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76, Report #1201735
Jan 14 2015
05:19 PM
Time Warner Cable straight rip off on promotions Milwaukee Nationwide
I signed up for a special promotion on recieving a dell 100.00 certificate good at dell store to buy a Tablet. Every time I call them to get information about it they say I will recieve a certificate by mail and internet email, of which they never did. Ive called them back and even talked to supervisors and all they do is run me around in circles saying yes I do qualify for it but I still havent recieved a thing          This runaround has been going on now for over 6 months and it requird 3 months continious service which I have completed and exceeded.  They also agreed I do have it coming by a supervisor but still nothing and my bill almost doubled this is a total ripoff corporate scam to m, all want is what I have coming and nomore run around.                                                                                                                                
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #1201620
Jan 14 2015
11:03 AM
Time Warner Cable dell tablet promotion service upgrade ripoff Nationwide
Twc had a sales promotion where existing customers could upgrade their services and qualify to receive a free dell tablet. I called their local office and they put me through to sales and i asked the representative what upgrade i would need to get to qualify for the tablet. They set me up for upgrades to all of my services which doubled my bill. I asked that a supervisor verify that i would indeed qualify and the supervisor said i qualified. This was june 2014.After 3 months i called and asked about what information i needed...if i needed to fill something out or what. I was told that i would receive a code either by mail or email that would give me instructions to follow. I called each month and was continually put off with lies and bs that i was qualified snd they were following up etc etc.In December i called again and the representative and a supervisor said they would send it to be researched. No one ever called me back or emailed me, i had to keep calling. Then at the end of December they said the results of the research stated that i was not qualified for the promotion.7 months of LIES, and a DOUBLED cable bill! Lies upon lies upon lies for 7 months and they will never give you anything in writing.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #1194640
Dec 11 2014
07:43 AM
Time warner cable TWC - Liars Deceptive Rochester New York
Long Story I'll try to keep it short and to the point . We moved on Oct. 2nd 2014 . On or around Oct. 4th I was hospitalized until the 13th during which time my co-tenant called TWC to transfer service to our new address. I have Paid my TWC bill both by mail and online account.On reveiwing my paper billing statements I had 2 or 3 with the same due dates Oct 30th and all were increased amounts. If I happened to miss a payment I always made it up the next month and have noted payments from each moth from Jan. from my bank statements in 2014.A bill appeared eccesive so I called TWC. The Rep. stated when I moved the had to create a new account and there was was a transfer fee or it could be I owed a passed due bill but they can only bring up the last year.I called again and spoke to a different rep. , She stated they would never charge a transfer fee and one charge was transfered from old addess to new address. I was given a $30.00 credit for wrong billing date ???I then noticed there was a transfer fee on my statement and still beleived I was charged twice in the same month as my co-tent had to go in person to pay a certain amount before turning cable on and hooking it up ,as I was in the Hosp.I the opened chat and complained and that rep. opened a ticket and escalated the complaint. Now two week past and I opened chat and the rep. stated TWC had contacted me ,DID they> I said no. She noted their reply.I had also filled a complaint with Francising Authority: City of Rochester ,30 Church Street, Rochester NY 14614  RE:  TWC - Bill. I have heard nothing.I also recently checked my online bank informations statements and a payment was proccessing the a couple days later did not appear nor was debited. So I called the bank which ended up with a 3 way call iniciated by the nbank rep with the rep. TWC and myself. It went through three call transfers-holds,and all 3 stated as far as they were concernened the payment was made ( which reflect TWC online account.The Bank rep. ask the last TWC rep. si he won't be debited . TWC rep. said no he will not. Low and behold I was bebited two days later.So now the next step is to wait for the next mail statement ,get my ducks in a row and go to the Office on Mt. Hope and have them explain why I was charged a transfer fee when the rep. said they do not ,and why a charged showed up last month of transfer to new account when I paid a bill the same month .Beware .. Either the employees haven't got a clue and are incompetant , or the lie and tranfer you to another Dept.(s).
Entity: Rochester, New York
79, Report #1178950
Sep 24 2014
11:46 AM
Time Warner Cable Missed Installation Date 3 Times Still Not Correct Cincinnati Ohio
Time Warner is a crooked game but it's the only game in town for what I need.  My wife and I purchased a house and our cable/internet/phone provider was not available at the new location.  We went online Monday 8/25 to set up these services and selected Saturday 8/30 as our installation date.    The next day we received an email asking us to call and confirm our information.  After spending 20 minutes or so hanging out on the line waiting for a customer service representative, we were told everything was fine and they did not need any information from us.  This exact scenario played out the next day when we received a second notice saying they needed additional information.  We were concerned that we were still receiving emails requesting information but twice we were told that everything was fine.    Saturday came and we hadn't heard anything from Time Warner so I called them at 2:00 PM and was told there was no order in the system for us.  I had paid $35 for installation so they were at least able to track me down by that charge...or at least that's what they told me. They had to reenter my order into the system (about 45 minutes on the phone) and said the soonest I could have service would be Friday 9/5.  I told him this was not a viable solution because I need internet and my phone number for my job (outside sales rep).  After asking to speak with a manager or someone who could expedite my service, I was told a dispatch manager would call within a half hour of me hanging up.  The call never came and since I was in the process of moving, I didn't have time to follow up that day.   I called again on Sunday to see what I could do about getting my services installed and was told that there was nothing in the system for me even though I gave them the confirmation number on the emails we were still receiving for additional information.  Again they had to re-enter my services but for some reason I was on the phone for an hour and a half this time.  Monday was a holiday but I was told that I could have my services installed Tuesday 9/2.  I asked for an email to confirm this and was told they could not provide any documentation for me but she promised I would have my service installed on Tuesday.  While not ideal, I only had to miss a half day of work this way and at least the nightmare would be over...or so I thought.   I was supposed to have a technician midday on Tuesday however I received a phone call instead from a sales associate asking if there was any way he could talk me out of cancelling my services.  I explained that I was not cancelling my services and in fact I was sitting in my living room Indian style (or Chris-cross-applesauce as I believe it is now called) waiting on my installation technician.  