i did a good job and interview was the best he held until that time. But then he added some shocking words at the end that  AS YOU CAN SEE THAT ALL MY EMPLOYEES ARE WHITE AND NOW I AM NOT SURE IF THEY WILL ACCEPT YOU AS THEIR COLLEAGUE. Then i said well you called me for interview and you told me that you were quite impressed and now here comes the race issue. If you want we can overcome with that problem. But to now avail, he refused to give me that job. Well this wasn't the only occasion. These so called Equal opportunity employers are also Sony Outlets, UPS, Citi Bank and there are some more. They will refuse to give you job becuase of your name, religion and skin. Among them is also Nestle and Verizon. May be they are EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYERS but their local managers are real racists. I know that if ever i file any complain i can't prove that they didn't discriminate me as everything was said verbally, just wanted to blow up myself here and let minorites  know that if you are living in the state of Massachusetts, it will be hard for you to get a Retail Sales job as White Skins may ripp off your confidence.  
Entity: , Internet
77, Report #375868
Sep 25 2008
07:26 AM
T-Mobile contract abuse Utrecht Netherlands
I have signed a new contract for 2 years to get a new I-phone. After I tried the phone for less than a week, I decided to take it back because I was dissapointed with the software that comes along with the phone, and because the on-screen menu is not very comfortable to use with fingers, usually you will hit more than one key (please note that you cannot use a pen or any other sharp pointer to type on the screen). So, I realize i don't want to have to deal with this phone for 2 years since will not be comfortable at all. When I contacted them they refuse to take it back because, they explained, I bought it at a T-Mobile retail store. They also said If i had bought it online i could have had it returned it within 8 days. I find this to be completely an abuse, because when I signed the contract, they only gave me a copy of the first page where the signature is, but i never seen the second page mentioned at the bottom of that page, and where suppose to talk about the terms. I was already a customer of T-Mobile and was not planning to cancel my account with them, so it seems like they have a lack of manners when customer service is required. Please help! Gustavo Morales Gustavo UtrechtNetherlands Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on T-Mobil
78, Report #384679
Oct 25 2008
05:56 AM
T- Mobile Fav Five Disappears Nationwide Florida
I signed up with T-Moble and had a contract for 2 years on their FAV FIVE plan. I also added my son to the plan. For the longest time I could not understand where all my minutes were being used. After a long conversation with customer service, it was discovered that somewhere, somehow, my FAV FIVE dissappeared from my account and I was being charged standard time and being charged for FAVE FIVE. At first they tried to tell me that I never entered the numbers online and after I proved them wrong they wanted to offer me 1000 premium minutes to use in 8 days. I asked for the address of their company headquarters and was refused this information.. WHY THE SECRET? If you have FAV FIVES, make sure that they are being used instead of your standart minuates. I have sent two letters to Customer Relations Department at 1-813-353-6545 with no response. NO SURPRISE! Robert j Pgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Florida
79, Report #345975
Jun 30 2008
02:22 PM
T-Mobile kills good customers Nationwide
I moved 5 miles away from origanl subsription to phone usage. I was told all was good. Since my move in Sept. '07 my phone will not work in my home. They have exchanged 12 phones saying that was the problem. I am a stroke and heart patient and needed the service. After repeated calls I was told they didn't promice it would work in my house and I was to still pay the $150 per month. However, tech support said that they were aware of the problem and a new tower was to be constructed. Customer service said that it didn't matter since I could still dial 911 and get help. Other friends have AT&T and it works anywhere in my home. AllTell works, Nextell works but TMobile doesn't. Customer service said they would have me working in maybe a year but I still had to pay. Then they said I could buy extra equipment from them for a wireless set to get my phone working. I wanted out of the contract since my phone didn't work in my house. They told me that they saw I had even gone over my minutes a month ago. I went over them in the hospital from a heart attack. It worked there but when I got home it didn't. I was told that it was service and I used it. I have people banging on my door to see if I am all right because they can't reach me by phone. TMobile can't even call me! Sass Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #348132
Jul 07 2008
06:14 AM
T-Mobile I was hoodwinked! Trenton New Jersey
