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26, Report #565236
Feb 05 2010
07:40 PM
TracFone Airtime nightmare Internet
TracFone is such a rip off! My mom bought a Tracfone for her granddaughter after watching a commercial thinking this would be a great way to introduce her to using a cell phone and manage her minutes. She spent over $100 to get the 365 days of service plus minutes & promo codes to redeem. Her understanding was that by purchasing the most expensive service that the minutes were included, as well as the 1 yr of monthly promo codes to redeem. Wrong! Once the minutes ran out for the initial setup, regardless of how much time you have with the service, you have to continue to buy additional pin codes in order to access minutes AND then use the promo codes for that month.  Each new pin code is assigned a specific amount of minutes; the lowest being $20 for 60 min). However, the minutes are costly. The going rate is roughly $1.00 for every minute and $.30 for every text/call received or sent. To receive and respond to a call will cost you $2.00/min whereas using a retail calling plan from major carriers may cost you much less (i.e. $.02 to $.03/minute). Outrageous!! This should make most customers run to the hills and get service with a real carrier. The tracfone phones are very cheap and have very limited functionality. When I called the customer service number to redeem the promo codes since I had 1 yr of service, I was told I had to buy MORE service in order to get a new pin code (even though I already had 1 yr of service).  Found out the $100 spent was only good for keeping the phone number only for one year. However the new pin code is what gives you access to the assigned minutes AND gives you the chance to redeem the promo codes for that month. You can't use your original pin code to redeem the monthly promo minutes. The new pin code will give you access for the promo code of the month, thus $20 for the new pin code 60 min plus redemption of promo minutes. If I my mom knew the ripoff Traacfone game, she would have saved a bundle by buying the cheapest service and redeem the available minutes per month. When I called customer service to complain, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The rep Jean, #57988 (not sure if she gave me a bogus ID number or not) never transferred me to a supervisor and told me they would say the same thing. We discussed the service and the expense and she couldn't really explain the benefit of spending $100 for the service when in reality you have to buy new service each time you run out of minutes. I repeatedly asked for a supervisor and was denied. Customer service is horrible and the service plans are a ripoff.   DO NOT BUY A TRACFONE unless you like being RIPPED OFF!
Entity: Internet, Internet
27, Report #884688
May 18 2012
12:15 PM
TRACFONE NET10 Prepaid Cell Phones Internet
TRACFONE which also IS NET10 is a total rip off.  They are just AT&T network's LOWEST QUALITY access with BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, FAULTY PHONES, INCOMPETENT PROCEDURE, and completely unable and unwilling to efficiently solve the problem.  My Samsung phone is not working, but they insist that I call them on my dime.  I have spent hours on the phone with them.  I have lost hundreds of prepay minutes, and they are complete THIEVES.  They have wasted MORE OF MY TIME then I can bear, and YOU WILL GET NOWHERE WITH THEM.  Technically I have never had worse coverage and service in my area when the phone was still working (which was about 5 weeks).  THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR MINUTES WHILE ON THE LINE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY ARE STUPID AND SLOW.  DO NOT WASTE ANY MONEY OR TIME ON TRACFONE OR NET10.  THEY ARE THE WORST.
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #942398
Sep 17 2012
11:28 AM
Tracfone Failure to honor refund Internet
I purchased a Tracfone bundle from on 9/8/12 to be given as a gift to a traveler. I also purchased, again from, a 60-minute airtime card to be delivered via email to be placed on the phone once delivered.  The travel plans were canceled the same day, so I determined that the physical phone would be returned to a Walmart store for refund once it was delivered, but the airtime card I was told had to be refunded by Tracfone.  I called their toll-free number and, after being told by a rep that no refunds were issued on airtime cards, I asked to speak to a manager.  A manager named Nicolette repeated the policy of no refunds (never shown anywhere in the sales information when purchasing this item), but after verifying the email delivery method and the unused PIN number of the card, told me that once the phone was returned to Walmart I could call her back and that--as a one-time courtesy--a refund would be issued for the unused email card.  She gave me a reference number to be used when I called back.  The phone was returned to Walmart on 9/17 for a refund, but when I called back to Tracfone I was told that no refund would be issued for the unused email card.  I repeated what I was told by Nicolette and gave the reference number I was given--and verified twice before hanging up my call with Nicolette--only to be told that the reference number had no relevence, since it was nine digits instead of ten.  I then spoke with a senior manager named Colette who verified that the PIN number of the email card indicated that it was, in fact, unused and not downloaded, but that there would be no refund issued to me, despite the previous statements from manager Nicolette. Beware this outfit.  They want to keep my $20 and deliver no service in return, despite their promises of service.