I was told that since I was porting my number over and my number wasn't released from my old provider, my installation was cancelled.  This explanation really made no sense to me but I had been fed a ton of nonsense all weekend from them and I had given up on trying to find the true source of this problem.  I was told again that I would not be able to have my services installed that day but they would be able to install my services on Thursday 9/4.    Thursday came as did a phone call from the sales rep saying that there was no way I was going to able to have a technician install my services that day. It was going to have to be Friday 9/5. I was told that my entire first bill was going to be waived, I would then have $25 off my next bill, my number would be ported over, and they would install two interior cable lines for no charge (the house I purchased was recently remodeled and for some reason, cable was removed from some of the bedrooms).  I would have rather had my phone and internet installed than the money off of my bill but there was nothing I could do.   When the technician arrived on Friday, he had no idea that I had a number that needed to be ported nor that I was told I would have two interior cable connections installed.  He was very polite though and did install my cable box, phone and internet very quickly and professionally but said he would not be able to fix the rest without a separate service call.  I called my sales rep twice and never heard back.  Here we are almost a month later, I'm going to have to cancel the phone number that I wanted ported thus losing the number and I've received a bill for my first month's services with a $75 credit for my troubles (really a $40 credit when you take into account my initial installation payment).  So much for the first bill being covered.   So why create this report? I have a few reasons I guess.  One, is so others who may actually have a choice in their provider hear my tale of woe and think twice before going with Time Warner.  If Al Qaeda Telecom opened up in Cincinnati, I probably wouldn't switch, but I wouldn't judge any of my neighbors if they did. Secondly I value my time too much to sit on a phone again with customer service just to be lied to again so I thought I'd just vent here and get the same result.  I'm a fairly laid back individual but these lies are just too much for me to stay silent about.  Losing the phone number stinks but I need new business cards anyway and most people call my cell phone.  I also have a few buddies who used to run cable in their younger days, so I can install the interior plugs on my own.  Best of luck to the rest of you stuck with them like I am though. Thank you,
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
80, Report #1177897
Sep 19 2014
10:53 AM
Time Warner Cable Bait and Switch Durham Nationwide
Just spent another hour with a TWC technician in my home.  Just installed yesterday, but original installer was a trainee.  Turned out he didn't even hook up my VCR (they not are not supposed to) and didn't tell me.  Have called TWC 3 times in 1-1/2 days. The upshot is:  my vcr is not compatible with HD box: I understand that.But, I found out that I am paying over $80 per month for  a special offer which was promoted as a $64.99/mo. price for both I-Net and Cable TV.When I called TWC to order the DVR box today (while the 2nd tech. was here; they are not allowed to make the call) I was told that the DVR box would be $13.99/mo. (yesterday it was $12.99) plus other charges which would bring my bill up to @$130/mo.So, approx. $37/ in extra charges per month for a $13-14 item.  Boy, do I have some homework to do.  I've got to get out of this w/o losing too much money.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #1035058
Mar 15 2013
12:55 PM
Time Warner Cable Reward Card Rip-off Ontario, California
Began Time Warner services October 3, 2012. Bundled TV, Internet and Phone Services for a base price of $89 per month. This Bundle Package included a $150 Target Gift Card to be received by me after 3 months of service.  This was assured to me by the Sales Representative of Time Warner who set up my services.  Because I am still not in receipt of the rewards card I contacted Customer Service and was told that I had to apply for the reward within 30 days of my service start date. THAT WAS THE 1ST I WAS TOLD OF THAT! So I called them back to question again about it. This time I was told that I had to have been current with my previous cable company!  I was for the 2 years that I had them (Charter) until I stopped their TV and Phone services on September 29, 2012 (I kept the Internet active thru October 31, 2012 so that I could forward all of my email information from Charter to Time Warner (Roadrunner.com) after I got it set up in October 2012.) Charter kept billing me for ALL 3 SERVICES for October 2012 instead of only the Internet and refused to send me a corrected bill for Internet Only for October 2012. I told them I was not paying the $144 they were billing me and that they would get paid for the Internet Services Only for October 2012 when they sent me a corrected bill.  They Refused and Never Did so They Did Not Get Paid! WHY should my argument with Charter interfere with the $150 Target Gift Card Reward that was part of theTime Warner Bundle I purchased?  That gift card was one of the Main Reasons that I Bundled with Time Warner Cable Services! WHAT A RIPOFF! Why hasn't any Class Action Suit been filed against them yet? I would gladly join in! Stephanie
Entity: Ontario, California
82, Report #1094302
Oct 24 2013
10:40 AM
Time Warner Cable $200 Reward card never recieved sun valley California
After submitting everything required and being told that my reward card has been mailed to me, I never recieved the card. Now they are telling me that they won't reissue the card if there has been any activity on the card.How stupid that the gift card is supposed to be pre-activated... meaning if someone stole it out of my mail (have never had any mail stolen... ever) and used it... I'm the one who gets screwed. It's been eight months now and still I have no answers.They haven't even determined if the card has been used and it's been 8 weeks since my first call.
Entity: sun valley, California
83, Report #1320586
Aug 03 2016
10:06 PM
Time Warner Cable fraud and illegal wiring upland Nationwide
BEWARE! Time Warner Cable does not deliver. I paid them $177.00 COD to install Internet and 2 cable boxes. First of all Time Warner does not do any of their own installations, nor are there installers licensed, nor do they answer there own phones. After having paid them COD the very first day 90% of my channels do not work to this day. I called customer service and they were unable to fix the problem. When you call customer service you either get a 3rd party call center in The Philippines or India they outsource all of their duties to, just like their installers are all outsourced. The outsourced call center was unable to have a technician come back and fix the problem the soonest they are coming out is 2 days after the problem and at 7PM at night. This company has flooded the market with clever TV commercials, In store sales people and print ads. However, their quality of service is not only ridiculous and their product does not work they do not control any of it. You can not speak to someone in the United States when you call, their installers arrive in random unmarked vehicles. They are simply using the name Time Warner as a front company and outsourcing the rest to the cheapest outsource companies they can find. Of course the 3rd party foreign companies can do little to help you, and you will be left without any solution but to wait until they get around to scheduling an appointment, all the while you will pay for a service that does not work. Simply put they grossly misrepresent their offer.They stretched a large cable in the middle of my street and nailed it to my roof, it looks unsightly and illegal. I will be filing a lawsuit immediately.
