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26, Report #708150
Mar 19 2011
02:08 PM
US Bank Home Mortgage Unethical Banking Practices Internet
I submitted an application with US Bank to refinance my home at the low rate of 3.65%.  The initial appraisal came back good, and I submitted all requested documents to them within 24 hours.  US Bank Home Mortgage stalled the loan process by asking for lots of non-relevant documents/explanations, and then waiting 5-10 days to respond back to me, each time asking for more information. The stalling caused the process to take over five months, during which time the interest rates were gradually rising.  As the loan neared closing, US Bank Home Mortgage ordered a second exterior-only appraisal which came back $35K less than the first appraisal, and far less than the market value of the home according to recent comparable sales and two experienced real estate brokers. Obviously, with interest rates on the rise, US Bank Home Mortgage did not want to fund the loan at the 3.65% rate.  They stalled the loan closing process, and finally ordered an unfair exterior-only appraisal to ensure I would not qualify for the original loan at the low rate. Unethical banking practices, under-handed tactics, and zero integrity=BAD BANK.  I would not recommend US Bank Home Mortgage...consumer beware!
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #957395
Oct 19 2012
05:48 PM
US Bank Depositpoint Kansas City, Missouri
My wife received her check on Friday from her job, Apple, and Apple uses Bank of America.  She used US Bank's Depositpoint app to take a picture of the check, front and back, and it electronically deposits the check.  We checked the bank today to find out that the money was taken away and we are now in the negative. With being in the negative, any charges that I put on my debit card that day and there after on 10/17 were accruing a $35 overdraft fee.  My wife called US Bank today and said our branch could return the overdraft fees but we had to take the check into a local branch before 3 PM.  She left work and made it to the branch before 3 PM only to find it the correct time was 2 PM.  She then deposited the checks but the branch's manager was the only one to reverse the overdraft fees and she wasn't there.  They suggested she call in and speak to customer service. My wife called in and spoke to a Lindsay who said it was the branch's fault and she needs to speak to them but she didn't understand this was an app that US Bank offers and not a check we dropped off at the branch. My wife asked for a manager and got all his information and extension then went in to explain the situation.  He basically just said the policy and terms that we agreed to stated they didn't have to refund any overdraft fees and then continued to insult her over the phone.  His exact words or close to were I would get a lot more work done if I didn't have to deal with so much bitching.  My wife asked him to clarify what he said and he repeated it. Word for word. Then he hung up. My wife then called the branch back and explained the situation that just had unfolded on that phone and the manager said she would get this escalated and figure out a resolution for us.  Well she just called my wife back and told her there was nothing they could do. To sum things up.  My wife used an 8 mega pixel camera to take a clear picture of her check, front and back, sent it in, and US Bank accepted it and deposited our money.  3 Days later Bank of America says it's a Non-conforming check and US Bank withdrawls that money without notifying us of the drastic change in our bank account and we are oblivous to what's happening. They said they mailed us a letter which we have yet to receive.  We try to rectify it and the bank says they won't refund the $130 of overdraft fees they profited from this whole mess and tell us since we agreed to the terms and policy they don't have to refund the money. I am going in tomorrow to withdrawl all my funds that they will let me and moving to a different bank.  Poor customer service and offensive, the lack of understanding that this isn't a problem I created, and the unwillingness to work with me.  I am going to try and contact Bank of America tomorrow to see what the process looks like there. Please contact me if you need anymore information.
