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76, Report #385141
Oct 27 2008
07:11 AM
US Bank Misleads customers in order to collect overdraft fees Nationwide
Unfortunately after several incidents and several hundred dollars of overdraft fees, I have figured out US Bank's strategy of misleading their customers in order to collect an ungodly amount of fees. I recently deposited a $400 check into our account due to the fact that the same problem I'm about to report occured and we were charged over $300 in overdraft fees. So, after depositing the $400, I went online and noticed that at the top of the online statement, there was a note indicating that $300 was being held pending clearance of the deposited check. HOWEVER, approximately 24-48 hours later, that note disappeared and my Available Balance was showing about $196. Additionally my husband called to check the Available Balance and was also given the $196 figure. Naturally, one would assume that Available Balance would mean those funds are available for use, and by their own definition listed on the website, This balance lists the funds in your account that are available for withdrawal. This is the Account Balance minus deposited funds being held or check card authorizations outstanding. Note it says MINUS deposited funds being held. This actually is not the case - when I clicked on the blue hyper-link provided on the online statement, I was shown that the $300 is still considered unavailable funds and our Available Balance is actually negative $103. If we didn't have access to the Internet in order to find that out, and went solely on the information given when my husband called in to check our balance, we would have been charged overdraft fees on any purchases we made. That is how we got all the overdraft fees to begin with - another deposit was made previously and because the Available Balance showed the entire deposit was available, we were naive enough to believe it and spent money that apparently wasn't really available...even though they told us it was. This practice is unconscionable, underhanded and downright dishonest. Why list funds as available when they aren't? Overdraft fees...period. In the meantime, because those funds aren't available yet and we're still in a negative balance, I actually had to borrow some of my daughter's birthday money in order to get some gas and groceries!!! We live paycheck-to-paycheck and the bank is slowly milking us to the point of having to borrow money from my father and my 11-year old daughter just to get by. I would be interested to hear comments or other incidents of this occurring. Maggie Blue Springs, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #357773
Jul 31 2008
12:17 PM
US National Bank fraud, payday loan, apology letter, threatening, money laundering Southern California nationwide
I received a phone call at 8:43pm last night, July 30, 2008, from a man with a heavy accent who asked for me by name. I said that it was I, and he launched immediately into a speech about how I owed money from a payday loan I had taken out on the Internet. He said that when the company, which he called U.S. National Bank, had tried to EFT the money I owed out of my account, it wasn't there and that I owed it now. He said that if I didn't pay by 11am the next day, he would turn it over to his investigators and I would be taken to court on all sorts of charges including money laundering. When I said that I was not aware of owing money to any company of this nature, he proceeded to read off my entire checking account number, the last four digits of my SSN, and my address. I had taken payday loans in the past but they were always paid back immediately, and I would know if I had anything outstanding. My finances are in pretty good shape at this point and I keep very good track of the little that I do owe at this point to various legitimate credit cards, student loans, etc. He also read the name of two people I had used as references back when I took out my payday loans. This leads me to believe that one of these companies sold my information at some point. I was very flustered and did not get the first guy's name, in fact I yelled at him that I didn't know what he was talking about and I hung up. He called back immediately and asked why I had hung up on him. He told me that I better cooperate if I did not want bad things to happen to me legally and he sent me to his restitution guy, who said his name was Shane Stephens. Shane said I needed to pay something now and fax an apology letter first thing in the morning for my financial slip-up. He basically called me a liar the whole time and said that they would make an example of me. I asked why I'd gotten nothing in writing and he said that 13 emails had been sent to me about it but I had chosen to ignore them. He read off my email address to me. I later checked my email including my spam folder and found nothing. I was scared and stupidly gave him a credit card number and told him to take $100 and I'd be faxing the apology letter in the morning. Then I got off the phone, googled the little information I'd been able to get from him, and found a whole list of victims who had written in on who had strikingly similar stories to mine, all of which happened in the past couple of weeks. One guy was even called that morning and asked for the exact same amount of money, $1031! I cancelled the credit card I'd given them immediately. So far I have been in contact with my local