Entity: upland, Nationwide
84, Report #1168059
Aug 07 2014
07:43 AM
After two FCC reports, this company just dow not learn.   I pay my bill they don't credit my account.  I try to watch ON DEMAND and the result is a mess of pixels I have it on video I write them this is now the third incident and they reply they can't open the attachment seurity reasons.  well here I hope I can dowload it for all to see ALL THE BEST.  If not send me an email  (((REDACTED)))@gmail.com and I will attach it so if you are thinking of doing business with them you better be prepared for this type of service  
Entity: Internet
85, Report #1175857
Sep 10 2014
12:10 PM
Time Warner Cable Deceptive Sales Practices, Failure to honor promises to customers Nationwide
Time Warner Cable has shown time and again that they do not keep their customers' best interests in mind, only their bottom line. I was promised a promotion with my purchase of services. My eligibility for this promotion was confirmed by 4 different representatives. After repeatedly calling TWC to get my promotion registration information, I was finally told I did not qualify for the promotion being offered and they attempted to shut me up with a much smaller promotional offer, which I did not accept. I filed with the BBB and now they say they will be giving me the promotion, but with additional limitations (I have to wait 90 days + 4-6 weeks from the date they filed the paperwork rather than the date of installation, as their terms state). I'll believe it when I have the promotional item in hand. Their marketing and sales practices are deceptive and underhanded, their customer service is horrible (one supervisor stated there was no one above her and refused to give me the contact information for their promotional department, or escalate the issue further for me), and they do not honor promises made to their customers. Additionally, they charge exorbitant rates for services, then give lame excuses such as speeds may vary when internet speeds fall well below the speeds paid for. I would strongly recommend you avoid Time Warner Cable at all costs.
Entity: Nationwide
86, Report #1273701
Dec 11 2015
07:14 PM
Time Warner Cable TWC $300 Reward Gift Card for Retaining Services Nationwide
In April 2015 called to cancel TWC because we had repeated issues with internet and cable service and wanted to switch to AT&T. When I called the cancel, TWC had offered us $50 less per month plus a $300 gift card if we continued our service for 90 days. I went ahead and gave TWC another chance, but of course after the 90 days had passed, no gift card arrived. I called to follow up in September 2015, and was told that the giftcard would arrive in 7-14 business days. I called again in October 2015, and was told the card would arrive in 7-14 business days. I called again November 18, 2015 and was told that the card would most definitely arrive in 3-5 business days. On December 11, 2015 I was told that I was never eligible for the giftcard as this promo was only for new customers not to retrain customers. TWC apologized for the inconvenience and said that they would email the third party who handles the giftcards and give me a call back with the response as to whether or not they would make an exception and honor the giftcard.Please do no lie to people. Why even offer the card? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if I never see this giftcard, but I would ask that supervisors and customer service reps at Time Warner would stand up to the executives who are directing them to say these lies. This is wrong. It's fraud. You cannot promise something over the course of 8 months and then never deliver. Where is our integrity?
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #922138
Aug 03 2012
03:45 PM
Time Warner Time Warner Cable Open Letter to Glenn Britt New York, New York
This is an open letter to Glenn Britt, and references the following article:  http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57485904-93/pay-tv-is-on-the-ebb-as-customers-cut-the-cord/ Dear Mr. Britt,  In this article, you are quoted as saying the following: We actually think a bigger issue in the market is that there is a group of customers that are in really serious financial shape, they have been out of work for a long time. This must be why cable in general, and your company in particular, continues to gouge its remaining pool of dwindling customers. Smart consumers will always find a way to pay for products and services that have a perceived value equal to or above the money they are shelling out. Cable is a sad example of what happens when that scenario is reversed.  The cable companies have succeeded in lobbying the government to create highly non-competitive local market environments resulting in a lack of choices to the consumer. This was great for the cable company serving those individual markets up until recently because it allowed them to shove arbitrary price hikes down people's throats. Then the product became lackluster, and customer service fell into an abyss, all due to lack of market competition.  But the pure hatred and loathing people have for cable companies has spawned myriad new services that have adopted the internet as a delivery channel. This channel is not governed by your FCC butt boys and legislative lackeys. This is the free market coming back to eat you alive and spit out your bones.  I am a Time Warner customer who has 0 options for cable television outside of Time Warner, of course. I cannot hang a dish due to building policy, and I have no other cable option in my area thanks to your well honed lobbying apparatus and deregulation in 1996. I am forced to pay well over $100 for a bundle that includes a phone service I will never use, slow broadband internet, and basic cable with a pinch of HBO and HD with DVR. On top of that, the OD (on demand) service is a disgusting mess with different channels all over the place, ie: one OD channel for HBO, another for network show (where I cannot fast forward through commercials), and another for science and nature channels, etc. ad nauseum.  (http://broadcastengineering.com/news/broadcasting_cable_deregulation_failure/).  Most egregiously, there are shows I cannot record at all now on the networks, and quite a few that do not allow me to fast forward through the stupid f***ing commercials, just like in OD. This is why I pay you a $15-20 service fee every month for an HD DVR, you greedy incompetents. When I pause a show in OD, I have to endure an extremely annoying loop of garbage advertising for content I have no interest in watching. My DVR is a two tuner piece of shit that forces me to watch one of the shows I am recording if I am recording two shows at the same time, and will not let me watch live TV. Don't even get me started on the 500 channels I have to pay for but never watch.  As a consumer of your product, I give you an F minus. Your product is way beyond just sucking, your pricing is way out of whack and you and your executive team are obviously very out of touch with the reality of why people are opting out of your incredibly shitty, anti customer offering. If it were not for my girlfriend and her obsessive need to keep up with True Blood and Breaking Bad as newepisodes come out, (yes, I could get them on the internet if I wanted to watch on my laptop with no HDMI out) you would be banished from our household forthwith. I have agreed that we will wait til season endings for those and then drop it.  Also, I happen to live in Kansas City where Google just got finished hanging a bunch of fiber. For roughly the same price I am paying to you, I will have Google powered television, rocket powered internet, a bad ass 8 tuner DVR, a nifty Galaxy tablet to change my channels and their connection will actually add value to my residence. BE AFRAID. You and the rest of the cable purveyors out there deserve to go into the h**lish abyss of failed vertical markets due to greed and complacency. Maybe I will be really lucky and the networks will die along with the cable companies. FIN
