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1, Report #1003725
Jan 26 2013
06:58 AM
US BANK US BANK Mortgage scams public Internet
THE KIRKENDALE CONSUMER NEWSLETTER January 2013 Dedicated.. to protecting consumers from being cheated by the American Banking industry WARNING Lack of Character and Ethics at U. S. Bank prompts new mortgage scams By William K (Author of The FICO Hoax)   Los Angeles California January 24, 2013..Watch out for scams and fraud at U. S. Bank.For all of you consumers out there who want to trust and rely on your bank to treat you fairly and honestly I have to warn you about U.S. Bank. They are becoming very untrustworthy and they have taken on the character and policies of the two sub-prime mortgage lenders, Washington Mutual and Countrywide Mortgage. Here is what I recently found out about them after I wrote my best-selling book about the sub- prime mortgage crises. (The FICO Hoax) U.S. Bank it appears did not engage in all the fraud and  chicanery of other banks during the housing bubble and sub-prime mortgage/financial crises. This is to their credit. Unfortunately, however, when they found out how much money they were leaving on the table by not scamming the public like all the other banks were doing they quickly dove headlong into changing their ways of doing business. This resulted in the mass hiring of former Washington mutual and Countrywide mortgage executives  to teach them how to cheat the public in their origination and underwriting of home mortgages. These two banks were, after all, the Giants of the mortgage fraud crises.  Heres what happened. When a person now applied for a mortgage with them they started to use the same bought and paid for phony biased credit reports and FICO  scores Wamu and Countrywide used to scam their customers. This was done by tying their exorbitant fees and high interest rates to these phony scores and inaccurate credit information. If they smelled an opportunity to cheat their applicants they would also quickly demand non-refundable application and appraisal fees plus gouge them with outrageous origination fees and higher than publicly advertised interest rate charges on their loan. In my case for example they went from a publicized rate of 3.2% to 5.3% The key to their scheme was their old standby fraud.bought and paid for credit reports and phony FICO scores. Their underwriters and loan officers then used these phony tools to scam the public just like they did during the sub-prime mortgage fraud crises. They used them as a way to intimidate their applicants into believing they had poor or no credit so either their loan would be denied or they would have to pay outrageous fees and artificially high interest rates. A nice scam that worked quite well for them. A small unwarranted increase in your interest rate, for example,  over the life of their loan could increase your total cost by over $100,000 in some instances. Not a bad scam when you multiply that figure by the tens of thousands of loans they were now underwriting  this way.. I dont make these charges lightly. I myself was recently scammed by these U.S. Bank people when I had applied for a refinance of my mortgage with them. Despite the fact that I had been a good customer of theirs with good credit for some time they nevertheless found a way to try and scam me for high fees and interest rates. FINALLY AFTER I COMPLAINED AND THREATENED TO EXPOSE THEM THEY DENIED MY LOAN ENTIRELYI had directed my complaints to the president of U.S. Bank Mr. Davis but to no avail. He just simply ignored mejust as all the other banks ignored people when they were ripping them off for billions of dollars during the height of the sub-prime mortgage crises scam. As a result therefore I feel obligated to publicize their scams and warn other people who might want to do business with them. For further information you can go to my website or call me at (((REDACTED))) William K
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #134277
Mar 09 2005
12:57 AM
US BANK ripoff Minnesota
My experiance with US Bank has been that they have a vague availabilty schedule and even allowed me to overdraw funds from US Bank ATM with a debit... I had made a deposit in one account and withdrew from what I believed to be the account I had just made the deposit in....instead the debit occured from a secondary account that did not have funds available....rather than the ATM denying me the debit I was overdrawn by 40 dollars....confused I made a deposit back into the account with the teller who was also baffled and when I called the 800 I was informed it is a courtesy to the customers to allow them to have the transaction is it a courtesy to overdraw a cash deposit after 5 pm will not be credited to your account until the next day....but I read a Regulation CC stating that cash is available immediatly...US Bank does this to overdraw checks pending to clear that night by holding your cash until the next night....well all I have to say is that if in doubt shout out a five star service guarentee...when you wait more than 5 minutes in ATM is down....telpone banking or internet is down and afew other things occurs they will credit you 5 dollars....enough of those and maybe we can recoup on our losses and by the way I read