Entity: Kansas City, Missouri
28, Report #196411
Jun 14 2006
01:39 PM
US Bank Illegitimate Overdraft Fees ripoff Moline Illinois
On June 6,2006, US Bank charged me a $35 overdraft fee on a positive balance of $105 (which had been in the account for about 1 week). The debits I had against the balance, totalled $95. I called US Bank, as with the illegitimate overdraft fee, I would become overdrawn. They have claimed that they refunded the overdraft fee before they charged it. I have never heard of a company refunding money that they never recieved, as standard business practice. Since they charged the illegitimate overdraft fee, I have called them 5 times, and they refuse to remedy this situation. They state that I agreed to these things when I opened the account, to which I respond with Yes, I agree d to them, IF I overdraw the account. I have reported them to the FTC, BBB, FDIC and here. I can think of no other places to report them. Mark East Moline, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Moline, Illinois
29, Report #321880
Mar 28 2008
08:49 AM
Us Bank Scam Artists Milwaukee Wisconsin
Do not bank with us bank. they dont care about you and only find ways to scam out of your money. you can accidentally go over one dollar and put money in to fix it and notify bank but end up charging you 35.00 anyway. use credit union or a small bank. after i fix everything im closing my account and having nothing to do with us bank. I dont need people telling me I don't know how to manage my account as if i was still in grade school. Gamefreak218 west allis, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
30, Report #244557
Apr 18 2007
07:59 AM
US Bank Money wh***s Portland, Oregon
First off, I will never say I am a financial genius. I have had an account with US Bank for years now, and about a year ago, I also opened up a savings account for 'just in case'. I specifically asked at that time if my accounts would be linked in case of an overdraft occurance, and was told 'yes'. If they had to draw from my savings to cover a checking expense, it would be a $5 fee. OK, lets do it. So, I deposited a check into my account on Saturday for $531, which I knew would not be fully available til Monday afternoon. I confirmed with the teller that $100 of it was immediately available on that day. On top of which, I already had $250 in the account before that. So, I took care of several things I needed to take care of over the weekend. I wrote my sister a check yesterday for $307 and went online today to check my balance just to make sure all my stuff was cleared and to do my online bill paying for this month. BLAM!!! SIX overdraft fees at $31 each, leaving me with only $124 in my account---not even enough to cover the check I wrote to my sister. I called the 'Customer Service' line...what a flippin joke!!! She admits the account was not set up the way it should have been, but she cannot credit the overdraft fees. HUH??? and WTF?? If 'you' know that 'you' screwed it up, why do 'I' have to pay for it??? They do not seem to care that they are playing with my rent money and my grocery money....while they sit and have their employee parties and what not on my dime...US Bank is a bunch of money-wh***s....and as soon as this gets straightened out and all of my other stuff clears, I will be pulling all of my money out of my checking and savings account and depositing it with the local credit union.... Jenifer portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland,, Oregon
31, Report #269379
Aug 22 2007
08:50 AM
US Bank Excessive overdraft fees Springfield Missouri
Once again I have been the victim of US Bank. I had a unauthorized debit to my account on 08/11/2007. I had a balance of about 45.00 . The debit was for 110.00. They paid the debit, Then went back over my last 4 paid transactions and charged me $30.00 for each one claiming they were also overdrawn!! I asked how since they had already been posted as PAID!!! I was hit for a total of $ 145.00. This bank is such a ripoff! I have been contacted by a lawyer whom I hope will get me involved with a class action lawsuit against US Bank. They are getting rich robbing people. Kenneth Ozark, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Missouri
32, Report #124846
Dec 29 2004
07:54 AM
US Bank Ripoff Steals Money through Overdraft Charges Bountiful Utah
I too was a victim of their charging overdraft charges on the available balance however the true available balance isnt shown to you unless you click the blue highlighted balance. And the available balance shown at the top of the online banking isnt the balance they are going by. They are unwilling to help you. Because of this I suffered over 200.00 in charges. Then when I took 65.00 in to bring the account current and close it they said it would be closed. Then I find they havent closed it and are adding more charges. Please be very Aware of US Bank.. There are plenty of other banks and credit unions that would better serve you. Jaunice Bountiful, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Bountiful, Utah
33, Report #150007
Jul 16 2005
01:34 PM
US Bank Overdraft charges are a ripoff Minneapolis Minnesota
Was WAY up north in Minnesota over the 4th of July and I admit I mistakenly had an over draft on my ATM card. US Bank deducted $34. from my account but they do not tell you this for 6-10 days. Buy the 6th of July, I had $320 taken out of my account for overdraft charges. If they do not tell you they are taking the money out of your account untill many days later, how does one really know the true amount in their account? Bill mpls, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
34, Report #1040332
Apr 03 2013
11:35 AM
US Bank Mortgage company HAMP program Eagan, Minnesota