police department but the officer I have been recommended to speak with will not be in until 4pm so I will file a report then. I put a 90-day fraud alert on my SSN with the 3 credit reporting agencies, filed an online complaint with my State Attorney General office, and plan on changing my checking account number tomorrow. I also checked my credit report and found nothing amiss at this time, reported it online to the FTC, and also to ic3, which is the FBI's internet fraud division. I spoke with a lawyer who said this sounds like a common scam and he can try to sue them for me if I wish to pursue it. I don't want to at this time. I just now received another call from them asking why I had not faxed the apology letter. I told them I believed they were a scam and was in the process of reporting them. I ran down the list of the different agencies I had reported them to. The man talked over me, told me to listen to what he had to say, and I talked over him. He told me that my state Attorney General's office would be coming to get me. I told him not to call me anymore and hung up. The various numbers they've called from are: 310-562-2145, 352-636-6339, I was given 310-405-6167 as a callback #, and fax# 949-682-4841. Bh Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #353023
Jul 18 2008
10:14 PM
Daniel Stewart - US National Bank Payday Terriorists I Internet
I started geting cals from an Indian sounding fellow a while ago. He goes by the name George Clark, Daniel Stewart, Roger Clark or just Daniel. I believe it is the same man. They all call with the same,that the minute I get this message that I or my attorney must call them back at once. This is a time sensative matter and that it must be handeled at once. He usually tells me than that there is a huge legal case against me and that I must call back, becasue I am in a big legal mess.Sometimes he wishes me good luck. He or they have called various numbers as well : 480-282-6893, 480-282-6892, 832-546-128, 480-282-6894, 315832546128,214-618-5898 (The personal hotline to Daniel Stewart), 410-870-4503. So one day I decided to call back and talk to Daniel or whomever. He told me he represents the US National Bank and they are calling me about a loan that I took out over two years ago. I ask him for documention but he gets angry and gos into how there are three felony counts against me and that I am going to jail. I ask him what I owe he tells me that I had a loan of $270.00 and that I owe him $500.00. I find this hard to believe that I owe him so little knowing how much payday loans cost. I give him the name of my attorney and he dos not write the number down. My attorney calls and Daniel will not tell them anything. Yet he keeps calling usually on a Friday to get me upset. I am not going to send him the money because I am assuming this is some kind of big scam but it still makes me nervous. I can only imagine how this Daniel Stewart got myinformation. I had taken out internet only pay day loans. All have been paid back and with the help of Langhorne Debt they are all gone, so I think. I am wondering if someone or some company got a list of people who had multiple payday loans and this Danieltells people they had a loan and they must pay it back or they are going to jail. If there was a loan then there are records and theis Daniel Stewart should be able to produce something. Daniel said he works for the US National bank,but it does not exist. I belive this bank closed sometime in the 1940's. And if there is legal action against me or anyone else that why won't Danille speak to an attorney or take the information down. When he recits the scripted message he asks for either me or my attorney. And how can one person have so many numbers? Christina Ludlow, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
79, Report #359180
Aug 04 2008
06:16 PM
Us National Bank, Legal Affidavit Office SCAM ARTIST Irvine California
I have been harassed for the last 2 weeks by a man with a foreign accent saying that I am being charged with fraud, money loitering and several other things for failure to repay a payday loan I never recieved. The payday loan was supposedly deposited into an account that has been closed for almost a year now!!! I called my bank and there was no such loan ever deposited into this account. The man has called himself frank watson and john hudson!!! He refuses to give me any info on this so called case and just threatens that they will be here to get me tomorrow to take me to court and then i'll go to jail. I am totally not falling for this scam and as far as I am concerned these idiots can stick it!!! The only thing that bothers me is they have my ss#!!!! The number they keep leaving on my v-mail is 949-682-1309 H1983greene gentry, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
80, Report #358987
Aug 04 2008
11:59 AM
i received a telephone call at work from a man wiht a heavy indian accent, said his name was Steve Matthews and he was with the Legal Affidavit Office of US National Bank and that i owed them $1095.00 for a payday loan i took in 2007. i asked for the name of the company i took the loan from and he wouldn't tell me. All he would say is that tomorrow morning i would be picked up at my job and taken to court for fraud. i asked him to fax me the papers and he said he could only fax them to my attorney. i then asked for his supervisor and he put me on hold. after 10 seconds someone else got on the line and said he was Justin Mathis, the Supervisor of Legal Affidavits, he sounded like the same person. He reiterated that i would be going ot jail tomorrow if i didn't pay $1095.00 today or give him the name of my attorney i told him i didnt' have one and that he should send them to me. He said he couldn't do that because i have been convicted already. i could tell this was a scam but the scarey thing was he knew my bank account number and my social security number (the last 4 digits). i'm contacting the Attorney general's office and would like any suggestions about how i can further protect myself. annoyed Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Oakland, California