this article below.....I cant wait till it happens and Walmart squeeeeeeeeeeezes them like they do will be funny to see the big guy get beat up for once! National Bank of Wal-Mart Wal-Mart already offers money-transfer and check-cashing services. The next step is full-on banking. The financial services industry is terrified, but consumers might benefit. By Liz Pulliam Weston Wal-Mart has a reputation for squeezing out Mom-and-Pop stores and other low-margin businesses, like unionized grocers. But imagine for a moment if the world's biggest retailer put the pricing squeeze on one of the world's more profitable businesses: financial services. Who would pay the price? Perhaps: Mortgage lenders who surprise their borrowers with last-minute junk fees. Banks that nickel and dime their small account holders to death. Auto lenders who add discriminatory surcharges on loans to black and Hispanic buyers. Credit card companies that use every excuse to jack up rates. Check cashers and payday lenders that levy usurious charges on their customers. Wal-Mart's relentless push for ever-lower prices has revolutionized retailing and is sometimes even credited for helping to keep U.S. inflation low. It's not hard to make the leap into imagining the retailer bringing similar price discipline to an industry grown fat on escalating rates and fees. (Fee income now comprises half of banks' total income, according to investment banker R.K. Hammer.) Organized opposition You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Many banking experts predict that Wal-Mart will eventually break into the business -- despite determined opposition from the U.S. banking industry. Wal-Mart's been cut off at the pass several times so far, including once in 1999 when it tried to buy an Oklahoma bank and more recently in its attempts to buy a California industrial loan corporation. Get organized with Microsoft Money 2005. Order it now. The banking community's opinion was that the world as we knew it would come to an end if Wal-Mart were allowed to buy the savings bank, said banking analyst Bert Ely, who well remembers the 1999 tempest. There was strong, strong, strong opposition. Other retailers, including Nordstrom and Target, have purchased banks without creating nearly the fuss that Wal-Mart's involvement generates. But those chains don't have nearly the scope or the economic muscle that Wal-Mart flexes. A different customer base They also don't cater to quite the same population. Wal-Mart customer's average incomes are below the national average, while Target's are above -- and Nordstrom's, well above. Some analysts estimate that more than one-fifth of Wal-Mart's customers have no bank accounts, which would be about twice the national rate, according to the Federal Reserve. Wal-Mart National Bank could bring these customers into the banking fold, offering them affordable bank accounts, credit cards and mortgage loans. It could turn out to be a good thing for consumers, said consumer advocate Linda Sherry, editorial director for Consumer Action, especially the unbanked or those who are suspicious of banks. It's a pretty big market and one that Wal-Mart has already started to tap. The retailer began offering money orders three years ago and has since added payroll check-cashing and money-transfer services. Today, the company's 3,066 stores and supercenters process about a million financial transactions a week. The prices are predictably cheap: A wire transfer to Mexico costs less than $10, compared to $14.99 at Western Union. Money orders are less than 50 cents, compared to a buck or more at many banks. Checks are cashed for $3, and customers aren't unknowingly steered into short-term loans at 300% to 1,300% interest rates, as happens at some unethical check-cashing outlets. Wal-Mart doesn't have the check-cashers shaking in their boots -- at least not yet. For one thing, the check-cashers have Wal-Mart outnumbered, with more than 11,000 outlets cashing $55 billion in checks annually, according to the Financial Service Centers of America, a trade group representing the industry. Likewise, Western Union has far more offices abroad -- 196,000 agents in 190 countries -- than MoneyGram International, the money-transfer service Wal-Mart chose as its partner and which trails with 75,000 agents in 170 countries. MoneyGram has about 10% of the estimated $65 billion that flows out of the U.S. in money orders, estimates Aite Group of Boston, while Western Union has 22%. How many branches? Wal-Mart's record on installing branches of partner banks in its stores also seems somewhat tentative, Ely said, with only one-third of the stores offering full-service banking. Banks have recently rediscovered the fact that customers like to have convenient branches, and Ely wonders if many would be willing to drive to their local Wal-Mart even if every store had a branch. I'm not convinced (Wal-Mart) would have sufficient branch density, he said, that it would be attractive enough for customers to do their banking there. But Ely acknowledges that Wal-Mart could solve the problem with numerous, well-placed ATMs in surrounding communities. The retailer also could be using its relatively low-key partnerships with financial services companies to study the business