Sept 2010 I applied for chapter 13 due to a bad business venture gone bad. I was making my payments until March 2011 when I lost my job. I had to file for chapter 7 due to not able to continue my payments for chap 13. I was collecting unemployment which helped make my house payment. 2012 I wasn't receiving unemployment any longer and fell behind two months in my house payment. I was approached by my mortgage company, USBank stating they could help me. My home was upside down and I wouldn't even be able to sell it for what I still owed.  I agreed to the HAMP program application and worked on all the required paperwork. I was told I qualified for the program and would be on the trail period of three months paying the reduced payment. I was assigned a contact person Lindsey Morris, Mortgage Assistance Point Relationship Manager who would call me weekly making sure very thing was on track and if I had any questions, etc. She was super personable and made me feel I was secure and no worries. On March 13, 2013 I receive a letter from USBank that I had been denied due to credit reporting agencies. Today, April 3, 2013 I received a call from a gentleman from USBank stating I am in foreclosure stating tomorrow. Do I have any questions? Yes, I said. Why did I receive a letter of denial due to my credit report? OH NO, that's not why you were denied. It was due to you filing chapter 13 and changing to a chapter 7. Chapter 7 is not allowed to file for HAMP program.  I said, It took you months and months to let me know this when you knew this the first day I applied? He blamed it on my relationship manager for not letting me know this. I told him it is a SCAM. This appears to be the process of the bank. From what I have been hearing after the fact. They are vultures looking for victims and make believe they are helping the victim keep thier home when in fact they are getting money from the government and in turn take our home in the end. It's a win win situation for the bank and a loss for the owner.
Entity: Eagan, Minnesota
35, Report #1043150
Apr 14 2013
11:38 AM
US BANK USBANCORP fraud, malice- guilty- bozeman, Montana
For four years I have been fighting a fraud claim against US BANK see justia: US BANK promised me a 30 year residential mortgage- and switched it to an 18 month commercial construction loan. I lost over 835 K in cash and property. The supreme court of MT overturned Gallatin county's decision- in my favor. What you don't know, is that the loan officer received a one time 18K bonus for making the fraudulent loan. There is a lot more to this story, I would like to find an investigative journalist with integrity!  This rip off cost me a lot more than money-and it's not over.
Entity: bozeman, Montana
36, Report #1013836
Feb 13 2013
06:17 PM
US BAnk Incompetent, uncaring, unethical, inept Internet
I was the seller in this transaction which has taken 4 1/2 months for them to tell the seller that they won't do the loan because there was no paper trail for a portion ($600) of the down payment her parents gifted her. They actually violated her PARENT'S privacy by delving into their financial data because they gifted her the down payment. WHAT??  A local bank said they were full of crap and have now taken over the loan. I hope the buyer files a formal complaint.
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #1292582
Mar 09 2016
09:25 AM
Us Bank Reliacard Wrongfully holding Authorization charges Minneapolis, Minnesota Nationwide
On March 3rd, 2016 I attempted to get gas at CIRCLE K . I attempted to get gas at the pump and the screen repeatedly read “CARD REJECTED “, “PLEASE SEE ATTENDANT”.  I did not pump any gas and I immediately went into the store to process the transaction at the register and my card was declined several times. I realized that the pump had taken the authorization hold even though it did not allow me to pump any gas. I called the bank and was told to wait 3 days for the transaction to finalize. After 3 days, I called the gas station and US bank and was told it is actually 3 business days. So I called again and was told I could only dispute the transaction AFTER the 3rd business day. So I called this morning, 6 days after my transaction to get resolution and was sought with no resolution. Your company still refuses to lift the Authorization hold even though there was no transaction. The final transaction was $0.00 so there is nothing for the gas station to finalize at this point your bank is unjustly holding my funds. The customer services reps were very rude,one said if you don't like this card then you should go get a real debit or credit card not a prepaid I exclaimed to that person I was on unemployment, and now have zero income and i can barely afford to pay my bills . I very much did not appreciate him putting salt in my wounds considering my situation and insinuate that I can't get a real debit/credit card. Another kept rudely interrupting me and saying sir have I answered all your questions i have to get back to work . While I was in the middle of talking several times. If all my questions and concerns were answered I don't think I would be asking more . If this was an isolated incident and I was the only one affected then this would still be ridiculous but its not. Many people are in this same situation getting wrongfully pushed around by this big bank.  I am going to be speaking with a free lawyer and see if we can reach out to these other customers and try and get this procedure changed or rectified . This may be a class action lawsuit if many other people are having their money wrongfully held . I also know that Bank of America got a class action lawsuit for prioritizing bigger transactions so that smaller ones don't go through . Since my money has been tied up in Limbo i have had this happen several times and none of my other transactions are going through because they are holding the money . I also found a way to fax over the information to them but I still don't have my money , and even when and IF i get my money back I still want to research this further because my rights and thousands of other Americans rights may have been violated .I want to make sure this isn't happening to all the low income Americans on SSI, DISABILITY, and UNEMPLOYMENT. They are holding peoples money for absolutely no reason . Then when you call in to figure out whats going on you get belittled and degraded by the customer service reps for being on these financial programs in the first place. I want my money back , and a response directly from the bank and somebody that's not just working at a call center. I also need to make sure people aren't getting their money wrongfully held like I am . I found several (20+) people complaining of the same exact thing online.