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #911808
Jul 13 2012
08:04 PM
Tracfone Holding my money hostage Internet
Never, ever purchase Tracfone airtime online! After seven failed attempts to purchase 60 minutes, I found that they had charged my back account seven times! Customer service told me that none of these charges were approved, and will be released by my bank in 24 to 48 hours. Ummm....this is Friday night, so I can kiss that $154 goodbye until at least Monday morning. When I asked if they would be fixing their website so that it wouldn't do this anymore, they said It is fixed. the 20 minutes I was talking to them, their IT department went and fixed it? I rather doubt that. I know how this works: The bank would tell me that since the charges are pending, nothing can be done until they are approved or denied. But until that happens, I don't have access to that money. In short, Tracfone's website will cause your money to be held hostage.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #193683
May 28 2006
05:58 PM
Tracfone ripoff Pseudo Customer Service Internet
I purchased a Tracfone about a year ago, as I previously had a contract with a cellular company and it was a waste of my money for the amount of time I use a cell phone - very seldom, but like to have for emergencies. I didn't have any problem until recently when I didn't renew my service before the cutoff date. I reactivated my service about a week later over the internet - looked like all went as it was supposed to, units were added to my existing, I was given a new cutoff date two months away and was given a new phone number. Two days later I tried to use the phone and got a recorded message that the provider didn't recognize my number. Tried several times and also tried to call my cell from land line, to no avail. That is when I had my first experience with the Tracfone fake customer service department. As noted in other reports, when I finally spoke with someone, I kept getting put on hold so this person could speak with a supervisor or update my information in their system or confirm my information. They had me enter some codes and I was given a case ID number and told my phone should be working in two-three hours. Needless to say, it didn't. I've called them everyday for a week now, spending at least an hour each time on the phone. I've gotten three different case ID numbers and a reference number. They have changed my phone number once. I have not yet spoken with anyone who's primary language is English - today I was asked how to spell Michigan! I been put on hold several times while the person I'm speaking with (I decline to call them customer service reps) tried to connect me to a different department, only to be told 30 minutes later that that department is closed - call back tomorrow. I convinced everytime I'm put on hold, they are taking a coffee break...or lunch break...or just chatting with their neighbor. Now, after reading all these reports (wish I'd known about this site before), I've decided my time is more valuable than to waste it on these a**holes, with no hope of ever getting my problem resolved. I'll just cut my losses with a good lesson learned - and will definately advise anyone against getting a Tracfone. For kicks, I checked out another prepay service on this site and found a bunch of reports on that service also - although not nearly as many. Guess I'll just have to be sure to always have a couple quarters and my comfy walking shoes available for emergencies. Thanks for making this forum available, and count me in on any class action lawsuit that develops. Susan Michigan City, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #208346
Aug 28 2006
06:46 PM
Tracfone ripoff Miami Florida
To start with i have never had any problems with tracfone untill now. Over 2 weeks ago we get our tracfone in the mail where we ordered it online .we activate it and get a long distant number. So i call and am told to wait 72 hours within that 72 hours we will get a call with a loacal number .we were requesting a 270-537 number. In that 72 hours we never got a call so i called. at that time i was told we needed a new sims card and then we can get our local number added. So we had to waiat another 3 days for that. So we get the sims card i call back to get the number and is told that a supervisor has to request a number and the wait on that was 4 days . I get 60 units extra for the wait. Call back 4 days later and told there is no way to see the new number but it should be attached to the sims card. So they go ahead and activate it. we wait for the text message never get one. Use the tracfone to call our home phone that has caller id on it we see it is another long distant number. I am tired of the run around call to get a refund explain everything get put on hold then hung up on. Call back and the operater tells me theat their r no refunds on tracfones he puts me through to the supervisor explain yet again for the 3rd time and am told that the operator messed up when I called back to get the new number for the new sims card. That I should have been put through to a supervisor.She assures me she could send me a new sims card and we could get a local number. I tell her no i just want a refund. she tells me we can only get one if we ordered online .i tell her i did she wants the order number. Then i am put on hold yet again. The i am told she is transfering me to another department taht will give me the code or number for a refund. So yet again I have to explain for the 4th time what my problem is. I am told i can not have a refund because we bought minutes not the phone. I am also told that I can't be guaranteed a local number that the number I have is the best one for my area. I inform her it is not or i could call it from my home phone but I can't because it is long distance. I am told she can give me 30 compensation minutes. I explain that is not enough for all i have been through. she tells me that is all she is authorized to give. So i took them and had the other 60 minutes put on. I informed her that this will be the last tracfone i ever order and that a lot of my family usses tracfone but i will inform them of the way i was treated. 