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1, Report #436113
Mar 20 2009
06:43 PM
Tracfone TracFone steals paid usage time Miami Florida
I purchased a TracFone and air time from Wallmart. The Phone works as advertised, but here is the problem. I receive a message once a day advising me what the weather is in a place I don't care about, this cost me .5 minutes per day. They also sent my phone number to a number of telemarketers who call me twice a day trying to sell me extended warranty coverage for my car, as well as credit companies trying to sell me credit cards I don't want. All this cost me minutes. Over the past two months most of my air time was used by all the unwanted and annoying calls. This is a rip-off and scam and should be stopped. Tracphoneuser Clarksburg, OntarioCanada
Entity: Miami, Florida
2, Report #707330
Mar 17 2011
01:39 PM
tracfone Tracfone Rippoff. Miami, Florida
My tracfone was turned off and no matter what I seem to do they will not turn it back on.  Customer no service told me to mail a money order so I did and now they say they never received it.  Customer no service is horrible.  This is a business phone that I need the number otherwise I would just let the phone go.  DON'T USE TRACFONE if you need trouble free phone usage.
Entity: Miami, Florida
3, Report #1179625
Sep 27 2014
12:07 PM
Tracfone STAY AWAY FROM TRACFONE Miami Florida
Tracfone used to be a pretty decent cell phone company years ago, not any more. We have two tracfones with different numbers, tried to transfer 600 minutes from one to another that had 1700, this time I was told that the number had to be transfered  with the minutes AND that there was no assurance my 1700 minutes would remain on my main phone. Since I had never had any problems I told them to go ahead, sure enough they took away the 1700 minutes but never transfered the phone number, now I have two phones with the same number and ONLY one works. If you get pass the language barrier (even if you push 1 for english you'll end with an spanish agent trying to speak engish) you will never get anything resolved, after a week of going aroung with many tries they can not give me another number for one of the phones WITHOUT taking my main number away. I HOPE A LAW FIRM WOULD TAKE A CLASS ACTION CASE AGAINST THESE PEOPLE.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #362161
Aug 12 2008
04:10 PM
Tracfone TRACFONE SUCKS!! RIP OFF!!! Miami Florida
Entity: Miami, Florida
5, Report #442877
Apr 11 2009
02:57 PM
Tracfone My problems with Tracfone were not over... Houston Texas Internet
I thought my problems with Tracfone were over, but not just yet!!!!! After my repeated calling 2 days ago, incoming calls were OK, so I thought it all fixed! That was a BIG mistake!!!! Yesterday when I tried to make an outgoing call, nothing happened!!! I called Tracfone AGAIN, put in all sorts of numbers, but still NOTHING!!!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor (who I think uses the same script as the operators do). She put me through the exact same thing, then said to leave the Tracfone on for 24 more hours and it would be OK!!!! She also said she would give me 10 extra minutes for all my trouble ( which NEVER happened!). Now Tracfone works for both incoming and outgoing calls!!!! Do you REALLY WANT A TRACFONE??? Is it worth all the trouble and phone calls to people who have thick accents and are barely understandable (but say they speak English)? I have been without a cell phone for 6 long days!!!! NEVER BUY A TRACFONE!!!!!!! Anonymous Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #884702
May 18 2012
12:21 PM
TRACFONE TracFone, NET10, Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone Internet, Nationwide
TRACFONE which also IS NET10 is a total rip off.  They are just AT&T network's LOWEST QUALITY access with BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, FAULTY PHONES, INCOMPETENT PROCEDURE, and completely unable and unwilling to efficiently solve the problem.  My Samsung phone is not working, but they insist that I call them on my dime.  I have spent hours on the phone with them.  I have lost hundreds of prepay minutes, and they are complete THIEVES.  They have wasted more of my time (hours and hours) then I can bear, and YOU WILL GET NOWHERE WITH THEM.  Technically I have never had worse coverage and service in my area when the phone was still working (which was about 5 weeks).  THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR MINUTES WHILE ON THE LINE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY ARE STUPID AND SLOW.  DO NOT WASTE ANY MONEY OR TIME ON TRACFONE OR NET10.  THEY ARE THE WORST.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
7, Report #872116
Apr 22 2012
12:05 PM
TracFone TracFone refuses to give cell phone refund Miami, Internet
TracFone is still ripping people off!!  Beware!! Do not buy a TracFone cell phone because if you are unhappy with it you are stuck with it. I have had my TracFone cell for less than one month. I tried today to get them to let me send back the cell phone for a refund. They won't and other cell phone providers will. One of the customer service reps said I could exchange the TracFone for a Net 10 cell phone, but when I got to that department the lady said they don't exchange phones from one company to the other even though they own TracFone, Net10 and StraightTalk. I had StraightTalk before buying TracFone. I didn't realize TracFone doesn't have unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $50/month. In less than a month I have already spent $50 and my talk time is almost gone. It will now cost me more than $50/month to use it. I plan on filing complaints at Better Business Bureau, Florida Attorney General's office, FCC, and letting my friends know on Facebook that TracFone is a rip off company. Beware!  Do not buy a TracFone cell.