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #1207229
Feb 06 2015
10:10 PM
US Bank Reliacard Keeps YOUR Money Nationwide
 ***If you are on a fixed income i.e. child support, unemployment, etc.  have your funds direct deposited into a REAL bank account, not this prepaid card!!!*** I started receiving past due child support a few months ago.  I ran out of checks so I could not fill out the direct deposit form, so I allowed the state to have U.S. Bank Reliacard issue me this card to receive the support funds.  HUGE MISTAKE!  Back in November 2014, I used the card at a gas station for $34.00.  A preauthorization amount of $125.00 came out of the funds on my card, along with the $34.00.  After a week of the preauthorization funds not being returned to me, I filed a dispute.  Needless to say, it is February and I still have not received the funds back into my account.  I have called Reliacard a total of 11 times since the dispute was formally filed, totaling over 16 hours of waiting on hold to get a resolution.  Back on January 21st, I finally got a responsive and competant customer service rep who, with the help of the research department, finally told me that my funds would be returned to me within 24 to 48 hours.  I am still waiting.  I have even gotten two different supervisors on the phone since then (only through patient persuasion) who seemed concerned, placed me on hold for over an hour, and ultimately gave me a time frame to call me back with an update.  Both times, I have not gotten a call back. Please note:  You will be given every reason under the sun why a supervisor cannot speak to you.  You will even be hung up on.  Customer service reps treat you as a waste of time and read off a script telling you that you have to wait 90 days for a resolution to the dispute, without looking into the account.  To me, I was told previously that a mistake was made, my funds would be returned, so I considered it resolved.  US Bank Reliacard is anything but reliable and I will have to continue to badger them to receive the money that I am owed due to THEIR mistake. Needless to say, save yourself alot of time, headache and hassle.  Get your funds direct deposited somewhere, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK.