My son has a sidekick and his backlight went out. I called the customer service line and informed them of what was going on with his phone. They guided me through several steps to check for water damage and none was found. I was then instructed to send phone in to company and a new one would be issued seeing how the phone was under warranty. Of course shipping was at my expense but I sent the phone in only to have it returned to say that a new phone could not be issued because of water damage!! I was livid for the location of the supposedly water damage was not in the area the representative instructed me to check and in the area of the so called water damage happened it would have been impossible for the entire phone not to have or show signs of damage. I went to the area T-Mobile store to speak with a manager there and was given the run around. I was then connected to a representative via phone at the store and again recieved the run around. I was asked if I wanted to be transferred to a supervisor and when I said yes, the line went dead. I could not believe what had just transpired. I was given so many different reason's why the phone wasnt working, from my son probaly dropped the phone in the tub or sweat leaked through his jeans, through his cell phone case and damaged his phone and then hung up on?????? Something needs and should be done against this type of injustice against consumers. I'm sure I'm not the first nor will I be the last this happens to. Lmack Trenton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #399719
Dec 09 2008
10:08 PM
T-mobile Took back the upgrade offer Internet
In August I was offered a choice to upgrade my phone with them, but I chosed to wait until they brought out there touch screen phones and was told that my full upgrade discount would still be available. WOW! Was I ever wrong! I went on the website and to upgrade my phone and the prices were more than if I was a new customer. I contacted customer service and was ever so told that since I didnt upgrade in August I missed my chance and that I have to wait 22 months for another chance to upgrade. I have been with this company for over 3 years. Nailkid2 hampton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #400907
Dec 13 2008
01:21 AM
T-mobile has worst customer service Nationwide
Nov 21st i had purchased a phone at an authorized dealer for 166.83. This was on a two year contract extension. So of course i paid the money and was on my way. Now a couple days later i went on my phone to check out my balance and see how much my bill would be. It was amazing.I had a zero dollar bill. No complaints. now i called t mobile and asked why i had a zero bill for november and they said it was just like that and i didnt owe anything. well when december came along i got a 250 bill and the 166.83 was on there. I called up and said there was a missing payment for a purchase of a handset. They filed a missing payment and temporarly credited my account. Great! Sowhat was this 166.83 from. now when a missing payment is filed with the department it is their responsibility to call the customer within 6 days which i never recieved a phone call at all. So now on dec 11 i called because of a 280 dollar phone bill. I said waht happened to the credit i got and they said they removed it on the 11 of dec but after i bitched they put a credit back on my account again. I talked to the service rep for like ten minutes and then had me on hold for an hour. She came up with information that the handset purchase was missing but then found without letting me know then she said that it was put towards my november bill and they input the information wrong and now i owe double for 2 months. If the company would of just called me maybe they could of said that my november bill was actually more than $0. I aked the rep if there was some way to work out something seeing they basically blamed me for their mistake and she said let me talk to a manager. The manager said we can give you a ten dollar credit for your troubles and i laughed. I told them that i am the customer and they should be responsiable. I also said if i owe i will pay but i would like to do two payments seeing allthis money is hard to com up with on dec 22 right before christmas. I continued to try and talk but the rep continued to yell over me and basically say to bad and they cant do anything. Blame this on FLEX-PAY. Financial care said to bad a well because i am flex pay and told me to basically get lost. Either pay or be shut off. I called corporate office and same thing. A problem that started with cutomer service input ended up with me being screwed and told i am in the wrong. I had to drive to stores and call, and call and call and call. Why are the customers to blame for their mistakes. Why do we say we Will pay but need help but days before christmas they say to bad. They dont care. And dont tell them you will go to a different carrier becaus ethey dont care and they get you early termination fee as a gong away gift.lol . Their customer service is the worst i have had to deal with. And once they know why your calling they will not transfer your call through as they did to me last night. Just go to a diff carrier. dont explain to them. For all i care is they wont work with me or help me. They can have all their crummy phones and their crappy flex pay accounts. Basically it comes down to crappy customer service and they rip people off by misplacing payments, and putting them where they dont belong. The one guy said that out of the 3 years he has been there he has never seen anything like it and no one can help ya. Not even corporate. Jstylez buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #496589
Sep 17 2009
04:12 PM
T - Mobile unathorized withdrawl caused several overdraft fees Internet