Entity: New York, New York
88, Report #86647
Apr 05 2004
12:57 PM
Time Warner Cable Aka Brighthouse Cable ripoff pay tons of money but limit your access to your cable Indianapolis Indiana
I got cable service thru time warner cable back in December 2003. Well I was aware that cable bill would be a lot of money but that was not even the issue, however, I was never told that I would have a limit to how many movies I could rent via PPv or on demand or otherwise. I had a cutoff limit and because I reached this unknown limit that no one ever told me about I do not have access to other ON DEMAND channels that are supposingly free..i.e., BBC on demand and PBS kids on demand and food network on demand and etc... So I have reached my limit which I never knew existed and yet I have not been able to access these other free channels according to my fifth call in the last few weeks and two service tech trips out to my house I guess because I went over my unknown budget as far as paying for any ppv movies or on demand movies it then interrupts my ability to view the so called free channels (that is not really free I pay to have access to all on demand items in my bill), but not the non paid on demand channels like bbc america on demand food network on demand and cartoon network on demand and etc... They are supposingly on the same network, but this is nothing that I was ever told nor was said when my service was hooked up and never mentioned until today via customer care dept. on 4 5 04 after numerous calls and serv tech visits to home and restting kmy cable box; that makes no sense. The limit makes no sense in my opinion either since I am a good paying customer and a couple of months I paid way over what was actually due. If my bill was 150 dollars I may pay 250 dollars so I would have a credit the next month. But I have a rental limit. No one ever mentioned that ever and the fact it intereferes with non chargable on demand items because hey are on the same network is ridiculous and the customer care people in the company are beyond stupid. I just feel like I am not receiving all my access to my cable becayse of these hidden rules and I do feel as if I have been screwed . I feel as if I am paying for 100% of their service and I am only able to utilize 75% of it and I am a good paying cutomer who has a cutoff limit for movies and etc...is that not something that should be done to customers who do not pay in a timely fashion? Come on time warner. I just think all of their services incl. cust. care is just beyond functioning. They are like a 2nd rate co. or almost like a sub prime cable company. I feel I have been used and ripped off and my excellent paying habits and all have been disregarded and I feel like I am guilty before being proven innocent. Just beware of all of the things the cable company does not make you aware of. THEY SUCK! Tashia indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
89, Report #354626
Jul 23 2008
09:23 AM
Dayton Time Warner Cable Time Warner cable cheating me out of money again! Dayton Ohio
I am a former customer of Time Warner Cable in the Dayton Area. I lived in Dayton for about a year and then moved due to being in the Military. When I moved from the area I was told I had a credit in my account for around 40$. I called them to make sure this was correct and sure enough it was. I also asked what to do with the cable box. They said drop it off, or we can send you a pre paid box to ship it to us. I told them I am moving to South carolina and if they could ship it to my new address. They assured me there would be no problem. Well here i am in South carolina, and no such box has ever arrived. I recieved a letter from TW that because I never gave them there cable box, I owe them around 200$ and it was going into collections. If I do not respond within so many days, I agree with this letter. I recieved the letter past the date they wanted me to respond by. They had sent the letter to my old address. I gave them my new one months prior to recieving this letter. I finnaly called up Time Warner. They told me that they shiped it and it was by Fed EX and wasn't at the residence anymore. WTF? I asked do you have my new address on file, oh, ya here it is its in a note. Well ship it to my new address. Sorry sir, we can't now because it was allready shiped once. I was then told to send the box to them and I would be rembirsed for the shipping costs. I wasn't going to fall for this one. I was allready promised a pre-paid box to send to them that failed to arrive. I talked to a supervisor later and was told that they would not rembirse me and that they do not ship the prepaid boxes out of state. All in all, twice there phone reps, lied to me. First I was told I would recieve a box out of state, then I would be rembirsed the shipping if I sent it myself. Both were false statements by 2 differnt reps. I am still trying to resolve this dilema. Hopefully they can at least send a letter to the right address sooner or later. BE AWARE! I allready have Time warner again here in Sourth Car. I think I may be cancelling again and going to Satilite!!! Wil dalzell, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
90, Report #409266
Jan 07 2009
03:55 PM
Time Warner Cable San Antonio Subscriber to Time Warner Cable BEWARE!! stair Step Pricing Program RIP OFF San Antonio Texas
So i get a Time Warner Cable Bill, It has increased in Price $12 or so from $88. I call and the Customer Service Rep says your Bill has increased because after a year it will stair step up every six months untill it reaches full price i ask what the full price will be he responds it will total $107 and some change. so then i wait a few days, decide since i am in the process of moving i am going to cancel them, and go with a new Provider at the new location which will be ATT. while i am on the phone the rep tries to bullie me into staying with a requirement of a 10 day notice to shut off my cable and even if i turn in my equipment i will still be billed for the 10days of non use. which i later came to realize not true when i did turn it in at the store not a good company to go with CoryB San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
91, Report #623599
Jul 15 2010
04:29 PM
Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable-NEO Charging late fees on bills with no due dates , Internet
Like most people, I dont like paying late fees.  I can understand being billed a late fee when one is late with a payment but I dont like being billed a late fee when the company in question will not put an actual calendar DUE DATE on their bill!  I am sorry, but Due Upon Receipt is not an acceptable due date IF you are charging late fees on past due bills along with payments that are due for the present billing period.  This creates a vicious cycle of generating revenue in an unethical and evasive way.  Good for large, monopolizing, impersonal companies but bad for their consumers.   I had some unexpected, critical expenses a couple of months ago and my cable bill, which consequently keeps increasing every few months (from just over $100/ month to over $140/ in 6 months with no change in services) had to paid be late.  The statement for the next service period included charges for the late payment plus the current service period charges.  The statements due date box stated Due Upon Receipt.  Well, okay but I find that very open ended.  Its not an actual calendar date that would hold up in any court.  So I pay the bill which included the late payment, the current service period payment plus $7.00 for the payment that was overdue. Fine.  I get the next bill and again, the due date box states Due Upon Receipt and there is another charge for $7.00-late!  Excuse me?  WHEN was my last bill due?!   And you want another late fee?    A phone call to their customer service billing department regarding this issue involved a conversation with a pleasant enough CSR.  However, she could not tell me when my bills are due!!  