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #1268413
Nov 16 2015
09:23 PM
US Bank Balloon payment refinance issues Eagan Minnesota
I own a piece of property in washington state, I have had it for almost 9 years. I have never missed a payment on anything. This loan has been on a balloon system the entire length of the loan. It comes to maturity every 3 years.  I have extended the loan 2 other times with no problem. It was so easy I never thought twice about it. I started receiving the letters telling me that my balloon payment was coming up and was due in October ( never stated the date ). One letter states do not call prior to 60 days before maturity, so I waited until September 1st and called and was told US Bank does not grant extensions on these types of loans anymore and I would have to refinance. Well, they sent me to loss mitigation and I have been sending in page after page after page of paperwork. The file never seems to be complete because they continue to ask for more documentation. It cost me $365 to get an M1 form from my tax person because ours only had the M2 section filled out and that was not good enough for them. I have been threatened with forclosure and was told loss mitigation was my only option. I continued to make payments for Oct and Nov but Nov was sent back to me stating I did not have the full amount and they reported to the credit agencies that I am 60 days late on my payments. My credit score has dropped by 105 points so far.    I try to call Deborah Smith 1-855-698-7627 ext 4183122 and she usually calls me back after 48-72 hours later. Come to find out we never should have been sent to loss mitigation because I have not missed any payments but was told that is the only option for me. Why did they send me paperwork stating do not call prior to 60 days if they knew a refinance was going to take longer than that!!!! I have called every number I can think of at US Bank and get no where. I was told I misinterperted the letter and should have called alot sooner to refinance. No one will help, my credit is in the toilet.    The kicker today was the letter I got stating I had a facially complete packet but they need 4 more items. I am at the end of my rope. I get shuffled around or no phone calls at all. I spoke to someone on friday and he said he would call me on monday and tell me what happened to my October payment they kept. I can not be the only one this is happening to.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #299039
Jan 11 2008
03:10 AM
US Bank ,US Bank Auto Lease Defrauding Car Owner Chicago Illinois
I just recently turned in a leased 2001 Corvette. At first they attempted to extort $1700+ from me for another payment, excessive wear and tear, and for non-existent auto parts. I turned in the car and was never given a chance to have it inspected. No one at the dealership even worked with me to turn the auto in and was left to fill-in the turn-in documents myself. Odometer and so on. I received a bill for over $1700+ a month later. They said my car turned in 12,000+ miles UNDER mileage had experience excessive wear and tear. I protested via letter asking for the inspection information and received the inspection three page report the other day. As the second leasor of this vehicle, there are some minor scratches underneath the car. For the ten small (an inch long each) scratches UNDERNEATH the car, the bill is $542. I was also being charged $237 for the missing spare tire. Um. Hey, yeah. The latest two or three generations of Corvettes NEVER had a spare tire! This goes to show that the inspection companies is either VERY incompetent or they are attempting to commit fraud in charging labor and hardware charges for an item NEVER made for my vehicle. Therp COLUMBUS, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
41, Report #1150736
May 29 2014
07:33 PM
US Bank Thieves at US Bank are not returning any over payments under $1 Nationwide
I paid the amount on my staement to pay-off the loan and it turned out to be $0.16 over and the bank is pretty much saying that they will not return it because it's under $1.  I've had enough from banks ripping people off so I filed complaints with the following agencies/sites.   Colorado Attornet GeneralFederal ReserveBureau Of Consumer Financial
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1187919
Nov 11 2014
09:53 AM
US Bank US Bank Corporate Rewards As someone else wrote the gift that keeps on taking Internet
I was given several US Bank Rewards Cards as a thank you for helping out at my job. I actually lost some shifts (and pay) and had to rearrange plans made long in advance. It seemed like a nice gesture, but this rewards program is a scam. Not sure if my employer knows how poorly it's run (and I don't really want to tell them, it seems ungrateful). I place the blame entirely on US Bank and their rewards program. First, you have to create an account for each card and they cannot be linked. So if your employer gives you three $50 cards, you'll have to manage each one separately. Not a deal breaker, but sort of a PITA.  Off to spend some money...first time, declined. Called customer service. There's a dollar gone (you have to pay a dollar to talk to a human). It was my mistake that time as I made a typo. It would have been nice to know that without paying a dollar, but lesson learned. Tried again. Declined. Turns out if you use it at a restaurant (yes, even fast food) you have to have at least the amount owed, plus 20%, to cover the tip. Fine, I'll use them elsewhere.  So a month goes by and I decide to try to use it again. The balance on each card is now $5 less than it had been as I've been charged a monthly maintenance fee (twice on each card, less than 9 weeks after activation). Huh? The card states you'll be charged starting after the 13th month of issuance. So, once again off to spend a dollar. Got the recording stating calls may be recorded then the line was promptly disconnected. Yep, still got instantly charged the dollar. Called back. After 25 minutes I was told that the cards are charged starting 13 months after my company purchases the card. Not after activation. Not after it's issued to you. Nope. 13 months after it's purchased by the company. How do you know when it was purchased? Well, you don't. You have no way of knowing, other than apparently you'll start getting charge the monthly maintenance fee. Which is coincidentally one month after you acitivate the card. I was able to get the dollar for the disconnected card reversed and was told they would refund the $5 per card maintenance fee for my toubles. Fine, I'll use them up as soon as I get the fees returned.  I went to the webiste and read all the fine print. Turns out you get charged to check your balance over the phone too. Yes, even without a human. The automated system gives you 2 free calls, then it's 50 cents a call. You cannot talk to anyone without paying a dollar. You'll pay $2.50 a month for the privilege of having this fine card. You cannot use it to pay at the pump for gas. You cannot use it at a restaurant unless your balance is more than 20% of the purchase. Some reward.  I emailed the company telling them what I thought about their rewards. They could not find the rewards program I was referring to and needed some numbers off the cards. Oh, and they mentioned I could call the customer service number on the card (yep, for a dollar). I emailed back the requested information. Still they cannot find the program I'm referring to. I sent another email with all the information on the card (mind you this email is the only email provided in the contact us seciton on the account). They still cannot find the program I'm referring to and recommned calling the customer service number on the back of my card. Yes, the same number I keep telling them charges me another dollar every time I call.  I'm still waiting for my credits. I'm still waiting for US Bank to find their own rewards program. What a rip off. 