81, Report #355598
Jul 25 2008
11:09 AM
Legal Affadavit US National Bank Fraud Alert !!!! Irvine California
I received several calls from a man with an Indian accent claiming that his name was Justin Smith. Justin claimed that I took a payday loan in 2006 and never paid it back and owed $1595.00 He threatened that if I didn't pay it back by 11:00 AM the next day then he would send investigators to my home and work to arrest me and the fee would then go up to over $5000. I filed a police report the very next morning and they informed me that this was definitely a scam and they had no authority to arrest me and need to stop harassing me. When I got home from the police station I received another call that my fiance' took and he informed Justin that we were aware of their scam and have alerted the authorities. I've also put a call into the local Consumer Fraud office to alert them of the fraudulent activity. Nm North Chili, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
82, Report #358203
Aug 01 2008
02:08 PM
US NATIONAL BANK Scammed me for $500 Beverly Hill California
I too was a victim of the so called bank. They started calling me on July 30th, 2008 around 1pm. I finally called back the next day after a message was left to as well telling me good luck as well. Scott Mills & Justin Smith both called me with threats. That i was going to jail for money laundering, theft by deception, internet fraud, etc. The account information that was given to me was an account that has been closed for almost a year now if not longer. But never have I did receive emails as they stated that were sent 16 times & was I never briefed on the outstanding allegations against me. I knew that I had paid the loans on that account & told them that. But needless to say I froze. I did panic!!!! They told me that I owed $1094. Of course I did pay $500 on a prepaid debit card on July 31st but the funds did not go through until this afternoon 8/1/08...I tried to call the credit card company to have them stop the transaction while it was still pending but was told they couldn't until the funds went through & I had to write a dispute letter...which I have done & is going in the mail today!!!! I did call this so called US National Bank to let them know I was on to them & filed a complaint with my state attorney general. Oh by the way call this number but block your number *67310-867-6326..You'll love it!!! It precedes to tell us that they are Al Kada & are ripping off americans!!!! People be aware..sometimes you think things like this can't happen to WAKE UP CALL they can!!! And by the grace of GOD I caught on before I sent the other $600... Marie s. louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hill, California
83, Report #360813
Aug 08 2008
12:53 PM
US National Bank - Affidavidt department- A SCAM . Irvin California
I too was contacted by Justin form US National Bank today.. stating that a warrant was being filed for my arrest Monday because I failed to repay a payday loan I took out in 2004. I requested him to show me proof of all the documents they had regarding this case. He then transferred me to his supervisor Nick. All these individuals have a strong Indian accent and are very rude. They are threatning. Nick proceeded to tell me that he did not have access to my complete file, but that if I don' pay $ 1495.00 by end of business today there would be a warrant for my arrest Monday by our Sheriffs' Dept. I called my county police and just finished completing a Legal Report. I Will call the local FTC next. Someon has to Stop these guys!!! These people operate from two phone numbers 818-336-9384 and 919-340-2718. Be careful and don't fall into their TRAP!!! Dina FREDERICK, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Irvin, California
84, Report #361825
Aug 11 2008
06:54 PM
Us National Bank scam liars will cheat and steal from you Van Nuys California
the first contact i had with this compnay was friday.. they left me a message on cell phone and my voice mail at work.. i spoke with ray.. he had a very bad middle eastern accent andi could bearly understand him but it said to call him not to disreguard this matter.. if i do then he wishes me good luck after i got a hold of this person he went into his talk about being legal department and reading something about charges against me.. when i inquired he kept reading.. he was very rude and after reading more reports about these red dot people i am not talking to them anymore.... Sarahar2ga CONWAY, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
85, Report #363405
Aug 15 2008
05:10 PM
US NATIONAL BANK Trying to SCAM me! sanfrancisco California