before making its own, branded push into banking. Just look at its Web site if you want to see its intentions, Ely said, quoting from exactly that source: 'A trusted name in financial services.' Of course, Wal-Mart National Bank wouldn't stop at providing checking accounts for the poor. The retailer already has introduced a no-fee, 1% cash-back Discover Card for its better-heeled clientele, and if the company did accept deposits, it would need to invest the money somewhere -- perhaps in mortgages and auto loans. That, again, could benefit consumers. I won't say that Wal-Mart is assuredly more ethical than mortgage lenders who thrive on junk fees or auto lenders who charge minorities hundreds of dollars more for loans than whites with similar credit scores. The retailer's vehement anti-union stance and its policies regarding pay and benefits should give anyone pause. But its singular focus on delivering always low prices to its customers could provide a much-needed shock to financial-service companies who have feasted on customers' pocketbooks for far too long. David Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Minnesota
3, Report #149143
Jul 09 2005
11:50 PM
Us Bank ripoff Reno Nevada
their new bank charges, overdrawscharges taking debt before deposits Dorothy reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
4, Report #149146
Jul 10 2005
12:45 AM
Us Bankus Bank ripoff Reno Nevada
us bank is a rip-off when it comes to account withdraws. what happened to insufficient funds? if you want money, you got it! then comes the charges.this is the only way sometimes you find out you are overdrawn, before a letter comes in about 5 days, and now you are really in debt. Dorothy reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
5, Report #145490
Jun 08 2005
02:45 PM
US Bank ripoff Portland Oregon
I had the same thing happen to me with US Bank several times on overdraft charges. They charge $39 per charge, this is crazy. I had one check clear that caused several small ones to bounce, which was almost $300 in fees!! When I complained they said they always out the largest check in first, the largest check caused my account to be $1.81 overdrawn without the fees. I tried to get my overdraft charges reversed but they would only reverse 2 after much argument because they said it was their policy to put in the largest check first. I am soo mad!!! I would love to be part of a class action lawsuit. Count me in. Stacy West Linn, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
6, Report #71289
Nov 07 2003
12:51 PM
Us Bank ripoff Minnesota Minnesota
wow. i felt like i was the only one. my experience is similiar to grace's. my statement showed i had a balance in my checking acct yet i was slammed w/ a total of 5 overdraft charges at $30 each. i went to my branch here in my hometown and was told the reason was due to their policy of holding deposits which was effective nov 2002. so even though i had made the same deposit everyday for years it had to be held to make sure it was good. i asked the teller how much i would have to deposit to avoid further charges and was told the amt. i put in a litte bit more just to be on the safe side. i went home and returned within 10 minutes and went thru the drive-thru teller and was told it would be posted immediately. well. i was charged 2 more overdraft charges. i should have went to my branch and complained but i was so upset i chose to do it thru email. what a mistake. they did nothing for me except keep referring me to their policy. when i went in to close my acct i was asked why and told them. the gentlemen was very nice and tried to reverse the charges but was unable to due to being locked out from the head office. his mgr said she would reverse the charges if i kept my acct w/ them but i had already opened another one w/ another bank and am very very happy with them. thank u for posting the info on this website. it is very helpful Connie cornelius, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Minnesota
7, Report #85975
Mar 30 2004
03:17 PM
US Bank ripoff Redding California
I read an entry very similar to mine. He had deposited checks in his account, his account never went in the red online, however, they held his funds as unavailable even though he had deposited them in person, and he ended up bouncing all kinds of checks that night and the next day. This similar situation happened to me. I had deposited $3000. Online, my account never went in the red, I always had the $3000 plus whatever else I had in there as available funds. I continued to use the funds I had over the $3000. They held the $3000 for 2 weeks, then I wrote a check for $3000 to someone, and their bank tried to cash it, but since my bank had a hold on it, it was unsufficient funds and I was charged a $32 fee. This snowballed into me bouncing another check and before I knew it I had a call from a business saying they were calling the DA if I didn't pay my for my bounced check. I was appalled. Online, I had enough money to cover my check, plus the $3000, but since my stupid bank charged me the $32 fee (for funds that were there, just on hold) I had to pay $64 in fees plus the business charged me their own service fee, and US Bank did absolutely nothing to help me out or refund the fee. I immediately closed my account and I tell everyone I talk to not to go there, they care more about making their $32 fees than keeping a customer happy. Nicole Redding, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Redding, California