90 minutes is not enough for 2 weeks of agravation and being lied to. The ppl I talked to me assured me they could get me the local number but the operator i talked to last said there was no way of knowinbg what number i would get. So i am very unhappy and angry. I will never be another tracfone customer. After i use the 90 minutes I am throwing the phone away and buying a different prepaid provider. I will never buy another tracfone and will warn everyone i know away from it. Erin & shannah Munfordville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
32, Report #304112
Jan 28 2008
03:58 PM
Entity: BILLINGS, Montana
33, Report #166214
Nov 29 2005
11:47 AM
Tracfone HUGE ripoff Miami Florida
We have bought 5 tracfones over the years with no problems. So, when the boys asked for cell phones for their birthday we bought tracfone. We chose to buy 2 refurbished phones that were adverised on the website. The first was fine the other wouldn't work. ( We were also given the WRONG phone numbers for both, but that's a whole other story). So, we mailed the phone back. We were told at the time that we would recieve a new phone in 3 days and all minutes I bought would be on the phone. We have called EVERY week for 2 months and gotten one excuse after the other. Today I called and.... My phone doesn't exsist in the system!!!! I am out the price of the phone and 100 minutes! It gets better!! My husband's phone suddenly got roaming even a block from home. They switched the area without notice. They told him to mail his phone back and they'ld send a new phone that will work in the area. They sent him the SAME phone!!!! So, he called and they said it would be expidited. NINE weeks later... NO PHONE! And,he had 60 minutes on his phone as well. The customer service used to be great! You know what happened?? They outsourced all their jobs to India. Call the 800# as many times as you want.... you'll always get an Indian. Well Tracfone, when you pay people $1.00 a day you get what you pay for! After YEARS of loyal service you have just outsourced a family of customers. Aileen urbana, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
34, Report #218226
Oct 29 2006
01:36 PM
TracFone decieving information Ripoff Mexico
My Tracfone broke so I needed to get a new phone. I otherwise probably would have got a different phone, though I did have good results with my original tracfone. I went under questions and then upgrades under policies I read this If I buy a new TRACFONE, can I transfer my phone number to the new phone? Yes, you can transfer the phone number into your new TRACFONE by calling the Customer Care Center at 1-800-867-7183. I went out and bought another tracfone which was different but both were motorolla The tracfone person said i will now give you a new number so I asked why my number does not transfer She said because it's a different model however this information is under upgrades obviously I'm going to have a new model. I had to ask why it says so online and now they have to go through alot of procedures. I will not be able to know anything for 48hours at which time i must call back and see if the number was able to transfer Why? It says under UPGRADES that YES you can transfer your old tracfone number so I guess I am getting my number transferred but they reacted as if they never heard of such a thing it's obviously not a quick and simple transaction (not that they said so) So yes you can transfer your old number but it's a lengthy process So if you want to do it, have a few days to wait and definitely don't plug it in and turn it on or you'll be given a new number it also says i can transfer my units but I have not got to that point yet Joe Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #237752
Mar 02 2007
08:11 AM
Tracfone ripoff bad service Internet
My mother is elderly, so I went online for her to enter minutes into her tracfone. It didn't work so I called. They said her phone was old and would send out a new phone. We were okay with that, but in reality, the phone was a reconditioned phone. They said the minutes from the old phone and the new minutes would be on the phone when we activated it. That was not true, and even then, it took over 1 hour on the phone with them to get the phone activated. But still no minutes. They told us to wait 48 hours and the minutes would be on the phone. That did not happen. So I called back and they said they could not find the record of the minutes. So another 2 hours on the phone and we got the minutes. But the phone number was a 617 area code and we live in a 504 area code. They said wait another 24 to 48 hours and the phone number would cycle through. That did not happen. At this point we decided to give up on Tracfone. We would send the phone back and obtain a refund. However, they said they couldn't refund if the minutes were on the phone more then five days. But it had only been four days since the minutes were on the phone. I asked for a supervisor and she refused a refund, so I asked for another supervisor and she put me on hold and never came back on the phone. After 20 minutes I hung up and called back and they were closed. We eventually did get a 504 area code after yet another call, but they were supposed to reinstate her original phone number and as yet, that has not occurred. So, they told us over and over she would have her original number, but they just plain lied. They said they were sending a new phone and they just plain lied about that too. They said they give refunds within 5 days but they lied about that too. Susan Marrero, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #259025