They sounded like they were from india but said they were in California but there names were Robert thompson and neil jones. Come on! Then they scared me trying to get me to settle out of court by faxing my credit or debit information to them. They stated they were going to go to my work or home and escort me to court if they processed the affidavit . I filed with the ftc and put fraud alerts on my credit reports. I have my bank (actually my old bank) researching to see if there were ever any deposits made from any payday loans. They need to be caught!!! I will be also filing a police report. Please respond if anyone else gets the same calls. Kxxxx danville, IndianaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Sanfrancisco, California
86, Report #363561
Aug 16 2008
09:00 AM
US Bank - Iowa City Towncrest Office Asked For Help, Was Blantantly Lied To Iowa City Iowa
I am a college student who ended up unemployed and in and out of the hospital for several months. I maxed out two lines of credit with US Bank and had overdraft fees during that time. Two months later I had a job again and went into the Towncrest Office to ask for help setting up payment plans that I could afford so that I could pay the money back and salvage my credit. In the four times I have gone there, I spoke with a banker and a branch manager. The first time I went, the banker said that they could set up a loan, one where my credit didn't matter which was more expensive, and one which it did matter. I told him not to apply for the credit one since I knew it would not go through, but he did it anyway, telling me he would call me back. He never called, and when I finally got a hold of him he said that I'd been denied a loan and there was nothing he could do, not even the other option he had told me of originally! I spoke with the branch manager and he said that since my credit was so bad that there was nothing they could do. He made a big show of calling around to try and help me, but all he told me in the end was that I all I could do was throw money at the accounts when I had extra. I did my best, but I was obviously having a tough time. During all this time US Bank was debiting my open (positive) account to pay for the overdraft without warning me. It wasn't until they debited my account while charges were pending on my debit card and completely wiped out my account and gave me four overdraft charges that I actually got help. I called the customer service number in tears because that was the last of my money to survive on until my next paycheck. The lady transfered me to Recovery, where I spoke to a very nice man that said I could of done something for MONTHS. He was severely pissed that the branch had not told me that I could of called them; apparently I was supposed to get a letter from Recovery but it had never shown up. He told me to speak to the Branch Manager to get the overdraft fees reversed and set me up on a payment plan. The next day I get a call from someone that was actually the person who handled one of the my lines of credit that no one had ever told me existed. I finally got ahold of another person for the other line of credit, and they all set me up for a Hardship program that I could afford without any trouble at all. If I'd known about this before I could of saved myself hundreds of dollars. I told the Branch Manager how I had gotten ahold of Recovery, and he was like, Oh, yeah. You could of contacted them. You should of gotten a letter. Not only had he failed to tell me that, he failed to tell me that my account was technically handled by another branch completely! He finally told me I had to go there to get the fees reversed. I've been lied to and at this point feel stolen from. As soon as I repair my credit I will be moving to a different bank. I would suggest steering clear of US Bank completely, but especially that branch. B.D. Iowa City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Iowa City, Iowa
87, Report #579072
Mar 06 2010
05:14 PM
I deposited a check fromTime Warner Cable to my USBANK account. US Bank's teller said that Time Warner Cable doesnt exist and that this was a fradulent account.  My account had 2.30 in it prior to the deposit.. yes I needed the money. They rejected my deposit and charged me 32.00 for a reject fee and proceeded to charge me 26.00  a day until they closed my account weeks later.  When I tried to close my account I was told I couldnt it had been turned over to the fraud dept.. This check was deposited into my arrowhead credit union account and cleared with no issues. They then refuse to reverse the charges or admit they made a mistake.  This is a violation of every Banking regulation
Entity: ST PAUL, Minnesota
88, Report #839598
Feb 15 2012
12:22 PM
US Bank USBank Shipped out wrong reward item and won't do anything about it Internet, Nationwide
I  used  11,900  US Bank  rewards  points  for  a  Sony  Blu-ray Wifi  DVD  player.  According  to  US Bank  these  11,900  points  are  worth  $ 238,-   On  their  rewards  website  this  item  was  described  as  a  W-Fi  DVD  player  with the  SKU  Number  64884. On my  rewards points  statement  the  item  that  I  ordered  posted  correctly  Sony Blu-ray Wi-Fi  DVD  Player   but  when  I  received  the  box  with  the  item  the  shipping  slip  only  talked  about  a  Sony Blu-Ray DVD  Player   (without  Wifi),  however  the  SKU  was  the  same:  64884. I  called  US  Bank  immediately  and  told  them  that  I  ordered  a  Wifi  DVD  player  and that  the  item  that  I  received  was  different  from  what   I  ordered.   They  transferred  me  to  their  Awards Headquarters   but  they  refused  to  talk  to  me  or  to  provide  a  RMA  number  for  a  return.    I  went  to  one  of  their  branches,  explained  the  situation  and   asked  the  lady  to  escalate  the  issue.   She  was  rude  and  arrogant  and   was  not  even  willing  to  call  her  supervisor.   The  only  answer  was  We  don't  have  anything  to  do  with  this,   nothing  we  can  do  about  it.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