8, Report #187597
Apr 19 2006
09:39 PM
US Bank ripoff Renton Washington
US Bank has ripped me off way too many times now. I have always given in to their its policy and you were informed rhetoric, but this time I will not. They seem to hit me with overdraft fees at their convenience. Why do they approve some charges and reject others? Why do they hold onto charges longer than others? What really pisses me off is that most of these fees and charges I get charged are because of wrong information from US Bank representatives. When I am told one thing, the next rep tells me maybe the system wasn't updated, maybe I misunderstood...they even gave me the excuse of we don't see documentation that you called. There was an incident not too long ago in which US Bank HAD to reverse almost $300 in overdraft fees to me. Since then, every customer service rep that pulls up my account never forgets to remind me that we have given you more than enough courtesy reversals. First of all, US Bank doesn't know what courtesy means. Secondly, they were bank errors and merchant errors, so every penny of those reversals were justified. It is all a game and I am happy to say that I have found a small local bank in my area that will be getting my business. Katie Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Renton, Washington
9, Report #316212
Mar 09 2008
10:34 AM
AAA US BANK, FRAUD, Roseville California
Entity: Roseville, California
10, Report #173378
Jan 26 2006
10:57 AM
US Bank ripoff Hillsboro Ohio
Oh my do I have a story for all anti-US Bank consumers... I've banked w/ US Bank for about 6 years and never had a problem until recently. My husband has been off work on short term disability and only receiving 60% of his pay, so money has been a little low and US Bank is exploiting my situation. It all started Dec 30th when I woke checked my bank account online (which I do 3-4 times a day)and saw that my husband's paycheck had been deposited and my balance was well over $1500. I let my husband know this before he left for work and on his way he filled his gas tank and took $ out of the ATM for lunch. At 9AM, 3 hours later, I checked my balance to see two overdraft charges of $30 each. The bank had slipped his morning charges in front of his paycheck direct deposit. Had I not been closely monitoring my account, this could have had disasterous results. I called the 1-800# and after 45 minutes of explaining what happened I finally convinced a supervisor to refund the charges. No $ lost but a big waist of my day! Keep reading it gets better... Two weeks later similar situation- I realize I've forgotten to take a $15 check out of my check book and if it clears I will be assessed another fee. I promptly run to the ATM and deposit $25 cash(1-23-06). I go home check my account (remember I do this obsessively) and all is well. I wake up the next morning (01-24-06) to 2 fees of $34 each!!!??? I call the 1-800# and the CSR informs me that the deposit was not posted to the account until 01-24-06, the following business day, because I went to the ATM after 6 pm on 01-23-06. Of course, I already know that $100 of an ATM deposit is available immediately no matter what the posting day. ****keep in mind, my accnt balance was never negative, the fees were charged because of a neg. available balance (which wasn't even acurate)*** I ask to speak with a supervisor, I get LORI. She informs me that the fees can not be refunded because the ATM deposit was not made until 01-24-06 at 5PM?? Yes, apparently the supervisor forgot to discuss the situation w/ the employee. Of course we argue over the date of the deposit. Lori then informs me that I will need to take my ATM deposit receipt into a bank branch to provide proof of the date and time of the deposite because she will not refund these charges as US Bank was kind enough to reverse charges for me two weeks earlier. KIND ENOUGH? I began checking online to see if banks have an ethical code and come across another horrible practice of US Bank which gets me thinking. I took a closer look at my account to find the withdrawls listed form largest to smallest amounts, however, some of the charges occured days apart. If the bank had deducted the amounts in the order they were charged to the account, I would have received only 1 fee (That is if I had actually overdrawn my account-which I didn't). I'm confident I will receive a refund once I find the time to take my ATM receipt into the bank, but I'm appalled at this banks policies! Who is watching banks like this and how much money do they steal from the people who do not have the resources to check their account as frequently as I have? Banks and their employees should have ethical guidelines to follow that would protect consumers from this kind of theft! Molly Hillsboro, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Hillsboro, Ohio
11, Report #165604
Nov 22 2005
06:45 PM
US Bank ripoff Clarksville Tennessee