I asked her how it is possible for a company to be non-committal about a due date on a statement and then charge late fees after you have paid it?  Am I supposed to guess when it is duethe 5th, the 8th, or the 10th???  I explained that I felt it would at least be ethical to let a customer know when their current charges are due, especially when the due date can change from month to month by as much as 2 -4 days.  So here I was being charged a late fee for current charges, no due date, for service that would materialize IN THE FUTURE.  How does a late fee on service thats billed a month ahead of time make sense?!  I told her that I wanted to know my due dates in writing.  She said that she was not able to do that but suggested that I drive to my local TWC office and ask the CSR there to put something in writingwhat?!  Really?!?  I told her that while I had no problem with her service personally, I wished to speak with a supervisor or managersomeone who attends meetings, makes decisions and discusses consumer complaints with those in authority. She said that those requests are handled on a callback basis and that someone would contact me within 48 hours.   48 hours?  again.really!?!  Arent you people in the communications business?  Apparently notI never received a call back.    So in a nutshell:  if you are late with one bill ($7.00), you will never know when your bill is due for the next billing period ($7.00).  If you pay the next billing period latewhenever that is supposed to be ($7.00) , you will never know when the next billing period is due ($7.00) and so on.until you guess correctly and pay your bill before it is due?  Thing is: the due date of Due Upon Receipt is on every subsequent bill and the customer service rep is looking at exactly the same bill you are and does not know when your bill is due either!  So if you can figure out how to pay your bill before you pay your bill then I suppose you can break their revenue generating machine.  But dont pay over the phone with a customer service repthey have figured out how to separate another $5.00 from their customers wallet by allowing one to do that-  paying for the privilege of paying ones bill!    I do not appreciate the way this policy has been used nor do I appreciate that I have been disregarded as well as denied due dates for my bills even as a long standing, timely paying customer.  I see a principle-based disconnect from Time Warner Cable.  They DO have competition around here and I am not afraid to use them.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
92, Report #583370
Mar 20 2010
02:49 PM
TIme Warner Cable Time Warner cable is offering 99 cent movies coupons that they don't honor...unless pushed. Internet
Time Warner cable has sent out 99 cent movie coupons. Once you send them in to the address located on the bottom of the coupon they seem to go into outer space. I have tried for three consecutive months to redeem them, only to be told they never received them. Then, after they promise me that they will reimburse me they don't. Then, I have to call again to find out what the problem was. I FINALLY received a credit for the February movie, but still nothing for the January or March movie. I've told them that this seems like a complete scam but they keep telling me that it takes months to credit the account for these coupons as they don't know where they go. To top it off, I keep receiving recorded follow-up calls from Time Warner wanting to know how their customer service was for the last phone call I made. If you hang up on it without answering their questions they will call back for weeks, until you finally answer the questions. I've been told by multiple CSRs that I cannot opt out of the calls, which I think should be illegal (is it?). I am so sorry that my only option is with Time Warner Cable. As we are in a new home in a new development we have no other options and we feel like prisioners.
Entity: Internet, Internet
93, Report #768538
Aug 22 2011
11:55 PM
Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable San Diego Worst Customer Service In The World - Please Read My Story San Diego, California
TIME WARNER CABLE SAN DIEGO OK heres what happened to me.  And,  bear with me. I dont remember names and dates. This happened about four years ago, and really, I just want you all to hear the story..youre not going to believe it. OK here goes.  A few years ago we had added digital cable  to our already service and were struggling financially. Needless to say we were late on making our payment but we did pay it using a personal check via U.S. Mail. About three days later I called Time Warner to see if they had received our payment as I was worried our service would be shut down.  They informed me that they had not received our payment but not to worry that they were not going to shut down our service.   A few days later (maybe 3 or 4) I called them again to see if they had received our payment. They informed me that they still had not. Now, for a letter to go from somewhere in San Diego to somewhere else in San Diego usually takes at best 2 days (and I know this from experience). Also, I believe the U.S. mail is pretty reliable.  We always choose to have our bills mailed to our home as we feel very strongly about having paper recordings of our business transactions.  So, needless to say, I started getting very concerned about their non-receival of our payment and I expressed this concern to the Time Warner agent I was speaking to at that time. His advice was to contact our bank and see if the check had been cashed and if so, have the bank fax a copy of the check to Time Warner.   We, following their directions went to the bank. The check had indeed been cashed by Time Warner and we had the bank teller fax a copy of the check to the fax # that was given to me by the TW agent. Afterwards, I figured thats done. Thats a done deal. Out of my hair. Bill payed, etc.  But just to be sure, I again called them two days later and would you believe it..still no payment received. And no mention of the copy of the check faxed by the bank in our account.  So I explained again whats happening to yet another TW agent. This one assured me they would put a note in our account (on the computer) of these transactions while they investigate the situation.  A couple of days later, another follow-up call by me, another TW agent to tell my story to. This agent tells me that no payment has been received, no copy of cashed check was received , there are no notes in our account. All they know is that we havent payed our bill and wed better hurry or our service may be compromised. I remember it was a Friday, and this agent asked me to fax a copy of the check to their personal (or personal department) fax number and they would be sure to straighten this mess out once and for all. So, I flew down to Postal Annex within that hour and faxed the copy of the check to the given fax number (that I double checked very carefully with the agent on to make sure it was the right number before I hung up). I didnt contact them again for about a good week or so, I got really busy with other things and besides, I thought surely it was a done deal.  Oh, by the way, while Im thinking about it, I just want to point out too, that Time Warner does not bother to send you (or email you) complimentary Late Payment Notices.  So, in other words, if I wasnt calling them every so many day, I would have had no way of knowing what was going on until my service was shut off. A week or so later I make yet another follow up call and would you believe.. yes, I think you know, I dont need to tell you the rest.  Nothing. Nothing was done about the problem. Nothing in my account had been changed. Nothing had been added. Again, there were no notes. Almost as if I had been talking to ghosts this whole time. UNBELIEVABLE.  Now, I have worked in a lot of offices (and I mean a lot..at least 50+) as an Office Temp and I have Never, and I  repeat Never seen customer service anywhere close to being this poor in any of the companies that I have worked for. And I just couldnt make sense out of it.  