 T-mobile made an unathorized withdrawl from my account of 240 dollars. This withdrawl caused me several overdraft fees about 9   I contacted there customer service and they admitted the 240 dollars was unathorized and they would refund it. They also said they would refund the overdraft fees however they decided that the overdraft fees where before the withdrawl. I tried to explain the math and walk them through the fees  This was several days ago and I have still not recieved my refund and they have no intention of paying for the overdraft fees they caused From the beginning there phone was defective there coverage is terrible and my basic phone features are not working correctly stay away from t-mobile they have done me wrong made promises they later reniged on and cost me about 350 dollars and I work hard for my money I have had to borrow gas money to get to work and spent hours on the phone with them trying to correct the situation  Every rep says something different and no one can answer my questions or concerns or adequatly address my problem
Entity: , Internet
84, Report #398053
Dec 04 2008
08:25 PM
T-mobile Nice honeymoon, bad marriage Toledo Ohio
I started with T mobile in 2007. It was nice, a beautiful razor phone. I took the Assurion phone protection warranty. They were great in the beginning, but about early 2008 there were billing anomolies that had to be corrected. I really had no troubles, but this six months, starting in March of 2008 they started to snow ball. This last October was the last straw. The Motorola Razr phone I had, only after 18 months went dead. Not a battery problem, it was the phone. took it to the store, they verified it was not the battery and that I could call their warranty company (Assurion) and get it fixed. Of course I was not told that the 108.00 I had paid so far would get me a snotty CS person and a My hands are tied retail service person. I was told that it would be a 40.00 deductible to fix the phone. I raised hell and finally Tmobile after two weeks of being a nasty customer (mr. nice guy did not work at all) said We will get you a new phone. The new phone comes, I am charged for the equipment, then my bills shoots up to 700 dollars!!! They said I used my 1000 minutes in 16 days. HOGWASH. So, I am figuring up my bill, hand calculating each 2 minute addition and they are giving me the royal run around. They charge 40 cents a minute if you go over your minutes and once that bill is produced there is no back dating or help. My contract is done in January of 2009 and that is the last day with Tmobile. I would avoid them like the plague. Thetisfortrouble Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
85, Report #398873
Dec 07 2008
04:23 PM
T-Mobile Don't go Paperless Internet Nationwide
T-mobile says they plant a tree if you go with paperless biling... watch out! Paper biling is free and if you EVER want to go back to paper then you get charged. Monthly! And with the constant discrepencies in billing, having a paper bill to go over once a month is a good thing. Yup, we have been T-mobile customers for 3+ years and my wife has found overbilling in 4 cycles! It would not surprise me if they have a branch of T-mobile deadicated to small accounting errors. (Only in the company's favor) Flint North Berwick, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
86, Report #394003
Nov 22 2008
02:29 PM
T-mobile Will Not Refund cancellation fee Nationwide
T-Mobile's 1 or 2 year contract states that cancellation fee is Refunded if the customer moves out of the country or if T-Mobile is not able to provide service in that area. I moved out of the country, but i was still charged the $200 cancellation fee, which they said they would refund if I can provide proof of residency outside of the USA. I did provide them the proof by faxing them the lease three times. They seem to have gone cold turkey now that they have to refund the $200. To this date, its been almost one year. This company doesn't show any appreciation or concern about their previous customers. Jemini Des Plaines, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #429501
Feb 28 2009
05:16 PM
T Mobile Rebate Rip Offs Richmond Virginia
T Mobile seems to go out of their way to avoid paying mail in rebates. I have 2 outstanding rebate offers and both were originally rejected because , according to their form, outside date of Rebate. After calling in both of them, knowing full well I did everything correctly, it seems i was given incorrect forms by the local T Mobile stores. In both cases after I made it clear how unhappy I was since I did everything correctly, the operator handling my caes filled in the correct form. I am still waiting for the rebate to be returned but it seems quite fishy that in both cases with purchases that were at 2 different stores at 2 different times, that I was given incorrect forms. Sounds like to me T Mobile purposely gives the incorrect form out and most people will not follow up the denial. I maybe still waiting but I wont give up. T Mobile should be held responsible for the way they do business. Gary Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
88, Report #441343
Apr 06 2009
07:24 PM
T-Mobile LIARS Bloomington Minnesota