It's been 3 years or more since my troubles with this company--and I feel the need to say after all this time how mad I still am. ( Can I sue for emotional stress?) Mostly I come back here to view the recent complaints and hope onday someone will do something. You'd think they'd run out of customers or change thier name by now. I feel for those still that don't have a clue or will have thier up-coming holidays Destroyed by the lack of morals by this bank. I'm SICK AND TIRED of people on here trying to defend this bank!!!!!! OPEN an account----I DARE YOU! They have manged to shut down 5starscrewed 's website--but there are SO many more. It makes me sick. Anyway, Just wanted to say I feel your pain, and your not alone. Jennifer clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
12, Report #262007
Jul 19 2007
11:24 PM
US BANK ripoff COMPTON Nationwide
US BANK is a ripoff because of their ethics, for instance loans, mortgages, and management. Why does US BANK take advantage of poor people in relation to overdraft fees and other fees to be continued Chayo APPLE VALLEY, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1045546
Apr 23 2013
12:42 PM
US Bank Refund of overpayment, Internet
Contacted US bank to inquire about my last payment, the last amout due was different than the regular drafted payments. They did not draft the last payment and I sent it in by check. All is well I thought, the next month the payment  in the regular amount was drafted again, and now 6 phone calls or more later and they have still not returned my money, over two weeks. I get the same answers ever time its some other department and I can't talk to them, and to call back if it's not deposited in 3 days. Who regulates this? who does the banks have to answer to for stealing? My amount is small but how many customers have the same experience. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #198716
Jun 28 2006
08:33 PM
HFC - Household Bank - Benefical Household Bank -US Bank ripoff bad businessdishonest Davenport, Iowa
I would like to know how this country can reduce it citizen's to a number, a FICO score at that! It's so sad that the lower your FICO score is the lower you get on the food chain. The lower it is the higher the interest rate gets it's just a bunch of BULL CRAP!!!! And if it is low then you can't even get a dime form a bank. Sure all these big companies say that bad credit is ok but what they really mean to say is Here's a SUCKER we can slap in the face with high interest rate's and then run them into the ground. Some of these companies are Select Portfolio, House Hold Finance, The National Bank, Expreian, Equifax and US Bank. in the town I live in there is 115 properties in forecloser. Now I would think someone would take notice and see something is terribly wrong here. But no one seems to care, just push the poor to the side and pretend they don't exist. There is not one place in this country that you can go to for help to save your home, so you have a place to live that you can afford. All they can think about is that allmighty dollar and don't care who they step on or put out in the street, to get it. Jim Muscatine, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
15, Report #271832
Sep 01 2007
03:47 PM
Us Bank excessive bank charges Las Vegas Nevada
Just like many complaints already listed of ripoff reports. Excessive bank charges. us bank charged my account 4 times of $37.00 plus daily charges of $7.00 negative balance. Teller at bank talked to branch manager, She would only credit one $37.00 charge. Also told i cannot close account with negative balance so they can charge more overdraft fees unfairly. Harold smith Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
16, Report #293050
Dec 19 2007
06:38 PM
US Bank Teller Stole My Bank Card Woodland Hills California
First, upon visiting a US Bank branch, I was provided with incorrect information about my available balance, and pending authorizations. Then, that same day following a banking transaction, a US Bank teller neglected to return my ATM card. Later in the day, after the bank branch had closed, I realized that the teller had provided me with incorrect information about my available balance and had neglected to give me back my ATM card, thereby preventing me from making a deposit to cover an ATM purchase in the miniscule amount of $6.31. The following day in checking my banking statement online, I noticed that my account was in overdraft status of $6.31, but no overdraft fees had been charged to my account. Immediately, I called the bank branch and spoke to the teller who had neglected to give me back my ATM card the day before, and she confirmed that she did have my card in her possession. I explained to her that my account had gone into overdraft status, as the result of being provided with incorrect information the day before about my available balance, and because she had not given me back my ATM card to enable me to make a deposit. The teller assured me that she would reverse any overdraft fees that may occur as the result, but she did not, and the bank branch manager and regional manager have refused to do so as well. As the result, US Bank has since then charged me $176.00 in overdraft fees, and continues charging a fee of $7.00 per day, and $21 per week, which I refuse to pay. US Bank is the ABSOLUTE WORST CRIMINALS in the banking business. Ela Woodland Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1073244