Entity: Miami, Internet
8, Report #121077
Dec 03 2004
01:42 PM
Tracfone ripoff Got a refurbished phone from tracfone Internet
Got a refurbished phone as advertised on I activated it and got a phone number. But there was no airtime added as advertised. After many e-mails I have asked for return number. Have copy of all e-mails. I am 65 with a lot of medical problems. I live in the country and wanted a cell phone for emergencies. I would be glad to join a class action suit. Robert Port Angeles, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Alabama
9, Report #973380
Nov 25 2012
11:11 AM
TracFone rip off by tracfone Miami, Florida
TracFone offers(ed) a International Neighbors Number for existing active accounts. For no reason, and certainly not communicated to tracfone customers, the International Neighbors Number(IN#) was deactivated. This is a rip off. In ATTEMPTING to deal with tracfones (lack of) customer service dept, all I received is inept staff, frustrating phone calls and e-mails that, by design, provide no service and or resolve to the rip off.  The IN# is no longer available to NEW accounts, but remains in effect for existing active accounts, EXCEPT tracfone screwed up and deactivated my IN#. Tracfone advises that if the IN# is not used for 30 days, it will be deactivated. The 30 day rule is not written nor provided anywhere by tracfone and was not communicated at anytime.  WELL, my IN# was deactivated in less that 15 days. All this has been reported to tracfone (lack of) customer service via e-mail and frustrating phone calls, calls lasting over an hour. SHAME ON Tracfone. A company as large and diverse as it is, with huge $ net $ income $, has lowered itself to treating long term customers in this fashion - by ripping off customers. In speaking with the (lack of) customer service dept, to the 'supervisors' all I get was one call after another of no resolve. Tracfone has blantantly ripped off existing customers. My friends whom actually referred me to tracfone, because the IN# was an attractive option, continue to have their IN#. For no reason, tracfone (mistakenly) deactivated my IN#. I have asked numerous times to have my IN# REactivated.
Entity: Miami, Florida
10, Report #1080950
Sep 01 2013
03:54 PM
Tracfone LG840g Tracfone doesn't work with Bluetooth SYNC Texas
 The LG840g Tracfone advertises Bluetooth Technology, but it will not work with the Bluetooth Ford Sync system.  Tracfone says it will only work with a Bluetooth headset.  It would have been nice had they mentioned that before I bought the phone.  Buy cheap, get cheap, get cheated.....
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #1144517
May 06 2014
03:37 PM
 Told by Tracfone that I needed to buy another one of their cell phones, as older one died, and they would transfer my minutes & days left on it to the new one, so I made the new purchase of another cell phone . Today I had to phone on a REAL phone, (as where our home is no longer has Tracfone service), to TRACFONE for a total of 41 minutes, 1st with 1 customer service rep who was so rude that so I had to hung up on her, 2nd with polite one, but kept getting put on hold for 3-5 minutes at a time, as she had to confirm with some mystery people how many minutes time I had left....which I had written down before phone totally died, as 775.50 minutes. She FINALLY tells me that Tracfone will ONLY GIVE me back the base minutes of about 350, (it could of been Maybe up to about 370), as at this point my blood pressure just shot thru the roof on hearing this THEFT by TRACFONE !!!!! She said the other minutes were just FREE minutes, so didn't count !!! I explained to her that her company was STEALING MY MINUTES, as that was the type of cell phone I purchased from them, one that DOUBLED MINUTES, and NO WHERE ON THE PACKAGE DOES IT SAY THEY ARE GIVING ME MINUTES !!! I could of bought a TRIPLE MINUTE AGREEMENT, ore just a plain single minute AGREEMENT, BUT I BOUGHT & PAID FOR A DOUBLE MINUTE PHONE AGREEMENT !!! She would not put me in touch with a supervisor or any one who could understand consumer protection LAWS !!! I told her I would put that word out that TRACFONE suckers consumers into buying their products, but REFUSES to HONOR THEIR OWN ADVERTISEMENTS !!! Please pass this information on, as I have just read other customers having the same theft done to them on internet reviews !!!