Jul 06 2007
07:06 AM
Tracfone Ripoff Ocala Florida
Each time I try to add time to my phone I get the same message. Unavailable I called from my phone guess what the time I just paid for is gone now because of the enormous wait time. Then you finally get through and they tell you to call from a land line. I reported this company to the Better Business Bureau. How many people must complain about a company before something real happens. I just keep getting the run around and never received any of the time back that I used up for waiting. I feel a class action law suit MUST be filed against this company. Christopher Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #101451
Jul 30 2004
07:36 PM
TracFone ripoff Miami, North Carolina
I am still having trouble on porting my number/service to TracFone. It was the same as in my last report to you however,I lost it and told them what they have to do within the next 24 hours. The supervisor that I spoke to briefly was Stephanie. Donna Madison, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, North Carolina
38, Report #973517
Nov 25 2012
06:53 PM
tracfone rip-off, Internet
 I had bought a celluar device Oct.3.2012, from Family Dollar Inc. The package had the celuar device in it, but the parts were used and stratch up. The celluar device cost $102.87 for the ZTE-Prevail I would never buy anything from Tracfone Inc. again.
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #1151478
Jun 02 2014
12:02 PM
tracfone TOTAL RIPOFF!!! florida
I attempted to activate a new cell phone with my existing phone number.After numerous phone calls to customer disservice,  I was told the brand new tracfone was defective. If I wanted cell phone service,  I was told I had to order another phone.The new phone couldnt be activated either.  This time I was told they had to send me a new SIM card.After receiving the new card, I called to activate it. Techs didnt know how to activate it. After several phone calls, I reached a tech who was able to activate it.The following day, I learned she activated it with a different phone number.I called back and was told they could remove the new pjone number and add the correct number. They couldnt. Each call (over 30) was the same script. Power the phone off. Power the phone back on and make a call. As insane as it was, I followed their instructions each time.After 8 days without service, the manager told me I had to wait 24-48 hours for it to be reset.I gave them 70 hours. It still doesnt work. They want to send another SIM card. I dont give a crap what they do.Im getting a different company.  
Entity: Select State/Province
40, Report #1075034
Aug 12 2013
09:32 AM
TRACFONE SCAM! Miami Florida
 Major SCAM operation.  Ripoff City!  Charged my bank acount twice but did not give me any additional minutes.  Deducted 54 minutes from my airtime for calling their so-called customer care service on a 1-800 number about a problem purchasing airtime on their website.  Called Coporate Office and transferred to an answering service.  None of the calls returned.  Never, ever buy or recommend TRACFONE to anyone.  Tell everyone you know it is a scam operation!
Entity: Miami, Florida
41, Report #1156467
Jun 21 2014
08:15 AM
Tracfone ripped me off Miami Florida
 This phone was purchased as a gift to my husband & me a few years ago. It was supposed to be for emergencies. The phone was activated, and we didn't even use all the free minutes (60) that came with the phone. I charged up the phone every six months. We are older than dirt, not tech saavy, and don't consider ourselves 'phone' people. I recently had an emergency. I ordered $25.83 worth of minutes online on 5/8/14, but the phone wouldn't work. It took them TWO WEEKS to inform me that the phone # now belonged to someone else, and I had purchased $25.83 worth of minutes for a stranger. OK, then just refund my money please, I said. They said NO. In fact, a dozen people, including 2 supervisors at Corporate said NO. Where I grew up, that is called stealing. Even banks, as bad as they can be, won't even try to get away with that nonsense. When people deposit money, in error, to an account that is one digit off from theirs, the bank doesn't ignore you and say 'NO'. The bank goes into the other account and gets your money and returns it to you. It happened more frequenly before computers, when people filled out paper deposit slips. Funnily enough, the customer who got the extra minutes never called customer service to find out where the minutes came from. Just your average lowlife American who figures that Tracfone made a mistake and he/she got away with something-for-nothing. In the meantime, I am out the money. It may sound like a small amount, and, believe me, I have eaten my share of sheet in life and just moved on. But this is different. It is not even in a grey area. I WILL get my money back and Tracfone will get another black mark against their name. But they don't really care, or they would have returned my money. Tracfone isn't the best or most affordable out there. There are alot of other options. Go get an unlocked phone of YOUR choice, then shop for a SIM card, with the features you want. Most have much better pay-as-you-go prices. No one has to rely on Tracfone...they are a dinosaur. Eventually, they will say NO to you, too, and steal your money. Oh, and the phone? I tossed it into the wood chipper yesterday, after the final word from the last supervisor I spoke with, which was NO! Then I filed my claim against that lowlife company.