Aug 05 2013
02:44 PM
In 2007 I had two checking accounts. US bank because it was close so I could cash my child support checks and Wauwatosa Savings for my Social Security Direct Deposit since they held my mortgage. I wrote a check to myself from Wauwatosa and deposited it US Bank. Wauwatosa bounced the check by mistake and wrote a letter to US Bank asking them to refund my overdrafts fees. US Bank refused. I deposited child support checks and used my debit card at the grocery store. US Bank does not redeposit checks. I went to the branch and asked why they didn't honor Wauwatosa's request. They said it was because I used my card. I said yes I did and that I had also made a deposit. They just let my account continue collecting fees and kept all my money. In 2009 I opened another account at US Bank and let it run to 0once again they kept adding fees and now a collection agency wants 536.24.USBANK OWED ME MONEY FROM THE FIRST TRANSACTION AND NOW THEY WANT OVER 500 CUZ WHY?If you go to the time machine and deposit money you are eligible for up to 100 advance on that deposit immediately. I by mistake took 40 out and deposited 200. That cost me a 29.00 overdraft fee. And on and on. It is the worst bank there is!!
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
18, Report #1339541
Nov 23 2016
06:51 AM
US Bank This Bank Lied to Me about Fees Internet
I maintained a checking and savings account with US Bank for quite a while but decided to close both the checking and savings account when I realized that I could earn interest at another institution. I called the 1-800 number with this intention. Instead, the person on the phone convinced me to just close the checking account and keep the savings account open because the savings account would have no fees associated. Then, I got a notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago stating that my savings account had been overdrawn by $37.96 due to two separate monthly maintenance fees and a $30 closure fee for closing the account. Additionally, they are threatening to put this on my credit report. I am attempting to reach the department that handles this, but every time I am transferred I get disconnected. 
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1247672
Aug 10 2015
05:53 PM
I CLOSED MY BANK ACCOUNTS WITH U.S. BANK 2 MONTHS AGO.  THEY SENT ME A LETTER STATING THAT THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNTS.  IN THE MEAN TIME, THEY RECEIVED MY SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK AND WILL NOT RETURN IT.  I FILED COMPLAINTS WITH THE FEDERAL RESERVE CONSUMER HELP AND THE BBB.  I ALSO ASKED THAT U.S. BANK NO LONGER CONTACT ME.   U.S. BANK CONTINUES TO CONTACT ME.  THEY SENT ME A BANKING STATEMENT LAST WEEK AND THE FOLLOWING TODAY.....  View this email as a Web page. View our Security Policies. U.S. Bank U.S. Bank              Action: Your primary email address has been changed. Date.... 08 10 2015  For your protection, U.S. Bank automatically alerts customers when personal information changes on our systems. If you did not initiate the action noted above or need assistance related to this Security Alert, call 800 US BANKS; 872 2657 . Please do not reply to this message.  To confirm that U.S. Bank delivered this Alert, access the Alerts link within Online Banking, select Security Alerts and view Alert History.  Online Banking customers can receive other important account activity alerts, like low balances, when payments are due and much more  all for free¹. Sign up or learn more today at bankonline.              Find us on           Facebook            Twitter                 YouTube                              Branch Locator       800 US BANKS 872-2657       U.S. Bank Mobile                                            YouTube Branch Locator       800-US-BANKS 800-872-2657                 U.S. Bank Mobile 1.            You may be charged access fees by your carrier, depending upon your personal plan. Check with your carrier for details on specific fees and charges. EMAIL SECURITY INFORMATION EMAIL SECURITY INFORMATION Email intended for: Protecting your privacy is our priority. We'll never initiate a request via email for your sensitive information like your Personal ID, Password, Social Security Number, Personal Identification Number PIN or Account Number. For your safety, never share this information with anyone, at any time. If you receive an email asking for your sensitive information, or would like to report a suspicious email, forward it to or call U.S. Bank Customer Service immediately at 800-US-BANKS 800-872-2657 . Get more details about recognizing online fraud issues. Note: If you'd rather not follow links from this email, you can access information on all U.S. Bank products and services at To ensure that you continue to receive email from us, please add us to your Address Book 1800USBanks Thank you. You are receiving this message as a service to your account because you are enrolled in Online Banking. U.S. Bank automatically alerts customers when personal information changes on our systems. View  the U.S. Bank Privacy Pledge. U.S. Bank · EP-MN-L20D · 200 South 6th Street · Minneapolis, MN 55402  2015 U.S. Bank, N