Entity: Select State/Province
12, Report #1350461
Jan 17 2017
04:39 PM
Tracfone Tracfone Ripped off minutes Miami Florida
I purchased a new Tracfone to replace my old Tracfone and it is advertised that all Voice, text, and data minutes will transfer. Before I started the process of switching the phone I went to my Trac Phone account on line to verify the minutes remaining and even screen printed it. After transferring the phone over I went back to verify that all the minutes updated and none of the data minutes transferred 3785.78 and Voice and text were short 600 and 330. After a lot of time on the phone they were unwilling to do anything to fix the discrepancy. From what I have been reading on other posts this appears to be fairly common practice from Tracfone and believe that a class action lawsuit would more than likely turn up many many more customers that have had this happen to them. This is a dishonest practice the equates to theft!Tracfone has already had to agree to a 40 million dollar settelment for another dishonest practice . It is time to slam them for this too!
Entity: Miami, Florida
13, Report #78495
Jan 29 2004
08:39 AM
TracFone ripoff Miami Florida
I purchased a 1 year prepaid wireless service card and had received a special holiday offer in the mail of an additional 100 minutes. I went to the web page to enter all the information and at the end of the transaction it said that 150 minutes had been added to my phone. It should have been 250 because of the promotion. I contacted the company and they said that they could not do anything because I needed to enter the promotional code during the initial activation of the card. I DID enter the code and nothing verifiable until the very last page comes up at the end and then it is too late. I have tried contacting them 2-3 more times and will not get a response. Be very careful of these promotions. B Antwerp, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
14, Report #77287
Jan 17 2004
01:59 PM
Tracfone ripoff Internet
My Mother who is elderly but still drives, asked for a wireless phone for christmas. I purchased a tracphone for her along with a prepaid wireless card for $24.99. The advertisment on the phones package claimed, that the minutes do not expire. However, upon opening the phones packaging and reading the instuction booklet, it stated that the minutes expire every two months, and that more minutes have to be purchase to keep the service active. My Mother, thinking that she would have to buy new minutes ever two months, decided this phone was not for her. I returned the tracfone to k-mart and was given a full refund. However, when I returned to target with the tracfone card and receipt, they told me that I could not have a refund. So here I find myself, with a $24.99 tracfone card but with no phone. The Manager, Jeff Goldstein of the No Attleboro Ma, target store agreed, that the phone minutes don't expire could be misleading. He said he would look into it and get back to me. Not! I contacted a tracfone rep, she was in India I think she told me the card could not be refunded. When I asked her why, she hanged the phone up. What a rip-off P.S the tracphone company doesn't allow it's self to be contacted by mere customers. Great customer service too! $24.99 card-no phone. Shirley Cumberland, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #130518
Feb 08 2005
07:31 AM
Tracfone ripoff Miami Florida
Tracfone is a joke. I purchased a Tracfone wireless plan - for my son - it expired - so I reactived the phone. I was given a long distance number NOT IN MY AREA but Tracfone insists that it is and Indianapolis number. IT IS NOT. IT IS NORTH of me. My area code is 317 - they are insisting 765 is Indy - it is long distance. I feel this is just wrong to give someone a long distance number when it doubles the minutes to actually use it. I asked for a refund of my minutes that I had purchased when I reactived the phone and was told they don't give refunds on minutes. What a crappy thing to do. Betty Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
16, Report #86930
Apr 07 2004
10:43 AM
TracFone ripoff Miami Florida
I bought 2 Tracfones from recieved them and neither one of them worked. Called tracfone, only to get someone who does not speak english well at all and a run around. Sent one phone back to them - with no response from them after one month - called them only to get a run around about my tracking number from the post office was incorrect. I went to the post office and got a print out of when and who signed for my defective phone and still got no where. A little note to people who pay with a credit card. Call your credit card company and tell them your situation and some companies will put a stop payment on that item and will help you fight the charge. Penny Charlestown, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #117310
Nov 11 2004
11:52 AM
Tracfone ripoff Miami, Florida nationwide