It was as if TW agents were deliberately just leading me on..knowing full and well that they didnt intend to do anything about anything. Crooks do things like that. Not legitimate businesses. I started thinking maybe it was just me. But what on earth could I have done to make them treat me like this? Frankly, I was starting to get not only thoroughly pissed off but scared.  My mother especially is elderly and relies on television (despite how bad the programs are these days). Basically, we saw Time Warner as our only option. We had tried AT&Ts  bundle pkg (during its infancy) and it just didnt work. Our computers wouldnt run and we didnt know of any other cable carriers for our area.  So, looks like we were stuck with these guys.  At this point I really started asking for names (first and last) of TW agents. As well as their private phone number so I could work solely with them and not have to keep telling my story to every Mary or Harry.  One agent, I believe her name was Kim obliged me with this info and promissed to investigate the situation for me again.  About a week later I was burning the midnight oil house cleaning and about 5am in the morning I sat down to my computer to wind down and play a game on Pogo.com or something and my internet wouldnt come up.  I thought, Oh my god they wouldnt. They didnt!  I picked up my phone (which is Vonage) and no phone.  I went into the TV room, turned on the television and no cable. At this point I lost it. I just went berserk. I didnt have a cell phone so I waited till about 7:30 before going down to a neighbors house begging them to let me use their cell phone for a while.  I called TW and a technician answered.  I just started screaming (shouldnt have,  but did). The technician told me they would turn my service back on for 24 hours and during that time I had to get the issue resolved.  So as soon as the office opened I was on the phone calling Kim. Someone else answered the call and said she was on another call but that they could help me but I insisted on speaking to Kim only so asked for her to return my call. She did. I asked her if she remembered me and she said she did. I asked if she had done any investigating into my case and she said she had. She had called to department of the first individual that asked me to fax check copy to and found out that she was on vacation for the two weeks immediately following the day that she asked me to fax the check copy to her. Other members of the department claim to have seen the check (or copy of Im not even sure which) but have no idea what happened to it.  At this point I informed Kim that I was coming in in person (and I dare you, I dare you to tell me that you havent received a copy of the check) and asked if I should ask for her at the receptionist desk when I got there and was informed by Kim that they dont actually disclose their location to the public. That the location I was referring to was basically a drop-off and pick-up site for equipment. I guess in hindsight, I probably should have just gone in in person a long time ago. But at the time we didnt have a car so I had to get a friend to take me and who would have thought it would go this far anyways.  So, I went to the Mira Mesa site on Ware Ct., waited in line for an hour to speak to a rep and then per Kims instructions asked them to fax the check copy to Kim. They called her to make sure I was legit and she assured them that I was (at which point I might add, their attitude towards me completely changed from real bitchy to pleasant and professional). Then, of all things, would you believetheir fax machine wouldnt work. I had to hang around for yet another hour while they fiddled with their fax maching until finally they got it to work. It was getting around 6pm closing time. So we finished our business and I promptly went home and called Kim who did receive the fax and did finally fix the problem. Kim you are my hero, my champion. You have ethics and you are much much too good for Time Warner.  They will only corrupt you my dear. Run while you have the chance.
Entity: San Diego, California
94, Report #946049
Sep 24 2012
05:21 PM
TIME WARNER CABLE TIME WARNER CABLE OF SOCAL $200 Gift Card for Switching Providers never received. Seal Beach, California
Signed up for Time Warner Cable in October 2011 and qualified for their $200 gift card for switching from Verizon and bundling 3 services.  Never received card and multiple contacts to company have gone unanswered.  Here is latest transcript from their Chat help. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:30:16 PDT 2012)>Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Gary. Please give me a moment while I access your account. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:33:16 PDT 2012)>Thank you for your patience, Patrick. If I understand your concern correctly you are looking for the Target Gift card that you were promised. Am I correct? Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:34:30 PDT 2012)>I don't remember if it was specifically for Target or not, but yes we were supposed to receive a $200 gift card for switching from Verizon to TWC. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:35:49 PDT 2012)>Please give me a moment while I check that for you. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:36:00 PDT 2012)>I have put in many inquiries spanning the last 8-10 months or so. I have been told it was in process and would be sent within 6 weeks...that was 6 months ago. I was told someone from the promotions department would give me call within 7-10 business days. That was 3 months ago. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:36:27 PDT 2012)>I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please give me a moment while I check that for you. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:38:09 PDT 2012)>I would request you to please call the number that is 888-977-8985 for the information on your gift card. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:39:22 PDT 2012)>Why do I need to call a different number, this shouldn't be this complicated. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:40:25 PDT 2012)>I understand your concern. We have having a separate department for this concern. I would request you to please call the number and they would be glad to help you with your gift card. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:40:37 PDT 2012)>Why don't you call that number and figure this out. We were promised a $200 dollar gift card that has never materialized and all I get is jerked around. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:41:11 PDT 2012)>I apologize, I am from the chat department and will not be able to call the number. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:41:27 PDT 2012)>Or how about I post this transcript on the internet to show what terrible service TIME WARNER CABLE provides its customers. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:41:57 PDT 2012)>Please accept my sincere apologies for the less than satisfactory customer service you have experienced with Time Warner Cable. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:42:39 PDT 2012)>The only thing I will accept is a resolution to this issue that has been going on for a year! Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:42:53 PDT 2012)>However I will not be able to provide you with the information on your gift card. I would request you to please call the number that is 888-977-8985 for your the gift card promotions. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:45:45 PDT 2012)>I called that shitty number and that that DEPARTMENT IS CLOSED!!! This transcript is going on the internet. TIME WARNER CABLE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:46:54 PDT 2012)>Please give me a moment. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:49:29 PDT 2012)>Then I went to www.twcschoolsavings.com like the answering machine said, checked the status of my reward and it says I AM NOT REGISTERED. TIME WARNER CABLE IS TERRIBLE!! Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:52:03 PDT 2012)>Could you please tell me if you are registered to http://www.twcschoolsavings.com/ Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:52:27 PDT 2012)>I just told you it said I wasn't. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:53:38 PDT 2012)>In that case I would request you to please wait for some time. I will escalate this issue to my supervisors and would have them call you back. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:54:56 PDT 2012)>They will never call back...I have been told that so many times. Gary(Mon Sep 24 19:55:54 PDT 2012)>I can understand your frustration. Rest assured. I will forward the issue right away and you will be getting a call form our side with in 48 hours. Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 16:57:36 PDT 2012)>I am looking at RipoffReports.com and Google and there are TONS of threads out there about people not receiving their $200 Amex gift cards. I am adding this transcript to those threads. You guys are luring people from the competition then not giving what was promised. Gary(Mon Sep 24 20:00:02 PDT 2012)>I understand your concern, Patrick. You are looking for the thing that you have been committed for. Rest assured it will not happen that you will not receive that. I would request you to please wait for by the time you get a call form our supervisors. I have escalated the issue and you will definitely get a call within 48 hours. Gary(Mon Sep 24 20:00:59 PDT 2012)>Do you have any other questions or concerns that we can assist you with today? Patrick_(Mon Sep 24 17:01:38 PDT 2012)>Nope, just posting this to Ripoff Reports while chatting
Entity: Seal Beach, California
95, Report #331448
May 08 2008
03:39 PM
Time Warner Cable, Time Warner Cable Northwest billing is a big ripoff Carol Stream Illinois
Time Warner has unfair billing practices. After placing my service on summer hold, they resumed the billing at twice the rate it was before. When I got my bill (which is never sent on a timely manner), I immediately called them and they said too bad. We didn't need to let you know the rate changed from your last billing prior to the summer shutoff. So I had the package reduced to the lowest possible, but they still would not credit the amount that I should not have been billed. Dish Network is calling my name! Dissapointed Northwest, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Carol Stream, Illinois
96, Report #259398
Jul 07 2007
11:14 PM
Time Warner Cable And Digital Phone Service Double Whammy for Time Warner Bad Cable and Phone Service Practices ripoff Brea California
Time Warner is a rip off. I have dealt with Time Warner on two different product lines. Their cable service and telephone service. Let me start with the telephone digital service. The phone service customer service department is awful. I called to dispute a re-connection charge for my mother's telephone service. First of all, they didn't send her a bill for 4 months. Then one day, they cut off her service without notification. My mom calls from a cell phone to speak to Cust. Serv. and they inform her bill has not been paid. She mails a check immediately to turn on service. She waits over a week in hopes her phone is turned on. Then I call to find out the status and then they tell me they didn't receive payment. They told me if I pay over the phone, my mom will not have to pay a re-connect charge. I pay with my own credit card for faster service. Next billing cycle comes, they slap her with a 30 dollar re-connect fee. I call back and I get the most smarta** customer service person and he said that there is no way I could of avoided the reconnect fee unless I paid it 24 hours after they disconnected. Where in the hell does it say that on their bill? Plus he said my payment over the phone was done 1 week after so it does it qualify. I told him that rep was liar and he said he was misinformed. Because of this misinformed rep, I request a reverseral of the charge. NOPE, nothing. Now I must say that I was pressured to pay the pay the first time I called to ensure that there was no reconnect fee. Then I ask to speak to the smarta** rep's supervisor and he was even worse. I explain my story all over again and I got the same response. He said that was impossible to reverse, the charge even when I questioned his authority. I started yelling at him and threated to report them to the BBB for their unfair practices. I request to speak to his supervisor and was put on hold for 10 mins. Then he comes back and say his boss is busy in a meeting. I hold some more. Nothing. He comes back again and says his boss is still in a meeting and that he will have to call me back. Did the higher up supervisor call me back? Of course not!!! My second Time Warner Problem... Time Warner has a terrible time with their On Demand Feature. It has not worked on my HD TV for almost a year and everytime I call, they said it's problem from their end and they are going to fix it. I've had other reps send a signal to my HD box. Honestly, I think this mystery signal is bogus because it does nothing to fix my problem. Overall, Time Warner sucks. It was much better when it was Adelphia. I am having satelitte installed. Please do not email to warn me with satelitte because all large corporate companies who have a monopoly on utilities are thieves. Mo La Mirada, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brea, California
97, Report #1171190
Aug 20 2014
05:20 PM
WARNING: DO NOT CHOOSE TWC AS YOUR PROVIDER!!!I had internet, phone, and TV service from TWC.  They made a billing error and did not register a payment I made to them.  They then cut off ALL of my services WITH NO ADVANCE WARNING!!!  The incompetence of the people who work for TWC is beyond belief, but their cruelty - there is truly no more accurate word for it - makes this a company to avoid at all cost.I tried to resolve this matter by sending emails to them; I never received any response.  I filed complaints with the BBB; they never responded to them.  (Check the BBB online to read the staggering number of complaints filed against TWC.  And they aren't even members of the BBB.  I wonder why?)  I tried chatting with them online; they continued to repeat that I owe them money, even though my Discover Card records clearly show that they were paid and even though my account AS VIEWED ON THE TWC WEBSITE shows they received the amount in question.If you want to get a sense of how truly incompetent TWC is, consider that after they turned off service to my home, their billing department repeatedly CALLED THE NUMBER THEY HAD TURNED OFF to ask me for payment!!  (I know this only because the left the voice mail active, and I thought to check the voice mail.)  They have both my email address and cell phone number, yet never thought to contact me either of those ways.It turns out that this was actually a wonderful development.  I quickly got Windstream service for phone and internet, and they are less expensive than TWC.  But the real gift was discovering the a Roku device (only $80-100 as a one-time purchase) or an Apple TV device get about a thousand stations.  If we add a Netflix subscription (only $9/month) to that, we can watch any movies we like.  We can watch local TV live by adding an indoor antenna (check Amazon for indoor antennas, and read the reviews to find out how easy they are to use and to learn about web sites like tvfool.com that will tell you what kind of antenna you need).  We can watch network TV shows when they are using the antenna, or we can subscribe to Hulu Plus (only $8/month) to watch the shows the day after they air.  We are now going to save about $50 month just by not having TWC TV service, and we can still watch everything we want to see!There are plenty of options out there.  Google cable cutting to read about all the people who cut their cable service, saved a lot of money by doing so, and gave up nothing in the process.WARNING: TWC is a company without a conscience or soul.  Deal with them at your own risk!