20, Report #73830
Dec 02 2003
07:40 PM
US BANK ripoff FOREST LAKE Minnesota
I'm a us bank customer, I started fifteen years ago with a small town bank that treated you like a person and not a number. They also knew what customer service was!!! I recently had my checking account cleaned out to the sum of $700.00 in overdraft fees. Once the fees start it creates a domino effect because of the slow deposit process. I've called numerous people and no one has returned my phones calls in over 2weeks. No one is willing to help out with the account. I wanted to open up an overdraft account and I'm unable to do so because they won't get back to me. Someone please tell me what 5 star service means? Todd NORTH BRANCH, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: FOREST LAKE, Minnesota
21, Report #142438
May 12 2005
05:45 AM
US BANK over limit fee ripoff CARLYLE Illinois
I too got hit with over $250.00 in over the limit fees. The bank explained to me I was at falt and that is that. I tried and tried to get a stright answer. I reported my prolbem to the 800 num. to the local branch, to the main branch. The situation is out of hand. Charlet breese, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: CARLYLE, Illinois
22, Report #156993
Sep 13 2005
07:29 PM
US Bank ripoff charging select individuals with over draft fees Nationwide
US Bank knows who to cheat, and charge these fees to. I'm guessing they do it to the people who make extreme amount of purchases in a daily basis? I know I've been cheated because I check my account (online) at least 5 times a day and I call their 1-800, 24 hour member service number to even confirm my funds, and transactions. Now I'm not well off but I'm able to vacation when time permits me to. So I'm not putting this complaint on here because this has just happened to me for the first time. I didn't really think much of it before because what's $30 dollars? Well, that could pay for a manicure, and $30 x's 10 can buy me a pair of Chanel sunglasses that are on sale. But why give that to a multi million or billion company more money, when I can use it on myself? Anyway recently this has came to my attention, because I've noticed something wierd with my account activities. Like they will hold the funds that you deposited for several days longer then they are suppose to and process your transactions faster then they normally do. So they can charge you their over draft fees. I seen them make transaction disappear when I have more then funds available and they reappear when they know you don't have funds to cover your transactions. Straight to the point. They will switch your transactions around. Like if you made a purchase a week or so ago. They would make make itgo through today if they knew you didn't have the funds available to you. I know I might have lost some of you. But I make at least 20 purchases a day and most(not all) of my purchases are online purchases and sometimes online purchases are not promised to you cause items could be out of stock and that would cause cancellation to your order and recently US Bank will still charge for these canceled purchases so they can charge you their fees even when you call telling them that the transaction should be canceled and their rep tells and confirms to you that they will remove that transaction immediately. Then a few days later it shows up on your account again with their over draft fee! But the moral to this is US Bank knows what they are doing. I just wished everytime I check my account, that I printed out all the wierd activities that were showing on there. They can suspend your account without notifying you because of so called suspicious activity when you have more then enough funds in your account. But when you make the same activities and have just enough funds available and they know its close to bill paying dates, they wont suspend your account! For those of you that feel helpless my advice to you Lieff Cabraser Heimann and Bernstein. Good Luck and switch Banks Fast! A. Lee Brentwood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #111595
Oct 05 2004
03:35 PM
US Bank Ripoff on Overdraft Charges Portland Oregon
I am complaining about the new practice of charging overdraft charges on debit card purchases. Debit card purchases are deducted from your account in a pending authorization status. Meaning that this amount is debited from your account and do not take away from your actual purchase amount until the merchant transmits their batches of transaction be it that evening of closing or even up to 10 days depending on the merchant. US Banks new thing is to using these pending transaction and if they create a temporary overdraft situation on your account you are being charged an overdraft fee on that amount even if that purchase takes up to 10 days to post. This I feel is illeagl and if someone can prove it to me other wise I'm moving my account and if someone files a class action suit on them, count me in. Tamara Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
24, Report #213986
Oct 03 2006
12:34 PM
US Bank Ripoff Reported for Account Abuse Louisville Kentucky