In August of 2004, I ordered a Tracfone. The phone arrived at my address defective, and I was instructed to send the telephone to the warehouse in Miami for repair. I did this, and it is now going on 4 months, still no Tracfone. Seems they send my phone (or the phone tacked to my case number) to some one else, the same person mind you, three times in a row...have no idea where the fellow's name came from...certainly was not mine. I have spoken to countless tracfone employees, supervisors, to no avail. Cannot understand why it is so hard to send a telephone back to the person that send it for repair...especially after 3 different supervisors promised they had all my information correct and now DHL would deliver it to the right person. I spoke to DHL and they blamed the warehouse for wrong labelling. Amazing how tracfone can stay in business with such poor communication skills. Nader tuttle, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #503124
Oct 02 2009
08:42 AM
TRACFONE Fraudulent customer service Miami, Florida
TracFone has given me the run-around since June 2009 when they sent me a defective replacement phone that either says no service or emergency only and will not make or receive calls.  I have spent over twenty hours trying to rectify the situation because I have over 800 minutes  remaining.  TracFone will not give me a refund.   The customer service reps have their script.  I have taken out and replaced  the battery and sim card repeatedly, spoken to supervisors, been told that the next level supervisor would call me back.  No one has ever called me back.  When  I suggest that they just send me a different replacement phone they say they must verify and the whole script goes around again. Their system will not permit going off script.  When  I call the corporate  offices no one is available to speak to.  All the numbers given by a previous filer of a complaint (A.C.L.) were just to the same central switchboard.  The number for the president F.J. Pollak rings at someone called Richardson's office and is not connected to TracFone. I feel I have been deliberately ripped off by TracFone and am sure they are doing this to many other innocent people.
Entity: Miami, Florida
19, Report #507410
Oct 10 2009
05:21 PM
TRACFONE Transfer, Service, Minutes, SIM, Internet
Purchased Tracfone for my father in 2006 and would purchase one $100 card per year and no problems UNTIL the phone needed to be replaced. Paid for a phone card in January 2009 and had to purchase a new phone April 2009. Had phone number and minutes transferred to new phone. New phone wouldnt make outgoing calls and minutes transferred didnt transfer Called Tracfone, and after an unreasonably long hold time and another 30 minutes trouble shooting I was told I needed a new SIM card. New SIM card arrived but I couldnt activate because I needed to purchase an airtime card in order to activate.called Tracfone, and waited about 20 minutes on holdI finally get a CSR and explained my issue, that I had purchased a $100 card a few months before and wont even use those before they expire, AND the phone problem was *their* issued not mine. I got no where and ended up purchasing a $25 airtime card, this card was supposed to extend my service from January 2010 to June 30, 2010 Phone was working but still did not show my transferred minutes and showed by end of service as August 28, 2009. I called and was assured by the CSR that despite what my phone was reading, my service was good until June 2010. July, unable to make long distance calls. Called Tracfone on several occasion over the next 10 days trying to get issue resolved. Never did and gave up. August 28, 2009 my phone would make or receive calls! Called Tracfone yet again. Was told phone would be working within the hournever did get an answer to my question about why this happened and how to keep it from happening again. Four hours later, phone still is not working. Called yet again. I kid you not; I spent 30 minutes waiting for a representative. Transferred to three different people to try and get phone issued resolved and phone workingwas now being told that they (Tracfone) put my phone on the wrong carrier (apparently they use GSM and CDMA carriers) and I need another new SIM card!? Not sure I buy this story. I ask if I am going to be required to purchase yet another airtime card and was told no , I guess not all I can do is wait.BTW, I spent an hour and 43 minutes on the phone trying to get this resolved. During my last phone call to Tracfone I asked for a refund on my minutes since they seemed to be unable to provide the services that I paid for and I have giving them multiple opportunities to correct the problem. They completely ignored my request. Defiantly will not be purchasing any more minutes or using Tracfone once this is over with and will tell anyone who asks to go with another company
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #375440
Sep 23 2008
02:03 PM
Tracfone Ripoff Internet
My Father purchased a Tracfone in June First unit was defective and after numerous telephone conversations with Tekkies, they replaced the phone which they said was defective 2nd phone they sent, charger was defective My Father then purchased another phone which we have been trying unsuccessfully for the past 45+ days to have the minutes transferred to the new unit At least 6 conversations with Techs to no avail Minutes have not been updated to new phone Tracfone is a ripoff and their techs have a hard time with English Boats Hickory, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #358048
Aug 01 2008
06:41 AM
Tracfone stolen minutes Internet