Here is a summary of the problems I have had with T-Mobile (I will never go back to them! I am now happily with AT&T! 1) they lied to me the moment i got the plan. i was told that my phone (it was a flex pay account) would work in Europe which was the only reason i was switching over to t-mobile from Unicel... well. surprise surprise the phone did not work, apparently the flexpay account doesnt work overseas even though i loaded up the account with like $200 like the sales associate at t-mobile at Mall of America told me to do for it to work. so i had to spend a bunch of money on calling cards and new sim cards with crazy long German phone numbers so i could use my phone... 2) they lied to me and told me that me and my bf's phone would not have unlimited calls between them even though we had a family plan (whats the point of a family plan then...?) and that we would have to put each other in our fave5. and then i see commercials on tv saying that with fave5 you talk unlimited to family members and each family member also gets 5 faves besides that... 3) they lied to me and told me that me and my boyfriend had to get the fave5 family plan because that was all that t-mobile had now. only thats not true... 4) everytime i called their customer service about a problem i was having they would say something to make me happy, like it will be fixed within an hour or whatever, then when i would call back a few hours later someone else would tell me that what the other associate had told me was not possible because they dont do that (see example in reason #6) 5) when we found out we didnt need fave5 on our phones we called them and told them to take it off our plan. they said they did. months later (we didnt get statements so we couldnt see all the charges broken up or we would have noticed earlier...) we realized they never took it off... or the unlimited texting which we requested be taken off months earlier. 6) my last month with t-mobile we were not able to make the full payment at the time so we called them and asked if it would be possible to keep our phones activated and we would have the payment within a couple of days (i was searching for a second job at the time so i really needed my phone on for jobs to contact me!) they said oh yeah of course, they would be back on in half an hour. our phones were not turned back on...we called and they told us that they couldnt do that. okay thats fine i understand, but just the fact that they lied to us really pissed me off. heres a tip, complain and complain and complain and tell them that you dont like being lied to, mention you will contact the Better Business Bureau about their horrible service and they will drop you without any fees within an hour! worked for me! they told me there was nothing i could do, no one else i could talk to about it, i mentioned BBB, they IMMEDIATLY gave me the t-mobile presidents email, i sent her an e-mail about all this shit and mentioned BBB at the end and she called back within 20 minutes saying we were dropped, no charges. :) Dawn Rochester, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
89, Report #415704
Jan 24 2009
01:09 PM
T- Mobile my faves rip off Bellevue Washington
Having used My Favs for a few month and suddenly My Favs contacts were changed by T-Mobile without my knowledge or consent which caused my two cell phone lines to incur $800 in excess minutes by the time it was caught by me, T-Mobile insisted that My Favs was changed on the handset of my 2nd line and when I noticed the excess charges, the handset still had My Favs contacts in place but the T-Mobile website billing did not match what was on the handset, so when I talked to T-Mobile about this situation, they insisted that My Favs was changed by the handset, in which they said that a text message would have been sent to the handset indicating changes made to My Favs contacts and none was ever sent to the phone and they even said that no text messages were sent too. Of course on the day when I talked to them about the overages on my two lines, they sent an update to the handset, forcing the changes on the handset to match what was on billing before I was able to have T-Mobile employee at a store see that My Favs contact on the phone intact, but that chance to do that was lost with the update and I was left with no proof of the mix up and forced to pay for the overages even though I have been with T-Mobile for nearly 6 years. Trkdrvr dennison, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
90, Report #562138
Jan 29 2010
10:15 PM
T-Mobile Deceptive Trade Practices (Consumer Fruad) KENMORE , Washington
   I have had service with T-Mobile for three years. We chose T-Mobile because they advertise that their calls were free to all T-Mobile numbers. Then when my lady friend and I changed our accounts with T-Mobile, (so she could help her son get a phone, on her account), and I got my own account, same number.  Two months later my billing was over a hundred dollars higher than it should be, when I called about it I got a runaround. I then asked my lady friends sister to look at this, (she is a licensed P.I.)  She found that T-Mobile was charging me to call other T-Mobile numbers above my 1000 minutes plan.  Since I talk to my lady friend a lot, and several friends, they charging me a lot more than what I was told at their store would be. T-Mobile was charging me 45 cents per minute for calls to other T-Mobile numbers.  When the P.I. had them on the phone about the matter, the representative, (more than one), lied about the legal dept. phone number and address of the legal dept.  The representative said that I did not purchase the option for T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls.  I have all the calls recorded.     So, I filed a civil suite on T-Mobile for the cost of a new phone, activation fee, filing fee, serving fee, and for the work from the P.I. It is also illegal for a companys representative to give false information about their company and about contacting their legal dept.  I have not decided as to contacting my Secretary of State/Attorney General to file further action.  That depends on my next conversation with their legal dept.