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1015835
Feb 17 2013
03:08 PM
US Bank, US Bank Home Mortgage Overcharge on Escrow, Dishonest reps Owensboro, Kentucky
My town notified me and US Bank that they have been overcharging escrow since the loan closed 8 months ago. I have provided them with documentation showing this. My town issued me a refund check. US Bank acknowledged it, and then 1 month later increased my escrow again. In 8 months, I've paid 6 different amounts. They have repeatedly promised a call back from a Director and I have yet to receive one. Despite the fact that US Bank has repeatedly failed to get my escrow right and I was assured at closing that they, like every bank I've ever dealt with, would not charge to release escrow, they now want to charge me 1/4 point to release my escrow, which they can't pay correctly, but I always have. Do not do business with these people!!!
Entity: Owensboro, Kentucky
44, Report #1127285
Feb 28 2014
10:50 AM
45, Report #1085139
Sep 17 2013
07:44 AM
US Bank Beware US Bank Auto Lease Oshkosh Wisconsin
I am a cancer victim. All of our family funds are being used for cancer treatment. Can't make the last 6 payments on a car lease with US Bank. Found a dealer that will buy out lease. US Bank will not permit me to sell the car...reason: they may make more money by repossessing it. US Bank is a heartless bank and should be avoided!
Entity: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
46, Report #1308925
Jun 01 2016
01:43 PM
US Bank Visa Rewards US Bank Rewards program cheating on cardholders Nationwide
I monitor my rewards programs on credit cards.  This one CHEATS by giving less than the advertised rewards back.... on my most recent statement the reward was less than half what it was supposed to be.  The bank says it is because the companies do not identify themselves for the category.  Come on... we are talking about McDonalds, Costa Vida, Burger King, Littel Caesars and the like.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1179815
Sep 28 2014
08:05 PM
US Bank Rewards US Bank - U.S. Bank National Association -U.S. Bancorp Service The Gift That Keeps On Taking!! US Bank Reward Gift Card -Thieves! Nationwide
This is very patheitc and theft to me.  First, myUSBANKcorporaterewards sells these cards ONLY to businesses or corporations to give to their employees etc.  The only reason they give them is on a Loyalty, Award or Promotional basis.  Here is the exact verbiage from their own F.A.Q. part of their web site: What is the U.S. Bank Rewards Card and how is it used? The U.S. Bank Rewards Card is a prepaid card issued by U.S. Bank National Association that is loaded with value and given to you as authorized and determined solely by an organization on a loyalty, award or promotional basis.  The U.S. Bank Rewards Card cannot be purchased by a general consumer. It is a debit card purchased ahead of time sometimes in the thousands and preloaded by a company, in my case, a third party company that uses them to reward sales reps for selling their products. It states specifically that is loaded with value and given to you as authorized and determined SOLELY by an organization...  That means to me that USBANK does NOT have the right to adjust, change or determine a different value as the 3rd party company has already paid for that card. On June 20, 2013, I received a batch drop of $325.00 into a debit card.  This was a reward for working extremely hard and EARNING this.  When I earned this, it didn't come with a warning that I had to Use it or Lose it.   It congratualted me, in fact, the card has a great BIG THANKS written across the front of it.  It says it's a rewards card on the top right.  I believe all of it until just recently. I had earned several of these reward cards around the same time and I cant use all of them at once.  I last used this card in May 2014 and now it is September. I was in 7-11 buying some food and the card was declined!  We all know how that feels to begin with, the shame of a card being declined but here I am in 7-11 on a Powerball day and the line is growing and I am asking him to please try again! Eventually I pull out my credit card and it approves in a second.  I run out of the store embarrassed as no one knows it was a gift card but me and I am wondering WHY???  I know I had money left on there. So I get home and go online and lo and behold . . . they start debiting the account with . . administrative fees?  What have they done administratively?  An it supposedly is supposed to happen after 12 months but unfortunately mine they did after 11 months and 11 days so they broke their own rules if they even try to go there.  So really they owe me money for those 19 days they stole mine and I'll let them off the hook by returning the 2 months of fees they stole. Yes, After I go to see that I actually have terms & conditions on a reward 'I' won, supposedly 'cash' for me to spend as 'I' like (see the 'I' in there, not the administrators!!).  