Entity: Miami, Florida
42, Report #1152913
Jun 07 2014
12:17 PM
Tracfone ripoff of minutes Nationwide
Sold me a new phone saying it would be possible to transfer minutes off old phone to new phone.  Then when I called back I had to activate old phone to transfer minutes.  After activating I was told that it was impossible to transfer minutes to new phone number.  Finally when talking to supervisor she transfered minutes but instead of the 2,224.4 minutes off my husbands phone she only transfered 224.4.  Sad waste of 2 hours!
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1317268
Jul 16 2016
08:46 PM
Tracfone Missing minutes Nationwide
Had 865 minutes on phone at 5pm last night (7/15/16). Phone was turned off when we got home. Turned phone on this morning at 9am. Phone showed only 450 minutes, then while we were looking at it, it dropped to 207 minutes. I called Tracfone, and was told they could not see where the minutes went, only the current total. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was transferred to someone that told me I would have to wai for 72 hours for the system to update. I turned the phone off at 9:45am. At 1pm I turned the phone on, and it showed Inactivated. I called Tracfone again, and was told the phone was locked as being repoted stolen. I asked who did that & when was it done. Again I was told I had to wait for 72 hours for their system to update.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1350213
Jan 16 2017
12:32 PM
Tracfone Sim Card Problem Internet
I switched my Tracfone from one model, to a smartphone.  I then, switched back. Now, the switchback has been a headache.  I had the previous phone listed with them, and it's sim card.   I was told that a new sim card is required.  So, during the chat I was told that it was coming via Fedex.  LIARS!! It was sent via US POST OFFICE.  It was one that was TOO SMALL. I then did another online chat with them, and again I was told that the Correct sim card would be sent via FEDEX.  Again they are Liars!  Again, it was sent via US Postal. This time the sim card was the right size, but it would not activate.  I found this out after called and speaking with someone in Tech Support.  It was NOT the Same Model sim card.  I was also told that I COULD NOT use the original sim card that I first had with that Tracfone.   So, AGAIN I am to get a different sim card.  They said it would not be sent until Monday, 1/16 and received 1/18. We shall see, as they would not tell me how it is being shipped this time.  Third time is a charm??  I doublt it. Tracfone is cheaper, but the customer service and tech support leave a customer with bad feelings.    
Entity: Internet
45, Report #344968
Jul 15 2012
11:58 PM
Tracfone - Trashfone Tracfone -Trashfone (Report of a TRACFONE FORMER TECH SUPPORT) Miami Florida
Tracfone sucks ! Know why?The software we had on the system was (is) slow. That includes Net10 since we used the same software. I've heard reports of lost billing address and it's because of the poor facility that the company has provided. The agents are also from the Philippines and some Latin countries, perhaps the reason why, there are communication barriers. We had the headset there that totally sucked because the agents themselves couldn't barely hear the caller. There are lots of times when we arranged tickets for the billing address, and the software computer would encounter an error! Thus, the billing address is not saved in the system. On the other hand, the policies of the company about refunds of airtime is very strict and selfish, that we ourselves found unfair.Here's the thing too. If the agents offer a replacement phone, that means that the phone offered are RECONDITIONED / REFURBISHED! This will only makes things worse because of some phone software problems, signal problems (since we only depend on the zip code provided). They would replace your brand new phone with a reconditioned phone. And about the doubling of minutes, actually, the minutes will not be doubled if you add on the minutes first.They offer inconvenient services for customers. You buy minutes, and you'd only encounter problems. You would want to double your minutes, but it won't double it. You want to retain your number and change phones, but the computer software of the company is complicated and slow. You want signal, but you have to remain on the zip code you've had it activated. Wrong minute deduction. And worst of all, you would want refund from the dollars you've lost. But the number one rule of the company....NO ISSUING OF REFUNDS!Even us agents quited! I quited because of the bad management. We were only working offshore but the policy sucks. And of course, we had to follow some damn policies because of the f***in Quality Assurance officers who are dumb of not understanding the situation.POOR AGENTS. POOR CUSTOMERS.See? Don't you think the service sucks?Who's fault? The Administration.Tracfone is TRASHFONE!Ciicii miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
46, Report #133276
Mar 01 2005