Entity: KENMORE, Washington
91, Report #623406
Jul 15 2010
08:52 AM
T Mobile Paying for AWFUL service, Internet
After having TMobile cell service for six months, I called and complained that I had no phone service in my primary area of doing business.  TMobile said that they would send me a new phone free of charge because I probably did not have a phone that would pick up a strong enough signal.  BUT they could only do that if I extended my contract for a full year.  Hoping this would fix the problem, I agreed.  The new phone did not fix the problem and now they want me to either 1) pay $200 to get out of my contract, OR 2) keep my phone, not use it and pay them $5.00 a month.  I asked the woman I was speaking to if she would pay her electric bill if she had no electric in her house and she said yes.  I told her I finally understood the term dumbing down of Americans.  She told me I was insulting.  She told me that because I used my phone in areas that do work, there is not way they would let me out of my contract without a penalty.  She totally overlooked the fact that I have lost clients because I miss appointments when folks try to call me while I'm working in the area where there is no TMobile service!  I can't even access my voice mail from there. I'm going to stick with TMobile only because I REFUSE to pay them an early termination fee.  This is the worst possible service and I believe that they give poor service to have people cancel and collect an early termination fee.  I've put end of contract date on my calendar.  Do not use these people.   
Entity: , Internet
92, Report #622023
Jul 10 2010
02:22 PM
T Mobile Wireless Rip-off, Internet
In October of 2009 my I was confronting issues with my G1 mobile phone. I had to downgrade my plan because of economical issues but I noticed that 80% of the calls made didn't succeed, got an echo or the person that I was calling couldn't hear me. My minutes were being discounted for calls that never made it out my phone. I called the company and after months of investigation they said the device was damaged and needed to be replaced. They sent me a replacement but that was damaged so I returned it and kept the phone that needed the replacement. On April 2010 I received 2 phones that were also damaged. One didn't turn on and the other the keyboard was defective. I spoke to a representative and he said that they had sent me too many replacement phones and that the only thing they could do was replace my G1 for a blackberry or a Nokia touch screen. I wasn't pleased with they're action and told them I wanted what I had pay for a G1 phone. On June 26, I received a txt of my current bill charges and it was $946 dollars when I normally pay $155 dollars for my service. I called the company and the representative indicated that they were charging me for stocking fees because I didn't return the phones. I was told I had 90 days for return and that once the phones were received they would waive the cost and that I may have to pay late stocking fees that would run between $30 and $50 for late fees. On the June 27, I put the phones in the mail. On July 1, 2010 is the end of my billing cycle so I checked my billing summary and the charges for the phones were still in the system. I once again called T-mobile and the representative stated they had received the merchandise but that I was being charged a stocking fee for the whole amount of the price of the phones value as if they were brand new, and that it would take 72 hours for them to process and wave the charges. I asked if my service was going to be affected and he said yes, until those charges were removed. That representative said it wasn't 90 days it was 60 and that the day for return over due. On July 2, 2010 my service was turned off. At all times I was asked to speak to a supervisor and my call was never transferred to one. One of the customer service agents that I spoke to told me there wasn't one available but that they would return my call I'm still waiting for the call. I called again on July 10, 2010 to find out what they're going to do about my account and the agent told me that the phones did not show in the system as received and I told him I had the UPS confirmation that the phones were signed for as received. He then told me I had only 7 days to return the merchandise and that I still had to pay for the phones stocking fees, If I had them or not. I asked him if that information could be given it to me on writing especially the part that I had to pay for merchandise already returned. These people still haven't made the attempt to help me with this issue. I have no problem paying a late fee because after all I did return the phones late. They are thieves, and the agents are no properly trained to direct calls to the appropriate help desks or to give customers the same information. It is a shame I have been with this company for almost 2 years, and customer service representatives haven't made the attempt to keep my business.
Entity: , Internet
93, Report #599468
May 03 2010
08:24 AM
T-mobile Usa Liers Boise, Idaho
T-Mobile is the worst company I've ever dealt with.  When you sign up the salesman tells you of all these great deals and even shows you on the screen  what you should expect to pay each month.  When you finally get your bill, it's way way higher...not just nickel and diming...but $40-$50 higher.  If you go back to the store, they say you have to fix the bill over the phone and are incapable of doing it there.  If you call...their system will show that it is higher (somehow) and  say that their system shows it to be correct and you have to pay.  Obviously this would upset you and you would want to cancel service, but they won't let you without paying a $200 per line cancelation fee.SOLUTION:  File a report with the FCC not the BBB.  Their score for the BBB is an F- and can't get worse so T-Mobile doesn't care about that...The FCC is the actual governing body that dictates good business practices and can actually enforce things. If you don't pay your bill and get a call from a creditor...make sure you write the creditor that you are disputing the amount and not to inquire anything of your account until they can Prove that you owe said bill.  It took me 6 months of arguing and jumping through hoops trying to fix all of my stuff...after I found out about the FCC...it took 3 weeks and we were done.  My entire family was using t-mobile and have all since switched to Verizon. (like it a lot better.)  All the contracts were past expiration and T-mobile still billed them for months claiming they should get a cancelation charges...pfft.  They didn't get it.  