A week ago we purchased a new car equipped with bluetooth technology, so having been a tracfone customer for 5 years, I contacted their customer service to ask which tracfone would pair to the car. They checked and told me that Motorola W376g is the phone I needed to purchase. They told me that my minutes would transfer. I went out and after searching many places finally found the phone. I charged the phone and took it with me when we picked up the new car. The salesman tried for an hour to pair the phone and the car and was unsuccessful. Later I spent an hour trying. I was unsuccessful as well. I called Tracfone customer service again and was told that no, they had no phones that would pair with the car, but that an update was due to be sent any minute. I didn't totally believe them, so called customer service again the next day. This time they told me that the Motorola Bluetooth phone that I purchased would not pair to the car as it is blocked by the Manufacturer, and that is why Tracfone gets the phones cheaper. They told me that an update would come eventually but they had no plans or time frame as of now. The phone is useless to me if I can't use it paired to the car as that is what I want to do. They did tell me I could purchase a bluetooth earpiece and use it that way, but I don't want to do that. From the time I first called them I made it clear that I wanted to Pair the phone to the car. I have several friends who have paired their phones to my car in just seconds, although their carriers are not Tracfone. Fortunately the store I purchased my new bluetooth phone from was willing to take it back, and I purchased a new AT &T phone and contract and was able to pair the phone to the car in seconds. Then I called Tracfone to tell them that I wanted my 1075 minutes put back on my old phone. The minutes are good till 12/23/08, but I was told that they could not be restored to the original phone unless I bought more minutes. I am not going to give them a dollar more of my money. I have called Tracfone 6 times now. I have emailed them. I am told to call their customer service, which I have done. I get people who speak minimal English. I can hardly understand them. I ask to speak with a manager, and they just give me another customer service person. I was connected with a manager one time, and was cut off in the middle of a sentence. I have been cut off during several of my conversations. I no longer want to speak to them. Now I want to report them for theft of minutes and incorrect information. They love to say that I am a valued customer and they appreciate my business. Well they no longer have me as a customer and I will never give them anymore business. I will do everything I can to let others know what poor customer service they have. This whole thing began when I called them to get direction as to which phone I needed in order to pair with my new car. Barks Punta Gorda, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #409806
Jan 08 2009
05:56 PM
Tracfone Terrible Customer Service! Miami Florida
My mother passed away last June and I wanted to keep her cell phone for sentimental reasons mainly. My husband has had a Tracfone for a long time with no problems, so I thought things would go well for me. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. We went out and bought the one-year air time card with double minutes and called Tracfone to change the phone number on my mother's phone. She lived in FL and I do not. If I could have understood the fellow's name who I talked to, I'd tell you. I couldn't understand him very well and he kept asking me to slow down as he couldn't understand me either. I explained that I wanted to change the account info and reactivate the phone with a new phone number in my area. The gentleman said fine, and proceeded to have me enter a billion codes on the phone. It took over 30 minutes because we couldn't understand each other, but finally the phone showed the air time minutes and new expiration date. THEN -- he started to give me my new phone number and it was the SAME area code as before! I was a little angry but kept my cool and explained to him that I needed a different area code as I had explained in the beginning. When I gave him my zip code he put me on hold. Came back on and said he had to speak to a supervisor. Then he came back and told me that my phone would not work in the zip code I'd provided, but they'd be happy to send me a different phone. Of course, he'd already activated the air time card, so the option to tell them to stick it was gone. I couldn't get a refund. He couldn't understand why I was upset. If he had told me from the beginning that my mother's cell phone would not work for Tracfone in my zip code, I would have tried a different provider. I wanted HER phone, not just any cell phone. I said fine, whatever, since I couldn't get my money back for the air time minutes and gave them the info to send my replacement phone. He then deactivated my mom's phone and asked if there was any other way he could help me. What a laugh. It turns out that deactivating the phone also cleared the phone book. Another thing that they didn't tell me beforehand. Upset doesn't begin to cover how I felt at that point. The new phone came, got it activated after three attempts at contacting them - all three times was disconnected after being placed on hold. Got the minutes put on the new phone. Three weeks later, it stopped working. Every time I tried to dial out it told me that I could only make credit card calls or collect calls. Any incoming callers were told that my number had been disconnected. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Customer Disservice only to finally be told that I had to be given a new phone number. It took another 20 minutes to get that taken care of. I was livid about the whole situation and they did compensate me 25 minutes of air time for my aggravation. Doesn't seem like a fair trade. NOW -- I've been getting advertising spam from them every week in my text inbox. It would seem that every time they spam me, my phone tries to text a five digit number which won't go through, and they deduct .30 units every time!! I called on Dec. 12th and spoke to 3 different reps, having to explain the situation over and over and over. Finally, the last rep told me that he would escalate the claim to the corporate office because this has never happened before and I should hear from them within 10 days. It turns out, I am NOT the only tracfone customer this has happened to. Googling those five digit numbers revealed this. I called back today because they never got back to me. There was no record of my complaint and the first rep hung up on me when he put me on hold to discuss this with his supervisor. What a load of hooey. I called a second time, same thing happened. I guess the third time really is the charm because I got ahold of a woman in Direct Sales who FINALLY was able to help me and didn't need me to speak s-l-o-w-l-y. She said she would take me off of their advertising list and that if I was still having the problem with the outgoing five digit texts after 10 days, to call back. She compensated me five minutes of airtime for all the aggravation. I promise you -- I will NEVER EVER use another tracfone. Once these minutes are gone, I'm going to burn the damn phones. I tell everyone I meet, even strangers in line at the grocery store, to never use tracfone. Sorry to see that so very many other people have had such bad experiences with them. What will it take for them to change their practices?? D Waupaca, WisconsinU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Tracfone
Entity: Miami, Florida
23, Report #412556
Jan 15 2009
04:04 PM
TracFone Finally Medley Florida
A couple of days ago I reported here on the lack of support I had received from this company over the last several weeks. I even mailed a not so nice letter to them yesterday. Well, today this phone works. I received a different SIM this morning and entered it into the phone. While it didn't work immediately, it eventually did later this PM. I had complained again yesterday to their corporate office and repeated my problems with their phone. I mentioned that I could call out, but not receive incoming calls. The lady felt that that this was not possible. I told her to try it herself. She did and got through to me immediately. I thanked her, hung up and called the line from my other cell phone. It worked. I don't know how or what happened, but now it works. I don't know whether ranting at AT&T who had cut off my line without permission, or something in the call to TracFone's Corporate office did it, either way it works. Here is the Corporate office's number for those of you who are still having problems: 800-876-5753. You may also want to write to their Corporate office and submit your problem. My case was satisfactorily resolved and I wanted to mention that on this sit. Gilla Marion, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Medley, Florida
24, Report #442554
Apr 10 2009
10:45 AM
Tracfone TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Internet
After 4 days and NUMEROUS phone calls to their representatives (who ALL said the problem was resolved), it FINALLY is, for now! All I was requesting was that my minutes and telephone #, be transferred from my old tracfone to the new one! First of all, after waiting for 72 hours for those things to be transferred (as instructed) and nothing happened, I called Tracfone. After putting in all the #'s they gave me, again nothing happened! Then calling them several more times, and putting in #'s, I was finally able to get my minutes, but no phone #. Then after several more calls, they said they were not able to transfer my old #, and gave me a new one. Now my cell phone works, but who knows for how long? I was without a working cell phone for 4 days---just how long does it take to be able to use tracfone after activation???????? BEWARE OF TRACFONE!!!!! Anonymous Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #558542
Jan 22 2010
12:44 PM
Net10 / Tracfone Incompetent Customer No Service Internet
Net10 customer no service is among the worst I have seen even for cell companies. The number below yields poor connections NON english speaking reps. 1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368) The other direct number,  Tracfone Wireless Inc. dnsbilling@TRACFONE.COM 9700 N.W. 112th StreetMiami, FL Phone: 305 640 2000   yields better english. BUT the contradictory info presented  isthe big problem. EX Is it possible to transfer minutes from a newphone to an existing activated phone ? If so what is the procedure ?I called 5 times and got a DIFFERENT ANSWER every time... !AVOID THIS COMPANY IF POSSIBLE. Their phones are crap, theircoverage is not bad, but they can not supply trained reps thatreally help. 
Entity: Internet, Internet

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