10:17 AM
Tracfone Wireless Screwed up ripoff Miami Florida
I have had sooooo many problems with Tracfone. I cannot even list them all. If you have problems: 1. File a complaint with the BBB in Florida. This is extremely important. 2. And... Hope you get Monica Godoy - she is the only person in that company with any type of customer service skills. She fixed my problems easily! She should be training the other losers in that company! Betty Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
47, Report #137389
Apr 03 2005
12:21 PM
Tracfone Ripoff Deception MIAMI Florida
In February I contacted Tracfone and asked if my minutes could be transferred to a Tracfone. I was told no problem so I purchased a new Tracfone for my husband's birthday in April. On April 1st I contacted Tracfone Customer Service and spoke to Leander and he informed me that it will not be possible to transfer the minutes as the model I have does not allow Tracfone to verify how many units are on the phone. He offered me 30 free minutes and suggested I use the minutes on the phone. Service is due to be renewed on April 6 and I do not wish to spend another $20 for another 30 minutes on top of the 302 minutes already on the phone but if I'd known this was the only way that is what they should have told me in February before I purchased the new phone. I've emailed F.J. Pollak, Steve Ritter, and Paul Kozma, who are Tracfone Executives and I'm still awaiting response. My next step is to send the phone by UPS at my own expense and let them verify the minutes. They can keep the phone as I have no use for it, it's old. The problem with this is, Tracfone has not agreed to it so I may very well be out the minutes once it gets to Tracfone in Miami. C Rocky Mount, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
48, Report #155375
Aug 29 2005
01:45 PM
Tracfone A big scam and ripoff! Miami Florida
I ordered a Tracfone online. Buy 40 minutes get a reconditioned phone free. Thought it was a good deal considering I can't get a traditional cellphone without a huge deposit. Received the phone in a timely manner, however, the battery wouldn't charge. So I called them and they said that I would receive a replacement phone in 5-10 days. Those days came and went without a phone. So I called them again today (Aug. 29, 2005). The rep (who, by they way, have a bad case of broken english) said that there was a delay because of the hurricane. Well there wasn't any hurricane when I originally was suppose to receive the phone. He then said that I will receive the phone in 5 days. Well if there's a delay, then how can he tell me when I'll receive the phone? I have a feeling I am going to get the run around. And I can't figure out why I had to send the entire phone back when it was jus the battery. I should have just gone to the store and bought a new battery. Tracfone has the worst customer service and the worst english speaking reps. Stacey Traverse City, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
49, Report #144967
Jun 03 2005
12:45 PM
Tracfone ripoff, voicemail doesn't work, mostly doesn't work at all. Pittsburgh pennsylvania
i bought a reconditioned tracfone, none of the features they said i would have, will work. voicemail doesn't work, voice phone entries don't work, no text messaging, and most of the time the phone just won't work. whatever you do, don't buy your minutes from them, their charges are way high. the phone is a piece of junk. Pamela altoona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #81233
Feb 21 2004
12:08 AM
TracFone Breach of Contract, failure to honor promo ripoff Internet
Subscribed 1YR pre-paid service 150 minutes with promo code 56484 for an additional 100 minutes for a total of 250 minutes.(Dec 26 '03) Received an error message when trying to activate, called listed number. Service rep did the activation and told me to ignore the error message. When I asked about the promo code he told me I was supposed to enter that when activating! Excuse me, but I didn't activate the phone! Tracfone's off shore service rep did. Called service phone # and was told tough luck ... Actual words! Have disputed charge with credit card company explaining circumstances. Told them all I want is my 100 minutes. I have copy of web page with the promo AND shipping invoice which lists 1 TF1YRBONUS PROMO CODE 56484. Sent the same email to four different address's as determined by message header.(ALL different!) Two of them were returned. I have not and will not use this phone until I get my 100 minutes. Tracfone DOES have my email address. I have noticed a similar promo in the past week that was good until Mar 31. This promo disappeared in three days. Looks like they use the same scam @ once a month? It's only $100, but I am going to fight these rip-off artist's tooth and nail. Does anyone have a mailing address for these people? It will be required to commence legal action. I will start in the local small claims court. Joy Ferndale, WashingtonU.S.A.
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