Entity: Boise, Idaho
94, Report #579074
Mar 06 2010
05:19 PM
T Mobile defective phone, Internet
I bought a T Mobile prepaid phone online at their site.  It worked fine for 3 months then just quit.  After 2 months of calls to them, I finally got a representative, who told me to send the phone and EVERYTHING that came with it back and they would send me a new phone.  He said that I HAD to ship it UPS although it cost 8.61(twice the price of post office).  After I found through tracking that they had received it and signed for the package, I called to find out when I would receive new phone.  They denied receiving it!  After about another 5 phone calls, a representative told me my phone was on the way to me.  A week later, I received a phone with NO back, battery, sim card, charger, etc.  When I called them, they said that all I could do was buy a new phone for $40!DON'T use T Mobile!   
Entity: , Internet
95, Report #608965
May 31 2010
05:12 PM
T Mobile Rebates What Rebate Salem, Oregon
Have had nothing but issues with this company! First month with them they screwed up our acct. 3 times and over charged by 300.00 dollars. We were supposed to receive a rebate for 2 phones. We turned in the req. info and waited 6 weeks. Called them on the 7th for them to  say that they have no idea what I am talking about and that nothing has been processed even though we had received a shipping confirmation number! When I mentioned this the lady became irritated and said she wld have to speak with her manager and I was to call back in 2 weeks. Needless to say we have yet to receive the rebate..6 mo. later..This is the owrst company with the worst customer service! They should really consider an IQ test before hiring!
Entity: Salem, Oregon
96, Report #565620
Feb 06 2010
06:59 PM
T-Mobile Loyal 6 year customer double billed and treated bad Internet
I have been a customer of T-Mobile's for 6 years. Paying on time every month. The past few month my service on the phone was very bad. I had no signal at my house. I made 4 attempts to get the problem fixed. It was never fixed. I decided it was time to change providers. I was not under a contract due to long standing service. My last bill was due to be paid,I shut my phone off a couple days before the due date. I was sent another bill a week later for 2 months of service totaling $122. I called and asked why do I owe 2 months now? When I have paid up to date every month. The reply I got was you can pay it or be sent to collections. Very bad attitude on top of that. I said I will pay what I owe and nothing more. They are trying to double bill me for my last month. At this point, I have decided not to give them a penny. My son,father,step mother,daughter,and friends have T-Mobile. We have all decided to drop them. Any class action suits I would be happy to join. Please never consider T-MobileMy new service provider is Straight Talk. I am very happy with them.Phones are available at Walmart.
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97, Report #659898
Nov 09 2010
08:29 AM
T-Mobile Monthly Fee Ripoff Cincinnati, Ohio
I terminated cell phone service by T-Mobile on 10 October 2010 at end of my current contract. I received a final bill that required me to pay for not only the 9 days I had service, but for the rest of the month of October. Contact with Customer Service resulted in my being told essentially - That's how it is - your contract allows us to charge you through your normal billing period. So I paid for service I could not use!
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
98, Report #753863
Jul 16 2011
02:50 PM
T-mobile Roaming charged for missed calls Internet
I was on a trip to canada and asked T-mobile customer care about roaming charges and they explained me.But they never said that even if I don't pick up the phone, they will charge me.Now in my latest bill, all missed calls have been charged.What a rip-off.
Entity: , Internet
99, Report #752080
Jul 12 2011
05:13 PM
T-Mobile Treats Its Customers Badly Lansing, Michigan
T-Mobile refuses to give my friend her employer discount even though she's worked at the company the past year and half.  I've e-mailed Philip Humm many times but he ignores me.
Entity: Lansing, Michigan
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Jul 15 2011
01:05 PM
t mobile lied witht he controt and switch Internet
sign up for two years and add on text message for 400 text. then 5 months later changed to unlimted text . now still have 11 months on contract want to change back to 400 text says cant its requird  since when did a add on service be required.  was told I can add or change at any time because its not part of the plan. Now they wont.  says I have to keep it and cant change or add 2 more yrs!! Im going to cancel I HATE T- MOBLIE  what a JOKE!!!!!
Entity: , Internet

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