I think this is a huge scam and being my company probably buys 10,000 of these cards, I wonder if they even know they are getting ripped off this way. Did I forget to mention I worked for a fortune 500 company?  Now my amount is less than $5.00 and I do want that returned to me but I doubt I will get it.  I did have a really nice customer service guy tell me there was no way it was going to happen but then he felt badly for me so he wrote a note (supposedly, I never saw it truthfully but he said he did) and told me that if they were going to return the money to the account, it would be there in the morning.  It wasn't. So instead, I will post this so that others wont have to have their hard earned rewards STOLEN from them from my US Bank Corporate Rewards as I did.  I'm going to write the 3rd party company that buys these to give us and tell them to find a better company as well.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1168087
Aug 07 2014
08:55 AM
US Bank U.S. Bank US BancorpUS Bank National Association Beware of Ripoff con artist US Bank Mortgage Foreclosure Department Don't Work with them! Minneapolis Minnesota
US Bank is the biggest rip off con artist lender along with Wells Fargo, Chase and many others who were involved with The Independent Foreclosure Review.   I lived in my house and paid it out over 4 times. I've been here for 27 years. I placed an addition onto the back of my house and paid for it in cash.    My Mom fell ill and I had to care for her. I cared for her at home for 6 1/2 years and had to refinance my house, because the Medicaid state run program my mom was on would not pay me enough in the beginning  to make my house payments. I fell into the predatory lending scheme.   I contacted US Bank before I was behind in my payments and was given the wrong advice from them. I was told that unless I was behind in my payments, they could not help me and I should not make payments for 4 months.   US Bank agreed to make 2 deferments with me, both of which they had no intentions of following through with. I gave them an extra $6,000.00 that I could have used.   I believed them when they agreed to a workout program with me; however...   US Bank filed foreclose on me in the middle of the workout program. They accepted my payment AFTER they filed foreclosure, promised to catch up with my loan twice in two deferment agreements (both of which I paid $3,000 each and fulfilled my end of the deal) and then they raised my house payments so high that I was unable to make payments.   I have them on recording lying saying that they would not file foreclosure, because I was in the middle of a workout program, I have documents showing my payments and when they were accepted at US Bank with a teller stamp on them -  payment they accepted after they filed foreclosure. They didn't even own title to the property when they made these agreements with me. YET, it appears they won and I will soon have to move out of my house.   US Bank hired six attorneys to get me, because I was a board member at ESOP Cleveland and US Bank told me that it was pay back time for me and they would get me.   In the beginning they told me to not to make payments and fall behind, or they would not be able to help me. I asked for help from them BEFORE I was behind in my payments.   I even received a $500 check from the Independent Foreclosure Review acknowledging that I was a victim of US Bank. (Isn't that was the check was issued for?) I am so surprised that the government does not stop these corrupt people from doing this to homeowners. For those who think homeowners deserve this, wait until your mortgage company raises your monthly payments a few hundred dollars for no reason and pads their escrow account, to make you default, so they could file foreclosure on you. You will be singing a different tune. US Bank is doing this to my daughter now and I told her to quickly refinance. They are doing everything in their power to try and make people default, so they could foreclose.    Don't let anyone tell you they don't want to foreclose! If they foreclose, they get to collect insurance on your home maybe 3 times or more what your house is mortgaged at. They took this insurance long ago and are now collecting from investors who they lied to. Why do you think Lehman Bros filed bankruptcy? They were investors to these big banks and once the banks started doing this, they threw these investors into bankruptcy. US Bank or any lender will not profit by working with you through a modification, they would have to be foolish to do that. They would rather foreclose.     Don't waste your hard earned money by giving them anymore money through a deferment or any program, because YOU WILL LOSE IT! Come on Mr President, isn't it about time some action is taken on these banks?  