89, Report #716549
Apr 11 2011
11:03 PM
US Bank Home Morgage Buying 2 home insuranse policy St. Louis, Missouri
On March 10, 2011 I switched from State Farm Ins to Ameriprise Insurance, policy number H101255414.  I told US Bank that I was going to switch insuranse and they said it would be alright and for me to pay for it so that it does not effect the escrow acct.  US Bank told American Security Insurance Company to buy Ins. for me.  From what I have been told, it is against the law to have more then one insuranse compay.  Not only some of my friends say this but State Farm has made statements on this subject as well.  I sent and have call American Security Insurance Company in Atlanta Ga. and they have not responded yet.  I have sent faxes to US bank and they refuse to respond as well.  US bank done this on March 10 with out my knowellege and then on April 8, 2011, US bank then sends me a letter stateing that they bought insuranse for me.  US bank never sent me a letter stateing that there was even a problem with the insuranse, nor did they even give me a chance to solve this problem. 
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
90, Report #170123
Jan 02 2006
12:31 PM
USBANK - US Bank Ripped Me Off! Saint Peters Missouri
I have had over 20 overdrafts refunded this year, due to thier mistakes. Now they really stuck it to me. I do not have, or own checks, but a checking card. I have my USBANK card as my primary on Google account, and my other card as a secondary. Any times funds are not in the available balance, they do not allow, and it kicks to my second card. Over three times this year it kicked to my second, but they let this last go through. I had no idea. I knew Money was not in my available balance, thought it had kicked over , and when I called USBANK, they told me that sometimes they approve credit when it is dire need. By god Google is not dire need, and they would not let $10.00 go through if it was not in my avilable balance. But that was the excuse they gave me. I had it to cover on my secondary card, but since it went through on USBANK , I had no idea. They never have allowed it. It was $509., and I only had $209.00 in available balance. That was the day it was authorized, not the day it went through. It should have never been authorized, and never had been, up till then. Past history shows they do not authorize, if not in available balance, and it has happend, and their rules even state that it will not. Then they hit me with several overdrafts on charges that were in to be coverd, and then hit me with the $7.00. The last time I called to speak with them, they talked rudly, and said not to spend money I do not have. Then hung up on me. USBANK is a bunch of undercover thugs, whom need a federal audit. Donald Florence, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Peters, Missouri
91, Report #205139
Aug 08 2006
05:11 PM
US Bank Withold payment information centers. St Louis Nation Wide
In my 20 years of owning and using credit cards; I sometimes get less than one late payment fee per year. Usually I send my bills with five days notice or if I feel the payment may be late, I pay online, or go to a payment center to avoid any fees. This year, I have been traveling alot and had a hard time getting my payments on time in the mail, so I tried on line payments and over the phone for charges. Upon 2 or 3 of my calls I've asked a sales representative, Is there a payment center locally where I can make this payment right away. She told me NO I can only make payments online, over the phone with a fee and through the mail. The online option got jammed up when I could not sign back in. I don't know what happened, but I could not get any help, so my only option was the mail, or over the phone for a $10 fee. A couple times I took my chances with the mail with 4 or 3 days delivery time and I did get more late fees. I called in for every late fee to make sure that it was not a mistake and not one customer service representative ever offered that I had another payment option. I was unhappy with this credit card and paid my balance and changed all my direct payments in the process to close the account, when one last payment went through. I had to pay through the mail. And guess what, another late fee. Upon calling this operator told me that I could go to any US Bank to make a payment. I do understand that it is ultimately my fault for any late payment, however I have a US BANK with in one BlOCK of my Apartment and every US city I traveled to this year. Would I have gotten those late fees if I had known this? NO WAY!!!! After my two years with this company, not giving me this payment option, I closed my account with them right away. For any one else out there with this credit card or others. The nature of the Credit Card itself setting the minimum payment so low, you will pay tons of interest is a scam in itself. Pay your full balance every month and only stay with a credit card that has many payment options and locations and no annual fees. Christina LA, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: St Louis, Montana