It was only after October of this year that I realized that US Bank had reported me to ChexSystems. If you don't know who they are, beware! They are the entity that can and will ruin your credit, not get you hired for federal, state or local government jobs, or obtain a new checking/ savings account at another bank of your choosing. This is my storyI had spent 18 months, 6 months in training and 12 months fighting in Iraq and had left my financial affairs to a loved one to handle. I returned to a situation that left me having to move from my 217K home and selling practically everything I owned to catch up on bills. Looking back I suppose I did all the right things to turn my bad situation into a better one, by calling my creditors and mailing hardship letters out to explain my situation. This had to be done, since my interest rates were held at 6% for a year and now they were raised, some by nearly 13% (mostly credit card companies). This cost me my home, belongings and some truly fond neighbors that I held dearly. I got a loan against my vehicle to cover a business venture. This loan required that I have a checking account at this bank, to which I opened. It also required that I place enough money into the account to cover the loan payment value each month. This was done and had been done for the past 18 months. After returning home, I had forgotten all about the checking account and was paying the loan directly to the bank, by going in and paying it over the counter as you would make a deposit or withdrawal. Several months had passed and I was in a financial situation to pay the loan off, to which I did to a sum of $1,900.00 directly to the bank. While in the bank making the payoff amount, I asked if there were any finance charges or if there were any outstanding balances that needed to be paid along with the loan and was told NO, that the checking account was closed and everything is fine. I did not know that the checking side of the house had reported me 4 months earlier for Account Abuse to ChexSystems, for a negative -$319.00 as a write-off, and they closed the account, until last week when I tried to open an account at a local bank and was refused due to the report on ChexSystems. After contacting customer service at US Bank by phone and emails, I was bounced around from their collections department to customer service and back and forth, so on and so on. This repeated itself for 8 times. One manager in the collections department, Tenia Bishop, stated that I was not listening to her, and was very rude when I tried to explain that there should not of been a negative in the account due to the fact that I never used the account, since NOV '04, that the report to ChexSystems was in error and they are the only ones who could have placed charges into that account. They did not even check with the loan side of the house to see if the loan was being paid. I've since contacted a Co-Manager at the local branch and I am still waiting for a call. Nothing is safe any more! Your credit score, your identity, not even your future, when people forget who it is that risks their lives for you to have, the big Bank or financial institution that you either partly own or work for! So the next time you make a transaction at your local bank, think about that soldier that fought for your freedoms, the freedom to have a FDIC, a Federal Treasury, a job. Shawn La Grange, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
25, Report #675721
Dec 27 2010
06:37 PM
US Bank Mortgage Fraud Internet, North Carolina
After my husband (a retired, disabled vet) accepted a federal position in Birmingham, AL, we were very excited about the move and our new life.It took 3 months but we finally found the house we wanted.Having excellent credit (high 700's and 800's), no liabilities, we shopped and applied for a mortage loan with a wonderful rate of 4.25%and was assured there would be no problems.Everything went perfectly, a closing date was set for Dec 27th - that is until the underwriter with US Bank decided late in the day on Dec. 23rd to deny the loan, supposedly because he/she did not like the appraisal (mind you, the appraisal came in HIGHER than the contract amount).Of course, being before the holiday's, everyone was closed so nothing could get resolved.Needless to say, we did not close on the 27th, and the seller could not close on his new house, and I don't know how much further the effect trickled.After the holiday, the appraisor went back to the house and tried to explain to the underwriter how he arrived at his figures, but we were told by the loan processor that "she did not think the underwriter and the appraiser would agree regardless of what transpired" so it was useless to continue.So, we get to start all over with a new mortgage company, again paying processing fees, credit report fees, and a higher interest rate,etc.It is very obvious to everyone that because the rates went up, US Bank was not interested in funding at the locked in lower rate.We will be filing formal complaints with VA in hopes that they will be removed from their lendor list.My advice to everyone, find out who the underwriter is with on your mortgage loan and if it is US Bank, head the other way!It is just a waste of time and money dealing with them and I intend on making sure that everyone I can reach out to, knows it.
Entity: Internet, North Carolina

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