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
49, Report #389382
Nov 09 2008
08:07 AM
US Bank Thieves Bank error in their favor. Grove City Ohio
I was using atm took out 80 dollars. The 80 dollars got posted twice in my account. So I call my bank speak to bank manager and tell her (amy the theif) she tells me to come in one monday and fill out a report. By monday that 80 dollars racked me up 247 dollars in fees and charges. Monday I go to see ( amy the thief ) and she tells me they will put 80 dollars back pending the atm audit. But not fees. Now like most people I have some auto payments I set up and such. But 240 dollars just missing out of your budget when raising five kids really hurts needless to say alot more stuff bounced even after I asked her to freeze account because of schedule payments for ach withdraw. Never her from her for a while so i called the 800 number and talk to fraud division and unlike previous guy i thought they were very responsive. After her research she determined i was due a refund for all the fees I encrued for the entire time (mind you this has been 3 months). Any way the nice lady on 800 line refunded me 10 nsf fees and said to goto the branch to get the rest. I thought wow they are gonna give me back what they took. But then I go in to see amy who recognises that I have spoke to 800 knows the have returned fees to me see the notes that I am to get more, then starts to skold me like a child telling me i knew I was negative it was my job to cover the nsf I incured for a atm area and I should understand that. She was rude and curt and refused to do what the notes from fraud said. She finally after a hour of chastising me like it was my fault they took my money when it clearly wasnt, she told me half and made sure I knew she didnt even want to do that (amy the theif only gave me half of what there corperate office told me to get). I called and complain on her to no avail. I still bank at US bank but I will never ever talk with her or even agknowledge her. As for the managers of US Bank I hope you all suffer the same slow death as national city banks. You are truly fleecing america to line you pockets. Ed grove city, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Grove City, Ohio
50, Report #1048343
May 03 2013
09:20 PM
US bank Be Weary of this Bank West Covina California
Do not open an account with US Bank ever! Here is my story ( that I am still trying to deal with): I opened my account sometime in march online and the following week when it was apporoved (checking and savings) I deposited my payroll check and so on. I go in several weeks later to give my information in which they need to fax to corporate just saying my account is active since I opened it online. Another several weeks go by and I deposit my tax refund. At this point the bank teller in west covina says i need to resubmit my papers to fax again because somebody did not do their job and sign my paperwork. I ask can i come back on Friday which is my payday to do this and they say yes. The next day I find out my account are closed. Two weeks later I recieve my $400 from my savings account. I did not recieve my $100 from my checking still. I call every week after to see what the issue is everyone tells my something different. One person saying they will put a stop payment on the check and issue another one. The next week I call the manager says we have to wait until the 19th of april before they can do anything and that it is impossible to put a stop payment on my check. The next time I call the person say we will do a stop payment and a check will be mailed out on the 19th since it was lost. This person also says (who is a member service rep) that i will recieve my check by april 30th. All i get in the mail is a letter saying i have to sign to give the bank permission to send me my damn $100 check in three months in which I do this, I am releasing them from all liability. This is b/s I do not know what this bank is trying to pull, it is theire fault that my accounts were closed and i cannot open another account somewhere until this issue is resolved.  They are saying the check was never cashed that it was just lost so what is the deal I mean it's my $100. I have to call some special manager tommorow since no one will give me a straight answer on the damn check. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THESE CROOKS!
Entity: S Minneapolis , Minnesota

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