92, Report #193508
May 26 2006
09:38 PM
Entity: Hillsboro, Oregon
93, Report #207804
Aug 25 2006
12:54 AM
US Bank policies that I can't get in writing, sketchy policies Long Beach California
On July 3rd, 2006, I went to US Bank at the VONS store, in Long Beach, CA. I didn't recieve my drivers license back after I had cashed a check, and didn't realize it until that evening after the bank branch had closed. On July 5th (the next day that the bank was open), I called and explained that I'd not taken my license, and that I'd like to come and get it. They told me that it had been shredded!!! I asked why, and they said it was for security reasons. I called the customer service number, and was told--by a supervisor named Monica (who is VERY rude)--that it was the company policy to shred all ID that is left behind. I told her that that was fine, but for future reference, I wanted a copy of the policy and a log of some sort saying what day, time, and by whom my license was shredded, since it was for security purposes. She then told me that its not available in writing, and that it's at the branch managers discretion as to when it is shredded. OK, no written policy, and no way of tracking when the license was shredded, and it's really up to the manager as to how that happens. It doesn't really sound like a policy, does it? I told her that the only person who would have access to my license is the bank employee, and that the person I trust with financial info, address, ss#, etc, is someone I should be concerned about having my license, for security reasons. Why would I trust that this person has even shredded my ID, if the bank doesn't trust them to hold it for one business day?? I never recieved a phone call prior to the shredding of my license, alerting me of the fact that it was at the bank. I was in California, and I live in Missouri, so no ID was a big deal. I told them that I'd just like to close the account, but the told me that I couldn't, since I didn't have a valid ID!!! I had to take a California drivers test, written exam, and then I still had no form of ID for 3 weeks. What if I had an emergency, or had a plane flight or something?? Out of state and no ID! I still think they should be responsible for the cost of replacing my license, and a lost day at work for having to take the test. Nikki St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
94, Report #210982
Sep 14 2006
09:08 AM
US Bank unlawful charges added to equity line Ripoff Portland Oregon
I am not sure exactly which office is to blame for this so I will include all of US Bank. We obtained an equity line of credit in April but before the loan was acquired we were told to purchase flood insurance for the property or the loan would not be approved. Because the property is in my parent's name they are the ones who obtained the insurance. A copy was faxed to US Bank within the original loan packet with an ok transmission. Then the insurance company faxed a copy to an address in Ohio provided by the bank. About 2 months later my parents received a letter requesting a copy of the flood insurance. My mother mailed a copy back in the self-addressed envelope provided by US Bank. About 2 months later my parents received a letter saying since they had failed to purchase flood insurance a policy had beed purchased for them and the cost would be added to the loan. This loan payment came out of my checking account not theirs. I might add they don't even have checking account with US Bank. Of couse this letter was received on a Saturday when the Bank was closed. First thing Monday morning I went to my local branch to get the problem resolved with a copy of the policy my parents had purchased in hand. The branch manager called a 1-800 number and protested this matter to no avail. Not only would they not remove the charges in a timely matter they would not remove this from auto pay from my account. My branch manager told me not to worry that it should be removed from auto pay before the payment is due. WRONG. It has been almost a month and it still is on auto pay with the insurance attached. This loan is based on the amount owed and you pay 1% of the balance due. Because of this insurance the loan increased to 888.00 over the limit which also increased my payment for something that I don't need. To make matters worse we found out from FEMA we are not even in a flood zone so don't even need flood insurance. After me arguing with them for an entire month my Dad calls 1-800-usbanks and talks to someone about the matter. He gets the same lip service as I did but unlike me my Dad gives them a time limit of 2 days to get the problem resolved. We have one more day left for the results and 3 days left before it scheduled to be taken from my checking account. I feel like there should be something I could do or someone I should be able to call to make these people realize they are breaking the law by having 2 policies on the same property. Diana Nortonville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
95, Report #210891
Sep 13 2006
07:09 PM
US Bank ripoff Bogus Fees dishonest posting of checks and Deposits Versailles Ohio
This branch, at least, will hold deposits in order to make checks bounce and then deposit the money. They will also not post checks until the next day, but say they were posted the day before so that I cannot try to rectify the situation. When you call customer service, they are impotent. Apparently the branches are top dog in the organization and there is nothing that the corporate office can do. Clayton Union City, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Versailles, Ohio