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #1081674
Sep 04 2013
02:43 PM
Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable Gift Cards--SCAM--multiple calls for 8 months--they don't send-- San Diego California
 I switched from AT & T to Time Warner Cable back in Jan. 2013 based on a markeying promo I received in the mail for a $200 gift card. I followed everything it listed: Account in good standing (I signed up for bill pay before due dates each month) and waited 6-8 weeks after this date. I called into Time Warner and they gave me number to vendor they use for promo--after calling in several times and on hold for hours (they admitted they are understaffed and are looking to hire more) the vendor co said they lost my card in the mail. It is now 8 months after signing up and I have made several calls to Tme Warner--they just say they are backlogged and they have no idea when or if it will show up! Its a scam--thinking there should be legal action--
Entity: San Diego, California
99, Report #1132507
Mar 21 2014
01:30 PM
Time Warner Cable - SoCal Time Warner Cable promised Samsung Galaxy if I upgarded my Service - REFUSE TO PROVIDE TABLET Lake Elsinore California
 I upgraded my cable service and installed TWC Intelligent Home Security in response to their offer of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I ordered these upgardes within the offer period and they were not able to schedule an installation date until a couple of weeks later.  When they arrived theorder was all wrong and the technician had to get on the phone a straghten it all out (over an hour).  They were here all day (over 8 hours) finally calling for two other technicians.  They have been back twice since to fix problems.  From nearly the beginning I asked when I would recieve the Samsung Galaxy Tablet?  they said I might receive a letter, an e-mail or maybe a phone call once I had paid on time for two months even htough I have been their customer for nearly ten years and have never been late.  Since the install in February I have called and called always being told until recently that I would be getting the tablet.  Now they say my installation was outside the program offer.  Since I have no control over when they can scheduled an installation and no one said anything about that anyway along the entire process that makes no sense.  Most of the service reps have agreed with me and the issue has been escalated twice.  the last service rep told me that they have had many complaints and issues like this.  When I asked to speak to a supervisor he was gone for a long time and then came back and said the supervisor was busy and that rather than stay on hold that the supervisor could call me back.  I am thinking something like within the hour.  He says maybe within 24 hours!  All of this is horrible and misrepresentation.  My cable bill is over $300 a month!  Nothing but lies in these promotional offers with TIME WARNER CABLE. THIS IS PERFECT CLASS ACTION MATERIAL!  LOTS OF PEOPLE BEING SCREWED BY A DYSFUNCTIONAL BIG COMPANY THAT MADE AN OFFER AND CANNOT OR WILL NOT HONOR THEIR OFFERS.  
Entity: Lake Elsinore, California
100, Report #1290002
Feb 25 2016
03:32 PM
Time Warner Cable TWC, Time Warner Cable Business Class Extremely dishonest company with shady business practices Nationwide
We signed up with Time Warner Cable when we opened our first retail location.  We signed an 18 month lease with the building because there was a good chance that they would be tearing down and rebuilding after that.   We signed a 36 month contract with Time Warner Cable and informed very clearly that when we moved locations we could transfer service and IF they were unable to provide service to the new location there would be NO early termination fees. 18 months later we find a new location and attempt to transfer service.  We are informed that it would cost something like $50,000 of build out (Something WE would have to pay) in order to provide service to this location.  Naturally we go to cancel the service since they are unable to provide service to our new location we expected no cancellation fee.  BOY WERE WE WRONG!! I was told I needed to talk to my service rep that sold me the service.  Okay, after two months of emails and voicemails with no response from him I decided to call and get his boss' contact information.  Wouldn't you know, it was the same thing with his supervisor, no response to my calls or emails.   I also attempted to request a copy of my contract, of which they informed me I would need to contact my company rep to get that information.  WHAT?!  The same company rep that I can't get ahold of.   (6 months later, I still have no copy of my contract in hand).   After numerous calls to the customer service department, This is how they Justified their Dishonest practices: We are responsible for the cancellation fee because technically there were able to provide service to our location so we are still responsible for the termination fee.  It is not their fauld that we were not willing to spend $50,000 to get their internet to our building.   I am blown away by this deceitful business practice.   I would have gladly spent the extra $5 or $10 per month to not have a 36 month contract if I had known this is how it would have been handled.    I DO NOT RECOMMEND signing a contract with this company (no matter what they promise) because they will find some loophole to make sure you get royally screwed and they get all their money and then some.  I wouldn't recommend doing business with this company at all, because if this is they way they treat their customers then they should not be supported.   I wonder if we would have moved to the moon what they would have said....  Well sir, we can provide service to your location but it would cost you 10 trillion dollars so if you are not willing to pay that to get service then you will have to pay the early termination fee according to your contract   Miles Swaim OC Recycled Furniture TWCripoff@oc-rf.com
Entity: Nationwide

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