96, Report #173424
Jan 26 2006
03:50 PM
US Bank ripoff fraudulent overdraft charges and penalties Minneapolis Minnesota
Since I started banking with US bank They have made getting my account in order confusing and chaotic. I get overdraft charges NO MATTER WHAT. Even if I live without using my card they wait until my account is low and then tack on charges or put charges through to put me inot negative and steal my money. I must have given them over 1000 dollars already. I suspected this may have been the case but even when i ask for a print out and look at my account I cant trust it because I dont know if the charges dates are correct. Its very confusing and i think I know why. Anthony forest park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
97, Report #167375
Dec 09 2005
07:52 AM
US Bank missing deposit, disputes, lies, loss of hundreds of dollars ripoff Des Moines Iowa
Between November 11 and 15, I made a deposit to US Bank which no one will now help me locate. I made a deposit two weeks later and made a mistake of how much I was depositing at the ATM. Without warning, they withdrew the amount which was over $50 what I had actually deposited. Confused, I called US Bank's 1-800 number to clarify what was going on. I spoke with two different people who told me two different things, and the second woman told me my money would be put back into my account. After getting a letter from US Bank saying it was a mistake at the ATM, they refused to put the money back into my account after they said they would. I was promised they would put the money back in my account, which they did not. I became overdrawn because of this and was forced to pay them nearly $300 just to pay the debt and close my account. I have contacted numerous people at US Bank's Customer Service for assistance, I've gone to the branch office numerous times and no one is willing to help. Tanna Des Moines, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
98, Report #235097
Feb 08 2007
12:32 PM
US Bank ripoff Changed my authorization on my account without my consent! Louisville Kentucky
I owned a business with a business partner, and we are now going through the process of dissolving the business. My business partner had done our Articles of Incorporation back in April of 2006, and we opened our business checking account in July 2006. When we went in to open this account, we both signed on the Signature card as Joint Owner/Other. I had even signed everything on the top line and he signed on the second. Since the reasons we are dissolving the business are legal issues out of my control, my business partner apparently went to the bank and they moved me to a Signor with Limitations on this account. I've contacted the branch where this happened and they say it's because of the Articles of Incorporation he showed them! That document is dated 4 months earlier than when we even opened this account! I took the bank 38 pages of documentation that show I am an owner of this business too, but they are stating that what they did was completely legal and my authorization on the account could be changed without my knowledge! Especially given the fact that we are dissolving the business due to fraud/embezzlement issues on his part, it makes me even more nervous to know that this person has full access to these funds, and I don't. I've also asked US Bank if there's a new Signature Card on file, and there's not. Doesn't this seem illegal to anyone???? Sara Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
99, Report #268352
Aug 17 2007
05:52 PM
Entity: Hopkins, Minnesota
100, Report #91622
May 15 2004
08:24 PM
US Bank ripoff 290$$ in overdrfts for -.68 cents!! Kenosha Wisconsin
May 11th I got gas wrote it in check registry realized I was just over my balance by a few cents, was on my way to the bank to make a deposit of 70$ cash. Made the deposit checked the balance on my reciept, all was good. I checked my balance online it said i had 220$.... I then get 2 over draft fees SAME DAY (may 11th) of 30$ each, it ate up the 70$ deposit I made and I never even knew it. I had made several purchases that day thinking I had the 70$, one for 1.04, one for 6.00 and another for 7.00 all 3 got 34$ overdraft fees, Tried talking to several people from my local branch with no help, went in person to talk to the branch assistant manager (SUE) and got in an argument. Was personally attcked on the phone...long story short, I am now at -290$ in overdraft fees and 7.00 a day for being negative and NO ONE will even speak with me. So a -68 cents = 290.oo in fees!!! And I still haven't recieved a notice of overdrafts for anything!!!! I have been a customer even before they turned into us bank, we have an auto loan and a credit card with them, I've NEVER had an overdrat or late payment on ANY account. I am appauled at how they treat their customers!! And I feel helpless as they said my account will go onto colections and I will never be able to have another checking account ANYWHERE I have 2 kids and 290$ might not be much to some people but it is 2 weeks worth of groceries to me. Someone help please!! Obviously us bank has some issues that need to be dealt with. Jolene kenosha, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Kenosha, Wisconsin

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